We’re Likely to See Legal Sports Betting in California This Year

Every single day, US states are losing money. Many businesses around the country remain shut down and lawmakers are looking at new and effective ways to generate revenue. Recently, state leaders have begun taking a closer look at allowing legal sports betting in California.California

More than 20 states have already legalized this form of wagering. Most of them are earning an incredible amount of money every month from this industry. Today, we’re going to look at what needs to be done in order to get California’s sports betting industry up and running.

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California’s Casino Industry is Slowly Coming Back to Life

California doesn’t have a reputation for being a major gambling destination. That’s likely because this state has not legalized commercial casino gambling. At the moment, only Native American-run gambling venues are able to legally operate.

With that being said, there is an large number of world-class casinos operating in this state. Many of the casinos here are hugely successful. All of the casinos in California help to bring the state valuable revenue every single month.

Unfortunately, that revenue had stopped flowing in over the past three months. All casinos here closed their doors in March. Over the past two weeks, however, some of these gaming venues have decided to reopen their doors to the public.

Rates of Covid-19 have been relatively low in California. As a result, Governor Newsom is allowing certain businesses to slowly open back up. The casinos in this state sit on sovereign land, meaning they are able to open at their own pace.

It’s clear that many residents in this state missed being able to gamble. Some of the casinos that reopened have seen long lines of guests looking to place some bets. Now, state leaders are looking more into the possibility of legalizing sports betting.

Legal Sports Betting in California Should Arrive in 2020

The surge of sports betting can be seen all around the country right now. It’s been incredible to watch, especially considering the fact that just a few years ago, only Nevada was legally able to offer sports betting odds. This finally changed in May of 2018.

That month, the Supreme Court made the historic decision to remove PASPA. Doing so immediately gave every state in the country the ability to legalize sports betting. Within days of PASPA gone, several states including New Jersey and Delaware officially approved bills to legalize sports gambling.

This proved to be a great decision. Many credit the legalization of sports betting for turning Atlantic City back into a major gambling hub. Revenue began to increase rapidly here and more states quickly started to approve sports betting bills.

2020 is the year that legal sports betting in California needs to be allowed. Lawmakers have been in a dispute with Native American tribes on how to legalize this industry. This week, two senators proposed amendments to legalize both in-person and online sports betting.

Senator Bill Dodd commented on the economic impact the legalization of sports betting may have.

“The amount of money that can be raised in benefit of the state with online wagering is estimated to be up to $700 million a year,” Dodd said. “We’re looking to get those revenues for a COVID-type budget where we need to be looking out for every opportunity to increase our revenues at a time when we have to make so many cuts.”

Governor Newsom seems to see the potential in this industry, as well. In order to approve legal sports betting in California, though, this bill needs to make it on the state ballot by June 15th. Hope is that this happens.

Sports Leagues Are Beginning to Operate Again

For months, almost all US sports leagues were shut down. These leagues understood that by resuming operations, they put players at risk of being infected with Covid-19. It was unclear when any of these leagues would start to begin operating again.

UFC President Dana White continued to tell the media his promotion would be the first one to start running again. On May 9th, he achieved that goal. That day, the UFC held a major event in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s since held several more events.

More leagues are now starting to operate again. As a result, sports betting continues to grow more popular. That’s great news for many states desperate to earn revenue right now.

Many feel that legal sports betting in California is coming this year. Several senators in the state are pushing hard to make this happen. The main focus for lawmakers will now be on coming to an agreement with Native American tribes here.

It’s an interesting time for the sports world. No one really knows when leagues will resume their operations with fans in attendance. What’s clear is that people will continue betting on whatever sporting events are taking place.

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Governor Sisolak Comments on Lifting Nevada’s Restrictions

At the moment, all non-essential businesses in Nevada are completely shut down. Many people in cities like Las Vegas have begun demanding an update on when things will return to normal. Today, Governor Sisolak spoke to the media about lifting Nevada’s restrictions.Steve Sisolak

There’s a lot that goes into a move like this. Health officials have warned that doing so may make things worse than they already are. Today, we’re going to discuss what to expect here over the next few weeks.

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Nevada’s Casinos Have Been Closed Down for Weeks

In February, much of the United States was still relatively unaware of the new coronavirus spreading around the world. Many knew it was present in Asia and Europe yet it hadn’t begun to seriously affect the United States. Within just a couple of weeks, things completely changed.

By mid-March, this new virus had started spreading in many different states. It was clear to health officials that the coronavirus had a unique ability to spread. Certain areas of the country began seeing huge surges in infection rates.

Eventually, leaders in Nevada made a drastic announcement. Governor Sisolak ordered all non-essential businesses, including casinos, closed to the public. This was extremely devastating to certain cities like Las Vegas, which rely heavily on tourism and gambling revenue.

It was quickly apparent how serious this decision was. Nevada’s revenue began to plummet. A huge number of individuals around the state began to file for unemployment. The mayor of Las Vegas began asking for non-essential businesses to be given permission to open.

Unfortunately, the state remains shut down. Many casino companies here are losing millions of dollars every single day. This week, Governor Sisolak finally offered an update on when things may begin going back to normal.

Sisolak Talks to Media About Lifting Nevada’s Restrictions

Nearly everyone in Nevada realizes that things cannot stay the way they are. Many people are suffering and the GDP here is dropping quickly. Lifting Nevada’s restrictions isn’t easy, though. The virus can spread quickly if many businesses begin to open back up.

Sisolak spoke about this situation to the media this week. The Governor claims he’s seeking the expert’s advice on when things can go back to normal. At the moment, he says it’s too early to completely lift the state’s restrictions.

“I cannot end the shutdown until I feel confident that we’re in a good position as it relates to the spread of the virus,” he said. “Some people are more concerned with the business side of this than the human toll that this virus is taking. The human toll is the most important to me. I am listening, and I will repeat this as many times as you’d like me to, to medical experts, to my scientific experts, and determining what is in the best interest of this community.”

Governor Sisolak has dismissed the Las Vegas Mayor’s claims that these restrictions are “total insanity.” He points to states dealing with extremely high death rates as an example of what’s possible. Based on his comments, it does not appear that any casino-resorts will begin opening in this state anytime soon.

The truth is that no one knows when things will begin returning to normal. Even the top government officials in the US are unsure of how to approach lifting restrictions.

Sisolak gave a shimmer of hope to those looking forward to normality. The Governor claims he’s working on a state plan to reopen and will begin implementing these measures as soon as possible.

How Are Las Vegas Sports Leagues Being Affected?

The land-based casino industry in the US is one of the worst-affected industries right now. The coronavirus has forced all of the country’s casinos to close down and this has caused a massive drop in revenue. No one can say when all of the country’s casinos can open back up.

As many are aware of, sports leagues are being seriously affected too. Every professional league in the country has been forced to shut down. This includes the MLB, NHL, NBA, and UFC.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, is one of the few league officials that has been pushing to start holding events as soon as possible. He very nearly held a show this weekend. Now, it appears this date is being pushed back to May 9th.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have been sitting on the sidelines. No one can really say when games will start taking place again. It seems likely that once the season resumes, it will be done behind closed doors.

Lifting Nevada’s restrictions may take several weeks. If things don’t improve, it could even take months. We’re likely to hear more about the dispute between the Las Vegas Mayor and Governor Sisolak as time goes on.

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