San Manuel Casino to Open First Phase of Expansion on July 24

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San Manuel Casino will be opening Phase 1 of its expansion on July 24th, which coincides with its 35th anniversary.

The casino first opened as a bingo hall on July 24, 1986. In 1994, the bingo hall transformed to a 100,000 square foot casino that featured slot machines and table games.

Major Expansion

San Manuel Casino is in the middle of a major expansion project that will add the property’s first-ever resort with 432 rooms including 127 suites. A new entertainment venue, a pool deck with its own bar and private cabanas, a spa, expanded gaming space, new dining options, and retail stores.

The opening phase of the expansion includes a larger gaming space, a 24-hour restaurant, a high end dining venue, and 1,300 brand new slot machines. Later this year, the hotel is expected to open while the event center is expected to be completed in early 2022.

Looking to Hire For Thousands of Positions

With its large-scale project, the San Manuel Casino is currently looking to hire approximately 2,500 job employees to fill permanent positions by the end of this year. Interested jobseekers can browse the list of vacancies at the casino’s website at

Recruitment for cooks, cashiers, custodians, janitors, groundskeepers, and other hospitality jobs will begin this month. San Manuel Casino is giving $1,000 in welcome bonuses to those who will be hired while perks of up to $300 will be given to those that will be hired as cooks, kitchen workers, and custodial staff.

Catawba Indian Nation to Fast-Track North Carolina Casino Opening

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The Catawba Indian Nation announced on Friday that they will “fast track” the opening of part of its $273M North Carolina casino.

According to tribal leaders, a facility for a “pre-launch” will open this summer at their project site off Interstate 85 at Dixon School Road in Kings Mountain, about 35 miles west of Charlotte. The temporary site will have 500 slot machines.

The announcement came after the Catawba tribe received confirmation of the approval of their revenue-sharing agreement with the state.

Said Catawba Chief Bill Harris in a statement on Friday:

With the completion of our compact with the State of North Carolina, the Catawba Nation is eager to open the casino as quickly as possible to begin bringing economic benefits and jobs to the state and region. We’re working with Delaware North, our consultant on the Catawba Two Kings Casino Resort project, as well as our developer, Skyboat Gaming, to make that happen by opening what we are calling a ‘pre-launch’ facility this summer.”

Revenue Agreement Gets Federal Approval

Last Thursday, the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs concluded its 45-days review and approved the revenue sharing agreement that the Catawba Tribe forged with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper in mid-January.

In a letter dated March 19th, Bureau of Internal Affairs director Darryl LaCounte informed the Catawba Tribe and Gov. Cooper that their pact complies with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and other provisions of the federal law. The approval takes effect when the approval notice has been published in the Federal Register.

The 17 acre North Carolina casino, which will be dubbed as Catawba Two Kings Casino Resort, is expected to create thousands of construction jobs. Once it is fully operational, state officials say that 2,600 permanent jobs will be generated.

Prelaunch Facility and Introductory Building

Harris said that the pre-launch facility will be made up of prefabricated modular structures and will offer limited food and beverage options plus other guest amenities. An introductory phase of the North Carolina casino is also planned and will feature and additional of 1,300 slot machines.

That “introductory” building will be part of the permanent structure that will form part of the full casino and will take one year of construction to complete. While this introductory phase building is under construction, the “pre-launch” facility which will open this summer will remain open.

Both the pre-launch facility and introductory building are expected to teach incoming staff while also accommodating people from the region who are anxious to start gaming as soon as possible.

Another Las Vegas Airport Jackpot Was Just Won!

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Gambling options can be found in almost every corner of Las Vegas. Even the airport here offers a wide variety of fun slot games. This week, one lucky Texan won a massive Las Vegas Airport jackpot win.

These types of jackpot wins happen more often than many would expect. Generally, however, they are won inside the casinos in the city. Now is a great time to look at how much money was just won.

Let’s get into it!

Regulations in Nevada Are Slowly Getting Lifted

The state of Nevada is still feeling the effects of the mass casino shutdowns in March of last year. It’s been almost twelve months and the gambling industry still has not recovered. There are some signs that things are beginning to recover, though.

With infection rates dropping around the country, more people are deciding to take vacations. Many are choosing to head to Las Vegas. This city is beginning to see a steady increase in visitors and gaming revenue is beginning to increase.

To make things even better, Governor Sisolak has announced he plans to loosen regulations in the state soon. That will allow for small shows to resume in many casino-resorts. Casino capacity limits will increase and indoor bars can begin operating for longer.

This is great news for the casino companies operating here. Many, including MGM Resorts, have recently begun operating several casino-resorts 24/7 again. These companies expect to see a major surge in tourism over the next few months.

If all goes according to plan, this summer will be hugely successful for the casinos in Las Vegas. With fewer restrictions and more open properties, the city could see huge surges in tourism. Effective vaccine distribution can help to ensure this is done in the safest way possible.

Even now, many of the casino-resorts here are reporting huge jackpot wins. One lucky player won a massive jackpot inside of the city’s airport!

Here’s What We Know About the Latest Las Vegas Airport Jackpot Win

The Las Vegas Airport is one of the few around the US that allows gambling. There are a huge number of slot machines spread around the entire airport. Many of them offer massive jackpots on a regular basis.

It appears one lucky gambler from Texas decided to test her luck inside this airport. It certainly paid off. Reports have confirmed that one woman won an incredible $302,000 playing on a slot machine before her flight home.

As many might expect, this jackpot was won playing on the “Wheel of Fortune” slot game. These slots are well-known amongst hardcore gamblers and tend to be the games offering the biggest jackpots. The luck winner’s reaction can be seen below.


This is one of the biggest Las Vegas Airport jackpot wins seen in quite some time. It won’t be the last, though. As more visitors head to the city, the likelihood of another big jackpot being won inside the airport goes up.

News like this will lead to even more gamblers playing slot games inside the airport. At the moment, only 500 are available right now. More may become operational if Governor Sisolak decides to lift certain restrictions.

Things seem to be improving throughout Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more news on big casino jackpots being won here over the next few months.

Las Vegas Virgin Hotel-Casino is Set to Open This Month

Some of the most expensive gambling venues ever built are located in Las Vegas. This city is known for opulence and it takes a lot for new properties to stand out. On March 25, the new Virgin Hotel-Casino will finally open its doors to the public.

This has been a long time coming. Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson claims he has wanted to break into the Las Vegas casino industry for decades. He’s put a tremendous amount of time making sure the new Virgin hotel-casino will be a big hit.

Of course, it doesn’t come at the most ideal time. All the casinos throughout Las Vegas continue to see fairly large drops in revenue each month. It will be interesting to see how this venue fares under such unusual circumstances.

The opening of properties like this one could help Las Vegas recover. It isn’t the only new casino-resort scheduled to its doors here this year, though. Resorts World Las Vegas is opening this summer and is already generating a huge amount of media attention.

At $4.2 billion, this is the most expensive casino-resort ever built in Las Vegas. It has the backing of Genting Group and is expected to be incredible. An official opening date has not yet been announced, yet it’s confirmed this venue will open sometime this summer.

Are you surprised to hear about this new Las Vegas Airport jackpot win? Do you plan on visiting this city anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Thousands of Slot Machines in Missouri May Soon Shut Down

Missouri is home to a huge number of slot gambling machines. As Covid-19 continues to spread around the state, lawmakers are beginning to discuss whether or not they should be able to run. According to new reports, thousands of slot machines in Missouri may soon shut down due to concerns about the coronavirus.

Missouri Casinos

Scientists are still learning about this virus. We now know that it can survive for days on a surface, waiting to infect others. Today, we’re going to look at the gambling laws in Missouri, and discuss why lawmakers here are getting rid of the slot gambling machines.

Let’s get into it!

Missouri’s Gambling Laws, Explained

For decades, Missouri had a large and successful casino industry. Unfortunately, things took a turn in the early 1900s when lawmakers decided to officially close all casinos and bingo halls. It wasn’t until 1980 that state officials started to allow bingo gambling once again.

There are now many casinos operating in Missouri right now. Some of these are riverboat casinos. Others are gambling venues based on land. These casinos help to bring the state millions of dollars every single year.

Over the past few years, lawmakers in this state have seen a huge rise in illegal gambling machines. There are now many slot machines in Missouri that are located in gas stations, bars, and restaurants. Eventually, state officials decided to crack down on these machines.

Earlier this month, Senate Bill 566 was introduced to allow state-regulated gaming machines to operate in the state. Lawmakers realize that people are playing through these machines. By regulating them, at least the state is earning money.

There are still a huge number of illegal slots operating in this state, though. This week, officials announced they were interested in cracking down on the rogue slot machines.

Gaming Commission Wants to Crack Down on Slot Machines in Missouri

According to some reports, more than 14,000 illegal slot machines are now operating in Missouri. Many of these gaming machines are located in gas stations. The Missouri Gaming Commission is now claiming that these slots pose a serious health risk.

According to the Commission, these are not being cleaned regularly. In fact, they may be the perfect machines to spread Covid-19. The group is now asking for state and local health departments to shut all of these machines down.

Mike Winter, executive director of the association, released a statement about this to the media.

“Often lined up one right next to the other in gas stations and other establishments, the cleanliness of these illegal and unregulated slot machines is questionable,” he said. “We believe the state should shut down these illegal slot machines, for the safety of our residents.”

This certainly makes sense. Many have overlooked how the unregulated slot machines in Missouri may be helping to spread the coronavirus. With the state’s real casinos now closed, these machines have actually grown more popular.

It’s unclear if the state will grant this request. Infection rates of Covid-19 are beginning to increase in Missouri. If the Gaming Commission can convince the state that these machines are to blame, we’ll see them gone in no time at all.

Online Slot Games Are Available in Missouri

It’s clear that many individuals in Missouri enjoy gambling. The state’s casinos bring in serious every single month. Even the slot machines in Missouri that are operating under the radar are popular with locals.

Soon, these slots may be shut down. Fortunately, there are a huge number of amazing online casinos in Missouri that offer more slots than some of the biggest land-based casinos in the country. Most of them are completely safe.

The popularity of internet casino gambling has increased here for years. Now that the state’s brick-and-mortar casinos are shut down, these online casinos are attracting even more players from around Missouri.

This is a tough time for the entire country. As of today, more than 500 individuals in the state have tested positive for Covid-19. This number is likely to increase drastically over the next few weeks.

No one expects land-based casinos to open up anytime soon. That means online casinos are the only real gambling options available here. Check out some of the sites to see what gambling options are here.

Stay tuned for more Missouri gambling news over the next few weeks!