Here’s What We Know About the Recent Las Vegas Shooting

Camera Taking Picture of Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

For months, Las Vegas has been seeing a steady increase in violent crime. Many of these incidents are now spilling on to the Strip. Today, we’re going to offer some more information on the recent Las Vegas shooting.

It’s troubling to see these incidents becoming more common. It certainly won’t help the already-struggling tourism industry here.

Let’s look at what is going on!

Tourism Rates in Las Vegas Are Dipping Once Again

The city of Las Vegas was once one of the country’s biggest tourism destinations. More than 40 million individuals would visit Las Vegas on an annual basis. Since March of this year, however, tourism rates have been plummeting here.

It’s not entirely surprising. From March to June, the city’s casinos were completely shut down. That essentially killed the tourism industry here. When the casinos opened here, more tourists began heading to the city.

Unfortunately, tourism numbers have been dropping here in recent months. Rates of Covid-19 seem to be jumping around the United States. As this trend continues, fewer individuals are making big trips to major casino destinations.

Casino companies are being forced to adjust to this new situation. Several of the biggest casino-resorts here have recently announced they are closing mid-week. That includes the Encore Las Vegas, which is now only open on weekends.

Many believe the rise in violent incidents here is also taking a toll on the tourism industry. That’s particularly true as these incidents occur near major tourist destinations. Over the weekend, we saw another one of these events unfold on the Strip.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

More Details on the Recent Las Vegas Shooting Are Coming Out

Crime has always taken place in Las Vegas. Generally, however, these incidents occur away from the major tourist areas. Things have begun to change in 2020, and we’ve seen several major shootings take place on the Strip.

Another one of these shootings took place over the weekend. According to new reports, three individuals were shot inside the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus Las Vegas. The victims were taken to the hospital and appear to be in stable condition.

Officials within the LVMPD claim that the recent Las Vegas shooting took place between two groups of young men. It seemed to begin as a fight. Things progressed, and it seems one member of this altercation began firing shots.

LVMPD Bureau Commander Dori Koren released a statement to the media this week about this shooting.

“We do believe this is an isolated incident involving a fight between two different groups of individuals inside the Adventure Dome,” she said. “This is not an active shooter, and we do believe that there is no further threat at this time to anyone else in the public.”

It’s disappointing to see these violent events occur in Las Vegas. The casino companies are doing everything they can to attract visitors. It’s certainly not easy with crime now a legitimate concern amongst tourists.

What are casino companies here doing right now to bring in more players?

What to Expect in Las Vegas Over the Next Six Months

As we already mentioned, tourism rates in Las Vegas seem to be dropping right now. Many of the biggest casinos here are now adjusting their hours. There is fear that some of these gambling venues could be forced to permanently shut down.

Each company is taking their own approach to get through this situation. Wynn Resorts has changed its casino operating hours. Las Vegas Sands claims it may soon sell several of its major gambling properties.

Caesars Entertainment is focused on major acquisitions. Not long ago, this company purchased William Hill for $3.7 billion. Company officials also revealed that it will open the Rio Hotel-Casino before the end of 2020.

Several impressive new casino-resorts will soon be opening here. That includes the new Virgin Hotel-Casino. Most reports also claim that the massive Resorts World Las Vegas will open its doors over summer of 2021.

Hopefully, the recent Las Vegas shooting is the last one we see this year. Police officers here are now patrolling the Strip even more and many casino-resorts are increasing their security. We’ll continue offering updates if any similar incidents are reported over the next few months.

Do you plan to visit Las Vegas this year? Where are you staying? Let us know in the comments section below!