The Seminole Tribe’s Casino Lawsuit has Finally Come to an End

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The past couple of years have been highly unusual for Florida’s Seminole Tribe. This tribal group has been involved in several lawsuits over its push to expand gambling operations. This week, news broke that the Seminole Tribe’s casino lawsuit has officially come to an end.

Leaders of the tribe have to be pleased with this development. Now is a great time to talk about what the end of this lawsuit means for the tribe moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know!

Committee Formally Ends the Seminole Tribe’s Casino Lawsuit

Florida is home to a large, complex set of gambling laws. The Seminole Tribe has, for many years, controlled most traditional forms of gambling in the state. It owns several Class III casinos and is working hard to begin offering sports betting in Florida, as well.

Back in early December, a committee called Florida Voters in Charge presented a new petition that, if approved by voters, would allow pari-mutuel companies in Northern Florida to begin offering Class III casino games. Shortly after this petition was revealed, this committee filed a lawsuit against the Seminole Tribe, claiming the tribe was “sabotaging” this process by keeping voters away intentionally.

This lawsuit has been ongoing since that time. This week, news broke that the Seminole Tribe’s casino lawsuit has been abandoned by the Florida Voters in Charge committee. The reason for this lawsuit being thrown out is unclear. It does come at an unusual time, just one day before the deadline to submit signatures for this petition arrives.

This committee needs 891,589 signatures in order for this petition to move forward. At the time of this writing, it currently has about 757,000. It now seems unlikely that this petition will move forward, yet another push to expand Florida’s gambling industry is likely to take place later this year.

The Seminole Tribe’s legal issues are not completely over. Let’s take a quick look at how this tribe continues working to launch sports betting options in Florida.

When Will Florida’s Sportsbooks Finally Go Live?

Florida is known for having some of the most passionate sports fans in the United States. A huge number of professional teams are based here. Since PASPA’s removal in 2018, millions of residents here have been calling on lawmakers to make sports betting legal.

The state’s legislature approved a tribal compact with the Seminoles back in May of 2021. Under this compact, the Seminole Tribe would have permission to offer both retail and mobile sports betting options across the state. Unfortunately, several pari-mutuel companies filed lawsuits after this compact was approved, arguing it gives the Seminole Tribe a complete monopoly over the state’s gambling industry.

This lawsuit has prevened the Seminole Tribe from offering any sports betting options in the state. Many commercial gambling companies have since worked to break into Florida’s sports betting industry. This effort has also failed, to many residents’ disappointment.

One political committee presented a new petition earlier this month that would give residents a vote on whether or not to allow commercial sports betting in the state. This petition failed to gain the necessary 900,000 signatures and has been shot down. Unfortunately, this means residents will not have access to regulated sportsbooks anytime soon.

The calls for regulated sports betting options in Florida continue. Residents here are not completely out of luck, though. Let’s look at one popular online sportsbook available to residents here offering odds on the upcoming Super Bowl.

Here’s How to Bet on the Super Bowl LVI in Florida

When Florida’s legislature approved a new sports betting compact in May of 2021, many football fans hoped to see regulated sportsbooks becoming available prior to the 2021/2022 NFL season. That did not end up taking place. In fact, none of these sportsbooks will be live in time to bet on Super Bowl LVI on February 13.

This does not mean that residents here have no options to bet on the big game. Floridians can head over to BetOnline, one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the US, to bet on this game. Odds on the 2022 Super Bowl are already available through this website.

The Cincinnati Bengals come into this championship game as the +167 underdogs. This team pulled off an incredible upset win over the Kansas City Chiefs last Friday.  They have continued to defy the odds this season, yet will need to be firing on all cylinders in order to get the win this weekend.

The Los Angeles Rams needed to put things together late to defeat the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday. They have a solid roster and one of the best quarterbacks in the league right now. BetOnline lists the Rams as the -192 favorites heading into Super Bowl LVI.

Stay tuned for more betting guides on this big game over the next few weeks.

Are you surprised to hear the Seminole Tribe’s casino lawsuit has been tossed out? When do you expect Florida to begin regulating sports betting? Let us know in the comments section below.

More Groups Push Against Florida’s Gambling Expansion Plans

No Casinos In Florida And Seminole Tribe Logo With Court

Lawmakers in Florida have been looking at ways to allow legal sports betting for years. It seemed they had finally achieved that goal last summer, yet several legal disputes have delayed the launch of various new gaming options in the state. New reports have now surfaced claiming several more groups are pushing against Florida’s gambling expansion plans.

It’s another tough blow for the Seminole Tribe. This tribe has been working to launch sports betting in Florida for many months.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

No Casinos Joins the Fight to Stop Florida’s Gambling Expansion Plans

Florida is known for having a large and successful gambling industry. The Seminole Tribe largely controls the entire gaming industry here. Not long after PASPA was struck down in 2018, officials within the tribe began pushing lawmakers in the state to legalize sports betting.

Governor Ron DeSantis and federal regulations approved a compact last summer that gives the Seminole Tribe the ability to offer sports betting. The tribe then claimed it has the legal right to offer statewide online sports betting options. This is due to the fact that the servers hosting the online sportsbooks would be based on federal land. Several lawsuits have since been filed challenging this notion.

This week, reports surfaced that an anti-gambling group called No Casinos is pushing against the Seminole’s sports betting options. This group, along with many others, is defending a recent federal judge’s decision to strike down the aforementioned compact between DeSantis and the Seminole Tribe. A brief filed by No Casinos explains why it is currently against Florida’s gambling expansion plans.

“The gambling interests [the pari-mutuels] support gambling expansion so long as they are allowed to enjoy it alongside the Seminole Tribe. The gambling opponents [No Casinos and its allies] oppose the expansion of gambling in the State, consistent with the Florida Constitution, even if it occurs on tribal lands,” the brief said. 

This will represent yet another challenge for the Seminole Tribe. It’s also disappointing news for millions of Floridians hungry for legal online sports betting options to become available. Stay tuned for more information on this situation as the months go on.

Will Florida’s Online Sports Betting Industry Launch in 2022?

Florida has been involved in one of the most high-profile legal disputes over its gambling industry in the country. The Seminole Tribe seems determined to maintain its hold over the state’s gaming industry. Other, smaller gambling operators in Florida are working hard to change that.

This legal dispute is ongoing. It wasn’t long ago that a federal judge dealt a tough blow to the Seminoles by striking down a key compact. The tribe responded quickly with an appeal and is now asking for a stay that would allow them to offer sports betting while this case unfolds.

There is reason to believe that things will be settled at some point in 2022. It may not result in the Seminole’s getting their hands raised. Instead, officials may decide that several groups in Florida should be given permission to offer sports betting options.

Florida’s gambling expansion plans are facing pushback from various groups. The legal disputes are moving all the way to federal judges. Residents seem fed up with the delays in launching sports betting and many are hopeful to see things move forward within the next few months.

It does not appear that Florida’s sports betting industry will formally go live this year. Here’s a quick look at some of the other states to recently launch their first sports gambling options.

More States Begin Launching Sportsbooks Before the Year’s End

The year is nearly over and yet many state officials are working hard to get sportsbooks up and running. A growing number of individuals are beginning to realize how lucrative the sports betting industry can be. States around the country are seeing huge monthly tax revenue figures from this form of gambling.

Several states have begun a last-minute push to get regulated sportsbooks operational before the year’s end. That includes Wisconsin. Earlier this week, Wisconsin’s first sportsbooks officially went live inside the Oneida Nation Casino.

North Dakota is another state that has just begun accepting sports wagers. The Dakota Magic Casino formally started taking bets on December 1. More North Dakota sportsbooks are expected to begin operating over the next few weeks.

There is always a chance that several other states decide to legalize sports betting in the near future. There is simply too much demand for state leaders to ignore anymore. Expect to see many more states legalizing sports gambling in 2022.

What do you think of Florida’s gambling expansion plans? Will online sports betting go live here next year? Let us know in the comments section below.

Seminole Casino Explosion On Monday Morning Injures 6

Seminole Casino Classic Incident

The Seminole Tribe in Florida owns and operates some of the most popular casinos in the state. Earlier this morning, news broke of a Seminole casino explosion that injured six individuals. More information on this explosion is now beginning to come out.

A lot has been happening with Florida’s gambling industry lately. This explosion was the last thing the Seminole Tribe needed to happen.

Here’s what you need to know about the incident at the tribe’s casino today.

Details on the Seminole Casino Explosion are Coming Out

Florida is home to a huge number of popular casinos. Some of these are known as “racinos” offering both horse racing and a limited number of casino games. Several true Class III Native American casinos are also operating throughout the state.

The Seminole Tribe owns and operates most of the casinos in Florida. Early this morning, reports surfaced claiming that an explosion took place at the Seminole Classic Casino Hollywood. It has now been confirmed that the Seminole Casino explosion sent six individuals to the hospital with minor injuries.

Tribe spokesman Gary Bitner claims that a fire suppression device ruptured in the casino, causing this explosion. Bitner explained that the device was being done on the device when the incident occurred. You can check out his comments below.

“It had been reconnected with a gas canister,” Bitner said. “It’s actually fire suppression equipment that uses gas to put out a fire.”

Patrons reported a loud explosion when the canister ruptured. Fortunately, no serious, life-threatening injuries have been reported. This casino is already back up and running normally and officials appear confident nothing similar will take place in the future.

When Will Florida’s Sports Betting Industry Launch?

Florida was once considered one of the more anti-gambling states in the country. Things have changed in recent years and the state is now home to many popular gambling venues. State officials have also approved compacts that will allow for the Seminole Tribe to offer sports betting options in the state.

The original goal was for the state’s sports betting options to launch by the first game of the 2021/2022 NFL season. Unfortunately, that did not end up being the case. Several groups have engaged in legal battles to delay the launch of sports betting here.

It is not entirely clear when sports gambling will become available in the state. The Seminole Tribe has already moved to dismiss the latest lawsuit challenging sports betting in Florida. Most agree that state officials will soon work to get this industry up and running.

The start of the NFL season has already resulted in a staggering amount of revenue. Tens of millions of wagers have been placed on the season. This is likely to increase as the season continues and more states launch their first sportsbooks.

Officials in Florida want a piece of the revenue pie coming in from legal football betting. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on the launch of sports betting here as the months go on.

Casino Revenue Continues to Increase

The US casino industry has recovered from the events that unfolded in 2020. Last year, casino revenue around the country hit all-time lows. Casino companies had an extremely difficult time bringing in patrons throughout the year.

Things have turned around in 2021. In fact, the AGA maintains that this will be the best year in history for the US casino industry. States around the country continue to report huge surges in their casino earnings.

Many analysts expect to see states report casino revenue increases in the coming months. Some saw their revenue figures dip over August. That includes Maryland, which saw just $168.5 million in total gross gaming revenue over the month.

September tends to be a successful month for the gaming industry. That seems to be due in part to sports fans flocking to casinos to make wagers on the start of the NFL season. It will be interesting to see how much money casinos bring in over the fall months.

Were you surprised to hear about the Seminole Casino explosion? When do you expect Florida to legalize sports betting? Let us know in the comments section below.

Magic City Casino Owners Challenge Florida Gambling Compact With Seminole Tribe

Florida State Seal With a Casino Background

Florida’s gaming compact with the Seminole tribe has been challenged by a federal lawsuit from the owners of Magic City Casino.

The lawsuit alleges that the sports betting component in the compact is based on legal fiction and that it violates the federal law.

It was filed last Friday at the U.S. District Court or the Northern District of Florida by the Havenick family owned Southwest Parimutuels. It argues that the agreement authorizing sports betting outside Florida’s tribal lands is in violation of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and asks the Court to stop the implementation of sports betting.

Said Isadore Havenick, vice president for public affairs of Southwest Parimutuels:

“While we are fully supportive of Gov. DeSantis and his work to secure a new Seminole Compact, the lawsuit focuses on a very narrow aspect of the Compact — the legality of off-reservation and online sports wagering.’’

The company claims that it stands to lose “millions” in revenues if Florida residents are allowed to make sports bets from their homes using the internet or mobile apps. It adds that this will significantly or even completely hinder their ability to compete with the tribe.

Online Bets on Sports Events

The compact, signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Seminole Tribe chairman Marcellus Osceola Jr. last May, would allow online bets on sports events using the internet or web applications from anywhere withing Florida beginning October 5th. All transactions however, would have to go through servers located on tribal lands to bypass both federal and state law which prohibit sports betting in Florida.

It also allows sports bets to be placed at six of the tribe’s reservations but also permits the state’s existing race tracks an jai alai frontons to develop their own mobile apps to conduct off-reservation bets if they are picked by the Tribe as its partners. Under this agreement, the parimutuel would get 60% of the bets’ proceeds while the tribe will receive the remaining 40%.

Bets “Deemed” to Bet Placed on Tribal Land

The main issue is the provision in the compact that says that a bet is “deemed” to be placed on tribal land just because of the location of the operator’s server. The lawsuit argues that this violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the Wire Act, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and other court decisions interpreting those mentioned laws.

In its 67-page complaint, Southwest Parimutuels argues that “contrary to the fiction that the 2021 Compact and Implementing Law, a bet is placed both where the bettor and the casino are located”. It also claims that such a compact between the state and Tribe can only “occur on Indian lands”. Furthermore, it says that the deal clearly allows bets to be placed outside tribal lands.

Pending Federal Review

The deal is currently awaiting approval from the U.S . Department of Interior which has 45-days to decide after the compact is submitted. A representative from the office of the governor said that it was mailed to the approving authority last June 3rd, although the lawsuit states that it was presented to the DOI on June 21st.

The tribe is also threatened by a constitutional amendment for the 2022 ballot which would authorize online sports betting at all Florida parimutuels, professional sports stadiums, and anywhere else in the state using a mobile sports betting platform. This was proposed by FanDuel and DraftKings.

Ron DeSantis Approves New Gambling Rules in Florida

Governor DeSantis

Florida is known for having a fairly strict set of gambling regulations. For years, certain officials here have been pushing to change these regulations. It seems that some progress is being made. Reports have confirmed that Governor Ron DeSantis has approved new gambling rules in Florida.

Many are excited to see these new measures passed. Of course, it will take time for anything to really change here. Now is a great time to look at what new gambling options could soon become available in the state.

Let’s get into it!

More States Report Increases in Gambling Revenue

The United States is beginning to see some major improvements in regards to the Covid-19 crisis. Over the past few months, infection rates have begun to drop around the country. Hospitalizations are down and vaccine distribution continues to ramp up.

As this situation improves, states are seeing their economies ramping back up. Travel has begun to increase around the country. Many businesses that rely on tourism are seeing their revenue figures increase.

That is certainly the case with casinos around the country. For months last year, the country’s entire land-based gambling industry was shut down. Things began to reopen over the summer, yet gaming revenue has remained extremely low for almost a year.

Casinos have begun to report major increases in their revenue numbers. Over in Las Vegas, tourism numbers are surging and casino-resorts are seeing huge jumps in their visitation rates. This is expected to increase further after the casinos here will be able to operate at 100% capacity in June.

Many states have recently begun to expand their gambling options. The massive amount of revenue being earned from this industry is becoming too attractive to pass on. It’s an exciting time for gambling fans around the country.

There has been a serious push to update Florida’s gambling regulation in recent years. Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

Gov. DeSantis Approves New Gambling Rules in Florida

Florida is one of the most populated states in the country. Many lawmakers and residents here have been pushing to expand the state’s gambling regulations for years. It hasn’t been easy due to the major pushback by the more conservative officials here.

Things have begun to change recently. A growing number of leaders in the state have been in negotiations with the Seminole Tribe on ways to expand gambling options in the state. At the moment, this tribe controls much of Florida’s gambling operations.

A major breakthrough was achieved this week. News has confirmed that Ron DeSantis has approved new gambling rules in Florida. If all goes according to plan, this could help to bring legalized sports betting to the state. First, it will need to be approved by the state legislature.

The new measures would allow both online and land-based sports betting in Florida. A 21 year age requirement would be set for sports betting here. The plan from DeSantis would also expand the number of casino options that the Seminole Tribe could offer.

Not everyone is on board with this idea. John Sowinski, a prominent anti-gambling voice in the state, spoke to the media and claims the decision to make new gambling rules in Florida should come down to a public vote.

“We call on the governor and our legislators to honor the will of the people, who demanded that any new casino gambling authorization occur at the ballot box, not behind closed doors in Tallahassee,” he said. “We are committed to defending the integrity of Florida’s Constitution, and ensuring that the will of the people is respected.”

Several steps are still needed to make changes here. Stay tuned for updates over the next few months!

Sports Betting Continues to Grow More Popular

Compared to most other countries, the United States’ sports betting industry is still in its infancy. It wasn’t until 2018 that any state other than Nevada was allowed to legally offer sports gambling options. With PASPA now gone, more than half the country has already approved sports gambling legislation.

This form of gambling is growing more popular every single year. As a result, states are seeing massive revenue figures coming in. Some, of course, are seeing more money from this industry coming in than others.

February ended up being a fairly unsuccessful month for the country’s sports betting industry. A large number of winning Super Bowl wagers led to handle decreases for many states. Things bounced back in a big way in March.

Several states posted large increases in sports betting revenue last month. Most analysts expect to see the same in April. It’s an exciting time for the industry and proves that the US is now home to the biggest sports betting market in the world.

It may not be long before states like California and Texas legalize sports gambling. Lawmakers in both of these states have been working with other state leaders on the issue. Even Florida seems close to getting its sports betting industry operational.

Are you excited to hear about the new gambling rules in Florida being approved? Do you think sports betting will become available here in 2021? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s an Update on the Seminole Tribe’s New Casino Rules

Florida’s casino industry has been up and running for more than a month. Unfortunately, the state is experiencing a major rise in Covid-19 cases and officials are trying to find new ways to protect public health. Today, we’re going to take a look at the Seminole tribe’s new casino rules.Seminole Tribe of Florida

The Seminole Tribe currently operates several major casino-resorts in the state of Florida. All of the tribe’s casinos are now implementing new safety measures. Hopefully, these new regulations help to protect the casino visitors.

Florida Continues to Struggle With Surge Of Covid-19 Cases

We’re about to enter the month of August, and cases of Covid-19 continue to increase around the country. State leaders are trying to find the best way to reopen their economies while keeping new infections down. This is proving to be extremely difficult.

For months, New York was the worst-affected state in the country from the new coronavirus. That is no longer the case. Florida seems to be the new epicenter, with a huge number of new infections recorded here every single day.

Governor Ron DeSantis has faced criticism for opening Florida’s economy too quickly. Some believe it’s time for him to begin implementing more regulations. Others feel that doing so would be devastating to the state economy.

Many of the casinos in Florida have the power to set their own regulations. The Seminole Tribe controls many Native American casinos in the state and first began opening them up in early June. Due to the continuing rise in coronavirus cases, this tribe is now focusing more on improving safety measures.

Casinos around the United States are struggling. Revenue from this industry has been dropping considerably over the past few months. There are worries that the Seminole tribe’s new casino regulations will result in an even bigger drop in revenue. As of now, however, there seem to be no other options on the table.

Here’s a Quick Look at the Seminole Tribe’s New Casino Rules

Over the past decade, the Seminole tribe has created a major gambling hub in Florida. This tribe acquired most of Hard Rock International in 2006 and has been working to expand ever since. It now operates six casinos in the state, including a massive new guitar-shaped hotel-casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Up until recently, this tribe’s casino business was very successful. Jim Allen, CEO of Hard Rock International, continued pushing to open new casinos around the country. Now, this company is focused almost entirely on increasing safety measures.

Allen recently released a new press release that details some of the Seminole tribe’s new casino rules.

“Seminole Gaming is committed to the health and safety of its guests and team members, and we are upgrading our comprehensive ‘Safe + Sound’ program to further limit the threat from COVID-19,” he said. “We are making sure our resorts and casinos are safe and sound so our guests and team members have peace of mind when they return.”

Moving forward, guests inside these casinos must all wear masks. They must also stay in one place when removing their masks to eat, drink, or smoke. Temperature checks and more reduced capacity measures are also being set in place.

Many are pleased to see these new regulations set in place. Some still feel that casinos should be shut down entirely, though. That seems highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Florida isn’t the only state that is ramping up its public health safety measures.

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to Implement More Safety Measures

It’s clear that Florida has some trouble ahead. Rates of Covid-19 continue to increase here and it’s unclear when this trend will slow down. In reality, though, many states around the country are seeing their infection rates increase rapidly.

Las Vegas remains the gambling hub of the United States. Obviously, casino companies here are working hard to make things safe for guests. That’s proving extremely difficult. We’ve seen cases increase steadily here since casinos have reopened.

The casinos here continue adding more safety measures. Recently, several major casino companies announced they’re looking to add more self-service options inside their venues. Limiting human-to-human contact is now a priority. This is likely to bring about more casino employee layoffs.

Revenue reports for some of the largest casino companies have just been released. Things are just as bad as most figured that would be. During 2020’s second quarter, for example, Las Vegas Sands saw its revenue drop by an incredible 97%.

No one can say how the US casino industry will look by the end of 2020. More gaming companies are now focused on their online operations. Even with the Seminole tribe’s new casino rules, Florida’s gambling revenue is likely to remain low for at least the next six months.

Do you plan on visiting any Florida casinos this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Florida’s Casino Industry is Slowly Coming Back to Life

Every day, it seems like more casinos around the country begin to open back up. Florida has been one of the most aggressive states in reopening the economy. According to new reports, Florida’s casino industry is starting to come back to life.Florida Street Sign

Several South Florida casinos are opening up this week. It’s great news for gambling fans in the area. Now is the perfect time to look at which gambling venues are opening their doors here.

Let’s get into it!

Governor DeSantis Continues Allowing Businesses to Reopen

Like all other states, Florida’s leaders ordered almost all businesses to shut their doors back in March. Many criticized the state officials here for taking too long to make these orders. Many beaches remained open to the public here while other nearby states were basically shut down.

Time went on, and Florida’s infection rates remained fairly low. Eventually, Governor Ron DeSantis started giving certain businesses the green light to reopen. The state even started allowing major sports leagues to start operating here.

The WWE began hosting events in the state. Weeks later, the UFC moved its operations to Jacksonville. The MMA leader hosted three separate events in this city. Other state leaders began looking at Florida for advice on how to safely reopen.

Of course, Covid-19 infection rates continue to rise and fall around the country. In recent days, infection rates have begun rising in this state. In just one day, for example, 1,371 new cases were officially recorded here.

It’s a complicated situation. Leaders around the country are attempting to weigh the pros and cons of reopening their economies. Despite the rise in Florida’s cases, officials here are still pushing to lift regulations. It now appears that some of the biggest casinos will soon open their doors here.

Florida’s Casino Industry is About to Open Back Up

Many are surprised to find that Florida actually has one of the largest casino industries in the Southern United States. Some of these are racinos, offering just slot-style games. There are also many Native American casinos that offer Class III games such as slots and table games.

For months, all of these venues have been shut down. Members of the Seminole Tribe have discussed several different plans to safely reopen their gaming venues. Now, it appears they’re ready to resume operations.

According to new reports, the Hard Rock Hollywood Hotel-Casino and many other venues in Southern Florida will begin operating again on Friday. Obviously, a huge number of safety measures will be set in place. You can see some of them below.

  • Temperature checks will be required for all guests.
  • All guests will be required to wear masks.
  • Plexiglass barriers will be set on table games to divide players.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the casino floor.
  • Only 50% of the casino capacity will be allowed in.

These are just a few of the regulations being required. They may change as time goes on. Whether they become more or less intense is not entirely known.

Many are looking forward to Florida’s casino industry getting back on track. The Seminole Tribe has lost an incredible amount of money due to the regulations put in place here. We’ll make sure to offer updates on how much revenue is earned once these venues start accepting guests again.

Is Sports Betting Coming to Florida Soon?

State leaders seem to encourage casinos opening in Florida. Many feel the taxes earned from these venues will help the state recover from the past few months. The same can be said for almost all other states.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen many states around the country look more into the legalization of sports betting. More than 20 states now have a regulated sports betting industry and most of them are earning an incredible amount of revenue from the industry every single month.

Florida has not yet legalized sports betting. Several politicians have been working hard to change this. In order to do so, however, the state will likely need to come to an agreement with the Seminole Tribe on revenue and taxes.

In November of 2019, Senator Jeff Brandes presented several bills to legalize sports gambling. These were not approved. Many sports gambling advocates in the state are now working to come up with bills.

For now, state leaders seem focused on reviving Florida’s casino industry. Some of the best properties here, including the Hard Rock Florida venue, are scheduled to open up here later this week. Hopefully, sports gambling is approved here by the end of the year.

Stay tuned for more Florida gambling news over the next few weeks!

Gov. DeSantis Still Wants to Solve Florida’s Gambling Issues

For months, lawmakers in Florida have discussed ways to improve the state’s gambling industry. State officials have been trying to come to a deal with the Seminole Tribe, who own several major casinos. A deal wasn’t made this week, yet Governor Ron DeSantis is still determined to solve Florida’s gambling issues. Florida

There’s a lot going on here. As of now, the state cannot come to an agreement with the Seminoles on a new tax structure. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly is going on here.

Let’s get into it!

The Seminole’s Fight Over Gambling in Florida Has Lasted Months

The Seminole Tribe in Florida is one of the most notorious Native American groups in the country. Over the past few decades, this tribe has developed a massive casino industry. Unfortunately, tribal leaders have been fighting with Florida’s lawmakers over revenue-sharing deals.

In 2010, the Seminoles agreed to a compact with Florida that brought the state hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Tribal leaders now claim this deal is no longer valid. They are claiming that it was only agreed to for a period of 10 years.

Now, the tribe wants to negotiate the deal. In mid-2019, the first negotiations between the Seminole and Florida lawmakers took place. Hope was that a new compact could be agreed to before the end of the year.

That wasn’t the case. The previous compact officially expired in May. Since that time, the state has lost out on millions of dollars in gambling tax revenue. Both the tribe and state officials believe the other is in the wrong.

Unfortunately, this is causing some major issues. The state has threatened to shut down the tribe’s casinos. Meanwhile, Seminole leaders have been battling in the courts against politicians. Hope was that this week would finally bring an end to this fight. According to new reports, this is not the case.

Florida’s Gambling Issues Continue After Another Deal Falls Through

The Seminole tribe is taking a hardline stance here. For the most part, the tribe has been unwilling to enter into any kind of meaningful negotiations. That’s made it difficult for Florida’s House and Senate, who’ve been working to come up a new deal on their own.

This week, Florida’s House Gaming Control Subcommittee canceled another meeting between the two chambers. It was disappointing news for many who’d hoped to see this dispute finally come to an end. Even Governor Ron DeSantis is claiming he wants Florida’s gambling issues to be resolved.

“I have not met with them yet. But I would like to have a resolution, and so I anticipate meeting with them in the not-too-distant future,” DeSantis told the media. “I hope we can get something done. I think it would be good, if we can. But that is definitely on the agenda on the not-too-distant future.”

The Seminole tribe has officially stopped paying it’s annual $330 million to the state. For this reason, many lawmakers are making this dispute their number-one priority.

DeSantis seems focused on solving these issues. The tribes want a long-term deal with the state that cuts taxes. Officials want to ensure the state is getting what it’s rightfully owed. We’ll need to wait and see how this plays out over the next few months.

Sports Betting is Still Being Considered in Florida

In May of 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA, giving every state in the country the ability to legalize sports gambling. Since that time, 21 states have officially passed legislation to regulate their sports betting markets.

This industry is proving to be incredibly lucrative. Taxes from legal sports betting is helping to bring many states millions of dollars every single month. As time goes on, more states are becoming interested in legalizing this form of gambling.

In November of 2019, the first sports betting bills were presented in Florida. Senator Jeff Brandes presented the legislation “specifying requirements for accepting wagers on sports events.” State officials have been reviewing these bills for the past few months.

It seems likely that Florida will soon regulate sports betting. The only issues may come from the Seminole tribe, who are likely to argue that sports betting should only be allowed inside their casinos. As of now, however, the legalization of both land-based and online sports gambling is being considered here.

Florida’s gambling issues have been dragging on for months. Is this the year they finally end? Stay tuned for more updates!

Hard Rock International Reveals PlayersEdge to the Public

This is, without a doubt, one of the busiest years in Hard Rock International’s history since being taken over by the Seminole Tribe. The company has expanded around the country and is now looking to break into Asia. This week, Hard Rock International revealed PlayersEdge, a groundbreaking new program aimed at better educating gamblers.Hard Rock International Logo

It’s a huge development for this major US casino company. Now is the perfect time to look at what exactly it will offer to gamblers.

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Hard Rock Continues to Expand in Busy 2019

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s been an extremely busy year for Hard Rock in 2019. This company operates a huge number of world-class casinos around the country. This year, Hard Rock International opened its brand new casino-resort in Hollywood, Florida.

This massive guitar-shaped venue is one of the biggest ever built in the US. It cost an astounding $1.5 billion to construct. More than 600 rooms are available for guests, including a variety of world-class suites.

The casino floor at the new Hard Rock Hollywood hotel is also incredible. It features more than 3,000 slot machines and a huge entertainment area for guests. All of the most popular table games are also available here including blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

Recently, Hard Rock International’s CEO announced he was interested in breaking into the Las Vegas market. For years, a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino operated in Vegas yet it had no affiliation with Hard Rock International. This venue is now closed, and company officials believe it’s the perfect time to bring something special to the city.

There’s no rest for the weary. This week, Hard Rock International revealed PlayersEdge, an astounding new gambling education program.

Hard Rock International Officially Reveals PlayersEdge

There have been rumors circulating about a new program that Hard Rock was working on. Exactly what this program would offer was entirely unknown. This week, the company finally unveiled PlayersEdge and explained exactly what it aims to accomplish.

PlayersEdge is a groundbreaking new program that’s truly the first of its kind. It starts out by offering tips on game facts and casino etiquette. It also helps players understand their own behavior. This isn’t your typical “responsible gambling” program that many companies offer, though.

Hard Rock International realizes that most gamblers simply brush these programs to the side. Hope is that PlayersEdge offers something that’s actually valuable.

Paul Pellizzari, Vice President of Global Social Responsibility for Hard Rock International, commented on the unveiling of this new product to the media this week.

“We built PlayersEdge by listening to gamblers. We want to communicate the right information by appealing to how they actually think and behave in casinos,” he said. “By understanding the risk profiles and experience levels of different player types, we can segment and target information more precisely, bringing a new focus on preventing problems before they start.”

Those with gambling issues can even use the program to help self-exclude themselves from gambling platforms and find addiction help centers. It will be offered through a mix of media, including print, digital, web, social and live activations.

Japan Remains a Focus Point for Hard Rock

Hard Rock International has opened a huge number of gambling venues around the US recently. Now, company officials are beginning to take a closer look at expansion into Asia. Japan, in particular, is an extremely exciting market that this company is hoping to break into over the next few years.

Japan legalized casinos in 2018. Unfortunately, it’s taking the government years to agree on the regulation of this industry. Officials here still need to reveal which cities in the country will be permitted to host a gambling venue.

Heads of Hard Rock International have revealed that they are interested in opening a gambling venue in Japan. Many analysts claim the country will grow to have one of the biggest casino markets in the world.

Obtaining a casino license won’t be easy here. Many of the world’s biggest and best casino companies have expressed interest in operating here. It remains to be seen which companies will start running here.

Hard Rock International has finally revealed PlayersEdge to the public. Now, it can begin to truly focus on overseas expansion.

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Florida’s Guitar Hotel is Already Making Headlines

The Seminole Tribe in Florida has finally opened its most ambitious project to date. Florida’s guitar hotel is up and running and is already making headlines around the country. Now is the perfect time to look at what this massive venue has to offer.

Hard Rock Hotel Hollywood

There’s a lot happening with Hard Rock International right now. Today, we’ll also talk about some of the Seminole Tribe’s other projects. Let’s get into it!

The Casino Industry in Florida is Expanding

Florida’s gambling industry can be traced back to the early 1800s. At that time, many gambling venues were spread around the state. Lawmakers did little to regulate these establishments. In the 1940s, the state government began cracking down on different forms of gambling.

This state is home to several major tribes, many of whom were eager to crack into the gambling industry. In 1979, the Seminole Tribe opened their first bingo hall in the state. In 1988, the Supreme Court passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, allowing every state to open full-scale casinos. By 2004, the Seminole’s operated several major casinos here.

Back in 2006, the Seminole Tribe purchased Hard Rock International for $965 million.

In 2010, Florida passed a bill to allow full poker gambling. This also helped to boost the state’s gambling industry. Today, there are a huge number of casinos in Florida, many of which are operated by the Seminoles.

Construction began on Florida’s guitar hotel more than a year ago. In July, the tribe announced it was looking for 600 additional workers for this hotel-casino. This week, the incredible new venue officially opened to the public.

Florida’s Guitar Hotel is Now Open

The Seminole Tribe is no stranger to opening massive hotel-casinos. Years ago, they announced plans for an incredible $1.5 billion hotel expansion plans in Hollywood, Florida. Now, this venue is officially open for business.

Florida’s guitar hotel is the biggest ever constructed by Hard Rock International. It’s in the shape as a giant electric guitar and features more than 600 rooms for guests. The casino holds more than 3,000 slot machines and a massive entertainment area.

Marcellus Osceola, council chairman of the Seminole Tribe, commented on the opening of this new hotel-casino to the media this week.

“We’re very thankful and we’re blessed to be in a position that we can provide the general welfare and the help and assistance that tribe members need,” he said. “The dollars that we make here will make life a little bit easier for our members when they have health care issues or when they are trying to buy a car to transport themselves with their families.”

This is expected to become one of the biggest and most popular gambling venues in the United States.

The Seminole Tribe currently pays the state around $350 million every year. With this new venue now opened, this figure is likely to increase.

Hard Rock International Considers Move to Las Vegas

Hard Rock International owns and operates many casinos around the country. Interestingly, it’s never run a gambling venue in Las Vegas. The Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, which was recently sold to Virgin Hotels, was owned and operated independently by a separate company.

One of the company’s top officials recently claimed he was interested in making the move into Las Vegas. Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International, says he’s been considering this move for the past several months.

The company is still working on breaking into Japan, as well. Only three casino licenses will be handed out in this country. Many analysts believe that opening a casino-resort in Las Vegas would help Hard Rock stand out and could help their chances to receive one of these licenses.

We’ll need to wait and see whether or not Hard Rock officially makes the move into Las Vegas. Several companies are currently interested in selling properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Perhaps Hard Rock will decide to purchase one of these venues.

Florida’s guitar hotel is now open. If you’re in the Hollywood area, make sure to give it a visit!

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