Ocean Gaming Casino Expanding Charitable Gaming Space and Adding Historic Horse Racing

Blackjack and Roulette Graphics With a Casino Table Games Background
Ocean Casino Gaming in Hampton Beach announced last Thursday that it is planning to expand from its second-floor charitable gaming room into into the former ice cream shop located downstairs to bring more games and add historic horse racing

Owner Anthony Fusco said that Ocean Casino still needs to complete the permits and approval processes before they can tear up the wall of the ice cream shop. The plan is to tear down the wall separating the two areas to create an open space and cages where players can redeem their chips and vouchers.

The open space will be used to add more games. Ocean Gaming currently operates table games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and Lucky 7 ticket dispensers. Aside from adding games, the new space created will also be used to house its planned bingo operations.

Addition of Historic Horse Racing

With the state legislature approving the addition of historic horse racing to the charitable gaming rooms in New Hampshire, Ocean Casino Gaming looks to enter that venture as well. Historic horse racing is gambling on replay of horse races, with key transformations kept from players so they do not know the outcome.

Historic horse racing will be the first electronic game to be allowed in New Hampshire. Lawmakers added the option after they were convinced that customers would patronize charitable gaming rooms over casinos in the other states if these rooms will offer electronic gaming options.

Charitable Gaming

The only form of gambling in New Hampshire is charitable gaming which requires gambling entities to remit 35% of their proceeds to local charities. In its 10-year existence at Hampton Beach, Ocean Casino Gaming has contributed an estimated $4.2M in donations to local charities.

One of Ocean Casino Gaming’s beneficiaries is the American Legion Post 35 which received $48,498.88 this year. According to its post commander Berkley Bennett, the donations they recieve are used for local school scholarships and awards.