Top Workplace Award Goes to Rivers Casino Schenectady Again

Some casinos simply know how to do things right, and according to the Times Union, Rivers Casin & Resort Schenectady has continued to top their workplace award list, receiving the award for the second straight year. Being recognized by the Times Union with the Top Workplace award is a huge thing, and this recognition is based only on surveys which were given to employees of casinos. In other words, it is the workers themselves who feel the happiest while working at this extraordinary casino and resort.

As previously stated, this is the second straight year that Rivers has been crowned with this prestigious award, and it is a great way to further boost its popularity. The casino celebrated a full year of operation back in February, and it seems that the year was pretty successful for them.

Justing Moore, the Acting General Managed or Rivers Casino, stated that the casino was a very diverse and exciting place where people love to work and that they were very proud to have received the distinctive recognition that the Top Workplace award stands for. Furthermore, he added that the award was a testament to the unmatched commitment that Rivers make to become the best place to work, resulting in an outstanding service for guests who decide to visit this popular casino resort.

The honor was received at an event called the Times Union’s Top Workplaces event, which took place at the Albany Capital Center located in downtown Albany, NY. The event happened on April 9, and team members of the Rivers Casino were there to accept their reward, enjoying their stay with other winners and nominees from the Capital Region.

At the moment, there are more than 1,000 team members that are actively employed by the Rivers Casino. Those workers earn approximately $43 million in wages annually. Apart from hefty salaries, the company also provides various other benefits such as tuition reimbursement, paid time off, retirement plans, health insurance and more. In other words, it is a place many people dream about.

Kate McMahon is the Vice President of Human Resources at Rivers Casino. She stated that the award they had received was all about the extraordinary team members that Rivers had, and who did their best every single day in order to provide casino’s guests with the best possible experience. Furthermore, McMahon added that Rivers was the place that celebrated diversity and that encouraged every type of growth, both professional and private. She stated that the casino was focused on enriching the lives of all team members as well as their families so that they didn’t feel like an actual job.

According to Evelyn Tyson, who is a wardrobe supervisor at Rivers Casino, all casino team members have an amazing experience working there. Tyson stated that she would never have thought of becoming a supervisor, but that Rivers Casino helped her realize her dream. Tyson now has a professional and stable career with a lot of opportunities available while she works for Rivers Casino. She added that she had learned a lot during her time at Rivers and that the most important thing of all is that she was able to provide for her family and live a good life.

One of the secrets of the Rivers Casino is that everything is centered around people who work there, as the company does its best to enrich the lives of its team members, making the whole thing more than just a job. Together with the team members, the company is an active participant in many charitable organizations and causes in the Capital Region, thus enabling its workers to connect with each other on a deeper level.