Bally’s Expansion in Nevada Continues to Progress

Las Vegas Sign And Money With Strip Background

Bally’s Corporation has been busy lately trying to grow its various gaming operations around the United States. The company has put a particular emphasis on further breaking into the Nevada casino market. New reports claim that Bally’s expansion in Nevada is making some serious progress.

A lot is changing in the US casino industry right now. 2022 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years in history for casino companies around the country.

Here’s a quick look at what is happening with Bally’s Corporation right now.

Gaming Board Gives Approval For Bally’s Expansion in Nevada

Nevada is home to the largest number of casinos in the United States. It’s here that many of the country’s biggest and most profitable casino operators are based. Bally’s Corporation, currently based in Rhode Island, has recently begun to make a sustained effort to break into Nevada’s casino market.

This company purchased the Tropicana Las Vegas earlier this year in a deal valued at $308 million. It was a huge move for the company and marked its first property located on the Las Vegas Strip. Bally’s has since been looking at other ways to break into Las Vegas.

Earlier this week, the Nevada Gaming Board unanimously approved Bally’s acquisition of Gamesys Group plc. Gamesys is a major online gaming operator based in the UK. Bally’s takeover of this company allows it to offer more unique gambling operations throughout the United States.

This deal will better facilitate Bally’s expansion in Nevada. It should help the company to offer online operations including sports betting, online casino options, poker, bingo, daily fantasy sports, and free-to-play games. Many of these new gaming options will likely be featured inside the Tropicana Las Vegas.

Bally’s is certainly entering into a hot market. Let’s take a look at how the casinos in Las Vegas have been faring over the past few months.

Gambling Revenue in Nevada Passes the $1 Billion Mark in August

Las Vegas experienced a massive fall from grace in 2020. In March of that year, all of the casinos in this city were forced to shut their doors. It wasn’t until June that any of the gambling properties in this city were given permission to open their doors again.

Gambling revenue remained extremely low for all of 2020. Incredibly, things completely turned around in 2021. The city has set several monthly casino revenue records and continues to bring in a huge amount of money. This past August marked yet another month in which casinos around Nevada brought in more than $1 billion in total GGR.

Clark County unsurprisingly brought in the most money. It’s here that the casinos managed to bring in $993.4 million in total revenue. In total, more than $6 billion was wagered inside the state’s casinos and August’s GGR is up 57% when compared to August of 2020.

This is shaping up to be the best year in history for Las Vegas’ casino industry. The past nine months have proven that there is a serious pent-up demand among Americans to visit and gamble in Las Vegas. Many are expecting another fantastic month for the city’s casinos over September.

The casino operators in Las Vegas have been making big moves lately. Here are some of the most notable sales and purchases in the city to come up recently.

Biggest Las Vegas Casino Sales to Take Place in 2021

Things are constantly changing in Las Vegas. Casino companies here work to expand and increase their revenue figures. Sometimes that means selling properties and other times that means purchasing major casino-resorts.

2021 has brought about many of these sales and purchases. Las Vegas Sands, one of the most powerful gaming companies in the world, famously sold The Venetian earlier this year. This casino sale was made so that LVS can focus more on its operations in Macau.

MGM Resorts International is another powerful gaming company based in Nevada. Just weeks ago, news broke that this company had agreed to take over The Cosmopolitan. It will continue to pay rent on the real estate that this casino sits on.

While not necessarily a sale, the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas made serious headlines this summer. At $4.2 billion, this is the most expensive casino ever built in the city. A huge number of tourists made the journey to Las Vegas to see what this new property has to offer.

Bally’s expansion in Nevada is ongoing. We’ll be sure to continue offering updates on this company’s move into the country’s top gaming hub. Stay tuned for updates!

The Casinos in Biloxi Just Posted Record-Breaking Revenue Figures

Mississippi State Seal Biloxi Casinos

Mississippi is home to one of the largest casino industries in the Southern United States. Many of the state’s casinos are based in Biloxi. New reports have surfaced this week showing that the casinos in Biloxi posted record-breaking revenue figures over the past fiscal year.

This proves how successful the US casino industry has been throughout 2021. The casino companies in Mississippi have to be pleased to see the progress being made.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Revenue Reports on the Casinos in Biloxi Have Just Surfaced

Many states in the Southern US are known for their harsh anti-gambling laws. That is certainly not the case in Mississippi, though. This state is known as one of the country’s true gambling hubs and is home to a huge number of popular gambling venues.

Biloxi, Mississippi, is currently home to eight major casinos. These properties have been known to draw in a huge number of gambling fans from nearby states. This week, the casinos in Biloxi officially released their revenue reports for the past fiscal year.

Incredibly, these properties revealed that they posted $1.02 billion in gross gaming revenue over the past twelve months. That marks just the second time in history that these casinos passed the $1 billion in revenue mark. This past April proved to be the most successful month for these casinos, as they brought in $111 million in GGR.

Most of the casinos in Mississippi have seen impressive revenue gains over the last fiscal year. It’s reasonable to assume that 2022 will be an even more impressive year for the state’s industry. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on the casino revenue figures here as the months go on.

Mississippi was one of the first states to truly embrace the sports betting industry. Here’s a look at how the sportsbooks in this state have been faring lately.

Mississippi’s Sports Betting Revenue Likely Surged in October

As many are aware, Mississippi has one of the largest sporting fan bases in the United States. That is a little surprising, as there are no professional sports teams based here. Several popular college sporting programs are up and running, however, and neighboring states are home to successful NFL, MLB, and NBA franchises.

Back in August of 2018, Mississippi’s first regulated sportsbooks went live. The sports betting operators here have seen mostly consistent rises in revenue since that time. Through July and August, however, Mississippi’s sports betting revenue saw large dips.

The state reported just $2.9 million in sports gambling GGR over the month of July. The state’s handle also saw a drop to just $30.7 million.

August also proved to be a difficult month for Mississippi’s sports betting industry. It was this month that the sports betting companies managed to bring in just $1.8 million in total gross gaming revenue. The state’s sports betting handle also dropped considerably to just $21.4 million.

For now, Mississippi is one of the few states in the Southern US with a large sports gambling industry. That may change in the near future. Here’s a look at some of the other states in this region that could launch sportsbooks soon.

More Southern States Look Toward the Legalization of Sports Betting

Just a few years ago, only Nevada was legally able to offer sports betting options. That all changed when PASPA was removed in May of 2018. This decision immediately gave every state around the country the ability to legalize and regulate this form of gambling.

Today, more than half the country now has at least some form of regulated sports betting available. That includes a few states in the Southern US. Several more states in this region have recently begun showing an interest in legalizing sports betting.

Georgia is one such state that appears interested in doing so. That is a shock when considering this is one of the most anti-gambling states in the country. Certain lawmakers are now pointing toward the demand and large potential for tax revenue to fund various social programs.

Oklahoma is another state that is looking more at legalizing sports betting. Governor Stitt has been working to come up with specific agreements with various tribal groups. Many are hopeful to see sports betting become available here in 2022.

Stay tuned for more information on legalizing sports betting as time goes on.

The casinos in Biloxi continue to see impressive revenue gains. How do you think the casinos here will fare in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below.

More Details on Terry Glebocki’s Resignation are Coming Out

Ocean Resort Casino Atlantic City With Terry Glebocki

Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City has quickly become one of the most popular gambling venues in the city. Interestingly, the property’s CEO, Terry Gebocki has recently been removed from her role. More details on Terry Glebocki’s resignation are now beginning to surface.

Many have been surprised to see Glebocki removed as CEO. She is widely credited with helping to turn Ocean Casino around at a time when it struggled to bring in revenue.

Here’s a look at why this change in leadership has been ordered.

Terry Glebocki’s Resignation Has Been Confirmed

Atlantic City is home to many of the biggest and best casinos in the United States. Back in 2012, a new venue called Ocean Casino-Resort opened its doors in the city. This property, located in the northern area of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, initially struggled to bring in players and its revenue figures remained low.

This venue’s ownership changed hands several times over the past decade. While on the brink of bankruptcy in 2019, Terry Glebocki took over as CEO. Her decades of experience in the gaming industry came in handy, as she immediately helped this casino to turn things around.

Interestingly, Terry Glebocki’s resignation has been confirmed. The casino did not give an official reason for her departure. Instead, they released a statement discussing the impact Terry had on the venue during her years as CEO.

“Glebocki has three decades of financial management experience, which navigated Ocean’s course to financial stability,” the casino said in a statement. “Terry joined Ocean on the brink of bankruptcy, and is leaving the property as a leading casino resort in Atlantic City… We are working through this transition and will provide updates as they become available.”

It’s unclear who exactly will take over as CEO of this casino. Hope is that it’s another qualified individual that can continue to increase Ocean Casino’s visitation and revenue figures. Stay tuned for updates!

New Jersey’s Sports Betting Industry Continues to Impress

The state of New Jersey is largely responsible for helping to grow the US sports betting industry. Lawmakers here helped to pressure the US Supreme Court to finally remove PASPA in 2018. Shortly afterward, New Jersey formally launched its regulated sports betting options.

This industry has grown considerably since that time. New Jersey is now home to the largest sports betting industry in the entire United States. The sports gambling operators here have been setting new records throughout the entire year.

This past August, the state’s sports betting revenue figures actually dropped by 5%. Interestingly, the state’s handle grew by 15%. The Meadowlands Sportsbook, operated by FanDuel, managed to bring in the most revenue at $26.9 million.

Fortunately, September is expected to bring about a major turnaround. The start of the 2021/2022 NFL season has already resulted in a massive surge of revenue around the country. Tens of millions of football wagers have already been made in New Jersey and September’s revenue figures are expected to break all-time records.

Casino revenue is expected to continue to increase here over the next few months, as well. We’ll be sure to continue reporting on revenue figures in this city as the year goes on.

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to Change Ownership Hands

Atlantic City has been working hard to improve its casino industry in recent years. Not long ago, the city’s entire gambling industry seemed to be on the brink of collapse. The pandemic put some major strain on this industry once again, yet things turned around in 2021.

There is still no doubt that Las Vegas remains the biggest and most profitable casino hub in the United States. Like Atlantic City, this city has experienced a major comeback throughout 2021. Some major changes have been taking place here in recent months.

MGM Resorts International broke the news that it had agreed to purchase The Cosmopolitan for more than $1 billion. The company’s CEO, Bill Hornbuckle, also expressed support for Nevada to legalize online casinos soon. That is a major change from the company’s stance just a few years ago.

Reports also surfaced claiming a proposed casino next to the Las Vegas airport has gained further approval. This property is currently planned to open in 2024. Several government employees are raising concerns about the danger it poses to the airport, though.

What do you think about Terry Glebocki’s resignation? How do you think Atlantic City will fare in the coming years? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Push to Change Georgia’s Gambling Laws Continues

Georgia State Seal With Gambling Background

Georgia is well-known for having some of the strictest gambling regulations in the country. If some lawmakers get their way, that will soon change. New reports indicate there is once again a real push to change Georgia’s gambling laws in the near future.

Many residents here support this move. Others feel it’s unnecessary. Now is a great time to talk about how and when things could begin to shift for Georgia’s gambling industry.

Let’s get into it!

More Bills to Change Georgia’s Gambling Laws are Set to be Presented

The state of Georgia has been against the gambling industry for many years. Historically speaking, the state’s leaders have pushed against allowing any new gambling options to become available. In recent years, gaming advocates have pushed for a change, arguing that more regulated gambling options will help to bring the state valuable revenue.

At least one gambling bill has been presented in Georgia every year over the past decade. All of these bills have been shut down. Some feel that 2022 could be different. A growing number of powerful individuals now support the move to change Georgia’s gambling laws.

The General Assembly in Georgia has begun to prepare for its legislative session to begin in January. Gambling advocates are expected to present four different bills here in 2022. Most of these focus on finally allowing regulated land-based casinos to operate in the state.

Many lawmakers point to the money being lost to other states with gambling industries set in place. North Carolina, for example, seems to be attracting many gambling fans to several of its properties. That includes Harrah’s Cherokee Casino-Resort.

32 different lobbyists in Georgia seem determined to make some major changes here. If these individuals get their way, Georgie may welcome several casinos within the next couple of years.

Will Georgia Soon Legalize Sports Betting?

More than half the United States now has a legal sports betting industry set in place. This is all thanks to the US Supreme Court’s removal of PASPA back in May of 2018. This decision immediately allowed every state in the country to legalize and regulate its own sports betting industry.

Georgia is one of the states yet to formally approve any sports betting bills. That isn’t a surprise when considering how anti-gambling most of the lawmakers here are. Georgia is home to a massive sporting fan base, however, and most analysts feel that having legal sports betting options available would help to bring the state a huge amount of tax revenue.

Senate Resolution 135, a recently presented bill that would expand Georgia’s gambling laws, made considerable progress in 2021. Many take this as a sign that things will change in 2022. Sports betting has become widely accepted around the US and it would not be a surprise to see a specific sports gambling bill gain the Governor’s approval next year.

Many sports betting supports want to see online sportsbooks become available in Georiga. Interestingly, many of these officials are not in support of seeing any retail sportsbooks launch in this state. This would be a similar situation to the one Tennessee finds itself in.

2022 is shaping up to be a massive year for the entire US gambling industry. It seems that both casinos and sports betting could become legal in Georgia sometime in the next twelve months. Stay tuned for updates!

More States Prepare to Launch Their First Sportsbooks

Georgia is far from the only state to recently update its gambling regulations. Throughout 2021, a huge number of states have been working hard to launch their first sportsbooks. Over the next couple of months, several states will succeed in doing so.

Connecticut announced today that a soft launch of its first sportsbooks will take place tomorrow, October 12. This state legalized sports betting back in May of 2021 and has been preparing to launch its first sports betting platforms on October 7. Officials here have been working hard to agree on specific regulations for this industry ever since.

A seven-day soft launch from the Connecticut Lottery Corporation, Mohegan Tribe, and Mashantucket Pequot Tribe will begin tomorrow. Assuming everything goes well, statewide online sports betting will become available. Several major sports betting operators are eagerly waiting for their first sportsbooks to launch here.

Florida is another state working to get its sports betting industry off the ground. Legal disputes between various pari-mutuel companies and the Seminole Tribe have led to delays doing so. Hope is that Florida’s first sportsbooks launch before the end of October.

Do you expect Georgia’s gambling laws to change next year? Will sports betting become available here soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here’s What We Know About the New Las Vegas Airport Hotel-Casino

Dream Casino Las Vegas Sign Background

Las Vegas is home to many of the world’s best casino-resorts. It appears this city may soon welcome a brand new gambling property located right next to the airport. Today, we’ll talk about some of the details of this new Las Vegas airport hotel-casino.

Many have been calling for an exciting new gambling property to open new the Las Vegas airport. Those calls have finally been answered.

Here’s what you need to know about this venue.

More Details on the Las Vegas Airport Hotel-Casino are Coming Out

Some of the biggest and best casinos in the world are based in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Strip, in particular, is where several multi-billion dollar properties are located. That includes famous venues such as The Venetian, Caesars Palace, and The Bellagio.

For years, residents and tourists have been calling for a new hotel-casino to open directly next to the airport. City officials have pushed against these plans. These officials often argue that even the hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip are close to the airport and investing in a new gambling venue directly next to McCarren Airport is unnecessary.

This week, the Clark County Commission voted 6-1 in favor of allowing Dream Las Vegas to open at the airport. This is a 20-story hotel and casino and will be separated by the airport by just a chain-linked fence. This property is expected to cost a staggering $500 million to construct and may open its doors within a few years.

Several questions over security have been raised with this property’s plans. Several government agencies have voiced concern about the danger it poses to McCarren Airport. Despite the concerns, it appears this property is gaining support from the necessary state groups.

If all goes according to plan, groundbreaking will take place on this property by 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on the proposed Las Vegas Airport hotel-casino over the next few months.

Casinos Continue to Experience Shake-Ups in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas casino industry is bigger and better than ever before. Most of the country’s most successful casinos are also currently based in this city. Recently, several of these companies have been involved in major sales and purchases.

Las Vegas Sands has been experiencing some major difficulties over the past two years. Consistent revenue declines from the company’s venues in Macau have made things difficult. Earlier this year, news broke that Las Vegas Sands had agreed to sell The Venetian, one of its most popular gaming venues.

MGM Resorts International has been involved in several major sales in recent years. The includes the sale of The Bellagio and Circus Cirus to Blackstone Group. This multi-billion dollar deal allows MGM to lease back these properties.

Most recently, news broke that MGM Resorts had agreed to acquire The Cosmopolitan. Moving forward, MGM Resorts International will be taking control of this venue’s operations. It has chosen not to buy the real estate, though.

It seems likely that several more property sales will be announced over the next few years. Several companies, including Caesars Entertainment, have expressed interest in buying more properties here. Gambling revenue continues to surge in Las Vegas and now may be the perfect time for companies to break into this market.

Some feel that it’s time for Nevada to begin allowing online casinos to operate. Here’s a quick look at when this change might take place.

Casino Executives Support Move to Legalize Online Casinos in NV

Casino gambling has been an integral part of Nevada’s economy. Over the past few decades, this state has transformed into the world’s premier gambling destination. Land-based casinos have experienced huge growth over the last few years.

Some of the casino companies have expressed concern about the state’s growing interest in legalizing online casino gambling. Doing so, these companies argue, would take away from their revenue figures. Many of the executives within these companies are now beginning to change their stance.

That includes MGM Resorts CEO, Bill Hornbuckle. He spoke to the media recently about the growing push to legalize internet casinos. To many people’s surprise, he voiced support for this move and claims it will help to grow the entire country’s gaming industry in the long run.

“If you look at what the opportunity could be, I look forward to just talking more about all of it,” Hornbuckle said. “It could be significant not only for the state, but for the industry and nationally, and potentially even on a global basis.”

Casino companies seem to be interested in launching their own internet casinos in the state. It will take several steps for any of these platforms to launch. Time will tell how Nevada’s leaders view these measures.

Are you excited to see the new Las Vegas airport hotel-casino gaining approval to open? Will this be a popular venue? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Louisiana’s First Sportsbook Has Finally Gone Live!

State Of Louisiana Seal And Paragon Casino Sports Betting

Back in November of 2020, residents in Louisiana unanimously voted to legalize and regulate sports betting. Since that time, however, officials have been working to come up with specific regulations for this new form of gambling. This week, Louisiana’s first sportsbook finally went live.

Millions have been eagerly waiting for sports betting options to become available here. Many more sportsbooks are expected to launch in Louisiana in the coming months.

Here’s a quick look at what is now available here.

Paragon Casino Welcomes Louisiana’s First Sportsbook

Louisiana is home to a massive casino industry. Both tribal and commercial casinos have been able to operate here for many years. The owners of these gambling venues have been eagerly awaiting permission to launch a brand new sportsbook.

On Wednesday, Louisiana’s first sportsbook officially went live in the Paragon Casino. This property, located in Marksville, has a massive fan base throughout the state. It has officially welcomed “The Draft Room,” and is being run in partnership with Betfred Sports. Marshall Pierite, chairman of the tribe that owns Paragon Casino, recently spoke to the media about the launch of this sportsbook.

“As a native Louisianan and Chairman of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana, I am thrilled to help usher in sports betting to our state,” Pierite said. 

Most of Lousiana’s other casinos are now preparing to launch their own sportsbooks. First, however, these properties need to gain permission from the Louisiana Lottery.

Paragon Casinos is currently only allowing land-based sports betting. Officials within the casino claim that mobile betting options will be launching in the near future. The Louisiana Lottery claims it will likely be January before online sports betting options go live in the state.

Other states continue working to launch their first sportsbooks. Here’s a look at the process some of these different states are going through.

More States Reveal Delay Launching Their First Sportsbooks

PASPA’s removal changed the US gambling industry forever. More than half the United States now has a legal sports betting industry set in place. Several states have approved sports betting bills, yet have not launched any regulated sportsbooks.

Florida is one of those states. Governor DeSantis approved a set of compacts earlier this year that would allow the Seminole Tribe to launch both land-based and online sports betting. Unfortunately, several companies have filed lawsuits against the state’s sports betting plans.

Several pari-mutuel companies are now arguing that allowing the Seminole Tribe to launch online sportsbooks goes against the state constitution. This legal dispute has been going on for months. Seminole leaders are hopeful that things are resolved within the next few weeks.

Nebraska residents approved a measure to legalize sports gambling late last year. This state has yet to narrow down the regulations for this form of gambling, though. It still seems possible for the first sportsbooks in Nebraska to launch before the end of 2021, though.

It may not be long before the entire country has a regulated sports betting industry set in place. Stay tuned for updates!

How is the Casino Industry in Louisiana Faring Right Now?

There are a huge number of popular gambling venues based in Louisiana right now. Some of these are riverboat casinos based off the coast. Several popular land-based casinos are also based here and help to bring the state a large amount of tax revenue each year.

The casinos here have faced some major issues over the past nine months. Several hurricanes have struck Louisiana this year. These storms have forced casino closures and resulted in large revenue drops on several occasions.

Things seem to be going well for Louisiana’s casinos in recent weeks. The launch of Louisiana’s first sportsbooks will certainly help. A huge number of people will soon begin flocking into the state’s various casinos that finally launch their first sportsbooks.

Louisiana is now home to the largest gambling industry in the Southern US. It may eventually face competition from nearby states such as Mississippi and perhaps even Texas.

Are you excited to see Louisiana’s first sportsbook go live? How do you think the state’s sports betting industry will fare moving forward? Let us know in the comments section below!

How are MGM Resorts’ Casinos in Macau Impacting the Company?

MGM China Casinos Background

MGM Resorts International is one of the largest and most successful casino companies in the world. Lately, analysts have been questioning how MGM Resorts’ casinos in Macau are affecting the company. Things have been far from ideal in this Chinese territory, to say the least.

China continues to implement intense safety measures here. The future of one of the world’s biggest gambling hubs remains uncertain. Today, we’ll discuss how things may change here in the future.

Let’s get into it!

MGM Resorts’ Casinos in Macau Continue to Struggle

Macau has been one of the world’s most profitable gambling destinations for decades. Lately, however, this territory has seen its casino industry struggling to stay afloat. Much of this is due to the intense new regulations being set in place from Mainland China.

MGM Resorts International is one company suffering from this increase in regulations. This major gaming operator owns two casino-resorts in Macau. Revenue from these properties has remained extremely low since that pandemic began in early 2020.

Officials within MGM Resorts don’t seem overly concerned. Bill Hornbuckle, CEO and president of MGM Resorts International, spoke with the media recently about China’s impact on the company’s operations in Macau.

“Until proven wrong, I’m not and we’re not overreacting to what is being hyped or said,” Hornbuckle said. “We are hoping rational minds control in the end because this is the Macau economy… [Local and national officials] recognize the value that it [casino industry] brings and ultimately the value that we’ve brought as operators to the greater community. I mean we do a lot in the community just beyond employment, which is a big piece of it, of course. So I, I think we’re all in good standing.”

It’s likely that MGM Resorts’ Casinos in Macau will continue to suffer. Fortunately, this company has been performing well with its operations throughout the United States.

Will MGM Resorts Expand Further in Las Vegas?

Macau remains the biggest casino hub in Asia. Over in the United States, Las Vegas still holds that title. It’s here that some of the biggest and most expensive casinos ever built are located. That includes the recently opened Resorts World Las Vegas, which cost an incredible $4.3 billion to construct.

MGM Resorts owns many popular gambling venues in Las Vegas. This company is showing a new motivation to expand in Sin City, too. News broke recently that this company is set to acquire The Cosmopolitan Resort for $1.6 billion.

Moving forward, MGM Resorts will take control over The Cosmopolitan’s operations. It will not own the real estate; instead choosing to pay $200 million in annual rent. That number will increase by 2% to 3% over the next 30 years.

There is no doubt that MGM Resorts is focused on expansion. Las Vegas has bounced back tremendously from the events that unfolded in 2020 and continues to break gaming revenue records. It seems that MGM Resorts is interested in breaking into the US online casino industry, as well.

It’s an interesting time for the entire US casino industry. Things are also ramping up for US sports betting operators with several new states set to launch their first sportsbooks soon.

States Continue Preparing for First Sportsbook Launches

Sports betting was limited to Nevada for most of the past few decades. Finally, in 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA. This opened the door for every state in the country to legalize and regulate this popular form of gambling.

The past couple of years has proven how large of a demand there is for sports betting throughout the US. More than half the nation now has regulated sports betting options available. Several more states are preparing to launch their first sportsbooks in the near future.

Florida is one of those states. Lawmakers here technically legalized this form of gambling earlier this year. Unfortunately, legal battles between several pari-mutuel companies have delayed the launch of any regulated sportsbooks here. Hope is that these sportsbooks go live in early 2022.

Louisiana is another state working hard to get its sports betting operations live. Several delays have come up in the process.

Those hoping to see Massachusetts legalize sports betting in 2021 might be out of luck. The State Senate recently announced it has no plans to approve a sports betting bill this year. Residents here are now looking head to 2022 for this to take place. Stay tuned for updates!

Are you surprised at how MGM Resorts’ casinos in Macau have been faring? Will casino companies soon decide to leave Macau entirely? Let us know in the comments section below.

Regulators Have Filed a Complaint Against Station Casinos

Station Casinos Las Vegas Background Disciplinary Action

Station Casinos is having a busy year. This major Las Vegas-based casino company has been working hard to expand, yet continues to face regulatory with various groups. News broke today that Nevada regulators have filed a complaint against Station Casinos for offering post-game sports wagers.

This is yet another problem this company is now facing. It is likely to result in a serious fine. Today, we’ll talk about what exactly led to this complaint being filed.

Here’s what you need to know!

Gaming Control Board Files Complaint Against Station Casinos

Station Casinos has been making headlines over the past few months. Much of the focus has been on this Nevada-based casino companies legal disputes with the NV Culinary Union. Most analysts expect this legal battle to continue for years down the line.

Headlines were also made when company officials announced they planned to open a new casino-resort in Southwest Las Vegas. Many Las Vegas residents have been excited to hear more about these plans. Key approvals are still needed for any of these plans to move forward.

News has just broken that the Gaming Control Board has just filed a complaint against Station Casinos. This regulatory body claims that Station Casinos accepted hundreds of wagers on events in which the outcome was already known. It is being claimed that these post-game bets were made over a three-year period. Computer malfunctions are said to be the cause of these problems.

“Respondents are responsible for any violation related to the Stadium Live program,” the Control Board’s complaint said. “Toleration of such repeated violations constitutes ground for license revocation or other disciplinary action.”

Officials within Station Casinos have yet to comment on this complaint. It will likely result in a major fine. Fortunately, it is unlikely to have any other serious impact on the company.

What’s Happening With the Durango Station Casino?

Station Casinos is one of the most successful casino operators in Nevada. It runs a huge number of popular gambling venues throughout the state. Most of these properties are known as “locals casinos,” catering primarily to residents of Las Vegas.

This company has been hinting at opening a new casino-resort in Southwest Las Vegas for many years. It seems that plans to open this venue, called “Durango Station,” are now moving forward. The Spring Valley Town Advisory Board officially gave approval for this venue to open.

Different groups are now debating the pros and cons of this venue. Many locals in the area support the opening of this property. They point toward the large influx of jobs and revenue that will come in from this new casino.

The Nevada Culinary Union has already been pushing against the opening of Durango Station. Members of this union are trying to claim that traffic rates and gambling addiction will end up rising with its opening. This will continue to fuel the fire between these two major groups.

It’s still unclear when Durango Station may open its doors to the public. If all goes according to plan, it will be sometime within the next few years. Stay tuned for updates!

Las Vegas Casinos Continue Working to Bring in More Tourists

Casino revenue has been gradually increasing throughout the United States for most of 2021. August proved to be different, though. It was this month that nearly all states around the country reported large drops in their monthly revenue figures.

Las Vegas casinos are now working hard to boost tourism rates. Fewer people have been making the journey to this city due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. This rise in cases has also led to more restrictions inside many of the casinos in Las Vegas.

September may end up being a better month for this industry than August was. Many have likely flocked to the city to watch the Las Vegas Raiders play inside the new Allegiant Stadium. This, in turn, will lead to a rise in casino revenue.

It’s an interesting time for the entire US casino industry. Hope is that infection rates begin to drop and tourism into casino hubs begins to increase again.

What do you think about the Control Board’s complaint against Station Casinos? When do you expect Durango Station to open? Let us know in the comments section below.

Casino Revenue in Pennsylvania Came Out to $408 Million in August

State Seal Of Pennsylvania With Gambling Background

Pennsylvania has quickly developed one of the largest gambling industries in the United States. Here, both casinos and sportsbooks are operational. New reports have surfaced claiming casino revenue in Pennsylvania surpassed $408 million over the month of August.

This represents a massive increase when compared to the year prior. It’s a slight drop from July, though. Now is a great time to talk about exactly how much revenue was brought in from this state’s casino industry.

Here’s what you need to know!

Reports on the Casino Revenue in Pennsylvania for August are Out

Pennsylvania is home to a huge number of popular casinos. Some of these are Native American-owned and operated. Others are commercial casinos, run by some of the most powerful gaming companies in the United States.

Revenue from this industry has been steadily increasing for the past year. This week, reports on casino revenue in Pennsylvania for August finally surfaced. Some were surprised to find that the state’s casinos brought in $408 million over the course of the month.

The casinos here managed to increase their year-on-year revenue by 31%. Interestingly, revenue dropped by $15.5 million when compared to July. That is not a large drop and this decline is not a surprise when considering neatly all US casino destinations reported casino revenue drops over the month of August.

Parx Casino in Bucks County brought in the most revenue at $59.1 million. Rivers Casino Pittsburgh also saw a large revenue month at $31.38 million. Meadows Casino brought in $24 million in gross gaming revenue.

Overall, this state’s casino earnings are impressive. All states saw declines in casino revenue in August, yet Pennsylvania’s earnings remain far better than in other parts of the country.

Sports Betting Revenue Fell in PA Over August

Pennsylvania is also home to a large and successful sports betting industry. The first sportsbooks went live here in November of 2018. Since that time, the industry has grown and a huge number of great internet sports betting options are now operational here.

This past August, Pennsylvania experienced sports betting revenue decrease for the second straight month. The sports betting operators here managed to bring in $25.3 million in total GGR. $6.5 million went to the state via taxes.

The state’s sports betting handle actually increased in August. A total of $348,520,369 was wagered on sports over August. That is a solid increase from the $304,415,503 bet on sports in this state in July.

Most expect to see a large increase in sports betting revenue here in September. Millions have already bet on the NFL season this month. Based on the current trend, September of 2021 may end up being the best month in history for Pennsylvania’s sports betting industry.

Pennsylvania was far from the only state to experience gambling revenue declines over August. Here’s a look at how some other states’ gaming industries fared last month.

Most States Report Casino Revenue Declines in August

The US casino industry has been faring extremely well throughout 2021. Most states have reported consistent increases in casino revenue over the year. August, however, proved to be one of the worst months of the year for gambling properties around the country.

Louisiana is one state to report casino revenue drops in August. Interestingly, the casinos in Baton Rouge actually saw a revenue drop of 7% when compared to August of 2020 and a 30% decline from July. Part of this was due to intense natural weather events that forced casinos here to shut down.

Michigan’s casino industry struggled, too. The casinos in Detriot managed to net $113.5 million throughout the month. MGM Grand Detriot managed to bring in the most revenue at $52.24 million.

Many analysts are curious to see how casino hubs will fare in September. Cases of Covid-19 have continued to increase and travel seems to be decreasing. Hope is that cases begin to drop over the fall months and casino destinations will see their revenue figures increase once again.

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The Station Casinos and Culinary Union Feud Continues

Station Casinos Vs Culinary Workers 226

For decades, two powerful groups based in the state of Nevada have been engaged in a bitter feud. The Station Casinos and Culinary Union feud continues with no real end in sight. In fact, several major disputes have taken place between these groups in recent months.

It’s unclear when exactly this battle might end. Now is a great time to talk about the recent disputes between Station Casinos and one of Nevada’s most powerful union groups.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Station Casinos and Culinary Union Feud is Unlikely to End Anytime Soon

Nevada remains the gambling hub of the United States. The majority of world-class casinos here are located in the Las Vegas area. Station Casinos is based here and currently operates a huge number of popular casinos in this city.

The Nevada Culinary Union has been trying to work its way into Station Casinos’ properties for decades. So far, these attempts have all been unsuccessful. Company workers voted not to be represented by this union and some even held a protest outside the union’s headquarters recently.

It remains unclear when exactly the Station Casinos and Culinary Union feud might end. The union recently engaged in yet another legal battle, this time centering on the Station Casinos’ owners interfering with employee’s votes on whether or not to be represented by the Culinary Union. Bill Werner, an associate professor at UNLV’s Harrah College of Hospitality, offered some insight into what might lead to the end of this feud this week.

“What’s the endgame? One side gives up,” Werner said. “For Station Casinos, the end game is the union goes away and their employees don’t want a union anymore. I don’t see that happening because the Culinary is very good at maintaining its momentum.”

The Fertitta brothers have shown a willingness to fight against the Culinary Union. That is unlikely to change anytime soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this situation over the next few months.

Las Vegas Casinos Hope to See a New Surge of Tourism

Las Vegas has long been one of the most visited cities in the United States. Under normal circumstances, tens of millions of individuals make the journey to this city every year. 2021 has been a successful year for the city and casino revenue here has broken monthly records on several occasions.

Some of the major casinos in this city are now hoping to see a major surge in tourism. This is partly due to the US government removing some of its travel restrictions on visitors from Europe. This will likely result in major tourism coming into Las Vegas from various European nations.

July proved to be the best month in history for the casino industry in Nevada. Some predict August did not turn out to be quite as successful. Many states reported casino revenue declines in August due to an increase in health restrictions from the Delta variant.

The fall months are shaping up to be good ones for Nevada’s gaming industry, though. Sports betting is likely to surge thanks to the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season. Casino revenue may also surge thanks to an influx of tourists from Europe.

Nevada is far from the only state likely to experience revenue increases from its gaming industry. Here’s a look at what other states are expected to bring in more revenue soon.

US Gambling Revenue is Expected to Increase This Fall

2020 ended up being the worst year in history for the US gambling industry. Things completely turned around in 2021, though. Most major casino hubs have seen incredible surges in casino revenue throughout the year.

Sports betting companies have already begun seeing increases in revenue figures this fall. This is due mostly to the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season. Tens of millions of wagers have already been placed on the season’s opening two weeks of games.

Casino revenue fluctuated over August. Analysts are now looking ahead at how casino hubs will fare in September. Covid-19 cases have continued to increase and another slow month certainly seems like a real possibility.

There is still cause to be optimistic for the future of the country’s top casino hubs. 2022 may end up being an even better year for the industry.

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