Employees at MGM Resorts Now Need Proof of Vaccination

MGM Resorts Vaccine Rule

MGM Resorts International is one of the biggest and most profitable casino companies in the world. Not long ago, company officials announced a new set of health regulations inside their properties. Moving forward, all new employees at MGM Resorts will need to provide proof of vaccination.

This rule took some by surprise. MGM Resorts is one of the first major casino operators to require its employees to get vaccinated. This is done in response to the growing number of Covid-19 cases around the country.

Here’s a quick look at what is happening with this company.

New Employees at MGM Resorts Need to Show Covid-19 Vaccination

The past two years have been interesting for all major US casino companies, to say the least. 2020 brought about massive revenue drops for casino operators around the country. Things have turned around in 2021, though, and most of the country’s casino companies are reporting record-breaking revenue figures.

Recently, the new Delta variant has caused a spike in Covid-19 cases around the United States. This has led certain health officials in different states to order intense new regulations toward casinos. Some felt this would lead to another major drop in tourism and revenue to gambling hubs.

It seems that many casino companies are working to take safety measures into their own hands. MGM Resorts International was one of the companies to start implementing new measures. Moving forward, all employees at MGM Resorts will need to provide proof of vaccination.

This measure has officially taken effect. All hourly and salaried employees need to provide their vaccine certificate before being able to work inside any of the company’s casinos. Las Vegas attorney Craig Mueller spoke to the media about this situation and claims that MGM is likely able to prove this is necessary in case legal battles arise.

“They’re going to be dealing with a large number of the public,” he said. “If the public is scared witless, and they won’t come unless they know everyone has been vaccinated, they’ve got a pretty good argument that they can do that.”

MGM Resorts’ Revenue Numbers Continue to Impress

The events that unfolded throughout 2020 took a devastating toll on MGM Resorts International. This company was not alone experiencing major revenue drops, though. It is also not the only one to see sharp rises in casino revenue throughout 2021.

The American Gaming Association claims that gambling revenue is set to break an all-time record this year. The success of companies such as MGM Resorts International has helped to accomplish this goal. The year’s second quarter proved to be one of the best in history for MGM Resorts.

This company’s revenue increased by 683% in Q2 when compared to Q1. Net revenue of $2.3 billion was reported over April, May, and June. Consolidated operating income came out to $264 million over the same time period. Much of this surge is due to the massive spike in tourism rates to Las Vegas over the summer.

It seems likely that 2021’s third quarter will be even more successful. Gambling revenue in Las Vegas just broke another record last July. Based on the current trend, this will be the best year in history for MGM Resorts and other companies like it.

We will be sure to report on MGM Resorts’ revenue figures as the months go on. Stay tuned for updates!

Will Casinos Order More Restrictions Soon?

The past eight months have been fantastic for the US casino industry. Last year proved how vulnerable the country’s casino companies really are, though. It only takes one decision from state leaders to devastate this industry.

Some analysts question whether or not more intense health restrictions will be ordered over the next few months. Covid-19 cases continue to steadily rise around the country. New health regulations are appearing in different states around the US.

The casinos in Las Vegas are now ordering all patrons to wear masks. Fortunately, this does not appear to be taking a toll on tourism into Las Vegas. Additional restrictions could end up devastating the gambling venues here, though.

Casino executives will be putting pressure on state leaders to avoid ordering more restrictions. Doing so, they will argue, will set their industry back years.

Are you surprised to hear that employees at MGM Resorts are now required to be vaccinated? Will other casino companies order the same measure? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s What We Know About Harrah’s New Orleans Vaccine Rule

Harrah's Logo

Casinos around the United States remain between a rock and a hard place. These properties are working hard to boost revenue while still remaining as safe as possible for patrons and employees. Today, we’ll talk about Harrah’s New Orleans vaccine rule recently set in place.

Harrah’s is taking a major risk with this new rule. Some feel it could end up backfiring for one of the most popular gambling venues in Louisiana.

Let’s take a look at what is happening here.

Casino Companies Face More Pressure to Increase Restrictions

The past eight months have been good ones for most casino operators in the country. As Covid-19 infection rates dropped, tourism to major gambling hubs began to increase. Many of the smaller casino destinations around the US have experienced a major boost in their visitation rates, as well.

In recent weeks, a rise in infection rates has once again led to fears for these casino companies. States are beginning to order new rules for various businesses. In some states, casinos are already being ordered to implement new restrictions.

Las Vegas was one of the first major casino destinations to reopen after the shutdowns in 2020. Of course, the casinos here looked considerably different than they did prior to shutting down. Plexiglass barriers separated players at the tables. Slot machines were spread apart. Masks were required at all times for patrons and employees.

Most of these restrictions were removed months ago. Recently, however, Nevada once again ordered that masks be worn by everyone while on the casino floor. Some fear this could ultimately lead to a dip in tourism.

Casinos in Nevada once again managed to bring in more than $1 billion in revenue over the month of June. Revenue reports for July will soon be released. Many are curious to see whether or not the mask rule has any impact.

Las Vegas is far from the only city looking more into casino restrictions. We’re now beginning to hear one major new rule set in place at the popular Harrah’s New Orleans casino.

Will Harrah’s New Orleans Vaccine Rule Backfire?

New Orleans is home to many popular gambling venues. These properties have been posting solid revenue numbers over the last few months. The recent spike in Covid-19 cases now appears to be concerning many of the casino operators in this city.

Harrah’s New Orleans opened its doors to the public in 1999. It has grown to become one of the best and most popular casinos in the city. News broke over the weekend that this casino was becoming the first in the United States to require either proof of vaccine or a negative Covid-19 test to enter.

Harrah’s New Orleans vaccine rule was likely set in place by Mayor Cantrell’s announcement that a vaccine or a negative PCR test would be required for most indoor activities. That includes anything the state decides is a “high transmission risk.” It could end up having a negative impact on the casino’s revenue.

Many individuals throughout Louisiana and neighboring states have yet to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. A significant number of these individuals will likely be unwilling to get a PCR test in order to play inside a casino.

It’s unclear if other casinos in Louisiana will be forced to order these measures. As of now, only Harrah’s is choosing to order these entry requirements. That could change over the next few weeks and months if cases continue to increase.

New reports indicate some of the casinos in Las Vegas could soon order mandatory vaccine or PCR tests to enter. Here’s a quick look at when and where these rules could be set in place.

Is a Vaccine Mandate Coming to Las Vegas Casinos Anytime Soon?

The world remains in uncharted waters with regard to the current pandemic. That is particularly true with the rise of new, more transmissible variants circulating. The Delta variant has been steadily causing more infections in the United States, leading to more health restrictions set in place in many states.

Harrah’s New Orleans vaccine rule may become more common in many other casinos around the country. That includes some of the ones in Las Vegas. There is reason to suspect that some type of entry requirement could make its way to Sin City casinos in the future.

Several venues in Las Vegas already require either proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test. That includes AEG’s properties, the Smith Center, and Life is Beautiful. It’s becoming a common theme and one that could take a serious toll on the tourism industry here.

Don’t expect to see a full vaccine mandate coming to all of the casinos in Las Vegas. If anything, only certain properties will choose to take this step.

For now, there is reason to be optimistic. US casino revenue remains at its highest level in history. Based on the current trend, 2021 will be the most successful year in history for the country’s gambling industry.

What do you think of Harrah’s New Orleans vaccine rule? Will this hurt its revenue numbers moving forward? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s What You Need to Know About MA’s New Casino Rules

Massachusetts Casinos

Massachusetts is home to three popular casino-resorts. These properties have been performing well lately, yet it seems that tough times could possibly be on the horizon. Today, we’ll talk about MA’s new casino rules being set in place.

Many are confused about these new regulations. Fortunately, the rules are unlikely to have any major effect on tourism and revenue for the casinos here.

Let’s get into it!

A Lot is Happening With Massachusetts’ Casino Industry

The state of Massachusetts has only allowed casino gambling for the past decade. Prior to that, virtually all forms of gambling were completely banned in this state. There are now three major casino-resorts operating in the state, all of which are popular with locals.

The MGM Springfield was the first casino to open its doors in Massachusetts. It became an instant hit, drawing in gambling fans from around the state. Interestingly, MGM Resorts recently chose to sell this property to Vici Properties for nearly $2 billion.

Wynn Resorts’ Encore Boston Harbor now owns the most successful casino in the state. This property is located near Boston and has captured much of the MGM Springfield’s market. It will likely remain the most popular gaming venue in the state for years to come.

The events that unfolded in 2020 took a massive toll on the casino industry here. All of Massachusetts’ casinos were shut down for many months. They eventually reopened and have been working to boost their revenue figures ever since.

Tourism and revenue figures into MA’s casinos seem to be increasing. Some fear this trend could be short-lived, though. A new Covid-19 variant is spreading around the country and many states are beginning to once again order intense health restrictions on various businesses.

Massachusetts is one such state to begin setting new rules. Here’s what you need to know about the recent regulations set in place at the casinos here.

MA’s New Casino Rules are Now Set in Place

Every single major casino hub was affected by the events that unfolded in 2020. Things have been steadily improving throughout 2021, however, and there has been real optimism of seeing pre-pandemic casino revenue figures throughout the country. That optimism seems to be slowly fading away, though.

Not long ago, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced that all patrons to the state’s casinos are recommended to wear masks. That includes individuals who have been vaccinated. It’s not as strict of a rule as the one set in place in Nevada and should not have much of an effect.

Casinos are ordering new rules of their own. MGM Springfield recently announced that all employees, regardless of their vaccination status, will need to wear masks while at work. Some feel the other casinos in the state will soon order a similar measure.

It’s important to note that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is not ordering all of its patrons to wear masks. For now, this is only a recommendation for patrons. If cases continue to rise, however, there is a chance that more intense restrictions could be set in place.

MA’s new casino rules are mostly affecting casino workers. Hope is that these rules do not result in a drop in tourism for the state’s casinos. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on this situation over the next couple of months.

Over in Las Vegas, more intense regulations are currently being set in place. Now is a great time to talk about how the major casino-resorts are faring here right now.

How Will Las Vegas Fare Over the Rest of 2021?

Las Vegas is and always has been the biggest and most profitable gambling hub in the United States. It took a major blow throughout 2020. Over the past eight months, this city’s casinos have been seeing a huge surge in their revenue figures.

There are concerns that things could devolve over the rest of 2021. Health officials recently ordered masks to be worn at all times inside casinos by patrons and employees. It’s the same mandate ordered over the summer last year.

Wynn Resorts, a company that owns several popular casinos in Las Vegas, recently released its Q2 revenue reports. Overall, the company saw a dip in its earnings when taking operating costs into account. CEO Matt Maddox seems confident that things will improve as the year goes on.

Much of this depends on whether or not more restrictions are ordered. If casinos begin looking like they did in 2020 and entertainment options are shut down, there is no doubt that revenue will fall. Lawmakers in Nevada likely realize that fact.

2020 proved how vulnerable the US casino industry is. Recent events are proving that these vulnerabilities still exist.

What do you think about MA’s new casino rules? Do you think more intense restrictions will be set in place here? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s What We Know About the Marina Bay Sands Closing

Marina Bay Sands

Some of the world’s biggest and best casino-resorts are located in Singapore. Unfortunately, things have not gone as smoothly for these gambling venues as some have hoped. Today, we’ll explain the situation surrounding the Marina Bay Sands closing.

This property is owned by Las Vegas Sands. Its closure is the last thing this major US-based casino company wants right now. Things have been far from easy for LVS over the past couple of years.

Here’s what you need to know!

Las Vegas Sands Continues Focusing on US Expansion

There is a good chance that even the most casual gambling enthusiast is aware of Las Vegas Sands. This company was founded back in 1988 by Sheldon Adelson. It quickly expanded and is today one of the most powerful gambling corporations on the planet.

Las Vegas Sands, like all other major US casino companies, faced some serious difficulties throughout 2020. For a time, all of its gambling venues were forced to shut down. As a result, company officials began looking toward the Asian market as a way to make up for the lost revenue.

This wasn’t just a temporary strategy. Las Vegas Sands ended up selling some of its biggest and most profitable casino-resorts in Las Vegas as a way to focus more on Asia. Macau and Singapore, in particular, were seen as hot destinations for his company.

Macau has not recovered in the way that LVS officials expected. Las Vegas seems to be faring considerably better right now.  As many are aware, Sheldon Adelson also passed away earlier this year at a time when the company was struggling immensely. It added even more fuel to the fire that engulfed the company.

Las Vegas Sands now seems determined to expand more within the US again. The company is working hard to break into the currently-unavailable Georgia casino market. It is also doing what it can to allow Class III casinos in the state of Texas.

The hits keep coming for LVS. We’re now beginning to hear more information about the recent closing of this company’s biggest casino-resort in Singapore.

Reports Have Confirmed the Marina Bay Sands Closing

Las Vegas Sands is still one of the most powerful gaming companies in the world. It currently owns several major casino-resorts throughout Asia. That includes the Marina Bay Sands, which opened to the public in 2010.

This property has been one of LVS’ flagship venues over the years. The company has been banking on this venue finding success in 2021. Unfortunately, that may take longer than initially expected.

Reports have surfaced this week confirming the Marina Bay Sands closing. Officials within Singapore have ordered this venue to close until August 5 to undergo a “deep cleaning.” The Ministry of Health in Singapore claims this was done in an attempt to be as thorough as possible in its attempts to limit the spread of Covid 19.

“In these unprecedented times, we continue to be vigilant on all fronts, working closely with the authorities to respond and adapt quickly to the situation,” it said. 

This property managed to report earnings of $112 million throughout the second quarter of 2021. That is a massive increase from the losses sustained in 2020. Closing down will certainly lessen Q3’s revenue figures, yet hope is that it can fully reopen to the public again in early August.

Las Vegas Sands will likely continue looking at US casino expansion. What other states could this massive gambling corporation possibly move into in the future?

More States Look to Embrace Casino Gambling

The entire US gambling industry is expanding at a rapid pace right now. Much of this has to do with the legalization of sports betting across the country. Some states are also expressing an interest in expanding their casino regulations, as well.

Illinois is home to one of the largest casino industries in the country. Back in 2019, lawmakers here approved a capital plan to allow several more commercial casinos to open around the state. That includes one in the city of Chicago.

Virginia also seems focused on getting its first casinos up and running. This state has prohibited traditional Class III gambling venues for decades. The Lottery Board recently approved the set of casino laws here, however, sending final approval to allow casinos to the Governor’s desk.

Sports betting has already proven to be massively successful in Virginia. The state has seen a huge increase in its monthly revenue figures over the past six months. This is likely to continue with the start of the upcoming NFL season just around the corner.

These states simply cannot ignore the massive revenue potential on the table. There has never been a more exciting time for gambling enthusiasts around the country. Hope is that US gambling companies like Las Vegas Sands continue to find success, despite the hiccups along the way.

Were you surprised to hear about the Marina Bay Sands closing? Do you expect this property to remain closed longer than expected? Let us know in the comments section below!

Will We See a Mask Mandate in Las Vegas Return?

Las Vegas Strip

Over the past year, Las Vegas has experienced a massive surge in tourism and gambling revenue. Some now fear that things are headed in the wrong direction once again. There is even a chance that another mask mandate in Las Vegas will soon be ordered.

Many of the casino companies will likely push against this move. The decision will ultimately come down to the city and state leaders. Now is a great time to talk about what exactly is happening in this city right now.

Let’s get into it!

Tourism Figures Continue to Increase in Las Vegas

2020 made it abundantly clear that Las Vegas is a city that relies on tourism. This city has been known as one of the true gambling and entertainment hubs in the world. When the casinos and entertainment options here shut down, tourism came to a screeching halt.

This has some massive implications for the city and its workforce. The businesses that rely on tourists immediately saw their revenue figures plummet. Even after the casinos began to reopen in June, far fewer people were making the journey to Sin City than in years prior.

Over the past twelve months, things have been steadily improving here. All of the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are open. They have been reporting consistent increases in their hotel bookings, particularly over the summer months.

With this increase in tourism comes a jump in gambling revenue. Many have also been flocking to see the opening of exciting new venues such as Resorts World Las Vegas. This casino-resort cost $4.3 billion to construct, setting a new record in the city.

It appears that the new Delta Covid-19 variant is causing another spike in infections in various areas of the country. That includes Nevada. Health officials are taking notice and some claim that it’s just a matter of time before a new wave of restrictions is implemented.

Some of the casino companies in Las Vegas are already expressing fear of another mandatory mask-wearing order from the state. Could we see this happen in Las Vegas once again?

Fear of Another Mask Mandate in Las Vegas Returns

There were a variety of factors that led to the economic slump Las Vegas faced in 2020. Obviously, no one could have expected a complete shutdown of the city’s casinos. These casinos reopened within a few months, however, and the intense safety rules set in place ended up being what kept many tourists away.

Casino companies here learned that most people simply do not want to visit a casino if they are required to wear a mask and play games separated by plexiglass. This is part of the reason why so many of the casinos here pressed city leaders to lift restrictions. Much of Las Vegas’ recovery seems to be related to the lifting of these restrictions.

Covid-19 infection rates are jumping once again and health officials in Nevada are being forced to make difficult decisions. Some casinos are also choosing to take things into their own hands. Two separate casinos are now requiring their employees to wear masks at all times.

The Southern Nevada Health District has also just recommended that everyone in Las Vegas wear masks. This is in an effort to drop infection rates once again. You can see this state government body’s official statement on this situation below.

“As COVID-19 case counts and the positivity rate continues to increase in our community, the Southern Nevada Health District is now recommending both unvaccinated and vaccinated people wear masks in crowded indoor public places where they may have contact with others who are not fully vaccinated,” the statement says. 

Does this mean that another mask mandate in Las Vegas will be ordered? It’s difficult to say. Health experts are still unaware of exactly what kind of problems this latest variant causes. If mass hospitalizations are seen, another mask rule will likely go into effect. A jump in cases without a subsequent spike in hospitalizations and deaths, however, may not warrant such a move.

Most of the other, smaller casino destinations around the US are also expressing fear at another fresh set of restrictions. Here’s a look at how some of these gambling hubs are faring right now.

Will US Casino Revenue Continue to Surge Through 2021?

Las Vegas is far from the only casino destination seeing a major recovery this year. Most of the country’s casino hubs experienced a similar slump that Sin City did in 2020. These areas are now seeing consistent increases in their monthly revenue figures.

Gaming analysts are beginning to question how long this trend will continue for. There is a real fear that the same type of restrictions seen last year could be ordered again. What that would mean for various industries, not just the casino industry, is unclear.

It seems unlikely that any kind of stay-at-home orders will be required again. This would certainly lead to a major slum in casino revenue. Instead, casinos around the US may be ordered to require masks work by guests and employees again.

If that is the case, it seems likely that some areas will require plexiglass barriers at table games, as well. Another round of occupancy limits will likely follow. Specific restrictions will, of course, vary from state to state.

No one seems to know how casino revenue will rise or fall as the year goes on. We remain in uncharted waters and it will take time to see what various health officials recommend. Hope is that the casino industry can continue to thrive.

Do you expect another mask mandate in Las Vegas? How would this affect the casinos here? Let us know in the comments section below.

Workers Push to Ban Smoking Inside Atlantic City Casinos

Hard Rock Atlantic City

Atlantic City is home to one of the largest casino industries in the United States. Many world-class casinos are operating in the city, most of whom have seen large jumps in revenue over the past few months. New reports claim that workers are now pushing to ban smoking inside Atlantic City casinos.

Many US gambling hubs have been pushing for a similar rule to limit smoking inside casinos. These efforts have been mostly unsuccessful. Today, we’ll talk about what could lead to Atlantic City changing its rules on smoking.

Let’s get into it!

Many of the Casino-Resorts in Atlantic City are Undergoing Renovations

Atlantic City has been a popular gambling hub for decades. It has faced its ups and downs over the years. The economic crash of 2008 nearly resulted in the collapse of the city’s entire land-based casino industry.

In 2020, Atlantic City faced perhaps its biggest test to date. It was this year that all of the casinos in the city were ordered to shut down by Governor Murphy. It took months for any of the gambling venues in the city to begin operating again.

These venues began operating again over the summer, albeit with a huge number of restrictions set in place. Fortunately, most of the rules set in place last year have now been removed. As a result, the city has been seeing a steady increase of tourists flocking in.

Many of the biggest casinos here are now set to undergo major renovations. That includes the Ocean Casino-Resort, which recently announced it plans to begin a $15 million renovation that will update the rooms and casino floor. As some are aware, this property is now the third-most-successful casino in Atlantic City.

These renovations may help to further boost tourism rates in the city. It’s an exciting moment for the casino companies here and other businesses that rely on visitors. Hope is that the upward trend continues over the rest of 2021.

Some of the workers in this city are now pushing hard to make things safer. Here’s what we know about the latest push to prohibit smoking inside the city’s gambling venues.

Workers Group is Now Pushing to Ban Smoking Inside Atlantic City Casinos

The majority of casinos around the country allow their patrons to smoke. It’s a common allowance seen in even the most expensive casino-resorts in the country. Many of these properties invest in state-of-the-art filtrations systems to limit the damage caused by smoking.

There’s no doubt that the conditions are unhealthy for the workers inside these venues, though. Some workers groups in Las Vegas have been successful in getting smoking banned on the casino floor. Unfortunately, the casinos that established this rule almost all saw a massive drop in their visitation numbers.

Casinos want to avoid losing their much-needed players. Of course, the owners of these properties are also beginning to take a closer look at the danger it presents to their workers. Many casino companies are working to address this issue in the best way possible.

New reports claim that a group of workers is now pushing to ban smoking inside Atlantic City casinos. This takes place as the city is set to begin allowing smoking again starting on Sunday. Many are now pushing hard to get this activity permanently banned, at least in some of the city’s casino-resorts.

Governor Murphy seems open to this idea. The Casino Association of New Jersey, however, claims this would put the state’s gaming industry at a disadvantage with other nearby gaming destinations.

“Going completely nonsmoking would place Atlantic City casinos at a competitive disadvantage with other nearby casinos that allow smoking,” the group said. 

This is an interesting situation and one that many are likely to be torn on. We’ll be sure to continue offering updates on the situation here over the next few months!

Las Vegas Casinos Brace for Another Major Surge of Tourism

Most of the country’s land-based casino destinations are seeing impressive increases in revenue this year. That includes Las Vegas, which was the hardest economically hit city in the country in 2020. This city has rebounded and is now seeing steady growth in tourism as the months go on.

On June 24, Resorts World Las Vegas opened to the public. This is the most expensive resort ever built in the city and has been highly anticipated with gaming fans around the country. Opening day was a massive success, with at least 20,000 individuals attending its opening ceremony.

The Fourth of July weekend is just around the corner and most analysts expect another massive surge of tourism. That includes Scott Sibella, President of Resorts World LV. He claims this may end up being the best weekend in history for the city of Las Vegas.

Most casinos are getting ready to offer new entertainment options to their guests over the holiday weekend. Most have slightly increased their room rates over the weekend, as well. Hotel bookings are up and the city should experience a surge of revenue.

It may not be long before officials begin pushing to ban smoking inside casinos in Las Vegas. That won’t be easy when considering some of the power these venues hold in the city. Stay tuned for updates!

Do you think smoking inside Atlantic City casinos will eventually be prohibited? Let us know in the comments section below!

All Casino Restrictions in Las Vegas are Being Lifted Next Week

Las Vegas Casino Floor

Over the past few months, health officials in Nevada have been slowly lifting back many of the health regulations that have been set in place since 2020. This seems to be helping to boost tourism around the state. Beginning next Monday, all casino restrictions in Las Vegas will officially be removed.

The casino companies here have reason to celebrate. This decision comes just before the summer season and may lead to a major surge in visitors. Today, we’ll take a look at which rules are set to be removed.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Casinos Report Surge of Bookings for Memorial Day Weekend

The city of Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the United States. This small city would generally bring in more than 40 million individuals from around the world every single year. Many flock to the different casino-resorts to enjoy the gambling and entertainment options.

2020 proved to be the most devastating year in history for the tourism industry here. For months, all of the casinos here were completely shut down. It wasn’t until June of 2020 that the gambling industry here began to bounce back.

Things have been improving massively throughout 2021. Tourism rates in the city have been steadily increasing. It now seems that this upcoming weekend will be one of the best of the year for the tourism industry here.

Memorial Day weekend is always a busy time for the gambling industry here. This year is shaping up to be one for the ages. Almost all of the hotel-casino companies here are reporting a huge surge of bookings over the weekend.

It’s great news for all of these casino companies. Most of them are still in serious need of big revenue surges to make up for the money lost last year. Memorial Day weekend will be a good way to begin this revenue increase.

Some feel that the increase in tourism here is also due to a lifting of restrictions. It now appears this city is ready to remove all of these restrictions next week.

Nevada Gaming Control Board Agrees to Remove All Casino Restrictions in Las Vegas

Nevada remains the gambling hub of the United States. There are a huge number of world-class casinos here, each of which is trying to bring in more visitors. It hasn’t been easy with many of the regulations set in place.

Infection rates throughout Nevada and the rest of the country have been dropping steadily lately. It’s fantastic news for the gaming industry here. As these rates drop, more people are choosing to travel to major casino destinations.

This drop in infections is also giving health officials the confidence to ease back on rules. Reports have confirmed that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has agreed to remove all casino restrictions in Las Vegas beginning on June 1. Gaming Control Board Brin Gibson offered a statement to the media this week.

“Each licensee shall comply with its respective county’s general capacity and occupancy limitations and social distancing requirements, as detailed in the county’s local plan, within the licensee’s gaming areas,” Gibson said. “As of June 1, 2021, none of Nevada’s counties will retain social distancing or occupancy limitations that would apply to a gaming licensee.”

Capacity limits are back at 100%. Casino-resorts around Las Vegas no longer need to require guests to wear masks. Overall, it appears that this city is nearly back to the way it was prior to March of 2020.

This should help to further boost tourism rates in the city. Stay tuned for more reports on revenue figures here over the next few weeks!

Atlantic City is Slower to Remove Major Restrictions

Throughout 2020, the economic situation in Las Vegas was covered by the media extensively. Overall, Las Vegas was economically impacted more by the pandemic than any other city in the country. As many know, Atlantic City also took a serious economic blow.

This city has been slower to remove its major restrictions. Governor Phil Murphy wants to ensure that the situation is completely secure before allowing casinos to operate at full capacity. Some feel it’s now time for this to change.

Tourism rates in Atlantic City have been steadily increasing throughout 2021. Not long ago, reports on the city’s revenue throughout the year’s first quarter were also just released. Many are impressed to see where things stand.

Throughout January, February, and March, the casinos in this city managed to bring in $95 million in gross gaming revenue. It’s a major increase when compared to 2020. This figure is also larger than what was seen here in 2019.

Hopefully, things continue to improve and Atlantic City casinos are able to operate at full capacity. Removing the mask mandate here may also help to promote tourism. We’ll continue to report on the rules changes here as the year goes on.

Are you surprised to hear that casino restrictions in Las Vegas are being removed? Let us know in the comments section below!

More Amenities at the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel are Opening Up

Virgin Hotel Casino

The tourism situation in Las Vegas is improving every single week. As a result, more of the casino-resorts are slowly getting back to normal. According to new reports, more amenities at the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel are beginning to open right now.

This new casino-resort opened its doors earlier this year. It’s a huge move for the Virgin Group and the company’s first foray into the casino business. Today, we’ll talk about what new amenities are opening up in this Las Vegas property.

Let’s get into it!

All Restrictions Are Set to be Lifted in Las Vegas Next Month

Las Vegas was devastated by the events that unfolded last year. From an economic point of view, this city was hit harder than any other in the country. Fortunately, there are clear signs of recovery taking place in this popular gambling hub.

The casinos in Las Vegas were shut down from March until June. After reopening, these casinos were ordered to abide by intense health regulations. That included major capacity limits and ordering masks to be worn by guests at all-time.

Even today, all of the casinos in this city still have restrictions set in place. It’s been difficult for the owners of these venues to deal with. Many people around the country are still unwilling to visit Las Vegas while these regulations are set in place.

Not long ago, Governor Sisolak announced that all restrictions would be lifted at the beginning of June. It’s exciting news for both gambling fans and the companies operating casinos in Las Vegas. Many believe this will lead to a major surge of tourism into the city.

Many of the biggest casino-resorts have recently chosen to expand their operating hours. Some have also begun offering their guests new options for rooms, dining, and entertainment. It’s exciting news for those interested in visiting the city over the next few months.

One new property that many are excited to see is the Virgin Hotel-Casino. It now appears that this venue is set to expand in a big way.

Additional Amenities at the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel are Set to Open

Every few years, an exciting new gambling venue opens its doors in the city of Las Vegas. Most recently, the Virgin Hotel-Casino opened here. This property is up and running and sits where the former Hard Rock Hotel-Casino sat just off the Las Vegas Strip.

The opening of this venue was delayed many times over the years. Of course, the pandemic made it difficult to open a brand new casino. Finally, in March, this property opened its doors to the public.

Many health restrictions have remained in place here over the last few months. Fortunately, that is about to change. Reports now indicate that many of the amenities at the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel are about to open up.

Over the next few months, the casino’s swimming pool, beach club, and sportsbook will finally begin operating. Richard “Boz” Bosworth, President and CEO of this property, confirmed this news to the media this week. You can check out his comments below.

“That’s because we’re brand-new, and that’s what is to be expected,” he said. “Because we literally started with no reservations. So we’re building, and the market is very much booking for the next 30, 60, and 90 days out… We were not waiting for entertainment, we were not waiting for events to come back. We were not even waiting for market occupancy and rates to come back. We wanted to get open because we felt it was safe, knowing that it was an opening that was going to take over a period of months, as we opened up our swimming pools, as we opened up more restaurants and nightlife, that it was going to take a period of time.”

Things are about to get considerably more exciting in Las Vegas. More casino-resorts here are going to be opening more amenities over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

Resorts World Las Vegas is Set to Open On June 24

There are a huge number of incredible casino-resorts operating in Las Vegas right now. On June 24, one of the most exciting new properties in history will open its doors here. That is, of course, Resorts World Las Vegas located in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip.

This massive casino-resort cost a staggering $4.2 billion to construct. That makes it the most expensive gambling venue ever built in the city. As you might expect, this venue is expected to be one-of-a-kind.

More details are beginning to come out about this property. That includes information on the venue’s nightlife options. Resorts World will be the location of Zouk Nightclub, a state-of-the-art club set to host many world-class artists throughout the year.

This casino-resort is located near Wynn Resorts’ Las Vegas properties. It’s becoming a more popular area for many visitors to the city. The opening of Resorts World Las Vegas is also expected to help boost visits to this area of the city.

In reality, this venue should help to boost tourism rates throughout the entire city. Many are excited to see what this massively expensive property has to offer. We’ll be sure to offer an in-depth preview of this property before it opens its doors!

Are you excited to hear that more amenities at the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel are opening up? Let us know in the comments section below!

Casino Restrictions in Texas May Soon be Lifted

Texas State Flag

The state of Texas is well-known for having some tough laws towards the gambling industry. No casinos are allowed here, despite the recent push by many lawmakers. This week, we heard more about how the casino restrictions in Texas could eventually change.

A growing number of individuals here are pushing to see legal casinos in the state. It’s a long, complicated process to get these venues up and running, though. Now is a great time to discuss what needs to happen for casinos to open in Texas.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Revenue is Jumping Around the Country

The land-based casino industry is beginning to recover from the events that unfolded last year. It’s been a long-time coming. For more than 12 months, gaming revenue around the United States was lower than it had been for years.

As vaccine distribution ramps up, travel is beginning to increase around the US. Many are choosing to head to major gaming hubs such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Tourism rates here have been gradually increasing as the months go on.

Las Vegas is benefiting in a big way. The casinos here are now seeing a steady increase in their visitation rates. Many analysts now believe that this summer will end up being a hugely successful month for the casinos in this city. On June 1st, the gaming properties here will be given permission to operate at 100% capacity.

Atlantic City’s gaming industry is bouncing back in a big way, too. Officials have been reporting consistent jumps in revenue lately. Some of the casinos here are now preparing to see a major influx of tourism as June approaches.

Most of the country’s smaller casino markets are also seeing a revenue increase. It’s great news for the industry and proves that gaming companies have found a way to recover. Now, many of these companies are interested in expansion.

Texas is currently prohibiting any traditional Class III casinos from opening their doors. It appears that could change in the near future.

Las Vegas Sands Pushes to Change Casino Restrictions in Texas

The gaming laws in Texas are notoriously strict. Casinos here have been completely prohibited for many years. As a result, many Texans head to nearby states such as Oklahoma to play their favorite games. Many in Texas are tired of seeing this money flowing to neighboring states.

Several prominent lawmakers have been pushing to get legalized casinos in the state. Others believe it could increase crime and gambling addiction. It’s become a major talking point and Governor Greg Abbott claims it should be up to state residents to decide on whether or not to allow gambling venues.

Las Vegas Sands has been one of the biggest casino companies pushing to get casinos legalized in Texas. This week, the company began undergoing a major marketing campaign to help gain support for casino legalization. These ads focus on the fact that so much revenue is flowing into nearby states.

“This November, the Legislature can allow Texans to vote to build four world-class destination resorts and casinos, bringing those dollars back to Texas,” one of the advertisements claims. “Let’s boost our economy, create tens of thousands of jobs and help fund vital services like schools and public safety.”

Lawmakers in Texas met today to further discuss the gambling industry. Many are hopeful that a majority of leaders here finally begin to see the upside in having a regulated casino industry. It seems likely that Texas could develop one of the largest casino markets in the country.

Las Vegas Sands is certainly doing everything it can to change casino restrictions in Texas. This company is also focusing its efforts on operations overseas.

Is Macau Still an Attractive Destination For LVS?

Macau has been going through a lot of changes lately. Earlier this year, Las Vegas Sands founder Sheldon Adelson passed away due to cancer. It was a tough blow for one of the country’s biggest gambling operators.

Not long afterward, the company announced it was selling two of its biggest properties in Las Vegas. LVS claimed it would begin focusing more of its operations on Asia. This company owns and operates several major casino-resorts in this part of the world.

Some are now questioning if this was a wise decision. The economy of Las Vegas is beginning to bounce back in a big way. Casinos here are finally beginning to see a steady increase in their monthly revenue figures.

Macau, however, continues to struggle in a big way. There are still some intense travel restrictions set in place between here and Mainland China. Fewer Chinese nationals are making the trip to Macau with these rules set in place.

There’s no doubt that Macau remains one of the world’s biggest gambling destinations. It may take longer for this city to recover than Las Vegas, though. We’ll need to wait and see how LVS chooses to focus its operations as the year goes on.

Do you think 2021 is the year that casino restrictions in Texas will change? Let us know in the comments section below!

The UFC 264 Location is Confirmed to be Las Vegas!

T-Mobile Arena

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC is now set! After months of anxiously waiting, MMA fans around the world have finally received word of where the Irish superstar will be making his comeback. UFC President Dana White has announced that Las Vegas is officially set as the UFC 264 location.

To make things even more exciting, McGregor vs. Poirier 3 will be taking place inside the T-Mobile Arena in front of a sold-out crowd! Now is a great time to talk about what has led to the UFC booking this mega-fight in Las Vegas.

Here’s what you need to know!

More Restrictions are Being Lifted in Las Vegas

Many individuals in the city of Las Vegas are celebrating right now. For more than a year, intense health regulations have been set in place here. These have ended up taking a devastating toll on many of the city’s businesses.

The global health crisis that unfolded last year impacted Las Vegas more than any other US city. The tourism industry was completely shut down here for months. As a result, a massive number of individuals here lost their jobs and gaming revenue in the city reached new lows.

Nevada’s health situation has improved in recent months and tourism numbers are up considerably. As a result, Governor Steve Sisolak has begun slowly lifting many of the restrictions set in place here. This week, he made a huge announcement that has many individuals excited.

Sisolak claims that by June 1, he believes each of the state’s counties will be able to operate at 100% capacity.

“It’s what we do now that will allow us to return to more normal Nevada on June 1 and focus on a strong economic recovery — remaining vigilant, wearing a mask, and most importantly, getting vaccinated as soon as possible,” Sisolak said. “I’m not interested in who gets credit. This is the first piece of good news that I’m able to deliver in a long time.”

Some have expressed concern that this could end up reversing much of the progress the state has made here. Others believe Las Vegas needs to fully open in order to survive. It’s a complicated issue and one that continues to be debated.

This news has clearly reached officials within the UFC. We’re now hearing more about the promotion’s big plans to hold events here this summer.

Las Vegas is Set as the UFC 264 Location

The UFC was the first major sports league to resume its operations after the mass shutdowns back in March of 2020. Initially, the promotion faced a huge amount of criticism for holding events. As time went on, many of the country’s biggest sports leagues followed their model.

The UFC hasn’t slowed since. Over the past year, it’s held events throughout the US and in Abu Dhabi. There have been some major hiccups along the way. Overall, however, the UFC has succeeded and is more popular now than ever before.

Many fans have been eagerly waiting on news of Conor McGregor’s return. The Irish star was knocked out by Dustin Poirier in January and has been preparing for another fight against him. This week, UFC President Dana White revealed the UFC 264 location to his followers on social media. The big fight will be taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on July 10.

Check out the big announcement below!


This news comes shortly after Governor Sisolak’s reveal that Las Vegas will soon be fully reopening. Dana White has been asserting that he would begin holding events again as soon as possible. It now appears he is finally ready to pull the trigger here.

UFC 264 is likely to be the biggest MMA event of 2021. It’s set to be headlined by the trilogy between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. The undercard is likely stacked as well with exciting matchups.

Tickets for this event are set to go on sale this week. Most expect them to completely sell out within just a few days. We’ll be sure to offer more information on this massive bout over the next few weeks!

Atlantic City is Set to Host MMA Events Soon

Las Vegas is far from the only city to struggle economically since last year. This major casino hub saw record-low revenue figures over the course of 2020. Like Las Vegas, it also seemed to be recovering right now.

Tourism numbers here are beginning to increase. The casinos here are expanding their operating hours and capacity limits are expanding. Many expect a successful summer for the East Coast’s biggest gaming hub.

In July, Atlantic City will be the host city for the upcoming PFL season. The Professional Fighters League has grown to become one of the biggest MMA promotions in the US. Its 2021 season is shaping up to be its biggest in history.

This entire season will be held at the Ocean Casino Resort. This is one of the biggest and most popular gaming venues in the city. Not long ago, news broke that the Ilitch family had agreed to purchase a major stake in this property.

There is a lot happening in Atlantic City right now. It wouldn’t be a shock to see similar measures here to what is being implemented in Las Vegas. We’ll be sure to offer more information on the revenue figures here as the year goes on.

Are you excited to hear about the UFC 264 location? Do you plan on seeing this fight card live? Let us know in the comments section below!