Resorts World LV Offers a Look at New Cashless Gaming System

Resorts World LV

In less than two weeks Resorts World Las Vegas will finally open its doors to the public. It’s been a long-time coming and many expect this casino-resort to be one of the best ever made. Now is the perfect time to take a last-minute look at Resorts World LV.

The owners of this property are promising something truly special. Based on the price of its construction, that seems likely. Will it manage to compete with the other popular casinos in Las Vegas, though?

Here’s what you need to know.

Las Vegas Casinos Continue Working to Bring in Visitors

In many ways, 2020 revealed just how fragile the economy in Las Vegas can be. Granted, the events that unfolded that year were unprecedented. It still showed just how difficult things can be here when the casino industry is forced to shut down.

Closing casinos meant tourism came to a halt in the city. In turn, many of the different businesses that rely on tourism immediately faced going under. The city’s economy was hurt worse than any other in the country.

Fortunately, things have bounced back throughout 2021. Most of the major casino-resorts in the city have reopened and can now operate without any of the restrictions set in place last year. Tourism rates are increasing and gaming revenue continues to surge.

Some of the smaller properties in this city are doing what they can to bring in more visitors, too. Harrah’s Las Vegas recently completed a massive $200 million renovation. The rooms inside the property have been designed and the casino floor underwent a major improvement.

Most analysts expect to see a major surge of visitors over June, July, and August. A huge number of major musical acts have brief residencies planned over the summer. Several major Fourth of July parties have recently been announced, as well.

One of the most exciting new casino-resorts in history will also be opening its doors to the public this summer. We’re now beginning to get a last-minute look at this property ahead of its opening day.

Here’s Another Update on Resorts World LV

Most casino fans have likely heard of Resorts World Las Vegas over the past few years. This property has been under construction since 2017 and its opening date has been pushed back on several occasions. On June 24, this massive casino-resort will finally open to the public.

Resorts World LV cost an astounding $4.3 billion to build. That makes it the most expensive resort property ever built in the city. With that massive price tag comes extremely high expectations. The owners of this property certainly believe it will surpass what many imagine.

Rich Hutchins, senior vice president of casino operations at Resorts World Las Vegas, revealed this week that this property would be the first to utilize its own mobile app and cashless betting system. This, he argues, makes it the most technologically advanced venue in the city.

“Our vision at Resorts World Las Vegas has always been to provide first-of-its-kind experiences across every element of the resort, including gaming,” he said. “Through our partnerships with the best-in-class gaming technology partners, we will offer our guests a fully integrated experience, not just on the gaming floor, but across the entire resort.”

A cashless wagering system that allows players to play slots and table games will also be introduced soon. These players will be able to link their bank accounts directly to these cashless wallets. The owners believe this will end up spurring other casinos in the city to embrace this new evolution in casino gambling.

One of the biggest holidays of the year is just around the corner and Las Vegas is anticipating a huge number of tourists. Will Resorts World manage to bring in the most visitors with its Fourth of July festivities?

Casino-Resorts Announce Fourth of July Festivities

Summertime is always the busiest season for Las Vegas. Millions of people from around the world tend to flock to the city to take part in gambling, nightlife, and entertainment. With restrictions gone and travel increasing, this summer should be one for the ages in the city.

Fourth of July is just around the corner and many are now trying to decide which venue to stay in. Casinos here recognize that fact and are doing what they can to bring in visitors. Some are offering truly unique deals and experiences.

Over at Resorts World LV, a massive party will be taking place at the Ayu Dayclub. Miley Cyrus is set to headline the party. It seems likely that this will be one of the hottest and most popular parties during the Fourth of July weekend.

Nearly all of the major casino-resorts in the city are offering their guests exciting nightlife options over the holiday weekend. Nightclubs such as Tao, the Marquee, and others are putting on multi-night events. More entertainment options in the city are likely to be announced over the next week.

This will certainly be an exciting time to visit the city. Room rates are beginning to increase and many are recommending to make reservations as early as possible. Feel free to take a closer look at what Resorts World LV is offering over the Fourth of July weekend!

Do you plan on visiting Las Vegas this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!

Resorts World Hudson Valley to Break Ground This Summer

Resorts World Las Vegas

The Newburgh Planning Board approved the plan to build the Resorts World Hudson Valley casino at Newburgh Mall one week after the town’s board enacted a zonal change which stood as the final approval for the project.

With the approval, the Hudson Valley casino is set to break ground this summer and could start operations by 2022.

In a written statement, Genting Americas Vice-President of Government Affairs and Public Relations Meghan Taylor said:

“We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support from the Town Council and the community as we move a step closer to building Resorts World Hudson Valley.”

“We look forward to breaking ground soon and delivering on our commitment to create good-paying union jobs for local residents, help revitalize the Newburgh Mall.”

Creating Jobs for Local Residents

Genting estimates that the Hudson Valley casino project will employ 200 people during the construction phase, which could take between six to 12 months depending on the shortage of building materials due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once completed, Resorts World says that the casino will employ 200 to 225 people full-time with 70% of those jobs filled by union employees. According to Taylor, they will be paying an estimated $15M in annual wages plus another $3M to the town of Newburgh via a Host Community Benefit agreement.

Revitalizing Newburgh Mall

The Hudson Valley casino is a $32M project that will renovate the former Bon-Ton department store at the Newburgh Mall to a 90,000 square feet electronic casino gaming area which is 44 miles from its sister property, the Resorts World Catskills in Sullivan City.

Resorts World Hudson Valley will bring a total of 1,300 video gaming machines plus a Bar360 lounge to the Mall, which is home to the latest Sears store in Hudson Valley but has struggled financially in recent years. The Hudson Valley casino is expected to bring in $160M in gross gaming revenue to the town.

Here’s What’s Happening in Las Vegas Over Memorial Day Weekend!

Las Vegas Holiday Weekend

Not long ago, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that casinos in Las Vegas no longer need to require vaccinated guests to wear masks. It’s a huge move for the city and could help to boost tourism rates. Today, we’ll quickly talk about what’s happening in Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend!

This is an extremely exciting time for the city of Las Vegas. There are some big changes taking place here. Casino companies are now bracing for a surge of visitors from around the country.

Here’s a look at what exactly is going on here.

All Major Las Vegas Casinos Remove Mask Mandates

Just one year ago, the entire US land-based casino industry was completely shut down. The country’s gambling hubs such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City saw their tourism industries come to a screeching halt. It was the toughest time for this industry in history.

Things are considerably different in 2021. Gambling revenue has been steadily increasing throughout the course of the year. Tourism into major casino destinations is ramping up and exciting new gambling venues are beginning to open their doors.

Over the weekend, Governor Sisolak announced that masks will no longer need to be worn by vaccinated individuals. As a result, casino companies across Las Vegas removed their mask mandate. It’s the first time this has taken place since March of last year.

Obviously, there are some questions surrounding this situation. Will vaccinated individuals need to present some kind of proof to not wear a mask? It’s unlikely. Instead, it will be up to individuals themselves to wear or not wear a face covering inside.

Many expect this new rule to further boost tourism in Las Vegas. Many people around the country were unwilling to visit and gamble inside a casino if a mask was required. With that requirement now gone, an influx of tourists will likely be seen in Sin City.

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and a huge number of individuals are making the trip to Las Vegas. Here’s a quick look at what will be happening over the holiday weekend!

This is What’s Happening in Las Vegas Over Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest travel days in the country. Many people around the country have an extended weekend and choose to take a vacation. This tends to be one of the busiest times of the year for Las Vegas.

Many have questioned whether or not 2021’s Memorial Day weekend would bring the same level of tourism. With the removal of several regulations, this holiday weekend could be one for the record books.

Analysts believe that the weekend could end up kicking off the summer tourism boom for Las Vegas. Brendan Bussmann of consulting firm Global Market Advisors spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“With capacities continuing to increase, this year’s Memorial Day may end up being one of the best that the city has seen in some time,” he said. 

Those asking what’s happening in Las Vegas will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the majority of casinos here are now operating at 100% capacity. As we mentioned earlier, most are also rolling back their mask mandates. As travel demand increases, hotels are significantly increasing their room rates.

Some hotel-casinos are already reporting 90% capacity filled over Memorial Day weekend. A huge number of fun entertainment options are becoming available. Some feel it will be the first time that Las Vegas feels the way it did prior to 2020. Stay tuned for updates!

Resorts World Las Vegas Opens in Just Over One Month

It’s been more than ten years since a major casino-resort opened its doors on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s not much of a surprise. The cost of opening a major gambling venue here is enormous and very few companies are willing to make the investment here.

On June 24th, Resorts World Las Vegas will finally open its doors. This property has been under construction in the northern area of the Strip for years. It cost $4.2 billion to construct, making it the most expensive property ever opened here.

This is expected to be a truly one-of-a-kind casino. Many are already making their plans to visit over the next few months. Analysts expect it to be a massive hit with tourists from around the world.

With the opening date now just over one month away, the owners are beginning to release more information. Katy Perry and Celine Dion have been confirmed to hold shows here over the next few months. Several famous restaurant chains will also be opening inside the property.

Interestingly, reservations are not yet available. These will not officially become available to the public until June 25. Stay tuned for more information on this venue as its opening date draws closer!

Are you excited to hear what’s happening in Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend? Do you plan on visiting Resorts World Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!

Penn Gaming’s Revenue Figures Surge in 2021’s Q1

Cash In Hand

Penn National Gaming has slowly become one of the most powerful gaming companies in the world. Its recent move into the sports betting world seems to be paying off in a big way. Reports have confirmed that Penn Gaming’s revenue figures hit record-highs in 2021’s first quarter.

It’s fantastic news for the Pennsylvania-based gaming operator. Now is a great time to talk about what led to this revenue surge. We’ll also discuss some of the company’s plans for the future.

Let’s get into it!

More States Show Interest in Legalized Sports Betting

The US sports industry began to surge in May of 2018. That month, the US Supreme Court decided to strike down PASPA. Doing so immediately gave every state in the country the ability to legalize and regulate sports betting.

As time goes on, it is becoming more clear how much money can be earned from this industry. Many states, particularly those with online sports wagering options set in place, are seeing a huge amount of money come in every month. Places like New Jersey and Pennsylvania are benefiting from revenue in the form of taxes.

Just about every state around the country is now expressing interest in legalizing sports betting. That includes some of the states known for their harsh anti-gambling laws. The revenue potential from this industry is simply too much to ignore.

It seems likely that several more states will formally approve sports gambling legislation before the end of 2021. It’s fantastic news for sports fans around the country. Before long, sports gambling could be legally available in almost every state.

Many areas are also choosing to expand their sports gambling options. New York, for example, is in the process of launching its own internet sports betting industry. Only land-based sportsbooks are currently up and running here.

Penn National Gaming is one of the companies working hard to expand in the US sports betting market. It appears these efforts are paying off in a big way.

Here’s a Look at Penn Gaming’s Revenue Figures in 2020’s Q1

Penn National Gaming has been a major player in the US gambling industry for years. Not long ago, the company began focusing considerably more on the rapidly expanding sports betting industry. It famously invested a massive amount of Barstool Sports ahead of that company’s own sportsbook launch.

This is proving to be a fantastic decision. This week, reports on Penn Gaming’s revenue figures were released. Incredibly, the company has already set new record-highs for its earnings in 2021’s first quarter.

Penn Gaming is also focused on expanding its casino industry in Las Vegas. The company already owns several properties in this city. It now appears that the Las Vegas Strip is a major point of focus for the company. CEO Jay Snowden spoke about the company’s plans to the media this week.

“I think the Vegas Strip is a great market and I think when you look at the Penn story could you envision down the road there being a sort of a hub-and-spoke as it relates to our longterm retail strategy, absolutely,” he said. It has to be the right asset, the right location and it has to be an asset that we feel is representative of a destination that we want to send people to.”

It’s a smart move for Penn Gaming to begin focusing more on the Strip. This area of Las Vegas has been seeing a steady increase in visitors for the past few months. Many analysts expect this summer to be one of the most successful seasons for Las Vegas in years.

Several major casino-resorts have recently gone for sale on the Strip recently. It wouldn’t be a shock to see Penn take control over one of these properties if it sees an opportunity. Stay tuned for updates over the next few months!

All Signs Point Toward a Successful Summer for Las Vegas

The US casino industry has been in recovery move for more than a year. Fortunately, gambling revenue in major casino hubs such as Las Vegas has been steadily increasing throughout 2021. Each month this year has proven to be more successful than the month prior.

There are some clear signs that Las Vegas will experience a successful summer this year. The first is the lifting of major restrictions throughout the city. Casinos like the Cosmopolitan are now operating at 100% capacity.

More entertainment options are also becoming available in the city. With restrictions being lifted, the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are able to resume live shows. This is instrumental in boosting tourism rates in the city.

Many believe that the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas will bring an influx of visitors to the city, too. This venue cost $4.2 billion to construct, making it the most expensive gaming venue ever built here. It’s expected to be the most impressive gambling venue ever built in the US.

Things are already getting better here. June, July, and August should prove to be record months for the city. Stay tuned for updates!

Are you surprised to see where Penn Gaming’s revenue figures stand? How do you think the company will fare later this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Opening Date of Resorts World LV Has Been Announced!

Resorts World Las Vegas

For years, one of the biggest and most impressive gambling venues ever designed has been under construction in Las Vegas. Gambling fans have been eagerly waiting to hear when this property would finally open its doors to the public. This week, reports confirmed the opening date of Resorts World LV for June 24.

This is expected to be a casino-resort for the ages. Now is a great time to talk about some of the details of this venue. We’ll also discuss how this property will help Las Vegas moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know!

Las Vegas Casinos Brace for a Busy Summer

The casino industry in Las Vegas is beginning to bounce back. For many analysts, this is happening sooner than expected. Effective vaccine distribution has led to a major surge of travel around the country and many are choosing to visit Las Vegas.

We’re in April and tourism rates in Las Vegas are already beginning to surge. Hotel occupancy levels are increasing and gaming revenue is going up. It’s fantastic news for the casino companies based in this city.

To make things even better for these companies, Governor Sisolak recently announced that capacity limits in Las Vegas will soon reach 100%. This is expected to happen during the first week of June. Many feel this will also result in a major tourism spike.

All of the casinos in Las Vegas are preparing for a busy summer. This is always the busiest time of the year for the city. With restrictions being lifted and the health crisis in the US improving, it seems likely that this will be a hugely successful season for the city’s casinos.

Live sporting events should also help to boost tourism rates here. The UFC recently announced it is hosting the McGregor vs. Poirier trilogy fight in front of a sold-out crowd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. This is likely one of many big fights the promotion plans to hold in the city in front of a live audience this year.

The opening of new properties is also taking place this summer. Here’s what we know about the grand opening of Resorts World Las Vegas!

The Opening Date of Resorts World LV is Set for June 24

For years, gambling fans have been asking when Resorts World Las Vegas would finally open its doors. This property has been under construction since 2017. At $4.2 billion, this is the most expensive casino-resort ever opened in this city.

Eventually, news broke that this new casino would be opening its doors over the summer. It was extremely exciting news for many to hear. Interestingly, the owners of this venue were hesitant to release an official date for their property to begin accepting guests.

The opening date of Resorts World LV was finally revealed this week. To the delight of many casino fans, this venue will finally be opening to the public on June 24. Scott Sibella, President of Resorts World Las Vegas, sent out a press release discussing the opening of this new casino-resort.

“We are filled with gratitude and excitement as we approach our opening this June and hope to play a role in Las Vegas’ rebound after what has been an incredibly challenging year for the destination and greater hospitality industry,” he said. “After years of planning and constructing this monumental property with some of the most innovative partners in the industry, Resorts World Las Vegas will redefine the hospitality standard in Las Vegas with unmatched dining and entertainment, more variety of hotel accommodations than anywhere else on the Strip, and the city’s most progressive technology.” 

This is huge news for this property and the city of Las Vegas. This is expected to be one of the most exciting gambling venues to ever open in the US. Many analysts expect it will help to significantly boost tourism into Las Vegas.

It’s a huge moment for Las Vegas. The opening date of Resorts World LV is now less than two months away. Stay tuned for more updates on this property over the next couple of weeks!

Atlantic City is Seeing Gaming Revenue Increases

New Jersey is home to the country’s biggest East Coast gambling hub. Some massive gaming venues are operating over in Atlantic City. The past year has been extremely difficult for the owners and employees at these venues.

Atlantic City’s casinos were ordered to shut down back in March of last year. It took months for any of them to open their doors again. Overall, gambling revenue dropped by 80% over the entire course of 2020.

Fortunately, things are bouncing back in a big way here. Tourism into the city has been steadily increasing. Gambling revenue has been surging too and the state’s sports betting handle once again increased during the month of March.

Many of the casino companies here are beginning to prepare for major increases in tourism over the summer months. Revenue is expected to increase, too. The Ilitch family has even decided to invest a huge amount of money into the Ocean Casino Resort.

This venue is making some big changes. Reports have confirmed that this venue will soon go under a $15 million renovation. It’s clear that this property expects some massive revenue increases over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

Are you excited to hear about the opening date of Resorts World LV? Do you plan on visiting this venue? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas Opens This Week!

Virgin Logo

Las Vegas is in the middle of a comeback right now. Fortunately, some exciting new properties are set to open their doors in this city over the next few months. This week, the Virgin Hotel-Casino will finally open its doors to the public!

The opening of this venue has been highly-anticipated for years. Many gambling fans are excited about what Virgin has to offer with its first casino. Now is the perfect time to talk about what is becoming available here.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Casinos See a Boost in Visitors and Revenue

No city relies on tourism quite as much as Las Vegas. The casino shutdowns in March of 2020 took a devastating toll on the city’s economy. Even today, the effects of those shutdowns are being felt throughout Las Vegas.

Fortunately, there are some improvements being seen here lately. As infection rates drop, casinos are seeing their visitation rates increase. There have been large jumps in tourism numbers here over the past few months.

This, in turn, leads to boosts in gaming revenue. This is exactly what the casino companies operating in Las Vegas need. Many have seen record-low revenue figures for more than a year due to the events that have unfolded around the world.

Of course, some companies were forced to take drastic actions. Las Vegas Sands recently sold The Venetian and plans to focus most of its efforts on Macau. This comes shortly after the death of LVS founder and CEO Sheldon Adelson.

Most of the casinos in Las Vegas have now resumed their 24-hour operations. It’s clear that the city is beginning to recover. Hope is that by the time summer rolls around, tourism rates and revenue will reach pre-pandemic levels.

The opening of brand new casinos in the city are helping to boost tourism rates. This week, one exciting new hotel-casino will finally open its doors here.

Thursday Marks the Opening of the Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas

There are more world-class casinos in Las Vegas than in any other city in the country. Many of them are located on the Las Vegas Strip. Lately, many popular gambling venues have also opened their doors outside of the Strip, too.

Back in 1995, the Hard Rock Hotel opened to the public. It was a major hit for years but began seeing revenue declines due to the rise in competition around the city. As a result, this venue was forced to permanently close its doors.

The Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas is now scheduled to take its place. This new property has been under construction for years. On Thursday, this new property will finally open to the public. From what is being said, this should be an incredible venue for guests in the city.

The grand opening of this venue will feature live entertainment such as DJ’s, street performers, etc… Dining reservations can now be booked beginning on March 25. Rooms inside the hotel are quickly filling up, reports indicate.

Venues like this one are expected to help boost the tourism industry in Las Vegas. Many people around the country are excited to see what it has to offer. It is Virgin’s first gambling venue and a huge amount of money was invested to ensure it becomes a hit.

We’ll be sure to offer more updates on this property after it opens its doors. Now, many are looking ahead to the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas.

Resorts World Las Vegas is Only a Few Months From Opening

The Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas isn’t the only incredible venue scheduled to open its doors in Las Vegas. For years, Resorts World Las Vegas has been under construction. This massive casino-resort is expected to be truly one-of-a-kind.

Resorts World Las Vegas cost an incredible $4.2 billion to construct. That makes it the most expensive gambling property ever built in Las Vegas. It is modern and should help to bring many visitors in Las Vegas to the northern area of the Strip.

An official opening date for this venue still has not yet been established. It is expected to open its doors this summer, though. Rumors point toward an opening in July.

More details about this venue are beginning to come out. Several new restaurants have been revealed to begin operating here. A food hall and hidden speakeasy will also be opening inside Resorts World.

Reports are also surfacing that claim Katy Perry will be performing a residency inside this casino-resort. This will be taking place inside The Theatre, Resorts World’s 5,000-seat entertainment venue.

Are you excited to see the Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas open its doors? Let us know in the comment section below!

Here’s What We Know About the New Station Casinos Internship

Las Vegas Sign

Station Casinos is one of the most powerful casino companies in Nevada. This company now owns and operates a huge number of properties and employs more than 11,000 individuals. Today, we’ll talk about the new Station Casinos internship program.

Many have likely heard about the company’s new internship plan. It’s one of the most exciting offered in Las Vegas for years. A huge number of people are expected to apply for this project.

Here’s what you need to know!

Station Casinos Continues to Keep Major Properties Closed

Las Vegas is still on the long road back to recovery. This process has been covered extensively. The world’s biggest casino hub has been one of the worst-affected by the global health crises and is still dealing with a struggling economy.

Lately, things have begun to improve here. As infection rates around the country drop, Las Vegas is seeing an increase in tourism numbers. This is crucial for the city and state to begin seeing a major increase in gambling revenue.

Many of the most popular casinos throughout Las Vegas remain closed, though. That includes some of the ones owned by Station Casinos. Not long ago, CEO Frank Fertitta confirmed that the Palms Casino-Resort is remaining closed indefinitely.

Station Casinos is refusing to open this venue until it is guaranteed to be profitable. That could take some time. Things are improving, yet Las Vegas is still seeing considerable drops in tourism when compared to 2019.

This doesn’t mean that Station Casinos is sitting around waiting for things to improve. This company is working hard to increase revenue and continues to operate many of its venues. It is now looking for hungry young workers to begin filling job roles.

Casino company internship programs are announced all the time. A new one from Station Casinos is different from almost any other that has been offered in the city.

More Details on the New Station Casinos Internship Are Coming Out

Station Casinos has grown considerably over the past few decades. The company is working hard to expand too and wants to bring on more employees right now. This week, company officials announced an exciting new internship program that has many people excited.

We’re already beginning to hear more about the new Station Casinos internship program. This summer, the company will be offering students the opportunity to work and live in Las Vegas for free. It’s one of the most intriguing employment projects the company has undertaken to date.

The 2020 Station Casinos Internship Program will be offering free housing and free meals. Hired interns will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the day-to-day operations of the company. That includes work in marketing, social media, human resources, and casino operations.

At the end of each week, the interns will take part in a “think tank.” Here, new innovative ideas will be discussed. The goal is to get these new workers to think more about ways to improve the company in the long-term.

Those interested in entering the Las Vegas casino industry may want to take a close look at this new program. It’s one of the coolest new ways for students to gain experience in the field. More details on how to apply will likely become available soon.

Station Casinos isn’t the only casino company working to bring on new employees this summer. Thousands of people are also applying for one of the available jobs at Resorts World Las Vegas!

Resorts World Las Vegas is Still Filling Up Job Positions

In the relatively small area of the Las Vegas Strip, some of the most expensive casino-resorts on the planet can be found. Under normal circumstances, these venues are hugely successful. The events that unfolded in 2020 had a devastating effect that is still being felt today.

Companies are still moving forward in the best way possible. That includes Genting Group, which owns Resorts World Las Vegas. This exciting new casino-resort is officially set to open its doors to the public this summer.

There has been a ton of media attention placed on this venue. At $4.3 billion, it is the most expensive casino-resort ever built in the city. Many are hopeful that the opening of this property will help to further boost tourism into the city.

This venue is now looking for employees. Amazingly, more than 85,000 individuals have already filed for a job inside this venue. Only a small fraction of these applicants will end up receiving employment inside this new property.

In many ways, this is an exciting time for the city. Tourism rates seem to be increasing and many new hotels are finally beginning to resume 24/7 operations. Stay tuned for more updates on the city’s economy over the next few weeks!

Are you interested in the new Station Casinos internship program? Do you plan to apply? Let us know in the comments section below!

Jobs at Resorts World Las Vegas Are Already Filling Up

Resorts World Las Vegas

This summer, one of the biggest and most exciting casino-resorts ever built will open its doors in Las Vegas. Resorts World is expected to be an incredible new property for the city. This week, reports surfaced that many of the jobs at Resorts World are already filling up.

Tens of thousands of individuals have applied to work inside this brand-new casino. Many are excited to see what this venue has to offer. Today, we’ll take a quick look at the details of this new casino-resort.

Let’s get into it!

Resorts World Still Prepares for Summer 2021 Opening Date

Las Vegas is home to many of the world’s best casino-resorts. The majority of them are located on the Las Vegas Strip. This area boasts several multi-billion-dollar properties and regularly draws millions of individuals every single year.

It seems like every few years, another amazing casino-resort opens its doors here. Casino companies recognize the revenue potential in this city. Of course, revenue from this industry has been dropping considerably when compared to years prior.

Despite the recent difficulties, Resorts World continues to plan for a summer 2021 opening. This property has been under construction for many years. It cost $4.3 billion to construct, making it the most expensive casino ever built in Las Vegas.

There’s a lot to look forward to here. Resorts World features more than 111,000 square feet of gaming space and 3,500 rooms for guests. It has a unique Asian theme with some of the most high-tech amenities ever seen inside a casino-resort.

From an entertainment standpoint, this property is expected to be amazing. A 5,000-seat theater will open here. The Resorts World will also be home to several world-class restaurants.

It’s no surprise to see people already preparing to visit Resorts World when it opens. It now appears that a huge number of people are also looking forward to working inside this property.

Tens of Thousands Are Now Applying for Jobs at Resorts World Las Vegas

It’s becoming clear that Resorts World Las Vegas will be one of the most impressive gambling venues ever built. It’s truly state-of-the-art and should help to significantly boost tourism into the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. An official opening date has not yet been revealed, yet it is guaranteed to take place sometime this summer.

Many are now looking for the opportunity to work inside this property. Resorts World recently announced that it needs to hire around 6,000 individuals. That news spread like wildfire, and more than 85,000 people have now sent in their applications.

Lori Calderon, executive director of talent acquisition for this property, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“We’re waking up at night sometimes and taking notes, I’m doing that myself,” Lori said. “We’re identifying individuals every day who will be receiving offers. The time is now. It’s a large applicant pool, and we’re going to continue to communicate with applicants as much as we can. It’s a big job and we still have a lot of work to do.”

This surge of applications isn’t entirely surprising. A staggering number of residents in Las Vegas lost their jobs after the shutdowns back in March. Many of these individuals are still without work.

Hope is that Resorts World can make up for some of this job loss. Of course, only a fraction of those that applied will end up receiving a job inside this property.

Resorts World is perhaps the most exciting new gambling venue to open in Las Vegas in years. It’s not the only new property openings its doors here, though.

More Properties Scheduled to Open in Las Vegas in 2021

The past eleven months have been extremely challenging for the city of Las Vegas. This city remains the world’s biggest entertainment hub. Unfortunately, tourism remains low here and many of the casino-resorts are struggling to bring in revenue.

This isn’t stopping new casinos from opening up here. In fact, Las Vegas will see several exciting new properties opening their doors over the next year. That includes Resorts World Las Vegas in the north of the Strip.

One property that people are excited about is the new Virgin Hotel-Casino. This venue will open where the Hard Rock Hotel-Casino formerly sat. It’s Virgin’s first foray into the casino industry and many expect it to be one of the city’s best new venues.

This hotel-casino was expected to open its doors in February. That date has since been pushed back. It now seems this new casino will be opening its doors sometime over the next couple of months.

Several other small casinos will be opening here soon, too. These venues will help the city’s struggling job market considerably. The jobs at Resorts World Las Vegas are already filling up with the venue’s opening date now just around the corner.

Are you excited to see Resorts World opening up? Let us know in the comments section below!

Officials Have Finally Revealed the LV Virgin Hotel’s Opening Date

For months, gambling fans have been eagerly awaiting news on when the new Virgin Hotel-Casino would open its doors in Las Vegas. This property’s opening has already been delayed several times. This week, company officials gave the media more information on the LV Virgin Hotel’s opening date.Virgin Brand Logo

Based on what’s being said, this will be the best new hotel-casino to open in this city for years. It certainly has big shoes to fill inside the former Hard Rock Hotel. Today, we’re going to talk about when this venue is expected to reopen.

Let’s get into it!

Looking Back at How Virgin Hotels Moved Into Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the world’s biggest and most popular gambling destinations. Over the past few years, this city has seen its casino revenue increase quickly. Many exciting new casino-resorts were being constructed around the city.

Back in 1995, the Hard Rock Hotel opened its doors near the Las Vegas Strip. It quickly became one of the most popular venues in the city. As the years went on, however, it began seeing a major drop in earnings. Eventually, this venue was forced to close its doors.

The newly-formed Virgin Hotels brand saw an opportunity. It agreed to purchase this property for $500 million and immediately began the renovation and rebranding process. Hope was that this venue would be available to open in the fall of this year.

In August, reports began to surface that fall no longer seemed like a realistic possibility. Things have been delayed here several times already. Many analysts began questioning whether or not this new property would manage to open in 2020.

It’s clear that the owners of the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel are taking their time making the venue as good as they possibly can. We’re now finally beginning to hear about when this hotel-casino is expected to open its doors.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

The LV Virgin Hotel’s Opening Date is Set for January 15th, 2021

It’s no surprise that so many people are excited to see Virgin’s latest move into the casino industry in Las Vegas. This company is known for taking things to a whole new level. Many believe that this will grow to become one of the best new gaming properties in the city.

The renovation efforts on this venue were halted for a time. This caused the LV Virgin Hotel’s opening date to be pushed back once again. Some then felt that this property would open its doors in winter.

That no longer seems to be the case. Company officials recently held a major press conference to announce this venue’s official grand opening date. It’s now been confirmed that this hotel-casino will open to the public on January 15th, 2021.

“We have worked with amazing partners to combine Virgin Hotels’ signature amenities and our new property design to make Virgin Hotels Las Vegas a one-of-a-kind destination,” said Richard “Boz” Bosworth, President and CEO of JC Hospitality, owner of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.

It’s exciting to finally have a date in mind. This venue’s opening has already been pushed back several times. It’s Virgin’s first major hotel-casino ever built, though, and many are cutting the company some slack for taking its time with the events unfolding around the world.

How are some of the other casino-resorts being built in this city faring right now?

Resorts World Las Vegas is Opening in Summer of 2021

The Las Vegas Virgin-Hotel isn’t the only new casino scheduled to open in Las Vegas next year. For years, construction has been taking place on Resorts World Las Vegas. This is expected to become the biggest and most impressive casino ever built in the city.

At more than $4 billion, this is also the most expensive casino-resort ever built in Las Vegas. Many expect it to become the most impressive gambling venue in the United States. Much like the Virgin Hotel, this one has seen its opening date delayed for years.

Fortunately, it seems that this casino-resort will finally open its doors in summer of 2021. It will have a unique Asian theme with over 115,000 feet of gaming space. Not long ago, the owners of this property recently revealed some of the incredible new luxury suites the hotel is offering.

The opening of this venue certainly didn’t come at the most ideal time, though. Las Vegas has been struggling immensely over the past seven months. Some analysts feel it could take years for this city to get back to pre-pandemic levels of tourism and revenue.

There are a number of exciting new gambling venues opening their doors in Las Vegas. The LV Virgin Hotel’s opening date has just officially been revealed. It will be interesting to see how successful this venue becomes.

Are you excited to hear that the Virgin Hotel is opening its doors next year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Resorts World Las Vegas Partners with AEG for New Entertainment Venue

Entertainment Venue InteriorResorts World is one of Las Vegas’ exciting new resorts to come, alongside downtown LV’s Circa Resort. The two mega properties were in construction long before the infamous COVID-19 pandemic hit, and thankfully, construction is still going strong with their completion dates on target.

The future is still bright for Las Vegas entertainment, and Resorts World is making sure it’s going to have a giant slice of that pie.

Resorts World Las Vegas just announced that they will be welcoming a new, state-of-the-art entertainment venue within its walls, called “The Theatre.”

In a partnership with AEG, the new entertainment venue will be exclusively programmed and operated by Concerts West, which is a division of AEG presents.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Scott Sibella, president of Resorts World Las Vegas, and John Meglen, president and co-CEO of Concerts West said that The Theatre is going to “redefine the Las Vegas residency, reimagine the theatrical experience on the Strip and recast how artists create their shows.”

Sibella said Resorts World was looking for the right partnership and found that with AEG, since AEG is a veteran when it comes to the Las Vegas entertainment scene, especially when it comes to booking touring acts and residencies.

“The Theatre”: A State-of-the-Art Theatre Unlike Any Other Vegas Venue

Although Las Vegas stages and stages around the world have gone dark for the past few months, come summer 2021, that should hopefully change with Resorts World’s exciting new addition to the Vegas Strip: The Theatre.

The 5000-capacity theatre, which is being designed by Scéno Plus, will feature innovative staging and advanced technology laced throughout. Tailored to the A-list performers who will be gracing the stage, there will be VIP amenities for them all afloat.

The stage will be among one of the largest on the Strip, with dimensions of 64-feet deep by 196-feet wide, altogether making up a whopping 13,550 square feet.

Before concert-goers even feast their eyes on the venue’s massive size, they’ll be greeted by a dazzling 65-foot custom chandelier dangling inside of The Threatre’s four-story lobby, which will be decorated in hues of black and champagne.

The Theatre will also feature a multi-dimensional surround sound experience, with an audio system containing 265 speakers.

5,000 square feet of LED screens will also allow artists to display their content in a loud way.

VIP guests will get the VIP in the new concert venue, with their very own entrance, two private salons featuring lounge seating and full-service bars.

Who Will the Entertainment Lineup Include?

According to Sibella, the entertainment lineup that the new concert will feature will be as varied as the concert-goers themselves, from legendary acts to current chart-toppers.

Meglen with AEG is designing the venue to appeal to every artist in town. Meglen hopes they’ll look at the venue and ask themselves why they’re not playing there. According to Meglen, artists need the right tools, crews, and atmosphere to perform at their best. He wants the artist’s entire organization to look around The Theatre and think it’s the greatest place they’ve ever played.

Meglen has A-list experience, too. Formerly, he partnered with AEG svp John Nelson and Caesars Palace to create the famed Colosseum. The Colosseum, as you may know, has been home to superstar residencies for years, including Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Shania Twain.

Live Entertainment Still on Hold in Vegas

With Nevada’s current COVID-19 cases topping 30,000, the state will likely be in phase two of its reopening plan for a while longer. Most recently, Gov. Steve Sisolak rolled bars back to their phase one standards for reopening, causing any bar that strictly only serves alcohol to shut back down until further notice.

So of course, the elephant in Vegas’ room is that live entertainment is still shelved and won’t be able to make its debut until the Silver State reaches phase four of its recovery plan, and it’s unsure how long that will be.

Sibella says that despite live entertainment being on hold, at some point something has to give.

“There’s not a point that we’re not going to open, but you have to remember these buildings aren’t built for 50% occupancy,” Sibella says “You don’t build a theater and then all of a sudden say, ‘we only want 2,000 people in there—every other seat.’”

Sibella says the current occupancy caps could very well ruin the economic model and energy of the program. He says that things need to get better soon, or that properties on the Strip need to relook at their models and come up with a solution in how to better operate these massive buildings.

He’s hopeful that things will return to normalcy by mid-2021, and that the non-gaming revenue aspect will continue to grow. Sibella believes music fans will be leading the charge to that specific economy since they’ll be after these singular, concert experiences that the city offers so well.

Other Resorts World Updates

A few weeks ago, the 3,500-room, $4.3 billion, 88-acre luxury resort featuring three Hilton brands, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, LXR, and Conrad, unveiled their guestrooms designs for the Hilton and Conrad hotels in the complex.

The resort’s 550-square-foot premium king and queen rooms will feature bright color scheme a mix of patterns and textures, including contrasting metal and organic, earthy elements.

The design, which was imagined by KNA Design, features the theme of luxury geometric “fluidity.” The theme is evident in the wave-patterned, mixed-blue carpet and drapery, with gold accents across the room’s private bar.

The glass walk-in shower also ties into the theme, adding a contemporary aesthetic and essence to the overall look.

And just last week on Independence Day, Resorts World Las Vegas activated its 100,000-square-foot LED screen for the first time, displaying digital fireworks to onlookers.

The activation was a glimpse into the progressive technology with features in the future when it opens its doors in the summer of 2021.

The 294 feet by 340 feet LED screen is on the resort’s west tower, and there are plans to have a 19,000-square-foot LED screen on its east tower in time. The time it took to complete the west tower’s LED screen was approximately seven months.

Despite the current coronavirus climate, Resorts World Las Vegas is still on track to be completed by the summer of 2021.

Sibella said that the resort isn’t just going to be the newest Strip resort, but the first serious foothold in America by Genting Group.

About Resorts World Las Vegas

The new $4.3 billion next-generation integrated resort is the first resort to be built from the ground up in Las Vegas in almost a decade.

According to the company, the resort is being designed to appeal to a wide variety of both domestic and international tourists, with luxury and modernization at its core.

The casino gaming floor will feature 117,000 square feet of gaming, including slots, table games, a designated poker room, and high-limit areas and more.

The property will offer an array of food and beverage, with dining options ranging from authentic street food to Michelin-starred dining, as well as concepts that will be brand new to the Las Vegas Strip.

Shopping will also be available on the resort, featuring a curated luxury retail collection to tie into the resort’s essence of luxury and modern sensibility.

Resorts World will offer 350,000 square feet of flexible meeting space and banquet space.

There will also be a world-class spa and fitness facility available. The resort will have a 222,000-square-foot pool complex, including a 1,800-square-foot infinity pool offering dazzling views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Nightlight concept will also be available, featuring 65,000 square feet of nightlife and entertainment space.

About AEG Presents

AEG Presents is the live-entertainment division of the Los Angeles-based AEG. AEG Presents features various aspects of live contemporary music performances.

They operate in North America, Europe, and Asia, with 16 regional offices.

The company produces over 25 music festivals and hosts over 15,000 shows annually.