Here’s What We Know About the Caesars Palace Renovation

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas is filled with some of the most impressive casino-resorts in history. That includes Caesars Palace, located directly on the Las Vegas Strip. Today, we’ll talk about the upcoming Caesars Palace renovation being planned!

This venue is owned by Caesars Entertainment, one of the most powerful gaming companies in the world. It appears this company is ready for one of its prized casino-resorts to go through a major overhaul. It’s exciting news for gambling fans around the country.

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The Grand Opening of Resorts World Las Vegas Draws in Thousands

Every decade or so, an incredible new property opens its doors in the city of Las Vegas. The most recent one took place on June 24 in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. This is Resorts World Las Vegas, which cost an incredible $4.3 billion to construct.

This venue is owned by Genting Group and has been highly-anticipated for years. Gambling fans around the country have been eagerly waiting to hear what this property has to offer. Expectations have been high leading into its grand opening.

Resorts World Las Vegas finally opened its doors to the public on June 24. New reports have surfaced claiming that tens of thousands of individuals made the trip to Las Vegas to visit and play inside this new property. Most have been massively impressed with what this venue has to offer.

Governor Steve Sisolak certainly seems impressed with what this venue has to offer. He spoke to the media this week about its opening and expressed his excitement about what it is being seen.

“People, if you dream it, you can build it. You cannot dream what is inside these walls. It is so magnificent. It is so phenomenal,” Sisolak said. “There is no better project to keep people working. We built the stadium, a convention center and a magnificent hotel because construction workers went above and beyond.”

Expect to see a massive surge of visitors making the trip to Las Vegas to visit this property. Some may also soon flock to Las Vegas to see how Caesars Palace changes! Here’s what we know.

New Reports Offer More Details on the Caesars Palace Renovations

Caesars Palace opened its doors in Las Vegas back in 1966. At the time of its opening, this property was widely considered to be the hottest new property on the Strip. Even today, more than fifty years later, it remains one of the hottest and most popular venues in the city.

This property has expanded massively over the years. It’s a colossal casino-resort featuring several towers. Some patrons here have recently begun to complain that some of the amenities inside this resort are becoming outdated.

It seems that Caesars Entertainment, the company that owns this venue, has taken these complaints to heart. News broke yesterday that a multi-million dollar Caesars Palace renovation is being planned. The original entrance, main casino, and several gaming areas are being completely renovated here. Sean McBurney, Caesars Entertainment Regional President, spoke to the media about these plans this week.

“Caesars Palace brought a sense of grandeur to the Las Vegas Strip when it was built in 1966, and we’re proud to continue that legacy with a full reimagining of our main entrance,” McBurney said. “Completely rebuilding the front entrance of one of the world’s most iconic destinations is no small task, and we’re excited to get started and create a stunning new visual welcome for our guests.”

This massive project will begin in July and is expected to conclude in December. Hope is that this brings some new life to Caesars Resort. This project may also help the resort draw in a considerable amount of visitors who will be curious to see what has changed.

Las Vegas isn’t the only city renovating some of its most popular resorts. Over in Atlantic City, several popular casinos are currently being redesigned and improved!

Here’s an Update on the Major Atlantic City Casino Renovations

Las Vegas is and almost always has been the biggest casino destination in the United States. There are a huge number of popular casino-resorts here that draw in millions of visitors every year. Over on the East Coast, Atlantic City remains the biggest gambling hub.

This New Jersey city is also home to a massive number of casinos. Most of these properties have recently seen an incredible surge in gambling revenue. That includes the Ocean Casino-Resort, which is now the third most successful venue in the city.

News recently broke that this venue is set to undergo a massive renovation soon. The Ilitch Family has agreed to invest a staggering $15 million to upgrade this venue. Some believe these renovations could push the Ocean Casino-Resort to become the most popular gambling property in the city.

The Hard Rock Casino-Resort is also one of the most popular gaming venues in Atlantic City. It opened its doors back in 2018 under the current name and has been slowly growing in popularity ever since. This venue is also set to undergo a $20 million renovation.

Casino and sports betting revenue have been slowly increasing in Atlantic City over the past six months. This is expected to increase as the year goes on. Stay tuned for updates on the economic situation in this city!

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Harrah’s Las Vegas Completes Massive Renovation Project

Harrah's Las Vegas

The economy in Las Vegas is recovering quicker than many expected. As restrictions are lifted, more tourists are making the journey into this city. Hotel-casinos here are now doing what they can to attract visitors. Reports have surfaced this week confirming that Harrah’s Las Vegas has completed its major renovation project.

Many gambling fans have been excited to see this property complete this renovation. The owners hope it will help to boost visitation rates. Now is a great time to look at what exactly has changed here.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to See an Increase in Visitors

The casino industry in Las Vegas has been steadily improving throughout 2021. Much of that has to do with the country’s success fighting against the pandemic. Infection rates have been steadily dropping around the US and travel is ramping up.

As infection rates drop, Nevada’s leaders have been allowing businesses to operate with fewer restrictions. That includes the casino operators in the state. Today, nearly all casino restrictions set in place last year have been removed.

There is a real sense of normalcy in Las Vegas. The majority of casino-resorts here are now seeing a steady increase in their visitation rates. As the summer months continue, a growing number of tourists are expected to make the journey to this city.

Gaming revenue in Nevada has been increasing throughout most of 2021. The casinos in the state earned more than $1 billion in April for the second month in a row. It’s a massive accomplishment and shows how far things have come here.

This upward trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Las Vegas is set to welcome an incredible new casino-resort later this month. Some exciting new entertainment options are becoming available here, as well. These should help to further fuel tourism rates into the city.

Expect to see a large number of major casino renovations taking place in Las Vegas over the next few months. It appears the one at Harrah’s has now finally wrapped up.

Harrah’s Las Vegas Completes its Major Renovation Project

Some of the most incredible casino-resorts in the world operate in Las Vegas. The majority of these world-class gambling venues are based on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s here that properties such as The Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan, and Caesars Palace are located.

Harrah’s Las Vegas operated near the center of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s one of the less-expensive options in the city and draws in a huge amount of visitors every year. Over the past few months, this hotel-casino has been undergoing a major renovation.

This renovation has just wrapped up! Reports have confirmed that the $200 million project has been completed this week. 2,542 rooms have been completely redesigned and the casino floor has been remodeled. Senior vice president and general manager Dan Walsh believes this will be a major improvement for guests moving forward.

“As a flagship location of the iconic gaming and hospitality brand, revamping Harrah’s Las Vegas not only enhances the guest experience but also further reflects the fun and energy that makes Las Vegas such a unique travel destination,” he said. 

It seems likely that Harrah’s will soon begin to see a major influx of tourists into the city. It’s one of the most affordable options on the Las Vegas Strip. Now that Harrah’s Las Vegas has completed its renovation, many will be jumping at the opportunity to gamble and stay inside this property.

Of course, the aforementioned opening of Resorts World Las Vegas could overshadow this renovation. Here’s a last-minute look at Resorts World ahead of opening day!

Last-Minute Details on Resorts World LV are Coming Out!

Resorts World Las Vegas has been under construction for years. It’s faced its fair share of issues over the years, including the shutdowns that took place in 2020. At $4.3 billion, this is the most expensive casino-resort ever built in this city.

On June 24, this property will finally open its doors to the public. Gambling fans around the country are excited to see this venue up and running. More details about this venue are coming out as the opening day draws closer.

More information on the entertainment options here is beginning to surface. Reports have confirmed that major acts including Celine Dion and Katy Perry will be performing short residencies inside this property. Miley Cyrus is also set to hold a concert at the Ayu Dayclub on the Fourth of July here.

Some incredible new restaurants are opening inside this property, as well. That includes the Viva! Run by chef Ray Garcia. It’s one of the hottest new restaurants opening in Las Vegas this year and promises exquisite Mexican cuisine.

Resorts World Las Vegas is one of the most exciting new properties to open in Las Vegas in decades. Many analysts are hopeful that it will lead to a major surge of tourism into the city. We’ll be sure to offer more information surrounding this casino-resort over the next few weeks.

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