The Potawatomi Hotel-Casino is Fully Open for Business

Wisconsin’s land-based casino industry has been slowly reopening since June. Interestingly, many intense safety regulations remain in place at many of the state’s gambling venues. This week, news broke that the Potawatomi Hotel-Casino has reopened to the public without the need for reservations.Potawatomi Hotel-Casino

It’s great news for gambling fans in the state. The Potawatomi casino is one of the most popular in the state. Today, we’re going to talk about how this new rule will impact the state’s gambling industry moving forward.

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Wisconsin’s Casino Industry Has Been Open Since June

For years, casino revenue has been increasing around the United States. Many of the country’s major gambling destinations were seeing a revival with surges in tourism. Exciting new casino-resorts were being constructed left and right.

Much of the progress came to a screeching halt in March. That month, casino operators around the US closed their properties due to rising concerns about the pandemic. Each state has taken its own approach getting its casino industry back up and running.

Wisconsin has an interesting set of gambling laws. Here, only Native American-run casinos are able to operate. There are currently 26 of them in the state, many of which started opening their doors to the public in June.

Some casinos are having an easier time getting back on track. Of course, all of the gaming properties here are implementing intense safety measures to protect their players and employees. These regulations vary from casino to casino.

The Potawatomi Hotel-Casino is long-been one of the most popular gambling venues in Wisconsin. For months, however, it’s been requiring its players to make reservations prior to their visit. This week, that rule is being scrapped.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Reservations Won’t be Required at the Potawatomi Hotel-Casino Starting on Thursday

Casinos in Wisconsin have seen their visitation rates and revenue drop immensely over the past few months. It’s a difficult situation and one that no one seems to know how to fix. It now seems that one of the state’s top casinos is lifting one of its major regulations.

The Potawatomi Hotel-Casino has just announced that it will stop requiring its players to make reservations beginning on Thursday. This rule had been in place since the casino reopened in June. Many felt it was leading to a major dip in players.

Officials within the casino released a statement that details why this decision is being made.

“All of these measures, and others, will remain in place until the science and accompanying data show it’s safe to move closer to pre-pandemic operations,” the statement claims. 

That’s not the only regulation being lifted. Moving forward, this casino will remain open to the public until 2 am. For months, the owners of this venue have been requiring the doors to be closed at midnight.

Most other safety protocols are remaining in place. Masks must still be worn by all patrons and employees inside the casino. Temperature checks will also be mandatory. For now, table games, poker, and bingo are all off-limits, as well.

Casino revenue in Wisconsin is still down considerably this year. It’s unclear when these revenue earnings will return to normal. Stay tuned for more updates on casino regulations in the state over the next few months.

Nearby States Work to Expand Gambling Industries

Wisconsin’s casino industry helps to bring the state valuable revenue every month. Interestingly, lawmakers here are showing no signs of wanting to expand the state’s gambling laws. There are no bills to allow sports betting or commercial casinos here.

Several nearby states are taking a different approach, though. Illinois has been working extremely hard to expand its casino and sports betting industry over the past few years. That includes the passing of a new Capital Plan allowing several new casinos to open around the state.

Illinois is also embracing the sports betting industry. The first legal sports betting options became available here in March of 2020. Today, both land-based and online sports gambling platforms are regulated by the state.

Michigan now allows sports betting, as well. For now, only land-based sports gambling options are available here. Online and mobile sports betting platforms are expected to launch here sometime in early 2021.

Wisconsin’s casino owners are now looking to boost revenue earnings. On Thursday, the Potawatomi Hotel-Casino will finally stop its guests from making reservations. It will be interesting to see how that affects the casino moving forward.

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Las Vegas Tourism Rates Are Still Down Considerably

It’s been more than half a year since the casino industry in Las Vegas began operating again. Everyone hoped that things would be nearly back to normal in this city by now. That has not turned out to be the case. New reports show that Las Vegas tourism rates are still much lower this year than they were in 2019.Famous Sign In Las Vegas

Casino companies in this city are doing everything they can to attract new players. That has proven to be much easier said than done. Today, we’re going to take a look at how many visitors the world’s top entertainment destination is pulling in right now.

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More Casino-Resorts Continue to Reopen in Las Vegas

Many are surprised to hear that some of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip still have not reopened. These venues were all forced to shut down back in March. Since that time, they’ve been slowly opening up again to the public.

Not long ago, ParkMGM announced it was set to reopen in October. This property has grown hugely popular over the past decade, yet its owners have been relatively slow reopening. When its doors open, smoking will be completely prohibited.

Many properties near the Strip have reopened, as well. That includes the OYO Hotel-Casino. This venue finally opened its doors on September 16th. Like almost all other hotels in the city, room rates are considerably cheaper right now than they were last year.

Things are far from normal in Las Vegas, though. Intense safety measures are set inside each hotel-casino that’s opened. That includes limiting the number of players at table games, requiring masks at all times, and separating slot machines on the casino floor.

Casinos seem determined to make things as safe as possible while remaining open. Most people around the country are still unwilling to visit a crowded gambling venue, though. It’s now clear that tourism into Las Vegas is slow right now.

Let’s take a look at how many visitors this city is bringing in right now.

Reports on Las Vegas Tourism Rates Are Out!

It’s been extremely difficult trying to predict how much tourism will increase in Las Vegas each month. As we’ve already mentioned, most of the casinos here are now open. People around the country are choosing to avoid travel, though.

This week, reports surfaced that show Las Vegas tourism rates are down 55% when compared to 2019. Interestingly, there’s been a huge uptick in visitors driving into Las Vegas, rather than flying. It’s clear that many people around the country are still wary of boarding a crowded aircraft.

Things are down here. Visitor volume and hotel occupancy remains low. Fortunately, the charts show that things are improving. Nelson-Kraft, the Senior Vice President of Communications at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, expressed his excitement with this trend to the media this week.

“Each step is really a testament to the good work the entire community is doing to reduce the spread of the virus,” he said. “News like the tri-state area back east changing its travel advisory, or travel to Nevada that doesn’t require quarantining afterward is a great positive step. Our taverns getting to reopen late Sunday night is another step in the right direction. We need to remain really diligent on social distancing, wearing masks, doing all those things, those easy things that we’ve been asked to do for the good of our industry.” 

Some fear the positive trend will soon come to an end. Many analysts predict that colder weather will lead to a major increase in Covid-19 cases. By the time winter rolls around, we may see a massive increase in infections around the country.

Las Vegas is hurting right now. Casino revenue and tourism rates remain low. We’ll need to wait and see how things unfold over the next four months. Stay tuned for updates!

US Casino Companies Try to Adapt to New Regulations

Over the past few years, land-based casino revenue in the US has been increasing. The country’s casino industry had been surging and many states presented plans to increase their number of gambling venues. That includes Illinois, which is set to open several new casinos over the next few years.

Casino companies are now being forced to adapt to the situation the world now finds itself in. All casinos must implement intense safety regulations. Even with these set in place, the majority of people around the country aren’t willing to visit and play inside a crowded casino.

Some states have regulated online casino industries set in place. This is proving to be hugely successful. Many now feel that states like Nevada should introduce online casino legislation to help make up for the massive loss in land-based gambling revenue.

Many different states around the country now have regulated online sports betting options, as well. Perhaps the most successful is New Jersey. In August, this state set a new US record with $668 million in sports gambling revenue.

US casino operators may soon be forced to focus more on their online gambling platforms. We’re already seeing this take place in many parts of the country. Hopefully, it helps to protect some of the best casino destinations.

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Here’s an Update on the Opening of Cardrooms in LA

California holds the most cases of Covid-19 in the United States. Los Angeles County continues to implement the toughest restrictions in the state. New reports indicate several county mayors are interested in opening cardrooms in LA once again.California

Many have called for Los Angeles to begin lifting its heavy restrictions. This county is struggling right now and reopening cardrooms could bring in some much-needed revenue. Today, we’re going to talk about how California’s gambling industry is faring, and how it could change in the near future.

Let’s get into it!

The Majority of California’s Casinos Are Now Open

California has one of the largest casino industries in the United States. Interestingly, only Native American tribes are able to operate traditional Class III casinos in the state. Back in March, all of the state’s casinos were forced to completely shut down.

There are also a huge number of cardrooms in California. These are operated independently and have different regulations set in place. As the name suggests, cardrooms only offer card table games and are required to implement high fees on their patrons.

Casinos in the state are run independently by tribes. All of these casinos shut down voluntarily and most have now reopened. Cardrooms, however, are subject to state regulations are need specific permission in order to accept players again.

Certain parts of the state have begun allowing their cardrooms to open back up. Just a few weeks ago, San Jose gave the green light for these gambling venues to reopen. The cardrooms here must now require consistent hand-washing by employees, sanitize all cards being used, and replace chips after a dealer rotation.

It’s clear that California is taking its time reopening different businesses. Many cardroom owners in Los Angeles County are now pleading with local leaders to lift their restrictions. Based on new reports, it seems that mayors are on-board with this idea.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Mayors Now Support the Opening of Cardrooms in LA County

Under normal circumstances, California’s gambling industry helps to bring the state a large amount of revenue every single month. More state leaders are now looking to reopen this industry to get this money flowing in again. One way to achieve that goal is to reopen cardrooms.

As we said earlier, Los Angeles County has been implementing some of the toughest regulations in the state. Things may be slowly changing, though. News reports claim that several mayors are now interested in the opening of cardrooms in LA.

Officials across several cities in the county have recently begun supporting this decision. Five different mayors came together on September 14th, asking Los Angeles’ leaders to allow cardrooms to start opening outside. These mayors claim that cardrooms make up a large percentage of their city budgets.

This is fantastic news for the cardroom owners here. It seems perfectly reasonable to allow these venues to begin operating outside again. Revenue earned from these cardrooms will likely remain significantly lower than it was in 2019, though.

It will be interesting to see how officials within Los Angeles respond to these requests. Many businesses are still closed down throughout the county. Time will tell if these county leaders agree to get casinos back up and running.

Other states are starting to see their casino revenue gradually increase.

Casino Revenue is Starting to Jump Around the US

California wasn’t the only state to see its casino industry shut down back in March. Every state around the country ordered casinos to shut down all casinos that month. Most states started allowing their casinos to begin operating again months ago.

Nevada’s leaders allowed casinos to reopen in June. Tourism rates and casino revenue was very slow to bounce back here even after the casinos reopened. Fortunately, things are slowly beginning to get better here.

Revenue earnings have been increasing every single month. Tourism rates are increasing, as well. Most analysts predict that casino revenue in this city and others in Nevada will continue to increase as the year goes on.

Nearly all of the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are now open. ParkMGM, one of the last casinos on the Strip that hasn’t reopened, recently announced it will begin accepting guests again in October. This will be the first gambling venues on the Strip to ban smoking.

Hope is that the opening of cardrooms in LA helps to boost gambling revenue in California. The state certainly needs the money right now. We’ll be sure to report on any updates over the next few weeks.

Do you think it’s time for Los Angeles to open cardrooms? Let us know in the comments section below!

Gaming Revenue in Arkansas Finally Starts to Increase

The state of Arkansas is home to just three casinos. Over the past few months, these properties have seen their gambling earnings drop dramatically. Fortunately, it appears that gaming revenue in Arkansas is finally starting to increase.Arkansas State Sign

Like all other states, Arkansas has a casino industry that is struggling. It will likely be years before things go back to pre-pandemic levels. Today, we’re going to take a look at exactly how much money the state’s different gambling platforms managed to bring in.

Let’s get into it!

Arkansas’ Casino Industry Was Given Permission to Reopen in May

It’s been a very unusual year for the US land-based casino industry. Each state has set its own regulations towards casino properties. Over in Arkansas, these regulations were fairly strict and all casinos were closed here for months.

Lawmakers in Arkansas ordered casinos to shut their doors back in March. The three gambling venues here immediately ceased all operations and even state officials were unaware of when these properties would open again. It wasn’t until mid-May that permission was given for casinos here to open back up.

Obviously, these regulations crippled the state’s gambling industry. That includes the new sports betting market here. As many are aware, Arkansas passed a law to allow sports betting back in July of 2019.

Unfortunately, online sports betting is not allowed in Arkansas. Most states with legal sports betting options offer internet wagering platforms. This has helped these states to bring in some valuable revenue over the past few months.

Over in Arkansas, only in-person sports betting is regulated by the state. Many now feel it’s time for the state to change these regulations. It would almost certainly result in a major revenue increase each month.

Casinos have been open here months. Things aren’t great, yet they finally seem to be improving.

Analysts Predict that Gaming Revenue in Arkansas Will Continue to Increase

Almost every state around the country has seen its casino revenue decrease this year. In some states, this has proven to be devastating. Arkansas isn’t known as a major gambling destination, yet it’s still lost an estimated $1.4 billion in gambling revenue in 2020.

The casino companies here are feeling the effects of this drop. Revenue has remained low since July and no one seems to know if things will ever return to normal. Analysts are now looking at the figures over the past two months and reports show that the state is beginning to see an upward trend.

Most of the casinos in Arkansas are still only operating about half of their gambling machines. Interestingly, revenue from these casinos has increased each month since reopening. The amount of money earned at the Hot Springs Casino, for example, increased to $104 million in June and $120 million in July.

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort is seeing a modest increase, too. General Manager Wayne Smith expressed his excitement with this development to the media this week.

“We are pleased with where our business volumes are today given we are in the middle of a pandemic,” he said. “We are proud to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and believe we are one of the safest businesses to visit.”

Southland Casino Racing is seeing the biggest monthly increase. This property earned $92 million in mid-May, $200 million in June, and $242 million in July. It’s clear that gaming revenue in Arkansas is increasing and most analysts predict this will continue for the rest of 2020.

New Jersey Sets New Sports Betting Revenue Record

Nearly all states are now allowing their casino industries to reopen. Some are finding more success than others. It’s now clear that the states with regulated online gambling options are profiting the most.

New Jersey took its time getting its casino industry back on track. It wasn’t until July that gambling venues here were allowed to begin operating again. Tourism rates were slow to increase here and land-based casino revenue remained fairly low.

Sports betting revenue, however, has been surging in this state. Here, online sports betting is regulated and hugely popular. News has just surfaced that New Jersey earned $668 million from its sports gambling industry in the month of August.

That’s the most sports betting revenue ever earned from a US state during a single month. Casino companies here are profiting massively from this surge. More states without a regulated online sports betting industry are now taking a closer look at their regulations.

That includes Arkansas. It’s now clear that gaming revenue in Arkansas is increasing each month. The introduction of online sports gambling will help the state to make up for much of the money that was lost throughout 2020.

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Casinos in New York Are Expected to Open in September

New York has been one of the last states to allow its commercial casino industry to reopen. It’s been an extremely tough few months for those employed inside these gaming venues. Based on new comments from Governor Cuomo, casinos in New York are likely to reopen soon.Andrew Cuomo

This is what many have been asking for. State leaders wanted to ensure that things were as safe as possible before they agreed to open casinos back up. Today, we’re going to discuss which properties are expected to reopen in September.

Let’s get into it!

Protesters Continue Pushing for Casinos in New York to Reopen

The state of New York is now officially a major casino destination. It wasn’t always this way, though. Lawmakers here fought against gambling legislation for years.

Commercial casinos were legalized here in 2013. In March of 2020, Governor Cuomo ordered all of these casinos to close their doors to the public. It was a huge blow to the gaming industry here and left thousands of individuals without work.

Most states began allowing their casinos to reopen in June. That includes Nevada, the biggest gambling hub in the country. In July, New Jersey started to allow its major casino-resorts to open again, too.

Many have been asking when New York would lift its regulations. Earlier this month, a number of protesters headed to Albany, calling for casinos to reopen. Several of these major protests have taken place recently and it seems they’ve had an effect.

Officials involved with gaming regulation are now working hard to get commercial casinos operational again. That includes Cuomo, who’s been hesitant to get any crowded venues up and running. This week, the governor told the media that news on this situation is coming soon.

Many feel this means that casinos in New York will be operational again by the end of next month.

Governor Cuomo is Set to Offer an Update on Casinos in New York

New York was hit extremely hard from the global pandemic earlier this year. Infection rates have become under control in more recent months. Of course, all lawmakers here fear that lifting regulations will result in another major spike in Covid-19 cases and deaths.

The casino industry is now on the brink of collapse. That’s exactly what gambling proponents in the state are attempting to point out. The permanent closure of casinos will result in a major loss of jobs.

This week, Governor Cuomo hinted at a new plan. He seems to be insinuating that all of the commercial casinos in this state will be given permission to open back up sometime in the near future.

“We will have an announcement next week,” Cuomo said, “It is going to be positive news.”

This is exactly the news that casino employees were hoping to hear. The biggest issue for these workers was not knowing when they would be allowed to return to work.

It seems likely that the same regulations found in Atlantic City’s casinos will be implemented here. That includes limiting the number of players at table games, requiring masks, and eliminating food and drink service. We’ll continue offering updates on the reopening timeline over the next few weeks.

Regulations Are Slowly Being Lifted in Atlantic City

There’s no doubt that Las Vegas remains the biggest casino hub in the United States. For a time, it seemed like Atlantic City was close to capturing that title, though. Prior to the shutdowns in March, gambling revenue in this New Jersey city was skyrocketing.

The legalization of sports betting certainly helped. A huge number of visitors from nearby states began making the trip to Atlantic City to place sports wagers inside the casinos. Many of these casino-resorts also underwent major renovations that made them more appealing to guests.

Between March and June, all of Atlantic City’s casinos were closed. They’re now open and officials have gradually begun lifting the regulations found inside these venues. News broke this week that alcohol service will once again be allowed inside the casinos here.

Hope is that the lifting of these regulations helps to boost revenue. All of the casinos in Atlantic City have experienced massive revenue drops in 2020. Overall, gaming revenue in the city dropped by 23% during the month of July.

Most experts predict this will improve as time goes on. Casino companies are working hard to attract new players. Soon, the casinos in New York will need to begin coming up with marketing ideas, as well.

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Casino Revenue in Kansas Dropped Once Again in July

Lawmakers in Kansas recently began allowing their casinos to reopen to the public. Unfortunately, the gaming venues here are earning considerably less than they did prior to the shutdowns. New reports from the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission show that casino revenue in Kansas fell considerably in July.Kansas Casinos

Some of the casinos here saw a revenue loss larger than others. With September approaching, now is a great time to look at how much some of these gaming venues managed to bring in.

Let’s get into it!

The US Casino Industry is Slowly Returning to Life

It’s been months since state leaders across the country began ordering casinos to shut down. The impact of these shutdowns was immediate in many areas. Places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City quickly began looking at ways to safely get their casinos operational again.

It has been a difficult road for casino companies in the US. Even now, most are seeing massive dips in their revenue earnings. Regulations continue to change from state to state and some commercial casinos may be forced to close down again in the near future.

Online gambling operations have been skyrocketing for the past few months. Fewer people are willing to visit a land-based gambling venue and now prefer to make their casino bets over the internet. This has brought many casino companies some much-needed revenue.

Each state sets its own timetable to reopen casinos. Kansas started allowing its major commercial gaming properties to open in early June. It was great news for gambling fans and employees within these venues.

Things haven’t completely recovered in this state, though. Kansas is home to some world-class casinos, yet these properties are still struggling to earn revenue. Reports have recently surfaced that show how much money the different casinos here brought in last month.

Here’s where things stand.

Here’s How Much Casino Revenue in Kansas Fell in July

As we’ve already mentioned, the past few months have been extremely difficult for US casino companies. Some parts of the country have seen their revenue earnings slowly increase. Over in Kansas, some casinos are faring better than others.

The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission has just released a report showing how much the state’s different gaming venues managed to bring in. Many are focusing on the Hollywood Casino & Resort, which earned just over $8,511,480. That represents a 32% drop from the same month in 2019.

Over in Mulvane, the Kansas Star Casino & Resort brought in $13,811,839 during the month of July. In July of 2019, this venue managed to bring in $15,603,150.

It’s clear that casino revenue in Kansas is lower than it should be. Fortunately, things seem to be improving month-to-month. Most of the casinos here saw their revenue jump when compared to June.

We’ll soon see how much casinos here were able to bring in during August. Most analysts feel that things will improve. Make sure to stay tuned for updates!

Will Kansas Begin Regulating Other Forms of Gambling?

Prior to 2020, the land-based casino industry in Kansas was surging. Many felt this state could become the next major gambling destination of the Midwest. Now, several lawmakers here are taking a closer look at other forms of gambling regulation.

We’re seeing states with regulated sports betting options earn a tremendous amount of money right now. It’s no surprise that so many states are now looking at this industry, as well. Many feel that several more sports betting bills will be approved before the end of 2020.

Kansas has not yet approved any measures to legalize sports gambling. Several bills have been presented over the years, yet none have made it through the House and Senate. This may still change before the year is over.

Online casinos in Kansas are already growing more popular. This trend is likely to continue as time goes on and many feel it’s time for the state to regulate this industry. We’ll continue offering updates on this situation over the next few months.

It could be months before we see casino revenue in Kansas increase to 2019’s level once again. In the meantime, casino companies will be looking at new and exciting ways to draw in players.

Are you surprised at the revenue reports here? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here Are the Three New Rules Inside AC Casinos Being Talked About

The biggest casino destination on the East Coast has officially reopened to the public. Things aren’t quite the same as they were prior to March, though. There are three new rules inside AC casinos that many visitors are beginning to complain about.Rules Sign

It will take time for US casinos to get back to normal. Some predict that casinos may never look the same as they did just a few months ago. Today, we’re going to look at three important new rules being implemented inside Atlantic City’s casinos.

Let’s get into it!

Atlantic City is Slowly Reopening to the Public

Most states around the country have begun allowing their casino industries to start operating again. That includes New Jersey, which has only recently given casino companies the green light to open for business. Getting to this point hasn’t been easy, though.

For months, New Jersey had the second-highest rates of Covid-19 in the country. The state was in lockdown for months and most businesses were forced to temporarily close down their doors. That includes all of the casinos in Atlantic City.

Closing down these gambling venues had unintended consequences. It completely stopped tourism into the city and as a result, a huge number of other businesses began losing revenue. Many felt that unless things got back on track, Atlantic City may not survive through the summer.

Eventually, lawmakers in New Jersey approved a bill to offer relief to the casinos and other small businesses in Atlantic City. Just a couple weeks later, Governor Phil Murphy announced that casinos would be allowed to reopen by July 4th. It was extremely exciting news for residents in this part of New Jersey.

Many of the casinos in Atlantic City finally opened back up this past weekend. As many have begun to realize, however, things are much different here than they were a few weeks ago.

Three New Rules Inside AC Casinos To Keep in Mind

Casinos are continuing to reopen across the country. The owners of these venues are working hard to make things as safe as possible for guests and employees while remaining fun. Balancing these two things is proving to be extremely difficult.

Atlantic City’s gambling industry is now up and running. There are three new rules inside AC casinos that visitors should keep in mind, though. Until further notice, eating, drinking, and smoking are all prohibited when on the casino floor.

It’s not much of a surprise. Casino companies here recognize how easily the new coronavirus can spread between individuals. They are doing everything they can to limit social contact.

Not everyone is pleased to see these new regulations. At the moment, all of the casinos here are operating at 25% capacity. Joe Lupo, president of the Hard Rock in Atlantic City, spoke about the opening weekend and claims many visitors are interested in seeing how things are inside these casinos.

“Obviously it will be lighter than normal. This is usually a busy weekend,” Lupo said. “I think people are going to try it out, test us out, see what it’s like.”

Those looking to make a few wagers will probably enjoy visiting Atlantic City. It’s important to keep the three new rules inside AC casinos in mind before your visit, though. No one can say when things will return to normal here.

Over in Nevada, casino companies continue working on improving safety measures.

Las Vegas Casinos Face Criticism For Lack of Employee Safety

Atlantic City casinos have only been open for a few days. Over in Nevada, things have been up and running for more than a month. Las Vegas is now focused on increasing tourism and drawing in more gamblers.

Almost all of the hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have reopened. Safety measures are set in place inside all of these properties. Recently, many groups have complained that the casino companies here are not doing enough to protect their workers.

According to some casino employees, rates of Covid-19 are not being reported in Las Vegas. Some of these workers have fallen ill due to the new coronavirus. As a result, the Nevada Culinary Union is suing some of the casinos here over the lack of safety.

Rates of Covid-19 have been slowly increasing in Nevada. In fact, infection rates are still growing throughout the entire country. It seems unlikely that state officials in Nevada will force the casinos here to close again.

The US land-based casino industry may never look the same. The new rules inside AC casinos could be here to stay. We’ll need to wait and see how the country grapples with this new virus over the next few months.

Do you plan on visiting Atlantic City this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!

NV Culinary Union Plans to Sue Las Vegas Casinos

It’s been nearly a month since all the casinos in Las Vegas reopened to the public. Tourism has gradually increased in the city, yet many workers here claim the conditions are not safe enough. As a result, the NV Culinary Union is planning to sue some of the biggest casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.NV Culinary Union

This union is one of the biggest and most powerful in Nevada. It seems the group is now angry about the situation that many casino workers find themselves in. Today, we’re going to look at what the Culinary Union hopes to accomplish.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Continues Setting New Regulations in Casinos

The state of Nevada finally started to open back up in early June. It was a welcome move for most residents here. The casino shutdown, ordered back in March, resulted in a complete drop-off in tourism and many were left without work.

Politicians here realized that something needed to change. Governor Steve Sisolak understands that the casinos are the driving force behind tourism and started working with casino companies on coming up with a comprehensive, safe reopening plan. Finally, state leaders gave the casinos in Las Vegas to open back up on June 4th.

Casino companies here started doing everything they could to increase tourism. Many began offering great travel deals and discounted room rates. As the weeks have gone on, tourism to Las Vegas has slowly increased.

Some fear that is now beginning to change. Last week, Governor Sisolak announced that it’s now mandatory to wear facial masks inside any public spaces. To the disappointment of some, that includes casinos.

Officials in this city are still trying to understand the best way to promote tourism while keeping things as safe as possible. Unfortunately, many now feel that things are not safe enough for workers inside casinos.

NV Culinary Union Announces it Plans to Sue LV Casinos Over Working Conditions

The world is still struggling to understand the new coronavirus. It’s infected more than 10 million individuals and the current death toll has just surpassed 500,000. State leaders have the unenviable task of reopening their economies while protecting vulnerable individuals.

Nevada was essentially shut down for three months. The amount of revenue that the state lost during this time is unprecedented. As the weeks went on, more residents in this state started calling for Governor Sisolak to lift the restrictions.

On June 4th, many of the casinos here began to reopen. Many now feel that casino workers are being put at risk unnecessarily. As a result, the NV Culinary Union plans to sue the casinos here for the conditions they are putting their employees in.

“The lawsuit alleges casino hotels have not protected workers, their families, and their community from the spread of COVID-19, and that the current rules and procedures in place for responding to workers contracting COVID-19 have been wholly and dangerously inadequate,” a statement from the union claims. 

There’s certainly some validity to these claims. Just a few days ago, a worker inside a Caesars Entertainment-owned Las Vegas casino died after testing positive for Covid-19. The Culinary Union wants to see things change.

A press conference is being held today to discuss this situation. Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks.

More US Casinos Are Likely to Close Soon

Nevada isn’t the only state to recently reopen its casino industry. Many states around the country have started allowing their gaming venues to reopen. Rates of Covid-19 are now beginning to quickly increase, though, and some analysts believe that hard-hit states will soon need to close their casinos once again.

Florida has been experiencing a particularly large increase in cases over the last couple of weeks. As many are aware, this was one of the first states to lift their stay-at-home orders. Some health experts believe reopening too early caused these infection rates to skyrocket.

Not long ago, some of Florida’s top gambling venues opened back up. That includes the massive guitar-shaped Hard Rock Hotel-Casino owned by the Seminole Tribe. The state cannot directly order this tribe to close its gambling venue, yet some believe the casino will close down on its own.

Most states around the country are seeing Covid-19 rates increase. Exactly how this will affect the country’s land-based gambling industry is still unknown. Hope is that things can remain open with better health protection measures set in place.

It’s interesting to see the NV Culinary Union directly go after casinos. The truth, however, is that casinos may not be able to remain profitable if more restrictions are set in place. It’s an extremely complicated situation and no one seems to have a solution.

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Illinois Casino Update: Gaming Board Approves Plans to Reopen on July 1st

As of June 26th, Illinois has the fourth-most cases of Covid-19 in the country. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to find that this state has been extremely hesitant to reopen venues that draw in large crowds. According to a new Illinois casino update from the state’s Gaming Board, however, gambling venues here will be able to reopen on July 1st.Illinois Gambling

It’s fantastic news for the casino companies here. Illinois has been working hard to expand its gambling regulations over the past couple of years. Today, we’re going to look at what state leaders currently have planned for this summer.

Let’s get into it!

Illinois’ Plans to Expand Casino Industry Come to a Halt

Over the past decade, a huge number of states have begun working to expand their current gambling industries. More state leaders seem to recognize the fact that casinos can bring in a huge amount of revenue from taxes. That is certainly the case in Illinois.

As many are aware, Illinois has been working hard to come up with new money-generating strategies. In June of 2019, lawmakers here approved a new Capital Plan that allows for several new casinos to open throughout the state. That includes one in Chicago.

It was great news for gambling fans here. Unfortunately, it’s been a difficult process trying to find a company willing to operate this Chicago casino. Much of that is due to the state’s high tax rate set on this venue.

State officials finally decided to lower this tax rate. Even after doing so, there aren’t many companies jumping at the opportunity to take control of the proposed Chicago casino. As the global pandemic began to spread around the world, the state’s casino plans came to a screeching halt.

Since March, all of the casinos currently operating here were forced to close down. The owners of these venues have been working to come up with reopening plans ever since. It now appears that officials are content with these plans.

Gaming Board Offers Exciting Illinois Casino Update

The past few months have been extremely difficult for the state of Illinois. Rates of Covid-19 have begun to drop here, yet many businesses remain closed down.

Many states around the country have slowly begun to reopen their gaming venues. That includes Nevada, which is slowly bringing Las Vegas back to life. Up until recently, no one really knew when Illinois would decide to revitalize its gaming industry.

We now have an answer. This week, members of the state Gaming Board offered an exciting new Illinois casino update. Casinos and video gaming operators can officially begin operating again at limited capacity on July 1st.

The regulations being set in place here are very similar to the ones seen in other states. That includes strict social distancing measures, stringent hand sanitization, and casinos must operate at no more than 50% capacity. If infection rates continue to drop in this state, some of these restrictions may gradually be lifted.

It comes at an important time for casino companies around the country. Many have lost an incredible amount of revenue over the past three months. Some may even be on the brink of collapse.

As infections begin to rise in certain states, it seems likely that we’ll begin to see casinos close down once again.

More Casinos Are Likely to Shut Down Soon

The land-based casino industry has been hit incredibly hard due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. For months, all brick-and-mortar gambling venues in the state were shut down. Certain states have begun to reopen these properties over the past few weeks.

In some parts of the country, it appears this may have been done a little soon. Arizona, for example, immediately saw its infection rates surge after lifting restrictions. As a result, the state ordered three major casinos here to shut down once again.

Florida has just shattered its own infection record. Over the past 24 hours, more than 9,000 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded here. Most predict that state leaders will call for all casinos to temporarily close.

Infection rates are slowly beginning to creep up in Nevada, as well. As a result, Governor Sisolak announced that wearing masks in public places, including casinos, is now required. Some worry this will damage the state’s already-hurting tourism industry.

The Illinois casino update is exciting for several reasons. Of course, state leaders may be forced to rethink this strategy if it’s proven that casinos contribute to a significant rise in new infections. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation over the next few months.

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Here’s an Update on New York’s Casino Industry

New York remains the hardest-hit US state from this global pandemic. Over the past few weeks, however, Covid-19 infection rates have been dropping here. As a result, New York’s casino industry has slowly begun coming back to life.New York Sign

Many of the tribal casinos in this state have reopened to the public. Many are now asking when the state’s commercial casinos can start operating again. Now is the perfect time to look at what the state has planned over the next few weeks.

New York Gears Up to Enter into Phase III Next Month

Back in March, the US began to enter into lockdown. The novel coronavirus had begun to spread rapidly throughout the country. Eventually, cases began to skyrocket in New York and New York City in particular.

Things didn’t slow down for months. New York’s Covid-19 cases continued to climb and tens of thousands of individuals were killed. By early June, it seemed as if the state’s intense social distancing measures began to work and finally, infection rates here started to fall.

It’s been an incredibly difficult time for residents and businesses in this state. Most of the casinos in upstate New York, for example, have been closed for months.

Many restrictions are starting to be lifted and a sense of normalcy seems to be emerging. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claims the state will enter into Phase III of reopening on July 6th.

This will be a welcome move for many residents here. Phase III allows for indoor dining and many outdoor activities to resume. Some are still concerned that lifting restrictions will lead to another surge in infections.

There’s no doubt that things are improving in this state. As restrictions are lifted, more individuals here are becoming interested in entertainment activities. Does this mean the state’s biggest casinos can finally start accepting guests?

New York’s Casino Industry is Already Opening Up

For months, it seemed like almost nothing was open in New York. Many are incredibly surprised to hear that some casinos have been open here since early June. How exactly is this possible?

New York is home to several Native American-run gambling venues. These casinos sit on sovereign land and can set their own regulations. The Cayuga Nation’s small Lakeside Gaming Hall began operating in mid-May. On June 10th, several of the Seneca Nation’s properties started operating again.

As many are aware, New York legalized commercial casinos back in 2013. There are now several of these Las Vegas-style gaming venues operating here. Don’t expect any of these properties to reopen soon, though.

For obvious reasons, New York is still extremely cautious to allow businesses to reopen. State leaders recently announced that visitors from several states will need to quarantine for 14 days.

“If you fly into New York,  we’ll have your name, we’ll know where you’re supposed to be staying, there will be random checks,” Governor Cuomo said. “You get pulled over by a police officer and he looks at where your residence, and says, ‘How long have you been here?’ You get sick, you go to a hospital from out of state and you test positive and you’ve been within the 14 days, you’re violating the law and you’re going to have a problem.”

Certain parts of New York’s casino industry is now back up and running. Commercial casinos here will need to remain closed for a little longer. It now appears that some casinos in states that have recently lifted restrictions are now being ordered to close down again.

Three Casinos in Arizona Have Been Ordered to Shut Down

Over the past few weeks, several states around the country have begun to lift their restrictions. Many feel that this is leading to the significant surge in Covid-19 infection rates around the country. Some states are being hit harder than others.

Arizona is seeing its cases surge significantly. Over the past 24 hours, for example, more than 3,000 new cases have been confirmed here. As a result, three casinos in this state have been forced to temporarily shut their doors.

This goes to show how quickly things can change right now. The casinos in Arizona that recently closed were following very similar guidelines to the casinos in Las Vegas. Some analysts fear that Nevada’s casinos will soon be forced to shut down again.

Covid-19 infection rates in Nevada have been increasing lately. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak recently announced that masks are now required when going into public spaces. That includes all of the state’s casinos.

No one really knows when New York’s casino industry will completely back up. The country is in an unprecedented time right now. Governor Cuomo is likely to offer more information on this situation over the next few weeks.

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