Plainridge Park Casino is Pushing to Open New Games

Plainridge Park Casino With Gambling And Chips

Massachusetts is home to three popular gambling venues. That includes Plainridge Park, which first opened its doors to the public in 2015. New reports claim Plainridge Park Casino is now requesting permission to open more games in the future.

At the moment, this property is only allowed to offer slot games to its patrons. That could change in the near future. Now is a great time to talk about what the owners of this venue are hoping to accomplish.

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Plainridge Park Casino Wants to Expand its Gaming Options

Just a couple of decades ago, nearly all forms of gambling were prohibited in the state of Massachusetts. Things began to change in the mid-2010s. It was around this time that major casinos began opening their doors in this state.

The Plainridge Park Casino was the first true gambling venue to open its doors here. This venue opened in 2015 as a racino and slot parlor. Even today, this venue is only able to offer slot games to its patrons. Table games are still prohibited.

The owners of this venue are now pushing to make a change. A hearing took place this week that discussed bills to expand the gaming options at Plainridge Park. If approved, this property would receive permission to offer 30 table games and 250 more slots. Rep. Jeff Roy of Franklin supports this measure, claiming it will help to compete with Rhode Island’s growing casino industry.

“Last session, we were concerned about the opening of the casino in Tiverton, Rhode Island, which happened two years ago. In this session, we also know that Rhode Island is planning a major expansion at Twin River. And that will put Plainridge and my communities at a further competitive disadvantage,” Roy said. “We’re here to push for a modest expansion of Plainridge so that the commonwealth can best compete with our neighbors to the south, and we can protect the jobs, our local businesses, and the tax revenues that have been generated from Plainridge Park.”

It will take time for anything to be approved. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this situation over the next couple of months.

Gaming Revenue in MA Dropped This August

Massachusetts has quickly developed a large and successful gaming industry. Each of the gambling venues here is popular. For much of 2021, gambling revenue throughout the state has been steadily increasing.

Reports surfaced today claiming that gaming revenue in MA dropped over the month of August. Gross gaming revenue came out to $92 million in August. That represents a slight dip from the $95.7 million brought in during July.

Encore Boston Harbor managed to bring in the most revenue with $57.8 million in August. The majority of this money came from slots. It’s clear this venue remains the most popular casino-resort in the state of Massachusetts.

MGM Springfield came second with $21.8 million. About $17 million of this was brought in from slots. Lastly, Plainridge Park Casino managed to bring in $12.7 million in revenue, representing one of its best months to date since the opening of Encore Boston Harbor.

This revenue dip is not significant and it would not be a shock to see things bounce back in September. Stay tuned for more revenue reports as the year goes on.

When Will Sports Betting Finally Become Available in Massachusetts?

More than half the country now has a regulated sports betting industry set in place. Most of these states are earning a huge amount of money from this industry. That is particularly true now that the 2021/2022 NFL season has begun.

Massachusetts is known for having one of the most passionate sports fan bases in the country. It’s here that major sports teams are located, including the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox. Many residents here have been eager to see regulated sports betting options become available.

It’s still unclear when exactly sports betting will become available here. Not long ago, a major regulatory body met to discuss the pros and cons of this industry. Based on the way things are moving, sports betting will become legal and regulated here in 2022.

Massachusetts could grow to develop one of the largest sports betting industries in the United States. It’s no surprise that many sports betting companies are eager to break into this new market.

Are you excited to hear Plainridge Park Casino could soon begin offering more gaming options? When do you expect sports betting to become legal in Massachusetts? Let us know in the comments section below.

Revenue at MGM Springfield Jumped in January

Massachusetts’ casino industry continues to change. After months of disappointing results, it appears revenue at MGM Springfield is finally increasing. It’s fantastic news for the owners of this venue, who have invested millions of dollars to bring in more players.Revenue Increase Figure

Today, we’re going to discuss the history of the MGM Springfield Casino. We’ll also look at what this recent spike means for the property moving forward.

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MGM Springfield Has Been a Major Disappointment

Since 2011, Massachusetts has given three casinos permission to operate in the state. The first gambling venue to open here was MGM Springfield. MGM Resorts International built this property, which many believed would be extremely lucrative.

It was widely believed that Massachusetts would become one of the country’s next major gambling hubs. A huge number of individuals here make trips to Atlantic City in order to gamble inside casinos. With local casinos, this would no longer be necessary.

At first, MGM Springfield proved to be successful. As time went on, however, visitation here dropped. In June of 2019, Encore Boston Harbor opened up near Boston and captured a huge percentage of the state’s casino market.

Many gamblers who previously played inside MGM Springfield quickly made the switch to the Wynn Resorts-owned casino. As a result, revenue at MGM Springfield began to plummet. It seemed like just a matter of time before this casino was sold to the highest bidder.

That hasn’t been the case, though. Despite poor revenue figures, MGM Resorts continues to invest money here. Now, it appears that decision may be paying off.

Revenue at MGM Springfield Finally Increases

The fact that MGM Resorts continued to invest in their Massachusetts property was a little surprising. On the surface, it looked like this was a property that was bleeding money. Perhaps company officials saw something no else did.

Recent reports indicate that gambling revenue at this property officially increased in January. The casino’s gross gambling revenue was $20.6 million, compared to just $18.9 million in December. It’s not a massive increase, yet company officials have to be pleased.

Initial estimates predicted that revenue at MGM Springfield would be close to $34.8 million per month. Unfortunately, the most this property ever brought in during a single month was around $27 million. Overall, the casino brought in close to $252 million last year.

This wasn’t for a lack of trying, though. Back in early January, MGM Resorts decided to appoint a new president of this casino. Hope was that the change in leadership could help to turn things around. As of now, this strategy appears to be working.

MGM Springfield isn’t the only casino that experienced a revenue jump last month. Is this a sign that the state’s casino industry is in for a major change?

Plainridge Park Casino Revenue Jumps, Encore’s Drops

Right now, there are three different casinos operating in Massachusetts. As we mentioned earlier, the Encore Boston Harbor has proven to be the most successful of the three. That wasn’t the case in January, though.

Last month, the Plainridge Park Casino saw its gross gaming revenue increase by an astounding $876,913. This comes after seven straight months of revenue decreases. This venue managed to bring in around $11 million in January.

Encore Boston Harbor, however, saw its revenue drop. In January, this casino brought in $49 million. That’s down considerably from December’s $54 million. Wynn Resorts appears to be targeting more of a casual gambler demographic to help make up for these revenue drops.

The casino has also recently chosen to lower its minimum bet limit on several table games. Free parking is also beginning to be offered here. More strategies will be discussed during the company’s upcoming quarterly conference call.

Revenue at MGM Springfield officially jumped last month. Hopefully, this trend continues for the rest of the year.

Stay tuned for more Massachusetts casino news over the next few months!