Pictures Inside LV Casinos Are Starting to Be Allowed

Las Vegas is one of the country’s biggest tourist destinations. Millions of individuals come to this city every month to eat, drink, gamble, and take photographs. Unfortunately, many casinos in the city prohibit pictures on the gaming floor. Recently, however, certain officials are beginning to allow pictures inside LV casinos.Animated Camera

It’s a fun piece of news for tourists in the city. Casinos make up a huge part of Las Vegas. Interestingly, the ability to take pictures inside these venues may actually bring in more tourists.

Let’s look at what exactly is changing here.

Las Vegas Casinos Make Their Rules Very Clear

Ask anyone what comes to mind when you mention Las Vegas and there’s a good chance that you will hear “casinos.” Gambling venues have been operating in this city for nearly a century. Over the past few decades, companies have begun to construct massive, multi-billion-dollar casino-resorts in the city.

These properties might seem like places where anything goes. In reality, however, Las Vegas casinos have strict rules set in place. Anyone caught breaking those rules will be kicked out, or worse.

Obviously, most of these rules center around gambling. Table game dealers will often be quick to let you know if you’re breaking any of the casino’s rules.

One rule that many have complained about is the inability to take pictures inside LV casinos. For many individuals, the casinos are why they are visiting the city in the first place! Not being able to capture the memory inside these venues can be frustrating.

Several casinos have heard these complaints and are beginning to make a change. Inside these gambling venues, taking photographs is perfectly fine.

Rules Towards Pictures Inside LV Casinos Are Changing

The strict rules set in place at many Las Vegas casinos are beginning to turn visitors off. Some now prefer to stay in the more laid-back properties located off the Strip, rather than the high-end casino-resorts. Some even claim that not being able to take pictures inside LV casinos is reason enough to turn them off.

Recently, the STRAT and Four Queens casinos have begun to allow visitors to take photographs on the gambling floor. The owners of these venues believe that the rule change will help to better promote their casinos in social media.

“People want to share their lives in a manner we didn’t have access to years prior,” director of table games at Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin, Sam Garritano, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Most people are just wanting to capture themselves in a fun environment, and we can’t fault them for wanting to share.”

In the past, these rules were set in place to avoid cheating. Casinos also wanted to protect those who wished to stay in Las Vegas under-the-table. Casinos valued their patron’s privacy.

Times are changing now that almost everyone holds a camera in their pocket. The STRAT changed its rule in August. Hope is that more patrons here are encouraged to take selfies and promote the games being offered.

Pictures in LV casinos are starting to become available. If you’re visiting the STRAT or Four Queens, feel free to grab a selfie at the tables!

Will This Rule Change Have an Impact on Revenue?

This remains to be seen. Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to document their entire lives. The inability to do so inside Las Vegas casinos has to be frustrating for some. Some of the casinos that allow photographs to be taken may experience an increase in visitors.

It’s unlikely to have any major impact, though. Both the STRAT and Four Queens are some of the worst-performing casinos in the city. Both have been criticized in the past for their lack of modern amenities. It makes to see the owners of these venues working to bring in more visitors.

Fortunately, gambling revenue in Las Vegas has been surging lately. In October, for example, the city’s casinos generated more than $1 billion once again.

Most believe that this revenue increase will continue for the next few months. Winter is generally the least popular time to visit Las Vegas. With several major events on the horizon, though, this may not be the case right now.

Will pictures inside LV casinos become available everywhere? We’ll need to wait and see. Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!