PointsBet Joins Pennsylvania’s Growing Gaming Industry

After a banner year in 2021, the Pennsylvania gambling market will be getting a new operator soon. Officials from PointsBet announced they received licenses to operate their online casino and sportsbook in the Keystone State. PointsBet has not yet announced a launch date for its online platform in Pennsylvania. When it launches, PointsBet will have to compete with several highly rated online casinos in Pennsylvania.

PointsBet partnered with Penn National Gaming to conduct its Pennsylvania operations. The gaming company already has operations in other US states, such as Michigan and New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, PointsBet will join several other big-name operators that have been flourishing.

Pennsylvania’s gaming market reached new heights in 2021. iGaming revenue in the Keystone State topped $1 billion. Operators also broke the record for yearly sports betting handle. In December alone, the sports betting handle was up nearly 37% from the year before.

Sports betting was not the only part of the gaming industry to experience an end-of-year surge. Video gaming terminals more than tripled revenues from December 2020. Retail table games and slot machines also rebounded from a down year in 2020. The growth of the gaming industry brought good news for the Commonwealth as well. Pennsylvania collected a record revenue from taxes on legal gaming operations.

What is PointsBet?

PointsBet started as an Australian-based sports betting company but has quickly made a name for itself among online sportsbooks. In addition to Australia, PointsBet also has operations in the UK and the US. Currently, the company is headquartered in Denver, CO. The sportsbook operator is the official sports betting partner of NBC Sports. PointsBet is also partnered with teams across the four major American sports.

Pennsylvania is not the only state PointsBet is expanding into this year. The sports betting operator launched in neighboring New York state earlier this month. When it launches in Pennsylvania, PointsBet will have operations in ten states.

The US gaming industry has been growing rapidly since 2018. Companies like PointsBet have been able to take advantage by moving into new markets as they legalize more types of gambling. Part of the company’s success is due to owning its own technology for gaming operations.

Players in the Quaker State should be able to take full advantage of PointsBet’s online services. Both the online sportsbook and casino will be available to residents when the operation launches. Customers will also be able to use a mobile app to access the gaming operator’s services.  PointsBet offers traditional fixed sports betting odds, as well as its own unique PointsBetting style of wagering.

December was a Big Month for PA Gambling

Gaming operators in Pennsylvania experienced huge success to end 2021. According to the latest report from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB), December’s sports betting revenue was over $34 million. That is an increase of more than 80% from December 2020. There was also an increase in sports betting handle in December. Reportedly, December’s sports betting handle was $750.4 million, an increase of 36.8% compared to last December.

Other areas of the gaming industry also experienced success in December. Decreased pandemic restrictions allowed for increased success of retail games. Revenue from retail slot machines and games both increased by over 300% compared to December 2020.

Slot machines brought in more than $195 million, while table games raked in north of $83 million. Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA generated the most revenue from slots with over $33.6 million. Meanwhile, it was Wind Creek Bethlehem that raked in the most from table games, over $19 million.

Pennsylvania is one of the few states that allow for Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs). Last month, VGTs tripled their revenue from December 2020. In total, VGTs across the Keystone State generated a total revenue of $3.4 million last month. Despite the widespread success, there was one type of revenue that decreased last December. Sports wager revenue was reported to be $18.8 million, down 44.75% from the previous December.

2021 Was a Record-Setting Year for PA Gaming

The success across most sectors in December embodied the success of Pennsylvania’s gambling industry in 2021. Not only did the gaming sector recover from the pandemic, but it also broke several pre-pandemic records. The strong end of the year will also hopefully set up the state for another big year in 2022.

Pennsylvania’s iGaming sector experienced huge growth throughout the year. Revenue from iGaming nearly doubled from 2020. In total, iGaming operations generated $1.11 billion in revenue last year.

Sports betting also reached new heights last year. The industry has been growing in popularity every year across the US. In 2021, sports betting revenue topped $340 million in PA. The total revenue increased by 79.3% from the previous year.

Operators’ total sports betting handle also increased greatly from the end of 2020 to the end of 2021. Operators brought in a sports betting handle of $6.55 billion last year, breaking the previous record set in 2018. Compared to 2020, the sports betting handle in 2021 increased by 83%.

The jump in revenues was great news for the commonwealth’s coffers. In total, Pennsylvania collected $4.73 billion in tax revenue from gambling operators. The tax revenue shattered the previous record of $3.41 billion set in 2019. It was also an increase of 78.5% from the total tax revenue in 2020.


PointsBet is looking to continue its expansion into the US gaming market by setting up operations in Pennsylvania. Officials from PointsBet announced they were approved for licenses for both an online casino and sports betting in PA. The Keystone State will be the tenth state with PointsBet operations.

While it started in Australia, PointsBet is now headquartered in Colorado. The online gaming company also recently launched operations in New York. PointsBet is partnered with several professional leagues as well as individual teams. For its PA operations, the company partnered with Penn National Gaming.

Setting up shop in Pennsylvania makes a lot of sense for PointsBet. Gaming revenue in the Oil State reached new heights in 2021. Pennsylvania gaming operators also ended the year on a high note, setting the industry up for even more growth in 2022. The addition PointsBet operations will also help the commonwealth which benefits greatly from taxing gaming revenues.

Smoking in Pennsylvania Casinos is Still Allowed, for Now

State Seal Of Pennsylvania Smoking Sign And Gambling Background

Casinos across the United States have seen their health restrictions change dramatically over the last few years. Many have been debating whether or not to continue allowing smoking inside various gambling venues across the country. New reports confirm that smoking in Pennsylvania casinos will still be allowed, for now.

Most of the casinos in the state will be pleased with this news. Now is a great time to talk about how Pennsylvania’s gambling industry might fare over the next year.

Here’s what you need to know.

Officials Continue Allowing Smoking in Pennsylvania

2020 was without a doubt the most unusual year in history for the US casino industry. All of the world’s major gambling hubs were essentially shut down for months out of the year. After reopening, various state gaming commissions implemented intense health restrictions inside casinos.

Many felt that smoking would be permanently prohibited inside major casinos. This did not happen in some of the country’s largest gambling hubs, due largely to the efforts of major casino companies. Banning smoking usually results in major drops in visitation rates and that was the last thing casinos needed at a time when revenue was at an all-time low.

Many anti-smoking groups continue working to ban smoking inside casinos. Several bills were filed in Pennsylvania that, if approved, would permanently prohibit this activity. None have been approved and most casinos in the state still allow smoking in 50% of the gaming floor. Hollywood Casinos, a major gaming operator in Pennsylvania, released a statement on this situation to the media this week.

“The real power at the end of the day on this issue rests with our customers who can vote with their pocketbooks if they feel like we’re not doing a good enough job catering to their needs,” the statement said. “It’s a balance, and one that we feel the marketplace should determine, particularly in such a competitive environment with other gaming facilities nearby and in neighboring states.”

Certain lawmakers will continue working to ban smoking in Pennsylvania casinos. For now, it will be up to individual casinos to allow or ban it. Stay tuned for more updates on this situation as the year continues.

Pennsylvania’s Gambling Revenue Hit Record-Highs in 2021

The US gambling industry thrived throughout 2021. Both casino and sports betting revenue surged around the entire country. Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest gaming industries in the country and saw its revenue figures from this industry surge over the past twelve months.

Pennsylvania’s gaming industry broke monthly records on several occasions last year. November proved to be one of the best months for this industry. Statewide gambling operators reported $432.5 million in total gross gaming revenue.

Certain forms of gambling proved to be more popular than others. Revenue earned from the state’s land-based casinos was just 3.6% higher than it was in 2019. That is surprising when considering how many new gambling venues have opened in the state over the past two years.

This state set a new monthly sports betting handle record in November. This handle came out to $761.6 million over the course of the month. Sports betting GGR came out to $63.7 million over the month, up 70% when compared to the same month in 2020.

Most analysts expect to see gambling revenue in Pennsylvania reaching new record-highs in 2022. Online casino gambling seems to be growing particular popular here. We’ll be sure to continue offering revenue reports here as the year goes on.

Major Gaming Hubs Brace for Revenue Surges

Pennsylvania is home to a huge number of casino and sports betting options. This state is not necessarily thought of as one of the country’s true gambling hubs, though. Places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City certainly fit that bill.

Las Vegas thrived throughout 2021. Gambling revenue broke records on several occasions over the course of the year. Casino companies here are expecting to see massive revenue surges in 2022 and some casino executives are pushing for online casino gambling to become available here.

Atlantic City also had a fantastic year. It helped to establish New Jersey as the sports betting capital of the country. Lawmakers here approved a PILOT bill in 2021 that helps to lower the tax rate for the casinos here and some feel this will help some of them to undergo major renovations.

Nearly every state with regulated gambling options is likely to experience revenue surges this year. Many states are likely to begin regulating sports betting, too.

Are you surprised to see that smoking in Pennsylvania is still allowed? Will this change in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania Continues to Drive Revenue Growth

Pennsylvania State Seal With Online Gambling Background

Pennsylvania is well-known for having one of the largest and most successful gambling industries in the United States. New reports have just surfaced showing how much money the gambling operators have been bringing in lately. Online gambling in Pennsylvania seems to be generating the most revenue right now.

Pennsylvania allows a variety of online gambling options. Today, we’ll talk about exactly how much money the state’s gambling industry has been bringing in lately.

Let’s get into it!

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania is Bringing in Major Revenue

The entire US gambling industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. Pennsylvania has quickly turned into one of the most successful gambling hubs in the country. Nearly all forms of traditional gambling are legal and regulated here.

A large number of casinos are currently operating in this state. Throughout 2021, these gambling properties have been generating major revenue earnings. That includes this past October, when the state’s casinos set a new all-time revenue record with $425.9 million in GGR.

All of the regulated gambling options here help to bring in a huge amount of revenue. Some are more successful than others. New reports show that the state’s online gambling platforms are the main revenue generators right now.

Pennsylvania’s gambling industry brought in $432.5 million in total gross gaming revenue in November. The vast majority of this revenue is coming in from online gambling in Pennsylvania. Roger Gros, a prominent gambling analyst, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“I don’t think it’s really bad news for casinos because it really does diversify the revenue that they get,” Gros said. “If, God forbid, there’s another pandemic lockdown, they’ll still have revenue coming in through the online side. I don’t think it’s [Omicron variant] impacting anybody so far. People are just tired of it, and who knows what this omicron thing is doing when it comes to how severe it is.”

Online gambling is growing more popular around the entire country. Let’s take a quick look at where mobile gambling options are set to become available in 2022.

More States Look to Launch Online Gambling Industries

Pennsylvania is not alone in seeing huge revenue earnings from its online gambling industry. Across the country, mobile gambling platforms are proving to be more successful than their land-based counterparts. This is leading many states around the country to launch new online gaming options in an attempt to generate more tax revenue.

Several states seem prepared to launch online gambling options in 2022. That includes several states with large land-based gambling industries set in place. These states recognize how much money can be earned from this industry.

New York seems prepared to launch its first online sportsbooks in 2022. Lawmakers here approved a measure to allow online sports betting earlier this year. Several companies have already been awarded licenses to launch mobile sportsbooks in the state.

Massachusetts may also be on the brink of allowing online sports betting. Lawmakers here came very close to legalizing sports betting in 2021, yet no bills managed to get approved in the Senate. 2022 seems like the year this happens and online sportsbooks are expected to go live here quickly.

Nevada has prohibited online casino gambling for many years. Several major casino executives are now pushing for things to change, arguing that legal online casinos will help to bring the state a huge amount of revenue. We’ll be sure to report on the launch of online sports betting in various states as the months go on.

Gaming Analysts Predict Another Record-Breaking Year in 2022

2021 was one of the best years in history for the US gambling industry. A huge number of states launched their first sportsbooks this year. Many of the biggest casino companies also experienced record-breaking revenue figures on several occasions.

Most gaming analysts predict another record-breaking year in 2022. Many states are looking to expand their gaming industries over the next 12 months. That includes several of the ones listed above set to launch online gambling options.

Many major new casinos are opening around the country, too. Station Casinos has already revealed plans to open several new casinos in Las Vegas. A number of new entertainment venues in Sin City, including the MSG Sphere, will likely also help to generate revenue.

Illinois is also looking to significantly expand its gambling industry in 2022. Many are hopeful to see construction on the proposed Chicago casino begin here next year. Five other casinos are expected to open their doors in this state over the next few years.

Are you surprised to hear how successful online gambling in Pennsylvania is right now? Will 2022 be an even better year for the US gambling industry? Let us know in the comments section below!

New Reports on Pennsylvania’s Casino Revenue for September are Out

Pennsylvania State Seal With Hollywood And Rivers Casino

Pennsylvania continues to develop one of the most successful gambling industries in the United States. Throughout most of the year, casino revenue has been steadily rising here. New reports on Pennsylvania’s casino revenue for September are now out and many are impressed to see how much the gambling venues here managed to bring in.

Some analysts feel that this state could soon be a real competitor with other gaming hubs in the country. Today, we’ll take a close look at the latest revenue reports here.

Let’s get into it!

Pennsylvania’s Casino Revenue for September Passes $415 Million

The Northeastern US is currently developing a massive gambling industry. Atlantic City has been the region’s casino hub for decades. In recent years, other states including Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland have worked to offer more gaming options to their residents.

Pennsylvania now appears to be the main competitor to New Jersey’s casino industry. 15 different casinos are spread around the state. A large number of smaller “mini-casinos” are also up and running here. These help to generate major revenue figures each month.

This week, reports on Pennsylvania’s casino revenue for September were released. Some have been surprised to see that the casinos here managed to bring in $415 million in total GGR. That represents a 46% increase when compared to September of 2020. It remains lower than the all-time record set last July at $423.6 million, though.

Parx Casino in Bucks County managed to bring in the most revenue at $57.1 million. Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh saw impressive figures at $33.1 million. Most of the casinos here posted solid revenue figures over the month and are likely happy with the progress being made throughout the year.

Of course, Pennsylvania’s gambling revenue figures remain far below what New Jersey has been able to bring in. Let’s look at how the casino companies operating in Atlantic City fared last month.

Breaking Down New Jersey’s Latest Gaming Revenue Figures

2021 has been an exciting year for New Jersey’s gambling operators. Most have seen record-breaking revenue figures on several occasions already. This past September proved to be the biggest month in history for the state’s sports gambling industry.

The sports betting companies here saw a conbined handle of more than $1 billion in September. That marks the first time any state experienced a sports betting handle past the $1 billion mark. Of that, $82.4 million was kept by the state’s regulated sportsbooks.

Total gross gaming revenue in the state across its various regulated gambling options came out to $405.1 million. That represents a 39% increase from September of 2020. The nine land-based casinos in Atlantic City saw $248.5 million in revenue earned.

Once again, slot machines proved to be the big earners for these casinos. Slots accounted for $182 million in total revenue. Table games brought in $66.5 million. It’s clear that tourism remains high in Atlantic City and should remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Numerous records have been set over in Las Vegas this year, too. Unfortunately, not all of the casino operators here are releasing encouraging revenue reports.

Nevada’s Casino Companies Report Fluctuating Revenue Figures

Numerous states are growing more focused on expanding their gaming industries. Despite their best attempts, however, none is likely to ever become a real competitor to Nevada. The casino industry in Las Vegas remains the world’s most profitable and 2021 has been a tremendous year for the gambling venues here.

Interestingly, many of the casino operators here have reported poor revenue figures over 2021’s third quarter. That includes Las Vegas Sands, one of the world’s most powerful casino companies. This company is anticipating to come up far short of the early estimate for the quarter, largely due to poor earnings from its properties in Macau.

Not every company here has been struggling. MGM Resorts appears to be having a fantastic quarter and has been working to expand recently. MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle is now embracing the online casino industry and believes it’s time for Nevada to allow online casino gaming options.

Other companies here including Wynn Resorts and Caesars Entertainment appear to be performing well, too. Many are curious to see how well these companies perform through the year’s final months, as well. We’ll be sure to offer more reports on these revenue figures as the year goes on.

Are you surprised to see Pennsylvania’s casino revenue for September? How do you expect the casinos here to perform through the rest of 2021? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ocean Casino-Resort is Suing a Pennsylvania Casino Over Advertising

Ocean Casino Lawsuit

Atlantic City is home to some of the biggest and most powerful casinos in the United States. That includes the Ocean Casino-Resort, one of the newest properties to open its doors in this city. New reports have just surfaced claiming that the owners of this property are now suing a major Pennsylvania-based casino.

Now is a great time to talk about why this lawsuit is being made. We’ll also talk about how the casino industries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are faring right now.

Let’s get into it.

Ocean Casino-Resort Files Lawsuit Against Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

The US casino industry has been steadily recovering since the mass shutdowns back in 2020. Over in Atlantic City, things have been faring very well. The East Coast’s top gambling hub has been seeing consistent revenue increases over the past few months.

Recently, the Ocean Casino-Resort has established itself as one of the most popular gambling venues in the city. This venue opened its doors back in 2012. It struggled to generate much interest at first, yet has been seeing steady revenue increases over the past eight months.

News broke this week that the owners of this venue have filed a lawsuit against the Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia. The Ocean Casino-Resort spent a massive amount of money developing the “Go for the Win” slogan in their marketing campaign. The Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia is now using its own slogan, “Let’s Go for the Win,” illegally, representatives from Ocean claim.

Officials at Ocean Casino-Resort want the Philadelphia casino to immediately cease using this slogan. They are also demanding money for the damages this rival marketing campaign has caused. Representatives of Live! Casino Philadelphia have yet to comment on this lawsuit.

Fortunately, the gaming industries in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are performing very well right now. Here’s a look at how much revenue these properties have been bringing in lately.

Casino Revenue Continues to Surge in the Northeastern US

There is now a massive gambling hub developing in the Northeastern area of the United States. New Jersey and Pennsylvania have both developed major casino industries in recent years. Both are also seeing steady revenue increases throughout 2021.

The American Gaming Association recently released a report detailing New Jersey’s casino revenue over the year’s second quarter. Incredibly, this state has managed to bring in $13.6 billion in total gross gaming revenue over the months of April, May, and June. That represents the best quarter in history for the casinos here.

Pennsylvania has massively expanded its gaming industry over the past two decades. Last July, the casinos here reported $423 million in total gaming revenue. That is an impressive $35 million jump when compared to the month prior.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are home to large sports betting industries, as well. Both land-based and online sports betting are legal and regulated here. This industry helps to bring the state a huge amount of tax revenue each month.

2021 is shaping up to be the best year in history for the casinos in the Northeastern United States. So how are the casinos faring over in the Western US?

Las Vegas Continues to Report Impressive Gaming Revenue Figures

Las Vegas is facing more gambling competition from other states now than ever before. Despite that fact, “Sin City” remains the most powerful gaming destination in the United States. It has recovered from the events that unfolded in 2020 and continues to set new revenue records in 2021.

That was the case this past July. It was this month that the casinos here managed to bring in $794 million in total gross gaming revenue. That surpassed the previous record set in February of 2013 at $696 million. Some analysts credit the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas for this spike in gaming revenue.

Most expect to see even larger revenue figures as the year goes on. Some believe August will end up surpassing the $794 million mark set the month prior. This is likely due to the continuously increasing tourism rates in Las Vegas.

The US casino industry is in a better position than ever before. That is incredible when considering how dire things were for this industry just one year ago. We’ll be sure to offer more revenue updates as the year goes on.

Are you surprised the Ocean Casino-Resort is suing Live! Casino & Resort? Will this lawsuit be successful? Let us know in the comments section below.

How is the Gaming Industry in PA Faring Right Now?

Parx Casino Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is home to a large, successful gambling industry. Since 2020, gaming operators in the state have been working hard to boost their revenue figures. Now is the perfect time to break down exactly how the gaming industry in PA is faring right now.

There has been some real progress made here over the past six months. The casino industry, in particular, seems to be improving at a rapid pace.

Here’s what you need to know!

Pennsylvania’s Casino Industry Fared Better Than Other States in 2020

As most are aware, 2020 ended up being the worst year in history for the country’s land-based casino industry. For months, all commercial casinos were forced to shut down. Intense health and travel restrictions remained in place throughout the year, leading to a major decrease in casino visits.

Some casino markets were affected more than others. Over in Las Vegas, things turned dire extremely quickly. This city relies heavily on its tourism industry. When the casinos in Las Vegas shut down, tourism came to a screeching halt.

Atlantic City was heavily impacted, as well. The East Coast’s gambling hub was essentially shut down between March and June of 2020. A huge number of job losses quickly followed and gambling revenue remained low throughout the year.

Pennsylvania seemed to fare better than many other states. Overall, the state’s gambling revenue fell by 31% from 2019 to 2020. That is significantly less than many of the other nearby states including New Jersey.

Regulated online gambling options helped Pennsylvania make up for much of the lost land-based revenue. Pennsylvania allows both online casino gambling and sports betting. With many residents stuck at home, these internet gaming options surged in popularity.

Many are now asking how Pennsylvania’s gaming industry is faring thus far in 2021. Here’s a quick update on this situation!

The Gaming Industry in PA Continues to Improve Throughout 2021

There are a huge number of popular casinos spread throughout Pennsylvania. Throughout the first-half of 2021, these venues have seen their visitation and revenue figures increase. It’s fantastic news for the gambling operators here.

This past April, combined gross gaming revenue in the state came out to $404,105,692. That broke the record set just one month prior. Many expect that May’s revenue figures will once again set a new record for the state.

The Parx Casino saw the biggest revenue increase in April. Incredibly, this state managed to bring in $62,944,591. That is a massive increase from the $4,307,273 brought in during April of 2020. This venue in Bensalem remains the most popular gambling establishment in the state.

The Hollywood Casino at Penn National came in second with a combined $53,530,883 in GGR this April. In third place is the Rivers Casino Philadelphia at $49,057,486. The lowest-earner of April was the Hollywood Casino Morgantown at just $1,139,054.

It’s clear that a growing number of PA residents are choosing to play inside casinos. Pennsylvania’s casinos may also be attracting visitors from neighboring states. Hope is that this trend continues for the rest of the year.

The casinos in Pennsylvania certainly have reason to celebrate. Recent reports also indicate the sports betting companies here are seeing a major increase in revenue lately.

PA’s Sports Betting Industry is Still One of the Country’s Strongest

The US Supreme Court struck down PASPA back in May of 2018. This decision proved to be monumental for the country’s gambling industry. PASPA’s removal immediately gave every state the ability to legalize and regulate sports betting.

It didn’t take long for Pennsylvania to embrace this industry. Today, both land-based and online sportsbooks are available here. Sports betting revenue has been steadily increasing in the state since these sportsbooks launched.

This past April, sports betting handle and revenue decreased for the first time in months. Most feel the end of the college basketball season led to this revenue decrease. When compared to 2020, however, Apri’s revenue saw a staggering 941.8% increase.

Analysts expect May’s sports betting revenue figures to increase significantly thanks to the NBA season. A handful of major MMA events could also contribute to a better month. We’ll be sure to report on the numbers here as soon as they are released.

Overall, the gaming industry in PA is going strong right now. 2020 was an extremely difficult year for the gambling companies here. Things are bouncing back in a big way and 2021 may end up being the best overall year in history for the casinos and sports betting operators throughout the state.

Are you surprised to see casino revenue in Pennsylvania bounce back so quickly? Let us know in the comments section below.

More Information on the Live! Casino in Philadelphia is Coming Out

Pennsylvania Casinos

Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest, most successful casino industries in the country. There is one massive new casino-resort now scheduled to open its doors in Pennsylvania. This week, we received more information about Live! Casino in Philadelphia.

This is set to be one of the biggest casino-resorts ever opened in Pennsylvania. Many feel it will help to significantly boost tourism into the state. Now is a great time to discuss the details of this exciting new gaming property.

Let’s get into it!

Pennsylvania’s Casino Industry Has Finally Reopened

The casino industry in Pennsylvania was completely shut down back in March. This proved to be extremely difficult for the casino companies based here. Finally, after several months, state leaders gave permission for these casinos to open back up.

For a time, things were improving here. Casinos were operating at limited capacity and began seeing their revenue earnings increase. It wasn’t perfect, yet the casinos in Pennsylvania seemed to be staying afloat.

This only lasted for so long. In December, news broke that state officials were ordering all casinos to temporarily shut down once again. It was a huge blow for the owners of these venues and the thousands of workers inside them.

On Monday, Pennsylvania’s casino industry was finally given permission to reopen. Moving forward, these properties will operate at a limited capacity and will need to implement more intense health regulations. Hope is that enough money is made to keep these casinos operational.

The casino industry is hurting around the United States. No one seems to know when things will begin to truly improve. Interestingly, there are still several new casino-resorts scheduled to open their doors in Pennsylvania in the near future.

That includes Live! Casino and Hotel. We’re now beginning to hear more information about this exciting new gambling venue.

The Opening Date for Live! Casino in Philadelphia Has Been Revealed

As we mentioned earlier, Pennsylvania is home to a large and rapidly-expanding casino industry. We’ve seen several casinos open their doors here over the past few years. More will begin operating here in the future!

The Live! Casino in Philadelphia is one of the most-anticipated casinos ever opened in Pennsylvania. We’re now hearing about when this property will finally open! New reports claim that this venue is set to first open its doors to guests on January 19. That will come before an official grand opening on February 11.

Joe Billhimer, Executive Vice President of Cordish Gaming Group, gave a statement to the media about this casino finally opening.

“We are beyond excited to go Live! in Philadelphia and bring this world-class gaming and entertainment destination to the heart of the Stadium District,” Billhimer said. “What we have created here is unrivaled anywhere in the country. Sports fans, foodies, gaming enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a night of fun and excitement only has to make one stop to experience it all.”

Just about everyone is excited to see this casino open its doors. It will feature more than 2,000 slot games, 150 table games, and a 29-table poker room. The casino will also be home to a variety of dining and entertainment options.

If you’re located near the Philadelphia area, make sure to check this casino out! Many believe it’s the best new gaming property in the state.

Major Las Vegas Property Sales Are on the Horizon

Las Vegas remains the world’s biggest casino destination. There are a huge number of world-class gambling venues located in this city. Unfortunately, the casino industry here has seen massive dips in revenue throughout the year.

As a result, several casino companies have announced they plan to sell some of their casinos in the city. That includes Las Vegas Sands. The Sheldon Adelson-run gambling venue claims it’s interested in putting both The Venetian and The Palazzo up for sale.

Many were surprised at this news. These venues are known for being two of the most popular ones in Las Vegas. Under normal circumstances, these venues help to bring LVS a massive amount of revenue every month.

We’re in unprecedented times, though. It seems that Las Vegas Sands simply wants to cut its losses and get rid of some of its biggest gambling venues. It’s unclear exactly how much LVS plans to sell these casino-resorts for.

It seems that Hard Rock International is interested in purchasing this property. Nothing has been made official, though. We’ll be sure to offer more information on these sales over the next few months.

Are you excited to see Live! Casino in Philadelphia finally open? Let us know in the comments section below!

Barstool Sportsbook App Makes A Splash in Pennsylvania Launch

Icon Displaying Variety of Sports, Hand Holding Cash
Penn National Gaming’s Barstool Sportsbook app shattered download marks by DraftKings and FanDuel over the weekend. The much-publicized sports betting app created by Penn National and Barstool Sports had a three-day soft launch in Pennsylvania last week before going live during the weekend. Preliminary data on Pennsylvania sports betting were very impressive.

Better Opening Numbers Than FanDuel and DraftKings

According to market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the Barstool Sportsbook app was downloaded 63,000 times during the weekend or an average of 21,000 downloads per day. The numbers are significantly higher than the 4,000 downloads that DraftKings got during its first weekend in 2018 and its single-day high of 15,000 downloads during the opening of the NFL earlier this month.

Similarly, the Barstool Sportsbook app’s weekend numbers topped FanDuel’s inaugural weekend total of 9,000 downloads during the opening weekend of the 2018 NFL season. FanDuel established a single-day high of 19,000 downloads last September 13 as the NFL’s 2020 season opened but Barstool’s 21K downloads per day last weekend was still better.

Expanding The Industry

Per Morgan Stanley analyst Thomas Allen, the app’s downloads started out “extremely strong” yet the download numbers for its competitors didn’t seem to slow “meaningfully”. That bodes well for Pennsylvania sports betting as Allen notes that the Barstool Sportsbook app isn’t “cannibalizing” the industry but merely expanding it.

Allen downgraded Penn National and DraftKings last month from overweight to “equal-weight”. The Morgan Stanley analyst cited valuation as the reason for the downgrade with both stocks going sky-high this year. DaftKings went public last April and as of Monday’s closing, the stock had risen 194% since then. Meanwhile, Penn Gaming had a gain of 416% during the same period.

Too Early To Tell

Obviously, it’s too early too tell whether Penn Gaming’s new app will become a national force. Sure, Pennsylvania sports betting is a major wagering market but it is only one state. Penn Gaming plans to launch in several states in the first quarter of 2021. DraftKings and FanDuel are etched in the other states as well with other major competitors like BetMGM, William Hill, FoxBet, and PointsBet contending for market shares as well.

Barstool’s launch was well-timed and it debuted in a mature betting market. On the other hand, DraftKings and FanDuel launched without the same fanfare and before the U.S. Supreme Court thrashed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. Despite these apples to oranges comparison, there is no question that the Barstool Sportsbook app made a splash during its opening weekend.

US Casino Revenue Continues to Plummet

Prior to March of this year, the casino industry in the United States was surging. Most states were earning a huge amount of revenue from their gambling venues. That is no longer the case. According to new reports, US casino revenue continues to plummet.Revenue Drop Picture

Some states are being impacted more than others. New reports indicate casinos in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are all losing an incredible amount of money right now. Today, we’re going to look at exactly how much revenue has fallen in these states.

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Certain States Are Now Beginning to Open Up

Since March, states around the country began going into lockdown. Infection rates of the new coronavirus have risen in some areas and started to fall in others. Certain parts of the US are now experiencing relatively low rates of infection and are preparing to open back up.

This includes Georgia, which has already lifted most social distancing measures. Governor Brian Kemp has allowed businesses like restaurants to open, yet things are far from normal. Some health experts believe that opening back up to early will result in a major increase in cases in some states.

It’s a very difficult situation. State leaders are trying to weigh the pros and cons of allowing businesses to start operating again. One state that’s being hit particularly hard due to these new regulations in Nevada.

Cities like Las Vegas are nearly shut down right now. Tourism and gambling account for a huge percentage of the city’s revenue. No visitors are coming to Las Vegas right now and this revenue is simply not flowing in. Casino officials have now begun discussing plans to get things back to normal.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is now calling for the city to open back up. Interestingly, several casinos here are preparing to open their doors in late May. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for revenue to start increasing here again.

New reports are revealing how the gambling industries in other states are doing right now.

US Casino Revenue is Dropping Quickly

We’ve been reporting on how much money certain casino companies are losing for weeks. Several of the top casino companies in the US have stated things need to change. New reports are now beginning to surface that show how much money has been lost in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

These three states all have something in common. Online casino gambling has become legal and regulated here. Unfortunately, it does not appear these internet casinos are able to make up for the revenue being lost by the land-based casino shutdown.

Pennsylvania’s gambling revenue dropped from $304 million in February to just $154 million in March. New Jersey saw a decrease of $124 million last month. That’s an incredible $274 million lost between these two states in just one month.

It’s clear that online gambling is surging in these states. In fact, revenue from Pennsylvania’s online gambling platforms increased by 24%. Doug Harbach, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“We certainly have seen an uptick in online play, in particular table games, the biggest being poker,” he said. “It does not make up for the casino losses. It will not come close to satisfying the tax revenue we’ve been used to.”

What’s Happening in Atlantic City Right Now?

There’s been a lot of discussion about Las Vegas over the past few weeks. Many have talked about how this city will approach the new regulations around the country. Interestingly, Atlantic City hasn’t been a major talking point.

Based on the new US casino revenue reports, it’s clear that this city is hurting. All of the casinos are shut down here and it may be months before they’re allowed to open. Some have expressed fear that some of the gambling venues here will be forced to shut down permanently.

Gambling revenue dropped by 44% last month compared to the same month in 2018. Online gambling revenue increased by nearly ⅔ last month, though. Many casino companies here are likely to start investing more into their internet gambling marketing efforts.

Things are already beginning to change in Atlantic City. Last week, Caesars Entertainment announced it was selling Bally’s for $25 million. More property sales may start taking place here over the next few months.

US casino revenue is falling fast. Some states are now choosing to open up different businesses. Unfortunately, it may be a long time before any land-based casinos are able to open to the public again.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few weeks!

Pennsylvania’s First Month of Online Poker Generates $2.5 Million

Playing Cards on Top of Keyboard, Poker Chips, Red DiceFollowing a soft-launch in early November, December was the first full month of online poker in the Keystone State. The rollout came two years after the legislature legalized online gambling in 2017. With  early reports indicating that interest in poker was high in the Keystone State, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has supplied some evidence:

Publishing its December 2019 revenue report, the regulator showed that monthly online earnings were up 10.3 percent. Pennsylvania online poker, in total, generated $2.5 million in revenue during December 2019. Nearly $400,000 of that revenue was collected by the state as tax revenue.

PokerStars PA Boosts Revenue

In November, online gaming revenue was $9,655,811. One month later, Pennsylvania’s five licensed operators earned $10,624,699. The jump was somewhat expected thanks to launch of PokerStars PA. Although the site went live in November, December was its first full month of activity.

Currently, PokerStars PA is the only Pennsylvania online poker room in operation and there has been no official word that a competitor is on the verge of entering the market. In less than two months, online poker revenue in the state totaled more than $4.4 million and added $710,000 to state coffers.

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker (PACOOP), everything started off pretty well. Held afloat by the increase in activity during the event’s opening week, PokerStars PA increased the overall guarantee from $1 million to $1.2 million.

The total payout eventually surpassed $1.5 million; a figure that helped PokerStars rake $2,473,173 in December.

While impressive, the $2.5 million in revenue made in December only made up less than 1 percent of Pennsylvania’s gross gambling revenue, but online gambling is steadily taking up a bigger percentage of market share than in years past.

Online Poker Compared to Other iGaming Verticals in the State

Like its first month, online poker compares favorably in terms of revenue when considered alongside other iGaming verticals in the state.

The highest amount ever generated from slots last month was $1.9 million by Rivers-Philidelphia. Hollywood Casino ranked second and brought in about $1.5 million in profits. For table games, once again Rivers-Philidelphia led the market with $1.1 million in revenue. Mount Airy was the next highest with $805k.

When combining slots and table games, poker still fares well, out-earning all but the market-leading Rivers-Philidelphia.

Poker compares favorably when compared to the highly lucrative sports betting vertical, too. When compared to land-based sports betting, poker generated more than any single operator. In fact, poker almost outgained all land-based sports betting in the market last month which combined for just under $3 million.

It will be interesting to see the trajectory of Pennsylvania online poker revenue over the course of its first year. It’s uncertain whether the hype may wear off, or if it will continue to gain more and more traction. We may more operators enter the market and it is even possible that the state may begin sharing liquidity with other states should the Wire Act case be settled favorably.

For now, though, the good amount of revenue coming out of Pennsylvania demonstrates just how much money a state can truly generate in tax revenue from the regulation and legalization of online poker. It won’t be long before other states begin it to follow in its footsteps after seeing the numbers.