Harrah’s Northern California Casino Opened on Monday

A new casino located in Amador County was filled with thousands of guests who wanted to witness the soft opening of this brand new facility. Harrah’s Northern California Casino is scheduled to open and start working in the second half of May, but the soft opening was a reason good enough for lovers of land-based casinos to visit this casino. In fact, the number of guests that showed up was way more than the casino allowed, so hundreds of people were simply turned away by the California Highway Patrol.

As soon as cars reached the Coal Mine Road, which is the place where they were hoping to enter the casino, CHP officers greeted them with a disappointed smile on their faces as the visitors had to turn their cars around and go back.

Although the casino is already popular, some of the locals are worried that it is going to make traffic congestions in the area. This may not happen every day, but it is possible that the traffic may be increased during holiday seasons.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah’s North California, JC Rieger, stated that they had anticipated congestions and that is why they had partnered up with California Highway Patrol in the first place. However, locals are not sure whether this is going to help them in the future.

Harrah’s North California is a big casino with more than 900 parking spots. However, that was just a number during the soft opening as every single spot was occupied only a couple of minutes after the casino opened its doors at 4:30 on Monday. Nevertheless, Rieger stated that it wouldn’t always be like that and that the operation levels would level that out.

More than 400 full-time jobs will be offered at the casino, and it had already brought in $20 million before it was opened. Furthermore, it is estimated that the casino will bring in $8 million every year now as soon as it starts working full-time.

The soft opening of the casino gave visitors a taste of what is to come. The majority of visitors were happy with what the casino had to offer in terms of games and other services, but some of them did not like the crowd during the soft opening. The officials believe that the crowds will shrink down in just a couple of weeks and that it was just the opening hype that brought so many people to the casino on Monday.

If you are brave enough to visit the casino during its official opening weekend, you can do that on May 17. The festivities will last all the way through May 19. On the other hand, you could wait a couple of days and they pay the casino a visit as the crowds are going to level down after a while, and you will be able to experience the casino as well as all the services and games offered in it.

The casino features a total of 20 table games where you can play California Roulette, pai gow, and craps. Furthermore, there are 950 gaming machines such as slots, progressive slots, poker machines, and more. It is open 24/7 and offers self-parking. It is located on a 71,000 sq ft and features restaurants such as Louie Oliver’s and The Marketplace, where you can order Mexican, Asian, and American food. The casino came to life as a result of a partnership formed between Buena Vista Rancheria Me-Wuk Indians and Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

5 Casino Openings and Expansions We Can Expect Soon

Casino resorts open every once in a while, creating an additional stream of income for the budget of a state in which they are built, and, more importantly, giving people an opportunity to have fun and perhaps win a hefty reward. Land-based casinos are still very popular, and people love visiting these facilities in order to play their favorite casino games and hang out with friends.

Therefore, many casino operators build new and extend existing casinos, and here are the most anticipated ones that we can expect very soon. Read on!

The Trago Lounge at Tropicana Las Vegas

Tropicana Las Vegas has gotten a brand new bar and lounge that was actually opened in March. The venue is open 24/7 and offers non-stop entertainment with a lot of drinks available on the menu, including whiskey, scotch, tequila, and more.

The name of this bar and lounge is Trago Lounge, and it features 24 seats, 10 TVs, 22 poker machines, and more. The lounge will be able to accommodate a total of 120 guests in a 3,500 sq ft space. The Vice President and General Manager of Tropicana Las Vegas, Aaron Rosenthal, stated that they were thrilled to revamp food and beverage offer all over the property by opening this brand-new place called Trago Lounge.

Room Reservations at Encore Boston Harbor

The resort—which is worth $2.6 billion and is located in Everett, Massachusetts—is scheduled to open in June 2019, and it is already accepting room reservations for a hotel that will be a part of it. According to Robert DeSalvio, President of Encore Boston Harbor, they built completely functional guest room models and made the design and lighting perfect in them. He added that they had paid attention to every small detail, including drapes, furniture, carpets and more. In fact, he was so assured that guests would want to relive the experience offered in their hotel and that many would decide to come back.

Sycuan Casino Expansion

Sycuan Casino announced an expansion which is worth $260 million, and it is open to the public as of March 27. What they expanded was a luxury tower which has 12 stories and included more than 300 guest rooms and 57 suites. Moreover, the resort in California decided to expand its offer of foods and drinks by adding 10 additional bars and restaurants. Finally, one of the most exciting additions to the casino is an outdoor pool venue which they decided to name Retreat Pool and Cabanas, Bull and Bourbon, and Elicit Bar & Lounge.

Harrah’s Northern California

If you live in Amador County and you are up for playing some casino games, you will have an opportunity to visit the highly anticipated Harrah’s Northern California, which is scheduled to open later this spring. In fact, the grand opening is planned from May 17 to 19, and guests will have an opportunity to witness a great opening weekend. The construction of this property began back in April 2018, and it was regarded by many the most anticipated casino in the US. The entire destination will be approximately 71,000 sq ft with a total of 950 slot machines and 20 table games.

Furthermore, visitors will be able to enjoy a full-service restaurant with three additional dining places. If you plan to visit this facility, make sure to learn more about the Caesars Entertainment loyalty program and about Caesars Rewards, along with all the perks that they bring.