Here’s What We Know About the New US Casino Shutdowns

Winter Storm

As most are likely aware, much of the US is experiencing unprecedented winter storms right now. These are so severe in some parts of the country that major power outages are being reported. We’re now beginning to hear about new US casino shutdowns in some states, as well.

Several casinos are voluntarily shutting down as a way to help struggling power grids. Today, we’ll talk about where exactly this is happening. We will also look at how the casino industries in these states have been faring lately.

Let’s get into it!

Major Casino Hubs Brace for an Uncertain Future

Prior to 2020, the major gambling and entertainment hubs across the United States were thriving. Millions were flocking to cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City to take part in the festivities. Gaming revenue was surging and exciting new casinos were popping up around the country.

As most are aware, things began shutting down in March. Every state ordered its casinos to shut down that month. Many of the casinos that shut down that month are still closed to this day. That includes the hugely popular Palms Casino-Resort in Las Vegas.

The country’s major casino hubs are still struggling to this day. There is no clear end in sight. There are some health experts claiming the worst is yet to come. That doesn’t bode well for casino companies.

Tourism rates in places like Las Vegas are still very low. Nevada Governor Sisolak claims he is open to loosening restrictions in the state. That may not be enough to significantly boost tourism numbers here, though.

Many of the smaller casino hubs are still struggling. That includes the ones over in the midwest. To make things worse, this area of the country is currently experiencing one of the most extreme winter storms ever seen.

It now appears this is taking a toll on the casino industries in this part of the US. Here’s what we know about this situation.

More Voluntary US Casino Shutdowns Are Being Reported

The storms raging across the US are unlike the normal ones taking place during wintertime. A huge number of states are seeing record levels of snowfall and huge drops in temperatures. Texas, in particular, is finding it difficult to cope.

Millions in the state have been left without power. The drops in temperature left an unusually large number of people in need of electricity. As a result, the state’s power grid could not handle the load and crashed in different areas.

Several people have died as a direct result of these power outages. Unfortunately, these storms are expected to continue for days. Experts believe more are likely to perish as the colder weather lingers around the country.

Several US casino shutdowns are now being reported in states where the energy grid is being pushed to the limit. The Cherokee Nation Businesses announced it was voluntarily closing down nine of its casinos in the state of Oklahoma as a way to save energy. CEO of Cherokee Nation Businesses Chuck Garrett spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“CNB has built a reputation for making tough decisions for the right reasons, and that legacy will continue today as we put the needs of our communities ahead of our business goals,” he said. “As an industry leader, we hope we can inspire other businesses throughout the region to join us as we plan, prepare and proceed through the next few days of inclement weather.”

Hope is that more businesses requiring huge amounts of electricity decide to take similar approaches. This could end up saving many people from losing their much-needed power right now. We’ll continue offering more updates on this situation over the next few days!

Texas Continues to Push Against Casino Plans

Texas is facing one of the worst storms in US history right now. Obviously, getting through this situation is now priority number one for many officials in the state. Analysts predict the storm to continue for days and a long road to recovery.

Eventually, lawmakers here will once again look at the plans to legalize casinos. Some of the biggest and most influential casino companies in the United States have been pushing hard for Texas to finally embrace the casino industry. That includes Las Vegas Sands, which believes doing so will help the state bring in a huge amount of revenue every year.

Not everyone is convinced. Not long ago, a Senate leader in the state voiced his disapproval for these plans. He claims it’s simply not something most lawmakers in Texas feel is needed. Some lawmakers disagree and feel Oklahoma is benefiting from the state’s anti-casino laws.

Now may not be the best time for Texas to embrace this industry. No one knows when the country’s land-based casinos will see a complete recovery. Until that happens, this issue may be on the backburner.

There is a chance for Texas to begin embracing sports betting, though. 26 states across the country have recently chosen to do so. Most are profiting massively as a result. Experts believe it won’t be more than a few years until Texas has a legal sports betting industry set in place.

Are you surprised to hear about the US casino shutdowns? Have you been affected by the storms across the country? Let us know in the comments section below.

Oklahoma Tribes Begin to Negotiate With State Officials

Lawmakers in Oklahoma and the state’s Native American Tribes have been arguing with each other for months. It’s a complicated issue in which both parties feel they’re correct. This week, Oklahoma tribes have finally begun negotiating with members of the state government.State Map Of Oklahoma

It’s great news to see a discussion finally take place. Now is the perfect time to look at what these two groups are arguing about. We’ll also talk about some of the state’s possible gambling expansion plans.

Tribal Casinos in Oklahoma Continue to Bring in Revenue

Oklahoma is home to more than 100 land-based casinos. A huge number of Native American Tribes are based in this state and since 1988, they’ve been able to operate gambling venues on sovereign land. This industry has proven to be extremely successful for the state government.

All together, these casinos generate billions of dollars every single year. That usually ends up paying the government more than $100 million each year in taxes, as well. Oklahoma casinos also help to boost the state’s tourism industry.

In many nearby states such as Texas, casino gambling is completely illegal. For that reason, many people come to test their luck in different Oklahoma tribal casinos. State lawmakers recognize how important these venues are for the local economy.

Interestingly, some major politicians in this state have worked to generate more revenue from the gambling industry. Even the Governor of Oklahoma believes that the state should be making more money from casinos. These opinions has led to some serious conflicts with Oklahoma tribes that operate gambling establishments.

Oklahoma Tribes Finally Start Negotiating With Lawmakers

There are many highly popular gambling venues in this state. For many years, these casinos have been forced to pay between 4% and 10% of their total revenue to the state via taxes. These rates seemed to work for both the tribes and state government.

This year, things took a turn. Governor Kevin Stitt began taking a closer look at the current tax structure. He felt that the tax structure was outdated, and it was time for these tribes to begin paying more money.

Many different Oklahoma tribes began pushing against these new measures. John Berrey, chairman of the Quapaw Nation, commented on the state’s newly proposed measures to the media this summer.

“What I don’t understand, in any of his op-ed, there’s no recognition of the true value of the tribes,” he said. “(Native American tribes) are one of the largest employers in the state. We provide benefits for our employees. We’re probably the most philanthropic group in the state.”

For months, the tribes refused to engage in any real dialogue with lawmakers. Finally, these tribes have begun negotiating.

Oklahoma’s Attorney General is now speaking with more than two dozen tribal leaders. Hope is that these groups can reach an agreement and move forward without any major issues.

Lawmakers Still Push Against Sports Betting Legalization

Since May of 2018, every state in the country has been granted the ability to set its own laws on sports betting. Today, 19 states have outright legalized this form of gambling. Many more are likely to do so over the next few years.

Lawmakers in Oklahoma are showing no real willingness to embrace this industry. In late 2018, a bill was introduced here to allow Oklahoma tribes to offer “sports pools” inside casinos.

If approved, this bill would have allowed for “wagering on the outcome of one or more competitive games in which athletes participate, or on one or more performances of such athletes in such games where all bets are placed in a common pool or pot from which all player winnings, prizes and direct costs are paid.”

Unfortunately, this bill failed to get approved during the state’s 2018 legislative session and seems unlikely to be approved this year.

Many, however, believe that sports betting will be legalized in Oklahoma within a few years. The state already earns millions from casinos. Regulation of the sports betting industry will bring in millions of additional dollars to the state government each year.

Stay tuned for more Oklahoma casino news over the next few months!

Plans for a New Casino in Oklahoma Are Revealed

Oklahoma’s legal battle against Native American Tribes continues. It doesn’t appear to be stopping tribes from expressing interest in opening casinos here. The Choctaw Nation has revealed plans for a new casino in Oklahoma this week.

Choctaw Nation Banner

There are a staggering number of Native American casinos in this state. The gambling industry here is showing no signs of slowing down. Let’s look at the state’s battle with tribes and what new casino plans have just been revealed.

Lawmakers and Tribes Continue to Quarrel

Oklahoma has the third-largest number of Native American Tribes in the United States after Alaska and California. In 1988, the US Supreme Court passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, allowing all Native American Tribes to operate casinos on sovereign land. Immediately, a huge number of tribes in this state decided to open their own casinos.

Over the past two decades, Oklahoma has developed one of the largest tribal casino markets in the country. Since the 90s, tribes have been required to pay between 4% and 10% of their revenue in taxes to the state. In 2018, tribal casinos brought in more than $139 million in taxes.

Recently, however, Governor Kevin Stitt has asked for lawmakers in the state to reevaluate the current tax structure. He simply wants to ensure that the state is earning what it should from these gambling venues. Interestingly, Stitt voiced this opinion to the media, instead of lawmakers directly.

His new idea did not sit well with tribal leaders in the state. Many tribes immediately began pointing out the contribution that they make to the state. Increasing tax rates would go against an agreement that’s been in place for decades, they argue.

Negotiations are continuing to take place between the tribes and state officials. It’s unclear exactly how this situation will unfold.

Choctaw Nation Unveils Plans for a New Casino in Oklahoma

Despite the unknown future tax rates for casino operators, many tribes are still looking to open a gambling venue in Oklahoma. This week, the Choctaw Nation revealed its plans for a new casino in Oklahoma. More specifically, a casino in Matteson, at Lincoln Highway and Harlem Avenue. Many are excited to hear what may be coming here.

The town of Matteson is currently fighting for its opportunity to host a casino. Plans to construct a $300 million gambling venue was presented to the Village Board. A vote on the new casino will be made on October 21st.

Sheila Chalmers-Currin, Village President of Matteson, commented on the decision to open a casino in this city to the media.

“I believe this project will be an asset not just to Matteson, but to the entire Southland Region,” she said. “After interviewing multiple casino operators, we felt the team led by the Choctaw Nation provided the best combination of experience, vision, community engagement and a financially feasible plan.”

The plan, which the Choctaw Nation would be helping with, calls for 2,000 gaming positions, a high-end restaurant and food hall, a 200-room hotel and 36,000 square feet for small conventions, concerts or similar events. The proposed site covers 35 acres and could include another 15 to 20.

This tribe already operates 22 casinos around the state. Soon, it may have a 23rd.

Oklahoma Still Hesitant to Approve Sports Betting

For many years, only Nevada was legally allowed to offer sports betting in the United States. Finally, in May of 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA. Almost immediately afterward, several states began presenting plans to legalize and regulate the sports betting industry.

Today, 19 states have chosen to legalize sports gambling. Many more likely will over the next few months. A bill was presented in Oklahoma earlier this year to allow “sports pools.” Unfortunately, the bill failed to get approved before the state’s legislative session.

Many believe that sports betting will be approved in this state next year. It seems extremely likely, as the state would likely earn millions every month from this industry.

Plans for a new casino in Oklahoma have been presented. We’re likely to see even more gambling venues open here over the next several years.

Stay tuned for more Oklahoma gambling news over the next few months!