Here’s What We Know About the New Sportsbook at Ocean Casino

Ocean Resort Casino Atlantic City Sports Betting Venue

Atlantic City is home to some of the country’s most popular casinos. This East Coast gambling hub is also home to a huge number of sportsbooks that draw in millions of bets every year. Today, we’ll talk about some of the details surrounding the new sportsbook at Ocean Casino opening later this year.

This property has improved massively over the last few years. Its new sportsbook is likely to draw in a huge number of tourists in 2022.

Here’s what you need to know!

The New Sportsbook at Ocean Casino is Opening This Summer

Atlantic City has been considered one of the United States’ top gambling destinations for decades. A huge number of popular gambling venues are spread around the country. That includes Ocean Casino Resort, which opened back in 2018 after being rebranded from the Revel Casino.

This property initially struggled to bring in tourists. Its location in the northern area of the Boardwalk has been notoriously slow. Things have turned around here in recent years and this venue is now one of the most popular gambling venues in the city.

It has now been confirmed that a new sportsbook at Ocean Casino will be opening this summer. This is being built as part of a larger $4 million entertainment venue inside the casino. Bill Callahan, Ocean’s interim CEO, spoke to the media about this situation earlier this week.

“As Ocean continues to strengthen its position within Atlantic City, we are steadfastly dedicated to property growth and development,” Callahan said. “We are excited by the new venue’s central location and the ability to advance our product with an innovative experience for our guests to enjoy.”

New Jersey is still home to the largest and most successful sports betting industry in the country. Here’s a look at how the sportsbooks here may fare over 2022.

Will New Jersey’s Sportsbooks Continue to Thrive in 2022?

New Jersey was one of the states responsible for getting the US Supreme Court to remove PASPA in 2018. Shortly after its removal, New Jersey allowed for regulated sportsbooks to go live. Today, New Jersey is home to the largest and most successful sports betting industries in the United States.

The state’s sportsbooks found tremendous success throughout 2021. They managed to set several monthly revenue records and brought in a huge amount of tax revenue for New Jersey. Some are beginning to question if this state’s sports betting platforms will have another successful year in 2022.

Not long ago, New York allowed for its first online sportsbooks to go live. Millions of residents signed up to these betting platforms in their first few days of going live. There is reason to believe these new sportsbooks will take away from some of the revenue previously being earned in New Jersey.

A huge number of New Yorkers would regularly make the trip across the border into New Jersey to make sports bets online. With online sportsbooks now available, this is no longer necessary. That means New York may quickly develop a sports betting industry that competes with the one in New Jersey.

Gambling operators in New Jersey are doing everything they can to bring in more bettors. The new sportsbook at Ocean Casino may help. Stay tuned for more information on how this state’s sportsbooks are doing over the next twelve months.

US Gambling Revenue Surged Over December

2021 was a hugely successful year for the entire gambling industry. Certain states managed to fare better than others with their regulated gaming options. This past December proved to be a very successful month for nearly every gambling destination around the country.

Massachusetts has developed a large and successful casino industry, with three Class III gambling venues up and running. Last December, the casinos here brought in $95.65 million in gross gaming revenue. Encore Boston Harbor was the most successful casino, bringing in $62.4 million in GGR.

Pennsylvania is also home to a huge number of popular casinos. It also allows online casinos to legally operate. The state’s internet casino platforms brought in $127.6 million in revenue over the month, surpassing the previous record of $117 million set last October.

New Jersey and Nevada posted impressive casino revenue figures over December. The casinos in these states are now preparing for a surge of tourism in the coming months. Las Vegas, in particular, expects a hugely successful summer in 2022.

Are you excited to see the new sportsbook at Ocean Casino? Will New York’s online sportsbooks take revenue away from the ones in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Ilitch Organzation’s Ocean Casino Purchase Has Been Finalized

Ilitch Holdings Inc Ocean Casino

Atlantic City’s casino industry is beginning to draw in the eyes of major investors. Not long ago, news broke that the Ilitch family had planned to purchase a stake in one of the city’s most popular casinos. News broke today that the Ilitch Organization’s Ocean Casino purchase has now finally been completed.

Things have turned around for this property in a major way. It wasn’t long ago that it was one of the worst-performing casinos in the city. Now is a great time to talk about some of the recent news regarding this venue.

Let’s get into it!

Sources Confirm the Ilitch Organization’s Ocean Casino Purchase is Complete

2021 continues to be the best year in history for the US casino industry. Tourism to major gaming hubs such as Atlantic City has been steady throughout the year. Many of the country’s biggest gambling companies have been reporting consistent rises in their revenue figures.

These revenue gains have been attracting serious investors lately. That includes the Detriot-based Ilitch Organization. This company revealed it planned to purchase a stake in the Ocean Casino Atlantic City earlier this year and the process to do so has been ongoing.

This week, news broke that the Ilitch Organization’s Ocean Casino purchase has been complete. The New Jersey Casino Control Commission formally gave its approval for the Ilitch Organization to acquire 50% of the property for $175 million. Luxor Capital Group, the other owners of this property, released a statement to the media today expressing excitement about this news.

“We are excited to welcome the Ilitch organization to Atlantic City,” Luxor officials said. “Their investment gives Ocean access to growth capital, and provides a strategic partner to Luxor. Over the last year, Ocean’s team has progressed under new leadership that features top executives in the gaming and hospitality industries. Since that time, Ocean has strengthened its position in the market and continues to gain market share. We look forward to moving the business forward with Ilitich’s partnership.”

Many of the casinos in Atlantic City are now anticipating another phenomenal year in 2022. Here’s a look at how things may change in this East Coast gaming hub over the next 13 months.

Forecasting Atlantic City’s Performance in 2022

Major gambling hubs like Atlantic City and Las Vegas were devastated by the events that unfolded last year. Some predicted the country’s land-based casino industry would take years to recover. Incredibly, things have turned around in a major way throughout 2021 and analysts are now looking ahead at what to expect next year.

There is reason to believe that things will continue to improve. The pandemic appears to be slowing down once again and that could lead to renewed interest in travel. Many on the East Coast will likely make the trip to Atlantic City for its gambling and entertainment options.

Many of the properties here have recently announced major renovation projects. It seems these are being done in an attempt to bring in more visitors. The Ilitch Organization’s Ocean Casino purchase may help to fund the renovation project being planned inside this venue.

Atlantic City’s sports betting industry will continue to thrive as well. It may face more competition from New York, which plans to launch its own online sportsbooks in the near future. That could lead to lower revenue figures for New Jersey-based sports betting companies.

The future looks bright for Atlantic City next year. Assuming another variant does not bring the country to a standstill, the casinos here should see some impressive revenue figures.

More East Coast Gaming Hubs Look at Expansion

New Jersey is not the only state in the Eastern United States with an impressive casino industry. In recent years, many of the states in this area have looked to expand their own casino and sports betting industries. There is simply too much money on the table for various state leaders to ignore.

Pennsylvania has quickly developed one of the biggest gambling markets in the country. A huge number of tribal and commercial casinos currently operate here. This state is also home to a large and very successful sports betting industry.

Maryland is doing what it can to compete with other gambling hubs in the region. A few casino-resorts are currently operating here. Online sports betting launched here recently and officials are now working hard to get the state’s first land-based sportsbooks up and running.

The aforementioned New York is looking more closely at gambling expansion plans, too. State leaders have begun to realize how much revenue is flowing into Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A push for a Class III casinos in New York City continues and online sportsbooks could launch here in 2022.

What do you think of the Ilitch Organization’s Ocean Casino purchase? How do you think Atlantic City will fare next year? Let us know in the comments section below!

More Details on Terry Glebocki’s Resignation are Coming Out

Ocean Resort Casino Atlantic City With Terry Glebocki

Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City has quickly become one of the most popular gambling venues in the city. Interestingly, the property’s CEO, Terry Gebocki has recently been removed from her role. More details on Terry Glebocki’s resignation are now beginning to surface.

Many have been surprised to see Glebocki removed as CEO. She is widely credited with helping to turn Ocean Casino around at a time when it struggled to bring in revenue.

Here’s a look at why this change in leadership has been ordered.

Terry Glebocki’s Resignation Has Been Confirmed

Atlantic City is home to many of the biggest and best casinos in the United States. Back in 2012, a new venue called Ocean Casino-Resort opened its doors in the city. This property, located in the northern area of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, initially struggled to bring in players and its revenue figures remained low.

This venue’s ownership changed hands several times over the past decade. While on the brink of bankruptcy in 2019, Terry Glebocki took over as CEO. Her decades of experience in the gaming industry came in handy, as she immediately helped this casino to turn things around.

Interestingly, Terry Glebocki’s resignation has been confirmed. The casino did not give an official reason for her departure. Instead, they released a statement discussing the impact Terry had on the venue during her years as CEO.

“Glebocki has three decades of financial management experience, which navigated Ocean’s course to financial stability,” the casino said in a statement. “Terry joined Ocean on the brink of bankruptcy, and is leaving the property as a leading casino resort in Atlantic City… We are working through this transition and will provide updates as they become available.”

It’s unclear who exactly will take over as CEO of this casino. Hope is that it’s another qualified individual that can continue to increase Ocean Casino’s visitation and revenue figures. Stay tuned for updates!

New Jersey’s Sports Betting Industry Continues to Impress

The state of New Jersey is largely responsible for helping to grow the US sports betting industry. Lawmakers here helped to pressure the US Supreme Court to finally remove PASPA in 2018. Shortly afterward, New Jersey formally launched its regulated sports betting options.

This industry has grown considerably since that time. New Jersey is now home to the largest sports betting industry in the entire United States. The sports gambling operators here have been setting new records throughout the entire year.

This past August, the state’s sports betting revenue figures actually dropped by 5%. Interestingly, the state’s handle grew by 15%. The Meadowlands Sportsbook, operated by FanDuel, managed to bring in the most revenue at $26.9 million.

Fortunately, September is expected to bring about a major turnaround. The start of the 2021/2022 NFL season has already resulted in a massive surge of revenue around the country. Tens of millions of football wagers have already been made in New Jersey and September’s revenue figures are expected to break all-time records.

Casino revenue is expected to continue to increase here over the next few months, as well. We’ll be sure to continue reporting on revenue figures in this city as the year goes on.

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to Change Ownership Hands

Atlantic City has been working hard to improve its casino industry in recent years. Not long ago, the city’s entire gambling industry seemed to be on the brink of collapse. The pandemic put some major strain on this industry once again, yet things turned around in 2021.

There is still no doubt that Las Vegas remains the biggest and most profitable casino hub in the United States. Like Atlantic City, this city has experienced a major comeback throughout 2021. Some major changes have been taking place here in recent months.

MGM Resorts International broke the news that it had agreed to purchase The Cosmopolitan for more than $1 billion. The company’s CEO, Bill Hornbuckle, also expressed support for Nevada to legalize online casinos soon. That is a major change from the company’s stance just a few years ago.

Reports also surfaced claiming a proposed casino next to the Las Vegas airport has gained further approval. This property is currently planned to open in 2024. Several government employees are raising concerns about the danger it poses to the airport, though.

What do you think about Terry Glebocki’s resignation? How do you think Atlantic City will fare in the coming years? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here’s What We Know About the Ocean Casino Renovation!

Ocean Casino Resort AC

Atlantic City’s casinos are currently preparing for a major surge of visitors. Many of them are now looking at ways to take advantage of this new tourism boom. Today, we’ll discuss the news of the Ocean Casino renovation!

The Ocean Casino-Resort is one of the most popular gambling venues in Atlantic City. A lot has been going on with this property lately.

Here’s what you need to know!

Atlantic City’s Gaming Industry is Poised for a Major Comeback

Atlantic City’s casino industry was essentially shut down back in March of 2020. This proved to be a devastating decision for the city’s economy. The closure of all casinos here resulted in thousands of job losses and huge revenue declines.

The casino companies here have been eagerly waiting for things to bounce back. Fortunately, online gambling platforms here have helped to make up for some of the land-based losses. Overall, gaming revenue in Atlantic City dropped by 80% over the course of 2020.

This was never going to last forever. City officials have been working hard to boost tourism rates in the city over the past six months. Things have been slowly improving throughout 2021 and analysts expect this summer to be very successful for the casinos here.

There are some good indicators that this is already taking place. Over in Las Vegas, for example, tourism rates have been steadily increasing over the past few months. Casino companies here have been seeing big increases in their gaming revenue and hotel occupancy levels.

Several other small casino destinations have been seeing their gaming revenue figures increase, too. It’s an exciting time for the industry. The country’s biggest gambling hubs are expected to see pre-pandemic levels of tourism as the months go on.

We’re seeing many casino renovations take place around the country. One has just been announced to take place at one of Atlantic City’s most popular gambling venues!

A $15 Million Ocean Casino Renovation Has Been Confirmed

Atlantic City is home to some of the most popular gambling venues on the East Coast. For more than a year, the casinos in this New Jersey casino hub have been struggling. As we just mentioned, it appears that things are set to improve here in a big way.

The Ocean Casino-Resort in Atlantic City has been making some big changes lately. This venue recently began increasing its operating hours and deals. The Ilitch family sees potential with this casino and recently purchased a major stake in it.

Today, news broke that this casino-resort will soon go under a major renovation. The owners have pledged to invest $15 into renovations of this property. It’s a huge move and one that should help to attract more visitors.

The Ocean Casino renovation will help to upgrade the casino floor and outdoor amenities including the swimming pool, cabanas, and beach area. A brand-new high-limit gaming area will be added, as well as several new guest lounges. Terry Glebocki, Ocean Resort’s CEO, spoke about the plans to the media this week.

“As restrictions are lifted and we begin reopening additional areas of our business, I am thrilled at the opportunity to present our guests with an evolving gaming experience that’s unique to the market,” he said. 

2021 is shaping up to be a massive year for this property. Ocean Casino was the only gambling venue in Atlantic City to increase its gross operating profits last year. It seems likely that it will set new records this year. Stay tuned for more updates on this venue over the next few months!

NJ’s Sports Betting Handle Increased Again in March

New Jersey’s casinos have been struggling for more than a year. That doesn’t mean the entire gambling industry here is hurting, though. This state has quickly developed the largest sports betting market in the country.

Here, both land-based and online sports betting is legal and regulated. As a result, many sports fans in New York cross into the NJ border to make bets on their favorite teams. This has helped to boost revenue as the months go on.

This past February, New Jersey’s sports betting handle dropped for the first time in months. It was a surprise for many when considering the Super Bowl took place that month. Most felt that a handle increase would be seen in March.

That prediction turned out to be correct. Reports have confirmed that New Jersey saw $859.6 million in sports betting handle last month. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement reported $60.8 million in taxable sports betting revenue.

Many are waiting for the handle here to surpass $1 billion. It’s come close on several occasions. As tourism increases, the odds of this taking place go up. It seems likely that this summer will be hugely successful for the sports gambling industry here.

Are you excited to hear about the Ocean Casino renovation? Do you plan on visiting this property this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Ilitch Family Purchases Stake in Ocean Casino Atlantic City

Ocean Casino Atlantic City

Atlantic City is slowly but surely recovering. Casino companies here are now working hard to bring in more players from around the country. According to new reports, the Ilitch family has agreed to purchase half of the Ocean Casino Atlantic City. 

This venue has been operating in Atlantic City for less than a decade. Its owners are hoping for a successful summer this year. Today, we’ll discuss what exactly is happening with this property. 

Let’s get into it!

New Jersey’s Casino Industry is Beginning to Bounce Back 

New Jersey has been home to a successful casino industry for decades. Back in 2008, however, this industry took a massive blow. The economic crisis hit Atlantic City hard and several popular gaming venues were forced to close their doors here. 

In recent years, this city has been experiencing a revival. The legalization of sports betting here in 2018 seemed to bring new life to the city. Tourism numbers continued to increase for years and gaming revenue was on a steady incline. 

In March of 2020, Governor Murphy ordered all of the casinos in New Jersey to close their doors. These gambling venues remained closed for months. It wasn’t until summer that the casino industry in New Jersey began to open back up again. 

Casino revenue in the state has remained low. Fortunately, New Jersey has a regulated online casino industry set in place. Even with this additional money, however, the casinos in the state have been hurting badly. 

Some analysts now believe that this summer will prove to be an extremely successful one for Atlantic City. As more vaccines are administered, travel is ramping up around the county. Many are making the trip to major gambling hubs such as Atlantic City for some relaxation. 

That is great news for the companies operating gaming venues here. We’re now hearing more about a major organization making the move into this city. 

Here’s What is Going on With the Ocean Casino Atlantic City 

Atlantic City is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts on the East Coast. Some of these properties have been around for decades. Others are fairly new. All of these properties are hoping for a successful summer. 

The Ocean Casino Atlantic City opened its doors to the public in 2018. Before that date, this venue was called the Revel Casino Hotel Atlantic City. The thought was that a major rebranding would help to bring more players to this venue. 

That hasn’t necessarily been the case. Ocean Casino Resort has been one of the worst-performing properties in the city. Some major changes were made in 2019 that seemed to be helping to improve things. 

This week, news broke that the Ilitch family had agreed to purchase half of the ownership of this venue. The Luxor Capital Group, which currently owns this venue, has agreed to sell the half this year. The company released a statement expressing excitement about this deal to the media this week. 

“We are extremely excited about the proposed investment by the Ilitch organization, which, if approved, will give Ocean access to growth capital and provide a strategic partner to Luxor,” the statement said. “We look forward to continuing to grow Ocean in partnership with the Ilitch organization for years to come.”

The Ilitch family owns several major sports teams, a pizza chain, and a major casino in Detroit. The organization now sees potential in the recovering New Jersey casino industry. We’ll be sure to offer more details on this sale over the next few weeks! 

Las Vegas Casinos are Seeing a Boom in Visitors

Atlantic City is far from the only major casino hub to face difficulties since 2020. The entire land-based casino industry shut down at that time. No city has been as economically challenged as the city of Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas is known for being home to some of the most expensive casino-resorts on the planet. That includes properties like The Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan, and The Wynn Las Vegas. All of these venues have seen massive revenue declines since March of 2020. 

Fortunately, there has been a major surge in tourism in this city. Reports are indicating that an older demographic is now making the journey into Las Vegas. Things are improving and this summer should be a successful one for the gaming industry here. 

As many are aware, some exciting new venues are coming to this city that should help to boost tourism, too. That includes the newly-opened Virgin Hotel-Casino. This property opened recently and has been a hit with both locals and tourists. 

Resorts World Las Vegas is finally opening its doors to the public this summer. It cost $4.2 billion to construct, making it the most expensive gaming venue ever built in the city. This property is expected to be one-of-a-kind. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this property once its opening date draws closer! 

Are you surprised to hear the Ilitch family purchased a stake in the Ocean Casino Atlantic City? Let us know in the comments section below!

The PFL’s Next Events Will be Held Inside an Atlantic City Casino

Ocean Casino Resort

The Professional Fighters League, one of the world’s biggest mixed martial arts promotions, is scheduled to make its highly-anticipated return this April. It now appears we know where the promotion’s events will be held. Reports have confirmed that the PFL’s next events will be taking place inside a popular Atlantic City casino.

It’s exciting news for fight fans to hear. This year’s PFL tournament is shaping up to be one for the ages. Today, we’ll talk about exactly when and where all of the action will be taking place.

Let’s get into it!

The PFL Continues to Reveal Upcoming Tournament Matchups

Running a successful mixed martial arts promotion isn’t easy. The UFC remains the most popular MMA league in the world and many of the ones attempting to compete end up going under. The PFL is finding success, however, thanks to its incredible roster of world-class talent.

The PFL continues to expand. It was forced to shut down throughout 2020 but is now planning to make a triumphant return this April. Recently, officials within the promotion have begun revealing some of the exciting matchups being planned. Many fans are now heading to different online sportsbooks to bet on these bouts.

Much of the focus is on the welterweight tournament. Some of the best 170-pound fighters in the world are taking part in this bracket of fights. Fans around the world are now beginning to make their predictions on how things play out. The currently-planned welterweight bouts can be seen below. 

  • Rory MacDonald vs. David Michaud 
  • Ray Cooper III vs. Jason Ponet 
  • Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Joao Zeferino 
  • Gleison Tibau vs. Aleksei Kunchenko 
  • Sadibou Sy vs. Nikolai Aleksakhin

The lightweight tournament is coming together beautifully, too. The PFL is now home to many world-class 155-pound fighters. The April 23 clash between Anthony Pettis and Clay Collard should be one for the ages.

Once again, the winners of these tournaments will receive an incredible $1 million prize. With such a large payday available, fighters in the PFL tend to do everything they can to win. This makes for an amazing display of martial arts for fans around the world.

Many have been wondering about where these fights would be held with so many regulations around the US. Now, we finally have an answer.

Here’s Where the PFL’s Next Events Will be Held

The sports world has come a long way since the shutdowns back in March of 2020. In many ways, the UFC deserves credit for helping to get live sports back up and running. Against some serious backlash, this promotion proved that MMA events could be held in a safe, efficient manner.

Things are still far from easy, though. The UFC has been forced to hold all of its domestic events at the Apex Center in Las Vegas without any fans in attendance. There’s no telling when this will change.

We’re now hearing more about where the PFL’s next events will be held. Reports have confirmed that the promotion’s upcoming tournament bouts will take place inside the popular Ocean Casino-Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As many predicted, these events will take place inside a “bubble” without fans.

This location seems to make sense. Atlantic City has been home to a huge number of massive combat sporting events in the past. There are plenty of venues operating here that can accommodate major MMA cards. Several PFL events were even held here in 2019!

Infection rates have been dropping throughout the US lately and many are hopeful that the global health crisis will be under much better control by the time April rolls around. In the meantime, the PFL will be looking to ensure its events are held safely and in the most entertaining way possible for fans.

Atlantic City is still struggling, though. Now might be a perfect time to look at some of the recent revenue figures here.

Breaking Down Atlantic City’s Latest Revenue Figures

New Jersey is home to the largest casino industry on the East Coast. Since March of last year, this industry has been hurting badly. Things have still not recovered since the mass casino shutdowns and year-on-year revenue figures continue to look bleak.

There seems to be progress being made, though. As regulations are gradually lifted, tourism numbers in Atlantic City increase. This leads to an increase in gaming revenue and helps to keep the casinos in the city above water.

January proved to be a slightly better month for the casinos here. The state’s total gaming revenue here came out to $346.4 million that month. Incredibly, that is actually a 15.3% increase when compared to January of 2020.

Online gambling is proving to be extremely valuable for the casinos in this city. Internet gambling made up for about one-third of the total revenue earned here in January. Many still prefer to play casino games online rather than inside a land-based casino right now.

Some believe that having the PFL’s next events in Atlantic City could help to boost tourism here. That will be particularly true once fans are allowed inside the arena. Stay tuned for more updates on the casino industry here over the next few months!

Are you excited about the upcoming PFL tournament? Who do you think wins at welterweight? Let us know in the comments section below!

Judge Orders Ex-Borgata Executive to Return Mobile Phone

Borgata Hotel-Casino
Borgata Casino got a shot in the arm from Lady Justice last Thursday as a federal judge in Nevada ordered a former Borgata casino executive, among others, to return a company-issued mobile phone which contained valuable information on Borgata’s top players and highest rollers.

Aside from instructing the former Borgata exec to return the cell phone, U.S. judge Gloria Navarro also issued a temporary restraining order preventing the two former executives who left Borgata this summer to work for the Ocean Casino Resort from contacting any past, present, or prospective clients of the Borgata Casino. Navarro also ordered the two former Borgata executives not to share trade secrets or confidential information to their new employers.

Poaching Accusation

However, the judge did not order the two executives removed from their jobs at Ocean Casino despite violating unfair competition laws and agreements. In not terminating the two, Navarro reasoned that the plaintiff did not present evidence that proved Ocean knew that the two were using Borgata trade secrets in their current employment.

Last month, Borgata Casino accused Ocean Casino of “poaching” six former executives in what it called an “attempt to cripple “ it by using trade secrets and sensitive information about its top clients. Borgata proceeded to filing a lawsuit after it asserted that the hiring of their former officers violated New Jersey’s unfair competition laws.

Attempt To Cripple Borgata

The case centered on William Callahan and Kelly Ashman Burke, who worked with Borgata’s top clients, and who were recently hired by Ocean Casino. Borgata took exception of Callahan for his failure to return a company-issued cell phone which was said to contain top secret information regarding Borgata’s high-rollers. Borgata claimed that Callahan refused to return the phone even after he had resigned from his post at their casino.

Callahan worked with Borgata’s highest-level customers who spent around $1.5M-$4M per visit. Borgata claimed that these clients were worth a collective $25M per year and Ocean was “crippling” their business using the information that Callahan took from Borgata using his cell phone. The case was filed in Nevada because MGM Resorts International, Borgata’s parent company, is located there.

Borgata Casino Files Lawsuit Against Ocean Casino

Borgata Hotel-Casino

Atlantic City’s top casino has filed a lawsuit against one of its competitors, claiming that the rival hired half-a-dozen of its former Marketing Executives in an effort to steal trade secrets.

The case was filed on Thursday by MGM Resort International’s Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa against Ocean Casino after the latter allegedly poached former Borgata executives in an attempt “to cripple” it by using details of its most profitable customers. According to Borgata, Ocean Casino violated unfair competition laws and agreements that prohibit at least two of the highest ranking executives from working for a competitor for a year after leaving.

High-Roller Customer Data

At the center of the complaint is former Borgata exec William Callahan who now works for Ocean Casino. It is alleged that Callahan has retained his Borgata-issued phone which contains valuable information about Borgata costumers. The lawsuit states that Callahan has refused to return the phone as recently as Monday this week.

Callahan was in charge of Borgata’s high-roller customers. These were patrons who spent $1.5M to $4M per visit and who would be flown in and out of the casino’s events using Borgata’s private jet. According to Borgata, these individuals were worth at least $25M per year to the company.

Aside from Callahan, Borgata also mentioned the name of former executive Kelly Ashman Burke in the document. The plaintiff also said that four other ex-marketing personnel have been hired by Ocean Casino in an attempt to “cripple” Borgata’s casino operations in Atlantic City.

Direct and Primary Competitor

The Borgata leads the nine-casino market in the area but in the lawsuit, it asserts that Ocean City is a direct and primary competitor for high-level customers in Atlantic City. Interestingly, Ocean Casino ranks just sixth among the nine Atlantic City casinos in terms of total revenues, making just one-thirds of what Borgata has raked in over the period.

The Ocean City Casino is the former Revel Casino which was shut down in 2014. The Revel operated for over two years and never came close to making a profit. But the casino reopened in 2018 under a new name and ownership and it has improved its ranking in the market.

Last month , Ocean Casino ranked second in Atlantic City casino win with its revenue of $23.6M a 23.1% increase against its July 2019 figures. Ocean saw nine straight months of slot pay growth before the coronavirus pandemic hit last March. Borgata was closed for the most part of July but in terms of income, it still makes three times more than any of its competitor.

Atlantic City Celebrates Best Casino Revenue for February Since 2011

Atlantic City Sign on Casino BuildingLast month, Atlantic City’s nine casinos brought in a whopping $275.1 million in total gaming revenue, an 18.4% over last February’s numbers. These figures were gathered from the state Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Atlantic City continues on its astonishing 21 consecutive reporting period hot streak of monthly revenue increases. The growth period started nearly two years ago in June when Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City and Ocean Casino Resort reopened their doors.

“Atlantic City reported strong results in February, which were aided by the calendar with its rare fifth Saturday,” said James Plousis, Casino Control Commission Chairman. “Revenue from slots, table games, internet wagering and sports wagering all grew. Internet wagering results were prominent, and the sports wagering handle already surpassed $1 billion for the year. These gaming options are providing important revenue streams while broadening the industry’s appeal.”

The Strongest February in Nearly a Decade

Last month’s results were the strongest for February in Atlantic City since 2011. In 2011, 11 casinos were in full swing, as compared to the nine currently operating in today’s Atlantic City.

According to Rummy Pandit, executive director of the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality & Tourism at Stockton University, says the milder weather and efforts of city businesses to feature more on-site resort entertainment are among the biggest factors in increased visitation and revenue.

“The wintry weather that likely suppressed visitation, and in-turn land-based gaming revenues, in past years was not as much a factor in February 2020,” Pandit said. “The especially mild weather, and efforts by city businesses to bring more shoulder season entertainment to the resort, has led to increases in visitation.”

Ocean Casino Reports Largest Monthly Increase

Ocean casino saw the largest monthly revenue increase in February of the city’s nine properties. The resort took home $20.77 million in casino win, that’s a 51% increase from February 2019’s numbers.

This time last year, Ocean was changing ownership and leadership.

Ocean’s CEO, Terry Glebocki, said the second month of the year was an “incredibly strong month for the property” and said that slot business was up an incredible 88%.

Glebocki, the only woman chief executive officer of an Atlantic City casino, was officially named CEO last December. She worked hard to listen to AC customers’ concerns and address their needs.

“The property had a history of being tone-deaf to most A.C. customers and we’ve overcome that,” Glebocki said. “We were voted No. 1 casino in A.C. (in 2019 by Atlantic City Press) for best rooms, best comps and best players clubs. That’s because of what we stand for, giving people a fair deal.”

Ocean recently revamped their property, including revitalizing their dining options, creating a convenient new elevator bank that offers direct access from the hotel level to the casino level, and opening up their new Exhale Spa + Bathhouse, which was voted the top spa in New Jersey by Spas of America.

Online Gambling is a Safeguard for Coronavirus

While Atlantic City continues to see an uptick in their casino revenue, property owners are well aware of the toll COVID-19 could cause on the gaming industry, and how the impact could reach their shores.

Their strategy is to use online betting as a viable safeguard, should on-site gambling get impacted negatively.

The great news is that online betting is also up in the state and experienced a boost in February as well. Internet gaming revenue for February was $52 million, an increase of 63.7% over this time last year.

“Online casinos and sportsbooks should help buoy their land-based casino counterparts in Atlantic City should the coronavirus impact casino operations,” said Eric Ramsey, analyst for “The Golden Nugget’s online casino already generates more revenue than its retail casino, and others have been closing the gap. That online revenue stream could prove vitally important in the coming months.”

Should the situation with the coronavirus outbreak get worse, online betting will be looked to more than ever as a buffer to get the industry through trying times.

“New Jersey’s year-over-year gains remained impressive in February, but we are in uncharted territory now,” said Dustin Gouker, lead analyst for “Obviously there are bigger concerns with coronavirus, but the NBA is a major revenue driver for New Jersey’s sportsbooks. So the suspension of the season, in addition to suspensions of other sports, will undoubtedly have a significant effect.”

Stay tuned to see if casino gaming revenue continues on its upward trajectory in Atlantic City, or if New Jersey will get impacted by the coronavirus in the coming month.

Ocean Resort CEO Reflects on Property’s Progress and Future Plans

Ocean Resort Casino, Atlantic CityLong before it was Ocean Resort Casino, the property was known as Revel, and it had a reputation of being the white elephant of the Atlantic City boardwalk. But why? According to Atlantic City and Philadelphia developer and nearby Showboat Casino owner, Bart Blatstein, it’s the “worst-designed building” he’s ever seen.

“There are so many reasons it failed. How can you have a casino on the Boardwalk and not be able to enter it from there?” questioned Blatstein.

It cost $2.4 billion to build the oddly designed casino, which features a hotel lobby on the 11th floor and casino on the sixth floor. When it finally shut its doors in September 2014, investors weren’t flocking to buy it.

Finally, in January 2018, AC Ocean Walk took a leap of faith and bought the property for a cool $200 million, renaming it Ocean Resort Casino.

Considering its difficult rise to claim Atlantic City acceptance and its inherent architectural issues, it made the revival process a difficult one, but one Ocean Resort CEO Terry Glebocki was willing to fight for.

“The property had a history of being tone deaf to most A.C. customers and we’ve overcome that,” Glebocki said. “We were voted No. 1 casino in A.C. (in 2019 by Atlantic City Press) for best rooms, best comps and best players clubs. That’s because of what we stand for, giving people a fair deal.”

Ocean Revamps their Property

Because of the property’s historical reluctance to prioritize the guest experience, Glebocki made sure to find ways to give guests what they actually want by being mindful of details and what the property has to uniquely offer that you can’t get elsewhere in Atlantic City.

Since the property reopened in June 2018, major forward changes have been made. For one, the current vibe is a lot hipper, and more relaxed. It’s also been transformed into a family-friendly resort.

She also figured out a way to adapt to the property’s unconventional architecture, making for a more seamless transition for guests to get from the hotel lobby to the casino floor, and vice versa.

“Our new elevator bank offers direct access from the hotel level to the casino level, two new elevators now lead guests from the hotel lobby to the casino floor. Customers previously had to take an escalator or elevator that was not near the hotel tower.

Glebocki also diversified the resort’s available dining options, offering up casual restaurants alongside the number of upscale restaurants to balance the mix, giving their variety of guests more freedom to choose what they can eat on-site.

The property has also significantly increased event bookings at their Ovations Hall, with 42 dates booked in 2019, and their rentable beachfront space, which has been a popular space for summer events.

The real winning addition to the property, however, is their Exhale Spa + Bathhouse, being touted as a “tranquil oasis.” According to Glebocki, “Exhale was recently voted the top spa in New Jersey by Spas of America. What sets us apart from our competition is our Turkish style co-ed bathhouse and Himalayan Salt Grotto.”

Plans for the Property in 2020

Atlantic City’s trailblazing CEO will be planning more changes for the property in 2020:

“We will be enhancing and adding new gaming experiences for our guests,” Glebocki said. “We are planning a major investment in a new high-limit slot experience that will position Ocean as a premier gaming destination in Atlantic City. We are also in conversations with our business partners in providing even more amenities and services that will wow our guests.”

About Terry Glebocki

Glebocki is a Lehigh University alum who served as vice president of finance for a few of Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casinos for 23 years. She served in the same capacity at Revel, beginning in 2007, before being promoted to chief financial officer of the company five years later in 2013.

In February 2019, she was appointed as Ocean’s chief financial officer. Last August, she served as the interim CEO after the property’s previous CEO, Eric Matejevich, stepped down. In December, she was named the official CEO of Ocean Resort Casino.

Glebocki is currently the only woman chief executive officer of an Atlantic City casino.