The Raiders’ New Partner is Announced for Las Vegas Stadium

The Oakland Raiders will soon be making their new home in Las Vegas. This week, the Raiders’ new partner was officially revealed. To the surprise of many, the famous NFL team has teamed up with a tribal casino operator in California.

Oakland Raiders Helmet

Allegiant Stadium, where the Raiders will play in Las Vegas, won’t be complete until 2020. It makes sense for the team to seek new partnerships before it opens up. Let’s look at why this team is moving to Vegas, and what this partnership means moving forward.

Why Are the Raiders Moving to Las Vegas?

The Raiders are well-known for having one of the most passionate fan bases in the entire NFL. There’s a mystique about the team which has long been considered the place for the league’s toughest players. Unfortunately, Oakland has struggled to generate much success over the years and has one of the lowest budgets of any NFL team.

Recently, the NFL demanded that the Raiders begin playing in a new stadium. The team’s current home is the RingCentral Stadium (the Colosseum) which it shares with the Oakland Athletics MLB team. It’s considered to be one of the worst stadiums in the country.

The Raiders failed to propose an adequate stadium solution to officials in the NFL. The team then decided it would make the move to Los Angeles. Once again, this idea was shot down by the league. Finally, the team agreed on plans to move into Las Vegas. To the surprise of some, heads of the NFL greenlit these plans. The team agreed to begin playing at the future Allegiant Stadium, in an area that many real estate firms are investing in.

Las Vegas has recently begun to embrace its professional sports industry. Just a few years ago, the Las Vegas Golden Knights were created here. They’ve quickly become one of the top teams in the NHL.

Not everyone is happy about it, but the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. This week, the team announced its newest partner.

The Raiders’ New Partner Isn’t Based in Las Vegas

Many believed that the Raiders would team up with one of the many Las Vegas casino companies to help with promotional work and funding. Interestingly, the team has revealed this week that it’s signed a deal with San Manuel Casino, based in Southern California.

Marc Badain, President of the Raiders, commented on this new partnership to the media this week.

“We’ve talked often about how the (Allegiant Stadium) project is going to be transformative for the city of Las Vegas, the Raiders, the region and also for our partners,” he said. “We’re excited to have San Manuel Casino as a founding partner.”

The specific terms of this new deal have not been revealed to the public. Many believe it will be a profitable one for both parties, though. The Raiders’ new partner is no stranger to major sports partnerships. In fact, San Manuel Casino currently boats partnership deals with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

“Our history in Los Angeles was a very significant and successful one, and we maintain a very strong fanbase in the Southern California area. A significant portion of our (personal seat license) holders are coming from the region,” Badain also commented to the media. 

Week 7 Oakland Raiders Betting Odds

We’re now entering the 7th week of the 2019/2020 NFL season, and it’s been a competitive one thus far. The Raiders didn’t enter this season with the highest expectations, yet they’ve already recorded a few wins against solid teams. One of the best US online sports betting sites, Bovada, is now offering week 7 Oakland Raiders odds right now.

On Sunday, October 20th, the Raiders will take on the Green Bay Packers on enemy territory. The odds are set and Oakland is entering this game as the considerable betting underdogs.

Despite entering Sunday’s match on a two-game win streak, Oakland is being given odds of just +210 to beat the Packers. They’ve looked solid in recent games against Indianapolis and Chicago but have shown weakness in their defense.

Green Bay is looking great this season with a current 5-1 record. Their only loss came against the Eagles in a close game. Most NFL betting experts believe they’ll get the job done this Sunday, and Bovada seems to agree, giving the Packers odds of -250 to beat Oakland.

The Raiders’ new partner has been revealed. We’re getting closer and closer to seeing this team in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more sports gambling news over the next few months!

Raiders Help Out Las Vegas Sportsbooks With Upset Over Bears

The 5th week of the 2019/2020 NFL season is just about to wrap up. There were some major games taking place and a huge number of individuals in Las Vegas placed wagers on the outcomes. Fortunately for Las Vegas sportsbooks, the Oakland Raiders pulled off the upset against the Chicago Bears.

Sportsbook Inside Casino

This win saved sportsbooks some serious money. Today, we’re going to look at how big of an impact this win made for LV sports betting platforms. We’ll also look ahead to some of the NFL betting odds available online right now.

Oakland Raiders Pull Off the Win Against the Chicago Bears

The Oakland Raiders entered this season as one of the biggest betting underdogs to win the Super Bowl. The team simply lacks the star talent found on the Patriots, for example. Interestingly, this team is looking solid thus far into the season and recently pulled off their second straight win against the heavily-favored Chicago Bears.

Last week, the Raiders sent shockwaves through the NFL fan base with a victory over the Colts. It was surprising to many, as they’d just lost in a miserable showing against the Vikings. Not many were optimistic about the Raiders’ chances to even make it into the playoffs.

This thought process is beginning to change. The Raiders looked like an elite team on Saturday and showed the ability to perform against the league’s big dogs. Thanks to a strong offense and effort from the special teams, Oakland pulled off the victory, 24-21.

This victory proved to be hugely beneficial to Las Vegas sportsbooks. According to new reports, a huge number of bettors placed money on the Bears to beat Oakland.

Sportsbooks Celebrate the Raiders Victory

Sports betting is hugely popular in Las Vegas. Every major casino in this city operates a sportsbook, most of which offer a wide range of different betting options. NFL betting is the most popular form of gambling here and brings in millions of dollars to the city every single week of the season.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a huge number of wagers were placed on the Chicago Bears to claim victory over the Raiders last weekend. Last-minute wagers placed the line at 6 ½ for Chicago. Several six-figure wagers were placed.

As we’ve mentioned numerous times already, the Raiders miraculously pulled off the victory. Mirage sportsbook director Jeff Stoneback commented on this victory to the media this week.

“It would’ve been a disastrous day for us if the Bears had covered,” he said. “It was a monster game for us. It was probably our biggest win of the year on any game. Winning straight up made it even sweeter for us, but it was one of those games we really had to sweat.”

Things didn’t completely work out for the Las Vegas sportsbooks, though. The Patriots’ domination of the Redskins was a major blow to these sports betting platforms. MGM Resorts took in two six-figure wagers on the Patriots.

It was an exciting week for NFL fans around the country. Fortunately, things are just getting started.

Week 6 NFL Betting Odds Online

19 states have already legalized sports betting. Many more are likely to start regulating the online sports betting industry over the next few years. Fortunately, there are some great online betting sites available in every single state. The best right now is Bovada.

This site offers odds for every single game of the season. There are some great week 6 odds available right now.

One of the most popular games that members of Bovada are wagering on is between the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Panthers are riding a three-game win streak and enter this game as the favorites with current odds of -140. The Buccaneers are coming off a tough loss to the Saints and enter this game with current odds of +120.

Want to go with a real longshot wager? Consider placing money on the Bengals to take out the Baltimore Ravens. Cincinnati is 0-5 so far this season and is showing no signs of improvement. The Ravens have performed great for most of 2019 and enter as the massive favorites with odds of -600. Cincinnati’s odds are currently set at +400.

Las Vegas sportsbooks are also offering odds for the games this week. If you’re planning to visit Sin City, make sure to check out our hotels guide! Good luck with your bets!