Official Push to Begin Atlantic City Casino Upgrades

Atlantic City And New York City Casino Gambling Background

For many years, Atlantic City has been home to the most successful casino industry on the East Coast. The growing gambling industry in New York threatens that status, though. This situation has led many executives to push for Atlantic City casino upgrades to begin.

Atlantic City remains a very popular gambling hub and officials here want things to remain that way. Now is a great time to look at some of the casino improvements that could take place here soon.

Let’s get into it!

Executives Call for Atlantic City Casino Upgrades

The casino industry in New Jersey was forced decades ago. Atlantic City grew quickly, drawing in a huge number of residents from neighboring states to its popular casinos. The success of the state’s casino industry has fluctuated over the past few decades and is coming off its best-ever year in 2021.

Lawmakers in New York have begun pushing hard to allow new forms of gambling over the last few years. The first online sportsbooks went live in this state in early January. They broke an all-time monthly handle record in that first month of operating and many officials in New York are now pushing to allow new casinos, too.

This has led more executives in New Jersey to push for Atlantic City casino upgrades. City officials also want to see general infrastructure improved as a way to draw in more tourists. That includes Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, who spoke about the necessary city improvements to the media this week.

“We need to see some funding from the state and some real planning from the city,” Small said. “The streets need to be paved. There needs to be more light. There needs to be more police on the streets.”

Many of the casinos here have been undergoing renovations over the past two years. Most experts predict more of these renovation projects to be announced over the course of 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on these projects as the year goes on.

More Officials Call to See a Casino in New York City

Up until fairly recently, New York was considered a largely anti-gambling state. State officials worked to prohibit basic forms of gambling for decades. A law was passed in 2013 to allow commercial casinos in the state and the first regulated sportsbooks arrived here in 2019.

New York lawmakers are working hard to generate more tax revenue right now. Allowing more regulated gambling options is a great way to achieve that goal. Growing the state’s casino industry, in particular, is a priority for many lawmakers.

A growing number of state officials now support a casino in New York City, too. There are currently no Class III gambling venues in the city. Many casino operators were quick to express interest in opening the first casino in the Big Apple.

Many steps would need to be taken in order for casino plans like these to gain approval. That includes approval from voters in the state. Support for these plans is increasing, though, leading many to believe that construction on this NYC casino could begin before the end of 2022.

Gambling revenue figures are being released around the country for the month of February. Below is a quick look at how much money different states have brought in last month.

Breaking Down the Latest US Gambling Revenue Reports

The entire US gambling industry managed to thrive over the course of 2021. That came as a slight surprise to some, as 2020 was the worst year in history for this industry. Analysts are now torn as to how 2022 will be for this industry.

The pandemic seemingly becoming under control seemed to indicate that things would continue to improve for various gambling operators around the country. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has once again led to drops in the US stock market. This is an ongoing situation with potentially major implications for the US economy, depending on how things play out.

February still proved to be a solid month for many state gaming industries. Over in New York, online sportsbooks managed to bring in $91.7 million in gross gaming revenue. A total of $1.54 billion was wagered through these online sportsbooks over the month.

West Virginia is one of the only other states to already release gaming revenue reports for February. Betting handle in February came out to $222,235,429 here. This marks a more than 15% increase from January and an even larger year-on-year increase.

Officials want to see Atlantic City casino upgrades this year. Do you think New York’s growing gambling industry will affect the one in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments section below!

Hard Rock International Proposes Three NYC Casino Location Ideas

Hard Rock Hotel Casino New York Background

The calls to open a major casino in New York City have only intensified over the last couple of years. Various casino companies are interested in operating this proposed casino, including Hard Rock International. New reports have just surfaced claiming Hard Rock International has been proposing three NYC casino location ideas to state leaders.

Location has proven to be a major source of debate for this casino. Officials want to ensure it is opened in an area that residents are happy with. Unfortunately, Hard Rock International is not yet ready to reveal where it may open a casino in the city to the public.

Here’s what you need to know.

Hard Rock International Now has Three NYC Casino Location Ideas

New York’s lawmakers approved a measure to allow commercial casinos in the state back in 2013. Several of these casinos have since opened in the state, all of which are located in the Upstate area. The casinos here have struggled to generate much revenue, largely due to their far distance from New York City.

Officials in New York are beginning to embrace the gambling industry. Online sports betting formally went live here last month. Many in the state are now pushing hard to get a major casino-resort opened in New York City.

Hard Rock International is one casino operator that appears interested in seeing a casino opened in New York City. This week, the company announced that it has three NYC casino location ideas in the works. Company executives are unwilling to reveal these locations, yet told the media they are planning to invest $2 billion on a casino in the Big Apple.

Hard Rock International CEO Jim Allen claims that the company’s new hotel in New York City is simply not large enough to host a casino at any point in the future.

“You have to have a footprint of real estate large enough to take advantage of the size of the market,” he said. “We’re extremely proud of our hotel on 48th Street, but its footprint is just not large enough for gaming. As far as other locations, really we’re waiting on the governor and the committee that’s going to be sending out the request for proposals to see what language is in the bill as to geographic locations that would be acceptable to the state.”

It’s unclear where exactly this casino might open its doors. We’ll be sure to provide updates on these possible location ideas throughout the next year.

New Jersey May be Working to Expand its Casino Industry

For decades, New Jersey has been one of the premier gambling destinations in the United States. Atlantic City is home to a huge number of casinos and helps to draw in millions of tourists every year. This state’s gaming industry has recently been dealing with an increase in competition, though.

New York is beginning to seriously compete with some of the gaming options in New Jersey. The launch of online sportsbooks in the state has led some to claim that New York is now the sports betting capital of the United States. These mobile sportsbooks will almost certainly take away from the revenue earned at New Jersey’s online sportsbooks.

Lawmakers in New York are also interested in expanding the state’s casino industry. Several NYC casino location ideas are being presented. There is reason to believe that this casino would quickly become one of the most successful ones in the country.

Officials in New Jersey are responding with casino expansion plans of their own. Certain state officials are pushing to get a casino opened in Meadowlands. In order for this to happen, voters would need to approve a state constitutional amendment allowing for a casino to open in areas other than Atlantic City.

The entire Northeastern US is developing a large and successful casino industry. New York City is not the only major metropolitan city that is expected to welcome a major casino soon.

Lori Lightfoot is Expected to Reveal the Chicago Casino Location Soon

Illinois is far ahead of states like New York in its casino expansion plans. Lawmakers here approved a Capital Plan all the way back in 2019 that allows for six new casinos to open in the state. The most notable part of this plan was that it allowed for a casino-resort to open in Chicago.

It’s been years since this Capital Plan was approved and very little progress getting the Chicago casino opened has been made. City officials have come up with many delays in getting any approval for this venue. Its location has been a major source of debate over the last few years.

Some have been pushing for this casino to be opened in McCormick Place, a massive convention center in the city. Others were quick to push against this idea.

Lori Lightfoot continues to tell the media that an official location for this Chicago casino will be announced soon. Hope is that this announcement comes within the next month. That could allow for construction to begin this spring and perhaps the casino to open its doors in 2023.

Three NYC casino location ideas have already been presented. Where do you think a casino should open its doors in the Big Apple? Let us know in the comments section below!

New Budget Plan Could Allow for the First NYC Casino

Kathy Hochul New York Governor Casino Background

New York has been expanding its gambling industry over the past few years. Lawmakers in the state are looking for new ways to generate tax revenue and the gambling industry is one effective way to generate these funds. A newly-presented budget plan may allow for the first NYC casino to open soon.

Many have been calling for a true Class III casino in New York City to open its doors. Now is a great time to talk about what needs to happen for this property to open.

Here’s what you need to know.

A New State Budget Could Allow for the First NYC Casino to Open

The US is home to a huge number of gambling hubs. Over on the East Coast, New Jersey is known as the largest gambling destination, home to a huge number of popular casinos and sportsbooks. New York is now working to establish itself as a great gambling hub, as well.

A real push to open a casino-resort in New York City has been taking place over the last few years. Various groups support this move, arguing it will help to fuel tourism and bring in tax money for the state. Many are hopeful that 2022 is the year this NYC casino gets approved.

A new budget plan has just been presented by Governor Kathy Hochul. The $216.3 proposal would allow for three new casinos to open in the state. That includes one, or perhaps more, to open their doors in and around the New York City area.

Resorts World currently operates one limited gambling property in New York City. This company released a statement on the possible allowance of a Class III casino to the media this week.

“Gaming in downstate New York is full of untapped potential and Gov. Hochul’s initiative to award additional casino licenses is a big step toward showcasing the state’s enormous promise,” the statement said. “If granted a full casino license, we are uniquely positioned to immediately elevate our support for the state in a number of significant ways. On day one, we’ll be able to hire and train hundreds of new union members, generate significant additional revenue for public schools, and drive economic activity for local small businesses and the Queens community.”

This state budget has not yet been approved. It will likely take months for any approvals to be made. Stay tuned for updates on the possible approval of these plans as the year goes on.

New York’s Sports Betting Industry Continues to Grow

New York’s lawmakers are focused on more than just the casino industry. This state’s first sportsbooks went live in 2019. At that time, only land-based sportsbooks were allowed to operate and many immediately began calling for online betting options to launch in order to better compete with neighboring states.

Allowing online sports betting in the state was no easy task. Lawmakers needed to make a constitutional amendment, approved by residents. Finally, on January 9, New York’s first online sportsbooks officially went live.

Hundreds of thousands of online betting accounts were created in the first few days of this industry launching. A massive amount of wagers have already been placed here online. There is reason to believe New York may quickly develop the largest sports betting market in the country.

More online sportsbooks are set to go live in this state in the coming weeks. Experts are predicting a massive surge of wagers to come in here on the upcoming Super Bowl. All signs point to next month’s NFL championship game being the most-bet-on game in history.

With online sportsbooks and new casinos, New York is turning into a true gambling hub. We’ll be sure to report more on the state’s gaming revenue figures throughout 2022.

More States Look Toward Casino Expansion This Year

New York is not the only state working to expand its number of casinos. Various states around the country see casinos as a great way to generate tax money while boosting tourism. 2022 is expected to be a huge year for the US casino industry as a whole.

Illinois has been expanding its gambling industry since 2019. A Capital Plan approved that year allows for several new casinos to open in the state, including one in Chicago. A location for the Chicago casino will be revealed soon and hope is that construction on this property beings this year.

Nevada is without a doubt the largest casino hub in the world. New gambling properties are constantly opening here, particularly in the Las Vegas area. Station Casinos is planning to open several new venues this year and is eyeing a new venue in the Downtown area.

Various other smaller gaming hubs will likely open new casinos soon, too. That includes Colorado and Oklahoma. Assuming no more intense health regulations are ordered once again, the entire country’s casino industry should be set for a massively successful year.

Do you expect a NYC casino to open anytime soon? Will New York overtake New Jersey as the East Coast’s biggest gambling hub? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Seneca Tribe’s Legal Dispute in New York is Finally Over

Seneca Nation Of Indians New York Casino Background

For years, the Seneca Nation of Indians has been in a heated legal battle with New York lawmakers over their casino tax rate. It was one of the most high-profile cases involving a Native American group and state officials over the gaming industry to date. Fortunately, the Seneca Tribe’s legal dispute in New York has come to an end.

New York’s gambling industry is quickly expanding. The Seneca Nation appears ready to begin focusing more on this growth.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

A New Agreement has Ended the Seneca Tribe’s Legal Dispute in New York

New York is home to a large and successful casino industry. For a time, only Native American groups were legally able to operate Class III casinos in the state. Lawmakers approved a measure to allow for commercial casinos to operate in New York in 2013.

The Seneca Nation of Indians has been operating several casinos throughout Western New York for many years. Back in 2017, officials within the tribe filed a legal challenge to the state’s 25% tax rate on casino revenue. The Seneca Tribe immediately began withholding their tax payments while this legal challenge played out in the courts.

News broke this week that the Senate Tribe’s legal dispute has officially come to an end. Under the agreement, the tribe will pay $500 million in due tax money to the state. The Seneca Nation is hoping to see a new gaming compact passed that will allow the tribe to expand its number of available gambling options inside its casinos. Seneca Nation President Matthew Pagels spoke about the end of this legal quarrel to the media this week.

“Rather than pursue continued legal action, we believe we can now best address our concerns in a Compact with greater clarity on our obligations, and, as important, the obligations New York State has to the Nation in return,” Pagels said. “Furthermore, we want to see the momentum generated by our investments and operations continue to grow, and we look forward to building on our strong relationships with our neighbors in Niagara Falls, Salamanca and Buffalo. Now is the time to move forward.”

With the legal fight now over, the Seneca Tribe will likely begin looking at ways to increase its gaming revenue figures in New York. Now is a great time to look at some of the ways this state’s gambling industry has grown recently.

Sports Betting Revenue in New York Continues to Surge

New York has been home to one of the most passionate sporting fan bases for decades. It’s here that popular teams like the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets are based. Sports betting launched in this state back in 2019, yet only land-based sportsbooks inside casinos were legally able to operate.

As the years went on, lawmakers in New York realized how much money was flowing into neighboring New York and Pennsylvania. Residents only needed to cross into these state borders to make wagers on their favorite teams and players online. Eventually, a decision was made to launch online sports betting in New York.

The state’s first online sportsbooks officially went live last Saturday. In just the first two days of operating, the sportsbooks here set a new record for transactions received over a single weekend. This sent a clear message that New York was poised to become the new sports betting capital of the United States.

Officials in New Jersey are not pleased with this development. This state has been earning a tremendous amount of tax revenue from New York sports bettors since 2018. Most analysts expect to see a large drop in sports betting revenue reported in New Jersey over the month of January.

New York is not showing any signs of slowing down on its gambling expansion plans. New reports indicate several new casinos could be coming to this state soon.

Will a New York City Casino Start Being Constructed in 2022?

New York has never really been thought of as a major casino hub. Some may even be surprised to learn how many casinos are operating around the state. Most of the casinos here have struggled over the years, due partly to their location in the Upstate area.

A growing number of officials now support the move to open a new casino in New York City. Most agree a gambling property here would help to generate a massive amount of revenue. It will also help to drive tourism into New York City, city leaders argue.

Several reports have surfaced over the last few weeks claiming three new casinos could soon be opened in the New York City area. Concrete plans to open a gambling venue in the Big Apple have not been presented. Based on the progress being made, it would not be a shock to see a major casino-resort go under construction in New York City this year.

Lawmakers in the state are clearly beginning to embrace the gambling industry in a big way. Sports betting is now legal and available both in-person and online. All signs point to new casinos going under construction here, too.

The Seneca Tribe’s legal dispute is finally over. Expect to see this tribe working to allow forms of gambling inside its casinos over the next few years. Stay tuned for updates!

Officials Discuss Adding Crypto Trading at Proposed NYC Casino

New York State Seal And City Backdrop With Crypto Casino Background

Gambling proponents in New York continue working to open a major casino in New York City. Lately, various officials have discussed ideas to make this casino as popular as possible. One prominent money manager has just submitted plans to add a crypto trading floor to the proposed NYC casino.

Many are excited to hear about these possible plans. It is still unclear if the plans to open a NYC casino will be approved anytime soon, though.

Here’s what we know about the latest plans for this gambling venue.

Jason Ader Wants to Add a Crypto Trading Floor to the Proposed NYC Casino

New York has significantly expanded its gambling industry over the past decade. Today, both commercial and tribal casinos are operating in the state. Sports betting is also legal here and officials are currently working to get online sportsbooks up and running in 2022.

No casinos exist in New York City. One smaller gambling property is operating here, yet it only provides a limited number of gaming options. Many have been pushing for a real Class III casino to open in the city that would offer table games and slots machines.

Jason Ader, a well-known money manager in the state, is one of the individuals interested in seeing this casino opened. This week, he presented a set of plans for the proposed NYC casino. Part of those plans involved adding a crypto trading floor inside this venue.

“The goal is to have a differentiated but comprehensive approach to entertainment that goes beyond casino gaming with some pretty cool elements,” Ader told the media earlier this week. 

Ader’s plan also involved adding an Esports arena, a major convention area to host New York Fashion Week, and even a landing pad for flying cars. The total cost of this project would likely surpass $3 billion. We’ll be sure to report on any approvals of his plans over the next few months.

New York’s Sports Betting Expansion Plans Continue Moving Forward

New York has long been home to one of the most passionate groups of sports fans in the country. A huge number of professional teams are based here. That includes the New York Yankees, New York Giants, and New York Knicks.

It’s not a shock that New York legalized sports betting in 2019. Unfortunately, lawmakers here only approved plans for land-based sportsbooks to open in the state. These sportsbooks are all located in the Upstate arena making it very difficult for residents in New York City to legally place wagers. Many choose to make the trip into New Jersey to make wagers online.

New York’s lawmakers are now tired of seeing revenue flow into neighboring states. Plans to allow online sportsbooks in the state have been moving forward. Many key lawmakers support these plans and recognize how much tax revenue can be earned.

Several sports betting companies have already been chosen to receive online sportsbook licenses in the state. All signs point to these betting platforms going live in early 2022. Some feel these could help New York develop the most profitable sports betting industry in the country.

There is no doubt that New York’s betting platforms will take away from New Jersey’s sports betting revenue. Exactly how much of an impact they will have is unknown. Stay tuned for updates on this situation!

More States Report Surges in Sports Betting Revenue

The year is coming to a close and states around the country continue to see a huge amount of money flowing in from their regulated sports betting operations. States are beginning to release revenue reports over the month of November. It’s clear that this is one of the biggest months in history for the entire US sports gambling industry.

Oregon managed to bring in $4.4 million in total gross gaming revenue from sports betting in November. That is up a staggering 46.5% compared to October. Most of this revenue came from bets on the NFL season.

West Virginia saw an increase, too. The sportsbooks here reported nearly $200,000 in total sports betting handle over November. This state is not a major sports betting hub, yet helps to bring the state valuable tax revenue each month.

Most experts expect to see more states reporting record-breaking revenue reports over November. NFL betting continues to be a major revenue generator for sports betting companies. This will likely intensify heading into the playoff season.

Do you think the proposed NYC casino will open anytime soon? What do you think of Jason Ader’s plans? Let us know in the comments section below.

Another Company Shows Interest in Opening Casinos in New York City

Hard Rock In New York City

For years, officials in the state of New York have been looking into the possibility of allowing a real Class III gambling venue in the Big Apple. This news has attracted the attention of many of the country’s top gaming companies. This week, another prominent gaming company expressed interest in opening casinos in New York City.

There is reason to believe that a casino in NYC would be hugely successful. Several major companies are eager to see how things change here in the near future.

Here’s a look at the latest company looking to expand in New York.

Hard Rock Shows Interest in Opening Casinos in New York City

New York has a rich, unusual history of gambling regulation. Back in 2013, legislators agreed to a new measure allowing casinos to operate throughout the state. Unfortunately, specific laws were set in place that prohibited any casinos from opening their doors in New York City.

That could soon change. Several major politicians and business leaders in the state have recently made a push to allow a real casino inside NYC. These individuals point toward the massive opportunity to boost tourism and increase tax revenue with a casino-resort operating inside the city.

It now seems that Hard Rock is one company interested in opening casinos in New York City. Officials within Hard Rock revealed plans this week two open two gambling venues in the area, including one within the New York City limits. Jim Allen, a key figure within Hard Rock, spoke to the media about the possibility of opening a casino here earlier this week.

“We’re interested in both markets [New York and New Jersey], and if God is good enough to allow us to operate in both, we would be happy to do so,” Allen said. “How many casinos do you have lined up right here? One hundred percent, the market is large enough.”

Four commercial casinos and seven tribal casinos are currently based in New York. We’ll be sure to continue reporting on the push to get a casino in NYC over the next few months.

New York’s Online Sports Betting Launch Will Likely Come in 2022

New York’s entire gambling industry seems prepped to expand. Officials here are showing more interest in allowing more casinos in the state. Some feel it’s only a matter of time before several casinos in New York City open their doors.

The first regulated sportsbooks went live in New York back in 2019. Unfortunately, the laws set in place here did not allow for any regulated online sportsbooks to go live. Low revenue figures from this industry led state leaders to change their stance and a push to allow online sports betting has been ongoing here.

Not long ago, the NY Gaming Commission began accepting bids from major sports betting operators. It should come as no surprise to see some of the top sports betting operators applying for a sportsbook license here. That includes BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and Barstool Sportsbook.

The process to launch internet sportsbooks in New York has been a long, arduous one. Fortunately, all signs point to the first online sports betting platforms going live here in 2022. Many analysts expect New York to quickly develop one of the largest sports betting markets in the United States.

New York’s gambling industry will always face competition from nearby New Jersey. Let’s take a look at how the casinos over in Atlantic City have been faring lately.

Gaming Revenue Continues to Increase in New Jersey

Since 2018, New Jersey has seen its gaming industry rapidly expand. Much of this is due to the legalization of sports betting in 2018. New Jersey was instrumental in getting PASPA struck down and has since developed the most successful sports betting industry in the country.

The casinos over in Atlantic City are benefiting from this expansion. These properties have been experiencing impressive revenue gains throughout 2021. That was once again the case last September when the casinos here managed to bring in $248.5 million in total gross gaming revenue.

Sports betting proved to be wildly popular here last September. For the first time ever, the sports betting operators in New Jersey took in over $1 billion during a single month. This is largely due to the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season.

There is reason to believe things will continue to improve here. Many of the casinos in Atlantic City are currently undergoing multi-million dollar renovations. The owners of these venues expect to see more surges in tourism heading into 2022.

Do you expect to see casinos in New York City anytime soon? Which company will gain permission to open a casino in the Big Apple? Let us know in the comments section below.

Officials Push Against Opening a Commercial Casino in NYC

NYC Casino

For years, lawmakers in New York have debated whether or not opening a traditional Class III casino in New York would be beneficial for the state. It seemed that some real progress was being made to get this one. Unfortunately, new reports have surfaced claiming a group of politicians has pushed against allowing a commercial casino in NYC.

It’s disappointing news for those hoping to see a real gambling venue finally open its doors in the city. Hope is not completely lost, though. Now is a great time to look at what exactly is happening with this situation.

Let’s get into it!

What’s Going on With New York’s Casino Industry?

New York’s history of gambling regulation goes back decades. For many years, this state was considered one of the most anti-gambling in the country. Lawmakers here prohibited most forms of gambling such as traditional casino gaming and sports betting.

Many pushed back against these intense regulations. Even some of the top lawmakers in the state expressed their opinion that more legal gambling options would bring the state much-needed revenue. Finally, in 2013, things took a major turn here.

It was this year that lawmakers in New York approved a measure to allow commercial casinos. The state mandated that all of these gambling venues open their doors in Upstate New York. This led to a hugely competitive casino industry in this area.

Not long ago, reports surfaced that several of the casinos in New York now owe the state’s Gaming Commission a combined $17.7 million. Rivers Casino & Resort, Lago Resort & Casino, Resorts World, and Tioga Downs Casino all owe millions in overdue fees to this commission. It’s unclear if any of these gaming properties have already decided to pay this bill.

Fortunately, gambling revenue has been slowly increasing in this state. A growing number of individuals are making the trip to Upstate New York to play at their favorite casinos. Just about every major casino destination around the US has been seeing a steady increase of visitors throughout the first five months of 2021.

As revenue increases, more individuals are pushing the idea of opening a real casino in New York City. New reports indicate this may not be taking place anytime soon.

Politicians Push Against Allowing a Commercial Casino in NYC

The discussion surrounding a real casino in New York City has been going on for years. Proponents believe it will help to boost tourism and revenue for the city. Detractors feel it could lead to an increase in crime and gambling addiction.

Some felt that 2020 would be the year for a measure allowing a commercial casino in NYC to get passed. Several prominent figures in politics including New York City mayor-hopeful Andrew Yang supported this idea. Unfortunately, reports have just surfaced that indicate this may not happen anytime soon.

The New York Post has just released a new report claiming a group of Manhattan legislators are pushing against these plans. Assemblyman Richard Gottfried gave his official take on this situation to the media this week. Ultimately, he believes this will be a detriment to the Manhattan area.

“I adamantly oppose any casino in Manhattan,” Gottfried said. “I believe it would be seriously detrimental to the residential and commercial quality of Manhattan.” 

Governor Cuomo pushed against allowing any new forms of gambling in New York for years. Recently, however, he changed his tune and even supported the move to open a commercial casino in NYC. He expressed disappointment at the news that these legislators do not support the city’s casino plans.

This news does not mean that the city’s casino plans are completely dead. Lawmakers will now meet to weigh the pros and cons of this industry. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on the move to get a NYC casino opened over the next few weeks.

New Jersey’s Casinos Prepare for Major Revenue Surge

The state of New Jersey is known for being the gambling capital of the East Coast. Some of the best casino-resorts in the country are located in Atlantic City. Throughout 2021, these properties have been seeing a steady increase in their revenue figures.

Most analysts expect this summer to be hugely successful for New Jersey’s casino industry. Hotel bookings in Atlantic City are ramping up. As a result, many of these casino-resorts are undergoing massive renovations.

The Ocean Casino-Resort has announced it is planning a $15 million renovation project. The Hard Rock Atlantic City is also preparing for a $20 million renovation. Many gambling fans in the area are excited to see how these properties improve.

Some exciting new entertainment options are coming to this city soon, too. As infection rates drop, regulations towards casinos are being lifted. Many of the casino-resorts here are now resuming sold-out concerts and shows.

It’s an exciting time for the entire East Coast casino industry. Places like Pennsylvania and Delaware have seen steady increases in their gaming revenue lately. We’ll be sure to report on the revenue figures in these states over the next few months.

Do you think we’ll see a commercial casino in NYC anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

More Plans to Open a NYC Casino are Coming Out

New York City View

New York is home to a large casino industry. Unfortunately, revenue from this industry has been low for more than a year and many are looking at new ways to bring in money. We’re now beginning to hear more about the plans to open a NYC casino.

Many officials are pushing to allow a Class III gambling venue in New York City. It seems that some progress is being made on this front. Today, we’re going to discuss exactly what needs to be done for a casino to be approved to open its doors in the Big Apple.

Let’s get into it!

Gaming Revenue is Beginning to Surge Around the US

It’s been more than a year since the US casino industry completely shut down. This proved to be one of the biggest moments in the casino industry to date. It took months for any major casinos to begin operating again.

The country’s larger gaming hubs were impacted more than the smaller ones. Places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City immediately began to suffer. These cities are unique in that they rely massively on their tourism industries.

Las Vegas began allowing its casinos to operate again in June. Of course, these venues were only able to operate at a limited capacity with intense regulations set in place. Tourism in the city remained low even after the casinos opened their doors again.

Atlantic City wasn’t given permission to reopen casinos until July. It was a tough few months for the East Coast’s biggest gaming destination. Like Las Vegas, tourism here remained very low for months.

Things are beginning to improve, though. Tourism rates are steadily increasing in Las Vegas. Casino companies across the country are beginning to see an increase in revenue. It seems likely that there will be a major recovery reported throughout the summer.

New York has been trying to improve its casino industry for years. It’s now looking like a major gambling venue could finally be making its way into NYC.

Here’s What We Know About the Plans to Open a NYC Casino

The idea of opening a major Class III casino in New York City has been floating around for years. There has been pushback by several prominent individuals in the state who feel this could end up resulting in more crime and gaming addiction. Lately, however, more have gotten on board with the idea of getting a casino in New York City up and running.

Several prominent politicians are interested in this idea, as well. New York City mayor-hopeful Andrew Yang has been supporting the plans to open a NYC casino. He believes this gaming venue could help to bring New York a huge amount of valuable revenue.

This week, news broke that a bid to open an official casino in New York City came up during the state budget talks. It’s the first time this has happened and shows how much progress is being made. Governor Cuomo is now said to be working on a “community advisory board” to find an adequate site to host this new casino.

One anonymous lawmaker spoke with the New York Post this week about the current casino plans here.

“Cuomo is like a mad scientist in his lab drafting language for a new casino. Legislators in the Senate and Assembly are rejecting budget language giving the governor the authority to locate a casino in Manhattan,” the lawmaker said.

It’s clear that more individuals are now beginning to support the idea of opening a major casino in New York City. Reports have surfaced showing this property could bring the state a massive amount of tax revenue every single year. One anonymous lawmaker seems to indicate that not everyone is supporting this idea, though.

Finding a suitable location for this venue seems to be the main priority right now. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this situation over the next few weeks!

Atlantic City’s Casino Industry is Poised for a Big Comeback

Casinos around the United States are beginning to see big increases in their monthly revenue earnings. It’s great news for the companies that own these properties. Most major US casino operators have seen unprecedented revenue drops over the past twelve months.

Atlantic City may end up seeing a massive comeback this summer. This small city is home to many of the best casino-resorts on the East Coast. Most of the restrictions here have been lifted and these casinos are beginning to report major increases in their visitation rates.

Some big companies are now investing into this city’s gaming industry. Not long ago, news broke that the Ilitch family had agreed to purchase half of the Ocean Casino in Atlantic City. They expect major jumps in revenue over the next few months.

The sportsbooks here are likely to see a major revenue boost, as well. Online sports gambling revenue has been flowing into New Jersey for the past year. As more visitors flock into Atlantic City, land-based sports betting revenue will increase.

It’s a great time for the casino industry. If all goes according to plan, there will be a surge of tourism into the major gambling hubs around the country. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting situation.

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We Could See a Casino in Queens Opening Sometime Soon

Resorts World NY

The push to get a real Class III casino in New York City continues. It’s been a long, complicated process to get a major gaming venue in the Big Apple. Now, many are looking at possible locations for this property. Some believe we’ll see a casino in Queens opening its doors sometime soon.

This seems like a logical location for this new venue. Today, we’ll discuss why Queens may be the best area for a casino. We’ll also talk about what needs to happen for a New York City casino to open its doors.

Here’s what you need to know!

Lawmakers Continue Working to Expand New York’s Gambling Industry

New York’s gambling industry is still fairly new. For decades, officials here prevented any real commercial gambling properties from operating in the state. Finally, in 2013, the state government approved a new measure to allow commercial casinos here.

This proved to be a game-changer for New York’s gambling industry. It didn’t take long for major casino companies to begin opening casinos in the Upstate area. Unfortunately, state leaders did not permit any casinos to open in New York City.

Many now believe that it’s time for New York to expand its gambling options. A few years ago, the state legalized sports betting. Interestingly, only land-based sports betting was allowed here. The state pushed against the legalization of internet sports gambling.

More are now pushing for Governor Cuomo to begin allowing internet sports betting. New York’s sports betting revenue has been significantly lower than neighboring states. Until online sportsbooks become regulated here, this will not change.

There is also a huge push to allow more casinos to open around the state. The past year has been extremely tough for the casinos in Upstate New York. Many believe the state would benefit greatly from allowing casinos in New York City.

It seems that some progress is being made to get a casino opened in New York. Here’s a look at where this property could open its doors.

Here’s Why More are Pushing to See a Casino in Queens

As we just mentioned, New York’s gambling industry has expanded in a big way over the past few years. It is still significantly smaller than some of the other ones nearby such as New Jersey’s and Pennsylvania’s. Allowing a casino in New York City could be a great way for the state to compete in the market.

There have been some major issues getting this venue approved. Some in New York City believe that opening a casino here will result in an increase in crime. As time goes on, however, more are embracing the idea of a Class III casino in the city.

It now seems there could be a casino in Queens opening its doors sometime in the future. Queens is currently home to Resorts World Casino New York City. This isn’t a real casino and is only able to offer a limited set of electronic games.

Resorts World is one of the main candidates to become the first real casino in NYC. Meghan Taylor, the vice president of Government Affairs and Public Relations for Resorts World Casino, believes this will help to bring some much-needed revenue for the state moving forward.

“We are in an extremely different time in 2021, post-pandemic, where the state is dying for an economic boost,” Taylor said. “What that means is thousands of jobs being created almost immediately, and those thousands of jobs are for communities or really would be in communities that are in need of quality, high-paying jobs.”

This is exactly what many other state leaders are beginning to realize. New York is in serious need of tax money right now. A legalized casino in New York City could be the perfect way to achieve this goal.

The push to allow online sports betting continues, too. Here’s a look at what is happening on that front.

Now is the Perfect Time to Allow Online Sports Betting in NY

New York once had some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. For one reason or another, state leaders pushed against the legalization of almost all forms of gambling. Only recently have things begun to change here.

Land-based sports betting is now available in the state. No regulated online sportsbooks are currently allowed here. There has been intense pressure on Governor Cuomo to finally change this ban on internet sports betting, though.

Several companies seem ready to break into the state’s new online market. That includes Penn National Gaming, which recently secured a deal with the Twin Rivers Casino in New York. This will allow Penn Gaming to launch online sportsbooks in the state as soon as it becomes legal.

It seems likely that New York could grow to have one of the largest sports betting markets in the country with the legalization of online sportsbooks. New Jersey is setting new revenue records almost every month from this industry. It’s bringing the state a huge amount of tax money.

The gambling industry in New York seems likely to change in a big way soon. Most expect to see online sports gambling legal here within a year or two. We may even see a real casino in Queens open its doors soon!

Do you think it’s time for New York City to open a Class III casino? When do you expect online sports betting to become legal here? Let us know in the comments section below.

More Officials Push to Allow Real Casinos in New York City

New York City Casinos

New York is home to a fairly large number of popular casinos. For several reasons, however, there are no real casinos in New York City currently operating. Many state officials are now taking issue with this fact and feel that things should change.

Analysts believe New York would benefit from expanding its gambling industry. The state has struggled to compete with many of its neighboring states in the casino and sports betting departments. Now is a great time to talk about how things could change here in the near future.

Let’s get into it!

New York Seems Close to Finally Allowing Online Sports Betting

The state of New York is well-known for having one of the most passionate sports fan bases in the country. Unfortunately, state leaders here haven’t capitalized on this fact. Lawmakers here have been hesitant to expand the sports betting industry here in any major way.

The first legal sports wager was made here in 2019. As of now, only land-based sports betting is available. That has made it difficult for sports betting operators to generate revenue with the events that have unfolded since March of 2020.

There has been a real push to allow online sports betting here lately. Analysts point to states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania with regulated online sportsbooks up and running. These states are earning a massive amount of tax revenue from these internet gambling operations.

Officials in New York can no longer deny this fact. Even Governor Cuomo, who has been largely anti-online gambling over the years, seems to be embracing a change. He is actively in talks with other officials on how to safely launch the state’s online sports betting platforms.

This could end up being a game-changer for New York. It will almost certainly result in a major revenue spike. As of now, there is still no official date set for the state’s online sportsbooks to go live.

Many also feel that New York should begin to expand its casino industry. Here’s what we know about this situation.

Business Officials Push to Allow Real Casinos in New York City

The casino industry in New York has been steadily increasing since 2013. That year, state leaders began allowing commercial casinos to start operating. None were given permission to operate in New York City, though.

State leaders have long pushed against allowing Class III casinos in NYC. They believed these venues could cause a variety of unintended issues in the city. That idea seems outdated, however, when considering many of the successful casinos in other major US cities.

New York is beginning to realize that fact. Several prominent business leaders in different parts of the city are now supporting the push to allow real casinos in New York City. That includes leaders in The Bronx and Westchester County.

Most of the focus seems to be on allowing table games inside the Empire City Casino. This venue is one of the only ones in the city currently able to offer slot machines and other electronic games. There are now many that want to see this venue become a real, traditional casino.

Council member Shanae Williams believes this will end up bringing more money into Yonkers, where the Empire City Casino is located. “It would mean more money to help with a lot of different community projects, and I think that’s what we need right now in Yonkers,” she said. 

Governor Cuomo has shown a willingness to look into this idea. Of course, he is facing a variety of other issues at the moment that are likely taking his attention. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on any possible casinos in New York City over the next few months!

Atlantic City is Still in Recovery Mode

New York seems close to allowing many new gambling options. Over in New Jersey, the casino companies have a different focus. Rather than looking at expansion, these casinos want to simply get back to the way things were in 2019.

Atlantic City has been hit hard over the past twelve months. There are some clear signs that things are beginning to improve here. Revenue figures are still far below what was seen just a couple of years ago, though.

As infection rates drop, Governor Phil Murphy has slowly begun lifting restrictions on Atlantic City. This is giving the casinos here a little breathing room to attract players. Even major sports leagues are now making the move into AC.

News broke today that the Professional Fighters League plans to hold its upcoming tournament bouts inside the Ocean Casino-Resort in Atlantic City. These bouts will take place inside a “bubble” without any fans in attendance. It goes to show how far things have come here since last year.

Many believe February’s gaming revenue figures will break records. The Super Bowl likely brought an unprecedented amount of wagers. Hopefully, that money helps to keep the gambling properties here afloat during these difficult times.

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