Five Popular California Casinos Offer NYE Celebrations

New Year's Eve

Nine months ago, all of the casinos in California closed their doors to the public. It was an unprecedented situation for the state’s gambling industry. Fortunately, most have since reopened and are seeing modest revenue increases. New reports now claim that five popular California casinos are now set to host major NYE celebrations.

There’s a serious debate raging over whether or not these venues should be allowed to hold these events. They sit on sovereign land, however, meaning they don’t need to abide by state regulations. Today, we’re going to talk about what is being planned.

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California’s Casino Industry is Still Working to Recover

The state of California is home to more than 60 casinos. Interestingly, the state does not allow any commercial casinos to operate in this state. All of the gambling venues operating here are Native American-run.

This gives these casinos the ability to operate outside of state regulations. They sit on sovereign land and can set their own rules. Despite that fact, all of the casinos around the state closed their doors back in March.

Unlike most other businesses in the state, however, the casinos here were quick to start operating again. Some opened their doors within just a month or two. Some of California’s top officials began pleading with Native American tribes to implement more intense safety regulations.

Since that time, this industry has been slowly recovering. Revenue remains far below what was seen in 2019. It’s not a surprise, as all casinos are operating at significantly reduced capacity. Many are simply happy to see any guests come in under the current circumstances.

State leaders have been advising the public to avoid any large gatherings for New Year’s Eve. Doing so, they argue, could lead to greater issues for California leading into 2021. Some of the casino owners in the state aren’t listening and now plan to host major celebration parties.

It’s a troubling development for health officials. Here’s what we know about the parties being held in different casinos around California.

NYE Celebrations Are Being Held at Five Popular California Casinos

New Year’s Eve tends to be one of the largest celebration weekends of the year. Prior to 2020, this holiday brings massive parties around the country. Major tourism hubs such as Las Vegas would see millions of visitors arrive to take part in the festivities.

Many of the biggest casinos in California would also hold New Year’s Eve events for their guests. These celebrations helped the casinos earn a huge amount of money each year. It’s not recommended, yet some of the most popular California casinos are choosing to hold NYE celebrations this year.

The Thunder Valley Casino Resort has announced that it plans to host a 6,000-person “invite-only” New Year’s Celebration. It’s a similar event to the one originally planned to take place at the Graton Resort and Casino, which plans to hold a 4,000-person NYE celebration. This has since been scrapped due to pressure from the public.

The Cache Creek Casino Resort hasn’t changed its big plans for New Year’s. In fact, it continues to promote its celebration event. The owners of this venue have refused to state how many guests will be attending the party tonight.

Harrah’s, in Ione, all plan to stay open for New Year’s Eve. The casino released a statement on its plans for the holiday to the media this week.

“As part of Harrah’s Northern California’s ongoing quest to keep guests and team members safe, the casino is following a comprehensive outline of enhanced health and sanitation protocols,” the statement read. “Guests returning to the property will notice changes to the experience, including limited guest capacity on the casino floor and dining outlets, social distancing procedures and enhanced sanitation protocols.”

State leaders aren’t happy to see the path these casinos are taking. Hopefully, these events are able to take place in a fun, safe manner. Stay tuned for updates!

The Sports Betting Industry in California Could Launch in 2022

California is the most populous state in the country. Since 2018, many gambling proponents have been pushing hard to get sports betting legalized here. Unfortunately, it’s failed to come together for a number of different reasons.

Many now believe 2022 is the year this finally changes. Earlier this month, sports betting supporters managed to pull together the required signatures to county governments to get sports betting on the November 2022 ballot. It was a crucial step needed to get this measure approved.

The current plan is to allow land-based sportsbooks to begin operating within tribal casinos. As of now, there is no plan to legalize and regulate online sports betting. That could come sometime within the next few years, though.

Many of the popular California casinos are supporting this measure. Sports betting has proven to be extremely lucrative around the country. Places like New Jersey are seeing hundreds of millions in monthly betting handles.

A lot can happen between now and November of 2022, though. We’ve seen the state’s efforts to get this industry running fail several times already. Hopefully, things finally come together within the next couple of years.

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Mirage Las Vegas Will Soon be Closed During the Week

Mirage Las Vegas

Las Vegas continues to see low tourism and casino revenue numbers. As a result, many of its biggest and best casino-resorts have been forced to close their doors for days at a time. News has just surfaced that Mirage Las Vegas has decided to close between Monday and Wednesday.

This is something new for the city of Las Vegas. Casinos are doing everything they can to cut down on costs while tourism drops. Today, we’re going to talk about what is happening with Mirage Casino-Resort.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Officials Continue to Promote Tourism

Las Vegas is a city that relies heavily on its tourism industry. Visitors here are the ones keeping casinos and many other businesses afloat. Unfortunately, the tourism industry in this city has been devastated by the events unfolding this year.

A recent report by KLAS claims that tourism numbers slightly increased during October. That doesn’t mean things are perfect. Tourism rates during that month were still 50% lower than they were in October of 2019.

Things are expected to be even bleaker during the month of November. Many states began implementing intense travel restrictions last month. Infections began to skyrocket around the country in November, too.

This isn’t stopping officials in the city from promoting tourism. Local leaders have been working hard to bring in visitors in the safest way possible. They want visitors to come, as long as they are willing to abide by the safety regulations set in place.

New Year’s Eve is generally a very popular time to visit Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this year’s celebrations will be considerably different than what was seen in the past. Hundreds of thousands usually make the trip to Sin City for this holiday. Only a fraction of that number is expected to visit this year.

Casino companies continue to feel the effects of these regulations. Many are implementing new measures to lower their overall costs. That includes Mirage, one of the most popular gambling venues in the city!

Mirage Las Vegas Announces Mid-Week Closures

Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts in the world. Throughout the year, all of these venues have seen massive drops in their overall revenue figures. Some have chosen to close their doors during the week to help cut down on costs.

That includes Mirage Las Vegas, which has just announced that it is indefinitely closing all of its operations from Monday to Wednesday. This news comes directly from a new statement by MGM Resorts International. Beginning on January 4, the casino, restaurants, and hotel will all close their doors mid-week.

“With weekday business levels remaining low due to COVID-19 and the restrictions on group gatherings, we have made the decision to temporarily close The Mirage Monday – Wednesday,” a spokesperson for the company said. “This closure will include the casino, hotel and restaurants, in addition to all other amenities.”

This isn’t entirely surprising news to hear. Mirage, like all other casinos, has seen a steady decrease in its visitation numbers. This new move is expected to help the venue cover the cost of this drop in hotel guests and gamblers.

We are likely to see more of this news appear over the next few weeks. No one expects tourism rates in Las Vegas to immediately increase. It will likely be years before things here are back to the way they were in 2019.

This time of the year tends to bring a huge number of visitors to the city. That is unlikely to be the case in 2020. Interestingly, the city is planning a massive virtual celebration that everyone can enjoy.

More Details on the Virtual Las Vegas NYE Celebration Are Out!

This has been a year unlike almost any other in history. Health experts are warning against getting together and travel is highly unadvised. As a result, New Year’s Eve is expected to be significantly different than it has been in recent years.

Like we mentioned earlier, Las Vegas is used to seeing hundreds of thousands of visitors during New Year’s Eve weekend. Las Vegas will likely see an increase in visitors this holiday season, yet most feel it will be far lower than what has been seen in years prior.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the festivities! The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has announced that it plans to launch a virtual celebration for the holiday. This will feature counting down to 2021.

Those that decide to make the trip to Las Vegas can still enjoy some festivities. The Plaza Hotel and Casino has announced that it is set to put on a major fireworks show in Downtown Las Vegas.

The famous Fremont Street event has been canceled. Approximately 10,000 people were expected to attend this celebration. Mayor Goodman is hoping that these anticipated events can resume next year.

Are you surprised to see Mirage Las Vegas close during the week? Do you plan to visit Las Vegas anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!