Lucky Poker Player Wins $120,000 in Paris Las Vegas

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Someone is starting 2022 on a high note. Reports have just surfaced claiming a lucky gambler managed to win almost $120,000 player poker inside the Paris Las Vegas. This is yet another huge poker jackpot earned in the city recently.

2022 is shaping up to be a massive year for Las Vegas. Here’s a quick look at some of the major jackpots earned inside the city’s casinos recently.

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Poker Player Wins Huge Jackpot Inside Paris Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to a huge number of popular poker rooms. Nearly every major casino in the city offers poker and millions choose to play these games every year. Paris Las Vegas is one of the most popular casinos in the city and is known for offering a huge variety of popular poker games.

Over the weekend, one lucky gambler from Fountain Valley, California, won an astounding $119,158 playing poker inside this casino. This was won after the player hit a royal flush at the “I Luv Suits” table. The winning player asked the casino not to be publicly identified.

This is just the latest major jackpot won in this city. Last week, one gambler won more than $500,000 playing Pai Gow inside the Palace Station casino. That represents one of the largest table game jackpot wins in 2021.

A huge number of large slot jackpots were earned recently, as well. That includes an incredible $1.2 million jackpot on the “Wheel of Fortune” slot inside the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas. This winner also asked not to be identified by the media.

2021 was an incredible year for Las Vegas and 2022 is shaping up to be even better. Here’s a look at some of the new gambling options set to become available this year.

What’s Coming to Las Vegas in 2022?

The past twelve months have been extremely successful for the city of Las Vegas. Gambling revenue hit new all-time highs throughout the year. All of the casino operators here saw impressive earnings.

All signs are pointing to 2022 being a very successful year, too. Some major announcements have been made here in recent weeks. That includes announcements on the return of several popular events such as the NHL All-Star game on February 5.

It seems likely that several new casinos will soon be opening their doors this year. Station Casinos has expressed a desire to open new properties in Las Vegas, including the Durango Station in the Southwest area of the city. Company officials are anticipating surges in tourism and revenue throughout the year.

More tribal groups have recently expressed an interest in opening a casino in Las Vegas. Hard Rock International recently unveiled a proposal to open a massive guitar-shaped casino on the Las Vegas Strip. With necessary approvals, construction on this venue could take place before the end of the year.

Many of the other casino hubs around the country are anticipating major revenue increases. Here’s a look at which states plan to expand their number of casinos this year.

More Casinos are Expected to Open in 2022

A huge number of exciting new casinos opened their doors in 2021. None were as highly-anticipated as Resorts World Las Vegas. At $4.2 billion, this is the most expensive gambling venue to ever open its doors in this city.

Illinois is one state working hard to expand its casino industry right now. A Capital Plan was approved in 2019 to allow for six new casinos to open in the state. Many are looking forward to seeing a casino-resort finally open in Chicago.

Pennsylvania is now home to a huge number of casinos. Certain state officials are pushing for new commercial casinos to open their doors here. Online casinos have been bringing in the majority of gambling revenue here in recent years.

Many states are expected to legalize sports gambling this year. California and Massachusetts both seem to be on the brink of sports gambling legalization. Most analysts expect a huge amount of revenue to come in from the state’s first regulated sportsbooks.

A major jackpot was just won inside Paris Las Vegas. Stay tuned for news on more of these types of jackpot wins over the next few months!

The Push to Open a Casino in Richmond Continues

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Certain officials in Virginia continue working to expand the state’s gambling industry. For years, there has been a serious push to open a major casino in Richmond. New reports have just surfaced claiming that officials are once again working to get a casino-resort in this city.

Many are in support of this move. A large number of anti-gambling groups are pushing against the opening of this casino. Now is a great time to talk about the latest attempt to get a casino-resort built in this city.

Here’s what you need to know!

Officials Continue Pushing to Open a Casino in Richmond

For many years, Virginia was known for having some of the strictest gambling regulations in the country. No casinos were allowed to operate here. Sports betting remained banned, as well, and harsh penalties were set in place for anyone caught gambling illegally.

Things have taken a complete turn recently. Back in January of 2021, the first regulated sportsbooks officially went live in the state. A major referendum was also approved this year that allows for five Class III casinos to open their doors in the state.

Cities around the state have needed to give approval for casinos to open. Many have been pushing to open one of these casinos in Richmond. Unfortunately, a narrow majority of voters decided against allowing a gambling property in the city. This doesn’t mean that the push to open a casino in Richmond has ended.

Richmond City Councilwoman Reva Trammell is working to get another vote on this casino to appear on the ballots. Bob Holsworth, a prominent political analyst in the state, spoke about this latest move to the media this week.

“Clearly they think that with slightly different messaging, they would have the opportunity to win if it came again,” Holsworth said. “They’re exploring whether they would have a better chance of it passing if they redo the messaging with a stronger focus on challenges to the city’s budget.”

It will be interesting to see if a second vote appears. It will also be very interesting to see if voters in Richmond change their stance on the proposed casino. Stay tuned for updates on this situation!

Virginia’s Sports Betting Revenue Just Broke Another Record

Virginia is not necessarily a sports hub. With that being said, a huge number of residents here are hardcore sports fans and pushed hard to get legal sports betting options up and running after PASPA was removed. Sports betting has been allowed in the state for nearly a year and a huge amount of revenue has already been earned from this industry.

It’s become clear that Virginia has one of the most successful new sports betting industries in the country. Both land-based and online sports betting is legal here. Wagering on any college sporting events involving Virginia-based teams remains prohibited.

This week, reports on Virginia’s sports betting revenue over the month of October just surfaced. More than $427 million was placed on sports bets over October month. Bettors managed to win $397 million. $1.74 million was sent to the state via taxes. Virginia has already earned $14 million in taxes over the course of the year.

Sports betting operators in the state managed to bring in $9.7 million in total gross gaming revenue last October. That represents another fantastic month for these betting companies. Most analysts expect even more impressive revenue figures over November and December.

Virginia is clearly benefiting from its legal sports betting options. Soon, a number of popular casinos will be operating in the state, as well. Stay tuned for more revenue reports as the year goes on.

More States are Expected to Expand Their Gambling Industries in 2022.

Virginia is not the only state to recently look into gambling expansion plans. In fact, a huge number of states chose to legalize sports betting this year. More states are expected to do so in 2022.

California is one state that appears to be on the brink of sports betting legalization. Massachusetts is another. These states are home to massive sporting fan bases and will likely bring in a huge amount of revenue from their regulated sportsbooks.

More states are expected to expand their number of casinos, too. That includes Illinois, where leaders are attempting to open a new casino in Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot supports this move and is working to choose a suitable company to operate this property in the near future.

It’s an exciting time for the entire US gambling industry. 2021 proved to be the best year in history for casinos and sports betting operators. All signs point towards 2022 being an even more successful year for the gaming industry.

Do you expect to see a casino in Richmond get approved anytime soon? What states do you expect will legalize sports betting next year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s a Breakdown of the States Expanding Their Casino Industries

United States Casino Gambling Background

2021 has proven to be one of the most successful years in history for the US casino industry. It seems this news has reached various state leaders around the country looking for their own piece of the revenue pie. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the states expanding their casino industries right now.

There is reason to believe that 2022 will be another hugely successful year for the country’s gaming industry. Some gambling operators are likely to fare better than others.

Here’s what you need to know.

Here’s a Look at the States Expanding Their Casino Industries

In early 2020, all casinos around the United States were forced to shut down. This was unprecedented and resulted in huge losses for many of the country’s biggest gaming companies. It also took a devastating toll on many cities that rely on casinos to bring in tourism and revenue.

Things completely turned around in 2021 and many states have already set monthly revenue records this year. This has caught the attention of various state leaders, many of whom are desperate for new ways to increase tax revenue. Gaming analysts are now seeing many states expanding their casino industries right now.

Virginia is one such state. Back in 2020, voters here approved a measure to allow four different casinos to open around the state. Several major gaming companies have already submitted proposals to operate casino-resorts in this state.

Illinois is another state working to expand its casino industry. A Capital Plan approved in 2019 allows for several new casinos to open here, including one in Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is now working hard to finally get construction in this Chicago casino started.

Colorado, Indiana, and New York are all beginning to expand their casino industries, too. 2022 is shaping up to be a massive year for various US casino operators. Casino revenue reports for October have just been released and some are surprised to hear how much money some state’s casinos brought in.

US Casino Revenue Surged Over the Month of October

Casino revenue has been surging throughout 2021. This was certainly the case this past October. Many states released their October casino revenue reports and it’s clear this was another successful month for the US casino industry.

Missouri’s casinos reported solid earnings over October. The casinos here managed to bring in $162 million in total GGR over the month. That represents almost a $10 million increase from both August and September.

Massachusetts actually set an all-time casino revenue record last October. The state’s three casinos brought in a combined $95.98 million this October. That is just slightly higher than the previous record set in July at $95.74 million. Table games proved to be particularly popular last month.

Illinois is one of the states expanding its casino industries right now. This past October, the casinos here managed to bring in just over $109 million in total gross gaming revenue. That represents a modest 2.7% increase when compared to September.

November and December are expected to be hugely successful months for the US casino industry, too. We’ll be sure to report more on these revenue reports as the year goes on.

More States Prepare to Legalize Sports Gambling

The US sports betting industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. The year is slowly coming to an end and several states appear on the brink of legalizing this form of gambling. That includes some of the most passionate sports hubs in the country.

Lawmakers in Ohio continue pushing to get a sports gambling bill approved before the end of the year. HB 29 has been making some serious progress, yet has faced delays in the House. Several state officials remain optimistic that things will move forward before the end of the month.

Massachusetts is another state that some feel could approve a piece of sports gambling legislation before the end of the year. This state is known for having one of the largest sports fan bases in the country. It’s reasonable to assume that sports betting will grow to be hugely popular here.

Many states are expected to legalize sports betting in 2022, as well. That includes California, the most populated state in the country. Stay tuned for more updates on the legalization of sports gambling as the months go on!

Are you surprised to see more states expanding their casino industries? How will 2022 be for the country’s sports betting industry? Let us know in the comments section below.

Will Vaccines in Las Vegas Help to Reboot the Economy?

Las Vegas Strip View

Las Vegas remains the hardest-hit city from an economic standpoint in the country. For nearly a year, officials here have been working hard to increase tourism rates in the safest way possible. Many now believe that with enough vaccines in Las Vegas, the city’s economy could quickly recover.

Analysts seem torn on what to expect this year. Some believe we’ll see major casino hubs experience huge increases in tourism and gambling revenue. Others feel we could continue the same trend set in March of last year.

Let’s take a look at how things could change in Las Vegas over the next 12 months.

Las Vegas Casinos Push to Increase Tourism Rates

Prior to 2020, Las Vegas was one of the most-visited cities in the United States. More than 40 million individuals visited the city every single year. Many of these tourists were international, coming in from all different parts of the world.

Beginning in March of last year, the tourism industry here came to a screeching halt. All of the casinos in this city were forced to shut down. Travel restrictions were implemented around the country and the Las Vegas International Airport closed down several of its concourses.

It wasn’t until June that the casinos in Las Vegas finally reopened. Over the next few months, tourism rates began to gradually increase in the city. The colder months approached and visitation numbers started to fall once again.

The year ended with significant drops in gaming revenue when compared to the same months in 2019. It’s an extremely difficult situation for the casinos in Las Vegas. Many have been forced to close down during the week to cut down on costs.

These casinos are still trying to boost their tourism rates. It’s proving to be extremely difficult. The country is in a difficult position right now and not many individuals are choosing to travel. It’s unclear when exactly things will begin getting back to normal.

Many are now speculating what will help the tourist situation here. There is one strategy that many feel will help things right now.

Calls to Increase Vaccines in Las Vegas Continue

Las Vegas is far from being the only city to see its tourism industry hurting right now. All major cities that rely on visitors are taking hits every single month. Even the top travel analysts are having a difficult time predicting when things will get back to the way things were in 2019.

There are many ways that city officials are working to increase tourism numbers. Travel deals and intense safety regulations are one way to achieve that goal. Of course, many people still have concerns over their health when considering travel.

The calls to increase vaccines in Las Vegas are ramping up right now. Most believe these are the key to increasing travel around the world. Getting casino workers vaccinated will also help the casino industry in the city deal with the current situation.

Governor Sisolak has approved a measure to add casino workers to the “prioritized” list of individuals for the vaccine. The goal is to set up to 45,000 vaccine shots a week for Las Vegas residents.

Virginia Valentine, president of the Nevada Resort Association, spoke about the benefits of seeing more vaccines in Las Vegas to the media this week.

“The more Nevadans are swiftly vaccinated, the sooner our transmission rates decrease across the community,” she said. “We believe this will provide peace of mind to visitors and influence their travel decisions against other communities where the rates of vaccination among front staff would be less certain.”

There are now many in the casino and tourism industry pushing to get this vaccine distribution plan up and running. It could help to significantly increase tourism rates throughout Nevada. We’ll continue offering more updates on this situation over the next few weeks!

Here’s What is Set to Open in Las Vegas This Year

Not everything is doom and gloom over in Sin City. Over the next 12 months, several incredible casino-resorts are preparing to open their doors here. Many are hoping these new properties will help to significantly boost tourism rates here.

The biggest and most-anticipated is Resorts World Las Vegas. This venue is set to open in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip, across from the popular Wynn Las Vegas Casino-Resort. It’s the most expensive gambling venue ever built in the city.

More details about Resorts World have come out over the past few months. The owners of this venue are doing everything they can to make this the next-big-thing in Las Vegas. This venue will finally open its doors to the public this summer.

Many are also looking forward to seeing the Virgin Hotel-Casino. This is Virgin’s first foray into the casino industry. It is located where the former Hard Rock Hotel-Casino sat, not far from the Las Vegas Strip.

This Virgin hotel is expected to be one of the coolest new properties off the Strip. We’ve seen a large number of popular new hotel-casinos being built in different areas of Las Vegas lately. The Virgin property is delaying its opening date to a later day this year.

Hopefully, we’ll see more vaccines in Las Vegas over the next couple of months. Do you think this will help to increase tourism rates in the city? Let us know in the comments section below!

Poarch Creek Tribe Wants to Build New Alabama Casinos

Lawmakers in Alabama are currently working to gain more revenue from the gambling industry. This week, the Poarch Creek tribe revealed plans for two brand new Alabama casinos in the town of Huntsville. State officials are now taking a closer look at these casino plans. Alabama

Many states are currently revamping their casino regulations. Alabama may be the next to add several new gambling venues. Today, we’re going to take a look at what the Poarch Creek tribe has planned.

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Alabama’s Gambling Laws, Explained

For many years, Alabama had some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. Officials here made it illegal to partake in almost any form of gambling. In the late 1980s, things began to change in this state.

In 1988, the Supreme Court passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. This made it legal for Native American tribes to operate land-based casinos on sovereign land. Before long, several tribes in Alabama began pushing to open new gambling venues.

Today, there are several tribal casinos spread around the state. Most of them are hugely popular with locals and tourists from nearby states. No commercial casinos are allowed to operate here. It seems unlikely that any commercial casinos will be approved here in the near future.

Alabama still has not passed any laws to allow sports betting. Back in April of 2019, a 44-page bill was introduced here that would allow for wagering on professional and college sports. Lawmakers here are still waiting on approval for this bill.

Tribes in Alabama continue to push for new gambling venues. The Poarch Creek tribe has just presented a set of plans to open two new Alabama casinos.

Plans to Open New Alabama Casinos Are Presented

Over the past few years, several tribes in Alabama have presented plans to open new casinos. Many tribal leaders feel these additional gambling venues will help to bring the state millions of dollars in additional revenue every year. That’s the argument that the Poarch Creek tribe is making with their new casino plans.

This week, leaders of the tribe presented plans to open two new Alabama casinos in Huntsville. The tribe claims it will funnel $1 billion into these new venues. Not everyone feels this is the fairest option, though.

Alabama Senator Gerald Dial believes that a bidding process for any new casinos needs to take place.

“Once you pass a constitutional amendment, you can’t say the Poarch Creek Indians get the casino. You’ve got to have a process where you give anyone an opportunity. If someone from Las Vegas wanted to build one in Huntsville, they’d have the same opportunities,” he said. 

Some are also concerned about a monopoly-like situation forming right now. The Poarch Creek tribe already operates several casinos in the state. Lawmakers want to ensure that the industry stays competitive for other tribes here.

It’s still unclear whether or not these new Alabama casinos will open up. The Poarch Creek tribe is certainly pushing hard.

A New Sports Betting Bill is Presented in Alabama

As we already mentioned, Alabama does not currently allow sports betting. That may change soon, though. This week, a new sports betting bill was presented to the state and some feel that 2020 is the year this industry finally opens up here.

Members of Alabama’s House of Representatives are now set to review this new legislation. If approved, land-based and online sports wagering will be approved. The bill, called HB 336, also details the tax structure set in place.

It’s extremely exciting news for sports fans here. Many believe that Alabama could become one of the country’s next major sports gambling hubs. Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen.

Several nearby states are looking into sports gambling legislation, as well. That includes Georgia, which is known for having some extremely strict laws towards gambling.

Many states in the Southern US are beginning to expand their gambling industries. Soon, several new Alabama casinos may open here.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation over the next few months!

Saracen Hotel-Casino Holds “Soft Opening” to the Public

For months, casino gambling fans in Arkansas have awaited the opening of the Saracen Hotel-Casino, located in Pine Bluffs. Initially, the casino’s owners claimed the new gambling venue would open on October 1st. These owners changed things up and held a “soft opening” to the public on Friday evening.

Saracen Casino Logo

That’s right! Arkansas’ newest casino opened up last night. Let’s take a quick look at the road to get this casino built, and why its owners have decided to open it early.

What We Know About the Saracen Casino

For many years, lawmakers in Arkansas set strict laws on the gambling industry. Most forms of traditional gambling were banned here, including casinos. Last year, however, politicians in Arkansas passed a new bill that allows brick and mortar casinos to operate.

This bill allows for four new casinos to open in the state. The Quapaw Native American Tribe quickly secured one of the casino licenses being handed out by the state. The tribe named this casino the Saracen Hotel-Casino after the Quapaw Chief, Saracen.

Officials took their time opening this new venue. Pine Bluff city council members even tried to ban smoking in this casino. Eventually, this proposal was shot down.

For months, this new casino in Pine Bluffs has been under construction. Tribe officials revealed that it will feature an 80,000 square foot casino floor, a 13-floor hotel, and several restaurants. According to the Quapaw Tribe, it will be the best gambling establishment in the state.

It’s exciting news for gambling fans in Arkansas. For months, the casino’s opening date was scheduled for October 1st. Yesterday, to the surprise of many, it was opened to the public, who had the opportunity to see for themselves what’s available here.

Saracen Hotel-Casino “Soft-Opened” On Friday Night

It seems like the Quapaw Tribe can’t hold in their excitement with this new gambling venue. Yesterday, the tribe held a “soft opening” to the public. It ran from 6 pm to 11 pm. Visitors had access to all of the casino’s gambling options and a full-service bar.

Carlton Saffa, project manager of the Saracen Hotel-Casino, believes that the casino is ready to officially start operating.

“The Quapaw came from Pine Bluff; the Quapaw have returned to Pine Bluff and there’s an obligation to take care of their original homeland,” he said. “Three months ago, the site we are standing on was an open field, and here we are today with a full-fledged casino, that’s essentially ready to go.”

From what we’ve seen, the soft opening was a major success. Visitors had the opportunity to see everything that this new casino has to offer. Many now believe that it will grow to become the most popular gambling venue in Arkansas.

Sports Betting Could Soon Become Available at the Saracen Casino

Today, 19 states have officially legalized sports gambling. Arkansas lawmakers approved a sports betting bill earlier this year and have begun allowing casinos to offer sports gambling options.

Hope is that this casino can soon begin offering sports betting. Back in July, the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort officially offered the first legal sports wagers in the state. The Quapaw tribe believes that the Saracen Casino will be granted a license to offer sports wagering odds very soon.

Unfortunately, online sports wagering is still prohibited in Arkansas. Only licensed land-based casinos are eligible to host sportsbooks. Some believe that in time, the state government will choose to legalize online and mobile wagering after seeing the revenue potential.

The Saracen Hotel-Casino represents a major upgrade to Arkansas’ casino industry. There are a huge number of different gambling options and soon, a sports betting platform. The official grand opening of this casino will take place on October 1st at 11 am.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Arkansas casino news over the next few months!