Here’s a Look at Nevada’s Gaming Revenue for June of 2020

The state of Nevada has been trying to boost its tourism industry for months. Casinos were finally given permission to reopen in June, and many experts felt that revenue would increase here considerably. This week, reports on Nevada’s gaming revenue for June were officially revealed to the public.Revenue Drop Picture

It’s clear that things are improving here. It will still be months, at least, before things truly get back to normal. Now is the perfect time to look at how much money casinos in this state managed to bring in last month.

Let’s get into it!

The Las Vegas Casino Industry Continues to Evolve

Our team has been covering the news of what’s happening in Nevada for months. As most already know, the casinos in this state were forced to close down back in March. These massive gambling venues remained closed for nearly three months.

Residents across Nevada started to demand change. Closing casinos had a devastating impact on the state’s economy. That was especially true in Las Vegas, which relies almost entirely on tourism and gambling revenue.

Casinos in the state were given permission to reopen on June 4th. At first, only a few casinos reopened including the New York-New York Hotel-Casino and The Bellagio. Over the next few weeks, more casinos on the Las Vegas Strip started to reopen.

We’re now entering August, and all of the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas have reopened. Tourism rates in Las Vegas continue to fluctuate. As more regulations are implemented inside these casinos, less visitors seem to be heading into the city.

During the months of March, April, and May, gambling revenue in Nevada was almost non-existent. Analysts were torn on how much money would be made in June. Now, we’re finally seeing how much revenue the casinos here managed to bring in last month.

Reports On Nevada’s Gaming Revenue For June are Out!

As we just mentioned, the casinos in Las Vegas were given permission to open back up on June 4th. It was exciting news for casino companies across the state. Even the top gaming analysts in the country couldn’t predict how much money these venues would bring in, though.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has just released its revenue reports for the month of June. According to these reports, the state’s casinos managed to bring in $566.8 million last month. That represents a 45.5% decrease from June of 2019.

With that being said, casinos here are happy to see any revenue come in. Some are surprised to see which parts of the state saw their revenue jump the most. Nevada’s gaming revenue for June on the Las Vegas Strip fell by an astounding 61.4%. Revenue in Downtown Las Vegas fell by 55.6% when compared to 2019.

The revenue drop in more local casino destinations was far lower. This clearly shows that tourism rates in the city have dropped considerably. Interestingly, Nevada saw its sports betting revenue win streak come to an end.

Statewide, Nevada’s sportsbooks saw a drop in revenue of $483,000. Much of that is due to casinos opening and winning bettors cashing in their tickets.

The state of Nevada isn’t experiencing the same level of success that it did at the start of 2020. Fortunately, things seem to be improving. McCarran Airport saw triple the number of visitors in June that it did in May. Many feel that tourism rates here will gradually increase as the year goes on.

How Are Other Casino Destinations Doing Right Now?

Nevada isn’t the only state to see its gambling revenue drop. In fact, this state is doing much better than many others when it comes to their casino industries. It’s not surprising, as states like New Jersey did not allow their casino industries to begin operating again until July.

Things aren’t looking great.

New Jersey’s gambling revenue fell by nearly 67% during June. All land-based gambling venues were completely closed down during this time. Interestingly, online gambling revenue was actually up this month.

New reports indicate that online gambling revenue increased by 123% in June. Many of the casino companies operating here are now focusing considerably more on offering better online gambling platforms. Casinos in Atlantic City reopened in July and revenue here is guaranteed to be considerably higher than it was in June.

All states are now allowing casinos to begin operating again. Some are implementing stricter regulations than others. Even Florida, known for having some of the loosest regulations towards Covid-19 in the country, is looking closer at ways to make casinos safer. The Seminole Tribe here recently announced several new safety measures to better protect guests at Hard Rock Casinos.

Nevada’s gaming revenue dropped considerably in June. Many are simply happy to see casinos bringing in some cash. We’ll continue offering updates on US casino revenue over the next few months!

When do you expect casino revenue to get back to 2019 levels? Let us know in the comments section below!

Wearing Masks in Nevada Casinos is No Longer Optional

Yesterday, Governor Steve Sisolak did what many analysts predicted he would be forced to do. In order to better protect the public’s health, Sisolak announced that masks will now be required when going into public areas. This, of course, means that wearing masks in Nevada casinos is no longer optional.Slot Machines Inside Casino

The state seems torn on whether or not this is a good idea. Most agree that it will have a significant impact on the casino companies here. Today, we’re going to take a look at how long this new regulation will last for.

Let’s get into it!

Infections Begin to Rise in Several States Around the Country

For the past three months, most of the country has been in some form of lockdown due to concerns of the new coronavirus. It didn’t take long for New York to become the epicenter of this new pandemic and NYC began quickly shutting down. Over the past few weeks, it seemed as if cases in this state were dropping.

Unfortunately, other parts of the country are now seeing their cases surge. That includes Arizona, Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Some health experts are pointing to the fact that these states were some of the first to relax their stay-at-home orders.

It’s a troubling sign. Most state officials claim that closing down their local economies is not a realistic option. Unless cases begin to drop, however, these leaders may need to come up with new regulations.

Over in Nevada, cases of Covid-19 are starting to increase, as well. Over the past 24 hours, nearly 500 new cases were recorded in this state. That’s disappointing news for the casino companies in this state, many of whom have just recently begun to start operating again.

No one really knows the best way to stop infection spread without severely damaging the economy. Health officials continue to tout mask-wearing as an effective way to limit infection spread. Nevada’s leaders are now hoping that this strategy pays off.

Governor Sisolak Now Requires Wearing Masks in Nevada Casinos

In early June, many of the top casinos in Las Vegas finally reopened to the public. It was hugely important, as these casinos were slowly creeping towards bankruptcy. Hundreds of thousands of residents in the state were affected by the shutdown.

Since the casinos opened back up, tourism rates have been slowly increasing. Casino owners here are doing almost anything they can to bring in more visitors. Derek Stevens, for example, recently began offering thousands of free flights to the city.

Unfortunately, we may soon see tourism rates begin to drop here. This week, Governor Sisolak announced that masks must be worn in all public areas. To the disappointment of some, that means wearing masks in Nevada casinos is now officially required.

“This is a state that prides itself on the spirit of individualism,” Sisolak said. “It is part of what makes us great. So I’m asking all of us to take our independent spirit and turn that into our individual responsibility to keep the lights on for businesses throughout our state. As I said last week, we’re not post-COVID. We’re still in the middle of the first phase, the first wave of COVID. So please, I cannot emphasize this enough, wear your face covering anytime you leave your house, when you go to a restaurant, and you stop the pharmacy, when you enter a casino. Wear your face covering.”

The requirement to wear masks in public officially goes into law at 12:01 am on Friday morning. Many have already expressed fear that this could hurt the already-struggling tourism industry here.

Will Nevada’s New Mask Law Damage Tourism?

Like all other states, Nevada has been having a difficult time attracting visitors. Travel is still unadvised and many have fears about visiting crowded venues like casinos. Those that are willing to make the trip to a Las Vegas casino are probably not concerned about Covid-19.

For that reason, many believe that tourism may begin to drop here. Wearing masks in Nevada casinos is no longer optional. Some gamblers may no longer want to visit a casino if it means you need to wear a facial covering.

It’s a very difficult situation. Sisolak is following the advice of health officials, who believe masks can help to reduce the spread of this new virus. It’s likely that this will take a serious toll on the state’s tourism industry, though.

We will not know the effects of this decision for at least a few weeks. If infection rates in the state start to drop, Sisolak may decide to lift this new regulation.

More casinos are opening up each week. That includes most of the biggest ones on the Las Vegas Strip. Hopefully, these properties earn enough revenue to remain operational.

How do you feel about wearing masks in Nevada casinos? Will this result in less tourism here? Let us know in the comments section below!