CT’s Sports Betting Laws Are Coming Together

Lawmakers in Connecticut have been working to legalize and regulate sports betting for years. Now, it appears that CT’s sports betting laws are nearly set in place. This week, Governor Ned Lamont endorsed a bill that allows for this form of gambling to take place in the state.Ned Lamont

Not everyone is happy about this, though. The Mohegan Tribe has already voiced its disapproval with Lamont’s support for the new bill. Today, we’re going to take a look at what exactly is going on here.

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New Gambling Bills Continue to Pop Up in Connecticut

Connecticut is a small state, home to just 3.5 million individuals. Nowadays, it’s considered very liberal when it comes to the gambling industry. Most traditional forms of gambling are perfectly legal here, including casino gambling.

Only tribal casinos are able to operate in Connecticut. The Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casino are both popular gambling venues here. For years, tribal leaders in this state have pushed to open a new casino in East Windsor. It’s unclear whether or not this new venue will be able to open anytime soon.

The discussion around sports betting has been raging here for years, as well. In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court removed PASPA, giving every state the ability to regulate sports gambling. More than 20 states have since done so, and most are earning a huge amount of revenue from this industry each month.

Several sports betting bills have been presented in Connecticut over the past few years. This includes several new ones put forward at the beginning of the year. One favors the Native American tribes in the state. The other is more favorable to the state’s non-tribal gambling operators.

This week, Governor Ned Lamont voiced his approval for one of these bills. Unsurprisingly, the decision has generated massive controversy. Here’s who’s now complaining.

CT’s Sports Betting Laws Endorsed by Lamont Angers Tribes

Ned Lamont has been studying the sports betting bills presented here for years. He hasn’t made it easy for the proponents of this new industry. Part of the reason for this hesitation to approve CT’s sports betting laws was the state’s Native American tribes claiming they should be given exclusive rights to offer sports gambling options.

At the moment, the state’s tribes are the only groups with permission to operate casino gambling options in Connecticut. This gives them significant power. These tribes help to bring the state millions of dollars every year via taxes.

Connecticut’s tribes presented a sports betting bill early this year that would only allow for sports wagers to be placed inside tribal casinos. Other lawmakers set forward a bill that would allow for the tribes, the Connecticut Lottery, and Sportech the right to offer sports gambling options.

On Tuesday, Ned Lamont endorsed the second bill. The state’s tribes were not pleased. Max Reiss, Lamont’s communication director, commented on the decision to the media this week.

“The governor is committed to a fair resolution that brings Connecticut’s gaming economy into the 21st century,” he said. “He wants to sign a sports betting bill into law over the next few months.” 

Some analysts now believe the tribes here will challenge the decision in court. If that happens, it may be some time before any sports betting regulations are set in place here.

Online Gambling Continues to Grow in Connecticut

Connecticut’s gambling industry is in an unusual place right now. As we just mentioned, lawmakers in the state and tribal leaders are battling over sports betting regulations. The tribes here are also working hard to open new casinos.

In recent years, the popularity of online gambling in Connecticut has grown considerably. This industry remains unregulated in this state. Fortunately, there are no laws in CT that claim it’s illegal to make wagers online.

One site that’s grown hugely popular is Bovada. This site is known to be one of the best online sportsbooks in the US. It offers a huge number of betting options and a safe, simple payment system.

Bovada also provides some fantastic casino gambling options. There are hundreds of slots available and all major table games including blackjack, roulette, and craps.

Hopefully, CT’s sports betting laws are agreed to by lawmakers and tribal leaders. Until that happens, the best way to place sports wagers here is through online betting sites.

It’s a very interesting time for this state’s gaming industry. Stay tuned for updates over the next few months!

More Issues With East Windsor Casino Begin to Pop Up

Since 2017, lawmakers and tribes have discussed opening a new casino in East Windsor, Connecticut. Unfortunately, several issues with East Windsor casino have begun to appear. This week, tribes in the state decided to lower investments into this new gambling venue.Flag Of Connecticut

It’s disappointing news for proponents of this new casino. Many are skeptical of how well it will perform in Connecticut’s market. Today, we’re going to look at what’s being planned, and why several tribes are starting to lower their funding for this new venue.

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Connecticut is Ready to Expand its Casino Market

Connecticut is thought of as a very liberal state when it comes to gambling. Here, just about all forms of gambling are perfectly legal. The first Class III casinos began operating here in the early 90s.

Today, there are two casinos in the state, both of which are operated by Native American tribes. These gambling venues are very popular and help to bring the state millions of dollars a year in revenue from taxes. The success of this industry has led to a push for more casinos in the state.

Recently, there’s been a major push to legalize sports betting in Connecticut, as well. As of now, 21 states have officially legalized this form of gambling. More are reviewing bills to regulate sports gambling.

Late last month, a bill was presented here to allow sports betting inside tribal casinos. Three Senate leaders have officially endorsed this bill. If approved, this bill also allows for a new casino to be constructed in Bridgeport.

State officials have not yet commented on this bill. It does seem likely that sports betting will be allowed here soon. For now, lawmakers seem focused on the new casino that’s being planned in East Windsor.

Issues With East Windsor Casino Lead to Investment Cuts

It hasn’t been easy getting a new casino built in this township. Initially, lawmakers raised their concerns due to the fact that East Windsor does not sit on sovereign land. Many felt that tribes have no legal right to operate a casino here.

Despite this, the tribes here have pushed to open this new gambling venue. The Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes continue to push for the casino. Unfortunately, new issues with East Windsor casino have begun to pop up.

The two tribes in the state recently announced they were lowering their investment into this property to just $200 million. Initially, the idea was to put at least $300 million into this new casino. Tribal leaders cite concerns over “saturation of the market” as the main reason for this investment cut.

There’s a lot happening in this state. Right now, state legislators are considering the new bill to allow additional casinos and sports betting. It’s still unclear whether or not this bill will be approved.

Connecticut’s tribes recently formed the MMCT Group. This is an investment group focused on building new casinos. As of now, the group is investing millions of dollars in several different venues.

Issues with East Windsor continue. It’s still unclear whether or not it will be constructed this year.

Governor Lamont Still Unsure About Expanded Gambling

Many states around the world are beginning to embrace the gambling industry. Many have already taken steps to regulate their online casino markets. Even some states with hardcore casino laws like North Carolina have chosen to legalize sports betting.

Governor Ned Lamont is still unsure about the state’s gambling industry. He clearly sees the potential for revenue increases. Unfortunately, he feels more research is done before the state can approve sports betting and new casino options.

More and more politicians in the state are beginning to get on board with the expanded gambling bill, though. It seems very likely that Lamont will eventually green light sports betting.

The state’s tribes have already invested millions into a new casino here. As more issues with East Windsor casino arise, however, these tribes are beginning to lower these investments.

Connecticut is in a strange place. We’ll need to wait and see how lawmakers decide to approach the new gaming laws over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

Connecticut’s Gambling Industry Set for Major Expansion

Connecticut isn’t typically thought of as a gambling hub. Fortunately, lawmakers here have taken a fairly relaxed approach to the gaming industry. A major new piece of legislation has recently been introduced here, meaning Connecticut’s gambling industry may soon expand dramatically.Flag Of Connecticut

It’s extremely exciting for both casino and sports betting fans in the state. Lawmakers here clearly recognize the massive revenue potential from the gambling industry. Today, we’re going to look at the state’s current laws, and talk about how they might evolve over the next year or two.

Current Gambling Laws in Connecticut, Explained

As we already mentioned, Connecticut is thought of today as a pretty liberal state when it comes to gambling. Today, most traditional forms of gambling are perfectly legal here. A couple of popular land-based casinos operate in this state, one of which is located in Ledyard and the other in Uncasville.

Both of these casinos are run by Native American tribes. These tribes were given permission to open the gambling venues after the Supreme Court passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in the late 1980s. They now pay 25% of their slot revenue to the state.

For years, tribal leaders in Connecticut have been pushing to open a new casino in East Windsor. Unfortunately, the state has pushed against these plans, pointing out the fact that East Windsor is not sovereign land. It’s a complicated issue that continues today.

Certain lawmakers in this state have also been pushing to allow sports betting. Since May of 2018, every state in the country has been able to set its own laws on sports gambling. As of now, more than 20 states have chosen to legalize this form of gambling.

Expanded casino and sports betting laws are now officially being considered in Connecticut. If everything plays out correctly, Connecticut’s gambling industry is going to expand significantly.

Legislation to Expand Connecticut’s Gambling Industry is Introduced

More states are beginning to look closer at their set of gambling laws. Ever since PASPA was removed, lawmakers across the country have begun to realize how much revenue can be obtained through legal sports betting and casino gambling options. This is now the case with Connecticut, as well.

This week, members of the Senate Democratic majority began pressuring Governor Ned Lamont to expand Connecticut’s gambling industry. These Senate leaders officially endorsed a piece of legislation that would allow the state’s Native American tribes to offer sports betting inside casinos.

The bill would also allow for a new casino to be constructed in Bridgeport.

Lawmakers here pushed for this gambling expansion plan last year. Unfortunately, Governor Lamont struck these plans down. Senator Cathy Osten drafted this year’s legislation and believes that it will benefit the state in the long run. Senator Dennis Bradley agrees.

“This is about making sure that moving forward, everybody has a slice of the pie, that we don’t put people against each other,” Bradley said. 

Lamont and his team have not yet commented on the new plans. We’ll need to wait and see if he offers any objections over the next few months.

Online Casino Options Are Already Available in Connecticut

There are a huge number of individuals that are eagerly awaiting online gambling to become regulated in Connecticut. Many are unaware that internet casino options are already available! Some of the best US casino sites are already operating in Connecticut and most offer a massive range of wagering options.

None of Connecticut’s laws state that it’s illegal to play casino games online. The casino websites here are unregulated by the state government, yet the majority of them are perfectly safe and offer a variety of payment options.

The legislation introduced this week has the power to expand Connecticut’s gambling industry significantly. Interestingly, there’s a section of the bill that will allow for online casino games to be offered. If approved, the tribes will be able to provide internet casino gambling options to Connecticut players.

It seems very likely that sports betting will be approved here soon, as well. Most of the states with legal sports betting options are earning millions of dollars a month from the industry. Connecticut wants a piece of that action.

This is a very exciting time for gambling fans in this state. Make sure to stay tuned for updates over the next few months!