The PFL’s Next Events Will be Held Inside an Atlantic City Casino

Ocean Casino Resort

The Professional Fighters League, one of the world’s biggest mixed martial arts promotions, is scheduled to make its highly-anticipated return this April. It now appears we know where the promotion’s events will be held. Reports have confirmed that the PFL’s next events will be taking place inside a popular Atlantic City casino.

It’s exciting news for fight fans to hear. This year’s PFL tournament is shaping up to be one for the ages. Today, we’ll talk about exactly when and where all of the action will be taking place.

Let’s get into it!

The PFL Continues to Reveal Upcoming Tournament Matchups

Running a successful mixed martial arts promotion isn’t easy. The UFC remains the most popular MMA league in the world and many of the ones attempting to compete end up going under. The PFL is finding success, however, thanks to its incredible roster of world-class talent.

The PFL continues to expand. It was forced to shut down throughout 2020 but is now planning to make a triumphant return this April. Recently, officials within the promotion have begun revealing some of the exciting matchups being planned. Many fans are now heading to different online sportsbooks to bet on these bouts.

Much of the focus is on the welterweight tournament. Some of the best 170-pound fighters in the world are taking part in this bracket of fights. Fans around the world are now beginning to make their predictions on how things play out. The currently-planned welterweight bouts can be seen below. 

  • Rory MacDonald vs. David Michaud 
  • Ray Cooper III vs. Jason Ponet 
  • Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Joao Zeferino 
  • Gleison Tibau vs. Aleksei Kunchenko 
  • Sadibou Sy vs. Nikolai Aleksakhin

The lightweight tournament is coming together beautifully, too. The PFL is now home to many world-class 155-pound fighters. The April 23 clash between Anthony Pettis and Clay Collard should be one for the ages.

Once again, the winners of these tournaments will receive an incredible $1 million prize. With such a large payday available, fighters in the PFL tend to do everything they can to win. This makes for an amazing display of martial arts for fans around the world.

Many have been wondering about where these fights would be held with so many regulations around the US. Now, we finally have an answer.

Here’s Where the PFL’s Next Events Will be Held

The sports world has come a long way since the shutdowns back in March of 2020. In many ways, the UFC deserves credit for helping to get live sports back up and running. Against some serious backlash, this promotion proved that MMA events could be held in a safe, efficient manner.

Things are still far from easy, though. The UFC has been forced to hold all of its domestic events at the Apex Center in Las Vegas without any fans in attendance. There’s no telling when this will change.

We’re now hearing more about where the PFL’s next events will be held. Reports have confirmed that the promotion’s upcoming tournament bouts will take place inside the popular Ocean Casino-Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As many predicted, these events will take place inside a “bubble” without fans.

This location seems to make sense. Atlantic City has been home to a huge number of massive combat sporting events in the past. There are plenty of venues operating here that can accommodate major MMA cards. Several PFL events were even held here in 2019!

Infection rates have been dropping throughout the US lately and many are hopeful that the global health crisis will be under much better control by the time April rolls around. In the meantime, the PFL will be looking to ensure its events are held safely and in the most entertaining way possible for fans.

Atlantic City is still struggling, though. Now might be a perfect time to look at some of the recent revenue figures here.

Breaking Down Atlantic City’s Latest Revenue Figures

New Jersey is home to the largest casino industry on the East Coast. Since March of last year, this industry has been hurting badly. Things have still not recovered since the mass casino shutdowns and year-on-year revenue figures continue to look bleak.

There seems to be progress being made, though. As regulations are gradually lifted, tourism numbers in Atlantic City increase. This leads to an increase in gaming revenue and helps to keep the casinos in the city above water.

January proved to be a slightly better month for the casinos here. The state’s total gaming revenue here came out to $346.4 million that month. Incredibly, that is actually a 15.3% increase when compared to January of 2020.

Online gambling is proving to be extremely valuable for the casinos in this city. Internet gambling made up for about one-third of the total revenue earned here in January. Many still prefer to play casino games online rather than inside a land-based casino right now.

Some believe that having the PFL’s next events in Atlantic City could help to boost tourism here. That will be particularly true once fans are allowed inside the arena. Stay tuned for more updates on the casino industry here over the next few months!

Are you excited about the upcoming PFL tournament? Who do you think wins at welterweight? Let us know in the comments section below!