Drinking on the AC Boardwalk Has Just Been Approved

New Jersey officials claim the casinos in Atlantic City will reopen sometime in the next few weeks. City officials are now doing everything they can to start attracting new visitors. According to new reports, drinking on the AC boardwalk is now being allowed.Atlantic City Boardwalk

Many will be surprised to hear this was actually illegal in the past. Many visitors to the city have enjoyed having a drink on the famous Boardwalk. Today, we’re going to discuss what to expect from this city once July rolls around.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Murphy Still Expects Casinos to Reopen by July 4th

It’s been very interesting watching the US casino industry slowly recover. Essentially all of the country’s gambling venues closed their doors back in March. Over the past few weeks, however, many states have begun allowing their casinos to open back up.

In Las Vegas, some of the top casinos here began opening back up in early June. Tourism has slowly increased here over the past two weeks. Most of the biggest casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip will reopen here by the end of the month.

Casinos are even opening in some parts of the country without specific permission to do so. In California, for example, all of the gaming venues are Native American-run and sit on sovereign land. These casinos can set their own rules and many are now accepting guests again.

New Jersey still has some of the highest cases of Covid-19 in the country. Obviously, state leaders are hesitant to start allowing crowded casinos to begin operating again. That’s beginning to change, though.

Governor Phil Murphy claims that casinos will be operational here by the Fourth of July. Many on the East Coast are excited to hear this happen. This small city is known as the top gaming destination in this part of the country. Now, officials here are looking at ways to boost tourism here.

Mayor Approves Measures to Allow Drinking on the AC Boardwalk

Over the past five years, Atlantic City has regained its status as a major gambling and entertainment destination. With the legalization of sports betting and renovations to many of the casinos here, things have improved rapidly. The past few months have halted the progress that was made.

It’s still not entirely clear how things will look here once the casinos are reopened. Many people around the world are still hesitant to visit a crowded gambling venue during a global pandemic. Las Vegas is proving that many are willing to put their concerns to the side in order to have a good time.

Everyone is hoping that Atlantic City manages to find the success that it did at the beginning of the year. The casino industry here employs tens of thousands of individuals. Unless things start to turn around here, some of the casinos could permanently shut down.

Mayor Marty Smalls officially signed an executive order on Monday to allow drinking on the AC Boardwalk. He hopes it will help to bring in more visitors to the city. Pat Fasano, a local restaurant owner in the area, is confident this will boost tourism.

“It’s the Bourbon Street vibe we’re going for,” he said. “Having the ability to sell drinks to go is definitely helpful because: Who’s in the bars now? No one. “You go from 100 to zero during the pandemic.”

It’s likely that more measures such as this one will be approved over the next couple of weeks. Some fantastic travel deals are already being offered. We’ll be sure to offer updates on the tourism numbers once the casinos reopen.

More Las Vegas Casinos Are Scheduled to Reopen

On the East Coast of the US, Atlantic City remains the top gaming destination. There’s no doubt that Las Vegas remains the gambling hub of the country, though. As we mentioned earlier, many of the major casino-resorts reopened here recently.

In some ways, this was a test. Casino operators wanted to see how many tourists would come into the city under the current situation. Many were impressed with the number of visitors and more casinos are now set to open over the next few weeks.

The Aria, Mandalay Bay, and Luxor are scheduled to reopen over the next couple of weeks. Almost all analysts predict that tourism will increase as the months go on. Casino companies may begin looking at new areas to generate revenue, though.

Macau is expected to bring some relief to these companies. China recently lifted its travel restriction to this gambling destination. The US casino companies with property here will start to benefit as a result of this decision.

Atlantic City has been through tough times before. Hope is that drinking on the AC Boardwalk helps to bring in more visitors and boost revenue.

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