You Can Now Bet on the Auction to Demolish Trump Casino

Trump Plaza Casino

For years, officials in Atlantic City have been calling for the demolition of the Trump Plaza Casino. This gambling property has been closed since 2014. Now, Atlantic City is setting an auction to demolish Trump Casino.

It’s an interesting time for Atlantic City’s casino industry. Today, we’ll discuss the upcoming Trump Casino demolition. We’ll also check out some of the odds available for this historic moment for the city!

Let’s get into it!

Looking Back at the History of the Trump Plaza Casino

The Trump Plaza Casino first opened its doors back in 1984. At that time, Atlantic City was still a small, developing casino industry. This venue became an instant success and began attracting high-rollers from around the country.

In the late 1980s, this property started dipping into the entertainment business. Trump Plaza decided to host WrestleMania IV and WrestleMania V, two events that ended up being huge hits. Things appeared to be going extremely well for this property.

Unfortunately, the upward trend began to change in the early 90s. Around this time, the Trump Taj Mahal opened its doors in Atlantic City. This sister property became one of the Trump Plaza Casino’s biggest competitors and took away from much of the venue’s player base.

In 1995, Trump gave ownership of this venue to one of his publicly traded companies, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. This company worked to expand the Plaza in an attempt to draw in more players.

This didn’t work out as planned. By 2011, Trump Hotels announced it would either need to sell or completely renovate this gambling venue. The idea of a sale won out, yet all attempts to hand the venue over failed. In 2014, the Trump Plaza Casino officially closed its doors for good.

Many have been calling for the demolition of this property over the years. That is finally set to take place in 2021.

Here’s How to Bet on the Auction to Demolish Trump Casino

Some of the top officials in Atlantic City have confirmed that the Trump Plaza will officially be demolished next year. It’s a big moment for this city and could finally allow for another casino to open its doors here. Interestingly, city officials have allowed companies to bid on the right to demolish this property.

As you might expect, a large number of companies are interested in securing the rights to take this venue down. Some of this might be politically motivated. Others may simply want the marketing that would come with this demolition.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. has confirmed that the bidding process has already begun. He is hoping to see $1 million come in from this bid. The money will be used to fund the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America.

The mayor claims he’s being “bombarded” with calls on how to bid. BetOnline, one of the best online casino sites in the US, is now allowing its members to bet on the auction to demolish Trump Casino. There are some great odds on where this bidding process ends up.

Odds that this demolition auction ends up generating more than $1 million currently stand at -300. The odds that it produces less than $1 million currently stand at +200. Based on Mayor Small’s comments, it’s easy to see how the auction could easily surpass the $1 million mark.

This demolition, scheduled to take place sometime in February, will be a historic one. We’ll be sure to offer updates on which properties may be constructed here over the next few months!

Sports Betting Revenue Continues to Surge in New Jersey

Atlantic City is now home to some of the most popular casinos in the United States. In recent years, this city has gone through a sort of revival. Many credit the legalization of sports betting for the city’s recent success.

As many know, New Jersey’s sports betting industry has surged throughout 2020. Revenue from this industry has been increasing almost every single month. That was true once again during the month of November.

Last month, the state saw a new monthly sports betting handle record at $931.6 million. That’s a massive increase from the $803 million seen in October. This money is proving to be extremely valuable for the casino industry here.

Unfortunately, land-based casino revenue in Atlantic City has been plummeting throughout 2020. This situation seems to be getting worse as the winter months continue. Tourism into Atlantic City is plummeting and no one expects this to change anytime soon.

Some even fear that Governor Phil Murphy could order casinos in the state to shut down again. Covid-19 rates have been surging here in recent weeks. Without new regulations set in place, this could continue to get worse. We’ll continue offering updates on what is going on here over the next few weeks!

Do you plan to bet on the auction to demolish Trump Casino? How much money do you expect this auction to generate? Let us know in the comments section below!

Atlantic City Mayor Wants Former Trump Casino Demolished: Says It’s An ‘Eyesore’

Trump Plaza Hotel and Signage, People Walking By HotelDuring a meeting of the Metropolitan Business & Citizens Association, held at Caesars Atlantic City on Jan. 15, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small said in a speech that one of his biggest and most important goals for the 2020 year is demolishing the Plaza Hotel. This was a former Trump property.

“My administration’s goal is to tear Trump Plaza down,” Small said. “That’s not accepted in any other city but Atlantic City. It’s an embarrassment, it’s blight on our skyline, and that’s the biggest eyesore in town.”

Mayor Small’s comments came on the heels of Jim Allen’s, Hard Rock International’s CEO, expressed disappointment in the state of the city. Allen confidently asserted that the city is in its “worse shape” since purchasing the Hard Rock property there three years ago. He states the city hasn’t responded swiftly or appropriately enough to growing concerns of the city’s worsening condition, for example, broken streetlights that have remained out for months:

 “When you’re in a resort environment where safety and security is so important, if the city can’t get something fixed as simple as the street lighting, then maybe a change is needed,” Allen said.

Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino was forced to shut its doors in 2014, as the Garden State’s gambling epicenter was hit with an extended bout of weaker traffic. Smalls was tired of the building being seen as nothing more than illegally-discarded trash. Once again, he started asking for the property to be demolished.

He wants his back yard cleaned up and rid of the dead weight, and he wants it now.

Trump Cuts Ties With AC Over a Decade Ago

Trump actually cut most of his ties with Atlantic City in 2009. This was when he sued to have his name removed from the shuttered Plaza building in October 2014, a month after it closed. The last of Trump’s involvement in the city was a small stake in the company. It was in return for the use of his name, but it has since been removed.

There are two other casinos that Trump once owned. Today, they’re currently operating under new brands—the Golden Nugget and Hard Rock. The Golden Nugget used to be the Trump Marina, and the Hard Rock was the former Trump Taj Mahal.

Currently, the Plaza building is owned by billionaire Carl Icahn, who assumed ownership of Trump’s former casino company from bankruptcy in 2016.

Obtaining a Demolition Permit

While the major goal of his administration is to make the building go away is clear, Small didn’t exactly specify who would bear the expense.

Trump Plaza was considered for demolition two years ago, but Icahn has not obtained a demolition permit, as reported by The Press of Atlantic City. Mayor Small’s effort to obtain funding from a state agency toward the cost of demolition failed, but he is putting enforcement in place this time around in an effort to help see his demolition goal succeed in the new year.

Small explained that a new 90-day code enforcement review panel is going to be put in place starting this week, according to The Press Of Atlantic City. Also coming are a business advisory council and infrastructure committee that are designed to help identify opportunities in both of those potential growth areas.

Atlantic City Wants a Piece of NJ’s Sports Betting Revenue

New Jersey has one of the most lucrative sports betting markets in the country. Recently, the Mayor of Atlantic City called for a cut of NJ’s sports betting revenue. It’s here that most sports betting operations take place, after all.

Mayor Marty Small Sr

Sports betting is extremely popular in New Jersey. It’s helping to bring the state millions of dollars every single month. Let’s look at what exactly Atlantic City is now asking for.

Sports Betting in New Jersey Continues to Grow

New Jersey was instrumental in getting the US Supreme Court to strike down PASPA. Lawmakers here accomplished this goal in May of 2018, and shortly after officially approved a bill to legalize both online and land-based sports betting. Before long, every casino in Atlantic City began operating a land-based sportsbook.

These casinos also teamed up with major online sports betting companies to operate their internet sports betting platforms. Now, all Atlantic City casinos have an online sportsbook, too. Over the past year and a half, NJ’s sports betting revenue has increased dramatically.

In fact, for almost all of 2019, sports betting revenue has increased in this state. Certain gambling venues are known to generate more sports gambling winnings. Resorts Atlantic City is well-known for earning the most betting revenue in the city.

Not long ago, New Jersey earned more sports betting revenue than Nevada. It was the first time in history that this happened.

The state is certainly happy with these revenue earnings. Officials within Atlantic City now want their piece of the pie.

Mayor Marty Small Sr. Wants a Cut of NJ’s Sports Betting Revenue

As of now, New Jersey has earned more than $33 million through taxes on the state’s sports betting industry. That’s an impressive figure considering how new this industry really is. Now, the Mayor of Atlantic City is requesting a piece of this revenue.

Mayor Marty Small Sr. has officially asked for a direct cut of NJ’s sports betting revenue. He claims that Atlantic City played a major part in the success of this industry. He wants to see Atlantic City given more power to control the money earned from regulated sports gambling.

“In 14 months, New Jersey has overtaken Las Vegas as the No. 1 sports betting destination, and a lot of it has to with the success of Atlantic City and online,” Marty Small Sr. said. “But we don’t get one penny. … That’s unacceptable.”

The mayor wants to see this sports betting revenue used for property tax relief.

“My first, and foremost goal, as it was as council president and will continue to be as mayor, is more rateables for the city and more revenue streams to offset our taxes,” he said. 

This is certainly a reasonable request. Atlantic City is no stranger to economic hard times. Better control over NJ’s sports betting revenue would help this city in a major way.

September Proves Massively Successful for NJ Sports Betting Operators

It’s no secret that sports betting revenue has been steadily increasing in this city. This is particularly true now that the 2019/2020 NFL season is in full swing. September proved to be the most successful month for the state’s sports betting operators in history.

According to multiple reports, gamblers in the state wagered more than $445 million on sports in September. It’s the most money ever wagered in this state.

Online sports wagers brought in $41.1 million for casinos in September.

James Plousis, chairman of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, recently commented on this revenue increase to the media.

“While operators continue to face strong competition for gaming and leisure customers, the increase in total gaming revenue shows the industry has grown for the betterment of both Atlantic City and New Jersey as a whole,” he said.

Mayor Marty Small Sr. is pleading his case. We’ll need to wait and see whether or not lawmakers decide to grant Atlantic City a larger share of NJ’s sports betting revenue.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!