A New Casino in Henderson is Being Discussed Right Now

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Nevada is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts on the planet. The majority of them are located in Clark County. This week, reports surfaced claiming a new casino in Henderson is being discussed by several groups.

It’s exciting news for many Nevada residents to hear. Henderson is home to more than 300,000 individuals. Many would love to see a brand new casino-resort open its doors in this city.

Today, we’ll talk about what is currently being discussed.

Nevada’s Casinos Struggle With Drop in Gamblers

Much of Nevada’s economy relies on the gaming industry. It’s been that way for decades and has proven to be a fantastic way for the state to bring in money. Unfortunately, the US land-based casino industry has been hurting badly for almost all of 2020.

Nearly all major US casinos shut their doors to the public back in March. Different states began allowing their gaming venues to open at different times. Nevada waited until June to start allowing casino-resorts to accept guests again.

SImply reopening casinos didn’t end up turning things around. Most people around the country were still hesitant to make the trip to a major gambling destination. Travel restrictions also made this extremely difficult for many individuals.

Over the summer, tourism rates in Nevada began to increase. As the colder months approached, this trend began to change. Tourism is now much lower here than it was in 2019 and casinos are feeling the effects.

Many of the major casinos here, including The Palazzo, recently announced they are closing down during the week. The owners of these venues claim there aren’t enough visitors to remain open. It’s a concerning trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

This doesn’t mean new casinos won’t ever open their doors here. Some are now interested in opening a new gambling venue in the city of Henderson.

Marnell Gaming is Interested in Booking a New Casino in Henderson

Henderson, Nevada sites directly next to Las Vegas. It’s the second-largest city in the state and is home to a huge number of Nevada residents. As many know, there are some fantastic casinos operating in this area.

It now appears that a new gaming venue could soon open its doors here. Reports have surfaced this week that claim Marnell Gaming is interested in opening a new casino in Henderson. This company believes Henderson is now in need of a brand new casino-resort.

Marnell Gaming is known for operating The Nugget Casino-Resort near Reno. The company took over this property in 2016. Officials within Marnell Gaming are now focused in expanding into Clark County.

Many of the residents in Henderson have been calling for a Las Vegas Strip-style casino-resort. It now appears this could be coming in the next few years. Interestingly, Marnell Gaming isn’t the only company focused on expanding in this area.

Not long ago, news came out that a Henderson-based company called Ochoa Development Corporation recently purchased a 12-acre plot of land on Paradise Road in Las Vegas. This company may soon choose to develop this land for a new gambling property.

There is a lot going on in Nevada right now. Major casino companies continue to struggle bringing in tourists and gamblers. Some companies seem to see an opportunity and are looking to expand right now.

Stay tuned for more updates on this situation over the next few weeks!

Nevada Casino Companies Brace for New Regulations From Governor Sisolak

It’s great to see gaming companies in Nevada looking towards the future. Most of the ones operating here right now, however, are eagerly waiting to hear what Governor Sisolak has planned. For weeks, Sisolak has been warning that new casino regulations could soon be on their way.

Nevada’s Covid-19 infection rates continue to increase. It’s a troubling development for the state, which relies on tourists from around the country. Many now believe that all of the casinos in this state will soon be ordered to shut down again.

As we mentioned earlier, this happened back in March. It had a devastating effect on the state and resulted in tens of thousands of job losses. Another mass casino shutdown could have a permanent effect on the state moving forward.

Most of the biggest casino companies in the state are now preparing for another set of regulations. Governor Sisolak understands the impact this will have. Failing to act, he argues, could have an even worse effect.

It’s an interesting time for Nevada’s casino industry. It now seems that we could see a new casino in Henderson in the future. Hopefully, the casino industry here is able to cope with whatever comes over the next couple of months.

Do you want to see Marnell Gaming open a major casino-resort in Henderson? Let us know in the comments section below!