The Raiders Restaurant at M Resort Las Vegas is About to Open!

Las Vegas Raiders

In January of this year, news broke that the Raiders had officially completed their relocation to Las Vegas. It was a historic moment for the city and many casino companies here are now embracing the team’s introduction to the city. New reports claim that the Raiders restaurant at M Resort is about to finally open!

Everyone is excited to see this happen. M Resort is one of the most popular casino-resorts in Nevada. Today, we’re going to talk about what we know about this resort’s exciting new eatery.

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to Struggle With Low Tourism Numbers

For months, our analysts have been reporting on the economic situation in Las Vegas. 2020 has proven to be the hardest year for this city in history. Never before have the casinos here been forced to deal with such low tourism figures.

The casinos in this city reopened to the public back in June. Tourism numbers slowly began to increase here over the summer, yet remained far lower than what was seen in 2019. As the fall months approached, Las Vegas saw its tourism numbers decrease once again.

This isn’t any real surprise. Health experts are now warning all Americans against travel. Some states have even set intense travel restrictions in place that force quarantine. Most people are unwilling to visit a city such as Las Vegas in the situation the country finds itself in.

Casinos in this city are struggling with these drops in tourism. Most of them have seen massive drops in their revenue throughout the year. Unfortunately, it’s beginning to look as if Nevada’s leaders could force casinos to implement even tougher regulations in the near future.

The Raiders’ move into Las Vegas was expected to boost tourism into this city. This simply hasn’t been possible in 2020. Businesses here are still helping to promote the Raiders team and the hope is that 2021 finally brings a sense of normalcy.

Visitors are likely to see the Raiders’ presence around Las Vegas. Soon, a complete Raiders-themed restaurant will finally open its doors here.

Here’s What We Know About the Raiders Restaurant at M Resort Las Vegas

Just about everyone in Las Vegas is excited to see an official NFL team make their move into the city. Interestingly, there haven’t been any restaurants with a full Raiders theme open their doors here yet. That is about to change, though!

New reports from the Las Vegas Review-Journal claim that the Raiders restaurant at M Resort is set to open its doors early next year. It’s expected to be a massive hit with football fans in the city. We’re now beginning to hear some of the details of this new eatery.

This 8,000 square foot restaurant will be featured just off the casino floor at M Resort. It’s set to include several different bars, a massive number of television screens, and a large outdoor dining area for guests. As you might expect, the entire restaurant will be filled with Raiders memorabilia.

To make things even better, this restaurant is expected to be a local spot for many of the Raiders’ top players. Marc Badain, President of the Raiders, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“The M Hotel has been our home away from home,” he said. “Our players will have a chance to come here… A good chunk of our organizations live within four or five miles of this location.” 

For hardcore football fans, this might be one of the coolest new restaurants in the city. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on this venue over the next couple of weeks!

Odds on This Weekend’s NFL Games Are Still Available Online

Travel into Las Vegas has been difficult this year, to say the least. Most fans of Sin City are holding out hope that things improve as 2021 carries on. Many analysts are predicting a major surge of tourism into the city when things are finally under control.

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy placing some wagers, though. There are several fantastic online sportsbooks available in nearly every state around the country. One of our favorites is Bovada, known for its safe payment options and great odds.

Bovada is offering its members the option to wager on every single NFL game of the season. That includes the games taking place this Sunday. Several of these games are offering bettors some major opportunities to cash out.

The upcoming game between the Chicago Bears (+135) and Minnesota Vikings (-155) is drawing in a large number of wagers right now. Both NFC North teams enter the game with identical records. It probably won’t have many implications in the long run, but it should be an exciting game.

Sunday’s match between the New England Patriots (+105) and Miami Dolphins (-125) is also an interesting one. The two AFC East teams are known for having an intense rivalry. A win is crucial for both team’s hopes of making it into the playoffs this season.

There’s a lot happening in Nevada right now. Soon, we’ll get to see the Raiders restaurant at M Resort Las Vegas open its doors. Let us know what you think about this new eatery in the comments section below!