Card Rooms in LA are Shutting Down Once Again

Casinos in California

A rising number of hospitalizations has led to more health regulations being implemented in Los Angeles. It’s tough news for many of the businesses here already struggling to attract customers. Unfortunately, all of the card rooms in LA are shutting down until further notice.

The US land-based gambling industry has been hurt badly this year. That’s certainly the case in California. Today, we’re going to talk about how the new regulations here will impact card rooms here moving forward.

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California Casinos Continue to Face Difficulties This Year

California has one of the more unusual gambling industries in the country. The only Class III casinos here are operated by Native American tribes. The state does not allow any fully-operational commercial casinos to run.

There are a huge number of casinos spread around the state. Prior to 2020, these venues were hugely successful and helped to bring valuable revenue to the state every month. Like all other states, however, California has seen major revenue drops from its casino industry this year.

As many know, these casinos aren’t forced to abide by state regulations. They are able to operate independently. Most are still choosing to operate at limited capacity and have seen massive drops in their daily patrons.

The recent spike in Covid-19 cases has made this situation worse. Many California residents are now being advised to stay at home for anything non-essential. Despite their best efforts, the casinos here are struggling to bring in any players.

That’s particularly true in Los Angeles. LA County has been seeing some of the strictest regulations in the entire state. It now appears that the gambling venues in this area are set to shut down soon.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Officials Order Card Rooms in LA to Shut Down Again

Native American casinos dominate the gambling industry in California. Interestingly, there are also a huge number of popular card rooms throughout the state. These can be run commercially, yet the number of games these venues offer is limited.

Several of the biggest card rooms in the state are located in the Los Angeles area. These properties have been struggling to turn a profit with a drop in players and capacity limits. Now, all of the card rooms in LA are being ordered to shut down.

County officials announced this news over the weekend. They claim the spike in infections and hospitalizations has led to this new regulation. Barbara Ferrer, LA county’s public health director, spoke about the impact of this new rule to the media this week.

“We know we are asking a lot from so many who have been sacrificing for months on end,” she said. “We hope that L.A. County residents continue following Public Health safety measures that we know can slow the spread. Acting with collective urgency right now is essential if we want to put a stop to this surge.”

This shutdown will have a major impact on many LA County cities that rely on revenue from card rooms. Obviously, it’s extremely difficult for these gambling venues and their employees, as well. These regulations will remain in place until at least December 20th.

We will need to wait and see whether or not the additional regulations will help to lower Covid-19 infection rates in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for updates!

California’s New Regulations Will Hurt Las Vegas

California’s gambling revenue losses pale in comparison to the losses seen in Las Vegas. This city is known for being the largest gambling destination in the country. Unfortunately, it’s been devastated by the events unfolding this year.

Tourism and gaming revenue remains very low throughout the city. Things have begun to improve in recent months. New reports claim that tourism increased by 9% in October, yet remains 50% lower than it was in 2019.

Many fear that the new regulations being implemented in California will hurt Las Vegas. With travel restrictions set in place, very few Californians will be making the trip to Nevada. Historically speaking, Californians make up the majority of tourists in Las Vegas.

It’s a difficult situation for the casino companies in this state. Health experts have been warning that the winter months will be the hardest yet. There’s even fear that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak will order the casinos in Las Vegas to shut down again in the near future.

We’ll need to wait and see how the next few months go for the casinos in Nevada and California. This industry remains in uncharted waters and things are constantly changing. We will continue offering updates on the US casino industry over the next few months!

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Here’s an Update on the Opening of Cardrooms in LA

California holds the most cases of Covid-19 in the United States. Los Angeles County continues to implement the toughest restrictions in the state. New reports indicate several county mayors are interested in opening cardrooms in LA once again.California

Many have called for Los Angeles to begin lifting its heavy restrictions. This county is struggling right now and reopening cardrooms could bring in some much-needed revenue. Today, we’re going to talk about how California’s gambling industry is faring, and how it could change in the near future.

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The Majority of California’s Casinos Are Now Open

California has one of the largest casino industries in the United States. Interestingly, only Native American tribes are able to operate traditional Class III casinos in the state. Back in March, all of the state’s casinos were forced to completely shut down.

There are also a huge number of cardrooms in California. These are operated independently and have different regulations set in place. As the name suggests, cardrooms only offer card table games and are required to implement high fees on their patrons.

Casinos in the state are run independently by tribes. All of these casinos shut down voluntarily and most have now reopened. Cardrooms, however, are subject to state regulations are need specific permission in order to accept players again.

Certain parts of the state have begun allowing their cardrooms to open back up. Just a few weeks ago, San Jose gave the green light for these gambling venues to reopen. The cardrooms here must now require consistent hand-washing by employees, sanitize all cards being used, and replace chips after a dealer rotation.

It’s clear that California is taking its time reopening different businesses. Many cardroom owners in Los Angeles County are now pleading with local leaders to lift their restrictions. Based on new reports, it seems that mayors are on-board with this idea.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Mayors Now Support the Opening of Cardrooms in LA County

Under normal circumstances, California’s gambling industry helps to bring the state a large amount of revenue every single month. More state leaders are now looking to reopen this industry to get this money flowing in again. One way to achieve that goal is to reopen cardrooms.

As we said earlier, Los Angeles County has been implementing some of the toughest regulations in the state. Things may be slowly changing, though. News reports claim that several mayors are now interested in the opening of cardrooms in LA.

Officials across several cities in the county have recently begun supporting this decision. Five different mayors came together on September 14th, asking Los Angeles’ leaders to allow cardrooms to start opening outside. These mayors claim that cardrooms make up a large percentage of their city budgets.

This is fantastic news for the cardroom owners here. It seems perfectly reasonable to allow these venues to begin operating outside again. Revenue earned from these cardrooms will likely remain significantly lower than it was in 2019, though.

It will be interesting to see how officials within Los Angeles respond to these requests. Many businesses are still closed down throughout the county. Time will tell if these county leaders agree to get casinos back up and running.

Other states are starting to see their casino revenue gradually increase.

Casino Revenue is Starting to Jump Around the US

California wasn’t the only state to see its casino industry shut down back in March. Every state around the country ordered casinos to shut down all casinos that month. Most states started allowing their casinos to begin operating again months ago.

Nevada’s leaders allowed casinos to reopen in June. Tourism rates and casino revenue was very slow to bounce back here even after the casinos reopened. Fortunately, things are slowly beginning to get better here.

Revenue earnings have been increasing every single month. Tourism rates are increasing, as well. Most analysts predict that casino revenue in this city and others in Nevada will continue to increase as the year goes on.

Nearly all of the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are now open. ParkMGM, one of the last casinos on the Strip that hasn’t reopened, recently announced it will begin accepting guests again in October. This will be the first gambling venues on the Strip to ban smoking.

Hope is that the opening of cardrooms in LA helps to boost gambling revenue in California. The state certainly needs the money right now. We’ll be sure to report on any updates over the next few weeks.

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