What’s Happening in Vegas? February 23 – 29

All the exciting events taking place in Las Vegas this week:

The last week of February is here and Spring is just around the corner. Many locals will tell you that this is one of the best times to visit Las Vegas. The weather is fantastic and a number of exciting events are happening in Las Vegas over the next few days.

Just about everyone can enjoy something in Sin City this week. There are exciting sporting events, fun concerts, and a day to relax with some world-class beers.

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Here are the five most exciting Las Vegas events this week.

Sunday, February 23rd

Pennzoil 400

On Sunday, Las Vegas plays host to one of the most exciting races in NASCAR. The Pennzoil 400 officially takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, featuring all of the sport’s top drivers. This an important race to capture series points, meaning every driver will be at the top of their game.

The Las Vegas Speedway is one of the coolest sports venues in the city. Almost every seat offers a fantastic view of the action. Tickets for Sunday’s race are still available, with prices starting at just $49.
Wednesday, February 26th

Christina Aguilera

There’s no better way to get over hump day than watching one of the world’s best singers perform in Las Vegas. This Wednesday, Christina Aguilera begins her new residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The show is scheduled to kick off at 9 pm.

Aguilera has remained a pop icon for more than two decades. At 39 years old, she continues to put out new hits. Music fans in Las Vegas can check out her newest show this week for just $89.

Thursday, February 27th

Golden Knights vs. Oilers

On Thursday, the two best teams in the NHL’s Pacific Division face off. The Las Vegas Golden Knights will look to claim the number-one spot against the Edmonton Oilers. Many analysts predict it’ll be one of the best games of the year.

Anytime the Golden Knights play at home, it’s special. This week’s game is expected to be particularly exciting. Fortunately, tickets are still available with prices starting at $112.

Friday, February 28th

Ray Romano & David Spade

Las Vegas regularly features the country’s top comedians. On Friday, legends Ray Romano and David Spade take the stage inside The Mirage Theater. Romano was recently seen starring in Martin Scorcese’s, “The Irishman.” Spade has recently broken into the talk-show game with his new show, “Lights Out.”

These two men are comics at heart, though. Comedy fans have the chance to see them perform their newest sets inside one of the city’s best theaters. Prices for the show are starting at $80.

Saturday, February 29th

Beer Zombies Craft Beer Festival

There’s always an exciting event happening in Vegas. Sometimes, however, the best thing to do in this city is just relax. On Saturday, visitors and locals can do just that at the Beer Zombies Craft Beer Festival on Dean Martin Drive.

The 3rd annual festival kicks off at 3 pm. Attendees can sample world-class beers, listen to live music, and try out some unique local culinary delights. It can all be enjoyed for just $50.

As you can see, there are some fantastic Las Vegas events this week. Just about everyone has something they can enjoy. If you haven’t booked your room yet, feel free to visit our Las Vegas hotel guide for expert recommendations on the city’s top accommodations.

Enjoy your stay!

Caesars Entertainment Signs New Deal With MLS

Caesars Entertainment is one of the biggest casino companies in the country. Over the past couple of months, Caesars has been going through some massive changes. This week, news broke that the company officially secured a deal with an MLS team.Caesars Entertainment

It comes at an interesting time. This company is currently working to merge with Eldorado Resorts. Today, we’re going to discuss this upcoming merger, and look at how this new MLS deal will help the company in the future.

Let’s get into it!

2019 Was An Interesting Year for Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment has always been one of the biggest casino operators in the country. It was founded back in 1937 and grew extremely quickly. Over the past few decades, the company’s revenue began to fluctuate.

In 2014, rumors began to circulate about Caesars struggling to turn a profit. The next year, the company’s casino unit officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That doesn’t mean it was closing down, though.

This company remains one of the largest casino operators in the country. Many analysts predicted that Caesars Entertainment would eventually merge with another major US casino company. In 2019, these predictions turned out to be correct.

In March of 2019, news broke that Caesars was merging with Eldorado Resorts. Of course, a deal of this magnitude takes a long time to complete. Eldorado Resorts is one of the most powerful gaming companies in the world.

Over the past few years, Caesars has begun to sell some of its major properties. This is all to help prepare its upcoming merge. This week, reports came out that the company signed a new deal with one of the country’s top sports leagues.

Caesars Entertainment is Now a Sponsor of an MLS Team

It’s not uncommon for casino companies to sign sponsorship deals with sports teams. In fact, many of the top US casino companies have inked deals with sports teams overseas as a way to break into a new country. Caesars just announced that it’s signed a sponsorship deal with D.C. United.

Moving forward, members of this popular MLS team will wear Caesars’ logo on their jerseys. It’s the first time that an MLS team has ever signed a deal with a US casino operator. It comes as part of the company’s strategy to become a leader in sports.

Jason Levien, Co-Chairman of D.C. United, commented on this new deal to the media this week.

“Partnering with Caesars provides us with a great opportunity to realize the dream of Audi Field being a year-round hub of entertainment and activity and is another strong indication that global brands continue to see value in partnering with our organization,” he said. 

This deal is also allowing Caesars to appear throughout the team’s stadium. The logo will likely be featured in Audi Field. Bar, restaurant, and several new entertainment concepts are also being considered.

More States Approve the Caesars-Eldorado Merger

The merger between Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment is the biggest ever between two casino companies. It’s costing $17.3 billion for these companies to combine. The deal cannot be finalized until the country’s various state gambling commissions give their approval.

Fortunately, many states around the country have already given this deal the green light. It’s fantastic news. Now, the deal has fallen into the hands of New Jersey’s gaming commission.

State commissions want to ensure that this merger does not create a monopoly. Once merged, these companies will control a huge number of casinos in different states. This includes several major gaming venues in Atlantic City.

Officials within Atlantic City are currently studying the impact of this new deal. There’s a chance that several properties will need to be sold here in order to comply with the commission’s regulations. Eventually, the FTC will also need to approve this deal.

Caesars Entertainment is still an extremely powerful gambling corporation. Hopefully, this new sponsorship deal with the MLS helps to bring even more exposure to this company.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation over the next few months!

Station Proposed for Virgin Trains, Near Las Vegas South Premium Outlets

Virgin Train in Train StationThe Virgin Train, the country’s first high-speed bullet train of its kind that will connect passengers between Nevada and Victorville, California by 2023, recently submitted documents to Clark Country for the train terminal’s proposed location.

The proposal is requesting almost 160,000 square feet for the train station with a terminal location south of Las Vegas Blvd., near Blue Diamond Road, across from the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets.

The terminal’s south-end location would make it easier to host large groups of transient passengers, as it’s a more open area of the city, but still close enough to get to the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas South Premium Outlets are a little over four miles away from the Mandalay Bay Resort, the Strip’s ending casino.

Train Station Details

In details provided in the proposal, the train station will feature two stories and a basement, with a total height of 60 feet. In conjunction will be a seven-story parking garage, holding up to 2,700 spaces.

The station will include two entrances from Eldorado Lane. A bus drop-off area will also be accounted for and made available, and space for taxis and ride-share vehicles to get passengers to-and-from the station with ease.

Expected Debut

Plans to start construction on the new labor-intensive bullet train project is set to begin during the second half of the year and is expected to take nearly three years to complete. However, delays in bonds to help fund the $4.8 billion project could delay the break of the groundwork this year.

About Virgin Trains

With their headquarters in London and Birmingham, Virgin Trains has been a high-speed transportation provider on the West Coast Main Line tracks for over 20 years, first born in 1997. They have a fleet of over 70 Pendolino and Super Voyagers trains in the UK. From their website:

Running up to a vision-blurring 125mph with free onboard entertainment, a proper walk-in shop and comfy seats; we make journeys memorable. We go out of our way to make every second spent with us completely awesome. And, if we can have a good time while doing it, we believe we’ll do a better job. Plus it’s more fun.

They have stations in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Lake District, York, and Sleeper.

Virgin Trains USA

The Brightline rail service partnered with recently introduced Virgin Trains USA to build privately-funded passenger rail systems in locations in the US. Last year, they launched their first service in Florida between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, with future plans to expand into Orlando and Tampa.

The Las Vegas – Southern California connecting rail system is the latest exciting project they’ve revealed and plan to start working on within the year.

Macau’s Casinos Are Opening Back Up

Earlier this month, officials in Macau decided to shut down all of the territory’s casinos. This came in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This week, Las Vegas casino companies are beginning to celebrate, as Macau’s casinos are opening up again.Casinos In Macau

The spread of the coronavirus seems to be slowing down. With casinos in Macau opening back up, many of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas can start generating revenue in this territory again. Today, we’re going to look at what’s happening here.

Let’s get into it!

Macau Coronavirus Infection Rates Seems to be Slowing

If you follow the news, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the coronavirus spreading throughout China. The first cases of this virus popped up in December and were traced to a seafood market in Wuhan that sold illegal wildlife. Since that time, it’s spread rapidly all over the country and abroad.

At first, it was unclear just how deadly the coronavirus was. Its ability to spread was apparent, yet the virus didn’t seem quite as deadly as the SARS virus of the early 2000s. The death toll has now surpassed SARS by a large margin and researchers are understanding how serious of an issue this is becoming.

Officials in China have been working hard to stop the spread of this coronavirus. Based on new reports, these efforts are paying off. Infection rates have begun to slow down, which could indicate that the virus is beginning to taper off.

That doesn’t mean things are completely safe. There are still thousands of new cases of the virus popping up every single day. The world is very aware of the danger that’s out there.

The coronavirus has taken a serious toll on many Las Vegas casino operators. As we mentioned earlier, casinos in Macau were closed down due to the Wuhan coronavirus. Now, it appears they are set to open back up. Here’s what’s happening.

Macau’s Casinos Are Set to Open Once Again

It’s been weeks since Macau’s casinos have been opened to the public. Officials in the territory felt that closing these venues down would help to prevent the spread here. On Friday, these massive gaming venues will finally open back up.

This includes the properties owned by Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, and MGM Resorts International. These Las Vegas-based companies were losing millions of dollars every day due to the casino closures. It also took a serious toll on these companies’ stock prices.

Lei Wai Nong announced that the city’s casinos will officially open on Friday. That makes it 15 days since they were first shut down. Obviously, the Las Vegas companies have reason to celebrate.

It’s still unclear when Macau’s other public facilities will open up. This includes movie theaters, internet cafes, and gyms. As the virus begins to taper off, more venues in this city will be given permission to reopen.

When operating normally, Macau’s casinos bring the territory millions of dollars every single month. Unfortunately, this territory has been plagued with bad luck lately. We’ll need to wait and see how much revenue increases here once the gaming establishments are back up and running.

Las Vegas Gaming Revenue Continues to Increase

Macau’s gambling industry is struggling right now. Even before the coronavirus hit this small city, things weren’t great. A slowing Chinese economy has lessened the number of gamblers visiting Macau.

Over in Las Vegas, however, things are going smoothly. This city has experienced an increase in gaming revenue for the past few months. It’s a fantastic time to be a casino operator here.

This isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. Over the next year, several major casino-resorts are scheduled to open in this city. This includes Resorts World Las Vegas, the most expensive hotel-casino ever built in this city.

Once Macau’s casinos open up again, many of the biggest companies in Las Vegas will see their revenue earnings increase. Many of these companies continue to invest billions of dollars into the territory, despite the trouble Macau has been facing.

The Wuhan coronavirus is still a major issue in China. It’s unlikely that Macau’s casino industry will start surging right away. Eventually, however, this city may become the world’s largest gambling hub once again.

Stay tuned for more Macau casino news over the next few weeks!

What’s Happening in Vegas? February 16 – 22

All the exciting events taking place in Las Vegas this week:

With each passing week of February, the weather in Las Vegas gets a little bit better. Pool season is just around the corner, yet for now, most visitors prefer to check out the city’s exciting indoor activities. Fortunately, there are some great ones taking place in Las Vegas this week.

There is an exciting mix of sporting events, concerts, and comedy shows scheduled to take place over the next few days. Both tourists and locals here have a lot of fun Las Vegas events to choose from.

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Here are five of the most exciting events you can attend in Las Vegas this week.

Sunday, February 16th

Jeff Dunham

All of the best comedians in the world regularly perform in Las Vegas. On Sunday, Jeff Dunham takes his legendary act to the Colosseum inside Caesars Palace. Dunham is one of the few comedians still capable of pulling off a ventriloquist act, which seems to get better every year.

The Colosseum is one of the best venues in the city to see a comedy performance. Incredibly, tickets for this show are still available, with prices starting at just $76.

Tuesday, February 18th

UNLV vs. Colorado State

Just last week, UNLV took on UNR in an intense state rivalry game. The Vegas-based team lost that match, and are looking for redemption this Tuesday against Colorado State. The game takes place inside the Thomas and Mack Center, on the University of Nevada campus.

Both of these teams are looking to climb up the rankings right now. With UNLV’s recent loss, you can expect them to play with serious intensity. Basketball fans can attend this week’s game for just $10.

Thursday, February 20th

Golden Knights vs. Tampa Bay

There are more than just collegiate sporting events happening in Las Vegas this week. On Thursday, the LV Golden Knights take on the Tampa Bay Lightning inside the T-Mobile Arena. The game begins at 7 pm.

The NHL postseason is now less than two months away, meaning every game played has serious playoff implications. Tickets to see the Golden Knights are still available for just $78. Even those unfamiliar with ice hockey can enjoy the exciting atmosphere inside one of Las Vegas’ best sporting venues.

Friday, February 21st


This weekend, Las Vegas becomes a music fan’s dream. On Friday, Zedd is set to perform inside Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace. Zedd is one of the world’s best EDM artists with major hits such as Beautiful Now, Clarity, and Stay.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a world-class artist perform in a major Las Vegas nightclub. By all accounts, Zedd puts on a show for the ages every single time he gets on stage. Tickets for this fun Las Vegas event are still available with prices starting at only $25.

Saturday, February 22nd


On Saturday, the beat changes as Migos hits Drai’s Nightclub. The world-renowned rap trio is considered pioneers in the mumble rap game, producing several major hits over the years like Bad and Boujee and Offset. The group’s show at Drai’s should produce fireworks.

Migos are still working on their new album, and in the meantime are performing around the country. This may be the last chance to see them get out their old hits on stage. Prices for this show are set at $40.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of exciting Las Vegas events happening this week. Whether you’re a hardcore sports fan or a music lover, there’s something in this city for you.

Enjoy your stay!

Jim Murren Stepping Down As CEO Of MGM Resorts International

Jim Murren has been a part of MGM Resorts International for decades. He entered the company as chief financial officer and was named CEO ten years later. This week, news broke of Jim Murren stepping down from his leadership position in the company.Jim Murren

It’s an interesting development that many didn’t see coming. Murren has been a hugely important part of MGM since the 90s. Today, we’ll look back at some of Murren’s achievements and discuss his reasons for leaving the company.

Let’s get into it!

Changes to MGM Resorts Under CEO Jim Murren

It didn’t take long for Jim Murren to start leading MGM Resorts International (at that time called MGM Mirage). He entered the company as CFO back in 1998. Before long, he was promoted to COO and just a couple of years after that was named CEO. Since that time, the company has undergone some major changes.

After becoming CEO, Murren announced a major restructuring of the company that resulted in annual savings of $500 million. This decision helped to save the company from disaster during the recession of 2008 and 2009. It significantly improved his standing in the company and secured his status as chief executive officer.

Jim Murren also engaged in several sales over the years. The first major Las Vegas property sale came in December of 2018. That month, MGM Resorts sold Treasure Island Hotel & Casino to Phil Ruffin.

MGM Resorts has continued to expand over the years. The company has worked hard to break into the newly-emerging US sports betting industry. Today, MGM has partnerships with several major sports leagues and operates its own sports betting application available in select states.

It’s clear that Jim Murren has been a major part of this company. His work saved MGM Resorts International from bankruptcy and expanded the company more in the US and internationally. Hopefully, Jim Murren stepping down as CEO won’t affect the company in a negative way.

Why is Jim Murren Stepping Down as CEO Right Now?

There’s no rest for the weary when you’re CEO of a major casino company. Jim Murren worked hard for decades and it appears he’s ready for something new. Murren’s contract was set to end soon. It seems he’s calling it a day just a little earlier than many initially thought.

He will continue to serve as CEO until a new successor is appointed. MGM Resorts’ Board Of Directors is currently working to find a suitable replacement. Board member Roland Hernandez released a statement today thanking Murren for his time as CEO.

“On behalf of the entire MGM Resorts Board of Directors, I want to thank Jim for his years of dedication to the company and the community,” he said. “Jim has led [MGM Resorts] through growth, transforming it into a global entertainment company with a worldwide footprint and creating value for MGM Resorts shareholders.”

Jim Murren spoke about his decision to step down, as well.

“Leading MGM Resorts has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in my professional career,” Murren said in a statement. “It has been an honor to work with such a talented group of men and women who provide millions of guests with memorable life experiences every day all over the world. We have a solid leadership team in place, and I am confident that they will work with my successor to continue the company’s trajectory of growth and expansion.”

Jim Murren stepping down might not be ideal right now, yet MGM likely has a room full of suitable replacements.

MGM Resorts’ Stock Price Fluctuates

MGM Resorts International is one of the biggest and most successful casino companies in the world. It’s based in Las Vegas and has property in various countries around the world. It’s not uncommon to see MGM’s stock price rise and fall.

Not long after the news of Jim Murren stepping down broke, MGM Resorts International’s stock price rose by 7%. Part of this is also due to the coronavirus infection rates starting to level out. This is expected to open up the casinos currently shut down in Macau.

The company’s Q4 revenue figures did not hit estimates, though. MGM Resorts announced quarterly earnings of $0.08 per share at the end of 2019. That’s significantly less than the Zacks Consensus Estimate at $0.24 per share.

There’s no real cause for concern, though. MGM Resorts remains a highly successful company. It’s also begun generating serious revenue from more Las Vegas property sales. With Macau operations set to begin again, 2020 should be a great year for this company.

Jim Murren stepping down makes sense. The company will now look to get a smart, experienced leader in the CEO position. Stay tuned for updates over the next few months!

What’s Happening in Vegas? February 2 – 8

All the exciting events taking place in Las Vegas this week:

Many believe that February is the best month to visit Las Vegas. The massive holiday crowds have left, yet the city stays at a cool, comfortable temperature. There are some exciting Las Vegas events taking place during the first week of February that many individuals are beginning to purchase tickets for. Music fans, in particular, have a lot to look forward to.

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There are always fun events happening in Las Vegas. Here are some of the best ones that are taking place over the next week.

Sunday, February 2nd

Hard Rock Cafe Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl LIV officially takes place this Sunday and Las Vegas is one of the best cities in the country to watch the game unfold. There are a huge number of incredible places to watch the game. Perhaps the best is at the Hard Rock Cafe, which is set to host another annual Super Bowl viewing party.

This venue, located directly on the Las Vegas Strip, features dozens of massive high-definition TV’s playing the game. Prices for this amazing party sit at $250 and include unlimited food and drinks. If you’re still looking for a great place to watch the game, this is it!

Tuesday, February 4th

Fremont Street Pub Crawl

The Las Vegas Strip is what first comes to mind for many when they think of Las Vegas, yet more individuals are beginning to realize how fun Downtown Las Vegas really is. The Fremont Street Experience is unlike anywhere else in the world and is putting on an incredible new event this week. The Fremont Street Pub Crawl will give a guided tour of the best bars Downtown Vegas has to offer.

This amazing tour also allows you to enter bars without paying a cover charge and offers express entry into some of the city’s best nightclubs. This is one of the best ways to spend a wild evening in the city. Take part in all the fun this week for just $29.

Wednesday, February 5th

Van Morrison

This Wednesday, one of the most beloved musicians to ever come out of the UK will perform inside the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Van Morrison has released several major hits including Brown Eyed Girl and is said to be better than ever at 74 years old. He may not continue performing for much longer, making this one of the best times to see him play live.

There aren’t many concert venues better than the Colosseum. It’s no surprise why some of the world’s top musicians choose to perform here. Tickets for Van Morrison are still available with prices starting at just $105.

Friday, February 7th

Juicy J

Three 6 Mafia is one of the most beloved rap groups of all time. It’s founder, Juicy J, is set to perform this Friday inside Drai’s Nightclub. Juicy J is one of the real pioneers in Southern rap and is credited with a huge number of worldwide hits.

Many claim that the energy of a Juicy J concert is unlike anything else. The fact that this one is in Drai’s, one of the best clubs in Las Vegas, makes things even better. Tickets for the performance are still available, starting at around $30.

Saturday, February 8th

Gwen Stefani

We weren’t joking when we said this was a great week for music fans. On Saturday, Gwen Stefani returns to Las Vegas with an exciting performance inside Zappos Theater, at Planet Hollywood. Stefani is making it clear that this tour won’t last forever, meaning now may be the last chance we get to see of the legendary pop icon.

The former No Doubt singer has created an incredible career for herself, notably as a judge on The Voice. Her true passion still lies in performing, and it’s easy to see that every time she steps on stage. Tickets for this Saturday’s performance are still available, with prices starting at $75.

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Events in Vegas

There are clearly some fantastic Las Vegas concerts taking place this week. Incredibly, the events listed above are just a few of the amazing things taking place in the city right now. Feel free to bookmark our news page or subscribe to our Youtube channel for updates on what’s happening in Las Vegas for the rest of the year.

Enjoy your stay!

What’s Happening in Vegas? January 26 – February 1

All the exciting events taking place in Las Vegas this week:

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Here’s your overview of the most exciting events and live entertainment hitting Las Vegas this week. From Chinese New Year celebrations, to RuPaul’s Drag Race LIVE! 2020 debut, there’s no shortage of fun in the form of these live entertainment options.

Sunday: January 26th

Chinese New Year Celebration

Experience the vibrant traditions of Chinese New Year at Fashion Show with a cultural performance of a lifetime. Walk through the history and beauty of CNY through dragons, lions, modern & traditional dances, lantern garden and much more!

The celebrations begin at 2 p.m. and admission is free.

Tuesday: January 27th

Santana Concert

Catch music legend Carlos Santana’s “An Intimate Evening With Santana: Greatest Hits Live” at the House of Blues Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at 7 p.m. He lights up the stage with his iconic body of work featuring his unique fusion of rock, Latin and jazz.

Tickets are $100.

Wednesday: January 28th

Aerosmith Concert

America’s all-time top-selling rock ‘n’ roll band, Aerosmith, is bringing the heat to the Las Vegas Strip with their headlining residency, AEROSMITH: DEUCES ARE WILD, at Park MGM. This Las Vegas residency brings guests face to face with America’s Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll band in one of the most immersive, state-of-the art audio and video technology experiences in Las Vegas. The show will feature never-seen-before visuals and audio from Aerosmith recording sessions.

Tickets start at $70.

Thursday: January 29th

RuPaul’s Drag Race Debut

RuPaul’s Drag Race LIVE! debuts in 2020 at Flamingo Las Vegas, featuring an all-star cast in an original production based on the Emmy Award-winning competition reality show. Join RuPaul’s “showgirls” as they journey through a sickening season of Drag Race serving Vegas realness! Starring the world’s most famous queens including Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Derrick Barry, Eureka O’Hara, Kameron Michaels, Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls, Shea Couleé, and Yvie Oddly. Line-up varies by show and is subject to change.

Show starts at 9:30 p.m. and tickets are $38.

Saturday: January 30th

Periphery Concert

Modern metal band, Periphery, who describes their sound as “boundary pushing experimentalism, nuanced mathematical cacophony and complex grooves” hits Brooklyn Bowl’s main stage on Saturday at 6 p.m. Their latest tour, Hail Stan, is a hard-hitting tribute to Marvel comics’ legendary creator Stan Lee.

Tickets are $26.

Las Vegas Changes Its Iconic ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ Slogan

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada SignSin City’s infamous, award-winning campaign that countless visitors have worked into their own Vegas narratives, is now getting a major facelift this year. “What happens here, stays here” will reportedly change to “What happens here, only happens here.”

The new catchphrase is scheduled to have its world debut in a 60-second ad during the broadcast of the Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, ABC News Las Vegas affiliate KTNV reported.

The president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), Steve Hill, announced the update last Friday. The organization’s new branding was revealed at the Vegas Chamber’s Preview Las Vegas event at Wynn Las Vegas.

Hill said the goal is for people to see how Las Vegas has transformed itself to be more than the Entertainment Capital of the World, KTNV reported.

And the change comes at the perfect timing, during one of the most exciting years in Vegas’ 115-year history. It’s the year the city officially got a NFL team, a new billion-dollar stadium, was crowned host of the 2020 NFL Draft, and is opening up a slew of new entertainment options.

What Happens Here, Stays Here

The original slogan that visitors have associated with the city for years, was first imagined in 2003 by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and advertising agency R&R Partners. The idea behind the branding was to showcase all that Vegas had to offer, outside of being a gambling destination. They wanted a slogan that would promote the themes of adult freedom and empowerment, too.

And it worked. Millions of tourists have worked the slogan into their own storylines from their Vegas trips, sharing some details, but leaving some for themselves. It’s somehow infused the essence of the Vegas experience.

A survey in USA Today called the famous campaign the “most effective” of 2003. The phrase has even been referenced throughout the entirety of mainstream pop culture. Just two years after the campaign’s anticipated debut, then-First Lady, Laura Bush, used the tagline in a discussion with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. The slogan then became the name of the 2008 American comedy What Happens in Vegas. It also inspired a song of the same name by Usher, and contributed to a number of themes in the popular film series, The Hangover.

What Happens Here, Only Happens Here

R&R Partners are the brainchild behind Vegas’ brand new slogan, too, in what they hope will become as effective in the mind of visitors and locals alike. The advertising agency reportedly spent several years working on the campaign.

A spokeswoman for the agency told ABC News:

“It’s kinda been the baby of the company for a long time.”

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has an annual budget of $360 million. They spend over $100 million a year on all advertising efforts, and sources tell FOX Business that the latest rebranding will be taking a “significant” part of that million-dollar advertising budget.

The new slogan aims to represent all of Las Vegas’ history, including its most recent changes. The city itself has been evolving drastically over the past decade alone, and it’s been a long time coming. Visitors and locals are starting to see the wheels turning and the transformation of the city as a whole happening. Pretty soon everyone will know, what happens here, only happens here.

The Odds on Adesanya vs. Romero Are a Little Surprising

Back in October, Israel Adesanya captured the undisputed middleweight championship of the world with a KO victory over Robert Whittaker. He’s now scheduled to take on Yoel Romero in the first defense of his title. Odds on Adesanya vs. Romero are now available and many have already placed wagers on the outcome.

Israel Adesanya

It’s an extremely exciting bout. Both of these men have recorded devastating knockout victories in their careers. Today, we’re going to talk about what has led to this matchup. We’ll also check out the current betting odds available for this bout.

Let’s get into it!

Israel Adesanya Proves He’s the Top Middleweight in the World

The UFC’s middleweight division has gone through waves of prestige and insignificance over the past few years. Back when Anderson Silva was the sport’s pound-for-pound king, the 185-pound division was one of the most exciting. After Silva’s dropoff, things began to slow down and the belt changed hands several times.

In July of 2017, Robert Whittaker captured the interim middleweight title with a hard-fought victory over Yoel Romero. A few months later, he was promoted to the undisputed champion after George St. Pierre vacated his belt. Whittaker once again took on Yoel Romero in one of the best fights of the decade.

The two wars with Romero took their toll on the champ. He took time off to heal his injuries and in the meantime, an exciting young striker named Israel Adesanya was moving his way up the rankings.

Adesanya was unknown to the common fan prior to his entrance into the UFC. After just two fights, however, he was promoted to the main event of a Las Vegas card. It took five fights in total before Israel received his first shot at the interim belt against Kelvin Gastelum. He won that fight via unanimous decision, showing incredible grit and determination in the process.

Finally, Adesanya took on Robert Whittaker to unify the two middleweight belts. The odds from different betting sites were split on who should be listed as the favorite. Ultimately, Israel won the fight via 2nd-round KO.

Now, the champ is scheduled to take on Yoel Romero in his first title defense.

Odds on Adesanya vs. Romero Are Now Available Online

Fans have been calling for this fight ever since Adesanya won the belt. There’s some real intrigue over how a wrestler like Romero can fare against the elite striking of Israel. It might not make the most sense right now, but Yoel has officially gotten the shot at this title.

Some are quick to point out the fact that Yoel has lost three of his past four bouts. When you look at those fights, however, you see just how close they really were. If judges looked at these bouts a little differently, there’s an argument that Romero could be the champion right now.

Bovada, one of the best online sportsbooks in the US, is now offering odds for this blockbuster fight. Some are a little surprised to see where the odds on Adesanya vs. Romero stand.

At the moment, Israel Adesanya comes in as the -235 betting favorite. Some are a little surprised to see him enter as such a large favorite. He’s an incredible striker, yet questions remain over his ability to compete against an elite wrestler.

Romero comes in as the +185 favorite. He very nearly became champion after his second fight with Robert Whittaker and recently lost an extremely close decision against Paulo Costa. If he can switch up his striking and grappling, he can win this fight.

The odds on Adesanya vs. Romero are available right now for fans around the country. If you’re interested, place your bets today!

More MMA Betting Options Available in January

The fight between Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero won’t take place for months. Fortunately, we’ve got some fantastic fights scheduled to take place over the next couple of weeks. This Saturday, for example, we’re getting a massive heavyweight main event that takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This card is headlined by Curtis Blaydes and Junior Dos Santos. Both of these men have aspirations to capture the UFC’s heavyweight title. A win will certainly help both get closer to reaching that goal. Blaydes comes in as the -250 favorite, while Dos Santos enters as the +195 underdog.

In the co-main event, former lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos takes on Michael Chiesa at 170-pounds. This is an extremely important bout for both men and the winner may find himself just a few fights away from a shot at the belt.

Dos Anjos comes in as the -275 favorite here. Chiesa is listed as a +215 underdog. The odds might not reflect just how competitive this fight is likely to be.

February is going to be a fantastic month for MMA fans, as well. We’ll get treated to another Jon Jones fight and the contest between Paul Felder and Dan Hooker. Stay tuned for breakdowns on both of these bouts over the next few weeks!