10Best Names the Top 10 Casinos in Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts in the world. Trying to decide which of these gambling venues is the best can be difficult. Everyone has a different opinion! This week, 10Best officially revealed the names of its top 10 casinos in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip View

Some of these casinos were expected to appear. Others, no one saw coming. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at this list. Let’s get into it!

Top 10 Casinos in Las Vegas, According to 10Best

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s extremely difficult trying to narrow down just 10 of the best casinos in Las Vegas. There are simply too many to choose from. Experts from USA Today’s 10Best chose 20 of their favorite casinos. From there, the top 10 were chosen by popular vote.

Here are the top 10 casinos in Las Vegas named by 10Best!

The D Las Vegas

Not many would have predicted that the D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino would be named the top gambling venue in the city. It’s located in the Downtown area, miles away from the Las Vegas Strip. The D has a loyal following, yet it’s rare for this casino to win any major awards. Interestingly, 10Best has named it the best in the city.

The STRAT Las Vegas

Now this one is REALLY surprising. This hotel-casino, formally known as the Las Vegas Stratosphere, was generally considered one of the worst venues in the city. It was recently rebranded to the STRAT and has undergone some major renovations. Apparently, this was enough for 10Best to name it as one of the best! It’s great news for this casino moving forward.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Another Downtown Las Vegas casino makes its way onto this list. The Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is another popular venue in the city, yet isn’t traditionally thought of as one of the top 10 casinos in Las Vegas. 10Best seems to disagree.

Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Resort

This one shouldn’t surprise anyone. Not long ago, Wynn Las Vegas was named the very best hotel-casino in the US by Business Insider. It’s certainly a good one, featuring an impressive casino floor, wonderful amenities and a prime location on the Las Vegas Strip.

Venetian & The Palazzo

The Venetian Hotel & Casino is one of the most beloved venues in Las Vegas. It has one of the most impressive designs of any hotel in the city. The Palazzo, in particular, is stunning. It has managed to stay popular throughout the years and was just named as one of the top 10 casinos in Las Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Everyone loves the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino. It’s the most expensive venue in the city and features one of the most impressive casino floors. Some feel it should have been higher on this list.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Another extremely popular Las Vegas Strip property is being named. Caesars Palace features more than 124,000 square feet of gambling space. It’s a world-class gaming venue and deserves its spot on this list.

Red Rock Casino Resorts & Spa

The Fertitta-owned Red Rock Casino comes in at number 8. It’s located away from the Strip and Downtown area yet it’s become hugely popular, particularly with locals.

Bellagio Las Vegas

For years, the Bellagio Hotel & Casino was considered the best hotel-casino in the city. That’s no longer the case, yet many still consider it in the top-five. The Bellagio has still been named one of the top 10 casinos in Las Vegas this week.

M Resort Spa Casino

M Resort Spa & Casino comes in at number 10. This is another venue that’s highly popular with locals. It isn’t in the best location and doesn’t draw in as many visitors as some of the other hotels on this list, yet there’s no denying it features an amazing casino floor.

If you’re planning to visit Sin City, make sure to check out our Las Vegas hotel guide page! Enjoy your stay!

Non Gambling Options in LV Hotels Are Growing More Popular

Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest and best casinos in the world. Interestingly, non-gambling options in LV hotels are generating more revenue than ever before. It appears that many individuals are choosing to visit this city for reasons other than gambling.

Famous Las Vegas Sign

Some don’t want to admit it, but Las Vegas is changing. Now is the perfect time to look at the amount of revenue that non-gambling activities are bringing in. Let’s get into it!

Tourism Numbers in Las Vegas Are Increasing

At the start of 2019, things didn’t look great for Las Vegas. Tourism numbers were dropping and casinos were struggling to generate revenue. Fortunately, things have begun to turn around in this famous city.

More visitors have begun heading to Las Vegas. The summer months, in particular, drew in a wave of tourists. There’s still a chance that tourism numbers are going to break records here.

Hotel occupancy was at 89.3% in August. This was the highest in the city since 2007 when hotel occupancy was at 90.7%. Many analysts still believe that more than 43 million individuals will visit in 2019, setting a new record.

It now appears that many are visiting this city for reasons outside of just gambling. That’s great news for hotel-casinos in Las Vegas, many of which are beginning to invest more in their non-gambling amenities.

Revenue From Non-Gambling Hotels in LV Casinos Grows

Back in 1999, Nevada began earning more from its non-gambling amenities than it makes inside casinos. Since that year, non-gambling options in LV hotels have gotten even more popular. According to David Schwartz, a gaming research analyst with the UNLV, claims the average Las Vegas tourist spends $434.70 per day. $285.41 goes to activities outside of gambling and $142.29 goes towards gambling.

Interestingly, the largest percentage of visitors to this city are millennials. Seth Schorr, CEO of Fifth Street Gaming, claims millennials simply don’t gamble as much as the older generations. Those that choose to gamble generally enjoy social games like craps.

“The other thing that is tricky with the casino audience is there’s a perception of what a casino is,” Schorr said. “The Generation X, Z and millennials are all a little off on the betting part. They’d rather see themselves on TV or in a big Instagram or YouTube rush, sharing with their friends, not sitting by themselves playing slots. The question is how do you make it social for many in gambling without it being craps,” he said.

Some believe that Esports betting will grow extremely popular in this city. Esports grow more popular every single month. Others believe that entertainment centers that feature virtual reality and other tech innovations will help to bring in non-gambling revenue here, as well.

More Casinos Are Coming to Las Vegas

Non-gambling options in LV hotels continue to grow more popular. That doesn’t mean casino companies are choosing not to invest here, though. Several major casino projects are set to open in Las Vegas over the next few years.

One that many are excited about is Resorts World. This new casino-resort, being constructed in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip, is expected to be a major success. It will officially open in 2020.

The new Virgin Hotel is opening up next year, as well. Virgin Hotels purchased its first Las Vegas property from Hard Rock International this year and is working to renovate and update the casino and hotel.

It’s clear that non-gambling options in LV hotels are growing more popular. This will likely continue, as millennials simply aren’t as interested in gambling as the older generations.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

The Raiders’ New Partner is Announced for Las Vegas Stadium

The Oakland Raiders will soon be making their new home in Las Vegas. This week, the Raiders’ new partner was officially revealed. To the surprise of many, the famous NFL team has teamed up with a tribal casino operator in California.

Oakland Raiders Helmet

Allegiant Stadium, where the Raiders will play in Las Vegas, won’t be complete until 2020. It makes sense for the team to seek new partnerships before it opens up. Let’s look at why this team is moving to Vegas, and what this partnership means moving forward.

Why Are the Raiders Moving to Las Vegas?

The Raiders are well-known for having one of the most passionate fan bases in the entire NFL. There’s a mystique about the team which has long been considered the place for the league’s toughest players. Unfortunately, Oakland has struggled to generate much success over the years and has one of the lowest budgets of any NFL team.

Recently, the NFL demanded that the Raiders begin playing in a new stadium. The team’s current home is the RingCentral Stadium (the Colosseum) which it shares with the Oakland Athletics MLB team. It’s considered to be one of the worst stadiums in the country.

The Raiders failed to propose an adequate stadium solution to officials in the NFL. The team then decided it would make the move to Los Angeles. Once again, this idea was shot down by the league. Finally, the team agreed on plans to move into Las Vegas. To the surprise of some, heads of the NFL greenlit these plans. The team agreed to begin playing at the future Allegiant Stadium, in an area that many real estate firms are investing in.

Las Vegas has recently begun to embrace its professional sports industry. Just a few years ago, the Las Vegas Golden Knights were created here. They’ve quickly become one of the top teams in the NHL.

Not everyone is happy about it, but the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. This week, the team announced its newest partner.

The Raiders’ New Partner Isn’t Based in Las Vegas

Many believed that the Raiders would team up with one of the many Las Vegas casino companies to help with promotional work and funding. Interestingly, the team has revealed this week that it’s signed a deal with San Manuel Casino, based in Southern California.

Marc Badain, President of the Raiders, commented on this new partnership to the media this week.

“We’ve talked often about how the (Allegiant Stadium) project is going to be transformative for the city of Las Vegas, the Raiders, the region and also for our partners,” he said. “We’re excited to have San Manuel Casino as a founding partner.”

The specific terms of this new deal have not been revealed to the public. Many believe it will be a profitable one for both parties, though. The Raiders’ new partner is no stranger to major sports partnerships. In fact, San Manuel Casino currently boats partnership deals with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

“Our history in Los Angeles was a very significant and successful one, and we maintain a very strong fanbase in the Southern California area. A significant portion of our (personal seat license) holders are coming from the region,” Badain also commented to the media. 

Week 7 Oakland Raiders Betting Odds

We’re now entering the 7th week of the 2019/2020 NFL season, and it’s been a competitive one thus far. The Raiders didn’t enter this season with the highest expectations, yet they’ve already recorded a few wins against solid teams. One of the best US online sports betting sites, Bovada, is now offering week 7 Oakland Raiders odds right now.

On Sunday, October 20th, the Raiders will take on the Green Bay Packers on enemy territory. The odds are set and Oakland is entering this game as the considerable betting underdogs.

Despite entering Sunday’s match on a two-game win streak, Oakland is being given odds of just +210 to beat the Packers. They’ve looked solid in recent games against Indianapolis and Chicago but have shown weakness in their defense.

Green Bay is looking great this season with a current 5-1 record. Their only loss came against the Eagles in a close game. Most NFL betting experts believe they’ll get the job done this Sunday, and Bovada seems to agree, giving the Packers odds of -250 to beat Oakland.

The Raiders’ new partner has been revealed. We’re getting closer and closer to seeing this team in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more sports gambling news over the next few months!

MGM Resorts Officially Sells Circus Circus Hotel & Resort

MGM Resorts is having an extremely busy year. For months, officials in the company have discussed selling one of their Las Vegas properties, Circus Circus Hotel & Resort. This week, the sale was finalized.

Circus Circus Hotel-Resort

It’s a big move for MGM. Circus Circus may not be the most profitable venue in Las Vegas, yet it’s without a doubt one of the most well-known. Now is a great time to look at why exactly this popular venue was sold.

History of Circus Circus Las Vegas

It seems like every few years, a new gambling venue opens up in Las Vegas. Amazingly, some of the old hotel-casinos are still going strong here. Circus Circus opened its doors all the way back in 1968 and quickly grew into one of the most popular venues in the city.

Unlike many of the early Las Vegas hotel-casinos, Circus Circus put a major emphasis on providing entertainment. The venue was designed as a giant circus tent and put on shows every day of the week. For many years, however, it didn’t have a hotel for guests to stay in.

Jay Sarno, the owner of this venue, began experiencing financial difficulties over the lack of accommodation options. Sarno began partnering with organized crime members and was quickly investigated by the federal government. In 1974, Circus Circus Hotel & Resort was officially sold to William Bennet and William Pennington.

MGM Resorts International purchased this venue in 2005. It’s location and somewhat older amenities made it one of the less-desirable venues in the city. Circus Circus has struggled to generate revenue over the years and officials within MGM decided they were interested in selling.

This week, it appears that this sale was finalized.

MGM Resorts Confirms the Sale of Circus Circus Hotel & Resort

Back in September, we reported on the news that MGM was looking to sell this venue. It was clear that the company was hoping to fast-track this sale and several individuals announced they were interested in purchasing it. As many predicted, MGM Resorts officially sold Circus Circus to Phil Ruffin, owner of Treasure Island.

Ruffin is excited to add another Las Vegas Strip property to his portfolio. He commented on the purchase to the media this week.

“Circus Circus has anchored the north end of the Las Vegas Strip for over 50 years, and I am excited to add it to my casino portfolio,” he said. “I have tremendous respect for Jim Murren and the MGM team, and my relationship with them goes back to my friendship with Kirk Kerkorian and continues to this day.”

According to multiple reports, Circus Circus Hotel & Resort was sold to Ruffin for $825 million.

Interestingly, Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust and MGM agreed to a partnership to acquire MGM’s Bellagio Hotel & Casino and lease it back to MGM. This deal is described as “one of the highest ever paid for a [Las Vegas] Strip asset.”

More Las Vegas Strip Properties Could Go For Sale

MGM Resorts isn’t the only company that’s interested in selling some of its Strip properties. The sale of Circus Circus Hotel & Resort may be the first of many upcoming sales over the next 12 months. Caesars Entertainment, which is set to merge with Eldorado Resorts, is also looking to sell some properties in the coming months.

Tom Reeg, CEO of Eldorado Resorts, told the media that Las Vegas property sales were likely.

“I would expect that we would be a seller of a Strip asset, but that decision has not been made,” he told the media. 

Last month, Caesars confirmed everyone’s suspicion and sold the Rio Hotel & Casino. Imperial Companies, a real estate firm based in New York purchased the gambling venue for $516.3 million.

It’s very possible that more sales are just around the corner. The merger with Eldorado Resorts is the biggest in history.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news this week!

What’s Happening in Vegas the Week of October 13th – 19th

Check out What’s Happening in Vegas This Week

What's Happening in Vegas Banner

There’s always something exciting happening in Las Vegas. More entertainment options are available in this city than anywhere else in the world.

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening in Las Vegas over the next few days:

Tuesday, October 15th:

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators

On Tuesday, two of the best teams in the NHL square off inside T-Mobile Arena. The Las Vegas Golden Knights are looking to capture their third straight victory and fifth overall in the season. In order to do so, they’ll need to beat one of the most successful teams in franchise history.

Fortunately for Golden Knights fans, Nashville isn’t coming into this game as the betting favorites. They’ve struggled for much of the season and hold just a 3-2 record heading into Tuesday’s game. Many analysts predict the Golden Knights secure an easy victory.

The oddsmakers seem to agree. Mybookie.ag currently lists the Predators’ odds to win at just +120. The Golden Knights enter with odds of -140. If you’re in Las Vegas, feel free to head over to any of the world-class sportsbooks spread around the city to place your wagers on the game’s outcome!

Tim Burton Exhibit

Ice hockey isn’t your thing? No problem! There are plenty more amazing events happening in Vegas this week. Also available on Tuesday is the Tim Burton Exhibit, located inside the Neon Museum. According to many individuals, this is one of the most impressive art exhibits in recent Las Vegas history.

Burton spent a significant portion of his childhood in Las Vegas and the city is heavily referenced in many of his movies. This exhibit, called Lost Vegas, features many of his most famous pieces of art taken from different movies.

The Neon Museum is located on North Las Vegas Boulevard, not far from the world-famous Fremont Street. Tuesday marks the exhibit’s grand opening. Ticket prices start at around $25. Feel free to stop by!

Thursday, October 17th:

PFL 8 Playoffs Event

Calling all combat sports fans! On Thursday, another round of the PFL playoffs takes place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. This is the eighth event of the 2019 season and is expected to be extremely competitive. Members of the promotions’ featherweight and lightweight divisions are fighting for their shot to win $1 million.

Several big-name athletes are competing this week. Many hardcore fans are looking forward to the lightweight bout between Akhmet Aliev and Rashid Magomedov. Aliev is looking to bounce back from a recent loss to Chris Wade, while Magomedov hopes to recover from a hard-fought loss to Nate Andrews. Expect fireworks!

Friday, October 18th

Las Rageous Music Festival

What happens in Las Vegas almost every single week? Concerts. On Friday, the Las Rageous Music Festival returns to Old Town Las Vegas at the Downtown Events Center and features a variety of the top metal bands in the country.

Rob Zombie, Bring Me the Horizon, The Used, and Chevelle are all on this year’s lineup. Event officials describe it as “two days of pure havoc.”

The 2019 Las Rageous event runs from Friday to Saturday. Two-day passes can be purchased for around $110. If you’re in the mood for some headbanging fun, this might be the perfect event to attend.

Saturday, October 19th

Downtown Brew Festival

Las Vegas is home to some fantastic craft beer festivals. On Saturday, the famous Downtown Brew Festival takes place at the Clark County Amphitheater and is a must-attend for any beer lovers in the city. More than 200 different craft brews will be available as well as live music, local culinary artists, and motley experiences.

Unfortunately, this event only lasts a few hours! It will be open from 5 to 9 pm. Tickets can be purchased for as low as $40. Early-access VIP tickets are available for $50.

What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. Each of the events listed above offers something different. If you’re in Sin City this week, these are all things worth checking out.

If you haven’t booked your hotel room yet, make sure to check out our Las Vegas hotel guides for expert recommendations on the city’s different accommodation options!

Las Vegas Suncoast Hotel Land is Going Up for Sale

The Suncoast Hotel & Casino is one of the most popular venues in the city for locals not located on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s continued to generate revenue over the years, despite its less-than-desirable location. Interestingly, the land that the Las Vegas Suncoast Hotel sits on is going up for sale.

Las Vegas Suncoast Hotel

Not many predicted that this casino’s land would be sold. On the surface, it looked as if this gambling venue was outperforming many others in the city. Here’s what we know right now.

About the Las Vegas Suncoast Hotel & Casino

All the way back in 1998, Michael Gaughan announced plans for a $145 million project. It was revealed that this casino-resort would be constructed in the northwest area of Las Vegas, on the corner of Rampart Boulevard and Alta Drive. In 1999, the project was officially named Suncoast.

Construction began in late 1999 and was eventually wrapped up in mid-2020. The final cost of the Suncoast was $185 million.

This venue opened its doors to the public on September 12th of 2000. It was expected that 90% of the visitors would be Las Vegas locals. Visitors here were given access to the casino’s 78,000 square foot casino floor featuring 48 table games and hundreds of slots.

In 2016, Boyd Gaming partnered with Miomni to begin offering online sports gambling options to customers.

This gambling venue was won numerous awards over the years. In 2002, it was given the “Best of Las Vegas” award for having the best electronic poker gambling options. It attracted many visitors and gained a reputation as a true locals hotspot.

To the surprise of many, the Las Vegas Suncoast’s land is now going for sale.

Land Surrounding Suncoast Hotel is Going for Sale

Boyd Gaming, the company that took control of the Suncoast in 2004, has confirmed that the land surrounding this hotel-casino is officially going up for sale. Company officials are maintaining that they will continue to operate the casino.

Eric Carlton, an executive at real estate firm Colliers International, spoke about this land going for sale to the media this week.

“The Suncoast land is 49.13 acres in the highly coveted master planned community of Summerlin and presents a once in a lifetime generational opportunity,” according to the property listing on Loopnet.”

It’s important to note that only the land that this casino sits on is going for sale. The gambling venue itself is not being sold. Owners of this land are simply looking to cash out. According to Fox 5 Las Vegas, the asking price is $87 million.

It’s very likely that several companies will bid for this land. Buyers of this property will gain a fee title and could acquire up to $60,000 in annual rent.

Other Great Las Vegas Casinos for Locals

Las Vegas is home to a huge number of small casinos that are visited primarily by locals. The majority of these venues are located off the Las Vegas Strip. Perhaps the best casino for locals in the Red Rock Casino Resort.

Red Rock is owned by the Fertittas and is one of the coolest resorts in the city. It features more than 118,390 square feet of gambling space and a hotel with 830 rooms. There are enough gambling options to keep even the most hardcore gambler busy for days.

The South Point Casino & Spa is another Las Vegas gambling establishment that’s beloved by locals. There’s a fantastic casino here offering all of the gambling options you’re looking for. The hotel is fantastic and affordable, as well.

The Las Vegas Suncoast hotel remains one of the best venues for locals to gamble at. The land that this casino sits on is officially going for sale, yet it’s unlikely to have any major impact.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas gambling news over the next few months!

Resorts World Las Vegas is Still On Track for 2020 Open

Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest and best gambling venues in the world. Recently, several major projects have been undergoing construction in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. According to new reports, Resorts World Las Vegas, which is being built in this area of the city, is still set for a 2020 open.

Resorts World Las Vegas

It’s great news for gambling fans around the city. Resorts World is expected to become one of the top gambling venues in the city. Today, we’re looking at what this new casino-resort has to offer.

Path to Construct Resorts World Las Vegas

For years, gambling analysts have claimed that a Resorts World would open up in Las Vegas. In 2012, Boyd Gaming began negotiations to sell its 87-acre casino site to Malaysia-based Genting Group. In 2013, the site was officially sold to Genting for $350 million.

Groundbreaking was initially scheduled for 2014 and construction was expected to be completed by 2016. Genting claimed that it would invest between $2 and $7 billion into the gambling venue. It planned to open several unique features including a panda exhibit, an indoor water park, and a replica of the Great Wall of China.

Unfortunately, several factors led to the delay of groundbreaking on this new casino-resort. Finally, in May of 2015, the first groundbreaking ceremony officially took place. At that time, the resort’s opening date was scheduled for late 2018.

Once again, several issues delayed the development of Resorts World Las Vegas. Wynn Resorts even filed a temporary restraining order against the project that had the potential to shut down construction.

Fortunately, things have run smoothly for the past few years. Officials now state that this resort will open in 2020.

Construction is Running Smoothly For Resorts World

Many news outlets in Las Vegas have closely followed the construction of Resorts World. The Las Vegas Review-Journal was recently given access to the casino site and claims that everything is running as planned. Genting’s $4 billion venue will be the first mega-resort to come to Las Vegas since the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino.

It’s extremely exciting news for casino gambling fans in this city. Resorts World is expected to become one of the top new venues in Las Vegas.

Right now, there are an estimated 1,500 construction workers for this project. Specific details about this gambling venue are still unknown. Resorts World Las Vegas will have an Asian theme. Scott Sibella, former president of MGM Grand, has not disclosed any of the changes that have been made during the recent construction of the casino-resort.

A Resorts World representative told the LVRJ that this venue will be a “tech-forward, innovative and inclusive resort … with a bold, fresh take on hospitality to the Las Vegas market with exciting new experiences, one-of-a-kind culture and seamless guest service.”

2020 is going to be a big year for Sin City.

More Projects Coming to Las Vegas

Resorts World isn’t the only exciting new project coming to Las Vegas in the near future. Over the past few years, several major projects have undergone construction here. One of the most anticipated is the MSG Sphere. It’s expected to become the hottest new entertainment venue in the city.

This new venue is being constructed by The Madison Square Garden Company. Construction on this project began in 2018 and it’s expected to be completed in 2021.

Another major project will be arriving in 2020, as well. Virgin Hotels purchased the former Hard Rock International in 2018 and quickly began looking for ways to renovate and update this venue. This hotel has officially been shut down while these renovations are underway.

The Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas is expected to be fantastic. It will have a unique desert theme and more than 60,000 square feet of gaming space.

Resorts World Las Vegas will officially open up in 2020. Make sure to stay tuned for more news on this gambling venue over the next few months!

Maverick Gaming Purchases 3 New Colorado Casinos

Las Vegas-based casino company Maverick Gaming continues to expand. This week, the company has announced that it’s bought three new casino venues in Colorado. It’s clear that this company is working to become a major player in the US casino market. Maverick Gaming Logo

Casino competition is growing quickly around the country. Many companies are now working to capitalize on the liberal laws many states are putting on the gambling industry. Let’s look at why Maverick Gaming has bought these Colorado casinos, and what other states this company may be interested in entering in the future.

Maverick Gaming Breaks Into the Colorado Market

Las Vegas is home to a huge number of casino operators. Some of the biggest in the country are based here including Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts. There are also a huge number of small, independent casino companies such as Maverick Gaming, that are trying to make a name for themselves.

Over the past several months, this company has begun to significantly expand its portfolio. It already owns five casinos in Nevada. Back in August, Maverick announced that it purchased six different card rooms in the state of Washington.

This week, officials at Maverick revealed that they’d acquired CC Gaming LLC. The company has officially taken over CC Gaming’s three casino venues located about an hour west of Denver. Specific terms of this deal were not disclosed to the public and still needs to be approved by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission.

Eric Persson, an executive at Maverick, commented on the news to the media this week.

“I admire the work that John Zimpel, owner and managing member of CC Gaming, has done to grow his casino business and we look forward to building upon the foundation he established,” he said. 

Casino Competition Continues to Grow in the US

The US casino market has never been stronger. In recent months, a huge number of states have begun to open and expand their gambling industries. Even states that, in the past, set tight regulations on casino gambling, are now beginning to allow new gambling venues to open up.

New York is one of these states. Lawmakers in New York have allowed tribal gambling for years. Now, this state also allows commercial casinos and even sports betting. The Upstate New York area is now home to many different casinos. Many are struggling to generate revenue here due to the rise in competition.

Illinois is also set to expand its casino market. Not long ago, Governor JB Pritzker revealed a new capital plan that allows for five new casinos to open in the state. Interestingly, lawmakers here have approved a casino to open in Chicago for the first time ever.

Many states are earning millions of dollars a month from their casino industries. New Jersey’s gambling market has grown significantly over the past few years thanks to new sports gambling options and upgraded casinos. Many now feel that Atlantic City could overtake Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the United States.

Online Casino Gambling Grows More Popular, As Well

Unfortunately, some states around the country still implement old-school laws on the gambling industry that ban land-based casinos. Many residents in these states choose to make their wagers online. Today, there are a huge number of fantastic US casino websites that are available throughout the entire country.

One of the most popular available right now is Cherry Gold Casino. This site has grown extremely popular with hardcore casino gamblers thanks to its huge range of gaming options and safe payment system. It accepts players from around the country and offers hundreds of different games every single day.

Internet casino sites allow players to make wagers from the comfort of home. Most of these websites also offer great mobile platforms, allowing you to play your favorite games using just your phone.

Casino gambling is growing more popular in the US every single year. Maverick Gaming is clearly trying to capitalize on the rise of gambling here. We’ll need to wait and see how successful these Colorado casinos are for the company.

Make sure to stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few months!

Legislation on Hotel Resort Fees is Introduced to US House

Nevada, and Las Vegas, in particular, is home to many of the best casino-resorts in the world. Millions of people stay in these resorts every year, yet many are beginning to complain about the hidden fees that are added on to their bills. Last week, a bill was presented to the US House that will require hotels to clearly feature their resort fees.Animated Image Of Bill And Casino Chip

It’s a welcome sight for many who have been blindsided by these additional fees. Today, we’re going to look at why this bill has been presented to the House. We’ll also talk about what exactly resort fees are. Let’s get into it!

Resort Fees: Why Are They Charged?

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel-resort, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a resort fee. Essentially, these are fees that hotels will charge their guests on top of the normal room rates and government fees. They go towards funding hotel’s different amenities including Wifi, gym/pool access, and even parking.

Today, most major hotels charge these fees. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find out how much you will be charged until after you’ve booked your room. All of the top Las Vegas hotels operating today charge resort fees.

There are a few different ways to find out how much you’ll need to pay the resort you are staying at. Sometimes, hotels will list the fee rates directly on their website. Others don’t mention these at all. You can usually contact the hotel that you’re planning to stay at to find more information on these hidden fees.

Many have begun to complain about the fees that different hotel-resorts are charging. Recently, several lawmakers presented a new bill to the US House that calls for hotels to clearly feature all fees for guests. Officials in Nevada are now reviewing this bill to study its ramifications.

NV Resort Association Set to Study New Bill

As we just mentioned, several lawmakers have presented a new bill that will require all hotels to list their resort fees for guests to see. These hotels will no longer be able to advertise room rates without including the hidden fees attached. This week, the Nevada Resort Association is set to review this bill and study the impact it will have on hotel companies in the state.

This association has 71 different members, 59 of which are based in Southern Nevada. Officials in the Resort Association claim that they have not yet reviewed the details of this bill and cannot comment on its conditions. Eddie Bernice Johnson, a Texas Congresswoman, believes the bill will benefit travelers who may be unaware of the hidden fees that different hotels charge.

“This summer, we witnessed a record number of Americans take the opportunity to travel,” she said. “Unfortunately, this also meant a record number of travelers were subjected to deceptive hidden fees charged by hotels, motels and other places of accommodation. It is projected that in 2019, over $3 billion in revenue alone will be collected from consumers due to these hidden fees. Consumers should be able to enjoy their vacation without being ripped off and financially burdened. This bill would require that the prices advertised by hotels and online travel agencies must include all mandatory fees that will be charged to a consumer, excluding taxes.”

This would be a major change for hotels around the country. Several groups have already expressed their support for this bill.

Several Groups Support New Hotel Fee Bill

This week, two major groups have claimed that this new bill will benefit travelers. Consumer Reports and Travelers United are both pushing for lawmakers in the House to approve the bill. Director of financial policy for Consumer Reports, Anna Laitan, thinks hotels should be responsible for listing their fees.

“Travelers shouldn’t have to read the fine print to figure out all the fees they’ll be charged for staying at a hotel,” she said. “Hotels should be required to disclose all fees in their advertised rate, so consumers won’t get stung with a higher bill than what they’re expecting to pay when booking a room.”

The FTC is beginning to get involved, as well. Years ago, this government body called on dozens of hotels to begin disclosing their resort fees for guests. It wasn’t entirely effective, as many individuals have continued to complained about these hotel’s hidden fees.

Resort fees in Las Vegas hotels range from $15 to $45. MGM recently announced that their fees would increase. If this bill is approved, these hotels will be required to include all fees to room rates. We’ll need to wait and see how the country’s top lawmakers approach these new regulations.

Make sure to stay tuned for more US casino-hotel news over the next few weeks!

Las Vegas Strip Revenue Increases for 3rd Straight Month

  • Las Vegas Strip revenue jumps significantly in August.
  • Table games and slots help to bring in major revenue earnings.
  • Sports betting revenue in Las Vegas also increased last month.

For much of 2019, Nevada’s gambling revenue dropped. Things are now beginning to change, and Las Vegas Strip revenue has increased for the third straight month. It’s fantastic news for casinos operating in this city.

Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is also experiencing a boom in tourism, as well. Today, we’re going to look at how much gambling revenue has increased here. We’ll also talk about what forms of gambling helped to bring in the most money for Las Vegas casinos.

NV Gaming Control Board Confirms Las Vegas Strip Revenue Increase

Business has been booming in Las Vegas for the past few months. The summer months brought a major increase in tourism and gamblers to this city. Today, the Nevada Gaming Control Board released official gambling revenue figures. Things have improved once again during the month of August.

According to the Control Board, Nevada’s overall gambling revenue earnings were up 4.3% to $952.4 million in August. In the previous two months, gambling revenue here exceeded $1 billion. Las Vegas Strip revenue increased by an impressive 8.9%.

It’s a welcome sight for gambling operators in Las Vegas. From January to May, revenue earnings in this city dropped. Gaming winnings are up by 6.2% overall during the past three months.

Interestingly, Downtown Las Vegas saw it’s gambling revenue drop last month. Casinos in this area generated just $45.3 million. This represents a 1.9% dip from the same month in 2018.

Statewide, five out of the 20 gambling markets saw a revenue decline in August. Later today, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority will release tourism numbers in August.

Table Games and Slots Help to Boost Revenue

Las Vegas Strip revenue was boosted thanks to a few select games. Table games, slots, and sports betting were hugely popular. Micheal Lawton, a senior research analyst for the NV Control Board, commented on the revenue increase to the media today.

“This was the result of strong non-baccarat game and table play which benefited from increased volumes and significant increases to hold percentages,” He said. “For the month, (blackjack) was up 29.2 percent, craps was up 67.3 percent, roulette was up 43.3 percent and sports were up 111 percent.”

Slot gambling has been growing in 2019. Lawton claims that there was a 5.2% increase in slot volume last month. Baccarat revenue was also up 6%. It’s still unclear which casinos brought in the most revenue. Wynn Las Vegas is considered to be the highest-earning gambling venue in the state, yet this can change month-to-month.

Things don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Despite the increase in competition around the country, a huge number of individuals continue to visit and gamble in Las Vegas.

New Jersey is Still Considered the Sports Betting Capital of the US

For decades, Nevada was the only state in the US that could legally offer sports gambling options. This changed in 2018 when PASPA was struck down. Today, 19 states have legalized and regulated the sports betting industry. New Jersey now has the most successful sports gambling market in the country.

Sports betting revenue is surging every single month in Atlantic City. Here, both land-based and online sports betting is legal. Sports gambling brought in $25.2 million for the state of New Jersey last month.

Recently, several casinos in this city revealed new sportsbooks for their patrons. Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts both have brand new sports betting areas. Caesars unveiled the “The Book” at Bally’s Atlantic City and MGM launched the “Money Bar & Book,” at the Borgata.

New Jersey has generated more sports betting revenue than Las Vegas for the majority of 2019. This state draws in many bettors from New York and Delaware, who can cross into the New Jersey border to place their online sports wagers.

Las Vegas Strip revenue is going up. Hopefully, this increase continues for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks!