NGCB Approves William Hill’s Takeover of CGT Operations in Las Vegas

William Hill

British company William Hill has received the green light to purchase CG Technology’s operations in Nevada. On Thursday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved Wiliam Hill’s takeover of CGT’s assets in the Silver State.

William Hill CEO Joe Asher said that he was excited with the approval of the acquisition. He added that they have started discussions with Las Vegas Sun for the renovation of the Venetian sportsbook. Asher also said that they are looking to renovate Silverton:

“There are some things we will do a little differently. We just wanted to get the finish line. We’ve invested millions into sportsbooks in this state.”

Significant Presence on the Strip

The approval will allow William Hill to take control of the sportsbooks of The Venetian Las Vegas, Palazzo, Tropicana Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Palms, and Silverton. All casinos are on or near the Las Vegas Strip which is a market where William Hill can grow.

Willam Hill announced the planned takeover last year. As one of the largest sportsbooks in the world, William Hill already has a strong presence in Nevada. Prior to the news of its proposed acquisition of CGT’s assets, William Hill operated 113 race and sportsbooks in the Silver State. However, it lacked a significant presence on the Strip.

The deal effectively removes one competitor from the picture and puts William Hill brand in some of the Strip’s most shiny casino gems. Nevada is currently home to around 200 sports betting locations and the British company continues to grow its presence in the U.S. market.

End of The Road For CGT

Asher was the managing director of CG when it came to Nevada during the mid-2000s. It was then known as Cantor Gaming and was the sports betting branch of the financial company Cantor Fitzgerald. Asher quit in 2007 to form his own sportsbook firm called Brandywine Bookmaking which quickly grew into 16 race and sportsbooks in Las Vegas under the name Lucky’s Race and Sports.

For its part CG has a history of being penalized by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. It has been penalized three times for various violations including allowing out-of-state wagers, accepting bets after the conclusion of events, and paying out too much and too little on some wagers. CG paid a total of $10M across those violations.

ESPN also reported that CG was involved in in an “illegal gambling and money laundering scheme” which cost it another $22.5M in federal penalties. The NGCB had threatened to revoke CGT’s license as recently as last year but it survived the storms. However, this latest development does look like the end of the road for CGT in Las Vegas.

Circus Circus Plans to Sue Insurance Company

Las Vegas is home to some of the best casino-resorts in the world. Some consider Circus Circus to be one of the least-impressive venues in the city. This week, news broke that Circus Circus plans to sue its insurance company due to an unpaid claim.Circus Circus In Las Vegas

As many are aware, Las Vegas casinos have taken a major hit due to the global pandemic. Many are now in desperate need of support in order to remain functional. Today, we’re going to look at the lawsuit that the owners of Circus Circus have planned.

Let’s get into it!

Nearly All Las Vegas Strip Casinos Have Reopened

At the start of this year, the idea of shutting down the Las Vegas Strip was inconceivable. This is one of the largest tourist destinations in the country, drawing in millions of visitors each year to take part in the gambling and entertainment. By March, the US began entering into lockdown and all of the casinos in Nevada were forced to close down.

Governor Sisolak was very hesitant to get the state’s casino industry back to normal. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, however, almost immediately begin demanding that casinos be allowed to reopen. It wasn’t until June 4th that the state’s gaming venues were allowed to start accepting guests again.

Initially, only a few casinos in Las Vegas reopened. As the weeks went on, more of the state’s major gambling venues opened back up. Today, almost all of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip are operating again.

That doesn’t mean things are completely back to normal here. The casinos in Las Vegas look much different than they did prior to March. Slots are separated, plexiglass barriers separate table game players, and masks are now officially required when on the casino floor.

It’s a very unusual time for what is considered the entertainment capital of the United States. The amount of revenue that casinos here are earning is considerably lower than it was pre-pandemic. One major casino in this city is now filing a lawsuit, alleging it should be paid for the damage caused by the coronavirus spreading around the world.

Circus Circus Plans to File Lawsuit Against AIG Specialty Insurance Company

Every single casino in Las Vegas has been affected by the events unfolding around the world. Some are being hit harder than others. For the venues that were already struggling, this situation has become extremely difficult.

That can be applied to Circus Circus. This property is now considered one of the worst hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. It was recently purchased by Phil Ruffin, who felt he could turn things around here.

This week, officials within Circus Circus announced they plan on suing AIG Specialty Insurance Company. Casino officials claim the insurance company is refusing to cover losses that Circus Circus has experienced during the pandemic. The company released a statement that claims the “All-Risk” policy AIG offers does not live up to its word.

“AIG relies on sleight-of-hand, distortions of fact and contortions of law to escape from Circus Circus’s covered claim,” Circus Circus lawyers claimed. “But no illusion or death-defying feat can alter the plain language of AIG’s policy and the broad all risks coverage that it provides.”

Interestingly, Circus Circus claims that it suffered major losses even before shutting down. The casino claims people infected with Covid-19 had already visited this property and spread the virus to employees. More than 1,600 sick days were recorded between January 1st and March 18th, Circus Circus claims.

We’ll need to wait and see how AIG Insurance responds to this lawsuit.

What to Expect in Las Vegas Over the Next Six Months

Not even the best gambling analysts in the country can accurately say how the US casino industry will look by the end of the year. This is the toughest spot this industry has ever been in. As of now, the casinos in this country are simply trying to earn enough money to stay above water.

Tourism is still extremely slow in Las Vegas. Rates of visitors dropped even further after Governor Sisolak’s announcement that masks are now required on the casino floor. As rates of Covid-19 increase around the country, fewer people are willing to travel.

It seems highly unlikely that the casinos in Las Vegas will be forced to close down again. These companies are doing everything they can to make things safe for employees and guests. There are still complaints that workers inside casinos are still being put in danger.

Circus Circus plans to sue its insurance company. The Nevada Culinary Union is planning a lawsuit of its own against several major casinos on the Strip. This union represents workers inside casinos, many of whom claim things are not safe enough.

Casinos will remain open here. As time goes on, tourism rates are likely to increase. It could be years before the casinos in this city return to the way they were at the start of 2020.

Are you surprised to hear Circus Circus plans to sue its insurance company? Do you think this casino will win the lawsuit? Let us know in the comments section below!

Social Distancing Might Last for Months; Will Take Awhile for Las Vegas to Return to Normal

Las Vegas StripAlthough the mandated casino closures, which turned the Entertainment Capital of the World into a ghost town, is scheduled to be lifted April 30, it will likely take a while for things to return to normal on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Boulevard went from being a buzzing, tourist-filled street with lights and sounds glaring everywhere, to a quiet street with empty sidewalks and the occasional jogger or skateboarder taking in the odd sight of a calm Strip.

Cars are still taking the scenic route down the Strip, but traffic is obsolete. In fact, it’s so quiet you can hear the birds sing. A family of ducks was even seen taking a stroll down the empty road a few weeks ago.

According to Alan Feldman, a member of UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, the thinking that lends itself to believing Las Vegas will reopen at once is “absolutely not going to happen.”

If Las Vegas were to reopen at once, many industry leaders believe that guests won’t be coming in flocks. At least not anytime soon…

Social Distancing Could Last Months

In a city that is built on tourism, it’s safe to assume that social distancing could last for months in Las Vegas.

Why so? Because with the coronavirus situation still fluid, and no telling whether we’re at the outbreaks’ peak or not, individuals will likely ere on the side of caution.

That means for places that are prone to hosting crowds, in order for people to feel safe, there will need to be social distancing measures that every visitor or local is actively participating in.

Casino executives are even preparing new coronavirus safety measures for when casinos do reopen to the public, and those measures will take social distancing guidelines into account.

Those measures include having a seat in between gamblers playing slots of at tables, dealers wearing masks, fewer accessible casino entrances, and non-invasive methods of checking visitor’s temperature upon entry.

Business Reopenings Won’t Happen Quickly, According to NV Governor

While Gov. Sisolak has faced some harsh criticism and pleads from Las Vegas Mayor Goodman, who calls the shutdown ‘total insanity’ while urging the Governor to reopen, the Governor is saying it’s a no-go until medical health experts give the green light.

Although the economy has taken a drastic hit, Gov. Sisolak says he is prioritizing the lives of his fellow Nevadans over dollars.

With that said, that means that businesses will likely have a long road to recovery before things return to the normal that was experienced at the beginning of this year.

Not a comforting thing to hear, but more realistic based on the nature of the pandemic.

On Thursday night, Sisolak says that he doesn’t have a benchmark date for when businesses will open back up, stating that if they open prematurely, it will hurt the economy more than help it in the long run.

Stay Tuned

Right now, Las Vegas is adjusting to its “new normal” until things can return to normal.

It’s hard to see the industry and businesses across the valley hurting, but we also know it’s for the best in the fight against the coronavirus crisis.

All we know is, Las Vegas will bounce back and return to its former glory just as soon as it’s able to, and once is does, we hope to see you there.

Please stay safe and healthy in the meantime, everyone! And check back for the latest coronavirus coverage.

Casino Shutdowns Allow More Roadwork Hours on the Strip

Las Vegas BoulevardWith the 30-day mandated closure of hotel-casino properties in Nevada, it’s opened the Strip up for the perfect opportunity for more roadwork to be done in the absence of vehicle traffic and the endless tourists walking up and down Las Vegas Boulevard.

Clark County officials are using this time to expand roadwork hours to include day and night work along the resort corridor and on two big projects going right now.

“This change will give our contractors more flexibility in their own scheduling, and hopefully allow them to complete these projects on time or sooner,” Denis Cederburg, County Public Works Director, said in a statement. “Working daytime hours should result in higher production rates during a shift.”

County officials say the expanded roadwork hours may have Las Vegas Boulevard down to one lane in each direction between Spring Mountain Rd. and Sahara to accommodate the construction.

In the past, major lane restrictions would typically only take place during overnight hours as it’s not easy to redirect or impose on the rhythms of daytime traffic.

Koval Lane from Tropicana Avenue to Sands Avenue could also see a one-lane redirection to accommodate road projects.

Las Vegas Boulevard Projects

Current projects on Las Vegas Boulevard include the installation of new pavement, replacement of a water main line, improved pedestrian crossing including intersection updates, technology upgrades to traffic signal systems, smart pole lighting, LED lighting in various pockets, and median landscape upgrades.

These enhancements are slated to be completed by Summer 2021, with the casino closures allowing the opportunity for more progress to be made, especially with the aid of daylight hours.

Project improvements to the Koval area of Las Vegas Boulevard include repaving and adding a third turn lane of traffic that will go from Koval northbound to westbound Sands. These updates are scheduled to be completed by June.

The Strip is Quiet in the Wake of Casino Closures

On Friday, the Las Vegas Strip looks much different from what you would normally see on a typical Friday. Instead of hoards of tourists on a bustling Las Vegas Boulevard, there’s only a handful of pedestrians and modest traffic in sight.

Those on the Las Vegas Strip who experienced it “going dark” on Wednesday night, took to social media outlets like Twitter to document the uncommon scene.

One twitter user, @emziety, documented the peculiar sight by posting a video of mild traffic and a Strip absent of tourists:

“Yesterday was the day the Las Vegas Strip went quiet. Never in my life did I think I’d see it so deserted. Eerie.”

Some marquee signs on the Strip, like the one on the STRAT, read: “Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay in Touch.” With other signs on the Aria reading “We look forward to welcoming you back soon.”

Here are more images of the eerily quiet strip documented by other Twitter users. One of the most “stark images” seen is the famed Bellagio lights going out. It’s been a sight unlike any other for a city that’s normally filled with crowds.

Treasure Island Las Vegas Remains Open Right Now

As Covid-19 spreads around the world, more cities are being forced to shut down. More cases are beginning to emerge in Clark County and as a result, many Las Vegas casino-resorts are closing their doors. Treasure Island Las Vegas is one of the few major properties on the Strip to stay open.Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

Despite extremely low tourism rates, this venue has decided to keep its doors open. Today, we’re going to look at why exactly this is.

Let’s get into it!

Coronavirus Forces Las Vegas Strip Properties to Close

The first case of Covid-19 was reported in late January. For the next four weeks, infection rates in the country remained relatively low. Towards the end of February, however, we began seeing a sharp rise in the number of infected individuals here.

According to recent reports, more than 5,200 individuals in the US have tested positive for Covid-19. Unfortunately, our ability to test in large numbers is still not available. For that reason, a huge number of individuals believe that the real number of people with this virus is significantly higher.

The first case of the coronavirus in Clark County emerged in early March. Since that time, more than 35 different cases have been confirmed here. Las Vegas city officials have major concerns about this spreading further.

Recently, most of the major hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip began closing their doors. This includes all of Wynn Resorts’ and MGM Resorts International’s properties. This was a major decision that’s costing these companies a significant amount of money every single day.

This doesn’t mean the Strip is completely dead, though. One major casino-resort here has decided to keep things moving. Is this a smart decision?

Treasure Island Las Vegas is Staying Open, For Now

The Las Vegas Strip is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts in the world. At the moment, though, most of these venues are currently closed down to the public. Treasure Island, located in the northern area of the Strip, is one of the only properties here that’s decided to stay open.

Owners of this venue released a statement on the situation to the media yesterday.

“We have increased our frequency of disinfecting our surfaces, including all hand contact surfaces and slot machines and table games. We encourage our guests and employees to actively utilize our hand-sanitizing stations which are located in our food outlets as well as other high-trafficked locations on property, including back of house. All of our public restrooms are equipped with touch free faucets, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and hand blowers,” the statement said. 

This may not last forever, though. It’s very likely that officials in Nevada will soon prohibit these properties from remaining open to the public. The company recognizes this, claiming that some operations “may be affected by situations beyond our control.”

Tourism into Las Vegas is the lowest it’s been in decades. This is unlikely to change anytime soon. More major casino companies are being forced to take new measures while this situation unfolds.

US Land-Based Gambling Industry is Struggling

Over the past few years, the land-based casino industry in the US has been to surge. Many states around the country recently decided to open their casino industries. This includes Illinois and New York, where several new casinos are expected to open up soon.

This industry is now in danger, though. The spread of Covid-19 has led to many states shutting down all of their casinos. Lawmakers in Mississippi, for example, recently announced that all land-based casinos must close their doors to the public for weeks.

Many experts believe we’re just beginning to see the effects of this new coronavirus. It may take months before the situation reaches its peak. This isn’t great news for companies that operate brick and mortar casinos.

Interestingly, we’re seeing a huge increase in online casino gambling right now. As more casinos close down, people are beginning to play their favorite games online. This includes residents in Nevada.

There are a huge number of fantastic Nevada casino sites operating right now. Many of them offer just as many gambling options as the top land-based casinos in the state. Feel free to check them out today!

Treasure Island Las Vegas is remaining open right now. Exactly how long this will last is still unknown. Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino updates over the next few days!

The Strip’s New MGM Sphere Begins to Take Shape

Interior of a SphereLast month, a massive 580-foot crane was shipped into town all the way from Belgium to help build out the brand-new MGM Sphere, and it’s shaping up quite nicely.

Now, the sphere-shaped entertainment venue, which is the first of its kind on the Las Vegas Strip, is halfway complete. The MGM Sphere just finished forming the “equator,” reaching its widest point at 516 feet wide.

To hit this halfway point, it took the effort of 900 construction workers and 12 million pounds of rebar.

According to Adam Vickers, Senior Vice President of Construction, this project is going to permanently change the Strip’s landscape for the better.

“I’ve worked on many projects in the world, and I’ve never worked on anything like this…It’s going to blow people away.” Vickers said.

MGM Sphere Will Use Cutting-Edge Technology

The futuristic-looking facility will feature cutting-edge technology that will set it apart from any entertainment venue currently on the Las Vegas Strip.

Madison Square Garden Company CEO Jim Dolan, the company in a joint venture with Las Vegas Sands Corporation on the massive project, says the venue will engage all human senses, not just hearing and sight.

“MSG Sphere at The Venetian will be unlike any venue ever created, including its vision for reinventing entertainment – and how its constructed,” said Nick Tomasino, vice president of construction for Madison Square Garden.

The arena’s 580,000-square-foot sphered-stadium will feature a mega 170,000-square-foot LED screen, which will wrap fully around the venue’s interior, and have fully programmable exterior LED lighting.

“This is the biggest LED screen in the world,” Vickers exclaimed.

To give it a real-life comparison, the wrapped LED screen is the ginormous size of three football fields or the size of 42 IMAX screens put together.

The sphere will also utilize Beamforming audio technology, allowing guests to hear a variety of sounds from different areas in the stadium. According to Vickers, 20,000 people will be able to hear acoustics from over 100,000 speakers.

“If you sit in one part of the auditorium, you could hear the soundtrack in English, and if you sat in another part of the auditorium, you could hear it in German,” said Vickers.

MGM Sphere Will Create a Ton of New Jobs

Vickers states that once construction on the MGM Sphere is complete, it will create 4400 jobs a year to keep it running smoothly while bringing in an annual economic output of $730 million. The set date of completion for the project is sometime in 2021.

About MGM Sphere

The MGM Sphere is a joint venture between The Madison Square Garden Company and Las Vegas Sands Corporation. It’s being built adjacent to The Venetian Las Vegas and will be the first sphere-shaped venue of its kind. In total, the project’s estimated cost is between $1.2-$1.7 billion.

Once construction is complete, it will sit 366 feet high and 516 feet wide at its widest point, known as the “equator.” It’s planned to reach 875,000 square feet and be able to sit 17,5000 people.

The sphere’s designer, architecture firm Populus, is a global design firm who has completed over projects 3,000 projects, including Wembley Stadium in England. They were named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for 2020.

Are you excited to catch a show at the magical new MGM Sphere once it’s finished? One thing’s for sure, the Las Vegas skyline will get a stunning new addition in 2021!

MGM Resorts Temporarily Closing Buffets Due to Coronavirus Fears

Las Vegas BuffetThe coronavirus continues to make its national impact. Many major events have been either canceled or postponed due to it, and more recently, the travel, hospitality, and food & beverage industries are now getting hit on the Las Vegas Strip.

On Tuesday, MGM Resorts International announced that seven of their Strip buffets will temporarily close as a response to the rampant coronavirus scares. Closure of the buffets at Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Luxor, and Excalibur will go into effect this coming Sunday.

The statement that announced the closure advised that these changes “are temporary and will be evaluated on a weekly basis.”

In regards to the buffet closures, MGM Resorts International gave this statement to 8 News Now:

“The safety and health of guests and employees continue to be a top priority as the company works with local health officials on protocol and procedures during this time.”

While it’s unsure whether the buffet closures have anything to do with dropped occupancy levels at the various properties or the nature of gathered crowds with buffet dining, it is a reflection of MGM Resorts International prioritizing their customer’s safety and overall comfortability in these types of settings.

Safety Protocols of Strip Buffets that Will Remain Open

For Vegas properties that are choosing to keep their buffets open to the public, they are implementing safety protocols to ensure that cleanliness and sanitization methods are the highest priority.

Wynn Las Vegas, for example, announced on Wednesday that its buffet “will have stationed culinary staff at each food station to serve our guests, which eliminates the need for guests to touch serving utensils.”

The Wynn team is even taking it a step further to give their patrons peace of mind by “routinely cleaning all hard surfaces and have placed hand sanitizing stations at the entrance for guests to utilize prior to entry.”

Caesars Entertainment released a company statement saying that “Caesars buffets remain open and we are incorporating cleaning and hygiene protocols into the buffets as well as the rest of our operations across the company.”

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to keeping a watchful eye on the development of COVID-19 concerns across the valley, in a continued effort to “assess and make adjustments as needed.”. They released a statement saying:

“We are actively monitoring the situation while following guidance and recommendations from the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

The Strat and Station Casinos have yet to respond to inquiries regarding any possible closures of their buffet or restaurant operations.

Coronavirus Affecting the Entire US

COVID-19 concerns have recently caused many cancellations and postponements of major events in the United States. Here’s a look at some of the biggest affected events:

Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was canceled, while Chicago’s version of the parade has been postponed.

Austin’s SXSW festival, which brings over $300 million into Austin’s economy, was canceled. No refunds on those tickets were given, but the option to use the purchased tickets during 2021’s festival was given as a solution.

Billboard recently reported that Coachella and Stagecoach will postpone the two major music festivals until October.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, known as the ASCAP Experience, canceled its annual conference in Los Angeles.

The New York City Half-Marathon, scheduled to take place on March 15, was canceled.

The Google Cloud conference, Google Cloud Next ’20, scheduled to take place April 6-8 in San Francisco, switched from being a physical event to a “free, global, digital-first, multiday experience.”

Chicago State University canceled two of its scheduled Western Athletic Conference basketball games. ESPN reported that these cancellations “are believed to be the first by a major sport in the United States due to the virus.”

On top of major events from the entertainment, music, and tech industries being affected, a slew of concerts from the country’s top musical performers have also been hit due to travel restrictions and general virus concerns.

Mariah Carey postponed her Hawaii show to November. Khalid’s Free Spirit World Tour has held back its entire Asia leg due to travel advisories. American rock back Green Day also canceled several of their tour dates in affected countries.

Vegas Tourists Concerned over Strip’s Cleaning Efforts Amid Coronavirus Spread

South End Las Vegas StripWith the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Southern Nevada announced on Thursday, it’s raising high concerns for Las Vegas tourists and locals alike.

So far, two major casino operators on the Las Vegas Strip have responded to the virus spreading to their turf by increasing more hand sanitizer dispensers throughout their properties.

MGM Resorts International, who runs Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, the Mirage, Aria, Vdara, Excalibur, Luxor, New York-New York,  Park MGM, and part of the T-Mobile Arena, are “reinforcing proactive cleaning” by deploying hand sanitizers in high-traffic areas on the separate properties.

According to Brian Ahern, a spokesman for MGM Resorts, they are focusing on boosting their “disinfectant procedures.” The thinking is that by ensuring guests are keeping their hands clean and giving them more tools to do that, it helps reduce the risk of spreading any potential viruses.

Las Vegas Sands Corp., who operates the Palazzo and The Venetian, is also echoing the proactive disinfectant measure by placing more and more hand sanitizing stations throughout the two properties.

Additional staff has also been employed to help wipe down and disinfect restroom counters, stalls, and “high touchpoints” including escalator rails and elevator buttons.

Tourists Express Doubt Over Cleaning Efforts

Many tourists who are guests at these properties say the cleaning efforts haven’t been obvious enough. They agree that without the breaking news reports on TV and the internet, the casinos haven’t made a big effort to really inform guests of what’s going on.

“If we didn’t hear about it on TV or the newspapers, we wouldn’t even know (there was an outbreak),” said Ontario-based tourist Pauline Murray, a guest who is staying at Caesars Palace with her husband this week.

“To me, there’s nothing. There’s no signs anywhere telling people to be diligent about sanitizing their hands,” Murray said.

Her husband, Dale Murray, echoed the sentiment: “They’re putting their heads in the sand.”

Pittsburgh natives Tyrone Dickey and his wife, bi-annual Vegas visitors who are staying at the Hilton Elara, say they haven’t noticed more cleaning being done than usual. They haven’t noticed any increased efforts at other properties they’re been visiting as well, including TI, Caesars Palace, and Bellagio.

A North Dakota resident, Kirk Waslien, says he didn’t see staff regularly wiping down gaming machines during his week-long trip. He did, however, notice that New York-New York put a hand sanitizer machine near the entrance of their casino, but said it was empty.

“Everybody’s touching the same things,” Wasilen said.

Hospitality Scholars Believe the Casinos are Being Proactive

While certain tourists are feeling discouraged by the Strip’s casinos cleaning efforts, Mehmet Erdem, associate professor of hospitality at UNLV, believes the Strip’s properties are being proactive in their cleaning efforts.

“When one considers the volume of foot-traffic in and out of the Strip properties…the public areas and casino floors are unbelievably clean,” Erdem said via email. “There is already plenty of evidence of visible precautionary measures at many Strip properties, i.e. hand sanitizers by cashier-desks (and) cashiers wearing gloves.”

Associate professor of hospitality and tourism management at Indiana’s Purdue University, Jonathan Day, commented on the extreme importance of casino operators to get their guests to visibly take notice of their cleaning efforts, as it “helps put customers at ease and enhance customer relations.”

“People are looking for cues that show the companies are caring and they’re working on their behalf,” Day said. “It’s a chance to show how much you care, and create a safe place for people to relax and enjoy.”

Reaction to the Virus Have Been Mixed in the Valley

While the outbreak has been weighing on the minds of many travelers in Las Vegas after news broke of the first Clark County case, for some, it hasn’t affected too many of their plans.

Kansas City native Stephanie Rogge, who’s in Las Vegas until Sunday, says she’s while she’s been thinking about the outbreak, she hasn’t let it put a dent in her itinerary, which includes gambling.

“I did wonder, ‘Well, how is this (game) sanitized?’” Rogge said. “But ultimately, we still did it.”

Rogge did say that she has been taking more precautions while exploring the Strip, which includes carrying around hand sanitizers and being mindful of what her hands are touching.

Industry Workers are Fearful of Job Security

For those who work in the industry entertaining the many tourists that touch down in Las Vegas, they’re more fearful when it comes to job security. If the casinos temporarily lose, so do workers. This is the concern running through the minds of showgirls, housekeepers, and F&B employees.

Local taxi driver, David Swank, says he’s been keeping up on the news religiously.

“I used to wait only around 25 minutes to pick people up at the airport. Recently, I’ve been waiting 45 minutes,” Swank said. “My girlfriend works for a resort on the Strip and she is worried about losing shifts and maybe even her job.”

Amid coronavirus concerns, we’re sure more Strip properties will begin ramping up their sanitation efforts to give their guests peace of mind.

Do you think the Strip casino operators are doing enough to ease outbreak concerns?

Weekend Roundup: Hit Shows to Catch in Vegas March 7-8

Bruno Mars Performing on StageThe MGM Grand will be buzzing with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry this Saturday for Keep Memory Alive’s 24th annual Power of Love® gala. This year’s celebration will be honoring the legendary singer/songwriter Neil Diamond.

The impressive lineup of entertainers includes Tony Bennett, Lionel Richie, Jennifer Hudson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Chris Issak and more.

Outside of the big Power of Love gala event, there’s a lot more hit shows going on on the Strip that will delight.

Take a look at the weekend roundup for a fun weekend ahead!

Jabbawockeez Timeless at MGM Grand

The masked dancers, who celebrate 10 years wowing spectators on the Las Vegas Strip with their unique, hip-hop choreography, have just debuted the fourth version of their show on Friday, called “Timeless.”

The new show will incorporate their original dance moves to an ultimate pop playlist, making sure that they’ll hit a song that everyone will know.

You can catch them dancing across the stage at the Jabbawockeez Theater at MGM Grand.

Bruno Mars at Park MGM

The celebrated singer, songwriter, producer, and Grammy award-nominee Bruno Mars is one of the most exciting Vegas residencies this year. As part of a multi-year residency, the “Uptown Funk” maestro will be pumping up the ground with his popular hits and energetic stage presence.

Here’s a fun fact, mega-producer Babyface has been joining forces with Mars to help create his new album. We’re sure the two musical icons will be linking up in Vegas this weekend for Mars’ quick weekend set.

Catch one of his shows at the Park MGM on the 6th and 7th of March, and the 20th, 24th, and 25th of April.

Babyface at Mirage

The award-winning, multi-faceted pop and R&B musician, who has over 200 top 10 R&B hits and more than 50 top 10 pop hits, will be crooning the crowds at the Mirage this weekend. The audience can expect to hear his signature hits “Every Time I Close My Eyes” and “When Can I See You.”

Catch him live for March 6-8 performances. Meet-and-greets with the prolific music man will also be available.


Back by popular demand, the hugely successful American rock band continues their mini-residency this weekend, with three more shows in the month of March.

Chicago is one of the longest-standing and best-selling musical groups of all time. Attendees can be sure to hear scattered hits from across their 36 albums.

Catch their feel-good music on March 6-7 at the Venetian.

First Ladies of Disco

The American girl group features three extraordinary women who have made their stamps on the pop, R&B, and disco charts. The show’s ensemble includes Marsha Wash of the Weather Girls and Black Box, Linda Clifford, and Norma Jean Wright of Chic.

Marsha Wash, also known as “The Queen of Clubland,” is a two-time Grammy nominee who’s best known for shaking up the dance music scene with the tremendous success of her  immortal hit “It’s Raining Men.”

Linda Clifford, a five-time Grammy nominee, pumped out major hits in the 70s and 80s. Those hits include “If My Friends Could See Me Now” and “Runaway Love.” Her songs “Shoot Your Best Shot” and “Red Light” reached #1 on the American dance chart and was also a pop crossover success.

Norma Jean Wright, the Ohio-born singer/songwriter helped usher in the 1970s disco explosion as a signature member of the group Chic. Chic’s 1977 single “Dance, Dance, Dance” quickly climbed to the Top 10 of Billboard’s pop chart, with the follow-up success “Everybody Dance.”

Catch these ladies blowing out the stage at the Orleans Showroom on March 7.

Tom Segura

The rising American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster will be making his debut at the Aces of Comedy series at Mirage’s Terry Fator Theatre this weekend. You probably know him from his popular Netflix specials, his podcast called “Your Mom’s House,” and the film “Instant Family.”

Get your giggle on at his performances on March 6-7.

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Las Vegas Skyline Continues to Evolve in 2020

Las Vegas Strip Aerial View There are several mega projects expected to hit completion in 2020, and those projects will permanently change the Las Vegas skyline.

From the 35-floor Circa Resort & Casino downtown, Allegiant Stadium, and the MGM Sphere, the Las Vegas skyline is getting a major facelift and a profitable one at that.

According to the research firm, Applied Analysis, over $23.6 billion has been invested in major projects across Southern Nevada. The projects have helped the construction industry in creating a ton of more jobs in Nevada, but they’re also expected to boost tourism massively.

Jeremy Aguero, a principal analyst for Applied Analysis, says a stadium like Las Vegas new allegiant stadium is versatile enough to draw the sports crowd or entertainment crowd:

“Think about it in terms of Allegiant Stadium. People want to see a game, or see Garth Brooks play in the stadium. That’s going to drive visitation.”

David Schwartz, gaming historian and professor at UNLV, also echoes the sentiment by saying these latest construction projects will be “really transformative” for the city. He absolutely believes the latest additions to the Strip will keep Las Vegas “current” and “new.”

Let’s take a look at the biggest, most exciting construction projects that will shake up the Las Vegas Strip, liven up its skyline, and drive more tourists to the city that never sleeps.


Downtown’s most anticipated new casino/resort, Circa Las Vegas, stands 44 stories tall (almost 500 feet high), making it the largest building in downtown Las Vegas.

Exciting features include a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled pool for year-round use and a massive 134 by 41-foot video screen that will entertain pool guests. It also promises to have the largest sportsbook in Las Vegas, which will be multi-level and is designed stadium style.

Its 9-story parking garage will be convenient for guests wanting to get to downtown. Vegas’ lucky number 777 is also strung throughout the property, with 777 rooms that span across the 1.25 million-square-foot property.

The Circa is set to be completed near the end of the year.

Allegiant Stadium

The Las Vegas Raiders have a new world-class stadium to call home, Allegiant Stadium. The $1.9 billion domed-stadium features 65,000 seats, has a retractable natural turf field, and premium spaces throughout different levels of the stadium. In total, it occupies 1.75 million square feet.

Its sleek silver and black exterior, in honor of the Raiders signature colors, features a clear ETFE dome roof. The state-of-the-art stadium will utilize retractable windows on one end that will give fans a stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip.

MGM Sphere

Madison Square Garden and Las Vegas Sands billion-dollar joint venture, the MGM Sphere, will kiss the sky at 366 feet high and 516 feet wide. The 17,500-seat entertainment venue features a unique dome-shaped design and will sit adjacent to the Venetian.

It’s being touted as the world’s most “advanced venue” with its groundbreaking design. Once completed, the sphere’s exterior will be able to display customized visuals and will be a sight to see on the Las Vegas Strip.

The project is set to be completed next year.

Resorts World Las Vegas

The $4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas will be the most expensive hotel-resort to touch the Las Vegas Strip. Featuring a massive 110,000 square-foot casino floor, and two hotel towers that offer 3,500 rooms combined, it will be an easily recognizable property on the Strip.

The nongaming areas include seven stunning pools, as well as a 75,000-square-foot day and nightclub.

In an attempt to draw in pedestrians wandering the Strip, the property will feature a 50-foot diameter video globe that will showcase 6,000 square feet of customized LED digital content.

It’s set to open summer 2021.

Las Vegas Convention Center

The Las Vegas Convention center has recently undergone a 1.4 million square foot expansion. On top of the expansion, it’s also receiving a complete upgrade renovation and modernization of its existing 3.2 million square feet.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) was tasked with reinventing the space as a state-of-the-art facility featuring the latest in technology.

Notable additions includes a new leasable exhibit space, outdoor plaza, and a grand atrium. It’s excepted to attract 600,000 new visitors annually.

The scheduled date of completion is December 2020, just in time for next January’s CES.

Google Data Center

Henderson will soon be seen as having more of a tech presence, with the oncoming Google Data Center set to finish this year.

The $600 million, 64-acre data center is a first for Nevada. According to officials, the center is being used to serve mostly North American customers, with an emphasis on providing support for applications like YouTube and Google Maps.

According to president Jacquelline Fuller, the facility will feature some of the most “complex technology in the world, including artificial intelligence.”

What major development are you most excited to see sprucing up the Las Vegas skyline in 2020?