The Isle of Capri Casino in Louisiana Should Open in Late 2022

Lake Charles Casino Louisiana

Louisiana is home to a large and successful casino industry. Many of these properties are located in the Lake Charles area and several have been damaged by recent hurricanes. That includes the Isle of Capri Casino in Louisiana, which has just pushed back its reopening date to the fall of 2022.

Many will be disappointed to hear this venue’s opening date is being pushed back again. The owners seem frustrated with the situation, as well.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

Gaming Board Gives Green Light for the Isle of Capri Casino in Louisiana to Reopen on Land

Louisiana’s casino industry is unlike many others around the country. Here, the vast majority of gambling venues are riverboat casinos. This goes back to old laws that required all casinos to be based off-land.

Of course, operating an expensive casino on the water comes with its share of problems. That is particularly true in Louisiana, an area known to attract hurricanes. Many of the gambling venues here have been damaged by these hurricanes over the past few years.

That includes the Isle of Capri Casino in Lake Charles. This property took serious damage back in August of 2020. To make things worse, the Covid-19 pandemic led to serious delays getting this venue operational again. Louisiana’s Gaming Control Board approved a measure to move this casino to land in 2019 and many have been left wondering when this move would take place. The current plan is for the venue to formally reopen to the public in the fall of 2022.

Interestingly, this property is set to be re-branded as the Horseshoe Casino Lake Charles. Isle of Capri Senior Vice President and General Manager Jeff Favre spoke about this move to the media this week.

“I’m excited to bring the iconic horseshoe brand to Lake Charles, it’s legendary,” he said. “We’re building approximately 110,000 square feet. Not all of that gaming of a little over 60,000 of that is gaming space. So approximately 1000 games between slot machines and table games.”  

We’ll offer more information on this move over the next few months.

Louisiana’s Sports Betting Industry is Set to Launch in September

The state of Louisiana is known for having one of the most passionate sporting fan bases in the United States. It’s here that popular teams such as the New Orleans Saints are located. Many have been pushing hard for sports gambling to become legal and regulated here.

Those individuals will be happy to hear that the first sportsbooks are expected to launch here in September. That coincides with the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season. Many analysts expect this season to be the most-bet-on football season in history.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board recently approved an emergency measure to launch sportsbooks in September. Fifteen casinos around the state will soon have permission to apply for a sports betting license. At least eight have already done so.

Online sports betting will eventually become available in Louisiana, as well. These online betting platforms will almost certainly be more popular than the land-based sportsbooks in the state. It’s an exciting time for sports betting fans here.

There is a chance that the Isle of Capri Casino in Louisiana, soon to be named the Horseshoe Casino, will offer sportsbooks. Stay tuned for updates!

US Casino Revenue Continues to Surge

2020 was without a doubt the worst year in history for the US casino industry. Casinos across the country were shut down for months at a time. Fortunately, things have completely turned around and casino revenue continues to surge throughout 2021.

Louisiana is one state that continues to experience revenue gains. This past July, the casinos in Louisiana managed to bring in $222 million in total gross gaming revenue. The Golden Nugget in Lake Charles was the best-performing property in the state, bringing in $31.5 million.

Massachusetts is also home to a growing casino industry. Three casino-resorts are now operating here. Gross gaming revenue in the state came out to $95.7 million. The Encore Boston Harbor managed to bring in the most money at $59.7 million.

Places like Nevada and New Jersey continue seeing impressive revenue reports, too. The casino companies here are expecting to break an all-time revenue record in 2021.

Are you excited to hear about the reopening of the Isle of Capri Casino in Louisiana? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here’s a Look at Louisiana’s Casino Revenue For September

Golden Nugget Lake Charles

Louisiana is known for having one of the largest and most successful casino industries in the Southern United States. Unfortunately, all of the state’s gambling venues have been badly affected by the events that have been unfolding over the past eight months. Today, we’re going to look at Louisiana’s casino revenue for September.

Things appear to be getting better here. The casinos operating in this state still have a long way to go before they reach pre-pandemic levels, though.

Here’s how much the casinos here managed to bring in last month.

Hurricanes Continue to Affect the Casinos in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana has a casino industry that dates back decades. The majority of gambling venues here are riverboat casinos located in the coastal regions. There are also several popular Native American casinos and “racinos” offering both racing odds and select casino games.

All of these casinos have been hurting this year. For a time, they were forced to remain closed due to health concerns. They began reopening over summer, yet hurricanes have continued to force additional closures.

Back in August, Hurricane Laura struck the Lake Charles area of Louisiana. This part of the state is known for having a huge number of popular casinos. Unfortunately, this hurricane caused the roof of the Golden Nugget Lake Charles to blow off.

Just last week, Hurricane Delta struck the area once again. The casinos were all forced to close down and many are reporting damage. These storms are making an already-difficult year even tougher for the casinos here.

Casino revenue earnings have been fluctuating for months. Some of the major gambling venues here seem to be performing better than others. Today, we’re going to talk about how much the casinos around the state managed to bring in this September.

Some are surprised to see how much money these casinos brought in.

Breaking Down Louisiana’s Casino Revenue for September

Prior to 2020, Louisiana was seeing its gambling revenue increase rapidly. Several new gambling venues have opened here over the past few years. Each time a revenue report comes out in 2020, it becomes clear that this industry still has a long way to go to recover.

New reports from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board show that all of the state’s gambling properties managed to bring in $126 million over the month of September. That’s a drop of 31.3% when compared to the same month in 2019.

The riverboat casinos here managed to bring in the most money. Incredibly, the three riverboat casinos based in Baton Rouge actually saw a 4.6% revenue increase when compared to September of 2019. Lake Charles saw a major dip.

Partly due to the aforementioned hurricanes, Lake Charles saw its casino revenue drop by 64.9% year-on-year. The casinos here managed to bring in just $21.8 million. It’s important to note that some of the casinos here were closed for the entire month.

Video poker is surging here, bringing in $54.5 million. Much of this was earned from the Baton Rouge casinos, which saw $18.8 million in September. The casino industry in New Orleans saw a drop in revenue of 31.2%.

It’s going to take months, if not years for Louisiana’s casino revenue to return to normal. We’ll continue offering monthly updates as they come out. Stay tuned!

2020 Could be the Year Louisiana Finally Legalizes Sports Betting

Lawmakers around the United States have been taking a much closer look at the gambling industry lately. At a time when money is desperately needed, casino and sports betting regulations are beginning to change. 24 states have now passed bills to legalize and regulate sports gambling.

Louisiana will now send the issue of sports betting to the polls in November. Residents here will have the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to allow regulated sports betting platforms in the state. Most predict it will be approved by a wide margin.

This should help to bring the state a massive amount of money each year. States like New Jersey are earning millions each month from the industry. Not long ago, sportsbooks in NJ saw a record handle of $748 million.

It’s an exciting time for sports fans in Louisiana. Richard Carbo, one of the men leading the push for legalized sports betting, spoke about the benefits to the media recently.

“We’re losing out on more than $330 million in taxable revenue while states next door like Arkansas and Mississippi use sports wagering revenues for education and infrastructure,” Carbo said. “That revenue could be used to fund roads and bridges or help fill gaps in education funding here in Louisiana.”

Sports betting may even help to boost Louisiana’s casino revenue in the long-run. Do you think this form of gambling gets approved this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Golden Nugget Lake Charles Takes Damage From Hurricane Laura

Many of Louisiana’s top casinos are located in Lake Charles, an area badly hit by Hurricane Laura. That includes the Golden Nugget Lake Charles, one of the most popular gambling venues in the state. New videos have emerged that show the Golden Nugget had its roof blown off by the powerful wind generated by this hurricane. Golden Nugget

The casino industry in Louisiana had already been suffering due to a lack of players and increased regulations. This hurricane certainly isn’t helping. Now is the perfect time to look at how this storm will affect the casinos here moving forward. 

Let’s get into it!

History of Louisiana’s Casino Industry

The state of Louisiana has a rich history of gambling that dates back centuries. In the mid-1700s, a regulated lottery was actually set in place here. By 1890, however, lawmakers here decided to prohibit all forms of gambling. 

It was disappointing news for gambling fans here. Many protested the new law and started calling for the legalization of certain forms of wagering. These efforts paid off in 1923 when state leaders officially legalized horse race betting. 

The ban on gambling remained in place here for years. Many casino companies attempted to convince lawmakers of the benefits that Class III gaming venues would bring to the state. These efforts failed for decades. 

In the early 90s, lawmakers in Louisiana began to see the upside in a regulated, taxed casino industry. They felt it would help to promote tourism while bringing the state some much-needed revenue. Casino gambling and an official state lottery were approved in 1993. 

Many new casinos began opening up. In 2014, the Golden Nugget Lake Charles opened its doors and instantly became one of the best casinos in Louisiana. It took inspiration from the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas, offering a massive casino floor and 1,100 hotel rooms for guests. 

The Golden Nugget is still widely considered Louisiana’s best casino. Unfortunately, this popular gaming venue took some major damage from the Hurricane now sweeping through the state. 

Hurricane Laura Rips Roof Off the Golden Nugget Lake Charles

For days, experts have been warning about the danger of Hurricane Laura. It increased in strength at an almost unprecedented rate in a very short amount of time as it approached Louisiana. Just hours before reaching land, meteorologists called it “unsurvivable” for residents on the coast. 

The Hurricane is now moving its way through the state and fortunately, it wasn’t quite as devastating as many initially predicted. It was an incredibly strong wind storm. Major flooding did not end up occurring. 

CNN just released a video showing Hurricane Laura ripping the roof off the Golden Nugget Lake Charles. It goes to show how strong the winds were during the height of the storm. The damage to this structure can clearly be seen. Check it out below. 

This city was one of the worst-hit in Louisiana. Many of the casinos here likely suffered damage. None seem quite as affected as the Golden Nugget. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes to repair this major gaming property. 

What else is going on with the gambling industry in Louisiana?

Will More Forms of Gambling Become Available in Louisiana?

This is the question many have been asking lately. Back in March, all of Louisiana’s casinos were forced to shut down. Many of them began to reopen in May, yet revenue from this industry is still considerably lower than it was in 2019. 

Louisiana is known for having a large, passionate sports fan base. Many have been calling for sports betting to become legal and state-regulated here. Several bills have been presented here over the years. In 2020, one bill made its way past the House and Senate and will now appear on the November voting ballot. 

Louisiana’s public will now need to decide whether or not to legalize this popular form of gambling. Most feel it will pass. This should help to bring the state a significant amount of revenue each year. 

Some have also discussed the possibility of Louisiana legalizing internet casino gambling. As of now, only a few states have done so. All are profiting massively. There is no update on whether or not lawmakers here plan on looking into this industry. 

Hope is that the Golden Nugget Lake Charles, and others in the area, are able to reopen before long. We’ll be sure to offer updates on the sports betting legislation here over the next few months! 

Do you think Louisiana should expand its gambling laws? Let us know in the comments section below!