Why Haven’t Joe Biden Betting Payouts Been Made Yet?

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Over the past few months, online gambling websites around the world saw a massive uptick in political bets. More than a billion dollars was wagered on the 2020 US presidential election. Much of that money was placed on Joe Biden to win. Interestingly, Joe Biden betting payouts have not yet been made.

This is frustrating for those who wagered on Biden to win the election. It may be some time before any of these wagers start being paid out, though. Today, we’re going to talk about why this process is taking so long.

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2020 Election Results are Still Being Disputed

On November 3rd, people around the world began flocking to their televisions to see the results of the 2020 US presidential election. As the hours ticked on, it became clear that an official winner would not be named in just one day. The large number of mail-in ballots meant this process could drag on for much longer than a standard election.

By the end of election night, Donald Trump seemed ahead by a large margin. As the week went on, however, Biden began to pull ahead. Over the past weekend, most media outlets projected that Joe had won the election.

Many in the Republican Party are now calling for an investigation into the results of this election. They have disputed the process of counting mail-in ballots. President Trump has shown no willingness to concede until this investigation has been completed.

It’s an interesting time for the country. There’s a lot that can happen over the next few weeks. It seems difficult to imagine that the election results could change. The impact of this election being overturned would be dramatic.

The 2020 US presidential election ended up being the most-wagered-on event of all time. Heading into election night, the odds for Trump and Biden to win were extremely close.

Many have been complaining that their winning bets have not been paid out yet. Here’s why that is.

Here’s Why Joe Biden Betting Payouts Are Being Withheld

Historically speaking, a US presidential election is usually decided within a day or two. This year’s election saw a massive number of mail-in ballots, meaning it would take longer for the results to be counted.

Biden was declared a winner by a small margin in several different states. As a result, Donald Trump has called for recounts and has launched investigations into the counting process. He has not formally conceded the election.

This means the election results are still technically up in the air. Until this process has been completed, Joe Biden betting payouts will not be handed out. No one can really say when these wagers will be paid, as well.

New reports claim that more than $600 million in political wagers is still being withheld by a single site. The total amount of money yet to be paid out is unknown. It’s an extraordinary amount of money and many are eagerly waiting to see how things unfold.

Obviously, this is a frustrating situation for those who wagered on Biden to win. It’s not a surprise to see these wagers being held onto, though. Imagine if the results ended up changing after payouts. This would be a disaster for online gambling sites around the world.

Those that bet on Biden will need to wait a little longer. It’s reasonable to assume this situation will be cleared up before the end of 2020. We’ll continue offering updates over the next few weeks!

Political Bets Still Available Online

Political betting is more popular right now than ever before. As we mentioned earlier, the 2020 US election was the most-bet-on event in history. Despite the fact that many of these wagers have yet to be paid out, some are continuing to bet on other political events.

MyBookie, one of the best internet sportsbooks in the US, is now offering a wide range of different political bets. One of the most popular options is wagering on who wins the 2024 presidential election. There are some fantastic odds on many different candidates.

At the moment, Joe Biden is the betting favorite to win the election four years from now with odds of +100. Biden is expected to take over the presidency in January. If he’s successful over the next four years, it’s reasonable to assume he could be reelected.

Some are surprised to see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez listed as the next favorite to win with odds of +300. AOC has a large following in many areas of the country and would be at the age requirement by the time the next election rolls around.

Those looking to go with an underdog could place their wagers on Bernie Sanders getting the nomination. Sanders has gone through the presidential election process several times in the past. It seems unlikely he’d be willing to do so again. With odds of +1000, however, this could pay off massively.

Joe Biden betting payouts are expected to come out before the end of the year. Let us know if you plan on betting on any more political events in the comments section below!

You Can Already Bet on the 2024 Presidential Election Online!

Election Vote Stickers

It’s been a few days since Joe Biden has been declared the winner of this year’s election. The thousands of individuals that wagered on Joe to win are certainly happy. Some are now looking ahead to the race four years from now! Today, we’re going to talk about how you can bet on the 2024 presidential election online.

Political betting has never been more popular than it is right now. As many know, there are still opportunities to wager on what might play out in US politics over the next few months. We’ll take a look at everything that’s available.

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This Year’s US Election Was the Most-Wagered-On Event of All-Time

Since 2018, the popularity of sports betting has been growing rapidly around the United States. More than half the country has now passed legislation to legalize and regulate sports betting. Most agree that the US now has the largest sports betting market in the world.

As sports betting grows more popular, political wagering does, too. There are now a huge number of great online sportsbooks offering political betting odds. The 2020 US presidential election ended up being the most-bet-on event of all-time.

It’s not entirely surprising. The entire world was waiting to see who would become the next president of the United States. Many of the bets on this election were actually placed in Europe, including one massive £1 million wager placed in the United Kingdom.

Heading into election night, the odds were extremely close. Most gambling sites listed Joe Biden as the slight favorite to win the presidency. Donald Trump wasn’t far behind, though, and some felt he’d pull off the upset once again.

It took a few days, yet Joe Biden has now been declared the winner. Trump is now launching investigations of the voting process in some of the most important swing states. It seems fairly unlikely this will result in anything being overturned.

Interestingly, many bettors are now looking ahead by four years. We’re seeing many bets being placed on the election taking place in 2024.

It’s Already Possible to Bet on the 2024 Presidential Election Online

For many, this year’s presidential election proved to be a lucrative one. Some reports claim that over $1 billion was placed on the results. Political wagering has never been more popular and some are now focused on what takes place when the next election rolls around.

There are a huge number of fantastic online sportsbooks allowing their members to bet on the 2024 presidential election online. That includes MyBookie, one of the most popular online gambling sites in the US. Some are surprised to see where the odds on next year’s election stand.

Not all sites list these odds the same. In fact, a recent report claimed that Joe Biden is not the current favorite to win the presidency in 2024. It will be interesting to see how all of these odds shift as the years go on.

At the moment, MyBookie lists Joe Biden as the favorite with odds of +100. Much of his reelection potential depends on how the next four years go. It makes sense to see him listed as the most-likely candidate to be reelected.

Interestingly, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is listed as the +300 underdog. AOC has a large following in many areas around the country. She hasn’t confirmed a run for president in 2024, yet she’s still listed as one of the favorites to win.

Kamala Harris comes next with odds of +350. The next vice-president will have a busy four years ahead. If all goes smoothly and Joe Biden announces he’s not running for reelection, Harris could be the next in line.

There’s still time to bet on what is happening in politics this year, too!

Online Political Options Available Online Right Now

It’s fun to look ahead and try to predict how things will play out. Perhaps it’s smarter to wager on the events still taking place right now, though. MyBookie is still allowing its members to bet on two important senate races taking place.

One option is to bet on who wins between David Perdue and Jon Ossoff. This Georgia Senate runoff is an important one. For now, MyBookie lists Perdue as the -400 favorite. Ossoff comes in as the +250 underdog.

The other Georgia Senate runoff between Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock is an important one, as well. Loeffler, the Republican, is listed as the -200 favorite to win the race. Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock has been improving his chances recently and is now listed as the +150 underdog.

We’re likely to see more political wagering options become available online soon. Everyone is curious to see what takes place with the legal battles now taking place. We’ll continue offering updates over the next few months.

Political wagering fans can now bet on the 2024 presidential election online. Now might be the best opportunity to take advantage of the odds available. Most agree they will look different by the time the next election rolls around.

Do you plan to bet on politics anytime soon? Let us know which odds you are interested in below!

A $1.3 Million Bet on Joe Biden Was Placed This Week

Candidate Joe Biden

We’re now less than 24 hours away from election day. It’s without a doubt the most polarizing presidential election in recent history. As many are aware of, it’s also one of the most-wagered-on events of all-time. New reports have just surfaced that a $1.3 million bet on Joe Biden was placed this week.

The oddsmakers have Biden listed as the favorite heading into election day. It’s still a close race, though, and anything can happen. Today, we’ll take a look at each candidate’s chances of winning tomorrow.

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The 2020 US Presidential Election is Breaking Betting Records

There’s no doubt that this year’s election is one for the history books. Political analysts around the country are trying to predict how things will play out. Much of the focus centers around a few key states that could decide the results.

A record-number of votes have already been placed on this year’s election. Interestingly, there has been a record-high number of bets placed on the election, too. Sports betting companies around the world are reporting massive surges in betting handle on the election.

Bettors can wager on more than just who will become president. Some sites like BetOnline are also allowing their members to place wagers on things like individual state electoral votes. These types of wagers have grown very popular as the election draws closer.

It’s an interesting time in American politics, to say the least. There are a huge number of people now placing massive wagers on which candidate will become the 59th President of the United States. Some sites are seeing the largest-ever bets on an election being made right now.

One UK-based gambling company has just announced a massive wager placed on candidate Joe Biden.

UK Gambling Company Receives a $1.3 Million Bet on Joe Biden

The UK is home to some of the largest gambling companies in the world. Even here, there has been an incredibly large number of wagers being placed on the presidential election. It goes to show how many people around the world are interested in what takes place.

Betfair, one of the UK’s top gambling operators, just announced that it received a £1 million ($1.3 million) bet on Joe Biden to win. It’s the largest political bet the company has ever received. If the wager was to win, this bettor would earn an impressive £540,000 ($696,170) in cash.

This is certainly risky. Donald Trump was listed as an even larger underdog heading into the 2016 election. To the surprise of nearly everyone, he earned the 270 necessary electoral votes needed to become president. Many feel he’s set to pull off another upset in 2020.

This is one of many high-roller wagers placed on this year’s election. We’ll probably begin hearing more about them over the next few hours. The timetable left to bet on the 2020 election is about to run out.

Do you plan to bet on the election? There’s still time right now. Let’s take a look at some of the last-minute odds being offered right now.

Last-Minute Odds Available on the 2020 Election

The popularity of political betting is more popular now than ever before. There are a huge number of fantastic online betting sites now available in almost every single state. When it comes to political betting, we love BetOnline.

This site has grown to become one of the most popular online gambling websites in the country. It’s known for offering safe payment options, a modern design, and more betting options for this year’s election than any other site. There are some fantastic odds still available on the election!

Most are simply choosing to bet on which candidate wins the presidency. For now, BetOnline lists Joe Biden as the -185 favorite. He seems to be ahead in several key battleground states.

Donald Trump is listed as the +165 underdog heading into this election. There are some signs that he’s coming back in a few states. It’s all speculation for now, though, and he’ll remain the underdog until the results come out.

As we mentioned earlier, there are also some great odds on how each state votes, as well. Several states critical to both candidates are very close in the polls right now. Wagers on these states could pay off massively.

Are you surprised to see this massive bet on Joe Biden? Do you plan to wager on the election? Let us know in the comments section below!

Trump vs. Biden Betting Revenue is Set to Break Records

Trump Biden Odds

The 2020 US Presidential election is now just over a week away. A huge number of people around the country are now flocking to different online sportsbooks to place their bets on the outcome. New reports have recently surfaced that indicate Trump vs. Biden betting revenue is likely to break records.

This election is being watched around the world. There are now many sites offering different betting options for the possible outcomes. Today, we’ll take a look at how much betting revenue this year’s election is expected to produce.

Let’s get into it!

Analysts Remain Divided Predicting US Election Results

Prior to election night in 2016, the vast majority of analysts predicted that Hillary Clinton would become president. She seemed to hold a wide lead in almost all polls and was the pick from most mainstream media outlets. Of course, Donald Trump ended up winning one of the biggest political upsets of all-time.

Four years later, and many analysts remain torn on who will win the election on November 3rd. Most polls seem to indicate that Biden holds a lead in several key states. As we saw in 2016, however, polls can oftentimes be deceiving.

The race seems to be tightening. Over the weekend, Trump gained in national polling averages and in nine of the 12 swing states. New reports from USA Today claim that Biden’s lead is now just 3% or more in several important states including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

It’s been fascinating to see how these predictions have changed over the past few months. Even the top politician analysts cannot accurately say with certainty how things will play out. Interestingly, there’s been a massive surge of US residents betting on the election this year.

There are now many fantastic online sportsbooks available throughout the entire country. The majority of them are offering odds on the US presidential election. Based on the way things are moving, this will be one of the most-wagered-on events of all-time.

A massive amount of money on these political bets has been flowing in recently.

Trump vs. Biden Betting Revenue is Surging Right Now

Political betting has always been popular. There’s no doubt that the popularity of this form of gambling has been increasing rapidly since the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Many people around the country have been wagering on the many political events this year.

It’s difficult to track exactly how much money is being placed on the presidential election. Today, more than 20 states have regulated sports betting industries set in place. Sports betting is available in most of the other states, yet it’s not directly-regulated by the state governments.

We’re now hearing the Trump vs. Biden betting revenue in regulated states is surging right now. Betfair, one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the world, has already collected $215 million in bets on the election. Sam Rosbottom, a spokesperson for the company, claims it’s shaping up to be the most-bet-on political event in history.

Bovada is another one of the most popular and safest internet sports betting websites in the US right now. Recent reports claim this company is seeing 55% more bets placed on this year’s election compared to 2016. It’s an incredible statistic to hear and many believe this money will continue to increase leading up to election night.

Odds vary from site to site. As of now, Bovada lists Joe Biden as the -190 favorite. Trump currently comes in as the +145 underdog. There’s still a chance that these odds could change over the next week.

Stay tuned for more political betting news over the next few days!

2020 Proves to be a Successful Year for US Sports Betting Operators

It’s not completely surprising to see how much money is being placed on the presidential election this year. Over the past few months, there’s been a massive surge in sports betting across the country. As more sports leagues began operating again, revenue from the industry has been increasing.

This is great news for the many different sports betting companies now in the United States. The US now has the most profitable sports betting industry in the world. Many of the biggest sports betting operators in Europe have recently broken into the US market.

That includes William Hill. This company has now been operating in the United States for years and is now present in several different states. Just a few weeks ago, news broke that Caesars Entertainment had agreed to purchase William Hill for $3.7 billion.

It’s easy to see why so many companies are trying to jump on this train. Several states are now seeing their highest sports betting revenue figures ever. New Jersey even set an all-time US record in September with $748 million in sports betting handle.

Trump vs. Biden betting revenue is increasing right now. Some feel we’ll see another major upset. It will be fascinating to see how much money has been made off this election once it’s concluded next month.

Do you plan to bet on the election this year? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Trump vs. Biden Betting Odds Have Changed!

The five months have been some of the strangest in the recent history of the United States. To make things even more complicated than they already are, we’re in for another presidential election a little over five months from today. Due to several recent events, the Trump vs. Biden betting odds have changed in a major way.Donald Trump And Joe Biden

A lot can happen in just a few months. It’s likely that the current odds will look much different when November rolls around. Today, we’ll take a quick look at where the election odds stand right now.

These odds are courtesy of Bovada, one of the top online sportsbooks in the US.

President Trump’s Approval Rating is Beginning to Drop

Donald Trump’s run as President of the United States has been highly contentious. It seems that the US population either loves him or hates him. His standing with the general population swings wildly from one direction to the next depending on the decision he makes on any given day.

The past week has proven to be one of the worst in his presidency. As most are well-aware of, massive protests are taking place around the country due to the murder of Georgy Floyd by a member of the Minneapolis police force.

President Trump hasn’t exactly calmed things down. Just a couple of days ago, he ordered law enforcement to disperse protesters near the White House to make way for a photo opportunity at the St. John’s Church.

We’re beginning to see the President’s approval rating drop quickly. In Utah, for example, 46% of the state now believes he’s doing a poor job as POTUS. His overall US disapproval rating is now at 54%.

The betting odds for the 2020 election are beginning to change quickly, as well.

Unsurprisingly, these odds are now starting to swing in Joe Biden’s favor. Not everyone is convinced things will stay this way, though. Here’s where both men stand in the eyes of the oddsmakers.

Trump vs. Biden Betting Odds Continue to Change

For many weeks, all major US sports leagues were completely shut down. As a result, political betting started to grow considerably more popular than it was at the start of the year. Many have now begun placing their bets on the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Not everyone is pleased about this fact. It’s been a struggle for a widely-supported nominee to come forward that Democrats feel can defeat Donald Trump in the polls.

the Trump vs. Biden odds seem to indicate that Joe has a real shot at winning. In fact, Joe Biden has overtaken Trump as the favorite to win the election with odds of -110.

There are some that point out Biden’s blunders on television as a reason to be concerned. Others close to Joe swear he’s still more than capable of becoming President. The oddsmakers now like his chances and based on the recent events, his chances of winning are better now than ever before.

Trump’s presidency has been one of the most contentious in history. He has a loyal fan base and many felt the economic situation during the majority of his time as President would lead to a reelection. His odds are now dead even to winning in 2020.

November is still a long time away. The current odds are almost certain to change dramatically before that time.

Sports Betting is Slowly Beginning to Come Back

This year’s election is likely to be the most-bet-on political event of all time. Part of that is due to the public opinions of Donald Trump. Another reason is the surge in sports betting seen around the United States.

Sports gambling has grown tremendously popular since the Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018. Even in states without a regulated sports betting industry, this form of gambling is growing. Fortunately, mainstream sports are now starting to make a comeback.

As we said earlier, several major leagues have already begun to resume their operations. That includes the UFC, which continues to hold major fight cards weekly. The NBA is likely to resume its operations soon, too.

Some feel that within the next few months, all US sports leagues will be back up and running. That’s an extremely exciting proposition for many people across the US. We’re finally getting some entertainment!

For now, the Trump vs. Biden betting odds might be the best available wager online. There’s a chance that Donald ends up as the betting favorite once the election rolls around. Perhaps this is the time to take advantage of the odds!

Do you plan on betting on this year’s presidential election? Who do you think wins? Let us know in the comments section below.