The Job Fair at the Cosmopolitan Kicks Off Next Tuesday!

Cosmpolitan Las Vegas

The economy in Las Vegas is bouncing back faster than most analysts predicted. As a result, many of the casino-resorts in the city are looking to bring on more employees. Reports have confirmed that the job fair at the Cosmopolitan begins next Tuesday!

As many know, the Cosmopolitan Casino-Resort is one of the most impressive venues in Las Vegas. Many are looking forward to the opportunity to work here. Today, we’ll talk about the details of the upcoming job fair here.

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Las Vegas Casinos See Jumps in Revenue Numbers

There have been countless reports on the struggling economy of Las Vegas since last year. The shutdown of casinos here ended up taking a massive toll on the city. Tourism came to a halt and a staggering number of individuals were left without work.

Things have been gradually improving in the city over the past few months. As more of the population received their vaccine, travel is beginning to ramp up around the country. Many are choosing to make the journey to tourism hubs such as Las Vegas.

Hotel occupancy levels are increasing almost every single month. As a result, most of the major casino companies in the city are seeing their revenue figures increase. It’s happening faster than many analysts expected.

MGM Resorts reported $1.6 billion in revenue over the first four months of 2021. That is below what was seen prior to last year. It represents a massive increase in revenue when compared to the same quarter in 2020, though.

The nightlife scene in Las Vegas is changing, too. News broke this week that Tao Hospitality recently agreed to purchase Hakkasan Group. This gives Tao control over Hakkasan’s nine different nightlife and restaurants around the city.

It’s an extremely exciting time for Las Vegas. It now appears one of the most impressive properties in the city is ready to bring in new employees.

Here’s What We Know About the Job Fair at the Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan Casino-Resort first opened its doors back in 2010. It made headlines for costing $3.9 million to construct. Before long, this property had been named the “best hotel in the world” by various publications.

The popularity of The Cosmo hasn’t dwindled. In fact, many people are now heading to Las Vegas right now specifically to stay in this venue. On May 4, this casino-resort will be hosting a major job fair in search of qualified employees.

This fair will run from 10 am to 2 pm. It’s being held in The Chelsea, the property’s concert venue. A huge number of locals and non-residents are expected to attend. Reports claim there are open positions for culinary, front desk, housekeeping, and more.

Those looking to attend the job fair at the Cosmopolitan will need to fill out an online application first. It’s recommended to dress professionally and bring resumes. Masks are also required while inside the venue.

The Cosmopolitan is widely regarded as one of the best properties in Las Vegas. With the city’s tourism industry now improving, it seems likely that this casino-resort will see a massive surge of visitors. Now might be the perfect opportunity for many to earn a position here!

Of course, many are still looking to score a job at Resorts World Las Vegas, scheduled to open its doors this summer. It seems likely that this will be the most impressive property ever built in the city.

Resorts World Las Vegas is Opening its Doors in Less than Two Months

There are many factors contributing to the boost in tourism in Las Vegas. The improving health situation around the country is an obvious one. Many believe that the opening of new properties could also help to significantly boost tourism rates in the city by the time summer approaches.

The Virgin Hotel-Casino opened its doors earlier this year. It’s the first foray into the casino industry for Virgin. This property sits where the Hard Rock Hotel-Casino once operated and has become one of the most popular venues located off the Las Vegas Strip.

No grand opening will be as big as the one at Resorts World Las Vegas on June 24. It’s been a long time coming. At $4.2 billion, this is the most expensive casino-resort ever built in the entire city.

This property has been under construction for many years. Several massive delays have led to the grand opening being pushed back. Most feel its opening ends up bringing a huge number of individuals to the city.

More job opportunities are appearing in Las Vegas right now. There are still open positions at Resorts World Las Vegas. Hopefully, the job fair at the Cosmopolitan ends up helping many receive a position at this property, too.

Are you excited to see the economy of Las Vegas bouncing back? Do you plan on visiting the city this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

Jobs at Resorts World Las Vegas Are Already Filling Up

Resorts World Las Vegas

This summer, one of the biggest and most exciting casino-resorts ever built will open its doors in Las Vegas. Resorts World is expected to be an incredible new property for the city. This week, reports surfaced that many of the jobs at Resorts World are already filling up.

Tens of thousands of individuals have applied to work inside this brand-new casino. Many are excited to see what this venue has to offer. Today, we’ll take a quick look at the details of this new casino-resort.

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Resorts World Still Prepares for Summer 2021 Opening Date

Las Vegas is home to many of the world’s best casino-resorts. The majority of them are located on the Las Vegas Strip. This area boasts several multi-billion-dollar properties and regularly draws millions of individuals every single year.

It seems like every few years, another amazing casino-resort opens its doors here. Casino companies recognize the revenue potential in this city. Of course, revenue from this industry has been dropping considerably when compared to years prior.

Despite the recent difficulties, Resorts World continues to plan for a summer 2021 opening. This property has been under construction for many years. It cost $4.3 billion to construct, making it the most expensive casino ever built in Las Vegas.

There’s a lot to look forward to here. Resorts World features more than 111,000 square feet of gaming space and 3,500 rooms for guests. It has a unique Asian theme with some of the most high-tech amenities ever seen inside a casino-resort.

From an entertainment standpoint, this property is expected to be amazing. A 5,000-seat theater will open here. The Resorts World will also be home to several world-class restaurants.

It’s no surprise to see people already preparing to visit Resorts World when it opens. It now appears that a huge number of people are also looking forward to working inside this property.

Tens of Thousands Are Now Applying for Jobs at Resorts World Las Vegas

It’s becoming clear that Resorts World Las Vegas will be one of the most impressive gambling venues ever built. It’s truly state-of-the-art and should help to significantly boost tourism into the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. An official opening date has not yet been revealed, yet it is guaranteed to take place sometime this summer.

Many are now looking for the opportunity to work inside this property. Resorts World recently announced that it needs to hire around 6,000 individuals. That news spread like wildfire, and more than 85,000 people have now sent in their applications.

Lori Calderon, executive director of talent acquisition for this property, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“We’re waking up at night sometimes and taking notes, I’m doing that myself,” Lori said. “We’re identifying individuals every day who will be receiving offers. The time is now. It’s a large applicant pool, and we’re going to continue to communicate with applicants as much as we can. It’s a big job and we still have a lot of work to do.”

This surge of applications isn’t entirely surprising. A staggering number of residents in Las Vegas lost their jobs after the shutdowns back in March. Many of these individuals are still without work.

Hope is that Resorts World can make up for some of this job loss. Of course, only a fraction of those that applied will end up receiving a job inside this property.

Resorts World is perhaps the most exciting new gambling venue to open in Las Vegas in years. It’s not the only new property openings its doors here, though.

More Properties Scheduled to Open in Las Vegas in 2021

The past eleven months have been extremely challenging for the city of Las Vegas. This city remains the world’s biggest entertainment hub. Unfortunately, tourism remains low here and many of the casino-resorts are struggling to bring in revenue.

This isn’t stopping new casinos from opening up here. In fact, Las Vegas will see several exciting new properties opening their doors over the next year. That includes Resorts World Las Vegas in the north of the Strip.

One property that people are excited about is the new Virgin Hotel-Casino. This venue will open where the Hard Rock Hotel-Casino formerly sat. It’s Virgin’s first foray into the casino industry and many expect it to be one of the city’s best new venues.

This hotel-casino was expected to open its doors in February. That date has since been pushed back. It now seems this new casino will be opening its doors sometime over the next couple of months.

Several other small casinos will be opening here soon, too. These venues will help the city’s struggling job market considerably. The jobs at Resorts World Las Vegas are already filling up with the venue’s opening date now just around the corner.

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