Mississippi Casino Restrictions Have Just Been Lifted

Mississippi Casinos

The state of Mississippi is known for having one of the biggest casino industries in the United States. To the delight of many businesses and individuals, this industry is starting to recover. New reports indicate that all Mississippi casino restrictions are now being lifted.

It’s exciting news for gambling fans here. State leaders clearly believe that things are now safe enough to remove many of the health restrictions previously set in place here. Today, we’ll talk about how this might affect the city’s gaming industry moving forward.

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More States Report Casino Revenue Increases

The United States is home to one of the biggest land-based casino industries in the world. Many states around the country allow either commercial, tribal, or both types of casinos to operate. Prior to 2020, these properties were helping to bring states an incredible amount of money each year.

Some markets were proving to be stronger than others. Casino hubs such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City have always managed to bring in impressive revenue numbers. Many of the smaller gambling destinations like Mississippi were also bringing in large amounts of money from their casinos.

Beginning in March of 2020, this industry was turned upside down. Gambling operators have been in recovery mode ever since. With the global health crisis now improving, many states are reporting large increases in their monthly casino revenue figures.

Over in Nevada, for example, revenue increased by 67%. Las Vegas saw a massive increase in tourism that month. This trend is expected to continue and many analysts predict that this summer will be one of the most successful in history for Nevada’s casino industry.

Louisiana also saw a staggering 132% year-on-year revenue jump. The state’s various gambling properties brought in a combined $225.1 million that month. It’s a promising sign that one of the most popular gaming hubs in the Southern US is recovering.

Mississippi is well-known for having a massive land-based casino industry. This week, some big changes were announced for the casinos operating here.

State Leaders Remove All Mississippi Casino Restrictions

Popular casinos can be found throughout the state of Mississippi. Before 2020, these venues were hugely popular and helped to bring in a large number of tourists from nearby states without casinos. Since March of last year, however, intense regulations have been set in place that have limited the number of individuals visiting these properties.

Mississippi’s health situation has been steadily improving over the last few months. As a result, state leaders have been gradually lifting restrictions toward various businesses. It now seems that these officials are ready to get the casino industry back to the way it was.

Reports have confirmed that Mississippi casino restrictions are being lifted at 5 pm today. Moving forward, these venues can operate in the same way they did prior to March of 2020. That means masks are no longer required inside these venues.

Of course, every casino can still order its own rules. The Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi still plans on requiring masks. Casino spokeswoman Mary Cracchiolo gave a statement on the new rules to the media this week.

“For the safety of our team members and guests, we will continue to require masks at MGM Resorts properties at this time,” she said. “We are in the process of removing hand washing stations from the casino floor and will no longer be conducting temperature checks for team members as they enter the property. As vaccination efforts continue, we will reassess our health and safety protocols consistent with guidance from health experts, changing regulatory requirements, and input from our guests and employees.”

Many see this move by the state as a clear sign that things are improving. Some may argue that it’s too soon for such a move. Fortunately, casino companies are able to make their own rules based on what they feel is acceptable. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation here over the next few months.

Sports Betting Revenue in Mississippi is Surging Right Now

Casino games aren’t the only forms of gambling available in the state of Mississippi. Back in 2018, this state officially legalized sports betting. It immediately proved to be a good decision, bringing the state a massive amount of tax revenue every month.

Unfortunately, the state still requires that all sports wagers be placed in person. Many have been pushing to get online sports gambling regulated here. It would instantly result in a major revenue boost.

Still, Mississippi saw an impressive 707.4% jump in year-on-year sports betting revenue last month. That’s not a surprise when considering casinos were shut down in Mississippi for almost the entire month. Last March, however, many residents were enjoying being able to make bets inside their favorite casinos.

The next few months will almost certainly bring even bigger revenue figures. That is especially true now that Mississippi casino restrictions are being lifted. A growing number of individuals in Mississippi and neighboring states will quickly begin making the trip to their local casinos.

2021 seems like the year that several other states choose to legalize sports betting. Many are hopeful to see California and Texas get this industry up and running before long.

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Here’s How Much Revenue Wynn Resorts Made in 2020’s Q2

Officials within Wynn Resorts are busy working to come up with new ways to safely attract guests to their major casino-resorts. This week, the company found some time to look back at the year’s second-quarter revenue earnings, and things are about as bleak as most would predict. Today, we’re going to take a look at how much revenue Wynn Resorts managed to bring in during the months of April, May, and June.Wynn Resorts Logo

Wynn Resorts is far from being the only casino company to see its earnings drop. The year’s second quarter was the worst recorded in history for the US gambling industry. Fortunately, things seem to be slowly improving.

Let’s take a look at the numbers!

US Casino Companies Continue to Struggle Enforcing Health Regulations

Most states around the country have begun allowing their casinos to start operating again. Some of these states have been more successful than others. All of the casino companies around the United States face the same issue; protecting public health while trying to draw in players.

This is proving to be extremely difficult. Casinos draw in large numbers of people into a very small area. Obviously, these properties are easy places for the new coronavirus to spread. That’s true even with the safety measures being set in place.

All land-based casinos are trying to prevent gatherings. Slot machines are separated. Plexiglass barriers have been installed at table games. In many cases, eating, drinking, and smoking are completely banned inside casinos, as well.

Not every company is finding success implementing these new measures. Recently, the Nevada Gaming Control Board filed a complaint against the Sahara Las Vegas. The regulatory group claims this hotel-casino held a luncheon of more than 100 people and failed to limit large gatherings on its casino floor.

More of these complaints are likely to come up over the next few weeks. Casino companies are struggling to abide by the rules while staying profitable. It’s been difficult to see how much money some of the country’s top casinos have lost over the past six months.

This week, reports surfaced that show how much money Wynn Resorts has lost this year.

Reports Show How Much Revenue Wynn Resorts Lost Last Quarter

Starting in June, most of the top US commercial casinos began operating again. It was a much-needed change for the industry. Casinos around the country had been closed since March and revenue during this time was almost non-existent.

Not long ago, Las Vegas Sands released a report that shows it saw a nearly 97% drop in revenue during 2020’s second quarter. Officials within the company made it clear that they were hurting. The company’s revenue earnings have likely begun to increase since that time.

We’re now seeing a drop in the revenue Wynn Resorts earned during the year’s second quarter. This company is one of the biggest casino operators in the nation, yet it saw its revenue drop by 95% over the months of April, May, and June.

During this time, Wynn Resorts earned just $85.7 million. That’s a staggering drop from the $1.66 billion made over the same three months in 2019. CEO Matt Maddox claims the company is in a tough situation, yet it’s one that it will recover from.

“There will be winners and losers that come out of this,” he said. “When this is over, and we come out, we want to make sure that we have the capital available to grow, and we have the culture in place to take care of our people and our customers.”

It’s incredible to see how much revenue Wynn Resorts has lost over the course of a few months. It’s important to note, however, that the company’s casinos were shut down for most of 2020’s second quarter.

How will things look in quarter three?

Casino Revenue is Fluctuating Around the Country

Back in 2019, the US casino industry seemed stronger than ever before. Gambling markets around the country were thriving. That’s particularly true in states with legalized sports betting options such as New Jersey and Nevada.

2020 tells a different story. Most casinos are now open, yet many are unwilling to visit one of these gambling venues over safety concerns. Casino revenue is now fluctuating and even the top gaming analysts cannot say when we’ll see a sense of normalcy resume.

Everyone knows that 2020’s third quarter will be better than its second, though. Over the past two months, states have begun lifting their restrictions towards casinos.

In June, Nevada saw its casinos earn $566.8 million. That’s a 45.5% decrease when compared to the same time last year. Many still feel that it’s a win for the state, especially considering how little money was earned in the months prior.

It seems likely that more money was earned in July. We’re likely to see how much revenue Wynn Resorts made within the next two weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

Are you surprised to see how much money casino companies lost last quarter? When do you expect this trend to change? Let us know in the comments section below!