Rival Sons & Stone Temple Pilots to Perform at Hard Rock Las Vegas

Stone Temple Pilots and Rival Sons are planning a tour together, and the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas will be one of their stops. These two legendary bands will join forces and perform at The Joint on Sunday, October 6. Their co-headlining tour is conceptualized as fan-oriented, which is visible from the type of venues they book – all of them are intimate. If you are interested in visiting this show, make sure to check out the tickets as they went on sale on May 3. The price of tickets starts at $59.99 in addition to applicable service fees. You can buy them either online or at the Hard Rock Hotel Box Office.

This unforgettable tour of two forces of rock will last through September and October. Dan De Leo of Stone Temple Pilots made an announcement, claiming that they were really excited about the upcoming tour. Furthermore, he added that the band was grateful for sharing the stage with a great band like Rival Sons.

The tour will feature both bands playing their full sets. They are both considered some of the best live acts in the world of rock music nowadays, and seeing them both live will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Scott Holiday of Rival Sons stated that they were delighted to perform together with the DeLeo brothers from Stone Temple Pilots. Furthermore, he added that he was looking forward to playing their music in some of the greatest venues in the US. Holiday added that Stone Temple Pilots made the ‘soundtrack to his childhood,’ and stated that he would be very happy to see them perform their hit songs live during the tour.

Who Are Stone Temple Pilots?

Stone Temple Pilots (which are often referred to as just STP) are a band from San Diego California. They have been active ever since 1989, making great music which is classified as alternative rock, grunge, hard rock, and neo-psychedelia. The root of this band is brothers Dean DeLeo on guitar and Robert DeLeo on bass and backing vocals. The third member that was a part of the band from the start is the drummer Erik Kretz. The original vocal was Scott Weiland. However, the band replaced him with the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Part at one point, and the current singer in the band is Jeff Gut. They have released a total of seven studio albums, with the latest one being released in 2018. It is their first album with Jeff Gutt, who will be the singer at the upcoming tour with Rival Sons.

Who Are Rival Sons?

Rival Sons is a rock band that comes from Long Beach, California. They haven’t been around for a long time, but they managed to gain quite a popularity in less than one decade. In fact, 2019 will be the year they celebrate their first decade. Their current members are Jay Buchanan, Scott Holiday, Mike Miley, and Dave Beste. Beste replaced Everhart on bass back in 2013. The band also features one tour member called Todd Ögren who plays keyboards, percussion, and provides backing vocals. The type of music this band makes is often described as blues rock or even hard rock. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out this band, make sure to do that right now, especially if you like classic rock bands such as Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin since those bands are some of their biggest influences.

Hard Rock Las Vegas’ The Joint Celebrates 10 Years

If you happen to be in Las Vegas on April 17, make sure to check out the party that will happen at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, as one of the legendary venues in this property celebrates 10 years of existence. The Joint is considered by many Las Vegas visitors and residents to be the most sophisticated and most dynamic venue of that kind in the world, as it has seen hundreds of shows and performances ever since it was opened. Apart from being dynamic, the Joint is known for its authenticity as there is no similar venue in the world. If you had an opportunity to visit it, you probably know what it looks and feels – the feeling is indeed a unique one.

The celebration will start on April 16, one day before the actual anniversary. The main stars for that day will be a legendary pop-rock band from the UK called The 1975. They come from Manchester, and their music can be further described as indie pop, indie rock, and even electropop. Matthew “Matty” Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel are four unique individuals, making unique music, and having unique performances. All of that fits perfectly the unique interior of The Joint. There is just a small problem with their show right now – it is sold out.

However, if you are up for live performances and you are in Vegas during the second half of April, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary performance of Slightly Stoopid on 20 April which is the date that The Joint celebrates with their 420 Party. If you understand the 420 reference and April 20 is a significant date for you, then you want to be a part of this event, enjoying the music of Slightly Stoopid, which is a great band from San Diego, California, which combines psychedelic rock, reggae, dub, and even blues and fold. In other words, they are a perfect match for the celebration of this date.

History of The Joint

If we were to track the original history of The Joint, we would have to go back to 1995 when the venue was opened for the first time. However, it underwent a complete makeover in April 2009 which is now regarded as the date of its new beginning. The makeover included transforming the legendary showroom which was doubled in size ten years ago. After that, many artists and performers had an opportunity to be a part of the joint and play their music there, including the likes of Paul McCartney, KISS, Drake, Tiesto, Kenny Chesney, Imagine Dragons, and more.

However, musicians are not the only ones who passed through The Joint. In fact, many other events took place here as the venue proved pretty versatile for various kinds of happenings. Combat fights, comedy shows, and even world-class entertainers had an opportunity to enter this legendary venue.

What’s more important than the history of this venue is its future. Being a part of a successful hotel and casino resort, The Joint is bound to host numerous other performers and entertainers who will make the stay of hundreds of tourists better. After all, Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, and if you don’t feel like sleeping, make sure to visit The Joint, as there is something happening in the venue all the time. Furthermore, make sure to check out the entertainers who will perform in 2019 in The Joint, as you are definitely going to find a show that you should not miss.