The Las Vegas Virgin Hotel May Not Open This Fall

Back in 2018, Virgin announced it had purchased the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Since that time, the company has been focusing on renovating and rebranding the popular gambling venue. New reports have just surfaced that show the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel may be forced to delay its opening date.Virgin Hotels Logo

It’s disappointing news to hear. Many are excited to see what this venue has to offer. Today, we’re going to talk about what the owners of this hotel-casino have planned.

Let’s get into it!

Looking Back at Virgin’s Purchase of the Hard Rock Hotel-Casino

The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas first opened to the public in March of 1995. It quickly became a popular venue with both locals and tourists. Over the years, this property went through several major renovations.

Ownership of this hotel-casino changed hands several times over the years. In 2006, it was sold to Morgans Hotel Group for $770 million. Five years later, Warner Gaming took control over the Hard Rock Hotel and began looking at new ways to boost revenue.

Things didn’t go as planned and revenue here continued to decrease. Many rumors began surfacing that Warner Gaming was looking to sell this venue. In March of 2018, these rumors turned out to be correct.

Virgin Hotels, part of Virgin Group, agreed to the purchase for $500 million. Company officials immediately began revealing plans for the venue. It was closed for eight months while construction and redesigning took place.

The opening date for the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel was pushed back several times. Many felt the global pandemic would push the date back even farther. New statements from company officials seem to indicate this is now a real possibility.

Here’s a look at why the Hard Rock may be forced to delay its opening date once again.

Company Officials May Delay the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel Opening Date

Opening a new hotel-casino in Las Vegas takes a significant amount of time and effort. Virgin Hotels is still a new company and it’s clear officials here are focused on making their new Las Vegas property a special one. Unfortunately, that’s led to several delays getting it open.

New reports seem to indicate that the planned opening in fall may now be pushed back. Richard Bosworth, President and CEO of the parent company of Virgin Hotels confirmed this to the media this week. Bosworth claims that “COVID-19 regulations, market conditions and recent event convention cancellations” could force the delay.

“The operations team is expected to receive the keys to the property in early November,” Bosworth revealed in a company statement. “The ownership group is carefully evaluating the previously announced fall 2020 opening date.”

An official reopening date will be revealed in September. Company leaders are taking a close look at whether or not pushing this date back will be financially beneficial. Based on how things are going in Las Vegas, that seems more likely than ever before.

Richard Bosworth and other officials within Virgin have to be disappointed with this development. All major hotel-casino companies operating in Las Vegas are feeling the effects of the pandemic. Things seem to be slowly improving, though.

Gaming Revenue in Nevada is Slowly Increasing

Between March and June, gambling revenue in the state of Nevada was almost non-existent. All casinos in the state were shut down during this time. The only real money these venues were making came from their online operations.

Several major casino companies saw their second-quarter revenue earnings fall by more than 95%. As the weeks go on, however, these companies are managing to bring in more money. Tourism rates in Las Vegas are increasing, as well.

Full recovery is still a long way away. Casinos are forced to limit occupancy and order social distancing. Many are unwilling to visit the city with so many regulations set in place.

The same can be said for Atlantic City. New Jersey’s casinos were given permission to reopen in early July. Revenue remains low here, yet it’s slowly increasing as time goes on.

It’s a tough situation for casino companies. It seems more likely that the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel will be forced to open at a later date than originally planned. We’ll continue offering updates on this situation as they come up.

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Hard Rock Atlantic City Postpones Live Performances Until April

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City Guitar SIgnIn a continued trend, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City pulls the plug on their live shows at Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena, Sound Waves and Howie Mandel’s Comedy Club due to the coronavirus outbreak.

But don’t worry, the live shows will go on. They’re scheduled to return after April 15.

DAER Nightclub will also suspend their operations until further notice.

According to Joe Lupo, Hard Rock’s president, the cancellations echo “national concern over the spread of COVID-19/coronavirus.”

Scheduled performers affected by the postponement include Adam Sandler, Pitbull and Christopher Cross, Neha Kakkar and more.

The official announcement asked ticket holders to hang onto their tickets while they determine future show dates. For shows that end up being canceled indefinitely, the company assured that refunds will be “issued at point of initial purchase for shows canceled or for those unable to attend a future postponed show.

Affected Events in Atlantic City Area

Governor Phil Murphy recommended on Thursday that events held in New Jersey, such as concerts, parades, and sporting events, that expect to have 250 or more people be canceled in an effort to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus cases.

Here is a list of larger events in the Atlantic City area that have been canceled or postponed on account of COVID-19:

  • Atlantic City St.Patrick’s Day Parade, scheduled for March 14 at 1 pm, canceled
  • Project Prom at Kensington Furniture in Northfield, scheduled to run Saturday, Sunday and Monday, canceled
  • ‘Guys and Dolls’ at Holy Spirit High School dress rehearsal, scheduled for Sunday, canceled
  • 98 Degrees show, scheduled for April 18 at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino, postponed to July 11
  • The Atlantic City Boardwalk Committee Meeting, scheduled for March 18, canceled
  • The Wildwoods Spring Bridal Expo, scheduled for March 15, postponed to an unknown future date
  • Previously announced public events at Stockton University that have since been canceled:
    • March 14: Pinelands Short Course at Galloway campus
    • March 14: Aunt Mary Pat at Dante Hall in Atlantic City
    • March 15: Lines on the Pines at the Galloway campus
    • March 22: Bay Atlantic Symphony at the Performing Arts Center
    • March 24: Cape Atlantic Regional College Fair
    • March 27: The Byrne Brothers at the Performing Arts Center
    • March 28: Pirates of Penzance at the Performing Arts Center
    • April 2: Stockton Chamber Players at the Performing Arts Center
    • April 3: Think Pink Floyd at the Performing Arts Center
    • All Spring Break athletic field trips

The LV Virgin Hotel Announces New Casino Partner

In 2019, officials within the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas announced they were selling the venue to Virgin Hotels. It was a huge decision, as the Hard Rock had been operating in Las Vegas since 1995. This week, owners of the LV Virgin Hotel announced they’re teaming up with OH Partners to help with marketing. Virgin Brand Logo

This venue is officially scheduled to open up in 2020. Many believe it will be one of the coolest new hotel-casinos in the city. Today, we’re going to give an update on this new hotel.

Let’s get into it!

Construction Continues on LV Virgin Hotel

For years, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was one of the most popular venues located off the Las Vegas Strip. It was opened in the mid-90s as the world’s first rock and roll-themed hotel. Interestingly, this property is not affiliated with the Seminole Tribe, which currently controls the Hard Rock brand.

Since first opening, ownership of this venue changed hands several times. In 1997, Peter Morton purchased the entirety of the venue from Harvey’s Hotel & Casino. In 2000, the property underwent a massive $8 million renovation.

In 2006, Morton announced that he was selling the Hard Rock Hotel to Morgans Hotel Group. The longtime owner commented on this sale, stating “I just sort of felt there came a point in my life where I wanted to do more with my life and re-evaluate things. I want to do some different things.” This was finalized in 2007.

Since that time, the property has struggled to generate revenue. Things were particularly down during the recession of 2008-2009. Ownership of the venue was changed once more in 2011. Seven years later, news broke that the new hotel-casino operators were selling the venue to Virgin Hotels.

This is Virgin’s first move into the Las Vegas market. It’s also the first time this company is running a casino. This week, Virgin announced it was teaming up with a well-respected marketing company to help with brand strategy.

Virgin Hotels Partners Up With OH Partners

Opening a major new venue in Las Vegas isn’t easy. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was beloved by many, and both locals and tourists expect big things from the Virgin Hotel.

News is coming out that the LV Virgin Hotel is hiring OH Partners to help with marketing efforts.

The marketing will focus on the entertainment aspect of this new property. It will also work to offer guests more transparent information on resort fees. Scott Harkey, founder and managing partner at OH Partners, spoke about this strategy to the media this week.

“Nowadays, Las Vegas is as much about entertainment as it is about gambling, especially with millennial consumers. Entertainment is the fabric of the brand, that is what is cool about them being in Vegas,” he said. “A couple of interesting things we found are that consumers are frustrated with resort fees,” Harkey added. “You are getting booking fees, guest fees, early check-in fees. Then you go to the minibar and prices are outrageous.”

Things are looking good here. People around the country are excited to see what the new Virgin Hotel & Casino has to offer.

More Details of the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas Emerge

It’s clear that Virgin Hotels is working to make this new property extremely popular. Back in September, the company announced that it had partnered with several brands to help with the design of this venue. More details have continued to be released about what this new hotel has to offer.

The LV Virgin Hotel and Casino will feature 1,504 suites, a 60,000 square-foot casino floor, and more than five acres of poolside space. It will also have a unique desert theme. Officials believe it will be “unlike anything else in Las Vegas.”

This venue certainly has big shoes to fill. For now, the new owners are doing all the right things. Teaming up with OH Partners will certainly help with promotion.

Construction on the new hotel-casino is currently underway. Reports indicate that it will open to the public towards the end of the year. Hopefully, it becomes a successful property for Virgin.

More details about this new venue are likely to be released over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is Being Demolished Next Week

Not long ago, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas was officially sold to Virgin Hotels. It was a surprise for many who’d enjoyed staying in and gambling at this venue. Reports are now surfacing that the Hard Rock Cafe on the corner of Paradise Road and Harmon Avenue is set to be demolished on Monday.

Hard Rock Cafe In Las Vegas

Soon, Virgin Hotels will officially begin working to renovate the former Hard Rock Hotel. Now is the perfect time to look at why this sale took place, and what to expect from the new venue moving forward.

Virgin Hotel Purchases the LV Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas officially opened its doors to the public in 1995. Interestingly, this gambling establishment was not associated with the Seminole Tribe, who currently own Hard Rock International. Instead, this venue was operated by Brookfield Asset Management.

For years, this hotel struggled to generate revenue. Its location just off the Strip was slightly undesirable, yet it was the increased presence of new, trendy venues that really took away from the Hard Rock’s bottom line. Ultimately, the owners decided it was time to sell.

Before long, Virgin Hotels agreed to purchase the property. Virgin brand has just recently entered into the hotel-casino business. This Las Vegas property is the first on the company’s portfolio.

Initially, Virgin Hotels announced that the venue would close for four months while renovations took place. In August, company officials changed their tune, confirming that the hotel would be closed for eight months. This closure is expected to begin in February of 2020.

It seems that Hard Rock’s presence in Las Vegas is disappearing. The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is set to be demolished in just a few days.

Officials Confirm the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is Being Demolished

It’s been three years since the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas closed its doors to the public. Next week, this iconic restaurant is being removed from the city forever. The Hard Rock Hotel will officially demolish this property on Monday morning.

Interestingly, this restaurant has an even longer history in Las Vegas than the hotel. It first opened in 1990 and became a popular eatery for tourists visiting from around the country. Unfortunately, it was forced to shut down at the same time as the Hard Rock hotel.

The massive 82-foot-tall neon guitar decoration featured at this restaurant was moved to the Neon Museum earlier this year.

This doesn’t mean that all of the Hard Rock’s restaurants are closing for good. MB Steak, Pizza Forte, and Nobu are all scheduled to return here when the Virgin Hotel opens its doors. Additional restaurants opening here will be announced over the next several months.

Fans of the Hard Rock Cafe may be sad to see it finally close down. Hopefully, we get something great to replace it.

What to Expect From the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel

There’s a reason to be excited about Virgin entering into the Hotel business. This company is known for its opulence and is likely to pour major resources into opening the best possible hotel-casino in Las Vegas. A few details are beginning to emerge about this new establishment.

Not long ago, Virgin teamed up with several companies experienced in the hotel industry to help with this transformation. According to officials in Virgin Hotels, the design process is “nearing completion,” and construction is just around the corner.

We now know that this hotel will feature 1,504 suites, a 60,000 square-foot casino floor, and over five acres of space for the pool and surrounding amenities. The entire hotel will have a desert theme reflecting the city’s unique surroundings. The design director of the hotel claims it will be “unlike other offers one can find in Las Vegas.”

The location of this venue will still make it tough to compete with some of the others in the city. If it’s impressive enough, however, this venue could do what the Hard Rock Hotel never did.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is leaving us all on Monday. Let’s hope something even better takes its place.

Sportsbook Opened in Hard Rock Hotel Atlantic City

The Hard Rock in Atlantic City has started the second phase of sportsbook development by opening a 3,800 sq ft space with fifty seats, 60 TVs and a bar where punters can enjoy various sports betting activities along with some of the popular Video Poker slots.

Joe Lupo is the President of the Hard Rock Hotel Atlantic City, and he stated that it was a very exciting time for the property as it was opening up the second phase of the sportsbook which amplified that amenity for all visitors, especially those who love baseball and want to spend a weekend in HRH Atlantic City. Lupo added that the unveiling was just one of many other positive changes that took place in the property as they made final preparations for the summer which was expected to be filled with exciting events in Atlantic City.

If you happen to be in Hard Rock, you will have an opportunity to place bets on various sports, including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, college sports, and more. You can either go to the sportsbook section of the Hard Rock Hotel, or you can visit their website at and place bets via their online platform which is available for the residents of New Jersey.

You can access the site either via your PC or mobile devices. The site is available both via iOS and Android as there are dedicated apps made by Hard Rock for this purpose. All you have to do is visit the App Store to download the app if you own an iOS device. However, Google Play often changes its policies regarding betting apps, so the best way to download an Android app is to visit the Hard Rock site and download the .apk file to your mobile phone.

Sports Betting in the US

Placing bets on sports is a fairly new activity to the US as it has been banned for a very long time. The legislators from America lifted the ban in 2018, making it available for every state to choose whether they want to add sports betting as one of the luck-based activities. Prior to this ban, only Nevada had some sort of sports betting services that were severely controlled by various regulatory bodies and not many options were available.

All of that changed in 2018, and New Jersey was one of the first states to respond by making sports betting legal. All casinos in Atlantic City were eager to hear this and started preparing for offering various sports betting services, Hard Rock Hotel being one of them.

If you are not familiar with sports betting and you live in New Jersey, you should definitely experience it first-hand by visiting one of the available sportsbooks in your area. Although there are not many of them yet, their number is bound to grow as citizens of the US are known to be really hard-core sports fans, and betting on sports has been an inseparable part of watching sports in many countries in the world. Although it seems like a simple activity at first, there are professional punters who take this activity very seriously by analyzing data, actively watching a single sport and placing custom bets to increase the odds. In other words, there’s an entire science behind sports betting that is yet to reach the US.

Placing bets on sports, just like every other gambling activity, is regulated by official bodies which make sure that everything is in order. Therefore, Hard Rock Hotel and other casinos in the area can offer great sports betting services which are legal and regularly audited.