Gov. Sisolak Hints at New Regulations Coming to Nevada

Governor Steve Sisolak

Back in March, something that many felt was impossible took place. All of the casino-resorts in Nevada were forced to shut their doors to the public. Unfortunately, some feel a similar order could soon be made. Governor Steve Sisolak claims we could soon see new regulations coming to Nevada.

Everyone in the state is anxious to hear what is announced. No one wants to see another major shutdown like the one in March.

Today, we’ll take a look at what is expected to take place here.

Nevada’s Gaming Revenue Dropped Again in September

Nevada is and always has been the biggest gambling destination in the United States. Over the past few decades, a large number of world-class casino-resorts opened their doors here. In February, rumors began circulating that the casino industry here could be shut down.

Health officials started warning about upcoming regulations in the state. Finally, in March, officials in Nevada came to the conclusion that intense measures needed to be set in place. Governor Sisolak officially announced that the state’s casinos would be temporarily closing down.

The hardest part was not knowing when these restrictions would be lifted. Finally, in June, Nevada’s casinos slowly started opening back up. Tourism and gambling revenue has been slowly increasing since that time, albeit not by very much.

The casinos in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, managed to bring in $666.7 million in September. The casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip saw just $354.7 million in revenue. Overall, Nevada’s gaming revenue dropped by 22.4%.

Many analysts predict even larger revenue drops over the next few months. Covid-19 infection rates are rising sharply around the United States. There are now many travel restrictions set in place and fewer people are willing to visit and gamble inside a crowded casino.

It now appears that things could be changing in Nevada once again.

Expect to See New Regulations Coming to Nevada Soon

Nevada, like all other states, has been seeing a massive spike in infections over the past few weeks. It’s becoming a trend that state leaders can no longer ignore. Many analysts began anticipating a big announcement was on the horizon.

These predictions seem to be correct. Earlier today, Governor Sisolak announced there was likely to be new regulations coming to Nevada soon. He did not report that any casinos would be forced to shut down.

“I am incredibly concerned about the severity of COVID-19 in our state, as demonstrated in the increase in numbers,” Sisolak said. “My administration is exploring all mitigation options available to get this under control, while walking a tightrope to balance public health and economic impacts. The goal is to have the most impact on mitigating the spread and the least impact on our fragile economy.”

The Governor went on to say that the new measures would be announced soon. He also claimed to be “aware of how consequential these decisions are.” Nevada’s economy relied heavily on tourism and gambling. If the tourism industry is shut down here once again, the effects would be devastating.

Not many predict an outright shutdown of casinos. Instead, the Governor may force casinos to further reduce occupancy and implement more intense safety regulations. Operating hours at casinos may also need to be reduced.

This is all speculation. If things begin to get considerably worse over the next week, the dreaded shutdowns could be set in place once again. Make sure to stay tuned for updates!

Other States Have Begun Ordering Casinos to Shut Down

Nevada isn’t the only state seeing its casino industry being severely affected right now. Gambling revenue is down around the entire country. Some states have recently ordered their casinos to shut down, too.

That includes Illinois. Back in 2019, lawmakers here approved a new capital plan to open several new casinos around the state. Officials here seemed excited to expand the number of gambling options available.

As many are aware, Illinois is now seeing a huge increase in hospitalizations. Governor Pritzker finally announced that casinos here would be shutting down starting on Friday. It’s tough news for the gambling companies here.

Many of Colorado’s casinos have been ordered to close their doors, too. Three cities are home to nearly all of the gambling venues here. Fortunately, the state’s new regulated sports betting options are bringing in some valuable revenue.

There are new regulations coming to Nevada soon. The extent of these regulations is unknown. Many of the casino companies here have already been struggling. Another shutdown could have permanent effects on the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada.

Do you think Governor Sisolak will order casinos to shut down again? How do you think this would affect Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Sahara Las Vegas is Hit With a Health Complaint

Casinos across the state of Nevada are working hard to attract players while protecting public safety. All have implemented measures to promote social distancing and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These measures aren’t perfect, though. News is now coming out that the Sahara Las Vegas has been hit with a health and safety complaint from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.Sahara Las Vegas Logo

It’s tough news for this venue that’s already struggling to bring in players. The news isn’t entirely surprising, though. Today, we’re going to look at why this popular hotel-casino is facing this new complaint.

Looking Back at the Sahara Hotel-Casino Rebranding

Back in the 1950s, Las Vegas was just becoming a tourist destination. One of the first major hotel-casinos to open here was the Sahara Las Vegas. It opened its doors in 1952 and quickly became a favorite amongst celebrities.

This property went through many renovations and expansions over the years. By the 1960s, the Sahara began entering into a decline. Several new properties opened on the Las Vegas Strip during this time, drawing away visitors from the Sahara.

Revenue at this hotel-casino started to drop quickly. In 1981, the property was sold in order to escape the debt it had accumulated. In 1992, the Sahara Las Vegas was sold once again.

Several more renovations and sales took place over the years. By 2011, the owners of this property decided it was time to move on. The entire hotel-casino was rebranded to the SLS Las Vegas. Hope was that this new name and features would help to bring in more players.

This strategy didn’t exactly work out. This property lost an incredible amount of money since its rebranding. In 2019, things took a turn and the owners decided to go back to the Sahara name.

Like many other casinos, the Sahara reopened to the public in June. Now, it’s facing a complaint due to a lack of safety regulations.

Here’s Why the Sahara Las Vegas is Receiving a Health Complaint

All casinos in the city of Las Vegas were closed down in March. It wasn’t until June that these gambling venues were able to begin operating again. All of the major hotel-casinos are now open in this city with intense health measures set in place.

Some of these hotels are implementing more strict health measures than others. According to new reports, the Sahara Las Vegas has already violated some of the health rules set in place. The Nevada Gaming Control Board alleges this venue recently held a luncheon for 135 people.

Another part of the complaint focuses on gatherings on the casino floor. Workers at the Sahara allegedly did nothing to stop individuals from gathering near casino games, despite the fact that they were not playing.

Officials within the Sahara claim there was a “misunderstanding” about the acceptable occupancy limit. The Control Board acknowledges that Sahara officials worked to correct the casino floor situation after it was brought to their attention.

“When asked about the instances of noncompliance, the Assistant Casino Manager acknowledged and immediately corrected the situations at the craps and blackjack table (the patrons congregating at the slot machine had already dispersed of their own accord),” the complaint says. “The Assistant Casino Manager also spoke with the dealers at the respective tables about the requirements.”

These types of complaints are not uncommon right now. More are likely to come up as time goes on. Several major casino companies are now announcing they may soon be forced to close down some of their venues.

Station Casinos Announce Casino Closures Are Likely

All major casino companies are feeling the effects of the regulations right now. June’s revenue reports show how much money these companies are losing. Station Casinos has opened 16 of its major properties across Las Vegas, yet several have remained closed.

Frank Fertitta III spoke about this situation to the media. He claims the properties currently closed are unlikely to ever open again. Additional property closures may take place over the next few months.

As of now, none of the major casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip have been forced to close down. Experts feel this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

All of the casinos in Las Vegas are trying to abide by safety measures. This is proving to be much easier said than done. We’ll probably see more complaints like the ones the Sahara Las Vegas received as time goes on.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

Nevada’s Gaming Revenue Figures for May Are Now Out!

Nevada began to open its gambling and tourism industry in early June. This month is now wrapping up, and we’re continuing to see just how devastating it can be to close down the state’s gambling industry. Nevada’s gaming revenue figures for May are out and many are shocked to see how little money was made.Revenue Drop Picture

Fortunately, the casinos are now back up and running. It’s guaranteed that more money will be made in June than was made in May. Today, we’re going to break down these revenue reports.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas is Working Hard to Get Back to Normal

Our team has been covering the situation in Las Vegas for months. Back in March, we continued offering updates on the casino shutdown. Back then, not even the top gambling analysts in the country could accurately say when the city’s casinos would be able to open back up.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman was one of the first officials to start calling for the city to reopen. Most health experts criticized her eagerness to get the casino industry up and running again. Unless strict health and safety measures were set in place, it seemed likely that a new surge in Covid-19 cases would end up taking place.

In mid-May, casino companies presented a comprehensive reopening plan to state leaders. Eventually, the Nevada Gaming Control Board officially approved this plan. Governor Sisolak announced that many casinos in the state would be given permission to reopen on June 4th.

Many were skeptical about how many tourists will begin flocking to this city. Concerns over the new coronavirus are still very new, yet many want an escape from the regulations in their own states. According to several reports, a surprisingly large number of people from around the country immediately started flocking to Las Vegas.

It shouldn’t come as a major surprise to see that Covid-19 infection rates have begun to skyrocket over the past few weeks. Nevada’s infection rates are rising sharply and many casino workers are now complaining that not enough safety measures are set in place to protect them. This week, revenue reports for May came out and things are just as bad as many predicted they would be.

Nevada’s Gaming Revenue Figures For May Have Been Released

The state of Nevada is filled with casinos. In many ways, the casino industry here is the lifeline of the state. Shutting down these gaming venues back in March affected Nevada in ways that may last for decades.

Everyone knew that gaming revenue back in May would be low. It’s still surprising when you see just how little money the state’s gambling industry really made. Nevada’s gaming revenue figures have just been released and it’s clear that the state desperately needed these gaming venues to open back up.

According to the Gaming Control Board, the state’s gambling industry brought in just $5.8 million in May of this year. To put things into perspective, this state earned $982 million in May of 2019. That represents an incredible 99.4% drop in revenue.

Nevada’s gaming revenue figures for May came entirely from online poker and internet sports betting. Some parts of the state including Reno and Laughlin saw their revenue figures decrease in May. The casinos in South Lake Tahoe brought in just $17,457.

The Las Vegas Strip earned the most money during the month of May. This area of the city is home to the biggest and most impressive casino-resorts on the planet and managed to bring in $3.8 million. The great thing is that revenue will assuredly be higher in June. Exactly how much money was earned last month is not yet known.

Las Vegas Casinos Still Struggle To Bring in Players

The time period between March and early June was perhaps the toughest in the history of Las Vegas. Hundreds of thousands of individuals here were left without work after the casinos closed. The casino companies themselves told the media that they won’t be able to survive without significant loans from the federal government.

The casinos here began opening on June 4th, yet that doesn’t mean things have immediately turned around here. Tourism is still significantly lower than it was at the start of this year. After a new order from Governor Sisolak, some fear tourism rates will begin dropping here once again.

Late last month, Sisolak announced that it is now required to wear masks in public venues, including casinos. Exactly how well this is being enforced is up for debate. Most agree, however, that an order like this one is likely to put off many potential visitors.

Nevada’s gaming revenue figures for May prove how devastating it can be to close down the state’s casinos. It’s an extremely difficult situation and no one seems to understand how to effectively move forward.

More casinos are scheduled to open up here over the next few weeks. No one really expects state leaders to force these properties to shut down again anytime soon. We’ll continue to offer updates on this situation.

Do you plan on visiting Las Vegas anytime soon? How much money do you expect the casinos here to earn this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Las Vegas Luxor May Soon Be Demolished

The city of Las Vegas is going through some major changes right now. Casinos are beginning to open up, yet many are struggling to bring in tourists. According to new reports, the Las Vegas Luxor could soon be demolished.Las Vegas Luxor

It’s surprising news for many individuals. This hotel-casino is one of the biggest and most historic in Las Vegas. Today, we’re going to look at when exactly MGM Resorts is considering tearing down this massive property.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Casinos Face Backlash for Lack of Safety Measures

The world’s best casino-resorts are based in Las Vegas. Obviously, it was hugely important for state leaders in Nevada to get these venues up and running. Governor Steve Sisolak announced that casinos in the state could officially begin to reopen on June 4th.

Many were surprised to see tourism increase here so quickly. Many began flocking to the city to escape the regulations in their own states. Obviously, many health experts began warning that cases of Covid-19 were likely to increase here.

That turned out to be true. As a result, Sisolak announced that masks were now required inside all public spaces, including casinos. Many casino companies claimed this new regulation was likely to result in a dip in tourism.

Unfortunately, infection rates in this state continue to ramp up. Many are now claiming that casinos here are not doing enough to protect their employees. Just last one, one casino worker died after testing positive for the new coronavirus.

The Nevada Culinary Union recently announced that it was suing several major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. This group believes that casinos here are not doing enough to protect their workers. It’s not entirely clear which venues are being targeted in this lawsuit.

According to new reports, one of the most popular casino-resorts in the city may soon be demolished.

Is the Las Vegas Luxor Really Being Torn Down Soon?

MGM Resorts International is one of the top casino companies in the world. It owns many world-class gambling venues around the world. That includes several in Las Vegas. In recent years, this company has begun selling many of these properties.

One venue that MGM currently controls is The Luxor Hotel-Casino, located directly on the Las Vegas Strip. First constructed in 1993, this pyramid-shaped hotel-casino quickly became one of the most popular venues in the city. It’s become a little outdated over the years, yet many still enjoy visiting and gambling inside this property.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so surprising to hear that the Las Vegas Luxor may soon be torn down. Officials within MGM Resorts have discussed this for years. In the past, however, union groups prevented these properties from being demolished.

The city of Las Vegas is now struggling and some believe this is the perfect time to remove this property. It’s not entirely clear when this will take place. Many believe the demolition process will begin before the end of 2020.

MGM has also not revealed what will be constructed here once the Luxor is gone. There’s a chance this major casino operator sells the land. Make sure to stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks!

More Las Vegas Casinos Are Set to Open This Week

Las Vegas, and Nevada as a whole, is still in the beginning phases of reopening. Based on the current trend, the state’s reopening plans may actually begin to reverse. The current plan is for several more major casino-resorts to open back up here this week.

That includes the Las Vegas Luxor. This major venue currently plans on opening back up to the public on Thursday. Many of the same social distancing measures set in place at other casinos are being implemented here.

According to new reports, the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, the Aria Resort & Casino, and the Delano and the Four Seasons all plan to reopen on July 1st. Governor Sisolak may eventually force these properties to implement stricter health measures.

For now, all day and night clubs remain closed in Las Vegas. The conventions in this state are closed, as well. No one can accurately say when these properties will be allowed to reopen.

Infection rates continue to increase in Nevada. This trend is likely to continue for some time. The long-term effects of this pandemic on Las Vegas are still unknown. Most agree the city will look different for quite some time.

Are you surprised to hear that the Las Vegas Luxor is closing down? Do you plan on visiting this city anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

NV Culinary Union Plans to Sue Las Vegas Casinos

It’s been nearly a month since all the casinos in Las Vegas reopened to the public. Tourism has gradually increased in the city, yet many workers here claim the conditions are not safe enough. As a result, the NV Culinary Union is planning to sue some of the biggest casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.NV Culinary Union

This union is one of the biggest and most powerful in Nevada. It seems the group is now angry about the situation that many casino workers find themselves in. Today, we’re going to look at what the Culinary Union hopes to accomplish.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Continues Setting New Regulations in Casinos

The state of Nevada finally started to open back up in early June. It was a welcome move for most residents here. The casino shutdown, ordered back in March, resulted in a complete drop-off in tourism and many were left without work.

Politicians here realized that something needed to change. Governor Steve Sisolak understands that the casinos are the driving force behind tourism and started working with casino companies on coming up with a comprehensive, safe reopening plan. Finally, state leaders gave the casinos in Las Vegas to open back up on June 4th.

Casino companies here started doing everything they could to increase tourism. Many began offering great travel deals and discounted room rates. As the weeks have gone on, tourism to Las Vegas has slowly increased.

Some fear that is now beginning to change. Last week, Governor Sisolak announced that it’s now mandatory to wear facial masks inside any public spaces. To the disappointment of some, that includes casinos.

Officials in this city are still trying to understand the best way to promote tourism while keeping things as safe as possible. Unfortunately, many now feel that things are not safe enough for workers inside casinos.

NV Culinary Union Announces it Plans to Sue LV Casinos Over Working Conditions

The world is still struggling to understand the new coronavirus. It’s infected more than 10 million individuals and the current death toll has just surpassed 500,000. State leaders have the unenviable task of reopening their economies while protecting vulnerable individuals.

Nevada was essentially shut down for three months. The amount of revenue that the state lost during this time is unprecedented. As the weeks went on, more residents in this state started calling for Governor Sisolak to lift the restrictions.

On June 4th, many of the casinos here began to reopen. Many now feel that casino workers are being put at risk unnecessarily. As a result, the NV Culinary Union plans to sue the casinos here for the conditions they are putting their employees in.

“The lawsuit alleges casino hotels have not protected workers, their families, and their community from the spread of COVID-19, and that the current rules and procedures in place for responding to workers contracting COVID-19 have been wholly and dangerously inadequate,” a statement from the union claims. 

There’s certainly some validity to these claims. Just a few days ago, a worker inside a Caesars Entertainment-owned Las Vegas casino died after testing positive for Covid-19. The Culinary Union wants to see things change.

A press conference is being held today to discuss this situation. Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks.

More US Casinos Are Likely to Close Soon

Nevada isn’t the only state to recently reopen its casino industry. Many states around the country have started allowing their gaming venues to reopen. Rates of Covid-19 are now beginning to quickly increase, though, and some analysts believe that hard-hit states will soon need to close their casinos once again.

Florida has been experiencing a particularly large increase in cases over the last couple of weeks. As many are aware, this was one of the first states to lift their stay-at-home orders. Some health experts believe reopening too early caused these infection rates to skyrocket.

Not long ago, some of Florida’s top gambling venues opened back up. That includes the massive guitar-shaped Hard Rock Hotel-Casino owned by the Seminole Tribe. The state cannot directly order this tribe to close its gambling venue, yet some believe the casino will close down on its own.

Most states around the country are seeing Covid-19 rates increase. Exactly how this will affect the country’s land-based gambling industry is still unknown. Hope is that things can remain open with better health protection measures set in place.

It’s interesting to see the NV Culinary Union directly go after casinos. The truth, however, is that casinos may not be able to remain profitable if more restrictions are set in place. It’s an extremely complicated situation and no one seems to have a solution.

Do you think Nevada’s casinos need to implement better safety measures? Have you gambled in one of the casinos here? Let us know in the comments section below!

Wearing Masks in Nevada Casinos is No Longer Optional

Yesterday, Governor Steve Sisolak did what many analysts predicted he would be forced to do. In order to better protect the public’s health, Sisolak announced that masks will now be required when going into public areas. This, of course, means that wearing masks in Nevada casinos is no longer optional.Slot Machines Inside Casino

The state seems torn on whether or not this is a good idea. Most agree that it will have a significant impact on the casino companies here. Today, we’re going to take a look at how long this new regulation will last for.

Let’s get into it!

Infections Begin to Rise in Several States Around the Country

For the past three months, most of the country has been in some form of lockdown due to concerns of the new coronavirus. It didn’t take long for New York to become the epicenter of this new pandemic and NYC began quickly shutting down. Over the past few weeks, it seemed as if cases in this state were dropping.

Unfortunately, other parts of the country are now seeing their cases surge. That includes Arizona, Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Some health experts are pointing to the fact that these states were some of the first to relax their stay-at-home orders.

It’s a troubling sign. Most state officials claim that closing down their local economies is not a realistic option. Unless cases begin to drop, however, these leaders may need to come up with new regulations.

Over in Nevada, cases of Covid-19 are starting to increase, as well. Over the past 24 hours, nearly 500 new cases were recorded in this state. That’s disappointing news for the casino companies in this state, many of whom have just recently begun to start operating again.

No one really knows the best way to stop infection spread without severely damaging the economy. Health officials continue to tout mask-wearing as an effective way to limit infection spread. Nevada’s leaders are now hoping that this strategy pays off.

Governor Sisolak Now Requires Wearing Masks in Nevada Casinos

In early June, many of the top casinos in Las Vegas finally reopened to the public. It was hugely important, as these casinos were slowly creeping towards bankruptcy. Hundreds of thousands of residents in the state were affected by the shutdown.

Since the casinos opened back up, tourism rates have been slowly increasing. Casino owners here are doing almost anything they can to bring in more visitors. Derek Stevens, for example, recently began offering thousands of free flights to the city.

Unfortunately, we may soon see tourism rates begin to drop here. This week, Governor Sisolak announced that masks must be worn in all public areas. To the disappointment of some, that means wearing masks in Nevada casinos is now officially required.

“This is a state that prides itself on the spirit of individualism,” Sisolak said. “It is part of what makes us great. So I’m asking all of us to take our independent spirit and turn that into our individual responsibility to keep the lights on for businesses throughout our state. As I said last week, we’re not post-COVID. We’re still in the middle of the first phase, the first wave of COVID. So please, I cannot emphasize this enough, wear your face covering anytime you leave your house, when you go to a restaurant, and you stop the pharmacy, when you enter a casino. Wear your face covering.”

The requirement to wear masks in public officially goes into law at 12:01 am on Friday morning. Many have already expressed fear that this could hurt the already-struggling tourism industry here.

Will Nevada’s New Mask Law Damage Tourism?

Like all other states, Nevada has been having a difficult time attracting visitors. Travel is still unadvised and many have fears about visiting crowded venues like casinos. Those that are willing to make the trip to a Las Vegas casino are probably not concerned about Covid-19.

For that reason, many believe that tourism may begin to drop here. Wearing masks in Nevada casinos is no longer optional. Some gamblers may no longer want to visit a casino if it means you need to wear a facial covering.

It’s a very difficult situation. Sisolak is following the advice of health officials, who believe masks can help to reduce the spread of this new virus. It’s likely that this will take a serious toll on the state’s tourism industry, though.

We will not know the effects of this decision for at least a few weeks. If infection rates in the state start to drop, Sisolak may decide to lift this new regulation.

More casinos are opening up each week. That includes most of the biggest ones on the Las Vegas Strip. Hopefully, these properties earn enough revenue to remain operational.

How do you feel about wearing masks in Nevada casinos? Will this result in less tourism here? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Pool at Circa Las Vegas is Opening in October

Downtown Las Vegas has been rapidly improving over the years. Several new properties are currently being constructed here, perhaps none of which are as exciting as the Circa Casino-Resort. According to new reports, the pool at Circa Las Vegas will officially open to the public in October.Circa Resort & Casino

This city has been slowly reopening. Several of the biggest gambling venues here are now accepting guests once again. Today, we’re going to look at what the owners of the Circa Hotel have planned for the future.

Let’s get into it!

Casinos in Downtown Las Vegas Are Reopening

People around the country have been hugely interested to see how the city of Las Vegas responds to this global pandemic. For months, all of the casino-resorts here were closed to the public. This resulted in an unprecedented amount of job loss and millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Lawmakers in the state realized things couldn’t remain the way they were. If things didn’t change, the city might not have ever recovered. Fortunately, Governor Sisolak gave these casinos permission to reopen on June 4th.

As long as they implement safety measures, the casinos in this state can open back up. Today, some of the biggest and best gaming venues are now operating again. That includes the New York-New York, the Bellagio, and the Venetian Casino-Resort.

Some of the top casinos in Downtown Las Vegas have started to accept guests, as well. The Golden Nugget and Orleans are now operating with reduced occupancy. Since June 4th, tourism in this city has gradually increased.

There are several new properties in this city that both residents and tourists are excited about. The Circa Casino-Resort, in particular, has been generating serious interest. The owners of this property now claim that some of the amenities here will begin opening back up soon.

Derek Stevens Gives Update on the Pool at Circa Las Vegas

The Circa Casino and Resort is the first major hotel-casino built in downtown Las Vegas for decades. It’s owned by the Stevens brothers, who already control several major gaming venues in the state. Derek Stevens recently spoke to the media about how this project is coming together.

According to Derek, this property will open a little earlier than expected. The basement and first five floors of this casino-resort will reopen to the public on October 28th. To the surprise of many, the pool at Circa Las Vegas is opening up in October, as well.

As many know, the pool here is one of the largest in the entire city. Derek Stevens wanted to make this one of the most exciting new properties in the city. A resort-style pool, he feels, will help to boost tourism in the Downtown area.

Opening back up hasn’t been easy. He spoke about this with USA Today this week.

“We took the hand that was dealt us and tried to work as efficient as possible,” Stevens said. 

As of now, the plan is for much of this property to reopen in October. It’s still not entirely clear how things will look. Will social distancing measures be required at the pool at Circa Las Vegas? Are employees going to need to wear masks? That all remains to be seen.

Las Vegas isn’t the same that it was a few months ago. Casino owners are doing their best to bring life back to the city, though. We’ll continue to offer updates on Circa over the next few weeks.

New Jersey Prepares to Reopen its Casino Industry

Las Vegas remains the world’s top gambling destination. Many new casino-resorts are scheduled to open here over the next few years. Now that the casinos have reopened, revenue in the city is starting to trickle back in.

Not every city has been as quick to get back to normal. In Atlantic City, the casinos remain shut down to the public. This has resulted in tens of thousands of job losses and some feel this city may never look the same.

State officials here are doing everything they can to help Atlantic City’s economy. Not long ago, the NJ State Senate approved a bill to help the casinos here. This bill also allocates a huge amount of money to help small businesses affected by the regulations here.

The current plan is for the casinos in this city to reopen by the Fourth of July. Obviously, everyone in this city is excited to see this happen. Many feel tourism will quickly surge here once the gaming venues are opened back up.

Casino industries around the country are finally starting to reopen. Some are earning more money than others. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for things in Atlantic City to get back to normal.

Are you excited to visit the pool at Circa Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!

Do You Need to Wear Masks in LV Casinos?

Las Vegas is now back up and running. With each passing weekend, more tourists from around the country are flocking to this city. Many are now asking if it’s required to wear masks in LV casinos.Casino Table Game

Obviously, that would take away from the overall gambling experience here. Public safety is extremely important, though. Today, we’re going to look at exactly what regulations are being implemented in this city.

Let’s get into it!

More Las Vegas Casinos Continue to Open Up

Back in mid-March, the city of Las Vegas changed in a way that most thought wasn’t possible. Due to the global pandemic, state officials forced all of the casinos in this city to close their doors. This took an incredible toll on the US gambling and entertainment hub.

Firstly, closing these casinos resulted in massive job loss. Hundreds of thousands of people are connected, in some way, to the tourism and entertainment industry in Las Vegas. Once these casinos closed down, many of these jobs were instantly lost.

The casino companies operating here also started to lose an incredible amount of revenue. Some of the companies here with several major venues began losing millions of dollars every day. Some analysts expressed fear that several casino-resorts in the city would never reopen to the public.

Fortunately, several of these venues were finally given permission to open back up on June 4th. That includes the New York-New York Hotel-Casino and the Bellagio. According to several reports, a surprisingly-large number of tourists visited these venues on opening day.

More of the top casinos in the city are scheduled to reopen over the next few weeks. Things still aren’t quite the same in these venues as they were a few weeks ago. Does that mean masks are still required?

Guests Are Not Required to Wear Masks in LV Casinos

Nearly all major health organizations around the world now recommend the wear of masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These facial coverings won’t necessarily protect you from catching the virus. They should, in theory, help to stop the wearer from spreading anything themselves.

Most venues that draw in large crowds require masks. As the casinos in Las Vegas began reopening, analysts questioned whether or not these gaming venues would do the same. That is not the case.

Masks in LV casinos are not required by patrons. Employees, however, need to wear masks while on the casino floor. It seems the owners of these properties are content enough with the safety measures currently set in place.

Nevada Control Board Chairwoman Sandra Morgan spoke about this decision with the Las Vegas Review-Journal this week.

“Per our current policy, all casino employees must be wearing masks. Licensees must have masks available for patrons and should strongly encourage patrons to wear them,” she said. “If that data changes and our percentage of positive cases increase, I would consider additional measures to ensure our healthcare system is not overburdened.”

Governor Sisolak also feels it’s not necessary for guests to wear masks inside casinos. If a surge of new cases emerge, however, there’s a good chance that he will change his stance. Stay tuned for updates on this situation.

Poker Tournaments Are Slowly Returning to Las Vegas

Within the next two months, all of the biggest and best gambling venues in Las Vegas will reopen to the public. It’s great news for gambling fans, many of whom have been looking forward to making some bets. Poker fans now have reason to celebrate, as well.

Several major casino-resorts here are starting to offer poker tournaments. Earlier this week, the Venetian Casino-Resort announced it will begin holding regular tournaments every weekend. The Golden Nugget, South Point, and the Orleans are also putting on tournaments.

In some ways, this city is back to normal. Masks in LV are not required by guests. Many slots and table games are now opening up inside the top casinos here.

Some fear that things will begin to change here once again. As many are aware of, Covid-19 infection rates are beginning to increase around the country. Some analysts believe states may need to implement intense measures again in order to prevent their healthcare systems from becoming overwhelmed.

It’s an extremely unusual time around the country. No one can really say exactly how things will look in Las Vegas over the next couple of months.

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Reno Casinos Are Reopening With Safety Measures in Place

Northern Nevada is home to a huge number of world-class gambling venues. Unfortunately, most of them have been shut down for the past few months. Reno casinos are now slowly beginning to open up and visitors are now flocking to the city to take part in the festivities.Reno Sign

It’s an exciting time for Nevada. Reno has always been a major gambling hub. Now, things are slowly getting back to normal here. Today, we’re going to look at what visitors here can expect.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Begins Allowing Casinos to Reopen

Nevada is home to the biggest gambling industry in the world. Casinos can be found in all parts of the state. Obviously, Las Vegas gets the most attention. This city is known as the gambling and entertainment capital of the country.

In March, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that all casinos in the state were being forced to close their doors. He, and many other health officials, felt that these venues posed a serious risk for major infection spreads. Some casino companies here began losing millions of dollars every single day as a result of these shutdowns.

Everyone knew this couldn’t continue forever. Cities like Las Vegas rely on gambling and tourism revenue. Under the restrictions set in place, this state was losing an unprecedented amount of money and jobs.

Many of the casinos in Nevada were finally given permission to reopen on June 4th. It was a historic moment for the state. Based on several reports, many tourists from around the country were excited to begin visiting these newly-reopened venues.

Most people have been talking about Las Vegas for the past few weeks. Reno, in the north of the state, has also taken a massive blow due to the regulations set in place. This week, several of the casinos in this city opened back up to the public.

Several Reno Casinos Are Now Open to the Public

Reno doesn’t get nearly as much attention as cities like Las Vegas. Many feel that it’s actually better than Las Vegas, though. It’s much quieter, yet a huge number of fantastic casino-resorts are currently operating in this city.

As we just mentioned, several different Reno casinos began opening back up to the public. The Atlantic, for example, recently just opened its doors to the public. John Farahi, CEO of the parent company of The Atlantis, spoke about the difficulties opening back up the public this week.

“A financial issue was something we could have planned for. This is a health issue. This is by far more challenging than our first expansion.”

The cleaning system set in place at this hotel is extensive. Guests are also having their temperature checked when entering the casino. Like many Las Vegas venues, The Atlantis also requires social distancing on the casino floor.

More Reno casinos are expected to open their doors over the next few weeks. Most expect the intense safety measures to remain in place here. It remains to be seen how much tourism begins to increase here this summer.

It’s clear that many people are excited to see these casinos reopen. Las Vegas is already seeing a major surge of tourists. More of the casino-resorts here are opening up in this city and revenue is starting to come back.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Las Vegas Casinos

It was hugely exciting to see the casinos in Las Vegas open back up. Some, however, expressed fear that these venues wouldn’t have the same fun atmosphere that they did at the beginning of this year. Many of the visitors here are commenting on how things are now in this city.

Many are happy to see that casino companies are focused on safety. Most of the casinos now limit the number of players at tables. Hand sanitizing stations are also located throughout most casino floors.

Bobbi Carlisle was the first guest to check-in at the D Hotel-Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Carlisle claims the atmosphere is still fun, and she expects to gamble on the casino floor over the weekend.

“It’s just been months of us trying to get here,” She said. “Now we’re here, and we’re so excited. We’re hoping to get a keno machine, and we’ll play there for days.”

Things certainly aren’t the same in Las Vegas. The same can be said for the Reno casinos now opened to the public. They are open to guests now, and that’s about as much as we can ask for at this point.

Stay tuned for more Nevada casino news over the next few weeks!

Gaming Officials Discuss Safety Measures in LV Casinos

Some of the biggest and best casino-resorts in Las Vegas are scheduled to open their doors in just a few days. It’s exciting news for residents across the city, many of whom are finally seeing their jobs return. This week, several major gaming officials discussed some of the safety measures in LV casinos to protect guests and staff.Slot Machines Inside Casino

It’s clear that casino companies in this city want to make things as safe as possible. Today, we’re going to look at some of the safety measures set in place here. We’ll also discuss how much tourism city officials expect over the next few weeks.

Let’s get into it!

Casinos in Las Vegas Are Opening Up On Thursday

We’ve been covering the situation in Las Vegas for months. As you probably already know, the casinos in this city were forced to close down back in March. At that time, no one really knew how long these gambling venues would be closed.

Casino companies instantly worked on coming up with safety plans to reopen. These were eventually approved by the Nevada State Gaming Board back in early May. State leaders finally agreed that casinos can reopen to the public on June 4th.

That’s now just a few days away. Several major casino-resorts are now scheduled to open this week. That includes The Bellagio Casino-Resort. More of the biggest casinos will continue to reopen over the next few weeks.

Obviously, this is a huge moment for many residents in this city. Closing down all of the casinos in Las Vegas cost hundreds of thousands of individuals their jobs. Finally, these residents are being able to work again.

Some are still expressing concern that things won’t be safe enough for guests. Casino companies dispute that fact, claiming that the safety measures in LV casinos are better than more other venues in the city. This week, some of these measures were revealed to the public.

Officials Describe Some of the Safety Measures in LV Casinos

Governor Steve Sisolak has been extremely hesitant to allow casinos to reopen. Doing so, he felt, would pose too serious of a risk to city residents and tourists. He’s changed his tune in recent weeks and seems content with the safety measures set in place.

We’re now beginning to hear about these safety measures.

Guests that visit The Bellagio will probably notice the hand sanitizers directly in front of the hotel’s entrance. In fact, these sanitizing stations can be found throughout the entire hotel-casino. This is now a requirement by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

John Flynn, MGM Vice President of Administration and Head of Health and Safety Strategy, spoke about the emphasis on proper hand washing to the media this week.

“You’ve got the touchless soap, you’ve got the touchless paper towel dispensers. On some of these you’ll have the mask dispensers, you’ll have glove dispensers,” Flynn said. “We wanted to bring hand-washing, first and foremost, to the front of everyone’s minds.”

There will also be significantly less contact between casino guests and staff. In some restaurants, for example, guests are likely to get virtual waitlists and will be encouraged to seat themselves.

Thermal cameras will be installed in many of the casinos in Las Vegas. Hope is that this helps the casinos locate those with fevers. The main goal is to avoid any infection spreads. Many are now debating how many people will decide to visit this city over the next few weeks.

Concerns Over Tourism Continue in Las Vegas

For many, the reopening of these Las Vegas casinos is hugely important. Many simply need these venues to reopen in order to make money. Some, however, are voicing their concerns that not enough visitors will flock to these casinos to keep them profitable.

Prior to the global pandemic, Las Vegas was seeing more than 40 million visitors every single year. Despite the casinos here opening back up, this number is likely to be significantly lower. Even with the safety measures in LV set in place, people have concerns about being exposed to the new coronavirus.

It’s a very difficult situation. City leaders and casino officials are doing everything they can to get the city back to normal. Perhaps that will never really happen.

Most of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip are now accepting reservations for June. As many have already noticed, there are some fantastic deals now available. Room rates are significantly lower than they were a few months ago.

Only time will tell how many tourists decide to visit Las Vegas over the next few months. Casino owners will be looking at new and exciting ways to attract visitors.

Are you content with the safety measures in LV casinos? Do you expect tourism rates to surge here once the casinos reopen? Let us know in the comments section below.