All Casino Restrictions in Las Vegas are Being Lifted Next Week

Las Vegas Casino Floor

Over the past few months, health officials in Nevada have been slowly lifting back many of the health regulations that have been set in place since 2020. This seems to be helping to boost tourism around the state. Beginning next Monday, all casino restrictions in Las Vegas will officially be removed.

The casino companies here have reason to celebrate. This decision comes just before the summer season and may lead to a major surge in visitors. Today, we’ll take a look at which rules are set to be removed.

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Las Vegas Casinos Report Surge of Bookings for Memorial Day Weekend

The city of Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the United States. This small city would generally bring in more than 40 million individuals from around the world every single year. Many flock to the different casino-resorts to enjoy the gambling and entertainment options.

2020 proved to be the most devastating year in history for the tourism industry here. For months, all of the casinos here were completely shut down. It wasn’t until June of 2020 that the gambling industry here began to bounce back.

Things have been improving massively throughout 2021. Tourism rates in the city have been steadily increasing. It now seems that this upcoming weekend will be one of the best of the year for the tourism industry here.

Memorial Day weekend is always a busy time for the gambling industry here. This year is shaping up to be one for the ages. Almost all of the hotel-casino companies here are reporting a huge surge of bookings over the weekend.

It’s great news for all of these casino companies. Most of them are still in serious need of big revenue surges to make up for the money lost last year. Memorial Day weekend will be a good way to begin this revenue increase.

Some feel that the increase in tourism here is also due to a lifting of restrictions. It now appears this city is ready to remove all of these restrictions next week.

Nevada Gaming Control Board Agrees to Remove All Casino Restrictions in Las Vegas

Nevada remains the gambling hub of the United States. There are a huge number of world-class casinos here, each of which is trying to bring in more visitors. It hasn’t been easy with many of the regulations set in place.

Infection rates throughout Nevada and the rest of the country have been dropping steadily lately. It’s fantastic news for the gaming industry here. As these rates drop, more people are choosing to travel to major casino destinations.

This drop in infections is also giving health officials the confidence to ease back on rules. Reports have confirmed that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has agreed to remove all casino restrictions in Las Vegas beginning on June 1. Gaming Control Board Brin Gibson offered a statement to the media this week.

“Each licensee shall comply with its respective county’s general capacity and occupancy limitations and social distancing requirements, as detailed in the county’s local plan, within the licensee’s gaming areas,” Gibson said. “As of June 1, 2021, none of Nevada’s counties will retain social distancing or occupancy limitations that would apply to a gaming licensee.”

Capacity limits are back at 100%. Casino-resorts around Las Vegas no longer need to require guests to wear masks. Overall, it appears that this city is nearly back to the way it was prior to March of 2020.

This should help to further boost tourism rates in the city. Stay tuned for more reports on revenue figures here over the next few weeks!

Atlantic City is Slower to Remove Major Restrictions

Throughout 2020, the economic situation in Las Vegas was covered by the media extensively. Overall, Las Vegas was economically impacted more by the pandemic than any other city in the country. As many know, Atlantic City also took a serious economic blow.

This city has been slower to remove its major restrictions. Governor Phil Murphy wants to ensure that the situation is completely secure before allowing casinos to operate at full capacity. Some feel it’s now time for this to change.

Tourism rates in Atlantic City have been steadily increasing throughout 2021. Not long ago, reports on the city’s revenue throughout the year’s first quarter were also just released. Many are impressed to see where things stand.

Throughout January, February, and March, the casinos in this city managed to bring in $95 million in gross gaming revenue. It’s a major increase when compared to 2020. This figure is also larger than what was seen here in 2019.

Hopefully, things continue to improve and Atlantic City casinos are able to operate at full capacity. Removing the mask mandate here may also help to promote tourism. We’ll continue to report on the rules changes here as the year goes on.

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Capacity Rules in Las Vegas are Finally Being Lifted

Las Vegas Strip Casinos

The tourism industry in Las Vegas is improving with each passing day. As Nevada’s health crisis improves, regulations toward many of the businesses here are being lifted. It’s now being reported that capacity rules in Las Vegas are being lifted.

The majority of casinos here are now able to fully open to guests. This should be a crucial step in getting revenue figures in the city back to pre-pandemic levels. Today, we’ll take a close look at which casinos are now operating at 100% capacity.

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Social Media Influencers Help to Boost LV Tourism Rates

Las Vegas is a city that relies heavily on tourism. That became abundantly clear last year after the casinos shut their doors to the public. A massive number of people immediately lost their jobs once the casinos closed.

Things have begun to improve very quickly in 2021. Casino revenue has been steadily increasing over the past four months. Casino companies here are reporting consistent rises in their visitation rates, as well.

Lately, a collection of social media influencers have been helping to boost tourism rates in Las Vegas. Some casinos are hiring these influencers to help promote their brand. It’s been effective, as tourism rates continue to rise heading into the summer months.

Most expect this summer to be a historic one for Las Vegas. Travel bookings into the city are already being made through June, July, and August. It’s fantastic news for the gambling industry here and the companies operating casinos in the city.

Resorts World Las Vegas is slated to open its doors this June. This is expected to be the most impressive gambling venue ever opened here. A growing number of tourists are now planning their trip to the city to visit this property.

Casinos are still doing everything they can to bring in more guests. Fortunately, these gambling properties can now begin operating at 100% capacity.

Here’s an Update on the Capacity Rules in Las Vegas

There are a huge number of world-class casinos in Las Vegas. Since March of 2020, however, most of these properties have been forced to welcome a limited number of guests. As a result, these venues have been reporting low revenue figures.

Many have been asking when the casinos in Las Vegas can operate a full capacity. The country’s health crisis is improving every single month. Many of the intense health regulations set in place more than a year ago are slowly being rolled back.

Reports have now confirmed that capacity rules in Las Vegas are being lifted. Several of the most popular casino-resorts in the city are already operating at 100% capacity. More will do so over the next few weeks.

Boyd Gaming, one of the biggest casino companies in the US, has just been given permission to resume full capacity at its nine Las Vegas-based casinos. That includes The Orleans, Gold Coast, Suncoast, Aliante Casino, Sam’s Town, The Cannery, the California, Fremont, and Jokers Wild.

Governor Sisolak has also just announced that indoor mask-wearing will no longer be required by vaccinated individuals. “I strongly urge all Nevadans who have not yet taken advantage of the COVID-19 vaccine to do so as soon as possible,” Sisolak said. You can check out his Tweet below.

The US casino industry is improving at a rapid pace. Hopefully, the next few months will end up being truly special for major gambling hubs around the country.

Are Capacity Limits Being Lifted in Atlantic City?

Las Vegas remains the biggest gambling destination in the United States. Atlantic City is the most popular casino hub in the northeastern area of the country. This city has also been struggling to generate gambling revenue over the past year.

Tourism numbers have been increasing here since 2021 began. As the warmer months approach, a growing number of individuals are choosing to make the journey here. Unfortunately, a much larger set of restrictions remain in place in Atlantic City.

Most of the gambling venues here are still operating at a limited capacity. This won’t last forever, though. As the health situation improves, rules will be lifted and more individuals will begin making the journey to the city.

A huge number of companies are now choosing to renovate their biggest casinos in Atlantic City. The Ocean Casino-Resort, for example, is about to undergo a $15 million renovation project. This will improve the property’s casino floor and outdoor amenities.

Some big changes are being made in gambling hubs around the country. Most analysts expect to see gaming revenue surge over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates on the different revenue figures as the year goes on!

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Nevada’s Gaming Revenue for March Jumps by 67%

Las Vegas Strip

Nevada’s long and complicated road to recovery continues. Things are bouncing back in a big way and casinos around the state have been reporting large surges in players lately. This week, we learned that Nevada’s gaming revenue for March jumped by an incredible 67%.

This is what officials in the state have been hoping to see. Nevada relies heavily on its gaming industry. Now is the perfect time to discuss exactly how much money flowed into the state last month.

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Las Vegas is Set to Remove Capacity Limits Soon

Tourism is an instrumental part of Nevada’s economy. Back in March of 2020, the state’s tourism industry came to a screeching halt. This, of course, was due to the global health crisis and shut down of the state’s casinos.

It wasn’t until June that casinos here were able to begin operating again. Shortly afterward, tourism rates into cities like Las Vegas slowly began to increase. These visitation rates still remained far below what was seen a year prior, though.

There are many reasons why tourism rates have remained low. Many analysts pointed toward the intense regulations set in place as a reason. It makes sense, as many visitors are unwilling to visit the city with so many regulations set in place.

Things are about to change in a big way. Governor Sisolak recently announced that businesses in Las Vegas will be able to operate at 100% capacity beginning on June 1. This is expected to boost tourism rates moving forward.

Many signs point to a major recovery already taking place in the city. Hotels in the city have been reporting major surges in visits over the past few months. This summer is shaping up to be one of the most successful in the city’s history.

We are now beginning to see how much money the gambling operators in the state brought in last month. Here’s what you need to know!

Here’s a Look at Nevada’s Gaming Revenue for March

Throughout almost the entirety of 2020, gambling revenue in Nevada hit record lows. It took a devastating toll on the casinos in the state. No one seemed to know how long this downward spiral would last for, either.

We’re now beginning to see a change. As we already mentioned, tourism rates are increasing here as the months go on. This directly leads to more gambling revenue flowing into the state’s many casinos.

Reports on Nevada’s gaming revenue for March have just been released. To the delight of state leaders, revenue here increased by 67% last month. It’s the first major increase the state has seen in more than a year.

Nevada’s gaming win passed the $1 billion mark during the month of March. In Clark County, revenue increased by 63.4% when compared to March of 2020. These numbers represent the biggest win since 2013 and clearly show that Las Vegas is recovering in a massive way. Michael Lawton, a senior research analyst for the NV, Control Board, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“These numbers are higher than I think anyone anticipated,” he said. “Demand was obviously a driver, in addition to capacity being increased to 50 percent on March 15 and the NCAA basketball tournament being played after last year’s cancellation. However, these numbers also benefited significantly from stimulus payments allowing for increased spend by customers across the state including locals and visitors.”

It seems highly likely that gaming revenue throughout Nevada will increase as the months go on. July should end up being a landmark month for the city. Let’s look at why that is.

The Opening of Resorts World Las Vegas is Less than Two Months Away

The past year hasn’t been easy for the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas. Keeping these venues closed had a tremendous cost. Fortunately, these properties will soon be able to operate at 100% capacity.

In July, the most expensive casino-resort ever built in Las Vegas will finally open its doors. This is Resorts World Las Vegas, opening in the northern area of the Strip. It cost an incredible $4.2 billion to construct and is expected to be a one-of-a-kind venue.

Last week, news broke that Resorts World LV will officially open to the public on June 24. To say that many are excited about this casino-resort is an understatement. Many feel it will help to significantly boost tourism rates into the city after opening.

This isn’t the only new property that will have opened in 2021. Earlier this year, the Virgin Casino-Resort finally opened in the city. It now sits where the former Hard Rock Hotel-Casino was operating.

Excitement is rising around Las Vegas. There are a huge number of exciting plans being set in place here. If things continue, we could see new gambling revenue records set here as the year continues.

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The UFC 264 Location is Confirmed to be Las Vegas!

T-Mobile Arena

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC is now set! After months of anxiously waiting, MMA fans around the world have finally received word of where the Irish superstar will be making his comeback. UFC President Dana White has announced that Las Vegas is officially set as the UFC 264 location.

To make things even more exciting, McGregor vs. Poirier 3 will be taking place inside the T-Mobile Arena in front of a sold-out crowd! Now is a great time to talk about what has led to the UFC booking this mega-fight in Las Vegas.

Here’s what you need to know!

More Restrictions are Being Lifted in Las Vegas

Many individuals in the city of Las Vegas are celebrating right now. For more than a year, intense health regulations have been set in place here. These have ended up taking a devastating toll on many of the city’s businesses.

The global health crisis that unfolded last year impacted Las Vegas more than any other US city. The tourism industry was completely shut down here for months. As a result, a massive number of individuals here lost their jobs and gaming revenue in the city reached new lows.

Nevada’s health situation has improved in recent months and tourism numbers are up considerably. As a result, Governor Steve Sisolak has begun slowly lifting many of the restrictions set in place here. This week, he made a huge announcement that has many individuals excited.

Sisolak claims that by June 1, he believes each of the state’s counties will be able to operate at 100% capacity.

“It’s what we do now that will allow us to return to more normal Nevada on June 1 and focus on a strong economic recovery — remaining vigilant, wearing a mask, and most importantly, getting vaccinated as soon as possible,” Sisolak said. “I’m not interested in who gets credit. This is the first piece of good news that I’m able to deliver in a long time.”

Some have expressed concern that this could end up reversing much of the progress the state has made here. Others believe Las Vegas needs to fully open in order to survive. It’s a complicated issue and one that continues to be debated.

This news has clearly reached officials within the UFC. We’re now hearing more about the promotion’s big plans to hold events here this summer.

Las Vegas is Set as the UFC 264 Location

The UFC was the first major sports league to resume its operations after the mass shutdowns back in March of 2020. Initially, the promotion faced a huge amount of criticism for holding events. As time went on, many of the country’s biggest sports leagues followed their model.

The UFC hasn’t slowed since. Over the past year, it’s held events throughout the US and in Abu Dhabi. There have been some major hiccups along the way. Overall, however, the UFC has succeeded and is more popular now than ever before.

Many fans have been eagerly waiting on news of Conor McGregor’s return. The Irish star was knocked out by Dustin Poirier in January and has been preparing for another fight against him. This week, UFC President Dana White revealed the UFC 264 location to his followers on social media. The big fight will be taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on July 10.

Check out the big announcement below!


This news comes shortly after Governor Sisolak’s reveal that Las Vegas will soon be fully reopening. Dana White has been asserting that he would begin holding events again as soon as possible. It now appears he is finally ready to pull the trigger here.

UFC 264 is likely to be the biggest MMA event of 2021. It’s set to be headlined by the trilogy between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. The undercard is likely stacked as well with exciting matchups.

Tickets for this event are set to go on sale this week. Most expect them to completely sell out within just a few days. We’ll be sure to offer more information on this massive bout over the next few weeks!

Atlantic City is Set to Host MMA Events Soon

Las Vegas is far from the only city to struggle economically since last year. This major casino hub saw record-low revenue figures over the course of 2020. Like Las Vegas, it also seemed to be recovering right now.

Tourism numbers here are beginning to increase. The casinos here are expanding their operating hours and capacity limits are expanding. Many expect a successful summer for the East Coast’s biggest gaming hub.

In July, Atlantic City will be the host city for the upcoming PFL season. The Professional Fighters League has grown to become one of the biggest MMA promotions in the US. Its 2021 season is shaping up to be its biggest in history.

This entire season will be held at the Ocean Casino Resort. This is one of the biggest and most popular gaming venues in the city. Not long ago, news broke that the Ilitch family had agreed to purchase a major stake in this property.

There is a lot happening in Atlantic City right now. It wouldn’t be a shock to see similar measures here to what is being implemented in Las Vegas. We’ll be sure to offer more information on the revenue figures here as the year goes on.

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Casino Capacity Limits in Las Vegas are Increasing Once Again!

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Las Vegas is still working hard to bring in tourists. The city seems to be on the path to doing so, with more venues opening up every month. This week, reports came out claiming that casino capacity limits in Las Vegas are increasing once again.

This is fantastic news for the owners of these casinos. Allowing more players is a crucial step in getting revenue figures back to 2019-levels. Today, we’ll talk about how this new rule could impact Las Vegas moving forward.

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Analysts Predict a Successful Summer for Las Vegas Casinos

The past year was certainly one that most US casino companies would like to forget. For months, the country’s gambling industry was completely shut down. Places like Las Vegas immediately started seeing unprecedented drops in tourism and gaming revenue.

Over the summer of 2020, things began to improve. The warmer weather seemed to attract more people into the city. Restrictions began dropping and many casinos started seeing an increase in their revenue figures.

As the winter approached, infection rates began to increase around the country and tourism rates in Las Vegas dropped once again. This was an extremely difficult time for the gaming operators here. Fortunately, it seems that things are improving.

Tourism rates are once again beginning to increase in Las Vegas. As a result, many casino companies here are choosing to resume 24-hour operations. Several prominent analysts believe this city will see a major surge of tourism and revenue by the time summer rolls around.

There are some clear signs that things are improving. Vaccine distribution is increasing around the country and travel is starting to ramp up once again.

Things are still far from normal in Las Vegas. Fortunately, state leaders are choosing to remove even more restrictions for the casinos in this city.

Gov. Sisolak Gives Green Light to Increase Casino Capacity Limits in Las Vegas

There are many things necessary for Las Vegas to return to normal. One is the removal of the heavy restrictions for the businesses here. These rules are keeping many people around the country from visiting Las Vegas.

There have been some major restrictions lifted in recent weeks. As infection rates in the city drop, casinos are given more leniency. This is already helping to bring in more visitors from around the US.

This week, news broke that casino capacity limits in Las Vegas are increasing once again. Moving forward, the casinos here are able to operate at 50% capacity. That is a major increase from the 35% allowed previously.

More casinos are now choosing to increase their operating hours. Caesars Entertainment recently announced that two more of its properties are deciding to resume 24-hour operations. Alexandria Dazlich, a member of the Nevada Restaurant Association, believes it won’t be long before full capacity is allowed inside casinos again.

“With more and more people getting vaccinated, restaurant employees, we hopefully are working towards something that is looking more to full capacity or 100% so I think that is important for both casino properties as well as properties off strip as well,” she said. 

The casino companies in Las Vegas clearly have reason to get excited. Stay tuned for updates on the tourism and revenue figures here.

Resorts World Las Vegas is Just a Few Months Away From Opening

The casinos in Las Vegas are known for being the biggest and best in the world. Soon, one of the coolest new gambling venues will officially open its doors here. Many have been looking to see Resorts World Las Vegas finally open for years.

There has been a tremendous amount of hype surrounding this venue. At $4.2 billion, it is the most expensive casino-resort ever built in this city. It is currently being built in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip.

An official opening date has not yet been revealed. It has been confirmed, however, that this property will be opening its doors sometime this summer. This property’s opening will likely help to bring in even more visitors to Las Vegas.

Resorts World Las Vegas is still looking for employees. Tens of thousands of individuals have already applied for a position here. Many are hoping to secure a job at one of the most exciting new gambling venues in the city.

The timing could world out well. Resorts World may be opening its doors for the first time in the middle of a major tourism boom. Hopefully, this venue ends up being a huge success.

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The Security at Wynn Las Vegas is Ramping Up Right Now

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Resorts owns some of the biggest and best casino-resorts on the planet. That includes several in the city of Las Vegas. New reports claim that the security at Wynn Las Vegas is beginning to ramp up due to recent events.

The Las Vegas Strip is generally a safe area. Occasionally, however, bad things happen at the biggest casino-resorts in the city. Now is a great time to talk about what is changing over at Wynn Las Vegas.

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Many Restrictions are Being Lifted in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been under intense restrictions for almost an entire year. That’s made things tough for many of the businesses here. Tourism rates have been low and casino companies were left with small revenue figures for months.

Many felt that the heavy restrictions set in place were leading to these drops in tourism. Very few people around the country were interested in making the trip to Las Vegas with the rules set in place. There has been serious pressure on Governor Sisolak to begin lifting these restrictions.

Sisolak now feels things are safe enough to start getting back to normal. Recently, Las Vegas has been seeing major restrictions being lifted. Most venues in the city are now able to operate at 35%.

Soon, even more restrictions will be lifted. Nightclubs and similar venues will be given permission to open their doors to the public. This will likely help to significantly boost tourism rates in the city, particularly as the warmer weather approaches.

Casinos in Las Vegas here have reason to celebrate. Finally, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the city of Las Vegas. Many experts expect to see a major increase in visitors here over the next few months.

Crime is always an issue in major cities such as Las Vegas. Some of the gambling venues here are now choosing to ramp up their security measures.

Reports Confirm the Security at Wynn Las Vegas is Increasing

There are a huge number of world-class casino-resorts operating in Las Vegas. Most agree that the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas are two of the best. These two venues are located in the northern area of the Strip and are known for their opulence.

Unfortunately, crime rates have been slightly higher in Las Vegas over the past year than they have been in the past. As a result, many casinos here have been forced to implement more intense safety regulations.

Earlier this week, news broke that a shooting of a security officer occurred at the Wynn Las Vegas Casino-Resort. This latest incident seems to have been enough for the owners of this venue to make a change. We’re now beginning to hear more about the increase in security at Wynn Las Vegas.

Reports have confirmed that this popular casino-resort is choosing to add armed officers with body armor to its security team. This comes as a direct result of the security officer shooting this week. Wynn wants to ensure its employees stay as safe as possible.

Some might be concerned about these increases in security lately. The vast majority of visitors to Las Vegas still have nothing to worry about. Violent crime is very rare in Las Vegas and these new types of security measures will help to make things even safer in the country.

Wynn Resorts has reason to be optimistic right now. A new influx of visitors is expected over the next few months. How are other major casino hubs faring right now?

Atlantic City is Preparing for a Surge of Tourism

Las Vegas is far from the only major casino hub in the United States. The entire US gambling industry has been expanding over the past few years. There are now many cities around the country home to fantastic casino-resorts.

Atlantic City is without a doubt the biggest gaming hub on the East Coast. This city has grown tremendously over the past decade. Prior to 2020, this city was seeing steady increases in its gambling revenue.

The events that unfolded in 2020 put a halt to much of the progress in this city. Fortunately, this city is beginning to see increases in its tourism and revenue. Much of that also has to do with the lifting of intense regulations in the city.

A recent poll showed that the majority of travelers are willing to visit Atlantic City this year. It’s exactly the kind of news that the casino companies here hoped to hear. Some are now preparing their hotels for an increase in visitors.

There are some big things happening in the country’s casino industry. If all goes according to plan, this could result in a fantastic year for the companies operating these gambling venues. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on these cities over the next few months.

Are you surprised to hear that security at Wynn Las Vegas is increasing? Let us know in the comments section below.

Gov. Sisolak Begins Easing Back Restrictions in Las Vegas

Governor Sisolak

Las Vegas is still in the middle of recovery mode. It’s been almost a year since the mass casino shutdowns and the city is working hard to promote tourism. Recently, Governor Steve Sisolak has begun to significantly ease back on the restrictions in Las Vegas.

This is seen as a key factor in boosting tourism rates in the city. Of course, everyone wants to ensure it is done in the safest way possible. Today, we’ll talk about how things are changing in Las Vegas right now.

Here’s what we know.

Las Vegas Airport Visits Are Still Down From 2020

Prior to 2020, the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport was one of the most-visited in the country. Millions of people would make the journey through this airport every single month. Then, in March of last year, tourism into Las Vegas came to a screeching halt.

The city’s tourism industry still has not fully recovered since this time. It took months for any significant number of visitors to return to Las Vegas. It’s been almost a year and the airport here continues to see year-on-year drops.

This past January, the Las Vegas airport saw just 1.5 million passengers making their way to and from the city. That is a large drop from the 4.1 million visitors seen in January of 2020. It’s not much of a surprise when considering the differences in world events between the two years.

Many are now looking at what will lead to a major increase in tourism. Casino companies have been trying hard to offer better rates to guests. These companies have also been implementing intense safety measures to make patrons feel as safe as possible.

Even the most informed analysts are unaware of when the city will completely return to normal. There are some very promising signs lately. It appears that Las Vegas is beginning to see an increase in visitors right now.

There are several reasons why this is. Many feel it is due to the recent rollback of safety restrictions throughout Nevada.

More Restrictions in Las Vegas are Being Removed

Las Vegas is known as one of the most exciting in the United States. Many of the laws and regulations in other parts of the country are not present here. Many flock to Las Vegas every year to take part in the festivities.

The safety regulations set in place here obviously took away from the care-free environment. There was nothing that city officials could do, though. Governor Sisolak was forced to implement many intense restrictions to cut down on infection rates.

These infection rates have been steadily dropping lately. As a result, Sisolak has been able to remove many of the restrictions in Las Vegas. It’s becoming clear that the city benefits from the removal of these rules.

“Mark my words: Nevada will be the safest place to have a convention or to come and visit. It will be safe for the tourists; it will be safe for the hotel operators and for employees and their families … We’re going to continue to have our numbers improve. We’re going to vaccinate as many people as we possibly can. And we’ll continue to open our economy back up,” Sisolak said in a recent interview. “If I’m going to take a vacation with my family — the people that I love the most — I’m going to go where I feel safe. I saw a picture of a Texas basketball game the other night. It was full, and nobody was wearing a mask. I mean, that’s not going to work.”

If all goes well, even more restrictions will be lifted beginning on March 15. This will allow almost all businesses in the city to operate at 50% capacity. Another successful run will allow even more lifting of restrictions beginning on May 1.

There is reason to be optimistic about the future of Las Vegas. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on restrictions and tourism rates over the next few weeks!

Are Nightclubs in Las Vegas Now Open?

There are more world-class nightclubs in Las Vegas than any other city in the country. On the Las Vegas Strip, in particular, a huge number of exciting nightlife venues are preparing to open back up. Some already have opened in a limited capacity.

Under the current restrictions, all traditional nightclubs are still unable to operate normally. Some of the clubs in the city have still managed to reopen by changing their operations. It’s a sort of loophole that these venues are taking advantage of.

Tao at The Venetian (which was recently sold by Las Vegas Sands) is now operating a sort of club experience called Tao Late Night. This runs from Saturday beginning at 10:30 pm. It will also be taking place on Fridays starting on March 19.

XS at Encore has also resumed a sort of nightclub experience. Late-night indoor and outdoor tables are now available on Friday and Saturday beginning at 10 pm. This venue plans to expand its operations later this month.

Based on the way things are moving, it won’t be long before nightclubs are able to resume their full operations. Many seem torn on this subject. Ultimately, however, these venues will be able to open when state officials deem that it is safe.

Are you happy to see restrictions in Las Vegas being rolled back? Let us know in the comments section below!

More Properties Allow Weekday Hotel Reservations in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Strip

Casinos in Las Vegas continue to face drops in visitation rates and gaming revenue. As a result, many have been forced to shut down for certain days of the week to cut down on costs. New reports claim that many of the most popular casino-resorts are finally allowing weekday hotel reservations in Las Vegas again.

This could be a promising sign that Las Vegas is recovering. Today, we’ll talk about which hotels here are changing their hours. We’ll also discuss some of the exciting new events happening in the city over the next eleven months.

Let’s get into it!

More Entertainment Options Are Coming Back to Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been one of the most-visited cities in the United States. Prior to 2020, more than 40 million people would flock to this city every year to take part in the entertainment and gambling options. This trend stopped when the casinos here were ordered to shut their doors back in March.

Governor Sisolak began allowing casinos to reopen their doors in June. It took months for all of the major casino-resorts in the city to fully reopen. As the winter months approached and tourism numbers slumped once again, several major casinos here were forced to close down again.

Nevada’s health regulations were ramped up over the winter. Infections were on the rise and fewer people from around the country were making the trip to the state. Fortunately, things seem to be improving now.

Cases have been steadily dropping in Nevada for weeks. As a result, Governor Sisolak has been slowly easing back restrictions. This is giving casinos some breathing room, allowing for higher capacity limits and more restaurants to open.

Many of the entertainment options in Las Vegas are coming back, too. David Copperfield is set to resume his world-famous magic show begins next month. Carrot Top is heading back to Luxor this weekend. It seems that Las Vegas is cautiously getting back to normal.

Casinos are beginning to see another increase in visitation rates. Several have now announced they will soon begin accepting guests in the middle of the week!

Several Major Properties Begin Allowing Weekday Hotel Reservations in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is still home to the world’s biggest and best casino-resorts. The majority of these venues are located on the Las Vegas Strip. They have been hugely successful over the years at consistently bringing in guests from around the world.

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas is not just a weekend town. Many people prefer to head to Sin City during the week. That includes business travelers and those who simply prefer the play inside casinos without big crowds.

When tourism numbers fell, several of the biggest casinos in this city stopped allowing guest stays in the middle of the week. This was done in a way to cut down on costs. Beginning in March, several of these properties will once again begin allowing weekday hotel reservations in Las Vegas.

Mandalay Bay, Park MGM, and The Mirage will all resume opening seven days a week beginning on March 3. Bill Hornbuckle, MGM Resorts’ CEO and president, released a statement explaining the decision to do so.

“As we begin to see positive signs around the public’s sentiment about traveling, coupled with important progress on the vaccination front and decreasing COVID-19 case numbers, bringing Mandalay Bay, Park MGM and The Mirage back to full-week operations is an important step for us,” Hornbuckle said. “We remain optimistic about Las Vegas’ recovery and our ability to bring employees back to work as business volumes allow us to do so.” 

This is exciting news for many people around the country. More properties around Las Vegas are finally choosing to reopen mid-week. That is an extremely positive sign for the city moving forward. We’ll be sure to report on tourism and revenue numbers here over the next few months!

Atlantic City’s Gaming Revenue Increases in January

Las Vegas isn’t the country’s only major casino destination. Over on the East Coast, Atlantic City remains the biggest and best gambling hub. This small New Jersey city is home to a huge number of popular casinos and entertainment options.

Throughout 2020, gambling revenue in this city was on a steady decline. Casinos here were closed for several months out of the year. It wasn’t until July that Atlantic City began seeing any kind of normalcy again.

Things are improving, though. New reports indicate gaming revenue in Atlantic City increased by 9.3% in January. That is an extremely promising sign for one of the most popular gambling destinations in the world.

The loosening of regulations here seems to be helping. Tourism rates in the city are increasing and nearly all casinos are seeing an increase in visitors right now. Sports betting revenue seems to be increasing, too.

New Jersey’s total sports betting handle came out to $958.7 million for the month of January. It won’t be long before the state breaks the $1 billion mark. Clearly, things are beginning to bounce back here.

Do you plan to make any weekday hotel reservations in Las Vegas? Where will you stay? Let us know in the comments section below!

Health Experts Warn of Large Super Bowl Parties in Las Vegas

Patrick Mahomes

Las Vegas is still known as the entertainment capital of the United States. Super Bowl Sunday tends to be one of the biggest party days in the country. Many health experts are now warning about the impact that Super Bowl parties in Las Vegas could have on the city.

Obviously, large gatherings are still unadvised right now. Despite that fact, there are several events scheduled in Las Vegas for game day next month. Today, we’ll take a look at what is going on here.

Let’s get into it!

The NFL Conference Championships Have Almost Arrived!

This year’s NFL season has been unlike any other in history. For a time, it seemed as if the season would be canceled entirely. Officials within the league made adjustments and the season took place in the best way that it possibly could.

Most feel that it has been a major success. We saw several games canceled over the past few months. Ultimately, however, the season was never forced to be postponed. There were some incredible matchups and a number of exciting upsets.

NFL betting grew more popular than ever before in 2020. Football fans around the country flocked to different online sports betting sites such as Bovada to place their wagers on the game outcomes. For many of these fans, this proved to be an extremely profitable decision.

The current NFL season is now coming to an end. This weekend, the conference championship games will finally take place. Fans will be treated to the matchups featuring the Buccaneers vs. Packers, and the Bills vs. Chiefs.

Both of these games are expected to be extremely competitive. Obviously, there are clear betting favorites in each one. Many fans are extremely excited to see how the Bills fare against the Chiefs, in particular.

Next month, Super Bowl LV is scheduled to take place in Tampa, Florida. It will be an exciting day for football fans around the country. Are Super Bowl parties putting public health at risk?

More Restaurants Prepare to Host Super Bowl Parties in Las Vegas

For decades, Las Vegas has been one of the most-visited cities in the United States. People from around the world would flock to this city to take part in the gambling and entertainment options. Throughout 2020, tourism rates in Las Vegas were significantly lower than in years prior.

With Super Bowl LV just around the corner, many experts predict we’ll see a rise in tourism here. This city is known to put on incredible events that surround game day. 2021 will be no different, with several restaurants here recently announcing events surrounding Super Bowl Sunday.

We’re now seeing Super Bowl parties in Las Vegas planned to take place at the Cabo Wabo Cantina, Dog Haus, Golden Circle Sportsbook, and more. Just about all of the major casino-resorts in the city will be looking to bring in visitors to enjoy the game, as well.

Governor Steve Sisolak issued a notice in November that limits large gatherings. Failing to abide by these rules, he argues, could result in a spike of infections.

“With vaccination now occurring and with Gov. Sisolak’s recent reprioritization of front-line gaming employees in the vaccination queue, now is the time to ensure that the Nevada gaming industry can seize every available competitive advantage associated with widespread industry vaccination and rigorous safety and cleanliness practices,” the Governor’s notice reads. “Short-term gains achieved at the expense of the industry’s longer-term ability to rightly proclaim itself the safest tourism and convention host site in the world could prove shortsighted.”

Sisolak and health experts in Nevada have concerns that the Super Bowl parties in Las Vegas could result in people ignoring safety protocols. Casinos and restaurants here are hurting right now, however, and are looking at the Super Bowl as a way to bring in some much-needed revenue.

We’ll be sure to offer more information on the events planned here over the next few days. Stay tuned for updates.

Breaking Down the Best Online Super Bowl Betting Odds

As we already mentioned, NFL betting grew more popular than ever before in 2020. People around the US have been stuck largely at home for months. As a result, many are heading over to different betting sites to place their wagers on how things play out.

Bovada, one of the best football betting sites in the US, is offering some amazing odds on this year’s Super Bowl. We still don’t know which teams will be playing in the big game this year. That gives bettors some incredible odds to win big.

At the moment, the Packers and Chiefs are listed as the betting favorites to win with current odds of +200. Both teams have looked incredible throughout the season. It wouldn’t be a shock to see them competing for the championship on February 7.

The Buffalo Bills come in with odds of +333 to win this year’s Super Bowl. The team has defied the odds throughout the entire season. With one of the most passionate fan bases in the country, some feel the Bills will rally all the way to a Super Bowl victory.

Lastly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are listed as the +400 underdogs. Tom Brady has looked vintage in recent games, including the one last weekend against the Saints. If Tampa Bay gets past the Packers this weekend, they might be on the road to a championship win.

Do you plan to attend any Super Bowl parties in Las Vegas? Which team do you think wins? Let us know in the comments section below.

Many Are Now Pushing the AGA to Ban Smoking Inside Casinos

Cigarettes In Ash Tray

Casinos around the United States have been working extremely hard to improve their safety measures lately. Unfortunately, many of these gambling venues have been forced to shut down due to public health concerns. Several prominent groups are now pushing the American Gaming Association to ban smoking inside casinos.

This has been a major talking point for years. Today, we’ll talk about what could lead to this massive change being implemented.

Let’s get into it!

More States Are Expected to Shut Down Casinos This Month

For more than a month, the United States has been experiencing a massive spike in Covid-19 cases. It’s something that health experts have been warning about for years. As the colder months approach, more people are gathering indoors and infection rates begin to increase.

Each state is taking its own approach to deal with this situation. Many analysts have been keeping a close eye on what is happening in Nevada. The world’s biggest gambling hub has ordered casinos to ramp up safety measures, yet Governor Sisolak is doing everything he can to avoid a complete shutdown of the state’s casinos.

Some states are taking more dramatic steps. Several states including Illinois and Michigan have ordered all commercial casinos to close their doors to the public. It’s been a tough situation for the owners of these gambling venues, all of whom are losing massive amounts of revenue each week.

Unfortunately, infection rates continue to increase around the country. Some analysts now expect more states to announce casino shutdowns in the near future. There’s even a chance that this could take place in major gaming hubs such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The land-based casino industry is facing its toughest test in history. Casino companies are now trying to come up with new safety measures to convince state leaders they can remain open. Whether or not they will be successful remains to be seen.

Several groups are calling for casinos to change their rules on smoking. Could we see a smoking ban implemented before the end of the year?

California Group Pushes to Ban Smoking Inside Casinos

Smoking has been allowed in casinos for decades. Despite the known health effects, major gaming destinations have done little to stop this trend.

It’s not hard to see why. A few casinos in hubs like Las Vegas have decided to prohibit smoking over the past couple of decades. Doing so almost immediately resulted in a major drop in their average number of players.

Perhaps 2020 is the year a widely-adopted smoking ban is finally set in place. At least, that’s what the California-based Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights have been calling for. This week, the group sent a formal letter to the American Gaming Association asking for casinos to stop accepting tax dollars unless they prohibit smoking. The group also claims that banning smoking does not result in a major drop in overall revenue.

“In states with permanent smoke-free policies, such as Maryland and Ohio, the industry is experiencing year-over-year revenue increases, despite operating at reduced capacity,” the group’s letter said. “Casinos in states that were forced to abide by a state-imposed, temporary smoke-free policy in order to reopen, such as Pennsylvania, have seen revenues remain relatively stable compared to the previous year, especially considering they have been operating at significantly reduced capacity, and the smoke-free policy has helped to keep 99 percent of gaming employees COVID-free.”

In the past, it would seem impossible to imagine this kind of measure being widely adopted. This industry is in a precarious position right now, however, and this new rule could help casinos to remain open.

We’ll continue offering updates on this situation over the next few months!

Here’s What to Expect in Las Vegas This Month

From an economic standpoint, Las Vegas has been hit harder than any other major US city. This part of the country relies heavily on its tourism and casino industry. For nearly all of 2020, these industries have been hurting.

Governor Steve Sisolak understands how devastating the state’s regulations can be. The casino shutdowns back in March resulted in a massive number of job losses and may have permanent effects on the city. Sisolak also understands that failing to implement any regulations could have just as devastating an effect.

In mid-November, the Governor announced a new set of regulations. Until further notice, bars, restaurants, and casinos will need to operate at just 25% capacity. Private gatherings must be limited to 10 people.

At the time of this article, Nevada experienced an additional 2,902 Covid-19 cases and 23 more deaths. That’s a large increase from the 2,536 cases seen yesterday. Despite the state’s efforts, more cases are being seen here on an almost daily basis.

Some now believe that another major casino shutdown is necessary. Without it, the state may continue seeing huge increases in infections. Hopefully, the federal government comes up with a plan to protect the businesses and individuals affected by any new regulations set in place here.

Do you think the AGA should ban smoking inside casinos? Could this take place in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!