Gambling Revenue in NJ Was Down Nearly 66% in June

New Jersey finally gave its casinos the green light to reopen over Fourth of July weekend. Prior to this move, casino companies in the state were relying entirely on their online gambling operations for money. According to new reports, gambling revenue in NJ earned in June was down almost 66%.Revenue Decline Image

Some feel this is actually a success for the state. Other parts of the country saw their gambling revenue drop to almost zero while casinos were shut down. Today, we’re going to look at how much money the casinos here managed to bring in last month.

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State Leaders Continue Looking at Ways to Improve Atlantic City

The state of the land-based casino industry is changing every single week. Most states have chosen to reopen their casinos, albeit with major restrictions set in place. Some have rolled back their plans and have forced casinos to shut down once again.

Lawmakers in New Jersey wanted to take their time reopening the state’s gambling industry. It was devastating for Atlantic City’s economy. As most know, this city relies almost entirely on tourism and gambling revenue.

Governor Murphy began allowing casinos to open back up over Fourth of July weekend. According to reports, a large number of visitors flocked to the city to take part in the festivities. Many of these guests were surprised to see that eating, drinking, and smoking are now prohibited inside casinos.

Since opening weekend, tourism in this city seems to be dropping. Cases of Covid-19 are increasing around the country and many fear that a new wave could eventually hit New Jersey. State leaders are still doing everything they can to promote tourism while protecting public safety.

Balancing these two things isn’t easy. Casinos here continue to offer new deals, yet some may soon be forced to implement new, intense safety measures. We’re just starting to see how much money the casino companies in this state managed to bring in last month.

June’s Gambling Revenue in NJ Dropped by 65.6%

Everyone knew that June would be a tough month for New Jersey’s gambling industry. Casinos were shut down for the entire month. The only money being earned here was from these casino’s online gambling operations.

Many were curious to see exactly much money the gambling industry here earned in June. We now have an answer. According to new reports, June’s gambling revenue in NJ dropped by an incredible 65.6%.

It was a significant drop when compared to 2020. The nine casinos and two horse racing tracks managed to bring in $97.5 million in June. That’s nearly identical to the drop in revenue experienced this May.

Of course, the online gambling operations here have been earning significantly more money than they did in the past. Regulated online sportsbooks here brought in $12.6 million in June. In June of 2020, these sportsbooks earned just $9.7 million.

James Plousis, chairman of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, spoke about the revenue figures to the media this week.

“June was the last full month of casino closures, and the figures reflect the historic business disruption across the region and beyond,” Plousis said. “Now that casinos have begun welcoming back visitors with appropriate limits, Atlantic City has started on the road to recovery.”

Fortunately, July is guaranteed to be a better month. Even with casinos operating at 25% capacity, revenue figures will be up. Stay tuned for updates!

How Are Things Looking in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas opened up earlier than many initially predicted. For a time, Governor Sisolak was hesitant to allow casinos to reopen. Eventually, however, he recognized that it was a necessity for Las Vegas to survive.

Casinos began to open here on June 4th. Today, nearly all of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip are now accepting guests. Cases of Covid-19 have begun to increase in Clark County and many of the casinos are now increasing their safety measures.

Earlier this week, Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands announced they are no longer allowing smoking at table games. Some still criticize the fact that smoking is allowed in these casinos at all. In time, casino companies may have no other choice than to set a blanket bet on smoking indoors.

It’s still not entirely clear how much revenue the casinos here are earning. Tourism rates here are fluctuating. Much like Atlantic City, fewer visitors seem to be traveling here due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases around the country.

It’s an incredibly difficult time for the US land-based gambling industry. More and more states are now turning to online gambling for revenue. It’s likely that more states will look at regulating this industry as time goes on.

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NJ Senate Passes Bill to Help Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City is struggling right now. In fact, the past three months have been some of the hardest this city has ever gone through. Fortunately, things may start to improve soon. The NJ Senate has just passed a comprehensive relief bill to help Atlantic City casinos.New Jersey

It’s great news for residents and business owners in this area. Based on the way things are going, the casino industry here may begin operating within the next couple of weeks. Today, we’re going to look at the details of this newly-passed bill.

Governor Murphy Still Looks at July 4th Date To Reopen Casinos

New Jersey has one of the largest and most successful casino industries in the country. Since the legalization of sports betting in 2018, gambling revenue in this city has been on a steady incline. There are a huge number of world-class gambling venues here within a very small area.

As you probably already know, the casinos here were forced to close down in March. It was a devastating move for this part of New Jersey. The majority of individuals living here are tied to the gambling industry. Once it closed, money stopped flowing in.

Since March, politicians and business owners here have looked at ways to get things back on track. Everyone wants to see casinos reopen their doors. Unfortunately, New Jersey still has high rates of Covid-19 and many leaders here are worried that reopening casinos will increase these numbers even further.

In late May, Governor Phil Murphy told the media that casinos here would likely be able to reopen to the public by the Fourth of July. It was the first indication that state leaders were ready to get this industry up and running again.

The plan is still to get Atlantic City’s gambling venues reopened by July 4th. That isn’t the only thing needed to protect this city, though. This week, state officials approved a new bill that should help casinos here during these difficult times.

Here Are Some Details About the Bill to Help Atlantic City Casinos

Everyone knew that something had to be done to protect the casino companies in Atlantic City. Much like the ones in Las Vegas, some of these gambling operators have been losing an incredible amount of money every single month. Officials in Atlantic City have been discussing ways to help these companies with some of the most powerful politicians in the state.

Fortunately, the New Jersey Senate has officially approved a new relief bill to help Atlantic City casinos. This allows for new permanent and temporary tax breaks for these gambling venues. Hope is that these measures allow the casino industry here to bounce back quickly.

State Senator Chris Brown was one of the main leaders responsible for getting this bill, called S2400, passed. He’s confident that it will help residents here to keep their jobs.

“My concern has been and remains with the families who overnight found themselves unemployed and left to deal with a broken unemployment system for the last three months,” Brown said. “Working in a bipartisan manner, we took a step today toward saving 27,000 casino jobs while also assisting our small businesses so we can put our Atlantic County families back to work.”

There are several interesting things this bill allows for. First, it reduces gaming revenue taxes for the casinos here. Secondly, it eliminates hotel fees for the rest of the year. Many are also pleased to find that it allocates $100 million in federal grant money to help small businesses.

No bill is ever going to be perfect. Most politicians feel this is the best possible option to help both businesses and residents in the city, though. The next real test will be getting visitors to start visiting and gambling in Atlantic City.

More States Slowly Begin Allowing Casino Industries to Reopen

New Jersey isn’t the only state hurting due to these casino closures. In fact, every single state saw their casino industries come to a screeching halt back in March. This has resulted in an incredible amount of revenue loss across the country.

Fortunately, most states are now allowing their casinos to start operating again. Many of the biggest casino-resorts in Las Vegas reopened to the public on June 4th. Several more of the casinos here will start reopening over the next few weeks.

In some states, casinos are taking things into their own hands. California’s casinos are operated entirely by Native American tribes. Many of these tribes have begun operating their gambling venues without specific permission from state leaders. This is possible, as they sit on sovereign land.

Atlantic City should start getting back on track by Independence Day. Many analysts predict that many visitors will begin flocking here once the casinos reopen. The bill to help Atlantic City casinos should help to make this whole situation a little easier.

Anything is possible. If another major spike in cases is seen, the current plans may change once again. Make sure to stay tuned for updates.

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Drinking on the AC Boardwalk Has Just Been Approved

New Jersey officials claim the casinos in Atlantic City will reopen sometime in the next few weeks. City officials are now doing everything they can to start attracting new visitors. According to new reports, drinking on the AC boardwalk is now being allowed.Atlantic City Boardwalk

Many will be surprised to hear this was actually illegal in the past. Many visitors to the city have enjoyed having a drink on the famous Boardwalk. Today, we’re going to discuss what to expect from this city once July rolls around.

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Governor Murphy Still Expects Casinos to Reopen by July 4th

It’s been very interesting watching the US casino industry slowly recover. Essentially all of the country’s gambling venues closed their doors back in March. Over the past few weeks, however, many states have begun allowing their casinos to open back up.

In Las Vegas, some of the top casinos here began opening back up in early June. Tourism has slowly increased here over the past two weeks. Most of the biggest casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip will reopen here by the end of the month.

Casinos are even opening in some parts of the country without specific permission to do so. In California, for example, all of the gaming venues are Native American-run and sit on sovereign land. These casinos can set their own rules and many are now accepting guests again.

New Jersey still has some of the highest cases of Covid-19 in the country. Obviously, state leaders are hesitant to start allowing crowded casinos to begin operating again. That’s beginning to change, though.

Governor Phil Murphy claims that casinos will be operational here by the Fourth of July. Many on the East Coast are excited to hear this happen. This small city is known as the top gaming destination in this part of the country. Now, officials here are looking at ways to boost tourism here.

Mayor Approves Measures to Allow Drinking on the AC Boardwalk

Over the past five years, Atlantic City has regained its status as a major gambling and entertainment destination. With the legalization of sports betting and renovations to many of the casinos here, things have improved rapidly. The past few months have halted the progress that was made.

It’s still not entirely clear how things will look here once the casinos are reopened. Many people around the world are still hesitant to visit a crowded gambling venue during a global pandemic. Las Vegas is proving that many are willing to put their concerns to the side in order to have a good time.

Everyone is hoping that Atlantic City manages to find the success that it did at the beginning of the year. The casino industry here employs tens of thousands of individuals. Unless things start to turn around here, some of the casinos could permanently shut down.

Mayor Marty Smalls officially signed an executive order on Monday to allow drinking on the AC Boardwalk. He hopes it will help to bring in more visitors to the city. Pat Fasano, a local restaurant owner in the area, is confident this will boost tourism.

“It’s the Bourbon Street vibe we’re going for,” he said. “Having the ability to sell drinks to go is definitely helpful because: Who’s in the bars now? No one. “You go from 100 to zero during the pandemic.”

It’s likely that more measures such as this one will be approved over the next couple of weeks. Some fantastic travel deals are already being offered. We’ll be sure to offer updates on the tourism numbers once the casinos reopen.

More Las Vegas Casinos Are Scheduled to Reopen

On the East Coast of the US, Atlantic City remains the top gaming destination. There’s no doubt that Las Vegas remains the gambling hub of the country, though. As we mentioned earlier, many of the major casino-resorts reopened here recently.

In some ways, this was a test. Casino operators wanted to see how many tourists would come into the city under the current situation. Many were impressed with the number of visitors and more casinos are now set to open over the next few weeks.

The Aria, Mandalay Bay, and Luxor are scheduled to reopen over the next couple of weeks. Almost all analysts predict that tourism will increase as the months go on. Casino companies may begin looking at new areas to generate revenue, though.

Macau is expected to bring some relief to these companies. China recently lifted its travel restriction to this gambling destination. The US casino companies with property here will start to benefit as a result of this decision.

Atlantic City has been through tough times before. Hope is that drinking on the AC Boardwalk helps to bring in more visitors and boost revenue.

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NJ Governor Comments on Reopening Atlantic City Casinos

The United States has recorded nearly 100,000 deaths from Covid-19. At the moment, New Jersey has the second-most fatalities in the country. Calls to reopen the state economy continue, yet many state leaders feel it’s too early to get back to normal. This week, NJ Governor Phil Murphy spoke about the reopening of Atlantic City casinos.Sky View Of Atlantic City

Many states around the country are beginning to open their gambling industries back up. Unfortunately, New Jersey’s gaming industry may remain closed for some time. Today, we’re going to look at when this state’s casinos may be given permission to reopen.

Atlantic City’s Casino Industry Remains Shut Down

New Jersey is home to one of the biggest and most successful casino industries in the United States. Over the past few years, gambling revenue has gradually increased in Atlantic City. The legalization of sports betting and online casino gambling seems to have brought new life to this area.

Since March, however, casino revenue in AC has plummeted. New Jersey has the second-most Covid-19 cases in the country and all gambling venues here remain closed. As time goes on, more officials in the gambling industry have begun asking for the state government to reopen casinos.

It’s not an easy situation. Obviously, casinos are easy places for a respiratory virus to spread. Cases have been dropping in New Jersey, yet many health experts warn that a second-wave of infections may be just around the corner.

There’s also the issue of tourism. It’s not entirely clear if reopening Atlantic City casinos would immediately draw a huge number of visitors to the city. We’ve seen recently-opened casinos in Oklahoma draw large crowds, yet no one can really say how long this will last.

Lawmakers in New Jersey are now weighing to pros and cons of reopening many different parts of the economy. As many know, the casino industry here employs tens of thousands of individuals. Governor Phil Murphy spoke to the media this week about when the state’s casinos may be allowed to accept guests again.

Reopening Atlantic City Casinos Will Take Time, Says Governor Murphy

There was a time when Atlantic City seemed on the brink of collapse. Several of the major casinos here were forced to permanently close their doors. A huge number of residents ended up losing their jobs.

Over the past five years, however, things began to turn around. More tourists began flocking to this city. New casinos started opening their doors. With sports betting now legal, Atlantic City grew to become a hub for sports fans around the country.

The past few months have undone much of the progress that was made here. Unsurprisingly, many are now calling for the reopening of Atlantic City casinos. Governor Murphy spoke about the situation this week and claims it will take more time than most had hoped.

“It’s a huge game-changer in our economy and in the lives of literally tens of thousands of people out there,” Murphy said. “I would love nothing more to say we’re ready to go. We’re just not there yet.”

The Governor could not confirm whether it would be weeks or months before casinos in AC are given permission to open up again. He acknowledges it’s an incredibly difficult situation. Some feel he may begin to change his mind after seeing the progress that cities like Las Vegas are making, though.

More Cities Begin Allowing Casinos to Reopen

To the disappointment of many, casinos in New Jersey may not open for quite some time. It’s clear that lawmakers feel it’s still too early for these venues to reopen. Not every state is taking this same cautious approach, though.

Officials in Las Vegas feel that it’s now crucial to get the city’s gambling industry back up and running. Many of the biggest casino-resorts here are expected to open their doors next month. Safety measures are being set and debates over things like whether or not to ban smoking are now taking place.

Some parts of the country have already given casinos the green light to open up. In Mississippi, for example, casinos have just finally started accepting players again. Many parts of the country are seeing a surprisingly large number of gamblers emerging.

Reopening Atlantic City casinos is going to take time. The New Jersey Gaming Commission has still not approved any guidelines to open these venues up. Governor Murphy is refusing to tell the media when he expects things to change.

As we mentioned earlier, though, infection rates are beginning to drop in New Jersey. If this trend continues over the next week or two, lawmakers are likely to change their stance.

Do you think reopening Atlantic City casinos is smart right now? When do you think things will change here? Let us know in the comments section below!