Nevada’s Gaming Revenue Increases Again in July

Gaming analysts have been eagerly waiting to see how Nevada’s gambling industry managed to fare during the month of July. It marked the first full month that casinos were open since the shutdowns back in March. New reports on Nevada’s gaming revenue for the month of July have just been released and many are impressed at the results.Atlantic City's revenue

This doesn’t mean the state is back at pre-pandemic levels of revenue earnings. July marked a significant improvement from June, though.

Let’s take a look at how much the state’s casinos managed to bring in last month!

Tourism Rates Remain Low in Las Vegas

Prior to 2020, Las Vegas was one of the most-visited cities in the United States. More than 40 million tourists would flock here every single year to enjoy the gambling, entertainment, and nightlife available. That changed in March, when state leaders ordered all non-essential businesses, including casinos, to shut down.

This took an immediate toll on the state’s tourism industry. Very few tourists were interested in visiting Las Vegas with nearly everything shut down. At one point, two entire concourses of the Las Vegas International Airport were closed.

By June, Governor Sisolak started to allow casinos to reopen. Hope was this would result in a massive flood of excited tourists. That’s not exactly what took place. Overall, tourism into Las Vegas dropped by 70% in June when compared to the same month in 2019.

The goal for casino companies is now boosting tourism rates. Some casino owners are offering discounted room rates and unique package deals. One major casino was even providing free flights into Las Vegas!

Most expected that tourism rates would increase in July. As time goes on, more people around the country are looking for a fun way to escape their regulations at home. With nearly all casinos in Las Vegas now open, the city is as close to normal as we’re going to get right now.

We’re now seeing how much money the casinos throughout Nevada managed to bring in last month.

Breaking Down Nevada’s Gaming Revenue For the Month of July

As we just mentioned, most analysts predicted that tourism rates in Nevada would increase in July. The same can be said for gambling revenue. With more casinos open, it seemed highly likely that revenue reports would improve.

These predictions were correct. According to new reports from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Nevada managed to bring in $756.8 million during July. That marks a large increase from the $566.8 million earned here in June.

Mike Lawton, an analyst for the Gaming Control Board, offered a statement on the increase to the media this week.

“This month’s numbers, I think, exceeded everyone’s expectations,” Lawton said. “The question now is can we continue to grow off this.” 

Interestingly, revenue from the Las Vegas Strip was much less than many predicted. This area only brought in $330.1 million, marking a 39.2% decrease from July of 2019. Casinos in South Shore Lake Tahoe, another popular gaming area, earned just $21.1 million in July.

Nevada’s gaming revenue during the month of July is an improvement from June. When compared to 2019, however, it’s easy to see that the state still has a long way to go. Revenue earnings in July of 2020 fell by 26.2% million compared to last year.

Nevada Fears More States Regulating Online Gambling

There’s no doubt that Nevada remains the top casino state in the country. Some of the world’s most impressive casino-resorts are located here. Prior to 2020, revenue was surging here and tourism was at an all-time high.

Many people around the country are now choosing to stay home, making their wagers at home. Several states currently regulate their online gambling industries. That includes New Jersey, a state that now earns a huge amount of money from its internet sports betting, poker, and casino options.

More states are beginning to look into the regulation of online gambling. This is worrisome for officials in Nevada, who fear that more online gambling options will result in a tourism drop in cities like Las Vegas. Some now feel that Nevada should get ahead of the game by regulating online casino gambling itself.

Krejcik Gaming Research analyst Chris Grove believes Nevada would benefit greatly by taking this step.

“It’s evident to us that the introduction of online casinos would have an additive impact on the total amount of gambling revenue generated by the Nevada locals market,” Grove said.

It’s great to see that Nevada’s gaming revenue increased from June. Based on the current trend, August will be an even better month.

When do you expect casino revenue in Nevada to return to normal? Let us know in the comments section below!

The New Rule in Las Vegas Casinos Has Some People Worried

Some of the biggest casino-resorts in Las Vegas have been open since June 4th. Since that time, tourism has been gradually increasing as people flock to the city for a fun vacation. This week, members of the Nevada Gaming Control Board ordered a new rule in Las Vegas casinos and some are worried this will result in a major dip in tourism.Las Vegas Street View

This state regulatory group is now requiring that masks be worn inside casinos. Many felt that Las Vegas was seeing its tourism increase due to the relaxed regulations here. Today, we’re going to talk about how this new rule might affect the city.

Let’s get into it!

More Casinos in Nevada Announce Reopening Dates

Nevada is home to an incredible number of casinos. In certain parts of the state, the gambling industry is responsible for keeping the local economy on track. That includes Las Vegas, where many of the world’s most expensive gambling venues are located.

Everything shut down in this state back in March. Obviously, shutting down casinos here resulted in an incredible amount of revenue and job loss. Hundreds of thousands of individuals in this state are employed by the gambling industry.

On June 14th, several of the top casino-resorts in this city started to reopen. Tourism started to slowly increase. Many people from around the country began flocking to this city to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and fun gambling options.

The Las Vegas Strip is starting to get back to normal. More of the casino-resorts here are scheduled to reopen to the public over the next couple of weeks. Revenue is also starting to increase, albeit at a much lower level than it was prior to March.

Just a few days ago, members of the Nevada Gaming Control Board met to discuss future regulations for these reopened casinos. Members of this group claimed it was unlikely that masks would be required inside these venues. That appears to be changing, though.

Control Board Approves New Rule in Las Vegas Casinos

Opening the casinos in Las Vegas proved to be incredibly difficult. Safety is always a major concern in the middle of a global pandemic. Some health officials felt the regulations set in place at these gambling venues were not strict enough.

Over the past few weeks, rates of Covid-19 have begun to surge around the country. Lawmakers in Nevada have started to take notice. Many have fears that this will spill into the state and things could return to how they were back in March.

This week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board met to discuss the current regulations set in place. This group ordered a major new rule in Las Vegas casinos. Moving forward, casinos here will require all guests to wear masks while playing at table games.

Sandra Morgan, a chairwoman for the board, spoke to the media about implementing this new rule.

“In the first week (after the June 4 reopening of casinos), we wanted to take an approach of communicating and encouraging compliance and talk to licensees about what our expectations were, but in the second week, it became abundantly clear based on our agents’ observations that patrons’ usage of masks was significantly declining,” she said. 

Morgan went on to clarify exactly what will be required on the casino floor.

“Licensees must require patrons to wear face coverings at table and card games if there is no barrier, partition or shield between the dealer and each player. This requirement applies to table and card game players, spectators and any other person within 6 feet of any table or card game.”

What does this mean for the city moving forward?

Requiring Masks May Result in a Decrease in Tourism

Casino companies can’t be pleased to hear this new rule. For many of these companies, it’s been a tremendous struggle to attract tourists. The main strategy they were using was to promote Las Vegas as a carefree, fun vacation destination.

If masks are required on the casino floor, this perception could change. Many are going to be unwilling to play inside these venues if the same regulations that are being implemented in their own states are applied in Las Vegas. Lawmakers are attempting to balance public safety and a tourism industry.

It’s an extremely difficult situation. Despite the casinos being reopened, revenue in Las Vegas is still incredibly low. Many casino companies are finding it difficult to remain functional. The new rule in Las Vegas casinos recently approved is likely to make things even harder.

Many felt the current regulations were strange enough. Plexiglass barriers on the tables and limit occupancy felt unusual for many gamblers. We’ll need to wait and see how the new mask rule affects tourism over the next few weeks.

No one really knows what to expect over the next few weeks. Casinos are still doing everything that can attract new visitors. More travel deals are likely to become available soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Do you agree with this new rule in Las Vegas casinos? Do you think it will affect tourism? Let us know in the comments section below.

NV Gaming Commission Approves New Casino Guidelines

The debate over whether or not it’s time for casinos in Las Vegas to start reopening rages on. In the meantime, state leaders are beginning to review specific plans to safely allow gambling venues to open. To the surprise of some, the NV Gaming Commission officially approved the new casino guidelines presented earlier this month.

Stamp Of Approval

Everyone knows the risks involved with opening casinos. If these venues remain closed for much longer, however, cities like Las Vegas may never look the same. Today, we’re going to look at exactly what casinos need to do in order to reopen.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Officially Set to Begin Phase One Of Reopening

For nearly two months, almost the entire country was essentially shut down. As time goes on and Covid-19 infection rates begin to drop, some states are now beginning to open back up. Most are choosing to do so slowly in order to prevent a major spike in cases.

Nevada’s leaders have been hesitant to start reopening the state. Governor Steve Sisolak has repeatedly stated he’s unwilling to put the public’s safety at risk. Not everyone has been on board with the Governor’s strategy, though. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has continued to call for businesses to reopen.

The effect of closing down casinos is clear. Tourism has completely stopped coming into Nevada. Revenue in Las Vegas is lower than it’s been, and hundreds of thousands of residents employed in the gambling industry have been left without work.

Earlier this week, Governor Sisolak announced that phase one of the state’s reopening process would begin on Saturday, May 9th. Many businesses will slowly begin to open their doors. This does not include casinos.

Nevada’s Gaming Commission has been reviewing specific plans for casinos to start accepting patrons again. State leaders want to ensure that this is done in as safe a way as possible. It now appears this group is happy with the safety plans recently presented. We may see casinos open here quicker than many predicted.

Gaming Commission Has Approved NV’s New Casino Guidelines

The land-based casino industry has been one of the hardest-hit in the country. Every single casino has been closed. Some companies, including several based in Las Vegas, have been losing millions of dollars every single day due to these regulations.

Officials in Nevada realize how important it is to get these casinos up and running. If done too quickly, however, things could go wrong fast. For that reason, the Nevada Gaming Commission has been looking for specific ways for casinos to protect their employees and patrons.

Earlier this week, the NV Gaming Control Board released a seven-page document that details how casinos can safely reopen. The document was then forwarded to the Gaming Commission. This week, Nevada’s Gaming Commission officially approved the new casino guidelines being proposed.

That includes casino capacity to be cut in half, limiting the number of players on slots and table games, and strict cleaning procedures. These rules will now be applied to the more than 400 casinos spread around the state. Sandra Morgan, a Chairwoman for the Gaming Control Board, is confident these measures will help keep things as safe as possible.

“These are unprecedented times that require unprecedented measures,” she said. “We are confident that these policies are sound, not only for our licensees, but for our employees and guests.”

It’s still not clear when exactly casinos in Nevada will open their doors. With the new casino guidelines now approved by the Gaming Commission, it may be sometime next month. Governor Sisolak is likely to comment on the plans early next week.

More States Begin Preparing to Reopen Casinos

Many states around the country have large and successful casino industries. With casinos shut down, many of these states are losing an incredible amount of money every day. It’s no surprise that so many are now focused on ways to reopen their gambling venues.

Some parts of the country already have plans to allow casinos to reopen casinos. That includes Arkansas, which will allow casinos to resume limited operations on May 18th. Strict social distancing measures will be set in place at these venues.

Atlantic City has taken a major hit due to its casino shutdown. Revenue here has continued to plummet. A city commissioner even told the media that the city may not be able to survive if the current regulations remain in place.

Fortunately, things may finally begin to improve here. Several major hotel-casinos in the city are starting to accept reservations for June 1st. Many are hopeful that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy allows these venues to reopen by that date.

With the new casino guidelines in Nevada now approved, many other states are likely to follow suit. We’ll need to wait and see where tourism numbers stand once Las Vegas starts getting back to normal.

Are you happy to see the casino safety measures approved in Nevada? When do you think gambling venues are able to open here? Let us know in the comments section below.

More Guidelines For Reopening Las Vegas Casinos Are Released

We’re now in May and every casino in Nevada remains closed down. As the days go on, more casino and Las Vegas city officials are beginning to actively call for the economy to open back up. This week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board released new guidelines for reopening Las Vegas casinos.Las Vegas Street View

It’s promising news for many people across the state. The shutdown of the casinos in Nevada has taken a serious toll on the economy. Today, we’re going to look at what needs to be done before these gambling venues can open again.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Officials Continue Making Preparations to Open

Las Vegas has never shut down in the way that it currently is. Prior to the spread of this pandemic, it seemed impossible that the city would completely close down. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

In mid-March, Governor Sisolak decided to close down all non-essential businesses in Nevada. This includes casinos in every city. That has been devastating, as the gambling industry in this state employs a huge number of individuals.

As the casinos close down, the state’s tourism industry does, as well. Not long ago, two major concourses at the Las Vegas International Airport were closed. According to new reports, tourism here is lower than it’s ever been.

It’s been a long time since the casinos were closed down, yet no one can accurately say when these venues will be able to open up again. Just a few days ago, Governor Sisolak announced he’s extending Nevada’s stay-at-home order. It now seems likely that casinos in the state will be closed down for at least the next few weeks.

Casino companies are still making preparations to open back up to the public. That may become a little easier after this weekend. The Nevada Gaming Control Board just released a new set of guidelines for reopening Las Vegas casinos and it’s giving some casino officials hope for the future.

Officials Released Guidelines for Reopening Las Vegas Casinos

Opening casinos back up was never going to be easy. These venues fit a large number of individuals into a very small area. This poses a serious risk for infection spread.

There’s also the issue that Las Vegas brings travelers from all over the country. These tourists often visit casinos for days before traveling back to their home countries. This is something that health officials have to worry about.

This past Friday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board released a seven-page document that offers guidelines for reopening Las Vegas casinos. The state government body announced that casinos must provide a reopening plan at least seven days before they plan to open up again. Below are a few guidelines the Control Board is requiring.

  • Casinos must limit occupancy into gaming areas to no more than 50% of the current limit set by local building and fire codes.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes must be made available to casino employees and patrons.
  • Slots must be spread apart to allow for safe social distancing.
  • Social distancing will also be required at all table games.
  • Nightclubs and dayclubs must be closed until further notice.

Many casino officials are excited to see the guidelines for reopening Las Vegas casinos finally available. These same guidelines are set in place for all casinos in the state, including small ones.

Interestingly, it appears that casinos in other states are preparing to open up again soon, as well.

Mississippi’s Casinos May Open Later This Month

There’s no doubt that Las Vegas is the gambling hub of the United States. This city is being hit the hardest due to the casino shutdown. Mississippi is home to a large casino industry in its own right and has been losing a serious amount of money due to the casinos being closed.

Last week, Governor Tate Reeves announced that casinos in the state will open again by Memorial Day. That’s a bold statement, considering most states in the country remain completely locked down. Reeves has repeatedly stated that he wants this industry back before long.

Several major casinos here are preparing to open by the end of the month. It’s likely that the gambling commission here will implement measures similar to the guidelines for reopening Las Vegas casinos. Social distancing measures will almost certainly be required.

In time, more states may decide to open their casinos again. Anything can happen, though. A major surge in cases may end up delaying any plans to jump-start the country’s land-based gambling industry.

It’s a very unusual time for casino companies around the US. Obviously, there are many that are looking at how Las Vegas responds to this current situation. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks!

Gambling Revenue in Nevada Dropped Sharply Last Month

Nevada remains shut down due to the quick spread of the new coronavirus. As a result, the state’s gaming industry is essentially closed off to the public. New reports indicate how much gambling revenue in Nevada fell last month.

Revenue Drop Picture

It’s disappointing, yet not entirely surprising news. Not even the top officials in the state can accurately say when casinos will get back to normal here. Today, we’re going to look at how much revenue was earned last month.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Officials Discuss Plans to Reopen Casinos

We’ve been reporting on the casino closures in Las Vegas for weeks. Things began in March, when Governor Sisolak called for all non-essential businesses, including casinos, in the state to close down. The Governor did not give a clear answer on when these gambling venues would be able to open their doors again.

As time goes on, the impact of these regulations becomes more severe. The gambling industry in Nevada employs a huge number of individuals. Unfortunately, the majority of these workers are now unable to work due to all casinos being closed.

This is obviously affecting the state’s tourism industry, as well. Almost no one is choosing to visit Las Vegas right now. As a result, many other businesses in the state that rely on tourists are now suffering, as well.

Nevada’s gambling regulator is now beginning to discuss plans to reopen casinos. This state government body is making it clear they need to see social distancing measures set in place. It’s also likely that we’ll see temperature checks will be required on the casino floor.

Several casinos have announced they’re preparing to open next month. Until the Governor gives these casinos the green light, however, this won’t be possible. This week, new reports are beginning to show how much money is being lost as casinos remain closed.

Gambling Revenue in Nevada Plummeted in March

Las Vegas has always been the gambling hub of the United States. Over the past few years, revenue in this city has been on a steady incline. Many felt the city was entering into a golden age and several major new venues are scheduled to open here over the next few years.

Due to the global pandemic, things have changed. Casinos are closed and tourism here is now almost non-existent. Many analysts predicted that gambling revenue in Nevada would end up being incredibly low during the month of March.

These predictions turned out to be correct. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has just revealed that the state’s gambling revenue fell by 39.6% last month. On the Las Vegas Strip, this revenue fell by an incredible 45.7%.

Casino table game revenue dropped the most at 59.5%. Slots also saw an incredibly steep drop off of 54.2%. The amount of money that sportsbooks made here dropped by 95.5%. Not even online sports betting was able to help make up for these losses.

This is the lowest amount of money that Las Vegas casinos have earned since February of 1998. Interestingly, February of 2020 was one of the best months in history.

Most analysts predict this downward trend will continue. This is almost guaranteed now that Governor Sisolak is expected to extend the stay-at-home order.

Nevada Governor Plans to Extend Current Measures

This hasn’t been an easy couple of months for Steve Sisolak. The Governor has been forced to shut down much of the state economy. The fact that many other state leaders are actively fighting against his measures doesn’t make things any easier.

Sisolak, like all other US Governors, is attempting to balance the economy and public safety. Many had wondered whether or not Sisolak would choose to extend his stay-at-home order and shutdown of non-essential businesses. We now have an answer.

The Governor spoke with ABC reporter Amy Robach about his plans for the future. Despite gambling revenue in Nevada dropping, Sisolak claims he plans to extend the current measures set in place.

“We’re calling it Nevada United Road Map to Recovery. We’re going to ease some of the restrictions that we had previously as it relates to retail curbside pickup. Some of our outdoor activities we’re going to loosen up what some of the restrictions are,” Sisolak said. Unfortunately we’re going to have to extend the stay at home order a little bit. We just have not reached exactly where we want to get in the downward trajectory.” 

This certainly won’t go over well with the Mayor of Las Vegas. She’s repeatedly called for restrictions to be lifted. Governor Sisolak is clearly not interested in hearing from the longtime mayor.

Gambling revenue in Nevada will be even worse in April. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for casinos in the state to get back to normal. Stay tuned for updates!