The Venetian to Host Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald is one of those singers whose voices you can remember just by hearing it one time. Every time one of his songs is played on the radio, listeners can immediately tell that it’s McDonald, even if they are hearing the song for the first time. What’s better than listening to McDonald on the radio is listening to his voice live, and people who happen to be in Las Vegas in October will have an amazing opportunity to witness McDonald’s magic inside The Venetian Theater. He will have two consecutive performances as a lot of guests are expected already.

The first performance will take place on Friday, October 11, and the next one will be exactly one day after that, on Saturday, October 12. Both shows will begin at 8 pm, so make sure to be there on time in order not to miss any of the hit songs. If you are interested in visiting this show, you can buy tickets for the starting price of $39.95. The tickets have been available since May 24, so hurry up to book your place before they are sold out. There will also be a limited number of VIP packages. You can buy tickets at Ticketmaster or box offices at The Venetian Resort. You can also call 702-414-9000 or 866-641-7469 and buy your ticket via phone.

Who is Michael McDonald?

Michael McDonald is still considered one of the best voices in popular music, having received numerous rewards, including five Grammy Awards. Furthermore, he has received a lot of other accolades, both personal and professional. His voice is definitely something that sets him apart from other singers, and it is often described to have a powerful yet soulful timbre that is very distinctive.

Apart from being an outstanding singer, McDonald is also a songwriter, record producer, and a keyboardist. He has been a member of two popular bands – The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. Some of the hit singles that he wrote with the Doobie Brothers include “Minute by Minute,” “Takin’ It to the Streets,” “What a Fool Believes,” and more. Other artists that McDonald was associated with also include Christopher Cross, Kenny Loggings, and others.

McDonald in Steely Dan

McDonald became a member of the band named Steely Dan and provided both back and lead vocals for them. He was more of a touring member, but he also contributed to their records. The band collaborated with McDonald for many years, but his primary band at that time was The Doobie Brothers.

McDonald in The Doobie Brothers

The Doobie Brothers recruited McDonald back in 1975, and that proved to be a very important milestone in the band’s history as McDonald contributed to some of their very popular songs. He was actually a replacement for Tom Johnston, who became ill during the national tour of the band and had to be replaced. McDonald’s vocals are located on some of the most popular releases from the band, including songs such as “Little Darling, “It Keeps You Runnin,” and more. The song “What a Fool Believes” actually became a #1 hit single in the US, and even managed to earn the band a Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1980.

McDonald and Other Artists

During both his solo career and his band career, McDonald engaged in many professional cooperations with other musicians and bands, providing both lead and back vocals for names such as Jack Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Toto, Kenny Loggings, Stephen Bishop, and more. One of the most popular songs from Carly Simon called “You Belong to Me” was actually co-written with Michael McDonald.

Rival Sons & Stone Temple Pilots to Perform at Hard Rock Las Vegas

Stone Temple Pilots and Rival Sons are planning a tour together, and the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas will be one of their stops. These two legendary bands will join forces and perform at The Joint on Sunday, October 6. Their co-headlining tour is conceptualized as fan-oriented, which is visible from the type of venues they book – all of them are intimate. If you are interested in visiting this show, make sure to check out the tickets as they went on sale on May 3. The price of tickets starts at $59.99 in addition to applicable service fees. You can buy them either online or at the Hard Rock Hotel Box Office.

This unforgettable tour of two forces of rock will last through September and October. Dan De Leo of Stone Temple Pilots made an announcement, claiming that they were really excited about the upcoming tour. Furthermore, he added that the band was grateful for sharing the stage with a great band like Rival Sons.

The tour will feature both bands playing their full sets. They are both considered some of the best live acts in the world of rock music nowadays, and seeing them both live will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Scott Holiday of Rival Sons stated that they were delighted to perform together with the DeLeo brothers from Stone Temple Pilots. Furthermore, he added that he was looking forward to playing their music in some of the greatest venues in the US. Holiday added that Stone Temple Pilots made the ‘soundtrack to his childhood,’ and stated that he would be very happy to see them perform their hit songs live during the tour.

Who Are Stone Temple Pilots?

Stone Temple Pilots (which are often referred to as just STP) are a band from San Diego California. They have been active ever since 1989, making great music which is classified as alternative rock, grunge, hard rock, and neo-psychedelia. The root of this band is brothers Dean DeLeo on guitar and Robert DeLeo on bass and backing vocals. The third member that was a part of the band from the start is the drummer Erik Kretz. The original vocal was Scott Weiland. However, the band replaced him with the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Part at one point, and the current singer in the band is Jeff Gut. They have released a total of seven studio albums, with the latest one being released in 2018. It is their first album with Jeff Gutt, who will be the singer at the upcoming tour with Rival Sons.

Who Are Rival Sons?

Rival Sons is a rock band that comes from Long Beach, California. They haven’t been around for a long time, but they managed to gain quite a popularity in less than one decade. In fact, 2019 will be the year they celebrate their first decade. Their current members are Jay Buchanan, Scott Holiday, Mike Miley, and Dave Beste. Beste replaced Everhart on bass back in 2013. The band also features one tour member called Todd Ögren who plays keyboards, percussion, and provides backing vocals. The type of music this band makes is often described as blues rock or even hard rock. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out this band, make sure to do that right now, especially if you like classic rock bands such as Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin since those bands are some of their biggest influences.

The Cosmopolitan to Host Interpol in October

One of the most popular rock bands from New Your, Interpol, will perform in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas at The Chelsea Stage on October 4. Everyone interested to see this event is able to buy tickets which have been available for sale since April 26, 10 am PT. The tickets are available online, as well as at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. You can also order tickets via Ticketmaster at 800.745.3000. The basic price of tickets is $39 per ticket in addition to all applicable taxes and fees. Furthermore, if you want to reserve a seat, you will have to pay a starting ticket price at $59 plus all taxes and fees that are applicable.

If you like modern rock music, you probably know about Interpol, as they are currently one of the biggest live acts not only in New York but also all over the globe. Let’s take a closer look at who Interpol really are and how they become one of the most significant bands in the American rock scene.

Who Are Interpol?

If you type ‘Interpol’ into Google, you will get results related to the International Criminal Police Organization. While this international police shares the same name with the band, it seems that it is the only thing that these two entities have in common.

The band Interpol was created by Greg Drudy and Daniel Kessler after Kessler looked for a perfect band mate for a very long time. The two band members were joined by Paul Banks and started performing together in New York City. After managing to gain initial fans, the band had to come up with a name, with Interpol being the most captivating option.

The band released their first EP in 2000 when Drudy left the group and was replaced by Sam Fogarino on drums. Soon, the band signed a contract with Matador Records, which was a Beggars Group member. Their next EP was also named Interpol, and eventually their released their first studio album in 2002 named Turn On the Bright Lights which was recorded in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in a studio called Tarquin Studios. Their debut album started as an incognito release, but the band eventually managed to sell over 300,000 copies in less than two years. By 2004, they were already big among rock music lovers, especially those who enjoyed post-punk bands, Joy Division being one of them.

Soon after that, the band got together once again to record their second album called Antics, which was released in 2004 and was even more popular than the first one, being sold in more than 350,000 copies. Needless to say, the band became extremely popular in the UK as their music was heavily influenced by genres such as Britpop and post-punk. In fact, their second album reached the golden status in the UK way before it did in the US.

The rest of the band’s history has been filled with a lot of great music and tours all over the world. They managed to record four more studio albums: Our Love to Admire (2007), Interpol (2010), El Pintor (2014), and Marauder (2018). Marauder was their latest album, which they are currently promoting.

Interpol’s importance for the American rock culture is huge, as they are perhaps one of the most popular Indie rock bands of all time. Therefore, if you enjoy listening to alternative rock and enjoy exploring new music, make sure to give Interpol a try. Furthermore, if you happen to be in Las Vegas in October, make sure not to miss out on their live performance as they are currently one of the best live acts in New York.

A New Entryway Sculpture Revealed at the STRAT

The STRAT Hotel, Casino and SkyPod continues to amaze with great projects and new and exciting additions to the facility, with the latest one being a sculpture which is located at the entryway of STRAT. In fact, the sculpture is located on the corner of West Bob Stupak Avenue and South Las Vegas Boulevard. The STRAT celebrated the sculpture a couple of days ago.

It is an amazing work of art which is bound to take breaths away from the people passing by. The sculpture consists of three ascending figures, each of them made of stainless steel. The sculpture was made by three local artists who live and work in Las Vegas, and their names are Nick Stiley, Adin Fly, and James Talbert. All of them had separate jobs to do when it comes to the sculpture. Stiley had an opportunity to handle design and fabrication, while Fly was responsible for creating the artistic concept. James Talbert made a final touch with CAD design and fabrication. The sculpture was ordered by Blake L. Sartini who is a chairman, president, and CEO of Golden Entertainment, the STRAT’s parent company. Sartini asked Kevin Barry Fine Art to make a sculpture that would honor the legendary tower nearby.

Furthermore, Sartini stated that the STRAT was located at the entrance to the Las Vegas Arts District and it was a testament to the great creative talent that they have in Las Vegas. The sculpture, which is called “LOOK!”, and other new pieces of art that have been commissioned by the property are proof that the STRAT is ready to support local artists and help them showcase their work on the Las Vegas Strip.

The “LOOK!” sculpture varies in shape and size, as each figure is unique in its own way. The smallest figure is eight feet tall, and it weighs a total of 800 pounds. Furthermore, the middle figure is 11 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 850 pounds. The third is the largest one, and it is 15 feet tall and weighs a total of 1,1000 pounds. The sculpture’s heads reveal a view which is directed to the SkyPod and SkyJump.

The tree artists revealed the sculpture along with a couple of other people, including Chris Fiumara, the Vice President and General Manager of The STRAT, Bob Coffin, Las Vegas City Councilman, Cedric Crear, Las Vegas Councilman, and John Barry, Principal of Kevin Barry Fine Art.

Barry even made a short statement about the sculpture, claiming that in order to come up with the origin of that marvelous piece, an artist had to be inspired by the sheer force that the STRAT Tower stood for. Furthermore, he added that the artists also had to recognize the natural tendency of passers-by to raise their heads and be in awe of this great Las Vegas Strip building. Finally, he concluded that the sculpture had to inspire all bystanders so that they could ‘LOOK!’ up at the STRAT. In other words, he believes that the sculpture stands for much more than an ordinary cool-looking piece of art.

If you are a type of person who likes art and wants to explore all the works by local artists, you can take a look at the additional pieces that artists from Las Vegas created and that are displayed all over the STRAT, especially at the BLVD & MAIN Taphouse, The STRAT Cafe, and View Lounge. Therefore, next time you are in Vegas, make sure not to miss the amazing sculpture along with all other interesting pieces of art in the area.

Caesars Palace to Host Legendary Blues Guitarist Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa is keeping the blues flame alive and well, being one of the greatest blues musicians nowadays. This blues-rock titan has won two Grammies, and people who like this genre of music and enjoy great guitar playing will have an opportunity to witness his show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on October 27. His performance there is just one out of many that promote his latest studio album called ‘Redemption’.

People who want to participate in this show will be able to buy tickets at a starting price of $64 starting April 26 at 10 am PT. Given the popularity of this blues-rock guitarist, the tickets will probably be sold out pretty fast, so make sure to get yours on time at Furthermore, the fan club presale will take place a bit before that, starting on April 23 at 10 pm PT. The presale will last until April 25, 10 pm. The access to the presale which will last from 10 am to 10 pm on April 25 will be available to all Caesars Rewards members, as well as the members of the Caesars Entertainment loyalty program.

Joe Bonamassa Redefined the Blues Rock Genre

Blues is a very specific genre of music which, many would agree, is slowly being cast out of the mainstream. Every once in a while, there comes a performer that returns it to the center, reminding us why blues is the roots of all modern music. In the 80s, the torch was borne by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and today, Joe Bonamassa, along with a couple of other popular blues musicians, is the guitar player and singer we all need in our lives.

However, he doesn’t act on his own, as his band consists of some of the best blues performers in the states and beyond. Anton Fig will follow him on drums. Fig has gained a lot of popularity by playing in David Letterman’s show. Michael Rhodes will play the bass, as he has gained a reputation for being one of the most sought-after studio musicians. The organ and piano will be played by Reese Wynans, who is a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and a former member of the Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble! Bonamassa’s band will feature a brass section as well, with Paulie Cerra on saxophone and Lee Thornburg on trumpet. What makes his shows unique is a group of powerful background vocals.

Bonamassa is nowadays regarded as one of the best live performers as the amount of skill and sheer enthusiasm he is able to share with the audience is tremendous. In fact, he is internationally recognized as one of the best guitarists of his generation, and he managed to put a different and modern perspective on blues and rock. Apart from being active in the studio, Bonamassa is actually very actively touring, being on the road for 200 days of the year, and having performances all over the world.

His album Redemption made it to the #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart and this is his 21st time to top the chart with his songs. In fact, Bonamassa has released more than 30 studio and live albums, and Redemption is considered his most ambitious project so far.

Apart from making his songs, Bonamassa is also known to be a great fan of some blues legends such as Albert King, BB King, and others whose songs he likes to perform, among other blues standards. The classic rock influence is clearly visible in Bonamassa’s work as he also performs songs from the likes of Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin.

Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Plans St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and many casinos in Las Vegas plan to celebrate this huge holiday in style, with a lot of people and suitable entertainment. Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady issued a list of their plans for this big day as they are making final preparations in order to pay tribute to this Irish holiday.

Some of the popular events will include several live music performances, most of which are somehow related to Celtic music and the Irish culture. One of the bands to perform there will be The McKrells, which play Celtic tunes that people enjoy dancing to. The venue will also host a U2 tribute band called Unforgettable Fire, as well as a tribute band that plays the 80s hard rock music called Mullet that will perform during the weekend.

However important to Irish culture and St. Patrick’s Day, music is not the only thing that will decorate this event, as the organizers did their best to provide food related to Ireland. Irish-themed food will include delicious dishes such as Duke’s Chophouse, Flipt, and Van Slyck’s. Naturally, special drinks will also be a part of the menu that people will be able to enjoy during the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Finally, people who visit such events probably want to buy something that will remind them of the wonderful time they had while celebrating 2019 St. Patrick’s Day, which is why the organizers prepared a specter of authentic products that visitors will be able to shop at the Lennon’s of Schenectady’s pop-up shop. It will be located across the Event Center which is only a couple of feet away from the main Casino floor of this facility.

Details about the Celebration

Rivers Casino Director of Marketing, Rob Christopher, stated that they had an exciting weekend celebration which was planned for St. Patrick’s Day and that they were thrilled to host Lennon’s of Schenectady pop-up shop. He added that they had thought it would be a nice addition to the weekend festivities and that they were always happy to bring local businesses into fitting events and help them.

Lennon’s is a popular store located on Jay Street in Schenectady, and it offers a wide variety of Irish products such as food, gifts, clothing, jewelry, and even food. Furthermore, a part of Lennon’s is reserved for popular Irish sweets that visitors will be able to enjoy during the celebration.

When it comes to food, all Irish-themed specials will be available as a part of the offer. One of them that stands out is Duke’s Chophouse, which consists of corned beef shank, mashed potatoes, and cabbage. This specialty will be available for $30 a meal.

The music is the most important aspect of this celebration, and the first band to start the show will be Unforgettable Fire, who will hit the stage at Event Center at Rivers Casino on Friday, with doors being open from 7 pm. If you haven’t had an opportunity to enjoy one of the biggest Irish bands of all time live at a concert, this is the next best thing as their performance will make you feel like you are actually listening to U2. However, this show will be available only for Rush Rewards members who will receive the complimentary ticket to the show. The seating is limited, and it will be a first-come, first-served type of distribution, so make sure to be there on time not to miss this outstanding band.

Music shows will end with The McKrells performing on Sunday from 4 pm to 6 pm in the Events Center, so make sure not to miss this premier Irish band that will make you get up on your feet and dance to traditional tunes.