Resorts World Las Vegas Named as Official Resort of DarkZero Esports Team

Resorts World LV
In an effort to help combat fatigue among its players, professional esports organization DarkZero has entered into a landmark agreement that will make Resorts World Las Vegas as its official resort.

Said Tommy Padula, Head of Partnerships at GroundZero:

“We are thrilled to join forces with Las Vegas’s premier resort and entertainment destination. The health and wellness of our players & staff is at the center of everything we do, and Resorts World Las Vegas offers a variety of unique opportunities for our players/staff to get away and recharge.”

Exclusive Host of DarkZero Athletes and Partners

Through the partnership, DarkZero will exclusively host its athletes, partners, and industry leaders at Resorts World Las Vegas. With Resorts World’s luxury accommodation, impressive dining, and unmatched nightlife, DarkZero’s players can take time off to relax and recharge while its potential business partners can be entertained there as well.

DarkZero recently constructed a multi-million dollar facility to host its team which participates in the Rainbow Six Siege’s North American League. The league was supposed to begin in 2020 in a LAN environment but restrictions during the pandemic have forced the LAN part of the league to 2021.

The organization’s Rainbow Six Siege Team has qualified for the Mexico Major which begins on August 16. DarkZero’s Valorant squad recently fell one map shot of beating TSM at the final open qualifier for the VCT Tree Masters: Berlin, which begins next month. Its Valorant team is ranked 21st in North America.

VIP Esports Experiences For Resort Guests

As the official resort of DarkZero, the Resorts World logo will appear on the left sleeve of its Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant teams, as well as in the DarkZero homepage, and company and players social media accounts.

Aside from that, DarkZero will offer VIP experiences for Resorts World Las Vegas. These offers will be used at the resort’s disposal. An example of this is “Play with a Pro”, which is an experimental opportunity to to play one-on-one with the best gamers in the industry.

Likewise, high profile resort guests who love gaming or want to try their hand at esports can learn from DarkZero’s pros in the comfort of their hotel rooms. They can also head to the DZHQ, DarkZero’s compound located just outside the strip.

Events at the HyperX Esports Arena Are Set to Resume

As the weeks go on, more venues in Las Vegas open up. Most major properties here are starting to accept guests again in hopes that it helps to boost tourism into the city. This week, news surfaced that events at the HyperX Esports Arena are about to resume.HyperX Esports Arena

This is the largest Esports venue in the city of Las Vegas. We’re likely to see several major gaming tournaments take place here over the next few weeks. Today, we’re going to talk about how the opening of this major arena will affect Las Vegas moving forward.

Let’s get into it!

Esports Betting is More Popular Than Ever Before

When all major sports leagues shut down in March, no one could accurately say how long this would last for. As the weeks dragged on, it became clear that the professional sports industry was in trouble. It wasn’t until May that some of the country’s leagues began to resume their operations.

Esports, however, never truly shut down. Unlike traditional sports, these events can easily be played with social distancing measures set in place. For a time, major Esports tournaments were the only form of live entertainment out there.

Video game fans began tuning into the different events taking place around the country. Many of these fans began to realize that different online sportsbooks such as Bovada offer betting odds for these tournaments. In some cases, the odds for Esports tournaments are better than what you’ll find for a traditional sporting event.

We’re now in August, and many of the country’s professional sports leagues have resumed. Some are finding more success safely putting on their seasons than others. Incredibly, the popularity of Esports betting has not dropped significantly even as more sports get back on track.

Gaming fans have several exciting events to look forward to over the next few weeks. That includes the Call Of Duty League tournament scheduled to begin on August 19th. A full set of odds are now available for this tournament.

It’s now beginning to look like we’ll soon see major in-person Esports events taking place in Las Vegas again.

AEE is Already Booking Events at the HyperX Esports Arena

The professional sports industry is far from being the only one being hit hard this year. As more are aware of, the land-based casino industry has been devastated over the past six months. Most casinos around the country have started operating again, yet gambling revenue remains far lower than what it was in 2019.

This has obviously taken a major toll on Las Vegas. In June, many of the casinos here began accepting guests again. Today, nearly all major casinos in the city have started operating again and revenue is slowly beginning to increase.

With many restrictions now lifted, more venues in the city are looking to reopen, as well. News has just surfaced that events at the HyperX Esports Arena are set to resume soon. Allied Esports Entertainment, owners of this major venue located inside the Luxor Hotel-Casino, have confirmed that they’ve already begun booking events.

Hope is that the resumption of events here will boost the company’s revenue earnings. In 2020’s second-quarter, AEE saw its revenue drop by an astounding 78%. Company officials attribute this drop to the closure of the HyperX Arena. As events resume here, earnings should quickly increase. CFO Tony Hung gave his take on the situation to the media this week.

“I definitely feel that we’ve kind of reached the bottom and that we’re starting to trend back up again,” Hung said.

AEE claims to have events booked months in advance. The first major Esports events should resume here within the next couple of weeks. Odds for these events are likely to become available online as soon as they are announced.

What else is expected to open in Las Vegas?

Health Officials Continue to Keep an Eye on Nevada

Nevada has been working hard to revamp its tourism industry. Of course, this comes with an added health risk to residents in the state. With casinos now open, many fear that rates of Covid-19 will continue to increase in the state.

That isn’t stopping casino companies from opening more of their venues. As we already mentioned, nearly all of the major casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip are open again. Casino construction projects have resumed, as well.

For years, Resorts World Las Vegas has been under construction. It’s the most expensive casino-resort ever built in the city. Despite the numerous complications stemming from the global pandemic, the plan to open this new property in summer of 2021 remains in place.

Another exciting new venue being constructed here is the MSP Sphere. It’s a massive new entertainment venue located just off the Strip. An official opening date for this venue has not been announced.

Soon, events at the HyperX Esports Arena will resume. Hopefully, this helps to boost tourism into Las Vegas while bringing Allied Esports Entertainment some much-needed revenue.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas news over the next few weeks!

More Esports Betting Options Are Becoming Available

With all major sports leagues now shut down, more and more people around the country are beginning to look at different ways to place bets. To the disappointment of many, it may be months before any leagues begin operating again. This week, more Esports betting options officially became available in the state of Nevada.

Esports Tournament

Over the past couple of weeks, Esports betting has grown more and more popular. This is especially true in Nevada, where all casinos are currently shut down. Today, we’re going to look at some of the new “sports betting” options that have just become available here.

Let’s get into it!

Esports Are Growing More Popular Every Week

Back in early March, all of the top sports leagues in the country began discussing plans to close down. The new coronavirus had quickly begun spreading around the United States and several professional athletes had already tested positive. Many state leaders began supporting the decision for sports leagues to shut down their operations.

Eventually, the NBA announced it was suspending its season. The NHL followed shortly after. Then came the NCAA basketball tournament and before long, every single sports league was shut down.

It’s been frustrating for many people stuck at home, unable to watch their favorite sports. Right now should be a great time in the sporting world. For this reason, several smaller competitive events have started to grow more popular.

This includes Esports. For those who are unaware, Esports are multiplayer video game competitions. There are a huge number of Esports tournaments taking place around the world every single month. More people are now choosing to place bets on these tournaments.

Even some state gambling commissions are now getting on board with this form of gambling. This week, several officials in Nevada passed a measure to allow more Esports betting options. Here’s what we know about this situation.

Nevada Gaming Control Board Approves More Esports Betting Options

Nevada is in a tough place right now. For weeks, all of the state’s casinos have been shut down. This has proved devastating for cities like Las Vegas, which rely heavily on gambling revenue. According to some reports, Nevada is actually the worst-affected state in the country in terms of economic impact.

Leaders of this state are working hard to obtain revenue from the gambling industry. This includes approving new forms of sports gambling. This week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board began allowing wagers to be placed on three Esports betting tournaments that are taking place right now.

This state government body officially approved bets on the 2020 League of Legends European Masters tournament, the 2020 League of Legends European Championship and the 2020 North America League of Legends Championship Series. With these three new tournaments, Nevada has now recently approved seven Esports betting options over the past month.

It’s unclear how much sports betting revenue is coming in right now. Even the top sports commissioners in the country cannot say when major leagues will start operating again. In time, Nevada may start approving even more unique forms of sports betting.

It’s a very difficult time for the land-based gambling industry around the country. Nevada is one of many states currently suffering from the casino shutdown. Some experts now believe that Macau may be the key for many casino companies to get past this pandemic.

US Casino Companies Are Starting to Rely on Macau for Revenue

Las Vegas and Macau are two of the biggest and most profitable gambling destinations in the world. Unfortunately, both of these cities have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus over the past few months. Macau, however, seems to be recovering already.

As the coronavirus began spreading throughout China, officials in Macau were forced to close down their gambling venues. This caused many companies (including some based in Las Vegas) to start losing millions of dollars every single day. China’s rates are now lower than in most other parts of the country and Macau’s casinos are once again up and running.

That doesn’t mean things are back to normal here. In fact, revenue in the city is lower than it has ever been. Many of the top Las Vegas casino companies here still believe that revenue in the city will be extremely important. It’s almost guaranteed that this city will earn more than Las Vegas over the next few weeks.

Many analysts believe that Macau will be an extremely important city for Las Vegas casino companies, as well. If revenue begins to increase here, it will quickly become one of the most profitable gambling destinations on the planet.

No one knows how long the casino industry will remain shut down for. To earn more revenue, some casinos are offering more Esports betting options. Some believe that Esports betting will become an extremely profitable form of sports betting for many companies.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas gambling news over the next few months!