Casino Jobs in Las Vegas are Still Difficult to Find

Las Vegas City

Las Vegas is slowly beginning to see a surge of new visitors and casino openings. It seems as if the city is recovering, yet things are still far from normal in this city. According to new reports, casino jobs in Las Vegas are still hard to come across.

Many of the long-time workers in this city are still struggling to find jobs right now. It’s an unfortunate situation and one that will take time to fix. Today, we’re going to talk about what will lead to more of these gaming jobs coming available here.

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Gaming Revenue in Las Vegas Dropped in February

It has now been more than a year since the mass casino shutdowns throughout Nevada. This was one of the most impactful moments in the history of the state. Major gaming hubs here such as Las Vegas immediately saw their tourism industries come to a screeching halt.

This took a devastating toll on these cities. Las Vegas relies heavily on tourism. A massive amount of the jobs here also need tourists. Back in March, no one seemed to know how long these casino shutdowns would remain in place for.

It wasn’t until the summer that Governor Sisolak gave permission for the casinos in Las Vegas to open again. Over the course of a few months, most of the major casino-resorts in the city opened their doors. Unfortunately, this did not lead to an immediate surge in tourism here.

As infection rates increased, tourism rates in the city dropped. Lately, however, the city has seen a surge of new visitors. The increase in vaccinations around the country seems to have resulted in a major surge of travel to entertainment destinations such as Las Vegas.

Things are still far from normal here. Gaming revenue in Nevada dropped by 25% in February when compared to the same month in 2020. Casinos throughout the state reported winnings of $772 million last month overall.

Many of the jobs here prior to 2020 are not around anymore. We’re now beginning to hear more about the large number of workers in the city still trying to find employment in the gaming industry.

Workers Complain About the Lack of Casino Jobs in Las Vegas

Not long after the casinos shut down in March of 2020, casino workers were furloughed from their positions. It was a tough blow for these employees and hope was that it wouldn’t last long. Many of these furloughs eventually turned into real layoffs.

Many of these positions still have not yet become available. That includes Analia Ayala’s position as a corporate employee at MGM Resorts International. She spoke to the media this week and revealed some of the difficulties in trying to find new casino jobs in Las Vegas right now.

“It’s been a nightmare having to deal with unemployment,” she said. “I have friends in similar situations where it’s been difficult for them to find a job. “The job market it’s, it’s just not there. I’ve applied to hundreds of jobs every day. I finally got so exhausted I said I’m done, I need a break and then I did, I think I took, I think a month to just collect my thoughts, see what I’m going to do next.”

This isn’t completely new to Las Vegas. The competition for jobs in the casino industry here is high. The situation the city now finds itself in makes this prospect even more difficult. Many are still searching for a similar position to what they had earlier last year.

There are signs that Las Vegas is improving and that will certainly help. Tourism is up and casino-resorts are expanding their hours. Hope is that this leads to a major increase in open jobs by the time summer rolls around.

The opening of brand-new casinos should also help with this. One new venue just opened its doors and another plans to do so in just a few months!

New Casinos Will Bring More Las Vegas Casino Jobs

The events that unfolded last year were unprecedented. No one could have predicted that the city of Las Vegas would need to shut down for months. As a result, many of the gaming companies here were unprepared.

Several new casino-resorts are coming to this city this year. That includes the Virgin Hotel-Casino located where the former Hard Rock Hotel-Casino used to stand. It’s Virgin’s first foray into the casino game and has already been a hit with many visitors and locals.

This summer, Resorts World Las Vegas will finally open its doors. This property cost an astounding $4.2 billion to construct and is expected to be one of the most impressive venues ever opened in the city. It’s expected to bring even more visitors to the northern area of the Strip.

Resorts World is already helping to bring more jobs into Las Vegas. Not long ago, reports surfaced claiming that tens of thousands of job applications were flowing into this venue. Many have been eager to secure a position at the coolest new property in the city.

New entertainment options are also coming to Las Vegas. This will help to bring more visitors and hopefully allow more venues to open here in the future. Stay tuned for updates on the employment situation here over the next few months.

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