Emagine Sports Lounge to be Rebranded as Caesars Sportsbook Lounge

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Michigan-based Emagine Entertainment announced on Monday that the Emagine Sports Lounge is rebranding as the Caesars Sportsbook Lounge Powered by Emagine.

The move comes after Emagine, owners of 344 theaters in 29 different sites, revealed that it had entered into a deal with Caesars Entertainment to give the gambling company a sportsbook presence in the Wolverine State. Currently, Caesars operates a retail sportsbook in Traverse City and a mobile site.

Said Emagine Entertainment CEO Anthony LaVerde in an official press statement:

“Partnering with Caesars is a major milestone in our ongoing commitment to being the most innovative theater chain in the country”.

No Admission Cost to Enter the Lounge

According to Emagine, the theater will be turned into a sportsbook by dividing its 42-feet LED screens into TVs of different dimensions to show different live games. A display dedicated to betting odds for those wagering via mobil phones. Although Caesars is the preferred platform inside the venue, bettors are free to access any other mobile sportsbook.

The lounge is equipped with theater-quality sound, hi-speed WiFi, and heated leather recliners, and tables that hold premium food and beverages served by the property. There will be no admission cost to enter the lounge. Caesars will have representatives on site to facilitate mobile signups and they are expected to benefit from Emagine’s wide customer base.

Part of a Larger Agreement

The Emagine Sports Lounge rebrand is part of a larger agreement between Emagine and Caesars where they plan to put Caesars-branded sports betting lounges to Emagine’s other properties in other states, including Illinois and Indiana. The Emagine Sports Lounge at the Royal Oak is just the pilot project.

The sportsbook at the Royal Oak cinema complex opened in December 2021 with the intention of providing sports fans to watch their favorite sports live while they gamble online. With the Caesars rebrand, it will create a new stream of income for Emagine which relied only on selling food and beverage at the Emagine Sports Lounge since its opening.