Red Rock Resorts Optimistic on Durango Station Development

Las Vegas Sign Background With Durango Station Proposal
Red Rock Resorts said that it is looking forward to the development of its Durango Station casino as well as five other locations in the future.

During Tuesday’s third quarter earnings call, Red Rock CFO Steve Cooley said that his company is ‘extremely excited’ about the project. Cooley also revealed that construction will begin during the first quarter of 2022 and will take 18 to 24 months to complete.

No competition in the Location

The resort will be constructed on the 71-acre site at the 215 Beltway and Durango Drive which is passed by 166,000 cars daily. Within its five-mile radius is a population of 350,000 residents with no competition in the location.

It will have a total area of 533,000 square feet including 73,000 square feet of gaming space which will house 2,000 slot machines and 46 table games. The property’s hotel will have 200 rooms, 21,000 square feet of convention and meeting area, four full-service restaurants, a resort pool, and a sportsbook.

According to Cooley, the customers are a “favorable demographic profile”. The Red Rock executive also added that he expects the financial return of the Durango property to surpass the company’s overall average return, with twice the number of adults per gaming position than its Red Rock Station and Green Valley Ranch.

$750M Project Cost

The project will have an estimated total cost of $750M which will cover design, construction, and opening expenses. Cooley said construction costs have risen but they are confident that they have covered everything in the $750M budget. The cost will be paid for by cash flow and in part by a land sale.

Red Rock plans to sell 23 acres behind the Durango property for $24M to developers who are looking to build apartments or condominium units which Red Rocks says would even bring more customers to the casino.

The company also plans to close its sale of its Palms and Palms Place condominiums to the San Manuel Band of Indians for $650M by the end of this year. The Palms and three of Red Rock’s other Las Vegas properties remain closed while six have reopened since their closure in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Regulators Have Filed a Complaint Against Station Casinos

Station Casinos Las Vegas Background Disciplinary Action

Station Casinos is having a busy year. This major Las Vegas-based casino company has been working hard to expand, yet continues to face regulatory with various groups. News broke today that Nevada regulators have filed a complaint against Station Casinos for offering post-game sports wagers.

This is yet another problem this company is now facing. It is likely to result in a serious fine. Today, we’ll talk about what exactly led to this complaint being filed.

Here’s what you need to know!

Gaming Control Board Files Complaint Against Station Casinos

Station Casinos has been making headlines over the past few months. Much of the focus has been on this Nevada-based casino companies legal disputes with the NV Culinary Union. Most analysts expect this legal battle to continue for years down the line.

Headlines were also made when company officials announced they planned to open a new casino-resort in Southwest Las Vegas. Many Las Vegas residents have been excited to hear more about these plans. Key approvals are still needed for any of these plans to move forward.

News has just broken that the Gaming Control Board has just filed a complaint against Station Casinos. This regulatory body claims that Station Casinos accepted hundreds of wagers on events in which the outcome was already known. It is being claimed that these post-game bets were made over a three-year period. Computer malfunctions are said to be the cause of these problems.

“Respondents are responsible for any violation related to the Stadium Live program,” the Control Board’s complaint said. “Toleration of such repeated violations constitutes ground for license revocation or other disciplinary action.”

Officials within Station Casinos have yet to comment on this complaint. It will likely result in a major fine. Fortunately, it is unlikely to have any other serious impact on the company.

What’s Happening With the Durango Station Casino?

Station Casinos is one of the most successful casino operators in Nevada. It runs a huge number of popular gambling venues throughout the state. Most of these properties are known as “locals casinos,” catering primarily to residents of Las Vegas.

This company has been hinting at opening a new casino-resort in Southwest Las Vegas for many years. It seems that plans to open this venue, called “Durango Station,” are now moving forward. The Spring Valley Town Advisory Board officially gave approval for this venue to open.

Different groups are now debating the pros and cons of this venue. Many locals in the area support the opening of this property. They point toward the large influx of jobs and revenue that will come in from this new casino.

The Nevada Culinary Union has already been pushing against the opening of Durango Station. Members of this union are trying to claim that traffic rates and gambling addiction will end up rising with its opening. This will continue to fuel the fire between these two major groups.

It’s still unclear when Durango Station may open its doors to the public. If all goes according to plan, it will be sometime within the next few years. Stay tuned for updates!

Las Vegas Casinos Continue Working to Bring in More Tourists

Casino revenue has been gradually increasing throughout the United States for most of 2021. August proved to be different, though. It was this month that nearly all states around the country reported large drops in their monthly revenue figures.

Las Vegas casinos are now working hard to boost tourism rates. Fewer people have been making the journey to this city due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. This rise in cases has also led to more restrictions inside many of the casinos in Las Vegas.

September may end up being a better month for this industry than August was. Many have likely flocked to the city to watch the Las Vegas Raiders play inside the new Allegiant Stadium. This, in turn, will lead to a rise in casino revenue.

It’s an interesting time for the entire US casino industry. Hope is that infection rates begin to drop and tourism into casino hubs begins to increase again.

What do you think about the Control Board’s complaint against Station Casinos? When do you expect Durango Station to open? Let us know in the comments section below.

Durango Station Casino Faces Pushback From Culinary Union

Culinary Union Durango Station

The battle between Station Casinos and the Las Vegas Culinary Union continues. For years, Station Casinos has been planning to open a major new casino-resort in Southwest Las Vegas, called the Durango Station Casino. These plans are now facing pushback from the Culinary Union.

This is not much of a surprise. These groups have been involved in legal disputes for decades. Now is a great time to talk about this most recent clash over Station Casinos’ latest plans.

Here’s what you need to know.

NV Culinary Union Pushes Against the Proposed Durango Station Casino

Station Casinos is one of the most successful casino operators based in Nevada. The company is known for running a huge number of “locals casinos” throughout the Las Vegas area. In recent years, officials within Station Casinos have discussed opening a new casino-resort in the Southwest Las Vegas area.

There has been some progress getting this venue open. Not long ago, a city board gave its approval for this property to be constructed. Many felt it was only a matter of time before a groundbreaking for the casino began.

It now seems these plans could be delayed. The Nevada Culinary Union has just begun urging residents and business owners in the area to protest against the Durango Station Casino. The union seems to be raising concerns about the potential traffic safety this casino will cause. Station Casinos released a statement on this latest move from the NV Culinary Union this week.

“It is unfortunate, but we are not surprised, as we have grown used to decades of endless harassment by the Culinary Union. Instead of applauding a project that will pay millions in local taxes, create a beautiful new amenity for the neighborhood and create thousands of construction and permanent jobs, including jobs for people they supposedly care about, they take the low road and play petty politics. Nothing that comes from the culinary union can be trusted,” the statement said.  

It remains to be seen if the Union will have any success raising these concerns with local residents. Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks!

What Does the Station Casinos-Culinary Union Feud Stem From?

Station Casinos and the Nevada Culinary Union have been battling in the courts for decades. These two groups have spent an incredible amount of money in these legal battles. Unfortunately, it does not appear these disputes will be settled anytime soon.

Most of this is due to Station Casinos pushing against the Culinary Union representing its employees. This has been the case since the casino company was founded. Recently, employees voted against representation from the Culinary Union.

Some of these employees have become fed up with the union’s continued efforts to work into Station Casinos. Many of them recently held an open protest at the Culinary Union’s headquarters. This protest does not appear to have affected the union’s plans.

Expect to see more legal disputes between these two groups. It remains to be seen what, if anything, could settle things between them. Hope is that the most recent moves from the union do not affect the opening of the Durango Station Casino.

Las Vegas remains to see large revenue increases. Now is a great time to talk about how much money the casinos here have been bringing in lately.

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to Experience Revenue Surges

The casino industry in the United States is the biggest and most profitable in the United States. Most of the world’s most expensive gaming venues are based here. That includes Resorts World Las Vegas, which finally opened its doors to the public earlier this year.

The casinos in this city have experienced major revenue surges over the past few months. That was certainly the case this past July. That month, casino revenue in Las Vegas hit an all-time high at $794 million. It’s exciting news for the gaming operators in the city.

Most experts predict that casino revenue will surge over the month of August, too. In fact, casino revenue may once again hit an all-time high. These revenue surges are especially exciting when considering how dire the situation in Las Vegas was last year.

Many other US casino hubs are experiencing revenue surges, too. That includes Atlantic City. Stay tuned for more information on the revenue increases here as the year goes on.

Are you surprised to see the Culinary Union pushing against the Durango Station Casino? When do you expect this casino to open? Let us know in the comments section below.

Station Casino’s Durango Station Gains Approval From City Board

Las Vegas Sign Background With Durango Station Proposal

Nevada is home to many of the world’s best casino-resorts. Station Casinos has been working hard to open a new one in the Southwestern area of Las Vegas. New reports have confirmed that this proposed property, known as Durango Station, has just gained approval from an important city board.

This is an important step to get this casino opened. Officials within Station Casinos are likely pleased to see things moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

Spring Valley Town Board Approves Plans to Open Durango Station

Station Casinos is one of the biggest gaming companies based in Nevada. It launched in 1976 and has since gone to open more than 20 different casinos around the state. For years, officials within the company have been eager to open a new resort-style property in the Southwestern area of Las Vegas.

This venue, known as Durango Station, has faced a number of setbacks. That includes finding a suitable location and gaining approval from various city boards. It seems that there is now some real progress being made in 2021 to get this venue opened.

The Spring Valley Town Board has just announced that it has approved plans to open Durango Station. This property is set to feature 400 hotel rooms. More than 99,000 square feet of gaming space will also be featured inside this venue. Station Casinos released a public statement shortly after news of the board approval was released.

“Station Casinos appreciates the Spring Valley Town Advisory Board and its residents for their input on and support of the Durango project. Our new development will be a great addition and a great community partner, employing thousands of construction and full-time team members and creating tens of millions of dollars in new state and local taxes. The Company looks forward to releasing more information on the project in the weeks ahead,” the statement said. 

This is expected to be an exciting property in the Las Vegas area. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on the opening of this venue over the next few months!

Las Vegas Casinos Continue to See Revenue Surges

Las Vegas remains the most profitable gambling destination on the planet. It’s here that many of the country’s top gaming companies are based. Fortunately, the casino industry here has seen a major recovery from the events that unfolded throughout 2020.

There has been a steady increase in gaming revenue over the past eight months. That is particularly true over the summer months. This past July, Nevada set a new all-time gaming revenue record, bringing in $794 million.

August has just wrapped up and many are expecting to see another surge of revenue. Tourism rates into the city are beginning to reach pre-pandemic levels. Certain casinos here are managing to bring in more revenue than others.

Several new properties have recently opened their doors in Las Vegas, too. That includes Resorts World Las Vegas. At $4.2 billion, this is the most expensive gambling venue to ever open its doors in the city. Resorts World seems to be fueling tourism into the city right now.

New reports on Nevada’s gaming revenue for the month of August will be released soon. Stay tuned for reports on these figures.

Station Casinos Remains in a Legal Battle With the Culinary Union

The past eight months have been great for most casino operators in Nevada. That certainly includes Station Casinos, which continues to see increases in its revenue figures. Still, this company has faced its fair share of issues lately.

Not long ago, reports surfaced that the legal battle between Station Casinos and the Nevada Culinary Union was ramping back up. This has been an ongoing dispute for many years and the Culinary Union continues working to enter Station Casinos’ properties.

It seems that the majority of Station Casinos’ employees do not want representation from this union, though. A group of the companies workers recently held a major protest in front of the culinary union’s headquarters. Ultimately, this dispute will need to be settled in court.

Company officials have a lot on their hands right now. They have to be pleased to hear the latest approval for their proposed casino in the Southwest area of Las Vegas. Only a few more steps need to be taken for the construction of this property to begin.

Are you excited for Durango Station to open? Let us know in the comments section below!