Boring Company Loop to Connect to McCarran Airport and Downtown LV

Airplane Flying into McCarran Airport in Las VegasElon Musk’s Boring Company Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) loop is expected to break ground in January 2021.

The Loop, which will likely be known as the “Vegas Loop”, is an underground loop that will heavily reduce cross-campus walk time, and gridlock street traffic from convention center-goers on their commute to-and-from the Center.

It’s estimated that a series of Tesla vehicles will be able to transport over 4,000 people through the tunnels within an hour, reducing normal cross-campus walk times of 15 minutes down to two minutes, according to local officials.

Right now, two tunnels in the extensive underground system have been recently completed as of May 14, and they are located from one end of the Convention Center to the other. The long-term goal is that the Loop will be able to have connected stops at every major casino-hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Loop’s Expansion Project Aims to Connect Travelers from Downtown LV to McCarran Airport

Eventually, the LVCC loop’s expansion project aims to transport travelers all the way from Downtown Las Vegas, at a stop at the Fremont Street Experience, to McCarran Airport.

The near 9-mile journey would be completely underground, utilizing Tesla’s vehicles to move passengers from both stops.

Hopefully, there would be stops all along the journey, stopping at all major resorts on the Las Vegas Strip.

Loop Could Link to All Major Strip Properties in the Future

As of right now two major resorts, Wynn Resorts and Resorts World, have already applied for approval to be included in the LVCC loop. It’s predicted that Wynn Resorts and Resorts World, being that they are on the north end of the Strip closer, to the Convention Center, will be granted approval easier first.

Resorts located on the south end of the Strip, such as Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and The Luxor, are deemed to be included in future plans for the loop but are not approved as of now.

Aims to Connect to Allegiant Stadium by 2021

The LVCC loop also plans to possibly include Allegiant Stadium as one of its stops in the future.

The stadium, which is set to be completed at the end of this July, could possibly be linked into the loop by next year.

It seems like this sophisticated underground system will also be a robust one, seeing as how it plans to include major casino-resorts, downtown Las Vegas, and entertainment hubs.

The Underground Tunnel Could Extend to Southern California

According to plans listed on the official site, the underground tunnel could be making its way into Southern California eventually.

Should the tunnel run under Interstate 15 South on its route to SoCal, it would make the trip approximately 268.9 miles.

About Boring Company

Boring Company’s mission is to alleviate above-ground congestion in cities by providing underground tunnel transportation.

Their tunnels are fast to dig, lost-cost solutions that make them the viable transit option across densely populated regions.

For example, a hyperloop tunnel by Boring Company slashes travel time from New York to Washington by more than half, taking only 30 minutes, while relieving congestion on the streets.

Protesters Opposing Homeless Ordinance Block Off Fremont Street

Fremont Street in Downtown Las VegasOn Monday evening, which fell on MLK Day, nearly 100 protestors came together on Fremont Street to make a bold appeal to city leaders that they want the homeless ordinance, scheduled to take full effect in February, overturned.

The city of Las Vegas ordinance will make it illegal for the homeless to sleep on public streets and sidewalks, if there are shelter beds available. Those in violation of the new rule could face a fine, jail time, or both.

City Council’s Hopes for the Homeless Ordinance

The Las Vegas City Council approved the camping ban back in November. While the leaders admitted it was flawed at the time, they believed it was a necessary step towards finding some kind of solution to the city’s homeless problems. Their hope is that the ordinance will drive homeless people to the shelters where they can seek help and force them to find a more sustainable living solution.

Protesters have a vastly different opinion. One protester, Katie Krikorian, said this of the City Council’s mindset toward alleviating the problem:

                “It shows how far removed from real society the City Council is if they think imprisoning people, or fining them, is helping them.

I do not have a simple answer to homelessness. No one else has come up with it, and I’m not going to either. But, definitely not fining and imprisoning them and making it harder for them to get a job or get on a lease.

Drop the penalties. If they’re not jailing people and they’re not fining people, and they’re sending officers around to give information about shelters, that’s absolutely fine.”

The Protestors Firm Stance

Local Minister Stretch Sanders helped effectively organize the protest through his presence on Twitter, and he says it won’t be the last:

                “We’re going to keep doing these types of actions until we get the ordinance overturned,” he said. “Let’s meet. Let’s negotiate. Let’s end the camping ban.”

Sanders’ hope is that the city will go back to the drawing board and find a better solution.

The protest remained peaceful, until tensions rose at the end. Some protesters blocked off the street, even after they were given a ten-minute warming by police to vacate. Officers detained and arrested about a dozen protesters who failed to listen to the warning.

The most popular chant of the night, that protesters marched and gave in unison, was “Housing not handcuffs!” Protesters also set up sleeping bags and sat in tents with the words “Poverty is not a crime” tagged over it.

One of the protesters, Robert Majors, had this to say about the stress the law is causing the Las Vegas homeless community:

              “I’m willing to do what it takes to make a stand against the laws that are making it harder for homeless people to survive,” he said. “We could do something creative, and not create a law that just hurts people.”

Majors was one of the protesters who ended up getting arrested that evening.

Circa, Las Vegas’ Newest Resort & Casino, Aims to Have the Greatest Pool in the World

Rectangle Pool, Two Palm Trees, Beige UmbrellasFremont Street’s exciting new Circa Resort & Casino is slated for a 2020 opening, but will it have the world’s greatest new pool, too?

Casino developer Derek Stevens introduced his latest casino project, Circa Resort & Casino, in January of 2019. After several years of purchases, Stevens now owns and operates The D Las Vegas and Golden Gate casinos. Circa will be his third downtown Las Vegas property when it opens in December 2020 in downtown Las Vegas.

Circa Resort & Casino is his biggest project to date, by a long shot. Here are his plans for the innovative and massive multilevel pool deck amphitheater:

 “We’re trying to build what I would consider to be the greatest pool in the history of the world. Hopefully it’s something that adds into the Vegas allure to bring more people.”

A “Destination” Pool

The heart of Steven’s pitch is the proposed multi-tiered pool amphitheater, that includes six separate pools and a 134-by-41-foot video screen that will allow for a variety of customized experiences. The massive screen will create an enticing watch-party atmosphere for sports fans.

“This is going to be a great venue to watch sports, a great place to catch sun, a great place to listen to music,” Stevens said, “and a great place for product launches.”

What makes the pool so different than any other pool not only in Las Vegas, but the world, is the temperature control system that will allow the pool area to remain open 365 days a year. Other Las Vegas Resort & Casino pools close down during the winter, which would effectively remove any competition for Circa in that respect.

Steven is referring to the aquatic center as a “destination pool,” as he predicts it will top tourist’s destination lists of must-see places when they visit Sin City. They expect to host 4,000 people a day at the multilevel pool.

Other Winning Features to Set Circa Apart

Circa Resort & Casino will be the tallest building north of the Vegas Strip. The property will be unlike any other in downtown Las Vegas. The innovative pool and sportsbook will make the property a destination instead of a property visited just because it’s in a mall of casinos.

Other plans for Circa are massive. There will be 1.25 million square feet of amenities including:

  • A three-level sportsbook with the world’s sportsbook video screen and broadcast studios
  • A rejuvenating Spa
  • Casino on two floors
  • 777 hotel rooms and suites
  • 9-story parking garage for guests
  • Numerous restaurants

Another difference between Circa and other “new” Las Vegas casinos is that this is a completely new construction project. Park MGM is the newest casino in Las Vegas. It’s the updated version of the Monte Carlo, which announced its exit from the Las Vegas Strip in 2016. Circa will be the first new casino actually built from the ground up in Downtown Las Vegas since 1980.

And Stevens does a great job of combining classic Las Vegas service with modern amenities. Circa should be the pinnacle of this experience with great dining, gambling, drinking, a spa, and hotel rooms:

“There is a lot of unmet demand for fun in Las Vegas,” said Stevens. “At Circa, our goal is to create a destination resort in a historic part of the city, while showing guests the time of their lives. We plan to double down on the world-class service Las Vegas has always been known for while bringing personalized experiences to a new level.”

Neon Museum Hopes Tim Burton’s “Lost Vegas” Is the First of Many Traveling Exhibits

Tim Burton's "Lost Vegas" Neon Exhibit Sign in Downtown Las VegasThe Tim Burton “Lost Vegas” display at the Neon Museum has been a sought-after attraction by Burton fans since it opened on Oct. 15, 2019. It’s been so popular, in fact, that it’s substantially benefited the downtown economy, and has been extended an extra two months until April 12, 2020. The Neon Museum’s CEO hopes this is just the first of many successful traveling exhibits to come.

What the “Lost Vegas” Exhibit is All About

The exhibit features large-scale artworks by the quirky American director, known best for his Gothic-style creations. “Lost Vegas” is the first U.S. showcase of Burton’s original artworks in nearly a decade, since his name and work drew more than 800,000 visitors to the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2009. Some of his pieces at Lost Vegas are being seen for the first time anywhere since Burton created various sculptures and installation specifically for the Las Vegas exhibition.

The director of “Beetlejuice,” “Edward Scissorhands,” and “Batman” to name a few, is no stranger to Las Vegas. His 1996 science-fiction comedy “Mars Attacks!” was partially set here. In fact, a 1995 real-life hotel implosion of the Landmark Hotel and Casino just off the Strip was recast as part of the alien attack. In the movie, it was known as the Galaxy Hotel.

Visitors are able to explore Burton’s artworks alongside the museum’s antique sign collection (called the Neon Boneyard), throughout the museum’s 2.62-acre indoor and outdoor spaces. You’ll find some iconic signs from the “Mars Attacks!” film in the Boneyard, including the unrestored Jerry’s Nugget sign, The Fox Theater Marquee from the Charleston Plaza Mall, and the Desert Rose Sign from the south end of the Strip.

In addition to the main exhibit show, which is a $30 general admission price that grants a one-hour entry to the museum’s Boneyard, the exhibit also features the Tim Burton Brilliant nighttime show, which costs $24 and is a separate admission.

The Tim Burton Brilliant showcases the artist’s infinity for Las Vegas, and uses light projections, music, and archival footage to illuminate unrestored signs from the museum’s collection and the history of the town.

Here are what some visitors had to say about the experience:

“The exhibits are a little on the weird side, but I like weird, so that’s good,” museum visitor Gary Arsenault said.

“A little bit bizarre,” visitor John Baccile says of the exhibit, “but I think that speaks to all of us.”

The Exhibit Has Doubled the Museum’s Numbers

Neon Museum’s CEO, Rob McCoy, says the exhibit has doubled the museum’s attendance numbers. Last year, the museum welcomed around 250,000 visitors. Thanks to the Burton display, that number is expected to reach 400,000 this year alone.

“I don’t think this is a one and done,” said McCoy. “I think we’ll be looking for other traveling exhibits at the Neon Museum, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim Burton doesn’t come back and do something else. The little Neon Museum has become quite an international attraction. And it’s so special because it’s our history.”

Catch Tim Burton’s aliens, spiral-eyed girl and flying saucers while you can. Tickets are available at


Derek Stevens Gives Update on Circa Resort & Casino

Some locals and visitors to Las Vegas claim the downtown area is where the city really comes to life. Others feel it’s the shadier, less attractive part of the city compared to the Strip. Several companies have been working to make downtown LV just as exciting as the area on South Las Vegas Boulevard. This week, Derek Stevens gave an update on Circa Resort & Casino.Circa Resort & Casino

This new property is one of the biggest and most impressive ever built downtown. It’s expected to draw in a huge number of tourists once it’s finally opened. Here’s what we’ve just learned about this massive casino-resort.

Construction Continues on Downtown LV’s Circa

Downtown Las Vegas is home to many popular casinos. In fact, this is where the real Las Vegas was born. Some historic gambling venues are located here, such as the Golden Nugget, which first opened to the public in 1946.

Unfortunately, some still have an unfavorable opinion about the downtown area. Most of the venues are smaller and less visually appealing than the biggest hotel-casinos on the Strip. Gambling revenue in this area is also significantly less than what it is on the Strip.

Some see an opportunity here. Derek and Greg Stevens currently own several hotel-casinos in the downtown area. In 2015, these brothers purchased the Las Vegas Club. A year later, they bought the Mermaid Club, both located downtown. In 2019, the pair announced they were constructing Circa Resort & Casino.

Construction on this property officially began in April of 2019. In June, reports showed there were more than 600 construction workers on the project. It’s likely the most ambitious casino-resort ever built in downtown LV.

As of now, this property is slated to open in December of 2020. Its owners believe that Circa will completely change the way downtown Vegas is thought about.

Derek Stevens Offers Update On Circa Resort & Casino

As we just mentioned, Derek and his brother Greg Stevens own several major properties in downtown Las Vegas. This includes the D Las Vegas and the Golden Gate. Both men believe that Circa will be their crowning achievement.

This week, Derek Stevens spoke with the media and offered a major update on Circa Resort & Casino. Based on what he’s saying, this is going to be a truly incredible venue.

One of the most interesting things that Stevens revealed was that the casino-resorts’ pools will be open 24 hours a day.

“These pools are going to be heated in a way similar to what you would have in Vail or Aspen (Colorado), you have an outdoor pool product in the middle of the winter, so we’re going to be using these pools year-round,” Stevens said. 

It’s an impressive piece of news, especially considering there will be six different pools located on the resort’s roof. Stevens also commented on the “Garage Mahal,” a massive nine-story parking garage for guests.

“It’s the very first fully integrated ride-share hub designed into a new hotel-casino resort,” Stevens said. “The whole first floor of Garage Mahal is the ride-sharing area. It’s going to be very important for Uber, Lyft and everybody else who comes in after them.”

It’s always fun to receive an update on Circa Resort & Casino. Soon, we’ll begin to get a glimpse of what the inside of this new venue will look like.

Las Vegas Gambling Revenue Fluctuates in 2019

Las Vegas is having an interesting year. At first, competition from Atlantic City seemed to be taking a toll here. Over the past several months, however, things have been improving considerably. 2019’s third-quarter brought a major increase in gambling revenue in Las Vegas.

Several of the biggest casino operators here, including Caesars Entertainment, saw their revenue earnings increase significantly between July and September. Caesars’ experienced a revenue increase of 2.3% during this time period.

The majority of money still comes from the Las Vegas Strip. Downtown Las Vegas is beginning to generate more money in recent months. With the addition of Circa, this area of the city may soon begin competing with the Strip.

Derek Stevens has just given a major update on Circa Resort & Casino. More information on this gambling venue will come out over the next few months.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!