Circa Las Vegas Gains License to Open Casino Next Month

There are several incredible new hotel-casinos scheduled to open in Las Vegas over the next 10 months. One that many are excited about is Circa las Vegas, located in the Downtown area of the city. New reports claim this property has officially received a license from the Nevada Gaming Commission to open next month.Circa Resort & Casino

It’s exciting news to hear. Many believe that Circa could quickly transform Downtown Las Vegas into one of the hottest areas of the city. It’s easy to see why. Now is the perfect time to look at what this hotel-casino has to offer its guests.

Let’s get into it!

Downtown Las Vegas is Working Hard to Boost Tourism

When most people think of Las Vegas nowadays, the image of the Strip comes to mind. It’s easy to see why, as this area is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts in the world. Downtown Las Vegas has always been a popular gambling destination too, and seems to be improving right now.

There are many great casinos in this section of Las Vegas. Many are owned by the Stevens brothers. Of course, all of the Downtown Las Vegas casinos were forced to close their doors back in March and didn’t reopen until late June.

The focus for these casino owners is now bringing in new players. Casinos have taken many different measures to achieve this goal. Not everything is running smoothly for them, though. News recently came out that the Fremont Hotel-Casino was facing official complaints for unrightfully detaining one of its patrons.

It’s been a difficult year for all of the casinos in Las Vegas. Revenue earnings are considerably lower right now than they were in 2019. That seems unlikely to change anytime soon and may even get worse as winter rolls around.

One of the most exciting new properties scheduled to open here is Circa Las Vegas. Gambling fans around the country have been eagerly awaiting news on when this hotel-casino would open its doors. It now appears we have an answer.

NGC Finally Grants Casino License to Circa Las Vegas

There are a number of large casinos being constructed in Las Vegas. To the surprise of many analysts, Circa Las Vegas has been one of the most-anticipated hotel-casinos in the city. It’s owned by the aforementioned Stevens brothers and should prove to be the most impressive venue ever built in Downtown Las Vegas.

There’s a lot of exciting features of this property. Most of the attention the media is giving this property is on its swimming pool. This is a multi-level resort pool featuring one of the largest television screens in the entire city.

Everyone knew that Circa would be opening its doors sometime in 2020. With the events unfolding around the world, however, no one seemed to know exactly when this property would begin accepting guests. One of the main delays was obtaining a casino license from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

This process is now officially complete. News has just surfaced that this property has finally obtained its elusive license from the NGC. That guarantees the casinos opening on October 28th. It’s important to note that the hotel won’t open up until December.

Circa Las Vegas may help to significantly boost tourism in Las Vegas. The casino floor here features nearly the same number of gambling options as the Golden Gate and D Las Vegas combined. It will be interesting to see how many tourists flock to this new venue once it finally opens its doors.

Stay tuned for more updates on Circa over the next few weeks.

The Las Vegas Virgin Hotel Will Open in Early 2021

As we already mentioned, there are a number of exciting new casino-resorts scheduled to open their doors in Las Vegas over the next few months. This week, we officially received news that the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel will be opening up in early 2021.

This is Virgin’s first foray into the land-based gambling industry. The company’s new casino will open in the same location as the former Hard Rock Hotel. Company officials have been working hard to make this one of the best new gambling venues in the city.

Virgin Hotel’s project was delayed several times this year. The initial hope was for this hotel-casino to begin accepting guests sometime late into 2020. That proved impossible with the delays in the renovation.

Las Vegas will soon be treated to a wave of new casino-resorts. Most of the owners of these venues could never have predicted how things look the way they do now. The gambling and tourism industry in Las Vegas is still struggling and may remain that way for years.

These casino owners aren’t letting that slow them down, though. Hopefully, these new properties help to stimulate Nevada’s tourism industry and bring casinos some much-needed revenue.

Are you excited to see Circa Las Vegas open its doors? Do you plan to visit Las Vegas this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Dress Code at D Las Vegas is Changing Once Again

Casinos in Las Vegas are back up and running! That includes the gambling venues in Downtown Las Vegas, where the D Las Vegas is located. News is now beginning to surface that the dress code at D Las Vegas is changing.D Las Vegas

Many are happy to see this change being made. Today, we’re going to look at how the dress code inside this hotel-casino is shifting. We’ll also look more into what this massive venue has to offer its guests.

Let’s get into it!

Most Casinos in Downtown Las Vegas Are Now Open

Nowadays, most people think of the Strip when someone mentions Las Vegas. This isn’t much of a surprise. This small area of the city features a huge number of incredible casino-resorts including The Bellagio, Aria, and The Cosmopolitan.

In March, Governor Steve Sisolak ordered all of Nevada’s casinos to close down. This proved devastating to the local economy. The tourism industry in Las Vegas came to a screeching halt and casinos started losing revenue rapidly.

In early June, many of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip started to reopen. As time has gone on, more casinos in this city began to open back up. Today, nearly all of the gambling venues in Downtown Las Vegas are accepting guests.

Tourism rates are still much lower than they were at the beginning of 2020. The fact that rates of Covid-19 continue to increase certainly isn’t helping. Many are unwilling to visit Las Vegas while the pandemic continues to get worse.

Many casino companies are being forced to lay off their employees. Las Vegas Sands is taking a different route, paying all of their workers through October 31st. Hope is that as time goes on, tourism and gambling revenue will begin to increase again.

One major hotel-casino in the Downtown area of Las Vegas is now changing its stance towards certain guests.

Here’s How the Dress Code at D Las Vegas is Changing

As everyone knows, the city of Las Vegas features some of the most impressive casino-resorts ever built. Nowadays, most of the new properties are built on the Las Vegas Strip. Prior to 2012, it had been many years since a major venue was given a modern renovation in the Downtown area of the city.

Derek and Greg Stevens, two brothers with several casinos in Las Vegas, realized something needed to change. They finally began construction on a brand new casino-resort in Downtown Las Vegas called The D. This new property replaced the Fitzgeralds Hotel-Casino and officially opened to the public in the Fall of 2012.

This new hotel-casino instantly became a major hit. The remodeling helped to bring in a huge number of new guests. Many, however, took issue with the fact that The D prohibited anyone with neck or face tattoos from entering the property.

It was an unusual “dress code” for a casino to implement. This week, casino officials announced that the dress code at D Las Vegas has changed. This popular venue no longer bans those with neck and face tattoos.

The casino released an official statement to the media about the situation.

“Upon reopening, in an effort to keep both our guests and employees safe, we implemented several strict door policies, including ID scanners, extra police officers on property, temperature scanning and a more restrictive dress code. In evaluating our policy, we determined that limiting face and neck tattoos was overreaching and we have since rectified.” 

It’s good to see this change being made. The D is looking for whatever revenue it can generate right now. Hopefully, this rule change results in an increase in visitation here.

Circa Las Vegas is Open to the Public

The D Las Vegas may be the most popular hotel-casino in Downtown Las Vegas right now. In many ways, it represents a new wave of casinos in this part of the casino. It’s a true “resort-style” property with one of the most impressive pools in the city.

Much like The D, this venue is owned by Derek and Greg Stevens. These brothers have invested a huge amount of money making Downtown Las Vegas an appealing part of the city for potential visitors.

The opening of this new venue didn’t come at the most ideal time, though. It’s currently unclear when tourism rates in this city will return to normal. That puts many casino companies in a precarious position.

Las Vegas Sands recently revealed that the company’s revenue for 2020’s second-quarter is down 97% compared to 2019. One official told the media that Las Vegas was “in a world of hurt.” Even exciting new venues like Circa may struggle to bring in guests right now.

The new dress code at D Las Vegas is certainly a good move. Will this help the hotel-casino bring in more players? That remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

We’re Learning More About Circa’s New Swimming Pool

Circa Casino & Resort is the newest hotel-casino built in Las Vegas. For months, the owners of this new venue located in Downtown Las Vegas have told the media that it will feature the largest and most impressive swimming pool in the city. This week, several new details about Circa’s new swimming pool were revealed.Circa Hotel & Casino

It’s been a tough past few months for the city of Las Vegas. Many residents here are excited to see Circa open up. Today, we’re going to look at some of the new details about this venue that have just been announced.

Let’s get into it!

Circa Resort & Casino Will Reopen On October 28th

There are always new venues being constructed in Las Vegas. For years, Derek and Greg Stevens have been working on Circa Resort & Casino, a brand-new venue being built in Downtown Las Vegas. The Stevens brothers have continued to claim that this new property would feature the most impressive pool ever built in Las Vegas.

This adult-only venue will officially open to the public on October 28th. It’s not coming at the most ideal time, of course. The casinos in Las Vegas have only been open for a few weeks and tourism into this city is still much lower than it was at the start of 2020.

The months between March and early June were some of the toughest in the history of Las Vegas. Never before have all the casinos here been forced to completely close down. Most of these casinos have now reopened, yet they look considerably different than they did at the start of 2020.

Masks are now required inside these venues. The number of table games inside these properties is down considerably. There are even plexiglass barriers that separate players and dealers at table games.

Many now hope that the opening of Circa Resort & Casino will help to boost tourism in this city. Derek and Greg Stevens have worked hard to breathe new life into the Downtown area of Las Vegas. These casino owners continue to offer new and exciting updates about this property and the pool here sounds incredible.

Here’s Another Update on Circa’s New Swimming Pool

Downtown Las Vegas has always been a popular spot in Las Vegas, particularly for locals. Many felt that this part of the city was in need of a new, state-of-the-art venue. That’s exactly what the city is getting with Circa Resort & Casino.

We’ve been hearing about this new property for many months. Much of the focus has been on the pool here. This week, Derek Stevens officially revealed the new pool, called “Stadium Pool,” and it’s just as exciting as many predicted.

This new temperature-controlled pool features a massive 135-foot television screen featuring major sporting events. It will be open 365 days a year and features several stories. Swim-up bars are featured on the pool’s lower decks that allow guests to order drinks without getting out of the water.

It’s clear that this is going to be a game-changer for Downtown Las Vegas. It’s the first true resort-style property built in this part of the city. Most feel that Circa will help to draw in a significant number of new tourists.

Does this mean the Las Vegas gambling industry is back on track? Probably not. Things are still far from normal here and it may be a long time before a real sense of normalcy is back. The same can be said for other gambling hubs around the country.

Atlantic City Casinos Struggle to Draw in Players

Las Vegas began to reopen its casinos on June 4th. Many felt it had taken too long. Over in Atlantic City, casinos were not allowed to reopen until Fourth of July weekend. This city is having a difficult time drawing in players and casino companies are seeing low revenue figures.

This isn’t entirely surprising. Many are unwilling to visit a crowded casino under the current scenario. Drawing in players is now even more difficult for the casinos here now that eating, drinking, and smoking is prohibited on all casino floors.

It represents a massive turn of events for this city. Prior to the casino shutdown in March, Atlantic City was growing extremely quickly. Many felt that Atlantic City is growing to become one of the true gambling hubs of the United States.

Hopefully, things begin to turn around soon. There are still thousands of casino workers here that have not been able to return to their jobs due to the current regulations. State leaders are trying to protect public safety while getting the economy back on track.

Based on what we’re hearing, Circa’s new swimming pool will help to draw in many more visitors to Downtown Las Vegas. This may grow to become one of the largest and most popular casino-resorts on the planet. We’ll keep offering updates on this venue leading up to its opening date in October.

Are you excited to see Circa open to the public? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Pool at Circa Las Vegas is Opening in October

Downtown Las Vegas has been rapidly improving over the years. Several new properties are currently being constructed here, perhaps none of which are as exciting as the Circa Casino-Resort. According to new reports, the pool at Circa Las Vegas will officially open to the public in October.Circa Resort & Casino

This city has been slowly reopening. Several of the biggest gambling venues here are now accepting guests once again. Today, we’re going to look at what the owners of the Circa Hotel have planned for the future.

Let’s get into it!

Casinos in Downtown Las Vegas Are Reopening

People around the country have been hugely interested to see how the city of Las Vegas responds to this global pandemic. For months, all of the casino-resorts here were closed to the public. This resulted in an unprecedented amount of job loss and millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Lawmakers in the state realized things couldn’t remain the way they were. If things didn’t change, the city might not have ever recovered. Fortunately, Governor Sisolak gave these casinos permission to reopen on June 4th.

As long as they implement safety measures, the casinos in this state can open back up. Today, some of the biggest and best gaming venues are now operating again. That includes the New York-New York, the Bellagio, and the Venetian Casino-Resort.

Some of the top casinos in Downtown Las Vegas have started to accept guests, as well. The Golden Nugget and Orleans are now operating with reduced occupancy. Since June 4th, tourism in this city has gradually increased.

There are several new properties in this city that both residents and tourists are excited about. The Circa Casino-Resort, in particular, has been generating serious interest. The owners of this property now claim that some of the amenities here will begin opening back up soon.

Derek Stevens Gives Update on the Pool at Circa Las Vegas

The Circa Casino and Resort is the first major hotel-casino built in downtown Las Vegas for decades. It’s owned by the Stevens brothers, who already control several major gaming venues in the state. Derek Stevens recently spoke to the media about how this project is coming together.

According to Derek, this property will open a little earlier than expected. The basement and first five floors of this casino-resort will reopen to the public on October 28th. To the surprise of many, the pool at Circa Las Vegas is opening up in October, as well.

As many know, the pool here is one of the largest in the entire city. Derek Stevens wanted to make this one of the most exciting new properties in the city. A resort-style pool, he feels, will help to boost tourism in the Downtown area.

Opening back up hasn’t been easy. He spoke about this with USA Today this week.

“We took the hand that was dealt us and tried to work as efficient as possible,” Stevens said. 

As of now, the plan is for much of this property to reopen in October. It’s still not entirely clear how things will look. Will social distancing measures be required at the pool at Circa Las Vegas? Are employees going to need to wear masks? That all remains to be seen.

Las Vegas isn’t the same that it was a few months ago. Casino owners are doing their best to bring life back to the city, though. We’ll continue to offer updates on Circa over the next few weeks.

New Jersey Prepares to Reopen its Casino Industry

Las Vegas remains the world’s top gambling destination. Many new casino-resorts are scheduled to open here over the next few years. Now that the casinos have reopened, revenue in the city is starting to trickle back in.

Not every city has been as quick to get back to normal. In Atlantic City, the casinos remain shut down to the public. This has resulted in tens of thousands of job losses and some feel this city may never look the same.

State officials here are doing everything they can to help Atlantic City’s economy. Not long ago, the NJ State Senate approved a bill to help the casinos here. This bill also allocates a huge amount of money to help small businesses affected by the regulations here.

The current plan is for the casinos in this city to reopen by the Fourth of July. Obviously, everyone in this city is excited to see this happen. Many feel tourism will quickly surge here once the gaming venues are opened back up.

Casino industries around the country are finally starting to reopen. Some are earning more money than others. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for things in Atlantic City to get back to normal.

Are you excited to visit the pool at Circa Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!

Gold Spike, Corduroy, and More Reopen in Downtown LV

Gold Spike Las VegasDowntown is expanding its available entertainment options. On Wednesday, Gold Spike, downtown’s adult playground, Corduroy, a popular bar known for its music selection, Smashed Pig, a gastropub, and Oak & Ivy, a cocktail bar, reopened.

Gold Spike’s ‘Backyard’ playground is welcoming back groups of no more than five or less per table, serving customers on a first-come, first-served basis with no required minimum. The new hours of operations are from Wednesday through Sunday, 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The Smashed Pig will be offering dine-in service, featuring their full food and cocktail menu. Reservations are encouraged. Their new hours of operation are Wednesday through Thursday, from 3-9 p.m., Friday, from 3-11 p.m., Saturday, from 10 a.m.-11 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Corduroy bar will be allowing groups of up to five people, to adhere to social distancing guidelines as provided by the CDC. Their new hours of operations as of now, in a similar trend to the other reopened businesses, are from Wednesday through Sunday, 5-11 p.m.

And Oak & Ivy, which is nicknamed downtown’s “Container Park’s bar in a box,” is encouraging guests to make reservations through OpenTable before coming down. Their updated hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday, from noon-8 p.m, and Friday through Saturday, from noon-9 p.m.

Downtown is Slowly but Surely Reopening

The four new downtown re-openings join a list of other downtown properties and the Fremont Experience which reopened last Thursday, June 4.

Ahead of reopening, the D Hotel & Casino’s parking garage was full of guests waiting to get back into the casino to gamble. Only hotel guests were allowed to reenter ahead of the midnight opening.

D Hotel & Casino’s owner, Derek Stevens, led a New Year’s Eve-style countdown to midnight, and the crowd was all for it. And it’s no wonder the pent-up demand was high, with casinos being closed a total of 78 days in the state.

Some things that looked different inside of downtown casinos right now are employees wearing masks, entrants having to undergo a temperature check when coming into the property, and plexiglass barriers on the casino floor. The Gold Nugget, on the other hand, is only taking hotel guests’ temperature at check-in.

It seemed that outside of questions about safety protocols, the most asked questions were if football was coming to come back or not in the sportsbooks.

Overall, it seems the energy downtown is full of excitement and forward-focused on what’s to come.

More Free Parking Options Downtown

Downtown Las Vegas has been doing a few things to encourage tourists and locals back to its streets.

For one, D Hotel & Casino’s owner Stevens gave away 2,000 free one-way flights to Las Vegas in the week leading up to its reopening. It’s no surprise that the flights sold out by the afternoon.

When Nevada entered into Phase 1 of reopening, which allowed for the reopening of dine-in restaurants without operating bars, many staple downtown restaurants started offering sidewalk dining to accommodate guests and make them feel more comfortable in returning.

Now, the city of Las Vegas is taking it a step further by providing new parking amenities alongside the safe reopening of its businesses and casinos.

Beginning June 8, additional convenient parking options have been introduced for those visiting downtown restaurants, attractions, and other businesses.

In partnership with the Downtown Project (DTP), parking is now free for the month of June at downtown LV’s Llama Lot, which is located at 152 N. Ninth St.

Discount for All-Day Parking

Additionally, all-day parking is now 50 percent off at many downtown lots and parking garages if reserved in advance through the ParkWhiz app.

In addition to the discounted and free parking, the city of Las Vegas has also introduced new technology giving patrons touch-free options in their garage transactions, including QR code scanning, using Apple or Google Pay, or waving hands in front of garage sensors instead of physically touching kiosks.

Downtown’s Reopening Came on the Heels of George Floyd Protests

A week before downtown reopened its casinos and retail businesses, it was overrun by protests honoring George Floyd. Downtown became the epicenter of the protests in Las Vegas.

It put businesses in a tough position of whether or not to postpone their re-openings.

Some popular bars in Fremont East district, including the highly-anticipated reopening of Commonwealth, made the decision to postpone their Thursday, June 4 opening after suffering some damage from the riots last Monday night.

But, despite the concerns of the violence, many downtown businesses were in solidarity and support of the protests.

Despite Public Concerns, People Showed Up for Downtown’s Reopening

While the coronavirus pandemic is still active, and protests and riots are still occurring, it didn’t stop people from returning to downtown Las Vegas and the city of Las Vegas to get back into the action.

Trends over how Las Vegas fares over the next few weeks with being reopened will be important in other casino operators deciding to reopen their properties to the public as well. Las Vegas is taking a smart, measure approach to its reopening, reintroducing properties a little at a time to gauge public impact and demand.

So far, so good. There have been no big jumps in daily COVID-19 cases or hospitalizations, and with airfare to Las Vegas being reduced and hotel rates being on the low-end, it’s predicted that Vegas will see many more visitors by the end of June and through July.

We hope that’s the case, as it’ll help springboard Nevada’s economy back into recovery after COVID-19 shuddered the state’s industry workforce.

Because of the coronavirus shutdown, and it being a city built on tourism and gaming, Nevada has topped lists for the highest unemployment percentage in the country for the month of April. Thankfully, with casinos reopening, many casino employees are getting their livelihoods back into full swing.

The “New Normal” for Vegas for A While

Vegas has reopened to a “new normal” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the new Vegas experience was highlighted in the city’s latest tourism ad that’s describing the new reality as a more “intimate” Las Vegas experience.

So if you’re returning to Las Vegas or you’re new to visiting the city as a whole, what will look different? Well, with social distancing guidelines being considered and implemented all throughout the valley, that will mean a less-crowded Vegas.

Normally, downtown Las Vegas, especially the Fremont Street Experience, is overrun with crowds and people from all walks of life. But now, with confidence in air travel wary, the crowds will likely be a mix of locals and domestic guests, especially visitors from Southern California who are able to simply drive into town to experience the fun.

Many casino properties are only operating at reduced capacity as well, meaning guests will have more space to take in the sights or experience amenities without, hopefully, having to fight to get a reservation in.

Guests can also expect to see casino employees wearing facial masks, and floors riddled with social distancing guideline markers.

Stay Tuned

The 4th of July holiday weekend in Las Vegas this year will be an interesting one to watch. It’s hard to predict how busy it might or might not get, but as things are looking right now, you can probably bet that more people will be heading to town during that time.

In fact, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, the Strip’s two largest casino operators, are planning to open up more resorts in time for the holiday weekend, including Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and Aria.

Are you excited that more businesses and casino-hotels are reopening across downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip? Will you be coming into town to visit soon? Share with us below, and be sure to check back for more coverage regarding Las Vegas’ reopening.

Downtown Las Vegas Protestors Delay Reopening Party

Fremont East District in Las VegasIn what was supposed to be the reopening party of downtown Las Vegas, after a long two-month shutdown due to COVID-19, turned out to be a scene overrun by protestors waiting to be heard instead.

The crowds of protestors came together in tribute of George Floyd, carrying signs that read “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter” and chanting that they want justice, and they want it now.

The plight of the protestors threw any social distancing precautions out the window, and we can understand why.

From blasts erupting on the streets and smoke going up in the air, to bottles being thrown at officers, to tear-gas exchanges and pawnshops being looted, the scene was far from safe for downtown businesses to reopen.

Downtown Businesses That Were Going to Reopen Their Doors

Before the streets were overtaken by protestors, downtown Las Vegas staples were gearing up to open their doors and welcome back guests.

Many of those businesses are in the popular Fremont East district, including hit bars like the Griffin, Downtown Cocktail Room, Commonwealth, and the Corduroy.

Some businesses did remain open during the madness, however, like downtown’s prominent pizza parlor Evel Pie.

The protest began at the family-friendly Container Park and eventually made its way to the Clark County Detention Center. There, an inmate turned his cell light on and off to incite cheers from the protestors.

What began as a peaceful protest on 7th and Fremont Street later turned into a riot that involved more than 2,000 people, with 103 people arrested, according to local police. Nearly 300 officers were on-site, with 11 officer injuries.

Police advised that one Metro patrol car was burned and two additional vehicles.

Downtown Businesses and Community Members Clean Up After Saturday’s Protest

The downtown community and business leaders came together early Sunday morning to help clean up after the protests from the night before.

Volunteers even showed up to the area after watching what went down on the news the night before. It was a group effort, and all hands were needed on deck.

Many windows of downtown businesses had been shattered, with graffiti covering the walls reading “Black Lives Matter” and common obscenities directed toward law enforcement. Trash also filled the roadways.

As soon as the downtown streets were cleared of protestor Saturday night, The D Hotel already had staff members begin repainting walls covered with graffiti.

Downtown Businesses In Support of the Protest

Downtown businesses found themselves in a unique position over the three-day protest, as they began boarding up their windows to show support against police brutality while also cleaning up the mess the rage had made.

While the protests put a halt to some downtown businesses’ reopening plans, for others, they were determined to reopen amid the destruction.

One of downtown’s newest restaurants, The District Tap, reopened its indoor dining room on Monday, despite protestors’ presence in the area.

Other downtown businesses carried forth with their reopening plans on Monday as well. Commonwealth, a popular, artsy cocktail lounge in Fremont East, will be open for business for their Tuesday trivia night. This week’s theme? Disney trivia.

Stay Tuned

While the protests delayed downtown Las Vegas’ reopening plans, it was an important moment for downtown Las Vegas to stand in solidarity with protestors, and it seems like businesses will still have their breakthrough moment when they can safely welcome all guests back.

Las Vegas is reopening quickly, with casinos set to reopen June 4.

We’re glad that the protest didn’t end in more destruction or violence, and we hope that peace can run through the city and the rest of the nation once more.

Be sure to check back for more coverage on Las Vegas reopening.

Restaurants in Downtown Las Vegas Now Temporarily Offering Sidewalk Dining

Fremont District Restaurants in Downtown Las VegasWith Gov. Sisolak announcement of Nevada entering into Phase 1 of its staggered reopening plan on May 9, it effectively enabled dine-in restaurants across the Las Vegas valley to reopen at half capacity.

Now, the City of Las Vegas found an even more creative solution to serving patrons. Restaurants within the area spanning across the Arts District, Fremont East, and the heart of Downtown LV can now temporarily expand their restaurant sitting out onto the sidewalk.

Social distancing rules apply to the new accommodations, such as restaurant operators leaving six feet of space between the outside tables on the sidewalk and pedestrians walking past the restaurant. Restaurant patios must also be marked with some form of removable barriers.

Cooking is prohibited on sidewalks, and music can only be played from inside the restaurant, not outside on the sidewalk patio.

In addition, sidewalk patios cannot overlap with adjacent businesses by over 50 feet. To not run into the issue of overlapping with other businesses, which could easily happen especially in Fremont East district where restaurants like Le Thai, a popular Thai restaurant downtown, are right next door to bars and other restaurants, the city recommends that neighboring businesses come together to work on their outdoor seating plans.

As of right now, casinos and bars remain closed, but there is a strong possibility they could be opening back up by the end of the month or in early June.

Restaurant Reopening Guidelines in NV

After nearly two months, Nevadans can finally enjoy a meal inside a restaurant. Previous directives allowed for only carry out orders and deliveries through services like Grubhub, Postmates, DoorDash, or UberEats for restaurants who remain opened during the lockdown.

This is a big leap forward for the Silver State, whose economy was rocked by the coronavirus outbreak. Of course, reopening restaurants amid an active outbreak requires that things look a little bit different for a while.

One of the biggest restrictions for reopening is that restaurants can only allow 50 percent seating capacity, per the local fire code. This is the first step in following social distancing guidelines, as it caps the number of people in a restaurant building at once. Seating is also prohibited in the bar area of any restaurant.

Tables will be spaced six feet apart, and restaurant staff are wearing masks while they serve customers. Customers are also being encouraged to wear masks while dining as well. Sisolak is encouraging restaurant operators to go by reservations in order to monitor the number of patrons entering into their facility.

For pubs, bars, breweries, and wineries that normally serve food, they’ve also been allowed to reopen to serve food strictly and out of the bar area.

Southern Nevada Health District’s Guidance for Restaurants Reopening in Phase 1

The Southern Nevada Health District has provided its COVID-19 guidance for food establishments reopening in Phase 1 of the state’s reopening plan, as well as a checklist for operators to run through.

Trained and Prepared Staff

Employee health screenings should be assessed upon arrival daily. Pre-shift meetings in a space that allows for social distancing should be conducted daily where staff reviews COVID-19 procedures for operation, including proper use and care of personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing guidelines, hand hygiene protocols, proper glove use and food handling measures.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

A cleaning and disinfecting plan for high-touch surfaces and access areas should be thoughtfully developed, as well as training staff on how to properly disinfect tables and chairs after every guest use.

Whenever possible, food establishments are being encouraged to use disposable dining ware instead, including utensils, cups, and plates.

Measures for keeping the facility equipped with a fresh and safe water supply must also be followed.

Back of House Areas

Restaurant management is being encouraged to stagger employee shifts to avoid large groups of employees from gathering in back-of-house corridors and service elevators.

Social distancing signage in multiple languages should be posted in visible areas in the facility, as well as social distancing floor markers for areas where employees gather or wait in lines, such as time clocks, locker rooms, and uniform control rooms.

Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers should be provided at employee entrances or areas where high-contact items are used, such as time clocks.

Employees should be constantly reminded to wear face coverings throughout their shift.

Front of House Areas

An adjusted floor plan to reduce occupancy per the State and Federal guidelines of allowing 6 feet distance between tables should be implemented.

Various signage should be posted as critical reminders. Signage types include:

  • Social distancing signage clearly posted in visible areas to remind patrons to keep their safe distance while in the establishment.
  • Signage on the proper use of face coverings.
  • Signage directing customers who have symptoms of COVID-19 or underlying health conditions of their delivery options.

Providing touchless hand sanitizer dispensers at entrances or other high-traffic areas of the establishment. Reservations are also being encouraged to limit the number of people in indoor and outdoor waiting areas, to maintain social distancing between waiting parties.

Consider switching to a menu board to limit multiple guests touching individual menus.

Removing all customer self-service condiments and utensils, and not presetting tables with utensils.

Refills on water or beverages should also be done at the table, or by leaving a pitcher for guests to self-pour.

Note: As of right now, buffets and self-service establishments are suspended until further notice.

Stay Tuned

It’s good to see the positive momentum going with food establishment reopening in Las Vegas and statewide.

Restaurants in casinos have also been allowed to reopen in Phase 1, granted that there is a street, outdoor seating option to keep guests from entering onto the casino floors.

What do you think of Downtown Las Vegas temporarily allowing sidewalk dining? Will you be heading out to enjoy a curbside meal soon?

We’d love to hear your thoughts below! Be sure to check back for more coronavirus coverage in Las Vegas.


Downtown LV Clears Out as Hotels & Businesses Close their Doors

Fremont East District in the EveningIf you were downtown over the last few days and didn’t know what was going on in the news, it wouldn’t have been immediately obvious that the valley was in the middle of a shutdown by how many tourists and locals were out and about in the area.

That’s since changed with an order that Governor Steve Sisolak mandated last night, calling for all non-essential businesses and hotel-casinos to close down for 30 days, effective Wednesday at noon.

“I have spoken with the chief medical officers of all of Nevada’s hospitals to get their assessment of our current situation and most responsible next steps. They have advised that the most effective course of action is to direct all Nevadans to stay home and for all non-essential businesses to close to the public for 30 days,” Sisolak said as he addressed the state Tuesday night.

Nom-essential businesses are being classified as casinos, theaters, gyms, recreational centers, bars and clubs, shopping malls and centers, some restaurants, hair salons and spas, bowling alleys, skating rinks, concert venues, and museums.

Downtown Las Vegas Wednesday Morning

Around 10 a.m. this morning, hotels in downtown in Las Vegas, like the D Las Vegas, were already preparing to close their doors by shutting down their entrances and shutting off their escalators.

The Fremont Hotel was also closed before noon, although the doors to the building were still unlocked. Around 10:30 a.m., a group of people were departing the Downtown Grand with suitcases in hand, getting ready to check out.

Other pinnacle downtown businesses have decided to go out with a bang, like Evel Pie, a downtown pizza eatery. On Wednesday, they announced that they would be giving away free pizzas through their walk-up window beginning at 11 a.m. until they ran out, according to a news release they released on their Facebook page.

“This was a very difficult decision because of our employees, but we need to the responsible thing,” said Evel Pie creator/co-owner Branden Powers. “We hope to be back serving the community as soon as we can.”

According to the Facebook post, they were giving away one large cheese pizza per person while supplies lasted.

The marquee sign the local restaurant put up before the closure happened read, “See you in 30 days, we love you.” It’s currently their Facebook cover photo.

RTC Transit to Suspend Downtown Express Bus Route

Following the governor’s request to shut down all nonessential businesses for the next 30 days, the Region’s Transit Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) has decided to suspend its service routes on the Strip and their Downtown Express Route (SDX).

The 39-stop route, which runs from the South Strip Transit Terminal all the way to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North mall in downtown Las Vegas, will be temporarily suspended beginning Thursday, according to a statement released by the RTC.

“We remain committed to providing transit service to our community, especially during this challenging time,” said RTC deputy CEO, Francis Julien. “While we are pausing service of the Strip & Downtown Express, riders can continue to move through the Resort Corridor through other RTC routes like the Deuce on the Strip. No changes have been implemented to residential fixed route or paratransit services at this time, but riders are encouraged to be patient in the event of service delays.”

We hope that everyone is staying safe during the nationwide quarantine. Stay tuned for other news and updates regarding COVID-19.


Downtown Casinos See Revenue Boost from Customers Seeking ‘Vibrant’ Experience

Downtown Las Vegas' Fremont Street ExperienceDowntown casinos collected an unprecedented $684.9 million in pre-tax gaming wins from customers in 2019, the market’s best gaming revenue performance in nearly 30 years. Prior to 2019’s revenue performance, 1992 saw downtown’s largest gaming revenue year.

In 1992, downtown casinos collected $703 million. The reason for the following 25-year gaming revenue low had to do mainly with casino expansion on the Strip, local casinos, the Great Recession, and the expansion of legal gambling in other states.

But what has made downtown a unique place for customers to flock to recently is the perfect harmony they’ve been able to foster with the existence of gaming and non-gaming entertainment alike.

Downtown offers many exciting pockets, including the Arts District, East Fremont, Symphony Park, the Smith Center for Performing Arts and more. The offerings of these high-energy experiences work in tandem to draw customers to downtown gaming properties.

And while some have expressed concern over downtown’s newest mega-resort Circa disrupting the gaming market, others aren’t losing sleep. In fact, Boyd Gaming CEO Keith Smith shares his insight into why he thinks downtown’s economy is booming:

“Downtown is a value-oriented market that has a certain authenticity factor,” said Smith.

Smith’s first company downtown, the iconic California Hotel Casino, has operated in the area since 1975. Boyd Gaming added two more well-known downtown properties over the years, Fremont and Main Street Station.

Downtown Offers a High-Energy Experience

What enabled downtown to finally come back in their numbers this past year?

Well, for one, it wasn’t an overnight process. You can trace it back to the downtown revival that began with Zappos founder Tony Hsieh moving his company’s headquarters downtown into the former City Hall building.

Hsieh launched and funded the Downtown Project (DTP) back in 2012. According to the description on their official website, Downtown Project’s is:

“A privately-funded, for-profit enterprise dedicated to helping revitalize part of downtown Las Vegas by investing in people and projects that share our vision of downtown as a hub of inspiration, entrepreneurial energy, creativity, innovation, prosperity, and discovery fueled by the Three C’s: collisions, co-learning, and connectedness.”

DTP helped position downtown as a uniquely diverse Vegas experience, and the “spot to be” among locals and tourists alike.

What Sets Downtown Apart

Downtown has many experiences that make it a hot-spot in the valley. It’s a refuge for tourists who are looking for a more authentic experience, and one that’s more manageable than the Las Vegas Strip, which can be an overwhelming place for visitors at times.

But that’s not to say that downtown is without its own set of bells and whistles. For one, it hosts the annual Life is Beautiful music festival that draws in more than 180,000 people each year.

Fremont East District also features a ton of local artwork, bars, and dining that allow visitors to slow down in a sense and feel a more down-home local community,

The Fremont Street Experience, which features an LED screen canopy that enlightens spectators with vibrant Vegas-themed display and popular music, is a huge drawing point for visitors. In fact, in data found a recent visitor profile, 54% of tourists said they went downtown to see the Fremont Street Experience.

What’s Coming to Downtown in 2020

One of the most highly anticipated projects scheduled to open its door this December is the new Circa Casino Resort. It will be the first resort of its kind in the area, and will proudly stand at the tallest building downtown.

Circa will feature 777 rooms, a multi-level sportsbook, and the “world’s greatest pool.”

While many have been divided in their overall opinions of the downtown area, the introduction of a new state-of-art property like Circa is sure to positively change the mind of downtown naysayers.

Circa’s owner, David Stevens, has, much like Tony Hseih, done a lot to revitalize the downtown area through the properties he currently runs and owns. Besides Circa, he created the Downtown Events Center, a three-acre open entertainment space, and owns and operates The D Las Vegas and Golden Gate casinos.

“People want to come to a downtown area to visit and to also live in an area that’s vibrant and offers so much to do and see,” Stevens said.

Seth Schorr, chairman of Downtown Grand for the Evil Pie restaurant venture on East Fremont, says these new projects and developments are continuing to steadily build the downtown brand in a positive light.

“What’s been important is the new types of businesses helped change the brand positioning of downtown,” Schorr said.“At Downtown Grand, we created an experience that complements and blends in with other parts of downtown.”

Schorr commended Stevens on bringing “significant investment and unique offerings” to downtown.

Casinos Operators Will Continue to Make Downtown Thrive

Downtown is experiencing major growth and visitation in recent years, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The unique culture that’s only found that is a huge selling point, but downtown casino operators get major credit for growing their customer base.

According to Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, casino operators are to thank for the many new businesses that are opening up shop in the area. She believes it’s the casinos that are the main driving force behind the versatility and attractive amenities that bring tourists and locals alike to the area.

Goodman also gives casino operators credit for successfully breeding an environment that puts value on non-gaming projects, since it enhances the entire downtown image overall.

“Downtown reflects how gaming and our businesses are working shoulder to shoulder to create an area of excitement,” Goodman said.

Downtown Las Vegas Will Soon Get Neon Arches to Welcome Visitors

Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas SignDowntown Las Vegas will soon get an illuminating set of neon arches that will serve as a beautiful welcome greeting to visitors heading downtown.

The arches will be built on Las Vegas Blvd., between St. Louis and Bob Stupak avenues, adjacent to the STRAT. It will face visitors as they drive down or walk north on Las Vegas Blvd toward downtown LV.

In an artist’s rendering of the new arches, the design of the arches will be a vibrant baby blue color, with the “City of Las Vegas” sign in baby pink. It’s a great tie-in to the aesthetic visitors can expect to find in Downtown Vegas, vintage storefront designs, and a bustling, colorful art scene.

The arches will reflect the city’s effort to renovate infrastructure in the downtown area, and update signage. Pretty soon, the new downtown sign will be popping up in Las Vegas tourist pictures in the same fashion as the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. That’s the hope, at least.

Construction on the 80-foot arches is set to begin on Monday, March 16, and is scheduled to be completed in September. According to the city of Las Vegas, the project will cost around $6.5 million. “Sporadic closures” on Las Vegas Blvd. will also be put into place to allow construction to take place.

Las Vegas Neon Signage

It’s no secret. One of the blazing images that make Las Vegas so memorable in the eyes of tourists and locals alike is its neon signs. It only makes sense that downtown Las Vegas wants to pay homage to its iconic neon roots by installing the new arches.

In fact, there’s a non-profit Neon Museum located downtown that exists solely to collect, preserve, study, and put historical, decommissioned signs on exhibit for visitors to explore and enjoy. Until April, visitors can still catch Neon Museum’s popular “Lost Vegas” exhibit, which is a collection of large-scale artworks by acclaimed, quirky director Tim Burton.

Based on the success of Tim Burton’s exhibit, which has benefitted the downtown economy substantially, the museum says they plan on featuring more traveling exhibits in the future.

One of the museum’s latest iconic additions will be the former Hard Rock Hotel’s 80-foot-tall neon Gibson guitar sign since the property will become Virgin Hotels this fall.

Yesco, the sign company which originally purchased the guitar sign, donated the piece to the Neon Museum who is thrilled to be its new retirement home. Since the sign is 27-years-old, there will be some work done on it to spruce up the neon effect and replace missing bulbs.

Most Iconic Las Vegas Neon Signs

Other iconic neon signs that have found their permanent home at the Neon Museum include:

The Aladdin lamp: It used to shine brightly at the former Aladdin casino that opened in 1966 and closed permanently in 1997. The Planet Hollywood now sits on the property.

The Stardust: The sign represents the booming atomic age era in Las Vegas, and was first created in 1958. It was rescued before the Stardust Hotel & Casino was imploded in 2006. It’s the biggest, brightest sign in the neon boneyard.

The Moulin Rouge: The former Moulin Rouge opened in 1955 and was known as being the first integrated hotel in the city. Fun fact: The same designed who designed the world-famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, Betty Willis, was the same designer behind this elegant signage.

Have you been to the Neon Museum of Las Vegas yet? Let us know what your favorite piece of neon signage is in the city, old or new!