Circa Casino is Opening More Amenities to Guests!

Circa Las Vegas

There have been some fantastic new casinos that recently opened their doors in Las Vegas. Circa Casino might be the most exciting one in decades. New reports claim that this incredible new Downtown casino-resort has finally decided to open some of its amenities for visitors during New Year’s Eve!

It’s exciting news for visitors to this city. New Year’s Eve will be considerably different here this year. There’s still something to look forward to, though. Today, we’ll discuss some of Circa’s big upcoming plans!

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Midweek Hotel-Casino Closures Continue in Las Vegas

We’ve seen a huge number of the biggest casinos across the United States shut down recently. Some of this has been state-ordered. Over in Illinois, for example, officials have forced commercial casinos to close their doors until further notice.

In other cases, casinos are choosing to close their doors on their own. Major casino hubs such as Las Vegas have been seeing major drops in revenue over the past nine months. Consistent drops in tourism seem to be to blame here.

Some of the biggest casinos have recently announced midweek closures. That includes The Palazzo, operated by Las Vegas Sands. The owners of this property have been claiming that this venue has seen large drops in visitors recently. As a result, it’s closing its doors from Monday to Wednesday evening.

Mirage Las Vegas is also deciding to take this step. This property has just revealed that it will soon close all of its operations between Monday and Wednesday. This measure will remain in place until further notice.

Downtown Las Vegas is still seeing drops in its visitor rates. This appears to be getting worse as the winter continues. It’s tough news for Circa Casino-Resort, the newest gambling venue to open its doors in this area of the city.

There are some big changes being made at this property recently. It appears the owners are ramping things up for New Year’s Eve weekend!

Here’s a Look at What is Happening With Circa Casino Right Now

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Circa Las Vegas over the years. This casino has been under construction for years and was expected to be one of the best new venues in the city. Finally, in late October, this gambling venue opened its doors to the public.

It wasn’t the grand opening that the owners had hoped for. Las Vegas continues to see major drops in tourism. Hope was that this venue would immediately bring in massive amounts of revenue and help to bring more tourists to the Downtown area of Las Vegas.

This casino-resort hasn’t completely opened up. In fact, some of the amenities have remained closed to the public since the property began accepting guests. New reports claim that is about to change, though.

Reports have just surfaced claiming that the tallest Circa hotel tower north of the Strip is about to open to the public. This gives guests incredible views of the Las Vegas valley. Derek Stevens, one of the owners of this property, spoke about his excitement with this project to the media this week.

“This project is clearly my largest project that my brother and I have been involved with, and I think it’s even more special with what’s happening in 2020 because we’re in a community that needs jobs and when I had the opportunity to meet some of the different divisions, our table divisions, slot division, bartenders, it’s amazing to see how much emotion is coming out when they can get back to work,” he said. 

Many have been eagerly waiting for Circa Las Vegas to open its largest tower. Soon, the more than 500 rooms here will become available to stay in. The new rooftop lounge will also be open prior to New Year’s Eve. Stay tuned for more news on Circa over the next couple of weeks!

What’s Happening With Resorts World Las Vegas?

For years, there’s been an incredible amount of hype placed on Resorts World Las Vegas. This property has been in the works for years and is now expected to open in the summer of 2021. It’s the most expensive casino-resort ever built in the city.

Interestingly, not many analysts have been talking about this property recently. Resorts World could have never predicted the state of the US casino industry right now. It’s a difficult situation for a brand new casino-resort to be in.

There’s reason to be excited, though. Some believe that 2021 could end up being a very successful year for Las Vegas. With the effective distribution of vaccines, many people around the country are going to want to travel. This could result in an economic boom for major entertainment hubs.

Resorts World would benefit greatly from this situation. This venue cost billions to construct and is expected to be unlike any other casino ever built in the city.

Circa Casino would also benefit from a massive surge in tourism next year. This property could help to transform the way people see the Downtown area.

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We’re Learning More About Circa’s New Swimming Pool

Circa Casino & Resort is the newest hotel-casino built in Las Vegas. For months, the owners of this new venue located in Downtown Las Vegas have told the media that it will feature the largest and most impressive swimming pool in the city. This week, several new details about Circa’s new swimming pool were revealed.Circa Hotel & Casino

It’s been a tough past few months for the city of Las Vegas. Many residents here are excited to see Circa open up. Today, we’re going to look at some of the new details about this venue that have just been announced.

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Circa Resort & Casino Will Reopen On October 28th

There are always new venues being constructed in Las Vegas. For years, Derek and Greg Stevens have been working on Circa Resort & Casino, a brand-new venue being built in Downtown Las Vegas. The Stevens brothers have continued to claim that this new property would feature the most impressive pool ever built in Las Vegas.

This adult-only venue will officially open to the public on October 28th. It’s not coming at the most ideal time, of course. The casinos in Las Vegas have only been open for a few weeks and tourism into this city is still much lower than it was at the start of 2020.

The months between March and early June were some of the toughest in the history of Las Vegas. Never before have all the casinos here been forced to completely close down. Most of these casinos have now reopened, yet they look considerably different than they did at the start of 2020.

Masks are now required inside these venues. The number of table games inside these properties is down considerably. There are even plexiglass barriers that separate players and dealers at table games.

Many now hope that the opening of Circa Resort & Casino will help to boost tourism in this city. Derek and Greg Stevens have worked hard to breathe new life into the Downtown area of Las Vegas. These casino owners continue to offer new and exciting updates about this property and the pool here sounds incredible.

Here’s Another Update on Circa’s New Swimming Pool

Downtown Las Vegas has always been a popular spot in Las Vegas, particularly for locals. Many felt that this part of the city was in need of a new, state-of-the-art venue. That’s exactly what the city is getting with Circa Resort & Casino.

We’ve been hearing about this new property for many months. Much of the focus has been on the pool here. This week, Derek Stevens officially revealed the new pool, called “Stadium Pool,” and it’s just as exciting as many predicted.

This new temperature-controlled pool features a massive 135-foot television screen featuring major sporting events. It will be open 365 days a year and features several stories. Swim-up bars are featured on the pool’s lower decks that allow guests to order drinks without getting out of the water.

It’s clear that this is going to be a game-changer for Downtown Las Vegas. It’s the first true resort-style property built in this part of the city. Most feel that Circa will help to draw in a significant number of new tourists.

Does this mean the Las Vegas gambling industry is back on track? Probably not. Things are still far from normal here and it may be a long time before a real sense of normalcy is back. The same can be said for other gambling hubs around the country.

Atlantic City Casinos Struggle to Draw in Players

Las Vegas began to reopen its casinos on June 4th. Many felt it had taken too long. Over in Atlantic City, casinos were not allowed to reopen until Fourth of July weekend. This city is having a difficult time drawing in players and casino companies are seeing low revenue figures.

This isn’t entirely surprising. Many are unwilling to visit a crowded casino under the current scenario. Drawing in players is now even more difficult for the casinos here now that eating, drinking, and smoking is prohibited on all casino floors.

It represents a massive turn of events for this city. Prior to the casino shutdown in March, Atlantic City was growing extremely quickly. Many felt that Atlantic City is growing to become one of the true gambling hubs of the United States.

Hopefully, things begin to turn around soon. There are still thousands of casino workers here that have not been able to return to their jobs due to the current regulations. State leaders are trying to protect public safety while getting the economy back on track.

Based on what we’re hearing, Circa’s new swimming pool will help to draw in many more visitors to Downtown Las Vegas. This may grow to become one of the largest and most popular casino-resorts on the planet. We’ll keep offering updates on this venue leading up to its opening date in October.

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There Are Now More Reasons to Wear Masks in Casinos

More Las Vegas casinos are beginning to open and tourism is increasing here every single week. Due to the regulations set in place, however, some are still unwilling to visit this city. Caesars Entertainment is now starting to give visitors here more reasons to wear masks in casinos.Man Wearing Face Mask

Most would agree that wearing a mask inside a casino-resort is a little uncomfortable. Caesars is trying to help make this a little easier to bare. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly this major casino company is offering to its guests.

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More Caesars Entertainment Properties Are Opening in Las Vegas

As the weeks go on, more major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are starting to accept guests. It’s been a long road to get here. Since March, many of the casino companies here have lost an incredible amount of revenue.

Caesars Entertainment is one of the biggest casino companies in Las Vegas. Over the past few weeks, this company has begun opening several of its properties including Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Flamingo, The Linq, and Harrah’s Las Vegas. Revenue is slowly beginning to increase for this gaming operator.

As many know, Caesars is also in the middle of a massive merger with Eldorado Resorts. Initially, this deal was expected to be finalized by the end of this month. According to recent reports, it’s now being pushed back.

Revenue still isn’t coming in like it used to. Tourism into Las Vegas is slowly increasing every single week. It may be months, or even a year, before rates of tourism here get back to how they were in January of this year.

Caesars, like many other casino companies, is doing everything it can to attract more visitors. Things have been made more difficult now that masks are expected to be required on all casino floors. Officials within Caesars are now trying to encourage mask-wearing in the city in a unique way.

Here Are a Few More Reasons to Wear Masks in Casinos

Over the past few months, health officials in the US have tried to come up with the best ways to better protect the public from the dangers of Covid-19. It now appears that mask-wearing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent infection spread. Most states are now highly encouraging their residents to wear a mask when going in public.

For a time, wearing a mask was only recommended inside Las Vegas casinos. Most gambling officials realized that forcing players to wear masks will end up decreasing tourism. Now, lawmakers here are taking a more aggressive approach.

Governor Sisolak recently held a press conference and announced that masks are likely to be required inside casinos. Fortunately, Caesars Entertainment is now giving its players more reasons to wear masks in casinos. This company has begun offering free slot credits to many players who are abiding by the mask rule.

A spokesperson for Caesars told the media that $7,500 in free slot credits was awarded over the past few days.

It’s clear that Caesars Entertainment is taking the most proactive approach to masks. The company was one of the first to officially require masks to be worn when playing table games. Now, they’re actually rewarding the players abiding by the rules.

There were already many reasons to wear masks in casinos. Now, you might even get paid for it!

Circa Las Vegas Announces Opening Date

The city of Las Vegas was earning an incredible amount of revenue over the past couple of years. As a result, several companies here have begun constructing major casino-resorts. That includes Circa Las Vegas, located in the Downtown area.

This property is owned by Derek Stevens, one of the top casino operators in the city. Stevens officially announced that reservations can now be made starting tomorrow, June 24th. To the surprise of some, this major casino-resort will be an adult-only venue.

“Once, Las Vegas held a certain mystique as this fabulous place where only grown-ups could play,” Circa’s official Twitter account said. “Call us old-fashioned, but we think adults need some of that mystique back in their lives. Book your room starting June 24th at 9am for #CircaLasVegas, a 21+ experience.”

Just about everyone is excited to see this new venue open up. Circa is now home to the largest and most impressive swimming pool complex in Las Vegas. Derek Stevens believes that this new venue will help to significantly increase tourism into Downtown Las Vegas.

Health officials continue to reveal more reasons to wear masks in casinos. Cases of Covid-19 are increasing around the country. Wearing a mask may help to prevent another casino shutdown experienced over the past few months.

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The Pool at Circa Las Vegas is Opening in October

Downtown Las Vegas has been rapidly improving over the years. Several new properties are currently being constructed here, perhaps none of which are as exciting as the Circa Casino-Resort. According to new reports, the pool at Circa Las Vegas will officially open to the public in October.Circa Resort & Casino

This city has been slowly reopening. Several of the biggest gambling venues here are now accepting guests once again. Today, we’re going to look at what the owners of the Circa Hotel have planned for the future.

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Casinos in Downtown Las Vegas Are Reopening

People around the country have been hugely interested to see how the city of Las Vegas responds to this global pandemic. For months, all of the casino-resorts here were closed to the public. This resulted in an unprecedented amount of job loss and millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Lawmakers in the state realized things couldn’t remain the way they were. If things didn’t change, the city might not have ever recovered. Fortunately, Governor Sisolak gave these casinos permission to reopen on June 4th.

As long as they implement safety measures, the casinos in this state can open back up. Today, some of the biggest and best gaming venues are now operating again. That includes the New York-New York, the Bellagio, and the Venetian Casino-Resort.

Some of the top casinos in Downtown Las Vegas have started to accept guests, as well. The Golden Nugget and Orleans are now operating with reduced occupancy. Since June 4th, tourism in this city has gradually increased.

There are several new properties in this city that both residents and tourists are excited about. The Circa Casino-Resort, in particular, has been generating serious interest. The owners of this property now claim that some of the amenities here will begin opening back up soon.

Derek Stevens Gives Update on the Pool at Circa Las Vegas

The Circa Casino and Resort is the first major hotel-casino built in downtown Las Vegas for decades. It’s owned by the Stevens brothers, who already control several major gaming venues in the state. Derek Stevens recently spoke to the media about how this project is coming together.

According to Derek, this property will open a little earlier than expected. The basement and first five floors of this casino-resort will reopen to the public on October 28th. To the surprise of many, the pool at Circa Las Vegas is opening up in October, as well.

As many know, the pool here is one of the largest in the entire city. Derek Stevens wanted to make this one of the most exciting new properties in the city. A resort-style pool, he feels, will help to boost tourism in the Downtown area.

Opening back up hasn’t been easy. He spoke about this with USA Today this week.

“We took the hand that was dealt us and tried to work as efficient as possible,” Stevens said. 

As of now, the plan is for much of this property to reopen in October. It’s still not entirely clear how things will look. Will social distancing measures be required at the pool at Circa Las Vegas? Are employees going to need to wear masks? That all remains to be seen.

Las Vegas isn’t the same that it was a few months ago. Casino owners are doing their best to bring life back to the city, though. We’ll continue to offer updates on Circa over the next few weeks.

New Jersey Prepares to Reopen its Casino Industry

Las Vegas remains the world’s top gambling destination. Many new casino-resorts are scheduled to open here over the next few years. Now that the casinos have reopened, revenue in the city is starting to trickle back in.

Not every city has been as quick to get back to normal. In Atlantic City, the casinos remain shut down to the public. This has resulted in tens of thousands of job losses and some feel this city may never look the same.

State officials here are doing everything they can to help Atlantic City’s economy. Not long ago, the NJ State Senate approved a bill to help the casinos here. This bill also allocates a huge amount of money to help small businesses affected by the regulations here.

The current plan is for the casinos in this city to reopen by the Fourth of July. Obviously, everyone in this city is excited to see this happen. Many feel tourism will quickly surge here once the gaming venues are opened back up.

Casino industries around the country are finally starting to reopen. Some are earning more money than others. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for things in Atlantic City to get back to normal.

Are you excited to visit the pool at Circa Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!

Derek Stevens is Offering Free Flights to Las Vegas

Over the past two months, tourism rates in Las Vegas have been the lowest in history. Casinos are set to reopen here next week and many hope that the tourism industry finally starts to recover. To help with this, one major casino owner announced he’s offering free flights to Las Vegas.Airline Flight

As many know, this city relies on tourism to function normally. Now is the perfect time to look at when things may start getting back to normal here. We’ll also discuss how to receive one of these free flights.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Tourism Rates Have Been the Lowest in History

Between 2007 and 2009, Las Vegas found itself in serious trouble. A global recession had taken hold and tourism rates into the city began to plummet. This lack of visitors proved to be devastating for casino companies, many of which were forced to permanently close down their venues in the city.

Things eventually recovered. In fact, the past few years have been incredibly successful for Las Vegas and Nevada as a whole. Gambling revenue was surging and several major new casino-resorts were being constructed on the Las Vegas Strip.

The past two months have shown how fast things can change. All of the casinos in Nevada were forced to close down in March. Tourism into Las Vegas completely stopped and many of the casino companies here started losing millions of dollars every single day.

City officials eventually decided to shut down two of the concourses in the Las Vegas International Airport. Almost no one was flying in or out of the city. City officials realized how bad things were becoming and began pushing hard to get back to normal.

Governor Sisolak has approved plans for casinos to reopen on June 4th. Even with the safety measures set in place, many expect a surge of new visitors here. One casino owner has a unique way to try to boost tourism rates in the city.

Derek Stevens is Offering Free Flights to Las Vegas

Some of the most powerful casino owners in the world are based in Las Vegas. That includes Derek Stevens, the owner of several major casinos in the Downtown area. Like all other casino officials, Stevens has taken a major hit due to the global pandemic.

With casinos set to open next week, this may be the most important time to start promoting tourism. Many of the casino-resorts in this city are already accepting reservations. Derek Stevens is taking a unique approach to attracting new visitors.

The casino mogul has announced that he’s offering 1700 free flights to Las Vegas. These flights are available through many different carriers and are available from 20 different cities.

Stevens initially planned to offer just 1,000 flights. Those were completely booked within a few hours and he then added another 700. He released a statement about the situation to the media earlier today.

“We knew there was a high demand for Las Vegas, and to see these flights book as quickly as they did is overwhelming and exciting,” Stevens said. “As we begin to reopen our doors across the city, we are proud to help reinvigorate travel to Las Vegas while supporting airlines in America impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. While we’d love for visitors to stop by downtown Las Vegas, we primarily want to get people back to Las Vegas to experience the attractions and amenities that make it one of the greatest places on Earth.”

These free flights to Las Vegas are being offered on a first-come, first-serve basis at As you might expect, these are selling out extremely quickly. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see Stevens offering even more of these free flights soon, though.

Expect More Las Vegas Deals Over the Next Few Weeks

Some expressed doubt that tourism rates in Las Vegas would increase just because casinos were given permission to reopen. There was fear that the strict safety measures being set in place at these venues would deter potential visitors. Based on how fast the flights that Stevens offered have been selling out, it’s clear that many people are excited to visit this city.

Many expect more deals like that one to start popping up. Many of the major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have already started to significantly drop their room rates. Every casino company is different, though.

Members of M Life Rewards may notice some of the new deals available. That includes a drop in prices for the Sky Suites at the MGM Grand Hotel-Casino. There are also some fantastic flexible rate deals available for The Bellagio and the New York-New York.

It will be very interesting to see how many tourists flock to Las Vegas next month. Many of the casinos here have lost a historic amount of money over the next two months. Unless revenue starts to increase here, things may not end well for some of these venues.

It’s exciting to see Derek Stevens offering these free flights to Las Vegas. Perhaps more casino owners will do the same to help promote tourism here. Stay tuned for updates!

Are you planning to visit Las Vegas anytime soon? Where do you plan on staying? Let us know in the comments section below!

More Details About Circa Las Vegas Are Coming Out

For the past year, construction has been taking place on a brand new hotel-casino located in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s one of the most highly-anticipated venues on the Fremont Street Experience in recent memory and is expected to become hugely popular. This week, Circa Las Vegas announced several new restaurants that are set to open up this year.Circa Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas is known for its incredible restaurants. Recently, many of these world-class eateries have begun opening up in the Downtown area. Now is the perfect time to look at what to expect from the newest major casino-resort opening here.

Downtown Las Vegas is Beginning to Transform

Opinions are torn on the Downtown area of Las Vegas. Some claim that this part of the city is more authentic and affordable than the Strip area. Others claim it’s rundown and doesn’t offer the same level of entertainment that the Strip does. There may be some validity to both of those statements.

In recent years, Downtown Las Vegas has begun to transform and more visitors to the city are choosing to head over to this area. Over the past decade alone, several new hotel-casinos have opened here and some major renovations have taken place to the venues.

Several major casino operators realize the potential in Downtown Las Vegas. Back in August of 2015, Derek and Greg Stevens began planning a massive new casino-resort on Fremont Street. It was eventually named Circa Las Vegas and was scheduled to open in December of 2020.

Construction on this project began in early 2019. Since that time, more and more details of the property have been released. This week, the owners revealed several new additions to the new hotel-casino.

Based on what’s being said, this will be one of the best venues in Downtown Las Vegas to date. Here’s what has just been announced.

Several New Restaurants Are Coming to Circa Las Vegas

Nowadays, many people visit Las Vegas simply for the different culinary options. There are a host of fantastic restaurants in this city, more of which are beginning to open on Fremont Street. Derek Stevens recently told the media about five incredible new restaurants that are opening up inside this hotel-casino.

“While each owner brings a diverse background to Circa, they are united by the common thread of having a passion for customer service and the Downtown Las Vegas community,” Stevens told the media. “In addition to incredible food, they will all deliver that spirit of fun and community that is integral to the Circa experience.”

Here’s are some of the restaurants coming to Circa Las Vegas.

  • Saginaw’s Delicatessen, a deli-style restaurant by Paul Saginaw.
  • Barry’s Downtown Prime, a steakhouse being developed by Chef Barry S. Dakake.
  • Victory Burger & Wings Co., this will be Circa’s main sports bar developed by the owners of American Coney Island.
  • 8 East, a pan-Asian restaurant from chef Dan Coughlin.
  • Project BBQ, the first permanent food truck at Circa Las Vegas featuring Carolina barbecue options.

It’s clear that the Stevens brothers are focused on making this resort a food haven. Each of the restaurants opening here is expected to be fantastic.

Circa’s Pool Will Be the Best in Las Vegas

The food scene at Circa Las Vegas is incredible. That’s not the only thing people are talking about right now, though. Derek Stevens claims that this casino-resort will feature the best swimming pool in Las Vegas.

According to the CEO, it will be a multi-level pool amphitheater featuring a massive 134 by 41-foot video screen. Hotel developers are calling it a “destination pool.” The goal is to attract visitors from around the country solely to spend time in this luxurious swimming area.

“This is going to be a great venue to watch sports, a great place to catch sun, a great place to listen to music,” Stevens said, “and a great place for product launches. We expect to be able to do 4,000 people a day.” 

30 cabanas, 38 day beds, and 337 chaise lounges are opening at the hotel’s pool. We’re expected to see some pictures of this area in a few months.

Downtown Las Vegas is improving rapidly. Circa Las Vegas is expected to be the crown jewel in this part of the city. Stay tuned for more updates on the hotel-casino over the next few months!

Derek Stevens Gives Update on Circa Resort & Casino

Some locals and visitors to Las Vegas claim the downtown area is where the city really comes to life. Others feel it’s the shadier, less attractive part of the city compared to the Strip. Several companies have been working to make downtown LV just as exciting as the area on South Las Vegas Boulevard. This week, Derek Stevens gave an update on Circa Resort & Casino.Circa Resort & Casino

This new property is one of the biggest and most impressive ever built downtown. It’s expected to draw in a huge number of tourists once it’s finally opened. Here’s what we’ve just learned about this massive casino-resort.

Construction Continues on Downtown LV’s Circa

Downtown Las Vegas is home to many popular casinos. In fact, this is where the real Las Vegas was born. Some historic gambling venues are located here, such as the Golden Nugget, which first opened to the public in 1946.

Unfortunately, some still have an unfavorable opinion about the downtown area. Most of the venues are smaller and less visually appealing than the biggest hotel-casinos on the Strip. Gambling revenue in this area is also significantly less than what it is on the Strip.

Some see an opportunity here. Derek and Greg Stevens currently own several hotel-casinos in the downtown area. In 2015, these brothers purchased the Las Vegas Club. A year later, they bought the Mermaid Club, both located downtown. In 2019, the pair announced they were constructing Circa Resort & Casino.

Construction on this property officially began in April of 2019. In June, reports showed there were more than 600 construction workers on the project. It’s likely the most ambitious casino-resort ever built in downtown LV.

As of now, this property is slated to open in December of 2020. Its owners believe that Circa will completely change the way downtown Vegas is thought about.

Derek Stevens Offers Update On Circa Resort & Casino

As we just mentioned, Derek and his brother Greg Stevens own several major properties in downtown Las Vegas. This includes the D Las Vegas and the Golden Gate. Both men believe that Circa will be their crowning achievement.

This week, Derek Stevens spoke with the media and offered a major update on Circa Resort & Casino. Based on what he’s saying, this is going to be a truly incredible venue.

One of the most interesting things that Stevens revealed was that the casino-resorts’ pools will be open 24 hours a day.

“These pools are going to be heated in a way similar to what you would have in Vail or Aspen (Colorado), you have an outdoor pool product in the middle of the winter, so we’re going to be using these pools year-round,” Stevens said. 

It’s an impressive piece of news, especially considering there will be six different pools located on the resort’s roof. Stevens also commented on the “Garage Mahal,” a massive nine-story parking garage for guests.

“It’s the very first fully integrated ride-share hub designed into a new hotel-casino resort,” Stevens said. “The whole first floor of Garage Mahal is the ride-sharing area. It’s going to be very important for Uber, Lyft and everybody else who comes in after them.”

It’s always fun to receive an update on Circa Resort & Casino. Soon, we’ll begin to get a glimpse of what the inside of this new venue will look like.

Las Vegas Gambling Revenue Fluctuates in 2019

Las Vegas is having an interesting year. At first, competition from Atlantic City seemed to be taking a toll here. Over the past several months, however, things have been improving considerably. 2019’s third-quarter brought a major increase in gambling revenue in Las Vegas.

Several of the biggest casino operators here, including Caesars Entertainment, saw their revenue earnings increase significantly between July and September. Caesars’ experienced a revenue increase of 2.3% during this time period.

The majority of money still comes from the Las Vegas Strip. Downtown Las Vegas is beginning to generate more money in recent months. With the addition of Circa, this area of the city may soon begin competing with the Strip.

Derek Stevens has just given a major update on Circa Resort & Casino. More information on this gambling venue will come out over the next few months.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!