Nevada Culinary Union Supports Bernie Sanders for President

Nevada’s Culinary Union is one of the most powerful union groups in the country. It has over 60,000 members and is the largest affiliate of UNITE HERE. This week, members of the Nevada Culinary Union voiced their support for Democratic presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders.Bernie Sanders

This isn’t completely surprising. Sanders has helped to support this group with issues in the past. Today, we’re going to look at what the union’s support means.

Let’s get into it!

The Nevada Culinary Union and Sanders Have a History

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the NV Culinary Union. This group was formed back in 1938 and has grown to become the largest union in the state. Members of the group are present in many hotel-casinos across Nevada, including many in Las Vegas.

For years, the culinary union has been quarreling with Station Casinos, a Las Vegas-based casino company that owns several major casino-resorts. Owners of Station Casinos have worked to prevent employees in their venues from joining the Culinary Union. This includes the employees at Palms Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

In June, more than 1,000 Palms employees picketed outside the hotel-casino, demanding that negotiations take place. Officials within Station Casinos didn’t budge. In August, the Culinary Union teamed up with the APALA to help with their cause.

Once again, Station Casinos did not agree to negotiate. Eventually, Bernie Sanders voiced this disapproval with the way the casino company was handling the situation.

“@Palms workers voted to unionize because they are fighting for better pay, better benefits, job security, and respect and dignity on the job,” Sanders wrote. “It’s time for the Palms’ billionaire, Trump-supporting owners to stop ignoring the law and start negotiating with their workers,” Sanders wrote in a Tweet.

It appears the Senator’s support is paying off.

Culinary Union Members Show Support for Bernie Sanders

The race to become the Democratic presidential nominee is currently underway. As the months go on, several candidates are beginning to stand out. Now, it appears that Bernie Sanders has a real shot at earning the nomination.

This week, members of the Nevada Culinary Union officially voiced their support for the Vermont Senator. More than 100 workers cheered Sanders on during the state caucuses. It’s looking more likely that he’ll emerge as the front runner in Nevada.

Several workers claim that Sanders’ health care plan is their main reason for support. Monica Smith, a culinary workers member since 1987 spoke to Buzzfeed News about her reasoning.

“We have so many people that have walked that picket line, blood sweat and tears, for us. We’re going to be here to protect it, but I worry about other people that aren’t protected by unions. How do they get healthcare. What’s the dollar amount that they have to go through, do they have to worry about not being able to go to a hospital?”

The Culinary Union was a major talking point during the recent Democratic debates. It seems the Democratic nominees recognize how important the support of this group is to win Nevada. For now, it looks like Bernie is coming out on top.

You Can Now Bet on Who Becomes the Democratic Candidate

Over the past few weeks, we’ve begun to get a better idea as to who will win the Democratic nomination. For a time, it seemed like Joe Biden would emerge victorious. He has experience in the White House and already holds a large support group across the country.

It now appears that Bernie Sanders is the front runner. He’s emerged victorious in several state caucuses already., one of the best online sportsbooks in the country, is now allowing its members to bet on who wins the nomination. At the moment, Sanders is listed as the -150 betting favorite. His odds may increase further after he secures a win in Nevada.

Micheal Bloomberg is listed second in the odds. The founder of Bloomberg L.P. entered into the race late yet he’s emerged as a possible candidate winner. Mybookie gives him odds of +325 to get the victory.

Some other possibilities include Pete Buttigieg at +900, Joe Biden at +1000, and Elizabeth Warren at +5000.

The Nevada Culinary Union is clearly in support of Bernie Sanders. Is this a sign that he may become the next president? Stay tuned for updates over the next few months!