Wilton Rancheria Gains Fire Support From the CSD

For years, the Wilton Rancheria has discussed plans to open a major new casino-resort in northern California. The tribe is now working to gain approval from various state government bodies. This week, the tribe received a guarantee of support by the Cosumnes Community Services District.


It’s great news for the tribe, which currently plans to open this new venue in 2021. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly this venue will have to offer. We’ll also look at the current state of California’s casino industry.

Let’s get into it!

California’s Casino Industry Remains Shut Down

All around the United States, land-based casinos are completely closed down. It’s all due to the new coronavirus, which has now infected more than 420,000 individuals around the country. It’s been devastating for casino companies, some of which are losing an incredible amount of money every single day.

Of course, some parts of the country are being affected by the casino shutdowns more than others. In places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, this has been incredibly troublesome. A huge number of businesses are now shut down in these areas and tourism has slowed down considerably.

California is under stay-at-home orders. Essentially, residents in the state are unable to leave their homes for anything non-essential. Obviously, this means casinos in the state are unable to open their doors to the general public.

It’s still unclear when these casinos will be able to open again. Despite that fact, several tribes are currently working on plans to open new gambling venues in the state. This includes the Wilton Rancheria.

As we’ve already mentioned, this tribe plans to open a brand new casino-resort next year. This week, they’ve taken a major step forward to get this done.

CSD Agrees to Support Wilton Rancheria With Medical Services

It’s not easy to open a new casino-resort in California. Native American tribes need to gain approval and support from various government bodies. This week, the Cosumnes Community Services District has agreed to provide the Wilton Rancheria with medical services for its proposed casino-resort.

Under the current agreement, the tribe will provide the CSD with several things including a new fire truck, a one-time payment of $805,500 and an annual fee of $887,500. The agreement also makes the Cosumnes Fire Department the exclusive agency to provide fire services for the casino-resort.

Raymond “Chuckie” Hitchcock, a chairman at the Wilton Rancheria, spoke about this new agreement to the media this week.

“We’re excited for our future and our generational partnership between the tribe and the (CSD),” he said. “You are the lifeline between the safety of our future employees and patrons, (you are) the protectors of our gaming facility in the case of any structural emergency.” 

CSD Director Rod Brewer also praised the new partnership this week.

“It took a lot of years and a lot of conversations in just making sure that the stars are aligned to make sure we have something that is mutually beneficial,” Brewer said.

This is a huge move for this tribal group. With this now settled, the tribe can begin looking at construction plans. Of course, we’ll need to want and see how long it takes for the state’s land-based casino industry to get back up and running.

US Land-Based Casino Revenue Continues to Drop

As everyone knows, this is a tough time for the land-based casino industry. Casinos across the country are shut down and no one can say when they’ll open back up. For some casino operators, this will have permanent effects.

Revenue from this industry continues to drop. In New Jersey, for example, casino companies are losing millions of dollars every month. The same is happening in Las Vegas.

California casinos are hurting, as well. All of the Native American gambling venues in the state are currently shut down. There are some analysts that believe things will remain this way for at least a few months.

Despite that fact, the Wilton Rancheria is focused on opening its new casino-resort. This tribe is banking on this whole situation being cleared up by next year. With support from the CSD, this casino is on track to open in 2021.

Major casino companies continue to ask the government for financial aid. Hope is that the stimulus package provides these companies with some relief. Another package is likely to be approved in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few weeks!

Visiting Las Vegas Virtually During the Quarantine

Neon Museum in Las VegasNever thought we’d see the day, but the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown LV are virtually empty, and have been for the past few weeks.

That is, minus the cars that drive down Las Vegas Boulevard to take in the unusual sight of a pedestrian-free Strip, and law enforcement that’s parked outside of major casino-resorts to ensure no one makes their way in.

But while Las Vegas is temporarily “closed” (casinos and nonessential businesses are set to open back up April 30), you can still experience Vegas virtually with several Vegas experiences and attractions going online, some just requiring a simple search on YouTube even.

Here are some of the best Vegas-based experienced you can catch virtually during this time of quarantine. Think of it as a virtual field trip until you can experience the real thing live!

Cirque de Soleil

The Las Vegas show staple, Cirque de Soleil, launched CirqueConnect last Friday.

It’s a digital content hub featuring new 60-minute specials each week. The footage contains “awe-inspiring” show footage and fan-favorite videos with hopes of transporting viewers from the comfort of their safe space.

Cirque de Soleil Fun Facts

  • The mesmerizing acrobatic circus show was first founded in 1984, and has since been put on display for over 180 million people in 450 cities on every continent minus Antarctica.
  • Las Vegas has six permanent Cirque de Soleil shows, with Mystere at Treasure Island being their first permanent show and longest-running show.
  • The shows are expensive to produce: Ka, which premiered in 2005, cost close to $165 million to produce, making it one of the most expensive theatrical-productions in history.

Fountains of Bellagio

The dancing Fountains of Bellagio are among the most iconic venues on the Las Vegas Strip, and with it temporarily being shut down right now, many users have taken to YouTube to upload their footage of the glorious sight.

Here there were in all their glory just last year, dancing to the theme of Game of Thrones.

Fountains of Bellagio Fun Facts

  • The Bellagio fountains hold 22 million gallons of water that’s taken from an on-site well and it fills up 8.5 acres of a man-made lake.
  • The “lake” contains sensors that are able to detect wind strength. If the wind is too strong, the fountains get shut down so that the pressure of the water doesn’t go over boundaries.
  • The fountains are illuminated at night by nearly 5,000 lights.

Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art

Take an inside look inside into the UNLV Gallery at the “Connective Tissue” exhibit on this 360-degree virtual tour. It was created by a former neurologist-turned-artist, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiy.

The exhibit features “large scale murals and interactive installations enriched by Phingbodhipakkiya’s belief that power and impact are created through connections and networks.”

“Just as a flawless pirouette requires recruitment and control of nearly every muscle group in a dancer’s body, the things we hope to achieve as a society cannot be done by individual effort alone,” she says, “they require collective action.”

Mirage Volcano

Experience the “big bang” Mirage’s front yard has to offer with their explosive Mirage Volcano show, which you can see aerial footage of below.

Mirage Volcano Fun Facts

  • The Mirage Volcano is set to the driving soundtrack from The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Indian tabla sensation Zakir Hussain
  • Every night, the tranquil waterfall transforms into a fiery explosion, with fire shooting 100 feet up into the night sky.
  • The volcano circulates 119,000 gallons of water per minute, is 54 feet high, and is situated on three water-covered acres.

Neon Museum

Now, exclusively through its app, the Neon Museum is offering free virtual tours. Just remember to enter in the password “NEON” once you download the app. There is also a great selection of video content featuring different sections of the museum on YouTube.

Neon Museum Fun Facts

  • The oldest sign in the Boneyard is the Green Shack sign, which is 80-years-old and is from the 1930’s.
  • The signs are actually huge; the iconic Stardust sign from the former hotel is 188 feet tall and 96 feet wide.
  • The land the museum sits on is incredibly cheap to lease, with the city charging them $1 a year to operate on the property.

The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum website has produced a three-part guided virtual tour to enlighten online viewers who interested in the mob’s rich history in the city.

Mob Museum Fun Facts

  • On February 14, 2020, the museum celebrated its 8th year in operation and offered free admission on Valentine’s Day.
  • There’s an underground speakeasy-style bar on the lowest level of the museum that features unique cocktails.
  • The museum features 20,000 square feet of exhibition space that spans across three floors.

Wynn Las Vegas

On its official Twitter account, Wynn Resorts has been uploading virtual tours and behind-the-scenes videos around the property, including art tours and interviews.

Wynn Las Vegas Fun Facts

  • Wynn boasts a massive art collection that’s second to none on the Strip.
  • It’s the only place on the Strip where you can golf on the resort’s property.
  • It features an upscale shopping mecca.

EarthCam Network Livestreams

The EarthCam Network has live webcams that are set up across the city. It features real-time shots of the “Welcome to the Las Vegas” sign, views of the Fremont Street, and scattered views across the Las Vegas Strip.

If you ever wanted to see a rare sight of the Las Vegas Strip minus the heaps of crowds and heavy traffic, be sure to take a look at this.


A Major Poker Cheating Scandal Has Just Been Revealed

Las Vegas is home to a huge number of professional poker players. This week, one of these players announced that she’s been cheated out of thousands of dollars at a venue in California. Today, we’re going to discuss the poker cheating scandal in detail.Poker Hand

It’s troubling news for poker fans. No one wants to hear that professionals are finding new ways to work the system. Here is what we know about this situation.

Las Vegas Casinos Remain Closed

Las Vegas is the gambling hub of the United States. As everyone knows, huge number of massive casino-resorts are located here. Many of the biggest casino companies in the country are also based in this city, some of which have major properties around the world.

For the past few years, revenue in Las Vegas has been surging. Tourism has increased here and several huge new casinos are being constructed in the city. Unfortunately, things have taken a massive turn.

Since January, a new coronavirus called Covid-19 has begun spreading throughout the United States. Hundreds of cases have been recorded in Nevada and new infections are being reported every single day. This has led to the Governor forcing all casinos in the state to close their doors to the public.

This is devastating to the Las Vegas economy. Almost no visitors are coming here and a huge number of individuals are now out of work. Not even the top officials in the state can accurately say when things will return to normal.

The closing of these casinos is costing many companies here millions of dollars every single day. Many professional gamblers based in the city are now forced to play in other states. This week, one of these players revealed she was cheated out of a major jackpot.

Las Vegas Player Reveals a New Poker Cheating Scandal

As we just mentioned, there are many professional poker players that call Las Vegas home. It’s not surprising, considering there are massive tournaments being held here every single week. Due to the casino closures, some players are being forced to hone their craft in other parts of the country.

This is exactly what Marle Cordeiro is doing. Recently, the Las Vegas resident took part in a major game inside of a California casino called the Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights. She’s now suing fellow player Mike Postle, who she claims cheated her out of thousands of dollars. Cordeiro’s lawyer is now asking for the money she lost in the game, along with $250,000 in further damages.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Postle had access to a phone during the game. He would use the device to see the hole cards of other players, in real-time. The lawsuit alleges that Postle was “aided by one or more confederates … who furnished him with this information, for purposes of carrying out a fraud, through one or more concealed communicative mechanisms.”

Several other lawsuits have been made against Postle over the years. Many players claimed to have lost in unusual circumstances against him. This is perhaps the biggest poker cheating scandal in recent memory.

The casino responded by saying, “Stones had no stake in who won money or lost money in the poker games. All Stones did was to provide a venue for the poker game. Plaintiffs decided whether they wanted to play, for how long, how much to bet, and in which hands to participate.”

It’s a very unusual development for the poker world. We’ll need to see how the lawsuit proceeds over the next few months.

When Will Las Vegas Open its Casinos Again?

This is the question that many residents and city officials are now asking. At the moment, both the federal government and state leaders are requesting that people stay in their homes to avoid spreading the virus. It seems to be helping things, yet thousands of new infections are still being reported every single day.

The mayor of Las Vegas is trying to argue that the city cannot survive long in the current conditions. It’s an extremely difficult time for many companies and individuals here. Lawmakers seem to understand this yet are unable to make any changes.

The truth is that no one knows when the Las Vegas casinos will open to the public once again. Several major construction projects are currently underway, despite the current conditions.

That includes construction on the multi-billion-dollar Resorts World Las Vegas. This week, another construction employee at Resorts World tested positive for Covid-19. Some now fear that many projects in the city will be forced to shut down.

In reality, the city will not truly return to normal until the virus is successfully eliminated. Even if the casinos open, very few visitors are likely to gamble inside casinos while new infections are being reported. It’s one of the most difficult situations Las Vegas has ever experienced.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

Third Resorts World Las Vegas Worker Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Resorts World Las Vegas Construction SiteConstruction in Nevada has been deemed essential amid the statewide coronavirus closures. But while it’s business as usual for the state’s construction workers, procedures and policies have been put into place in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among workers.

The procedures came on the heels of the closures and when the first workers tested positive for coronavirus on Las Vegas construction sites. On March 23, the first Resorts World worker tested positive for coronavirus.

On April 1, a second subcontractor on the Resorts World tested positively for coronavirus. The last time the worker was on the site was March 23.

Now, a third worker at the Resorts World construction site has tested positive for coronavirus, according to the developer’s confirmed report on Monday.

While the third positive case of COVID-19 has surfaced, construction is still planned to continue on despite policies being implemented that will aim to minimize further transmission risk.

Construction Allowed During Coronavirus Pandemic

Besides construction being allowed in Nevada, it’s being allowed in many other states across the country. But why?

According to public health experts, since construction work is mainly done outside, where it’s harder for the airborne virus to live, construction sites can still operate safely for the most part. That is if precautions are put into place.

Those precautions still include the social distancing guidelines advised to the general public, which ask for workers to maintain 6 feet of distance when working at all times.

Nevada job sites are also restricting meetings and limiting necessary meetings to less than 10 people. Daily surveys are being taken of workers’ health conditions, as well as extra sanitization of areas to keep workers as safe as possible.

New Wellness Screenings at Resorts World Site

A spokesperson for Genting Group, the developer for Resorts World, advised that as of Monday, management will be implementing required wellness screenings to be done at the start of each shift for every worker.

Management also advised that they will be reducing the size of crews on-site, and installing even more handwashing stations scattered throughout the Nevada job site.

According to the spokesperson, the company is “doing everything we can to ensure prudent preventative policies and procedures are being followed across the job site and that workers are informed of new information and guidelines related to COVID-19 daily.”

Outbreak Seems Well-Contained in the Construction Industry

While some construction workers at Nevada job sites have indeed tested positive for COVID-19, for the most part, the outbreak has seemingly been well-contained in relation to the number of workers on-site, and the hours they put in each day.

Frank Hawk, who is a chairman of a group of Nevada contractors who specialize in carpentry, said that he is “pleasantly surprised at how contained this seems to be in the construction industry.”

Hawk, who advised that his Las Vegas carpenters are putting in 750,000 man-hours of work monthly, hasn’t had a single reported case of an infected union carpenter, and he hopes things continue to stay that way, “knock on wood.”

Other Positive Construction Worker Cases in LV

Another known case of a construction worker testing positive for COVID-19 at a Nevada job site was reported two weeks ago out of Allegiant Stadium.

While the condition of the worker wasn’t stated, the company made this statement in response:

“As a precaution, the location and surrounding areas where the worker labored was shut down and sanitized. ‘Work continues in other areas of the project that remain unaffected.”

The affected worker was said to not be in close contact with others on the site and construction still carried on while implementing more safety protocols.

That individual was told to self-isolate at home for a two-week period before returning to the Allegiant Stadium construction site.

Stay Tuned

While construction is still business as usual in the valley, under new safety operating procedures to protect the workers, of course, it’s still unclear when things will return back to normal in Las Vegas.

Gov. Sisolak recently extended the statewide closures of casinos and nonessential businesses until April 30, and some casinos are counting on that day to reopen and get back to business.

We’ll have to keep monitoring the situation to see how the pandemic unfolds over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay tuned for more coronavirus coverage, and as always, stay safe and healthy out there!

A Colorado Tribal Casino is Helping to Fight Covid-19

Colorado is home to a number of world-class casinos. Many of these venues help to bring the state a massive amount of revenue every single month. This week, a major Colorado tribal casino began storing goods and supplies to help with local residents stuck in quarantine during the spread of Covid-19.

Colorado Flag Picture

It’s great news to hear the state’s gambling industry work to help this situation. This is especially true when you consider the impact that the coronavirus has had on the land-based casino industry. Today, we’re going to look at which casino is now leading the fight against the virus.

Let’s get into it!

Colorado’s Casino Industry is Shut Down Right Now

Colorado, like every other state in the country, has been forced to close all of its land-based gambling venues. This is due to Covid-19, a new coronavirus that’s now infected more than 350,000 people around the United States. It’s become a global pandemic with over 1.2 million people infected all around the world.

This virus has taken a massive toll on a huge number of different industries. This includes the travel, hospitality, and gambling industry. The latter, in particular, is completely shut down in the United States.

Today, every casino in the country has been forced to close its doors. Lawmakers fear these venues are prime locations for infection spread. The shutdown of these casinos is already taking a serious toll on cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

All of the casinos in Colorado are currently closed. It’s costing many companies a huge amount of revenue every single month. This includes Twin River, which recently acquired three new casinos in the state. It’s unclear when these gambling establishments will be able to open to the public once again.

One major Colorado tribal casino has decided to take things into its own hands. This casino is actively working to help those in quarantine while this virus spreads. Here’s what we know about this situation.

One Major Colorado Tribal Casino is Helping the Community

Every single day, more individuals in Colorado are testing positive for the new coronavirus. It’s a troubling time for the entire country, almost all of which is under quarantine. Most people in Colorado are currently stuck at home attempting to social distance themselves to help avoid spreading the virus.

Ute Mountain Casino, a major Colorado tribal casino in the Southwest of the state, is now helping to make the situation better for its local community. According to new reports, this casino is now providing room to help store goods and supplies for the local community. Rick Scheer, general manager of the Ute Mountain Casino and Hotel, spoke about the situation to the media this week.

“It’s great to see how the tribal communities come together,” he said. “We took our bingo room, where we have the space, and actually laid that out so the tribal members could come down, and some of the casino staff helped as well, with portioning out the food and doing the separations for the deliveries.” 

The supplies being stored in the casino are being distributed to different houses in the area. It’s become incredibly helpful for residents here, many of whom now fear leaving their house due to the quick spread of this virus. Officials at the casino say they are currently looking for new and better ways to distribute supplies.

There are about 130 employees still working at the casino right now. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear when this venue will be able to open once again. Eventually, though, Colorado is likely to enjoy a large and successful sports betting market.

Colorado’s Sports Betting Industry is Almost Ready to Launch

Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA. This was a huge decision, as in the past only Nevada was legally able to offer sports betting options. With this set of laws now gone, 22 different states have legalized sports gambling.

This includes Colorado, which approved sports betting legislation back in November. It went to a public vote and passed by a narrow margin. Soon, both land-based and online sports betting options will become available in the state.

Colorado is known for having a large sporting fan base. Many individuals here are known to enjoy placing bets on sporting events. The state is likely to earn a huge amount of revenue every month once regulated sportsbooks are up and running.

The state’s land-based casino industry remains shut down, though. It’s unclear when lawmakers will decide to lift these regulations. Some analysts feel it won’t happen for months.

A major Colorado tribal casino is deciding to help its local community. Perhaps more will begin doing the same over the next few weeks. Eventually, the state will get back on track and these venues will be able to generate revenue once again.

Stay tuned for more Colorado casino news over the next few weeks!

COVID-19 Cases in Clark Country Continue to Climb; 1608 Cases

Clark County, Nevada MapWeek by week, coronavirus cases in Clark County have more than doubled.

According to the Southern Nevada Health District, 117 new cases were reported from Sunday, April 6, to early Monday, April 7. That brings the total number of cases statewide to 1,953 from Sunday’s 1,836 total.

Of the 117 new cases, 89 of those cases are in Clark County.

Let’s take a look at the total number of cases in Clark County currently, as well as how Clark County is going about doing testing for the virus.

Clark County Total

Clark county holds the majority of COVID-19 cases in the state. As of today, the figures are are1,608.

The total number of deaths in the state has remained steady with no steep incline. The number of reported deaths in Nevada is 46, with 41 of those deaths reported out of Clark County.

Of the 41 deaths out of Clark County, 25 of those patients had underlying medical conditions. The other 29 patients required intensive care.

In the area, an additional 371 people have been hospitalized. Of that 371, 59 of those people required intensive care units.

According to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 17,629 people have been found to be tested. Of the 17,629 tested, 15,700 people came back negative for COVID-19. That number accounts for an 11 percent infection rate.

However, with testing in the Silver State is mainly reserved for those who are seriously ill or who have been in immediate contact with coronavirus, that 11 perfect infection rate is likely inflated.

Testing in Clark County

One of the first drive-thru testing services that opened in Clark County was at an Urgent Care facility on Sahara.

After three days of testing services, Sahara West Urgent Care has to stop their drive-thru COVID-19 testing because of the lack of manpower. The limited number of members who were helping to administer tests had to resolve to working overtime, without getting paid.

Gov. Sisolak, who extended the statewide coronavirus closures until April 30, did so in an effort to prevent local healthcare facilities from getting overwhelmed be caring for patients who either have or could possibly have coronavirus.

Last week, Gov. Sisolak activated the National Guard in hopes of getting the COVID-19 situation in Nevada controlled as best as possible. He has been adamant about requesting more medical supplies for the state from the federal government, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and tests.

UNLV Offering Drive-Thru Services, But May Run Out of Tests Soon

UNLV also began participating in a curbside coronavirus screening program since March 23, but as of the end of Tuesday, April 7, they could be wiped clean of tests.

Since they’ve began testing, they’ve been able to test 2,000 people. But with drive-thru testing being a highly popular and sought after service in the valley, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the demand.

According to UNLV’s School of Medicine’s spokesperson, Paul Jonich, their call center has been receiving an average of 2,000 inquiries a day during the week of March 23, which is when they opened their drive-thru testing service.

The service is free for individuals, regardless of insurance status, available only by appointment, and results are returned within five to seven days.

Test candidates can contact 702-583-4408 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. for an eligibility screening.

At-Home Testing

One local Las Vegas group, Ready Responders, started at-home testing in the Las Vegas Valley last Friday.

Their approach is different in that you can get tested without even leaving your living room. Ready Responders has 30 members who are capable of performing testing come to homes around the Vegas valley.

“You stay in your home you stay safe and we test you,” said Dr. Doug Bushell, a physician with Ready Responders.

“Our responders when they show up will have a full Tyvek suit. It’s a big white suit that they’ll put on. They’ll have goggles. They’ll have gloves, they’ll have an N95 mask.”

Within five to seven days, a private lab will have the results sent to you.

To contact Ready Responders, call (504) 290-2663 or visit their website at ReadyResponders.com for more information.

How COVID-19 Tests Work

Coronavirus sample tests typically involve a swab being pushed deep inside a patient’s nasal cavity or back of the throat to collect cells, then having that swab sent over to a lab for the cells to be inspected.

The testing process is similar in determining if a patient has the flu.

Should Everyone Be Tested?

With the lack of available tests in the country, it isn’t really feasible to test everyone who is sick. Because of this, health official recommends prioritizing testing for the high-risk individuals who need it most.

Those individuals include healthcare workers who have been in direct contact with COVID-19 patients, people exhibiting clear symptoms who are in areas of high infection rates, and people who are 65 years old and older that have chronic, underlying health issues such as heart disease, lung disease or diabetes.

When there is no longer a shortage of tests, more people who are worried they have it will be able to get tested for some peace of mind.

Social Distancing, Washing Our Hands, and Wearing Masks Is Our Best Bet for Now

With the pandemic’s impact only continuing to worsen, it seems our best fight against it is to continue social distancing to flatten the curve and rate of infection.

Gov. Sisolak recently announced a Stay-At-Home order for Nevada last week, when he announced the extension of casino and nonessential businesses closures.

The order asks that every Nevada stay at home, outside of essential trips like grocery shopping, doctor’s visits, and outside recreational activities like walking. It also asks Nevada residents to maintain not gathering in groups of more than 10 people and keeping 6 feet of distance between people whenever out on essential trips.

Continuing to implement other vital public health measures, like washing our hands for 20 seconds at a time before and after touching public surfaces, and wearing masks will also help to fend off infection.

On Friday, President Trump announced that the “CDC is advising the use of non-medical cloth faced covering as an additional voluntary public health measure.”

Stay Tuned

While casino closures have been extended to April 30, it’s hard to say whether an increase in coronavirus cases in the state will push the reopening date back even further. We can only continue to monitor the COVID-19 and await government orders.

Until then, check more for more coronavirus coverage and stay safe and healthy out there.

Atlantic City’s Casino Industry is Hurting Badly

All casinos in the United States are officially shut down right now. It’s been devastating for many cities that rely on tourism and gambling revenue to operate normally. According to new reports, Atlantic City’s casino industry is losing an incredible amount of money every single day.

Sky View Of Atlantic City

It’s a tough time for this city, and many others around the country. Today, we’re going to discuss exactly how much money gambling venues in New Jersey are losing. We’ll also look at some other cities that are suffering due to casino shutdowns.

Let’s get into it!

Casinos Around the Country Are Still Shut Down

Just a few months ago, the US casino market was extremely strong. Many states were experiencing huge surges in gambling revenue and many new casinos were popping up around the country. Unfortunately, every single land-based casino in the United States is now officially closed due to the spread of Covid-19.

As this virus began to spread, more states started implementing tough regulations. Unsurprisingly, this involved closing down casinos. The entire US casino industry is now essentially closed down and it’s unclear when these gaming venues will open up again.

This is extremely troublesome for some parts of the country. Nevada, for example, is known to rely heavily on its gambling industry. All casinos in the state are now closed down and tourism into Las Vegas is the lowest it’s ever been.

It’s a very unusual time. Many US casino companies are losing a huge amount of money. Some expressed hope that Macau would help to make up for this revenue loss. Unfortunately, even Macau is seeing extremely low revenue earnings right now.

New Jersey has one of the biggest casino markets in the country. The casinos in Atlantic City draw in visitors from many nearby states. New reports are now shedding light on how much money these casinos are losing right now.

Atlantic City’s Casino Industry is Losing Millions Right Now

About a decade ago, Atlantic City was on the brink of collapse. The recession had taken a major toll on this city and several of the biggest gambling venues in the city were forced to close their doors. Since that time, Atlantic City has slowly recovered and has been posting incredible revenue figures for the past few months.

The legalization of sports betting certainly helped things. New Jersey was one of the first states to allow this form of gambling. Now, both online and land-based sports gambling options are available here.

Now, things are beginning to decline here once again. The new coronavirus has led to New Jersey closing down its gambling venues. Atlantic City’s casino industry is now losing millions of dollars every single day.

No one really knew how bad things were here. New reports are beginning to reveal the extent of these new regulations. They claim that this shutdown is costing casino companies in Atlantic City more than $500 million every single month.

Clyde Barrow, a professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, commented on how things are looking to the media this week.

“We haven’t seen it play out yet, but if you look at the economic numbers that are going to start coming out in the coming weeks, this portends to be a worse economic downturn than we even saw in the great recession,” he said. “It will be the biggest blow to the casino industry that we’ve seen in a lifetime.” 

Hopefully, things begin to improve before too long.

How Are Other Cities Doing With These Regulations?

A huge number of industries are being devastated right now. This includes the airline industry, which is in desperate need of government aid. Obviously, some cities are being affected more by the casino shutdown than others.

Las Vegas is probably being hit the hardest by these new regulations. This city is home to one of the largest gambling industries in the world. It relies on its tourism and gambling market and right now, these are basically non-existent.

No one knows when things will recover in Las Vegas. Some analysts believe the economy here will bounce back in a major way once these regulations are removed. Others think this entire situation will change the city forever.

Atlantic City’s casino industry isn’t the only one on the East Coast that’s hurting. Over in New York, all gambling venues are completely shut down. This state is now the epicenter of this virus outbreak and it seems unlikely that casinos here will open anytime soon.

It’s a very difficult time for the land-based gambling industry. We’re all waiting to see whether or not regulations will be extended.

Stay tuned for more Atlantic City casino news over the next few months!

How Will the Coronavirus Affect the Las Vegas Economy?

Rates of Covid-19 continue to surge around the country. In Nevada, more than 1,700 individuals have been diagnosed with the virus, including 228 additional cases over the past 24 hours. Interestingly, some experts believe the Las Vegas economy will bounce back in a big way once this crisis is over.

Welcome Sign In Las Vegas

This is a very unusual time for Nevada and the country as a whole. Today, we’ll be looking at how casino companies in Las Vegas are responding to the situation. We’re also going to discuss how the city may look in the future.

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All Nevada Casinos Remain Closed to the Public

For weeks now, almost all of the land-based casinos in the United States have been shut down. This is done to help stop the spread of Covid-19, a new coronavirus that first emerged in Wuhan, China. As you might expect, it’s taking an incredible toll on the country’s many casino companies.

Nevada ordered all of its casinos to shut down in mid-March. This came with sharp criticism from the Las Vegas mayor. Eventually, however, it became clear how important it was to limit large public gatherings.

The casino shutdown is still going on today. It’s costing many companies in this city millions of dollars every single day. It’s still unclear when exactly the state’s gambling venues will be able to function normally again.

Some analysts felt that Macai would prove hugely lucrative for many Las Vegas casino companies. Unfortunately, the Chinese territory is experiencing very low revenue figures. A new report even claims the casinos here will earn no revenue at all during April.

The tourism industry is at a standstill right now. Many worry that the Las Vegas economy may suffer for months due to this new virus. This week, one analyst claimed that things may bounce back in a big way once this situation clears up.

Here’s What May Happen to the Las Vegas Economy

Nevada, and specifically Las Vegas, is being hit extremely hard by Covid-19. This city relies heavily on its tourism and gambling industry. Right now, unfortunately, both of these industries are essentially shut down in Las Vegas.

Mike PeQueen, an analyst at HighTower, believes the Las Vegas economy will improve rapidly once the coronavirus is no longer an issue.

“When this ends, we will have gone through a great deal of suffering, both physically and economically,” he said. “But it will end, and this city is perfectly poised to be the place that people come to re-enter the social phase of their lives.”

PeQueen also believes the Raiders’ move into Las Vegas will help the economy, as well.

“I absolutely agree that when we can all get together in Raiders Stadium,” said PeQueen, “whether or not we’re wearing masks or not, it will absolutely be one of the catalysts back to Las Vegas’s recovery. No question.”

Things are still escalating around the country. It may be a long road for Las Vegas to get back to normal. Eventually, however, that’s exactly what will happen.

How Are Other States Faring?

Relatively speaking, Nevada is doing fairly well in its fight against the Coronavirus. The same cannot be said for many states around the country. New York has just seen its total number of infections rise to 113,704.

New Jersey is also seeing a huge spike in cases right now. Louisiana is experiencing a massive surge in infections, as well. All of these states are seeing their economies suffer significantly. The gambling industries here are hurting significantly.

All of New York’s land-based casinos are shut down. Over in New Jersey, the world-famous Atlantic City is closed down. Many believe this will continue for at least the next four weeks. The restrictions may last for months.

Some states are managing to fare better than others. As we’ve already seen, however, things can change extremely quickly. We’ll need to wait and see how health officials around the country try to tackle the virus.

The Las Vegas economy is still suffering. Many are out of work here and it may be some time before the casinos are able to open up again. Hopefully, the city experiences a wave of tourism once things clear up.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

NBA Update: Las Vegas Only City Seriously Being Considered for 2020 Playoffs

Thomas & Mack CenterThe NBA season was officially suspended March 11 when a Utah Jazz player tested positive for coronavirus. With its season in suspension, it makes sports hopefuls wonder if the season can be finished out in any other way.

It looks like any fighting chance for the NBA to resume their season would be for them to hold their playoff games in Las Vegas.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix, the NBA is considering holding its entire postseason in Vegas. Vegas, which is home to the Association’s annual Summer League, which is held in Cox Pavilion and the Thomas & Mack Center.

Sources revealed to Mannix that the league was looking to resume their play in a viable city, but that the NBA’s traditional postseason of four rounds of best-of-seven series wouldn’t take place. While the league is considering their options, they are “nowhere close to formalizing anything” as of yet.

According to the New York Post, the league has been searching for te perfect “one-site, fan-less, 16-team playoff and a five-to-seven-game regular-season prelude.”

Another prominent city that has its eye on hosting the league. Atlantic City’s mayor is currently trying to lure the league to the boardwalk and believes AC would be the proper space to hold the NBA playoffs.

Quarantining in One Location is the Only Real Option

For the NBA to resume their season, Mannix explained that the only real way this could work is by “quarantining in one location.” His source added that “Vegas is the only city the NBA is currently giving any kind of serious consideration.”

So, why Vegas?

Well, for one, the NBA already has an extensive history and relationship with the city and its civic leaders. Another major selling point is the abundance of venues and hotel rooms that Las Vegas has to offer compared with other major US cities.

Vegas could easily stage the entire playoffs without running into issues that less-equipped cities would likely have. The amount of space would also help ensure the safety of the players, especially if a single site is the only option amid the nationwide quarantine.

Potential for Playoffs Rests on COVID-19 Escalation

Of course, the only real way for the playoffs and the NBA season to even resume is if the COVID-19 situation deescalates on a global scale. With it nearing what’s predicting to be its worse level in the coming weeks, travel restrictions will continue to be enforced.

Currently, there are over a dozen NBA players who have tested positively for coronavirus, and the number of cases continues to grow exponentially.

The safety of the players and members of the league remains the utmost priority during these challenging times.

“I mean, the only thing I know is that we’re going to put safety first and we’re not going to take any chances. We’re not going to do anything that risks the health of our players, our fans, our staff, the whole organization,” said Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Diamond Resorts Offering Free Rooms to First Responders Worldwide

Timeshare RoomDiamond Resorts, a luxury timeshare company, announced that they will be offering free rooms to first responders and medical personnel at their properties worldwide and in Las Vegas.

It’s a company statement released Friday, they said the accommodations were part of their global initiative to “help provide those responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with safe, comfortable and convenient places to rest while they carry out their critical work.”

“At Diamond Resorts the first thing we say to our members, owners and guests arriving at our properties is “welcome home.” While those who can stay at home, our courageous medical personnel and first responders are working tirelessly on the front lines of this crisis.”

Diamond Resorts expressed that they are proud to be able to support the men and women who are risking their lives every day for the safety of the country by providing them with a “home away from home.” as their way of saving a gracious thank you.

In that same statement, the company announced that all of the Diamond-managed properties around the world will be participating in offering these complimentary accommodations.

Diamond Resorts say that their suites are “particularly well-suited” to adhere to social distancing guidelines, as they’re larger than typical hotel rooms. Most suites also conveniently include full, in-suite kitchens, which feature full-size refrigerators, ovens, and stoves.

Suites also include full bathrooms and laundry facilities.

Implementing Stringent Safety Procedures

The company also advised that they would be implementing stringent safety procedures to help protect those with a greater risk of exposure to the virus while maintaining the health and safety of their staff.

These procedures include check-in and check-out being made without any contact, additional cleaning and disinfectant protocols, and 72-hours between the same rooms being used.

Supporting Local Communities

As well as providing free lodging to the brave first responders, the company is also looking for ways to support local communities, such as donating food and other critical supplies to food pantries. Some properties are also utilizing their parking lots as testing sites.

“Now more than ever, we are committed to doing everything we can to support our local communities.”

Diamond Resorts CEO Mike Flaske & the entire Diamond Team believes that together, we can overcome the crisis by lending a helping hand to one another.

Diamond Resorts Open Properties and Locations

Diamond Resorts, which is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, has properties all over the globe and the US. In total, they have a network of over 379 vacation destinations in 35 different countries.

Diamond Resort has five Las Vegas properties which include:

Cancun Resort Las Vegas, 8335 S Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 614-6200

Desert Paradise Resort, 5165 S Decatur Blvd, (702) 579-3600

Polo Towers Suites, 3745 S Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 261-1000

Polo Towers Villas, 3745 S Las Vegas Blvd, (702) 261-1000

The Carriage House, 105 E Harmon Ave, (702) 798-1020

Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit Also Offering Free Rooms to First Responders

Just a few days ago, the Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit, Michigan announced that they would be offering complimentary rooms to first responders in the area.

The casino-hotel is seeking to serve as a safe zone for first responders who have fears that they’ve possibly come into contact with the virus while on their jobs, to prevent spreading at home to their families.

According to reports, there are 40 rooms available for first responders in the area to use. As a precaution, those who enter the casino-hotel will undergo certain safety precautions, like a medical examination and having their temperature checked.

About Diamond Resorts

Diamond Resorts offers destinations, events and experiences to help members make a habit of breaking from the routine. From unforgettable getaways to exclusive concert series to VIP receptions and dinners, members turn to Diamond to recharge, reconnect and remind each other what matters most. Our focus on quality resorts, customer service and flexibility means members can return to a favorite resort, book a cruise to explore new countries or attend a once-in-a-lifetime event with the same level of confidence and anticipation. With access to a world of entertainment and activities, a Diamond membership ensures that people are always looking forward to vacation. 

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